Who wants to join me for a very easy squat/sit up challenge?

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Pantone363 Wed 28-Aug-13 18:21:10

It requires no equipment, you can do it at home, you don't even need to get changed (unless you're wearing jeans)

So it works like this, everyday for 30 days you do a certain amount of squats/crunches which gradually increase.

This is my third time doing it and it really really works! Squats are amazing for toning the bum, thighs, abs and crunches really focus the abs.

My routine is usually to do it at night whilst watching TV, so you don't even need to leave the living room!

So day 1 starts with 50 squats and 50 crunches, you can do them in sets of 10 or split them through the day 25 in the morning 25 at night....or do them all at once!

It increases by 5 everyday with a rest day every 3 days.

So who wants to join me? We can all check in with each other each night and shout at each other to get it done.

It truly only takes 20 mins at most, the hardest part is getting up to do it in the first place but you'll feel so much better afterwards!

I'll post some links to proper squat/crunch form in a minute!

Pantone363 Wed 28-Aug-13 18:21:33
Pantone363 Wed 28-Aug-13 18:22:32
Pantone363 Wed 28-Aug-13 18:24:08

I'm channeling Jerry Maguire here "now who's with me hmm...who's with me? Anybody?"

TrinityRhino Wed 28-Aug-13 18:25:17

I'm in

I cant hear the video on the squat form though

Pantone363 Wed 28-Aug-13 18:29:57

YES! Trinity welcome welcome...here lies the path to a glorious arse

jchocchip Wed 28-Aug-13 19:21:08

I know I really should...

DottyboutDots Wed 28-Aug-13 19:24:49

I'm in. Will start first thing in the morning after my shower. Bugger it, will do it this evening as I'm only here browsing and mulling over a possible bar square of chocolate.

Mamuss Wed 28-Aug-13 19:29:55

Il join smile

Pantone363 Wed 28-Aug-13 19:34:35

Welcome welcome...

Honestly the hardest bit is getting up off the sofa (and day 3, day 3 hurts!)

But you'll be surprised how easy it gets and you'll soon be up to 100 odd! And have buns of steel grin

Pantone363 Wed 28-Aug-13 19:35:28

I'm getting kids to bed, putting Netflix on and doing it, will check in once done

MNHQ need to give us a tight bum emoji

TrinityRhino Wed 28-Aug-13 21:10:26

ok I'm starting tomorrow
sorry, I sound like I'm already being crap but I would rather be honest than pretend I've done it

I'll join. I'm starting low carb too so in for a penny in for a pound!

Will have to start tomorrow though as I've just finished dinner & don't fancy doing crunches after that.

Will do the s/s tomorrow too as I'm on my phone.

If I don't, hunt me down & make me sign up!! grin

Oh, I thought the links were to spreadsheets shock

Pantone363 Wed 28-Aug-13 22:19:25

I'm done....just me tonight?

All you tomorrow starters, the first days the hardest!

trikken Wed 28-Aug-13 22:38:07

Im in. Will begin tomorro as in bed right now.

tigerchair Wed 28-Aug-13 22:41:49

Hi I'll in in too from tomorrow smile

BJR Thu 29-Aug-13 08:01:44

I'm in, will do today's while DS eats breakfast. I haven't added it up yet but how many will it be by day 30 or don't I want to know?!

Guntie Thu 29-Aug-13 08:08:10

I'm in <gulp>

I'm 2 months post partum and look at least 8 months pregnant

TrinityRhino Thu 29-Aug-13 08:19:06

I've just stood up and done 20 squats
I'm ridiculously unfit

MairzyDoats Thu 29-Aug-13 08:21:46

I'm in, will start today. Got to do something, my arse is feeling saggy. Blergh.

MollyBerry Thu 29-Aug-13 08:23:41

I'm in. Ill do it later while watching some tv

Longtallsally Thu 29-Aug-13 08:28:22

OK, I might be in too. I'm stupidly bad at keeping to any exercise regime, but I really really ought to try.

Have just done 10 squats. It's a start smile

BJR Thu 29-Aug-13 08:39:33

OK first 50 of each done and much amusement provided for DSsmile

Pantone363 Thu 29-Aug-13 17:36:29

Just done my squats whilst watching Louis Theroux...crunches tonight because the dog will jump all over me!

Welcome new folks. Trinity, it's a start! It's 20 more than you did yesterday!!

tigerchair Thu 29-Aug-13 23:20:15

Arghh didn't get a chance to start today so will do extra tomorrow to catch up. Well done everyone smile

Longtallsally Fri 30-Aug-13 08:38:15

OK, only did 10 squats, but did 25 lengths swimming last night, so feel OK. smile (Not thinking too much about the chocolate urge I gave into at lunchtime, however blush

Will try the crunches today - I never feel as if I am doing them right, though. They seem so . . .small!

TrinityRhino Fri 30-Aug-13 09:06:57

ok I was crap, only did 20 squats

partly forgetting I was doing this and when I remembered I decided it was too late hmm

I am useless

dottypyjamas Fri 30-Aug-13 14:01:57

Right, I'm a day late but I'm in! Will start this evening, dd is 11 weeks and the weight on my legs and bum has definitely stuck around sad hopefully with this and c25k I'll get my legs back!

Also thanks for the links pantone - v useful as I'm never sure I'm doing these things right!

minniemagoo Fri 30-Aug-13 14:10:38

Ooh I'll join and start today. Am AWFUL for starting these things and backing out so it would be great to have some motivation!

tigerchair Fri 30-Aug-13 18:57:18

50 squats done, just need to do the crunches before wine time smile

UseHerName Fri 30-Aug-13 18:58:57

I've been doing the squats just - the aches in my legs are far more noticeable compared to doing maybe 20/25 km on my exercise bike!

UseHerName Fri 30-Aug-13 19:02:07

more 'noticeably', I mean! i am literate - honest!

Capitola Fri 30-Aug-13 19:02:45

I'm in although I am very bad at crunches.

UseHerName Fri 30-Aug-13 19:02:58

noticeable, oh never mind - i think the post-work half bottle of wine has cancelled out the squats blush

LovelyMarchHare Fri 30-Aug-13 19:03:58

Can I start in the morning? I've just poured some wine.

MrsPennyapple Fri 30-Aug-13 19:18:14

I'm in! Will watch the videos tonight and will either start tonight or tomorrow morning.

bringonyourwreckingball Fri 30-Aug-13 20:20:06

I'm in. I need to do this. I did do the squat challenge once before and everyone noticed the difference. And it's do-able with my lifestyle unlike just about everything else

KatoPotato Fri 30-Aug-13 20:25:43

I'm in! I do weighted (15kg) squats at the gym but only 3 sets of 12 reps... Interesting to see how this builds! Will do once DS in bed, he's up late because we're waiting for his bedding to dry in the tumble (slattern mother emoticon!)

BJR Fri 30-Aug-13 20:51:57

Well I've managed day 2 of squats but no sit ups so far today and I'm already on my third glass of wine. I think fitting the squats in is much easier.

UseHerName Fri 30-Aug-13 21:50:39

just did another 50 in between wine and crisps wink

MrsPennyapple Sat 31-Aug-13 15:36:50

Day 1 for me and have just done 20 of each, hope to fit in some more later in the day.

LongWordsBotherMe Sat 31-Aug-13 20:13:09

Please can I join in? Have just done 50 of each while waiting for ds1 to drop off (still waiting for that!). Hoping that writing it on here will keep me motivated each day.

nextphase Sat 31-Aug-13 20:22:39

Can I just get this straight? If I start tomorrow (1 sept) my exercises go like this:
1st - 50 crunchies, 50 squats
2nd - 55 crunchies, 55 squats
3rd - 60 each, or rest day?

end of month 150 each (ish)?

Cheers, I'm in, just not sure if I rest on the third or fourth!

ijustwanttobeme Sun 01-Sep-13 10:11:59

am thinking smile, of starting today. However...

I'm not very good with crunches- always end up with neck ache. So I might alternate with 30 second / minute of planking, increasing in 15 second intervals.

What do you all think, given that it's meant to be a squat/ sit up challenge? grin

therumoursaretrue Sun 01-Sep-13 10:18:06

I'm in, have done the squat challenge before but need a kick up the ass to get motivated again. Will start right now actually smile

Mintyy Sun 01-Sep-13 10:21:31

Marking place to read properly when have time.

SerotoninCanEatTomorrow Sun 01-Sep-13 10:44:54

I'm in too - will start today as September is the perfect month to do a 30 day challenge smile

Was a little very drunk last night so feeling a little queasy, hope I don't vomit lmao

LongWordsBotherMe Sun 01-Sep-13 20:17:51

Did 55 of each this evening. Noticed the squats more than yesterday. Does there come a

LongWordsBotherMe Sun 01-Sep-13 20:18:35

Oops a point when crunches become any easier?

DottyboutDots Mon 02-Sep-13 08:27:54

Doing russian twists instead of crunches but now on 65. My kness hurt during squats so do them in 20 set intervals. .

towerofjelly Mon 02-Sep-13 08:36:29

I'm in starting today. I've done a lot of sitting on my arse recently. Might get DH involved he's starting to look a bit flat in the arse department.

MrsPennyapple Mon 02-Sep-13 11:32:34

ijustwanttobeme I always get neck ache too, I keep watching videos to get the technique correct but I just can't seem to do it! And getting my shoulder blades off the ground is an impossibility just now.

minniemagoo Mon 02-Sep-13 12:09:23

Ok day 3, just did 65 squats watching toddlers and tiaras after picking ds up from school. Find watching tv keeps my head up.
Am dreading the crunches : hence I'm on Mn instead : will prob have to split them. Have not been able to do them in one go.

SerotoninCanEatTomorrow Mon 02-Sep-13 22:24:32

Just about to do 55 squats, 55 crunches and 55 Russian twists - cos I can smile

DottyboutDots Tue 03-Sep-13 11:29:05

Still got 30 squats to do. Should be doing that rather than typing about it.

nextphase Tue 03-Sep-13 14:40:25

I've been splitting them - so yesterday 30 squats, 30 crunhies, 25 squats, 25 crunchies with a small gap between

DottyboutDots Tue 03-Sep-13 16:28:43

My bum hurts.

BJR Wed 04-Sep-13 06:30:32

65 of each yesterday and legs are a bit achy this morning. How's everyone else getting on?

LovelyMarchHare Thu 05-Sep-13 19:07:21

On 65 today. Not sure I'm doing the squat right as not been that achey. Going to try and get down a bit lower next time.

DottyboutDots Wed 18-Sep-13 18:57:47

Where are you all?? I'm on 105 now and ..... have lost 5cm from my bum and 3 from my stomach. I have combined it with a diet but then just knacker me now and don't leave me with a sore bum after.

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