Couch to 5k- We do run run run, we do run run!

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A thread for anyone thinking of starting, doing or completed the c25k plan!

The last thread had so many new people starting and working through the plan it was lovely. As well as those who had finished and working towards faster times or greater distances. Everyone welcome no matter age, fitness or ability.

Join us for lots of support, advice and gentle butt kicking of required wink

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amigababy Thu 18-Jul-13 18:05:06

thanks for the new thread cinammon

Hello to regulars and anyone new who's starting the rather miraculous C25K program.

FoundAChopinLizt Thu 18-Jul-13 18:10:59

Hi all -especially the lurkers who are on the fence about starting C25K

As a previously totally unsporty person, I really recommend it. If you follow the programme you will be hoodwinked into becoming a runner, and enjoying it!

I've got running class tonight-i know it's going to be hot, UHT still looking forward to it. Have just had a Cornetto to cool down in advance ?.

FoundAChopinLizt Thu 18-Jul-13 18:13:32

UHT!? grin obv was meant to say 'but'.

Thanks for new thread, cinnamon.

purplewithred Thu 18-Jul-13 18:14:03

Just done W5R2 and trying not to worry about W5R3 on Saturday morning. Investing in gait analysis and new trainers tomorrow morning to help gear me up. Looking forward to getting right out of my comfort zone!

Even though I'm only half way through I really noticed the difference in my strength last night at my Pilates class after a 3 week gap.

Bakingtins Thu 18-Jul-13 18:18:57

Marking place and waiting for it to be cool enough to attempt w4r2.

hairtwiddler Thu 18-Jul-13 18:26:51

Marking place. Was hoping to go out tonight but DD wants to go for a bike ride. Pondering running alongside her (she's pretty slow) but not sure it'll work out. May bike instead....

Slubberdelatrinae Thu 18-Jul-13 18:45:04

Ooh hello everyone. I am due to do the 1st run of week 2 tomorrow. So far so good, although I think my teva walking sandals are probably not regulation footwear so am going to buy some proper running shoes tomorrow. Any tips? Do I really need to spend £££ and have gait analysis etc?

Slubberdelatrinae Thu 18-Jul-13 18:45:48

<gets lingo>
W2r1 tomorrow

Bakingtins Thu 18-Jul-13 18:55:12

I think it's worth getting the gait analysis done. The right shoes seem to have made all the difference to me, even though I'm just starting out. When I need new ones I'll save by getting the same ones online.

Bakingtins Thu 18-Jul-13 18:56:25

Plus it's meant I have to stick with it after spending £££!

Kaffiene Thu 18-Jul-13 19:00:56

Just the thread I needed to find. Trying to find the energy for W4R2. It's boiling here, the dog is waiting for me by the door, I know I will feel awesome when I have done it but urgh it's so hot!

TallyGrenshall Thu 18-Jul-13 19:01:34

Place marking grin

I'm going to start all over again. My Dbro's baby arrived on Tuesday but was taken straight to NICU and is still quite poorly so I'm back and forth to the hospital atm.

That and the fact is soooo fecking hot

Slubberdelatrinae Thu 18-Jul-13 19:09:58

Thanks bakingtins. As you say spending the dosh will be motivation to continue. Not that I'm not enjoying it. Have been getting up at 6am to run and it's just fabulous at that time of day, lovely temperature, that and no one can see me puffing along.

jussey17 Thu 18-Jul-13 19:19:15

Proper shoes feel like you are running on a sprung/gym floor it's definitely worth the investment (as is a really good sports bra)IMho.

Judyandherdreamofhorses Thu 18-Jul-13 19:47:26

I'll be doing w7r3 tomorrow at about 6am. Had a couple of two day breaks this week and finding the 25 minute run hard. Mentally more than physically. The last five minutes of it are fine.

CeliaLytton Thu 18-Jul-13 19:55:44

Where do you go to get proper advice on running shoes? Have only done one run so far but quite enjoyed it and really desperately need to get fitter so want to take this seriously! Also, which makes are best for sports bra? Bought a cheapie from Matalan, did NOT do the job on my enormous BF boobs blush

can i join in please? Am trying to pluck up the courage to start c25k-ing!

Trazzletoes Thu 18-Jul-13 20:18:02

Marking my place!

I found gait analysis helped but there's also not a whole lot wrong with just buying a reasonable pair of ordinary trainers just to make sure you don't have a reason not to run.

Hi Judyandherdreamofhorses I'm up to week 8 and really finding 25/28 runs hard too. I'm running at 5.30am, but I'm wondering if it's still too warm even at that time in the morning. I'm not giving up though...w8r3 on Saturday morning coming up!

nextphase Thu 18-Jul-13 20:27:25

Judy - I'm hoping to do w7r3 tomorrow evening. There are also several other around the same stage.

Penguins give it a go! I was a very reluctant runner 8 weeks ago, and plucked the courage, and have been converted - it fits round kids / work / DH / travel, and is fab!

Great title grin

Judyandherdreamofhorses Thu 18-Jul-13 20:37:27

My first attempt at week 7 was at 6pm, in the woods and very hilly. I only managed 20. Have been pleased with the last two completed attempts!

Where do you all run? I mostly round our sports field so the dog can run free. But it's boring, and will be really dull when I'm running for 30 minutes! I prefer road runs, but then have to have the dog on the lead. And I'm surrounded by hills...

amigababy Thu 18-Jul-13 20:45:51

w7r3 will be next Monday for me - I've got this weekend off going to watch the golf at Muirfield. I did w7r2 this morning, faffed around so long that it was 10 a.m instead of the intended 8.30, and phew it was warm. I've conquered the final hill though, up to my turnaround point.

Honestly penguins I was a resolute non-runner, then suddenly I decided to do this, and just 6 weeks ago was running 1 minute at a time. Now 25 minutes. Mentally it is so uplifting and pleasing to be meeting this head on and overcoming it.

Judy I run along a 1.5 mile long country lane - it's basically a gentle V shape, so a hill at each end. It's nice and tree-lined though, the shade is very welcome at the moment.

Judyandherdreamofhorses Thu 18-Jul-13 20:55:42

It is amazing, that only 7 weeks ago one minute of running at a time was a challenge. I love this programme. And am delighted to have had no injuries. Every time I've taken up running before, I've had injuries or recurrence of old ones, and have given up well before I felt I was 'a runner'.

milewalker Thu 18-Jul-13 21:07:56

just popping in to say to any beginners c25k has been one of the best things I've done for myself. started last October and have entered and finished 1 10 miler and 3 half marathons (and wear the t-shirts you get on finishing as much as I can)
I could hardly breathe after wk 1 run 1 but it gets easier and I learnt to go slower than I thought I needed to.
the other thing I'm doing now to get my legs stronger is weights and lots of stretching.

amigababy Thu 18-Jul-13 21:09:14

if I think about it too much I get a bit teary <sniffle>

what am I like???!!

pennygallops Thu 18-Jul-13 21:20:37

Just marking my spot on this lovely new thread. Thanks cinnamon. Will be back later.

FoundAChopinLizt Thu 18-Jul-13 21:24:22

I hardly let a day go past without recommending it to someone.

It's had a knock on effect on other bits of my life.

Now I want to eat well because I can feel that I run better on good food.

I'm less self conscious-once everyone's seen you bright pink and sweaty in Lycra you've got nothing to lose!

I'm more organised- because I have to find time for my runs, I've cut out some junk activities, like crap tv.

And the biggest one of all, I've got more energy to do stuff I want to do.

Oh, and less moody.

I could go on.

And on.

And I do. running bore

Right ladies! you have all inspired me! I will try it! (scared!!)

FoundAChopinLizt Thu 18-Jul-13 21:37:26


Go for it! It starts really slow, so you will manage fine.

I do hope so. DH is putting it on to my ipod as i type!!

Kaffiene Thu 18-Jul-13 21:47:11

Am back, had to give up just after half way. Too hot and busy. Went for a long walk instead. I might pop into the gym tomorrow and re do it if its still this hot.

Amigababy if your watching the golf at muirfield you are very close to me waves

FoundAChopinLizt Thu 18-Jul-13 21:51:05

At my class tonight even the experienced runners were struggling in the heat.

The trainer said don't push too hard, keep at conversational pace. Walk if you feel funny. The conversation was mainly about how hot it was gringrin

So don't panic anyone if you're finding it hard. I'm hoping that I really notice the difference when things finally cool down again!

DramaAlpaca Thu 18-Jul-13 22:31:15

Marking my spot on our lovely new thread as well. Thanks cinnamongreyhound!

I'm planning to do W5R2 tomorrow.

pennygallops Thu 18-Jul-13 22:34:15

Go for it penguin. Just remember to take it easy in this heat. Stick to your pace and you'll enjoy it more.

Again kaffiene just cross that run off - it's too hot. My run on Monday was a disaster - just too hot.

I'm enjoying a little beer tonight. Since I've started getting really into my running, I've stopped drinking on a Friday due to parkrun on a Saturday morning.

watchingout Thu 18-Jul-13 22:43:50

I'll be with you in the morning Judy - same time , same run grin (waves at nextphase)

Last two runs have been crap. Just not able to finish and the chimp has definitely won. But I'm still going out tomorrow so I can say kid myself that I haven't missed a run in the whole seven weeks. Massive blister to contend with, but the Compeed plasters have arrived in the post today so will be giving them a go too.

Fingers crossed...

Dingle Fri 19-Jul-13 00:15:03

Feeling a bit down tonight, probably got DDs last day in Y6 playing on my mind too but I really struggled tonight. I pushed on as best I could but didn't feel happy with my"run" at all.

Managed to do W6R3, covered 3miles and burnt 360 calories. At the end of the podcast it said something about now being a "runner" ...hmm.... not sure about that. I feel I am going backwards.

watchingout Fri 19-Jul-13 06:16:25

But you got there Dingle! thanks

Woke early and needing a push to get moving, I looked up my 'proper runner' friend's Pinterest pins for motivation. How about these?

"I would rather say "I did it" than "I gave up"

"Suck it up and one day you won't have to suck it in"

"Gonna run til I don't jiggle"

Hmm that last one is a way off yet so could be running a while wink

Barbie1 Fri 19-Jul-13 06:30:48

Hello can I please join you all?

I have just been offered a charity place in the london marathon...

The furthest I have even run is 5k hmm

I really dont know what dh and I were thinking when we applied confused

I only started running a few months ago, haven't followed any plan just ran as far as I can each time.

We have just relocated to south korea on a tiny island, its hot, humid and full of mountains.

I have no idea where to start.

Any help, advice and encouragment would be most welcome

CambridgeBlue Fri 19-Jul-13 06:54:53

Hi, could I join you all? I have been doing this for a few months but taking it very slowly - I'm only at W4 because I redo each week until I can do it comfortably, not sure if that's a good idea or not. I am amazed how much better I've got though, I couldn't run to the end of the road before!

I just had a couple of questions - which app do you all use? The one I have at the moment keeps stopping and resetting which is really annoying as I'm never sure how much I've done. Also, where would you recommend going for decent shoes? I don't want to spend loads but my old trainers are not that comfy for running.

Judyandherdreamofhorses Fri 19-Jul-13 07:50:01

Hi Cambridge. I use the Runkeeper app. Very easy to programme in your runs, although it doesn't have c25k as a preset programme. It plays your own music.

I just managed my w7r3. Well, I say managed. I did a new route and thought the big hill at the end would be my cool down. It wasn't - I still had 8 minutes of running. Had to walk about 3 minutes up the hill but made myself run the last five (flat at the end!).

It's weird. I feel much better after a half hour run in the early morning than I would if I'd had that half hour in bed. I've got a baby and a 4 year old so no chance of lie ins anyway. DH and I alternate our running days so one is out while the other has the children. He started c25k before me though and is now training for a half marathon, meaning his weekend runs are long.

My running shoes are just from a normal sports shop. They're really light, which I like. I also have proper running socks and haven't had blisters.

Barbie! That sounds hot! No tips, but good luck

bisley Fri 19-Jul-13 08:01:34

Hello runners smile I lurked a bit on the last thread but wanted to pop in on your shiny new thread because I did the week 5 no.3 20 minute run yesterday, woohoo! I'm really pleased with myself grin. Before I started week 5 I looked ahead at the plan and I couldn't believe they were expecting me to run for 20 whole minutes without a break, but I did it!

I've been really enjoying getting up and out early while it's still cool. I could definitely see it becoming a habit. At least til the mornings get dark...

Judyandherdreamofhorses Fri 19-Jul-13 08:06:16

That first 20 minute run was a big scary barrier for me. I did the first 2 days of week 5 twice before I attempted it. But it was great. Well done!

bisley Fri 19-Jul-13 08:28:45

Thanks Judy smile I think I realised it might be possible when I felt surprisingly ok after the first 8 minute run in week 5/run 2. As I was running the 20 minutes I really noticed my breathing - it just seemed to be working! (As an asthmatic that's a pretty big deal.) It was hard work, but I wasn't getting out of breath particularly, it was great smile Just have to get the legs to catch up now.

I know what you mean about feeling better for getting out in the morning rather than an extra half hour in bed. My dc are early risers and my body clock is messed up, so even if they sleep in (!) til 6/6.30, I'm awake at 5/5.30 regardless. I used to lie there feeling uncomfortable and struggle to get back to sleep, it feels so much better to get up and out instead.

amigababy Fri 19-Jul-13 09:10:12

yes, once you're up, you're up, you can get going instead of thinking about it.

watching I imagined a whole crowd of chimps cheering me on to the finishing line yesterday. chimp cheerleaders!!

Judy that's great that you are both into it. dh has been a runner but is too competitive in his own head, pushes himself too hard and doesn't enjoy it really. So he stopped, and started golf! I keep saying one day we'll run together but I tell him he will be shocked at how slow I am. But that might do him good to slow down.

I second the getting up early. I come back just as the DCs are getting up and morning continues as normal.. I know that if I'd have to wait till the evening I'd find every excuse not to go out!

SarahWithAFringeOnTop Fri 19-Jul-13 10:11:32

Anyone got any advice for running with a cold/nasty cough (other than don't!!) I'm meant to be doing the Race for Life on Sunday and have come down with a hideous summer cold and chesty cough sad (I'm prone to asthma but so far peak flow is OK). DH doesn't think I should run but I'd feel really guilty not doing it as people have sponsored me... and at least I'm not going to be breathing in cold air which might be worse! Any suggestions?

hairtwiddler Fri 19-Jul-13 10:28:12

Maybe you should just walk it Sarah? I'm sure your sponsors would understand, especially if you know you can do the distance.... Not a very good idea to be running when you are not well....

I like early mornings too, but have struggled to get up recently so evening runs it is. Plan to run to pick up DD from a party tonight, I'm sure I'll look very fetching! I'm past caring what I look like though.

FoundAChopinLizt Fri 19-Jul-13 10:29:48

My trainer at running class says don't run if the symptoms are below your neck.

So snotty, sneezy and sore throat-probably ok

Chesty-not ok

Sorry that you're ill thanks how frustrating for you.

SarahWithAFringeOnTop Fri 19-Jul-13 10:52:05

Thanks... yes, very frustrating! angry Of all the times to get a cold... I guess walking it is the sensible option. Surely I can manage a walk? hmm

FoundAChopinLizt Fri 19-Jul-13 11:36:04

I'm sure a walk is fine!

FoundAChopinLizt Fri 19-Jul-13 11:36:46

Saying that, it will be hot, so be sensible.

jussey17 Fri 19-Jul-13 12:50:24

Celia I have found the shock absorber bra excellent it has a double back fastening I'm not aware of any movement when running (which given that im an E is amazing) other than my loll oping stomach, don't think they do bras for that though.
Managed first 20 mins last night (albeit with lots of downhill) v pleased.
Seriously impressed that others have got so far in the prescribed weeks I am on week 6 now but started in the snow. Nevertheless given my shocking fitness level at the start i am still happy with the rate of progress.

DramaAlpaca Fri 19-Jul-13 15:37:04

Did W5R2 this morning before it got too hot. Really happy to have managed 2x8 minutes.

The really good thing was that I pretty much had the old inner chimp under control today. He had a little go at me at six minutes into the first run, but as I only had two minutes to go it was fairly easy to put him back into his box. He had another little niggle halfway through the second run, but once I slowed down he disappeared altogether. I think I might actually be winning this mental battle! It has really helped me to know that others have the same thing going on.

(Anyone who doesn't know about the inner chimp, see my posts towards the end of the previous thread!) or I can repost them here later.

Actually looking forward to W5R3 now. Didn't think I would ever be saying that!

hairtwiddler Fri 19-Jul-13 18:59:32

Back from a 32minute run. Those chimps were behind me all the way! Paid no attention to any feelings of needing to stop, although I did stop very briefly twice for a stretch as I have an ongoing problem with stiff calves. I just kept steady tonight but was pleased with my plodding up a very long gradual hill and I had a big sprint at the end. I covered 4.3km and was overtaken quite a few times!

Mainly I think I kept going because I was so completely absorbed in my audio book. It's the new Neil Gaiman and it's very creepy.

I'll report back from the race for life on Sunday. The forecast is for cooler and a bit cloudy so much as I am enjoying these amazing summer evenings (not a fan of the hot daytime so much), I'll be glad if it's not 30degrees and full sun.

bisley Fri 19-Jul-13 19:37:10

I like the chimps grin. I liked that Laura warns you that it's becoming more mental at these stages in the podcast. At one point in the first week 5 run I did realise I was obsessing about when I could stop and looking longingly at the benches I was passing, so it was good to have that prompt to stop thinking like that, and it did start feeling a lot easier.

Audiobooks sound a good idea. What's the latest Neil Gaiman? I caught the Neverwhere serialisation on radio 4 when it was on and loved it. Something to keep in mind for when I'm done with the podcasts.

Moving on to week 6 tomorrow morning smile

hairtwiddler Fri 19-Jul-13 20:00:31

It's called "the ocean at the end of the lane". I got a free audible trial but probably won't subscribe long term. Back to podcasts after this and may borrow some audio books from the library. Wish I'd caught neverland. Missed it...

jussey17 Fri 19-Jul-13 20:40:57

Does anyone know of an app for measuring running routes at home not the ones where you carry the device with you, as i was amazed by hairtwiddlers accuracy and length of run.
Not quite sure how you guys can listen to books over yr breathing.

hairtwiddler Fri 19-Jul-13 21:01:35

I use runkeeper jussey. There's an app i carry with me on my phone but you can also mark out your run on google maps when you get back. I really like it... it told me tonight by average speed has gone up from 7.5 to 8.2kmph in the last few weeks, so I feel I'm getting a wee bit better!

I'm actually not that breathless when I run. I have a good set of lungs for various reasons, I sing in a choir which helps, and my job previously involved working with people to improve breathing etc. I suffer from really tired legs though, and sometimes feel I just can't go any further.

nextphase Fri 19-Jul-13 21:23:47

Evening Ladies,
Sounds like your all doing really well.

My chimp needs a stronger cage tho. w7r3 tonight, and although I went out fine, coming back was hard going, and the chimp got me walking to the next lamp post before picking up speed again.
So, what do I do on Sunday? w7 again, or move on to w8?
Suspect it was either the fact that I had salad for lunch, and hadn't had tea before running (normally eat with kids at 5, run 8, but ran before eating tonight), or because I did aerobics wed, and swam last night, and my body just needs a rest! Any thoughts?

Hair all the best for Sun. I'm about 40miles S of Newcastle, and its definitely cooling here.

nextphase Fri 19-Jul-13 21:26:17

jussy I use

hairtwiddler Fri 19-Jul-13 22:53:14

Nextphase I'm not sure. Week 7 is 25 mins right, and 28 mins in week 8? I only repeated once, after a disaster in week six. Try to move on and ignore that chimp I say!

DramaAlpaca Fri 19-Jul-13 23:08:20

nextphase well done on fighting that chimp!

If you are sure you were running on less fuel than you needed for your run, you should probably move on to W8 & see how you go.

I'm a bit behind you (W5R3 next) but I know I get much more tired if I run on an empty stomach.

I like the idea of running to audiobooks. Might try it later on. At the moment I find it helps to keep going if I listen to music with a really strong beat.

CeliaLytton Fri 19-Jul-13 23:13:33

jussey which brand do you use? Or can I get any shock absorber bra? Am scared of what running will do to my enormous boobs blush

W1r2 completed and feel proud of myself but my hips are really sore and uncomfortable, is that normal? Am quite overweight so they are having to work hard... Having to run in the evening as too hot otherwise and is really the last thing I want to do when kids have gone to bed and I finally get a bit of peace! When does going out for a run become more enticing than sitting on the sofa with a glass of wine?

DramaAlpaca Fri 19-Jul-13 23:44:35

Celia I'm an F cup & have a Freya Active sports bra which holds everything down nicely so they don't budge at all when I run.

I used to get sore hips when I first started, but it has eased off over the weeks. I found using a shorter stride helped, in other words slowing down to a slow jog. Also stretching really well afterwards, and leaving two days between runs to allow my body to recover. I'm also overweight, but working on it!

You could always use the glass of wine as a lovely reward for yourself after your run. I do!

Well done for getting started smile

hairtwiddler Sat 20-Jul-13 07:37:32

I wear a Royce sports bra with a bravissimo one on top! I am an H cup though! confused

Slubberdelatrinae Sat 20-Jul-13 07:43:00

Morning everyone. Really enjoying reading everyone's progress particularly those who are much further along that me. It's very motivating seeing other folk's progress.

Just back from w2r1 in my new snazzy running shoes. Yes it does make a big difference wearing something appropriate on your feet. The lady in the running shop yesterday did a visible recoil when I told her I was running n my walking sandals grin
Talking of which I'm going to name check where I got my gait analysis and shoes from yesterday. When I get fabulous customer service I like to rave about it. So a big thank you to the Chester Triactive Shop, not only did I come out with some great new shoes and special double layer socks grin but I came out really motivated to keep at it. Not only did you sell me on the shoes, you sold me on running too.

And now more tea I think.

LauraPashley Sat 20-Jul-13 09:20:58

Morning all please can I join? smile

Just did W1R3 last night, legs feel fine, but my fitness level is SO poor I feel out of puff at the end of the warm up!!

celia I also have to run after the kids are in bed - it is not the best is it?!! Tired, hot, other things to do, sofa to sit on....! My kids are very early risers too, so getting up before them is nigh on impossible!

Great news re getting new trainers, I must do that too! What brand did they recommend?

Slubberdelatrinae Sat 20-Jul-13 10:13:14

Hi Laura, my new shoez are Saucony never heard if them but tbh I am so so glad I listened to the advice on this thread and went for a proper gait analysis and fitting. For a start I would have bought the wrong size as I needed to go up a size from my usual for spreading and other things wot happen to your feet when you run was trying to listen but was distracted by the treadmill.
The best bit about it, apart from having my toes felt like I was having school shoes measured in Clarks [reminiscence emoticon] was running with the three different reccommended pairs for my gait pattern and then running with one shoe from one pair and another shoe from another, a real compare and contrast.
If this whole running lark goes tits up at least I have a really well fitting and comfortable pair of trainers now for walking/exercise classes etc.

Bakingnovice Sat 20-Jul-13 11:19:22

Thank you for the new thread cinnamon. So lovely to see new people and tracking old faces. Next phase maybe a rest day or two would help? Dingle well done!

I've got sore heels, I hope it's not plantar faciitis. I had two rest days this week and am doing w7r1 today and hope its not painful. I've got small hell inserts to put in my trainers. Any other suggestions?

jussey17 Sat 20-Jul-13 11:47:08

Thanks for the multimap advice nextphase and hairtwiddlers
celia I have a shock absorber run sports bra.

Bakingtins Sat 20-Jul-13 13:46:52

I have a shockabsorber bra too and it works well not that I am anywhere near an F
Slubber I like the idea of bigging up good shops so here's a cheer for Up and Running in Bristol

nextphase Sat 20-Jul-13 17:02:34

another thumbs up for up and running - this time up north.

5madthings Sat 20-Jul-13 17:06:47

I have the shock absorber run bra its fab smile

Quick question i haven't been running properly for about six weeks, I was running 8-10m three times a week until then and have still been wakmg over seven miles a day pushing toddler and at speed chasing after five yr old on scooter! How much should I expect my fitness to have deteriorated? Do I go back to the couch to 5k program or just try a 5k run and then build up from there?

scarecrow22 Sat 20-Jul-13 18:23:20

Hello from the equally hot and humid France. Been off line nearly two weeks, with camper van and in a gite in Alps watching Tour de France. Bit too hot to relax with small baby but otherwise glorious. Best of all have had four amazing runs, all of week 3 and w4r1 yesterday. Was still in Alps and about a mile high in alt but managed to find a doable route by doubling back and forth a bit. I remember now how often I have some of my most magical moments on runs on holiday: I was running through an alpine meadow and semi forested track, snow capped peaks all around, and as I got to my turning point at highest point on track, stood on the rocks and turned to face the rising sun and took a deep light-filled breath. W3r2 I was in forest in the valley bottom, and a boy from one of the farms near our campsite ran beside me for the second half and then walked back with me chatting. He was only 12 but so assured and fit!

Also highly recommend good bra fitting - am a bf j/k cup hmm and run v comfortably.

Well done to everyone getting out in that heat wave.

Dingle Sat 20-Jul-13 19:12:20

WEll done ladies! You are inspirational, thank you.

W7R1 - I am still struggling and feeling rather low about running. For the first time, I feel a bit bored now I am running for 25 mins! Perhaps now is the time I need to sort out my own music - up until now I have just gone along with the podcast music but running on the TM may be becoming a bit tedious! hmm

I know I shouldn't be too hard on myself, it's been a hard week emotionally. Said goodbye to all the little children at work who are about to start school, then yesterday went to my disabled DD's leavers assembly -OMG, so so heart wrenching. My IBS is all over the place, I haven't been to poo for days and put on 1lb!!!

On the plus side, I did manage to cover 3 miles again, BUT I need to keep motivated!

Judyandherdreamofhorses Sat 20-Jul-13 19:26:13

Wow Dingle, I'm nowhere near 3 miles and have finished week 7.

Your week does sound emotional. I'm finding running helping with that sort of thing...mostly! I've mentally written job applications and prepared for interviews on my runs. It really is the only thinking time I get, with small children!

Welcome IBlameThePenguins, Barbie1 and CambridgeBlue! I recommended taking the runnin parts slowly and not worrying what people think when they see you. Trust the programme as it works for so many people. I used the nhs podcasts but once running was more solid used run keeper and my own music. I know us endomondo and mapmyrun apps for distance and speed.

You did it and that's a good distance Dingle, I'm sure the next run will be better smile

I struggle with a cold SarahWithAFringeOnTop, always get stitches. If you feel you can walk then go with that in mind but I'd give running a go and perhaps run walk it if you find it too tricky?

What ever time you run in the winter it will be dark unless you have Childcare and you're not working bisley so mornings will still be fine, you may just have to adjust your route.

Move on to wk8 nextphase and make sure you've eaten before you go smile

If any part of me aches after I run its usually my hips CeliaLytton! I think they work quite hard throwing your legs forward!

Welcome LauraPashley, my first proper running shoes were Saucony too but I now have a pair of Nike. I went and had my gait analysed and could have had a second pair of saucony as he said they were working well for me but the Nike ones were in the sale I just couldn't justify the extra £35 as both felt good.

I reckon you'd be ok to do a 5k 5madthings, just take it steady!

I went out with my friend Friday morning at 6 and did 4.5miles. I then ran to parkrun and back as well as doing it so another 4 miles. I didn't wake up until 8.15 and as I was running towards the start they started so I'm pleased with my time of 28m27! Missing my longer Saturday morning runs, hoping to try and do 6miles tomorrow morning but with family/work/volunteer commitments I find it so hard to fit in!

redwellybluewelly Sat 20-Jul-13 20:10:06

Hi, im hopefully going to be cleared for exercise this week by my GP after DC #2 ans have a couple of questions of anyone knows the answer,

- has anyone started C25K after a CS and how soon after?

- if you run after your evening meal how long do you leave it to avoid feeling sick?

Many thanks

nextphase Sat 20-Jul-13 20:17:04

No ideas about c-section. I think the Dr clearing you post (6 week?) birth, you should be fine to start - why not ask the GP?

I won't run less than 2 hrs after eating a full meal. I try to leave it 2.5 hrs.
A small snack (e.g. half a piece of fruit, or some fruit juice) - I try to leave 30 mins, but not always, and dont actually think thats necessary.

EeTraceyluv Sat 20-Jul-13 21:29:57

well I am very pleased! Been stuck on w5 r1 for two weeks - a bit scared of the whole 8 minutes idea - and the heat was a bit... So tonight decided to bite the bullet and did it!!! In fact I did 9 minutes as felt ok after a 4 minute walk. Very very chuffed. 2 month ago I nearly passed out after a minute grin

DramaAlpaca Sat 20-Jul-13 21:35:32

Good for you Tracey! It's a great feeling isn't it? Amazing how much progress you can make in such a short time.

We are at the same stage -W5R3 for me tomorrow or Monday...

scarecrow22 Sat 20-Jul-13 21:47:09

RedWelly, I started this after DC2 as well, and also had a CS (ELCS). I started at c 9 weeks: the first week I would say I could "feel" the wound inside after my runs, but was not in pain or even discomfort. Around week 2 that went too. I should say on plus side I ran quite a bit before DC, but I am also 42 so things don't repair so quickly!

I noted in my catch up earlier a debate in last week or so about whether we should run in 40s and risk of prolapse. I should tell you that the woman who runs my local buggy fit class insists you should never run within 6mo of giving birth. I have chosen to ignore her for now, but it is worth asking advice professionally.

Good luck!

pennygallops Sat 20-Jul-13 22:00:59

Well DS, DD and I cycled to the parkrun this morning, did the run, had a chat with other runners and then cycled home. My time was terrible - 37mins. I ran with DD who was on go slow today... we stopped to restyle her hair, look at the rabbits in the park (and the deer), look at flowers, watch a duck land on one of the ponds etc.etc. For the first time since my knee started playing up, I was a bit frustrated and wanted to go faster. But then she was so happy at the end and I let the frustration pass - she won't be running with DS and I when we get to those rainy, windy and snowy runs.

EeTraceyluv Sat 20-Jul-13 22:01:38

eeek! may do r2 a couple more times!!
oo-er never heard of a prolapse risk before...I'm 49 and had my last dc at 41. I'm apparently v healthy - had one of those 'health checks' a few weeks back so hopefully nothing will 'fall out' grin

Well done EeTraceyluv!

Congrats on your dc redwellybluewelly! I would ask your gp when you have your appointment what they recommend or have a look on the nhs website about c25k, they have tips which may include something about cs. I run quite soon after eating and I'm fine as long as I don't run more than 30mins.

X-post pennygallops! A mum I know from school ran with her 6 year old ds this morning and he did a sub 30min parkrun. I passed them and he was crying and whining about his legs aching sad. She's quite competitive and I think she wanted a good time for herself and couldn't leave him behind so dragged him along. It's quite an achievement for him but he was sitting crying for at least 10mins after he finished. Hope it doesn't put him off in the future. We also had a 4 year old who cycled with his dad and finished under 30mins too!

EeTraceyluv Sat 20-Jul-13 22:22:42

can you explain the inner chimp please drama??

Bakingtins Sat 20-Jul-13 22:48:15

Finished week 4 and quite apprehensive about wk 5, especially run 3.

I'm considering buying a treadmill ( who said running was a cheap hobby?) as there's a 2nd hand one locally - it's an everlast one and they want £100. Are they any good and is that a good price?

Do any of you do the NHS strength and flex podcasts? Or other suggestions for something on non-run days, pref something I can do at home without asking for further babysitting duties from DH.

pennygallops Sat 20-Jul-13 23:01:02

I don't think I showed my frustration to DD but I did spend some of my time running backwards and side stepping. We also tried a crazy horse gallop at one point. Quite humid here today and she's not keen on getting overly sweaty (quite a girly girl). I know she could go faster but she wouldn't enjoy it - my long term goal for my children is not Olympic athletes but a life long interest in keeping fit and active.

I hadn't heard of a prolapse risk (I'm 41), think I might read more about it. Since I started running (nearly a year a go), I've found my bladder control and IBS much, much better - sorry if that's too much info.

Bakingtins I looked at the strength and flex podcasts, but never managed to get into a steady routine with them. Might try again. I try to swim once a week and I like to cycle.

DramaAlpaca Sun 21-Jul-13 00:09:08

No problem Tracey!

This is a very general summing up, which I hope I have got right. I originally heard about it in a TV documentary about the success of British cycling's Team Sky, and I have now found out who coined the term "taming your inner chimp" so I can credit him properly.

Your "inner chimp" is a term that a sports psychiatrist called Dr Steve Peters has thought up to describe that nagging voice inside your head that insists you are tired & have had enough and that you need to give up on your run (or whatever athletic activity you are doing) even though you are actually physically fine and your body is able to cope perfectly well with the run.

He suggests that if you focus on mentally getting rid of the inner chimp by putting him into a box & closing the lid, you can concentrate on performing better physically because you have got rid of the mental obstacles that are preventing you from performing at your peak.

Dr Peters is credited with improving the performances of many elite athletes by using his mind model called The Chimp Paradox to help them to understand how they can use their minds to maximise sports performance.

It seems an awful lot of us on here have inner chimps, ranging in size from small monkeys to enormous gorillas!

Bakingnovice Sun 21-Jul-13 00:14:52

Scarecrow your holiday run sounds amazing. I'm going away in a few months and for the first time in my life I plan to run along the beach.

So I did w7r1 today. 25 mins. As usual I started full of doubt that I would even last 5 mins. The gel heel inserts really helped and I really enjoyed my run. I think the coler weather helped. Was in a mad rush so cut my cool down down by a few minutes and am feeling it now. Very stiff legs. Does anyone stretch hours after the run? Is this safe? Going for another 2 day break now as I'm terrified of getting injured.

Oh, and I can finally say with confidence - I really think the programme works!

pennygallops Sun 21-Jul-13 07:41:00

Glad you had a good run bakingnovice and I think the program is fantastic! Can you tell me a little more about the gel pads please, they sound interesting?

EeTraceyluv Sun 21-Jul-13 08:53:53

I have a naughty chimp - he tells me I need to stop and go an buy a packet of cigarettes! I've stopped smoking now and really do feel he difference - so I will certainly have a word with him and tell him to sod off grin Thanks for that, it's a brilliant analogy

Well I completed the programme yesterday with a good run after 2 'bad/tough' runs. Yay! Feel really good and have inspired DH to do it too he's just completed week 1.

However, now my heel hurts and seems to a spread upwards towards my ankle today sad. Any suggestions to what I can do. Seems such a shame that I've come this far then I can't run due to injury.

jchocchip Sun 21-Jul-13 09:15:02

Marking place! I've been awol for a few weeks sad I am going to have to start again once I get my foot sorted out. Have had xray and have scan on 31st. Walked parkrun last week and this as gp has banned me from running. Planning on walking my 50th next week and then volunteering for as long as it takes to sort sad Did turn back and wait for a friend who has had a break and encourage her round and dh ran off at that point which was good as he hasn't done much running recently. I'm going to try and make lots of small gingerbread men for next week...
Waves to all the new starters. You won't regret!

jchocchip Sun 21-Jul-13 09:19:40

Xpost babysocks! Well done for completing! flowers
See your gp sooner rather than wait months like I did... Hope it feels better soon. Have you tried rest ice compression elevation?

Bakingnovice Sun 21-Jul-13 09:21:02

Baby socks I have similar pain. I think it might be related to plantar faciitis. Like you I'm gutted that now I can run I might get injured! It's not fair. I bought gel heel inserts from amazon and they really help.

Judyandherdreamofhorses Sun 21-Jul-13 10:34:23

I was strangely unmotivated this morning and didn't want to get up for a run. I went at about 8.30 though and felt much better after it.

W8R1. 28 minutes with no breaks. I managed it better than the 25 minute ones really. My distance is still rubbish. Only 2.5 miles and the dog is still only walking next to me!

Much cooler here today, so much nicer for running. DH couldn't be bothered this morning so he has a 6 mile to do this evening.

nearlyreadytopop Sun 21-Jul-13 12:15:59

I'm backgrin
I joined the last thread but due to some rubbishy things happening in rl I stopped for a month.
so I'm back to the beginning and this morning was w1r1 for me. despite having to also push my rather large 2yr old ds it wasn't too bad. Looking forward to getting out again on Tuesday.

DigWeedSow Sun 21-Jul-13 12:33:10

Did W5R3 yesterday! I still can't believe that I ran non stop for 20 mins grin It's been a lot cooler here this weekend and that has certainly helped, going for W6R1 in the morning so hoping that its equally as cool.

hairtwiddler Sun 21-Jul-13 13:13:27

Race for life done! More later but did it in 35.5 mins. Personal best!

DigWeedSow Sun 21-Jul-13 13:31:17

Well done on both the pb and completing hairtwiddler

CeliaLytton Sun 21-Jul-13 13:58:49

I am going to have to get into the garage and see if I have an old pair of trainers about because on my walk yesterday the sole came clean off! Have secured it with blu tak but don't think running in them would be sensible, likely to do myself an injury, so unless I find a spare pair am going to have to forego tonight's run.

I went for a walk yesterday and covered 3.5 miles in 55 mins, but when I do the runs (have to walk to a place where I can run uninterrupted) I am out for about an hour and yet cover less than 3 miles! So I must be jogging really slowly and then walking much slower than normal pace when I have the walks in between. Feeling a bit downhearted at this and wondering whether I would be better of just doing a brisk walk for an hour each evening? Want to get fit and lose weight, what do you think?

Congrats hairtwiddler

hairtwiddler Sun 21-Jul-13 14:31:13

I'm still on a high! Race for life was what I set as my goal when I started c25k and today I reached it. Found it tough at the start as the track is gravel and quite uneven in places but found my pace when I got the road. My gps on my phone must be rubbish because I finished when it said 4.8k. So maybe I've been running further all this time!
My friend did it in just under 28, she's super speedy!

Keep going all. As I've said before if a lazy overweight middle aged unfit person like me can do it....

SarahWithAFringeOnTop Sun 21-Jul-13 14:47:06

Well done hairtwiddler! grin I'm just back from mine too - was thinking I'd need to walk it in view of my ongoing cough, but felt a bit better yesterday and it had stopped actually hurting, so went for a short experimental run which seemed OK, so I felt more confident about today. Then I complicated matters by slicing the side of my foot open getting out of the shower [klutz emoticon] - honestly, you would think any normal person could operate a shower door without injury wouldn't you? blush So it was all a bit interesting, but I managed it in 38 minutes, without ever having to stop to walk, which I didn't think was too bad really. Fairly sure my phone said I'd done 5.9K though!!

Looking forward to the next one now... hoping not to be overtaken by a pair of three-legged racers or mums with buggies next time smile

hairtwiddler Sun 21-Jul-13 15:06:11

Well done to you too Sarah! We kicked Cancer's butt today!

LauraPashley Sun 21-Jul-13 16:38:24

Oh well done ladies!! I think I might enter something like that once I get to wk9, it would be a great thing to do.

We actually have no family history of cancer or anything else but I have seen so many friends and their relatives suffer. I am really starting to think about my health/mortality since having the dcs so I boxed my chimp the other night by thinking how much of a benefit it is to them to have a fitter mum!
Thank you for trainer info, I must go and get fitted but our nearest gait analysis place is 1hr away, a childcare nightmare more than anything else!

SarahWithAFringeOnTop Sun 21-Jul-13 17:08:02

I definitely recommend it Laura - it's a really good motivator and a great atmosphere too!

Did w1r1 today (got to about week 5 last summer while on mat leave but quickly fizzled when I went back to work-have quit job (hurrah!) now so am determined to finish!). Turned over my ankle going round a corner and it aches quite a bit but doesn't look swollen. If I just keep it elevated for a couple of hours it'll be alright right?

nextphase Sun 21-Jul-13 18:04:24

Well done on getting started Antoinette.
RICE for slight sprains -* R*est it, Ice on it (wrapped in teatowel - not directly on your skin), C compression with a light bandage, Elevate.

If your unsure, dont run on it for a few days. If it gets worse or very swollen, see a medic (OOH, or nurse at the GP's surgery tomorrow)

Hope its fine soon.

Thanks-good excuse to stick my feet up while I watch The Returned at any rate!

hairtwiddler Sun 21-Jul-13 20:38:05

Celia, I've come to the conclusion speed isn't important. I also walk briskly and run not much faster. I love the feeling after a run though, gives me more of a buzz than walking. I also think the programme works on stamina first. Speed can come later.

Still wearing my medal by the way! grin

nextphase Sun 21-Jul-13 20:51:53

Well, my chimp is back in his cage (or he ran out of batteries like the mp3 player did!).
w8r1, and the only time I stopped was when a car had the cheek to drive along the road I needed to cross and forced me to wait!

Those of you who cross roads - what do you do if forced to pause? I felt rather silly jogging on the spot waiting for them to pass!

watchingout Sun 21-Jul-13 21:16:55

Well done RFL'ers smile

Just downloaded some motivating music onto my iphone so planning to use that tomorrow to get moving. The comedy podcasts were fun, but didn't really keep the chimp in his box last week. Didn't manage any complete run, but I'm telling myself that I was close enough and just going to go for it tomorrow.

I have to catch Nextphase and Judy!! wink

smellsofsick Sun 21-Jul-13 21:31:08

Hello Cinnamon et al. Got a question for you. Finally got to week 9 and completed 30 minute run BUT only doing 3.5k.

It's a bit slow, I'd really like to be closer to 5. How do you speed up? Do you just kind of feel your way or can you use some sort of pacing app?

Hope everyone's enjoying running in the sun!

nextphase Sun 21-Jul-13 21:32:59

grin watching. You'll get me this week. DH travelling, so I'm off running all week, unless I can get off my arse and run at lunch time from work. Somehow I think that will generate more ribbing of the boss than benefit from running!

Although if I can do friday and Sunday, we should still graduate together end of the following week. Is it tempting fate to start planning the graduation party?

Congratulations to the rflers grin

We saw them all in Cambridge today when we went to cinema, via dh's work.

I took my ds's with me when I was fitted for my trainers, they loved it!

I just pushed myself when I felt ok and slowed a bit if it felt too hard smellsofsick. The first 5k I tried was 3 months after I finished the plan and took me 34 mins so who knows how long it was taking before. I joined my club a month or so after that an started a variety of interval training which I think helped. I know repeated the plan but with slow jogging on the walks and faster runs on the runs, might be an idea?

scarecrow22 Sun 21-Jul-13 22:03:15

SarahWith and HairT fantastic to have done rfl. Really proud of you grin

DramaAlpaca Sun 21-Jul-13 22:03:49

Well done to all you Race for Lifers!

DigWeedSow congrats on doing W5R3!

Guess what - I did W5R3 today as well!!! I am so happy, I really didn't think I would be able to run non-stop for 20 minutes. It feels like I have reached a milestone today. I actually planned to do the run on Monday, but got up this morning & I knew I just had to tackle it. The chimp was a little bit troublesome, but once I got halfway through I was fine.

Now it's a case of move on into uncharted territory. As I have mentioned before I got as far as W5R3 a year ago but then got injured before I could start W6 and then lost the motivation to start again. I won't let it happen this time now I have the support of all you lovely runners!

So I'm now looking forward to tackling W6R1 sometime in the next few days.

muddyprints Sun 21-Jul-13 23:00:46

really struggling to run when on period, get really crampy stomach aches and just feel shattered. should I just have a few days off?

to run further in the time do I take longer strides or faster steps?

on wk8 run 3 and doing 4km.

amigababy Mon 22-Jul-13 09:20:45

Well done Digweed and Drama on finishing week 5, fantastic, onwards and upwards smile

muddy I feel like that too and tbh I do skip a couple of days to get over the exhaustion. On the plus side, beforehand it helped with my pmt, that was better than usual.

Just finished week 7, yey!! And a lot cooler today. I suspect we might be dodging raindrops for the rest of the week.

DigWeedSow Mon 22-Jul-13 09:32:33

Congrats to you too DramaAlpaca its a great feeling knowing that you can run for 20 mins isn't it!

Interestingly I have just run w6r1 and found that tougher, maybe it's because I was expecting it to be easier after running in a solid block, I did however cover 5k (if you include the warm/down walks) so I can now see how it can be done.

muddy I can't run when I've got stomach cramps and had a couple of days break last week for this reason, it is annoying though when your mind says yes but your body says no!

EeTraceyluv Mon 22-Jul-13 09:34:21

I should be doing w5 r3 tonight...but think I will do r2 once more. I'm just not confident enough to try it and if I fail I will be so despondent sad.

DramaAlpaca Mon 22-Jul-13 10:37:31

Tracey are you sure you won't give it a go? If you could do R2 you'll be able to do R3. I felt the same way as you yesterday & I managed it.

Good luck!

EeTraceyluv Mon 22-Jul-13 10:48:15

You're convincing me grin Just need the fag smoking chimp off my back! I'll see how my day goes and then have a think!

DramaAlpaca Mon 22-Jul-13 10:59:25

Good for you.

Give that naughty chimp a good kick! grin

hairtwiddler Mon 22-Jul-13 12:15:37

Go for it eetracyluv. Think about it the other way, imagine how elated you'll be when you do that 20 mins

EeTraceyluv Mon 22-Jul-13 12:38:36

I'm getting more tempted..

watchingout Mon 22-Jul-13 13:24:27

Tracey, I had a CRAP week last week (w7) for no real reason. All three runs were supposed to be 25 mins and I managed 12, 11 then 20 mins. blush

But this morning I went out for w8r1 of 28 mins and did it with a teensy bit of walking!

So trust yourself please- it really does work and attitude is a real help. Look how much you've achieved so far! And you are now officially over halfway through grin

GO for it!

nextphase Mon 22-Jul-13 13:51:05

Go tracey, the programme really does work, and I think all of us have had runs where the chimp wins, and then we have gone on, and suceeded the next run

EeTraceyluv Mon 22-Jul-13 14:23:44

It just seems a MASSIVE leap from 8 to 20 <wobbling>

nextphase Mon 22-Jul-13 19:09:17

But you've done 2 lots of 8 mins, so you know you can run for 16, so "all" extra you need to do is join the previous lot with a jog rather than a brisk walk.
Honestly, trust the program. Give it a go, but make sure the chimp is well locked away. you CAN do it - as all of us on w6 and on can show. Lots of us had wobbles about the 20 mins, and nearly all, if not all, of us managed it first time.

jussey17 Mon 22-Jul-13 19:11:42

eeTraceyluv It ia a jump but it is possible I am at almost exactly the same point as you and was dreading the 20 min last thur but I have now managed it twice (as I didn't have w6 downloaded) and can't quite believe I can run for that long or far.
Have faith in the plan if you have done w1-4 you will b able to do it, ESP if you can include a long slow descent near the end. Good luck.

EeTraceyluv Mon 22-Jul-13 19:27:43

I'm afraid I bottled it and did w2 again - although I did two ten minutes instead of 8 minutes only walking for three - does that make sense?! Will definitely be going for it on weds grin Thanks so much for the support

EeTraceyluv Mon 22-Jul-13 19:28:08

r2 not w2!!!!

DramaAlpaca Mon 22-Jul-13 20:05:40

Tracey 2x10 minutes is great - it means you WILL be able to do the 20 minutes on Wednesday!

trickydickie Mon 22-Jul-13 20:09:42

Well done Tracey on the 10 minute run. I tried to do w5 r2 on Saturday and nearly collapsed about 2 mins into the second 8 minute run. My excuse being it was very hot and I hadn't eaten.

I did it last night though, again struggled doing the second 8 minute run but did it. My friend did it with me last night (we have been doing it together all the way through) but she couldn't make Saturday.

I am panicking about w5 r3 which we are due to do tomorrow night. She is much fitter than me and use to run a lot up until a couple of years ago. So I know my friend will be able to do the 20 min run but I have told her I doubt I will. I think like you I will aim for 10 mins and a rest then 10 mins again......I don't think I have ever done any form of sport for 10 mins even as a child.

Well done to all the people who are managing the long runs (well congrats to all who are doing this).

I will report in how I get on tomorrow night.

ps. I have been reading this for the last 5 weeks but never post til now.

EeTraceyluv Mon 22-Jul-13 20:24:48

It's so weird being called tracey grin as it is so not my name! <derailing a bit> Hi trickydickie I know what you mean - I nearly fell over in horror on the 8 minute thing. What I notice as the weeks go on, which I guess is normal, is when I sneak a glance at the app to see how much I have left, the longer I'm doing, the easier it seems to cope with what's left - so tonight, I had a look and had 4:54 minutes to go - phew I thought, not long, whereas, doing the five minute runs, I would nearly cry if there was, say, 2:50 to go! It really does work - psychologically I guess! Am also v proud for doing it in 35 degrees of heat!

Dingle Mon 22-Jul-13 21:59:50

Still glowing from my W7R2 plod! I am waiting to feel it is becoming easier but each time I try to push myself a tiny bit harder. Not that it's made that much difference; in my last 3 runs I have gone from covering 3 miles in a whole 42 seconds quicker!hmm

Hey ho, covered 3 miles, in 36.03 mins and burnt 360 calories. I tried "running" at 5.2 miles but had to notch it down a bit for the last 5 minutes!

Keep it up ladies, we will get there!xx

SarahWithAFringeOnTop Mon 22-Jul-13 22:04:48

It really is too hot for running at the moment! But especially to those about to do W5 I would say (if you're going to run) don't sabotage yourself by telling yourself you can't do it - get that inner chimp back in his box. It really is at least as much about training your mind as about getting your body fitter. So tell yourselves you can do it, and good luck!

watchingout Mon 22-Jul-13 22:21:53

Huge congratulations to anyone who managed a run today on the hottest day. Whatever distance you managed, you beat everyone sat on a couch which is exactly where I am sat right now thanks

pennygallops Mon 22-Jul-13 22:39:47

According to the Garmin site (when I uploaded the data from my watch) it was 63 degrees and 88% humidity for my run tonight. I did get rather sweaty but I had a good one. It just felt right - 6.6k in 41 mins, including a few steep (ish) climbs. Pleased with that and the fact that I regaining my fitness.

OK, tell me about treadmill running. I will be going on holiday on Thursday for a few weeks. I might be able to run outdoors occasionally but due to the heat and unfamiliar locations I think it will be the hotel fitness centre for me. What do I set it on? Any tips? Thanks in advance.

LauraPashley Mon 22-Jul-13 23:12:53

Aaaargh can someone who is further along than me please come and tell me that it "clicks" at some point?!!

I did my 3 W1 runs last week with really no problem at all, wouldn't say easy but didn't want to die either. So set out pretty confidently tonight to do W2r1 - omg it was just horrific! Running 1.5 mins at a time instead of 1 min seemed to kill me, whereas last week I felt I could have kept going a bit. I just did not enjoy it! And my tummy hurt the whole time, why?!

Whinge over!! But will I ever start to enjoy this?

ThePonyFormerlyKnownAsTony Mon 22-Jul-13 23:21:36

Hi there everyone! I'm hoping to start C25K in the next week - I already go to the gym and swim but I'm not so good at running, however, I'm very impatient and 9 weeks seems a long time? Has anybody maybe skipped the first week or anything? Not that I'm probably actually capable of running for more than 30 seconds?
Well done to everybody doing it already, I find these threads so motivational, it's great!

ThePonyFormerlyKnownAsTony Mon 22-Jul-13 23:24:41

Oh and when people jog for the C25K, what speed do you jog at, if on the treadmill? I think I have a tendency to sprint (not really sprint but y'know...) and knacker myself out quickly...

watchingout Tue 23-Jul-13 06:24:53

If you ran every other day instead of just three times a week, you would still be getting a rest day, but you would finish quicker than 9 weeks. About 6.5 weeks

Laura, it does, honest!

I had to abort my run this morning. I've definitely got a problem with my heel/ankle. I'm gutted. I'll be back when I'm better.

hairtwiddler Tue 23-Jul-13 06:55:34

Pony I run at 8. 2kmph when I do treadmill runs. Walked at 6

Re:when it clicks. Are you running steadily enough? Take it easy, just a gentle jog.

I don't think I've managed to wash my running gear since rfl so might not get out until later. We had thunder in the night but no rain yet.

I've got so behind so will be back later to catch up! I did 7km at 6 this morning with my friend in 41 mins, including a few wee stops for the dog smile

nextphase Tue 23-Jul-13 09:17:21

Where do you all live? Cloudy with a cool breeze here since the weekend!

Honestly, it does all click.

Pony I wouldn't cut out too much. Yes, it starts off slow, but builds up faily fast. It might seem like a long time, but it really does work at the pace it currently is set at, so I'd suggets sticking with it. Only 2 months, but watching has a good idea about fitting in 3.5 runs per week, although I don't think it will cut off as many days as she suggests.... Should be under 8 weeks tho.

watching DH's travel postponed til tomorrow, so running tonight can't beleive I'm going to type this grin about being able to run again this week!

Dingle Tue 23-Jul-13 10:25:33

watchingout I tend to run every other day as opposed to 3 times a week IYKWIM. Only very occasionally I will take 2 days in between.

I use a TM, on W7 I walk at about 4.5 mph & "run" at about 5.1/5.2 to see what that convert to to be nosey! xxx

Bakingnovice Tue 23-Jul-13 10:32:12

Congrats to all the rfl runners.

I'm doing w7r2 today and I have to say I don't dread the long runs anymore. In fact I enjoy them. I'm having two rest days between runs at the moment as I have a sore heel and don't want to overdo it. Everyone's TM running speeds vary so much. I run at about 6.5 and walk at 6. Have no idea if that's mph or kph!!

EeTraceyluv Tue 23-Jul-13 10:42:42

I go every other day and it's still taking me months grin still, I'm doing it at my own pace!

Dingle Tue 23-Jul-13 10:59:13

Bakingnovice I did W7R2 last night, but I am struggling with the longer runs. I get so hot on our TM and to be honest a bit bored!blush I was wondering if I need to slow down my pace a bit, I do like to see even a tiny bit of improvement. I am now hitting 3 miles and I have set that as a sort of benchmark for myself!

scarecrow22 Tue 23-Jul-13 14:03:16

treadmillers - will depend not just on fitness but also - even more so? - on stride length. I used to walk at 6.6 kph and run at 8.8-10 for a lopping run but have v long legs (I'm 5'9" but legs same as 6'1" dh smile shame they are same circumference too ) Doing 5.5, 6.6, 7.7 etc easier to programme when running! sometimes if.stride more natural might be easier to run a bit faster. Also great advantage of TM us you can up speed v gradually, eg for last run or last minute of last run etc. and build it up. If you want too.

I'm in Suffolk nextphase, we had a cloudy sat and Sunday morning but still warm. Yesterday was roasting apparently 35C and we had a storm and rain last night and this morning. Nice cool run at 6 this morning but very sticky now sad

EeTraceyluv Tue 23-Jul-13 14:34:45

I really need to know how far I am running. I have a bloody useless Blackberry and have a C25K app on it but it only shows the time and a nice chappie tells me when to do what. Is there anything I can download to get me the distance??

hairtwiddler Tue 23-Jul-13 16:17:53

You could map your route when you get back? Run keeper does that.

Runtastic, runkeeper, mapmyrun, endomondo are four apps that I've used for distance smile

EeTraceyluv Tue 23-Jul-13 16:46:49

ooh I'll check those out thanks.

Bakingtins Tue 23-Jul-13 20:38:14

My inner chimp needs a good kicking and seems to have donned a lead jacket....

nextphase Tue 23-Jul-13 20:52:24

Baking I had a really bad w7r3, but am doing OK now.
Did 28 mins on Sun without stopping, and just back from w8r2, and the chimp made me stand still when waiting to cross the road twice when cars were coming, but ran (jogged, very slowly) the rest.
Chimp will be tired after all that kicking, and I'm sure he'll be well behaved next time.

CoteDAzur Tue 23-Jul-13 20:54:49

Re treadmill speeds - I run at a base speed of 8.5 km/hr, and move up to 9 km/hr when I feel like it, going back down to 8.5 km/hr when I need to.

My walking speed for interval training is 5.5 km/hr.

amigababy Tue 23-Jul-13 21:32:11

I just downloaded runkeeper, I'm starting to look at my distances now. I did a retrospective map my run and realized in my 25 minute run (w7) I'm covering all of 3km or 1.88 miles. So not a lot! I'm not likely to do 5 km in 30 mins at that speed.

However, I'm not getting hung up on distance, there are too many hills for me to worry too much, and this is a long term plan now, so I just want to start building up a run log to chart my progress, now I've got past the actual will I / won't I go out running demon. Statistics rule :-)

UmBongo Tue 23-Jul-13 22:18:23

I will go out again, should have gone this evening but it started raining. I have run in the rain (and hail!) before but it seems a while since then and I was feeling wussy!

I have however, found you all! Happy running everyone.

watchingout Tue 23-Jul-13 22:18:51

My aim for tomorrow w8r2 is to tip over the 4k mark in 28 mins.

Nextphase, I think you're allowed to pause for traffic! I allow myself to walk over a cattle grid (twice) as my eyes struggle with sweat to focus on the struts safely at such a huge speed wink

Bakingnovice Tue 23-Jul-13 22:50:22

I spoke too soon! Good god, w7r2 was a disaster. It started badly as for the first time ever I didn't want to run. Was tired and grumpy. Did manage the full 25 minute but only with 3 x 1 minute breaks at 14 mins, 20 mins and 22 mins. I've never stopped on any run so feeling a bit crap. The thing is, once i had stopped the first time I lost momentum and talked myself into stopping twice more. I didn't enjoy the run or the post run high.

Hoping its just one of those bad runs and am just moving on to w7r3 next time. Does anyone ever feel confident that they can just run??!!!

It took a long time for me LauraPashley, probably 3 months after I finished the plan to actually enjoy the run sad

Please give the full 20mins a try trickydickie and don't plan to have a walk. Take it steady and you and your friend will both manage it!!

I personally find running helps any period cramps I get while running and for a bit afterwards too. If its making you feel worse then have a few days break, better than having a miserable run an knocking your confidence.

I've had that too bakingnovice, your next run will be fine. We all have rubbish runs but I've also had some great ones when I really haven't felt like going at all!!

LauraPashley Wed 24-Jul-13 00:00:23

3 months?!! shock !!!

hairtwiddler Wed 24-Jul-13 07:36:10

Morning all! Just back from a 30min run round my local park. Still quite fresh out there. Should have gone last night really but motivation was zero. Really need a new goal. Doing the great North 5k in September so will aim to improve my time from r4l.

watchingout Wed 24-Jul-13 07:51:06

Yay! 4.3k in 28:49. Good start to the morninggringrin

Judyandherdreamofhorses Wed 24-Jul-13 07:53:23

Not fresh here at all. Muggy and sunny again (Dartmoor).
Just did w8r2 - 28 mins running. I was pleased with it as felt great all through, but my pace is rubbish. Only 4.5km, including the warm up and cool down. I can't see how anyone does 5km!

Going away tomorrow to my parents, where it's flat! Might be easier runs there, and DStepDad is training for half marathon so will run with me as his gentle warm up!

Bakingnovice Wed 24-Jul-13 08:50:59

Cinnamon thank you for your encouragement. It really helps when my running confidence is at an all time low. Looking forward to my next run.

scarecrow22 Wed 24-Jul-13 09:03:19

finished w4 this morning. Can't believe am moving on to the fabled week 5 shock Managed to do a few strides on tow path as extra.running means I cam get there and back too in allotted time. Really mucjore motivating than suburban A road!

Judy I used to live just outside Tor, near Ivybridge. Miss wilder running but us much easier in our pancake flat part of world! Hats off to you smile

DigWeedSow Wed 24-Jul-13 09:14:59

Has anyone else struggled with week 6? Just back from r2 and found it tough going from the very first step this morning. It is really humid here (Yorkshire) so that hasn't helped and my inner chimp was having a field day......thankfully I won though smile

Bakingtins Wed 24-Jul-13 10:27:15

Hi scarecrow I'm on wk 5 too. Managed w5r1 yesterday having told off the chimp who didn't even want to get changed to go. R1 seemed easy in comparison with wk4 - only 15 min running and longer to recover after each 5min than wk 4. Run 3 is looming though, 20 min just seems like a massive step up! We can cheer each other on, I will be due to attempt w5r3 on Saturday.

jussey17 Wed 24-Jul-13 12:03:01

Back from w6 r1. I am in East Sussex and think the running hub in t wells is good. My dp just bought shoes there following my example and intends to start the plan. Will be miffed when he catches me up in about a fortnight.

nextphase Wed 24-Jul-13 14:12:56

AhHa, most of you complaining about heat this week are down south! Much cooler (if not humid and claggy) if you come north of the pennines (or even the yorkshire morrs!)

Go watching. Glad you got out.

baking don't worry about w5r3. You've done all the prep - you ARE ready for it.

On a positive side (might be tempting fate now), the weight seems to be starting to drop off. near the end of the program, but down a lb this week grin just another 19 (min) or 24 (ideal) to go hmm

jussey17 Wed 24-Jul-13 19:30:16

Is that your first weight loss nextphase as I have yet to see much progress even though also doing 5:2?
How do others cope with boredom when running for 25+minutes (I am still too busy breathing to worry about this but hope to reach a stage where this may be an issue)?

pennygallops Wed 24-Jul-13 19:49:02

Man I had a difficult run this morning - just a bit tired I think. I was planning on doing 5k but only managed 4k in 26mins. Not too bad but I have done the same route in 23mins before now.

Anyway ladies, tomorrow I will be going on my holidays (for a fair few weeks). My next planned run (with DS) is Saturday morning in ... Central Park, NYC! grin We are taking the laptop so I will be keeping track of your progress and adventures in running.

Happy running. smile

nextphase Wed 24-Jul-13 20:01:07

Yep, first weight loss, and I'm on w8!!
And its so small, but hopefully its the start of shifting the baby weight he goes to school in Sept

pennygallops Wed 24-Jul-13 20:41:19

I don't seem to get bored when I run, if I am having a good one I just relax and enjoy it. I sometimes have good ideas for work. I vary my routes a lot so that helps and I've gone back to listening to music - random shuffle is best for me because I like the surprises.

hairtwiddler Wed 24-Jul-13 21:10:48

I try to vary what I listen to. At the moment it's an audio book. I also download podcasts and have music play lists. I vary my route outdoors too.

Yes DigWeedSow, particularly w6r1 weirdly! You will have good runs again try not to let it get you down smile

Have a fantastic time pennygallops, I went in thick snow in 2003 and stayed with a friend doing her postdoc there. Unfortunately went with my grumpy ex who didn't appreciate it so we didn't do as much as we should but there were no queues anywhere grin

We had our 5k time trial today, I wasn't feeling it tonight but I got a pb smile 26m36 yay!! My friend went 20s behind me as we go off so that we should all finish at the same time, slowest go first. She caught me up, over took me and I kept her in sight then overtook and stayed in front! Including jogging to it and back and cooling down I did 10.5k in 58mins, so chuffed!

Dingle Wed 24-Jul-13 22:54:07

Well, that's Week 7 done!!!! 36 mins, 3 miles, 360 calories.

I think I am pushing myself too much and before I am really ready for it. I may take it a bit slower next week and hopefully the enjoyment will come back too. i am just getting so hot on the TM, I even considered giving up mid-run! sad

Bakingnovice Thu 25-Jul-13 07:49:03

Dingle well done. I'm doing w7r3 today. Hada shit run last time. TM running is getting boring and hot isn't it? I daren't change songs because I know how many songs it takes to get to 25 mins. That's pathetic isn't it?

Penny - wow so excited for you running in Central Park. Enjoy and do let us know how amazing it is.

Next - well done on losing the 1lb. I haven't lost anything yet, but will be on w8 by this weekend so who knows!

Really hoping for a good run today.

Dingle Thu 25-Jul-13 08:20:30

Well, I weighed in this morning at just under 10st 10lb...that's 11lb loss since I started! My loss does go in fits and starts, probably due to my IBS but I am noticing my shape changing, I've now lost 3" off my waist!

I go away in a few weeks and my target was 10st7lb.......I don't suppose I reach it but I have got to use this to help keep my motivated and the boredom at bay.

Good luck Bakingnovice and to all who are running today and thank you for helping me get this far! xx

amigababy Thu 25-Jul-13 09:49:22

Dingle that's great, well done!

keep going bakingnovice every run counts.

I just started week 8. And I looped!! first time ever, I'm now going far enough to reach the end of the lane and instead of doubling back I turned left and made a full circuit. just going to map my run now as I sped up a bit and want to see if I'm improving on my 3 km

DramaAlpaca Thu 25-Jul-13 10:21:49

I did W6R1 this morning.

Had the same experience as DigWeedSow and cinnamon - it was the toughest run yet. I expected going back to intervals to be fairly easy, but it was really hard work. Thankfully, the chimp behaved so I got through it eventually!

It's great to see everyone making such good progress. penny enjoy your Central Park runs, how exciting!

DigWeedSow Thu 25-Jul-13 12:09:24

Well done on the pb cinnamon that's a great time! Very envy at your Central Park run penny have a great time in NYC and well done DramaAlpaca I have no idea why that run should be so tough but it is, at least it only has to be run once grin

Well today was supposed to be a rest day but it was a lot cooler this morning and after two bad runs this week I decided to give w6r3 a go.....
And I did it! 4.04 km in 25 mins which I'm pleased with.

Hope you all have great runs for the rest of the week smile

Wowserz129 Thu 25-Jul-13 12:15:20

Can I join you ladies? I am only on Week 2, Run 1 which I will do tonight on the treadmill. Pre-baby I used to dabble in running but never payed much attention to distance etc.. It was more for enjoyment. But now I am much heavier and unfit so need to get back in the game. I am finding it tough to work out what my natural running speed should be on the treadmill. Always feel like I am too fast/too slow.

There is a 5k fun run in my town on the last day of September. Would this give me enough time do you think? Also is anyone doing it more often than 3x a week?

trickydickie Thu 25-Jul-13 12:22:47

Thanks for the encouragement Cinnamon. I did W5 r3, on Tuesday night and managed the full 20 mins. My friend was talking (I wasn't capable of talking back a lot!!) and I decided to check my ipod only to discover we had jogged for 15 mins, so I only had 5 mins left and was downward facing now.

So I managed it. I was very proud of myself. Got W6 r1 to do tonight. Will report back.

Yes well done Cinnamon on your pb.

Dingle - well done on the weight loss. The inch loss is fantastic. Is that just with jogging?

Bought my first sports bra ever (at the ripe old age of 42) today out of primark. No expense spared.

All who are out jogging today, enjoy.

DramaAlpaca Thu 25-Jul-13 13:05:21

trickydickie well done on W5R3 & good luck for W6R1 tonight.

And forgot to say, congrats cinnamon on your pb.

All the weight & inch loss stories are very encouraging - hope it starts working for me soon...

Hello Wowserz129 & welcome, we are a lovely supportive bunch on here! I know what you mean about running speed on the treadmill. I just try to find a rhythm at a speed that means I can get through the running sections. I've got slower as I've gone through the weeks, but hope to build up on the speed later as I get fitter.

EeTraceyluv Thu 25-Jul-13 15:10:20

Well I'm really pissed off sad I can't use my local park which is fabulous and I am used to it and know my routes etc, because the stupid ridiculous Folk Festival is there this weekend and we're not allowed any here near it without a £500 ticket despite living on the doorstep.. angry so I tried the other park further away and just could not manage to do more than about 5 minutes. It felt so wrong and I burst into tears. This is stupid. Help me out !!

scarecrow22 Thu 25-Jul-13 16:28:05

Cinnamon - great about pb. Funny how often they are when don't expect it.

BakingTins, how did w5 run go today? I plan go early tomorrow as don't get on with this sultry heat unless feet in an infinity pool with a cold g&t...

Tracey, sorry such a disappointing day. Hormones? Sorry to sound like a bloke grin but usually I realise after incidents like that that hormones were the reason. Or stress. Or lack of sleep... That covers most scenarios! Put it behind you. Have a cold beer tonight and start again after your rest day. (Hug)

scarecrow22 Thu 25-Jul-13 16:31:15

Btw after two healthy ish weeks on holiday lost a single proxy half pound. Was very hmm about this, but then realised I can get into next jeans size down (I have my normal pre pregnancy jeans in one size and two sizes up: now fit the two sizes up ones at last and they were waaaay too tight before hols.) This is for me much better than weight loss so more smile

Bakingtins Thu 25-Jul-13 17:09:08

I'm going out this evening once the kids are in bed. Not a morning person!

watchingout Thu 25-Jul-13 18:27:10

Dont be disheartened Tracey, crap runs happen! How long is the folk festival on? Can you have another go? Pick yourself up and remember the feeling after a successful run!

You are STILL lapping everyone sat on the couch wink x

EeTraceyluv Thu 25-Jul-13 18:56:36

smile thank you. Bloody thing is on till Monday - will ha another go tomorrow- now I have a feel of the other park I should be a bit more confident... I guess I could do it on the treadmill at the gym <lightbulb>!!

wem Thu 25-Jul-13 19:01:43

Hello everyone, can I ask some advice? How long a break do you think you can have without dropping back a bit on the plan? I did week 6 run 2 on Monday morning and won't have a chance to go out again until Saturday. Not that big a gap really, but having found the last two runs quite tough I'm nervous of jumping back into 25 mins non-stop. I'm annoyed as I had got into a good routine of one or two rest days only and was making really good progress, but DH being away, plus dds' sleep going wrong and I'm suddenly shattered and feeling lethargic and crap again.

Thank you all!

Give it another go EeTraceyluv, all sorts of things leads to a bad run.

I think you'll be fine wem smile

Bakingtins Thu 25-Jul-13 19:47:36

Hi wem I think you'd be ok just to carry on, or if you don't feel up to it repeat the run you did on Saturday before moving on. You've only missed one run really if you normally have one or two rest days in between.

scarecrow I managed w5r2 but was struggling at the end of the last 8 mins. Worried about w5r3!

Anyone any tips for the 20 min run? It seems like such a massive jump up - 4 mins longer than w5r2 and without a rest in the middle... Should I repeat run 2 until I can do it easily? It was a struggle today.

wem Thu 25-Jul-13 20:12:01

Thanks, I'll give it a go smile. I think I've just lost faith that I can actually run! Hopefully it'll come back once I get going...

Bakingtins - my tip would be to start off slow, like ridiculously slow, like it feels like you'd be quicker walking grin. You'll speed up naturally but at least you won't set off too quick and tire yourself out. I found 10-15 mins the worst but got that chimp back in its box and it eased off in the last five minutes smile

Judyandherdreamofhorses Thu 25-Jul-13 22:12:29

Those of you losing weight. I haven't lost any! Am doing w8r3 tomorrow, so have nearly finished the programme. Admittedly, I am very slow, but it still feels like a huge effort.

I'm eating a bit less, but not actively dieting. I hadn't started this to lose weight, just wanted to be fitter, but now would like to be losing some.

TinaSurrey Thu 25-Jul-13 23:19:23

Baking Tins - just wanted to add my vote to running really slowly when you tackle the 20 min run.

It was a complete change of feel for me that run but that "feel" has stayed. Longer slower steady runs instead of mega effort, walk, mega effort walk. I kept myself going slowly to half way and then staying slow and steady was on the home straight. Let my mind wander, sang in my head to the music etc and then a voice said "you have now been running for quarter of an hour, only 5 mins to go" and that's it almost there! The feeling at the end is incredible - could almost not stop to walk and felt high all day.

Slubberdelatrinae Fri 26-Jul-13 08:28:35

Are there any other asthmatic runners here? I have always assumed I could never do running for fitness as as a child it always used to make me wheezy. I got through the 30 day shred without needing my inhaler once to thought I would give C25K a go.

Just done w3r1 and although I am not wheezy at all I could feel the beginnings of my chest starting to tighten towards the end of the 3 minute runs. This does not bode well for the longer runs as the weeks progress sad

Shall I just take more reliever before I start? (am already taking 2 puffs)
Do I need to think more about my breathing? Tried Laura's in for 4 steps, out for 4 steps but that made me hyperinflation my lungs. 3 in 3 out?

scarecrow22 Fri 26-Jul-13 10:16:15

slubber, hats off for trying. don't have asthma but hope somebody who can help comes along soon.

back from w5r1. felt good. cross that when I come back from runs house is chaos, baby over tired and I spend double the time u wad out unpacking chaos, settling baby etc. And I'm supposed to be grateful. ffs angry
Grumble over! Run wad good smile

5madthings Fri 26-Jul-13 10:37:06

slubber i have asthma and after doing couch to 5k and then building up to a 10k run in may i run 7-8km three times a week. I take my inhaler about twenty mins before a run and take it with me. The running has actually helped my asthma, at fitst i got really oit of breath but now i can run for an hour. Am not fast i do 5km in 31-32mins and ten k in just over an hour. I had never run before in my life, started at end of jan and by may had built up to ten k smile

wem Fri 26-Jul-13 11:50:59

Slubber, I'm asthmatic and have found it's got better as my fitness has improved. I think I felt similar chest tightenings around week 3/4, but longer runs haven't made it progress to wheeziness. I tried breathing in for 4/out for 4 and could not do it at all. I found as soon as I tried to concentrate that much on breathing, it all got a bit hard! I just tried to focus on breathing as deeply as I could and keeping it fairly regular.

nextphase Fri 26-Jul-13 12:50:50

I can't do laura's 4/4 breathing either, and I'm not asthmatic. More like 2 in, 3 out here.
Is there a point where you could run for a little while concentrating on, say counting dandilions, and then when yuo breething settles, count what your doing, and stick to that?

5madthings Fri 26-Jul-13 15:58:04

Oh I just try NOT to think about my breathing I don't time it or count breaths etc, if I think about my breathing I just get out of breath!

I didn't do the NHS cto5k I did the zenlabs one, its the same set up but no mention of breathing and you can play your own music, it just says start running, now walk, you are halfway, now cool down etc. Very basic.

I agree to take it slowly bakingtins!

Sorry no asthma advice, my dh is asthmatic but he wouldn't run unless he was being chased by something big!!! I found Laura's 4/4 breathing impossible to start with but now that what I do without thinking about it. I try not to think about my breathing as that's naturally what we do all the time anyway and that's worked well for me.

I have been signed up as a volunteer at park run tomorrow last minute so I'm going to an hour run with my friend who's run director before set up and then helping her set up, so a 6.45 start for me.

Bakingnovice Fri 26-Jul-13 19:47:27

W7r3 done. Have struggled this week. Before this run I told myself I would run for 10 walk for 1 min run for 10 walk for 1 run for 5. In fact I managed the full 25 in one go. I just can't get over the mental hurdles. Loved the run today. Just hope one day I will be able to run without constant self sabotage thoughts. It doesn't help that my garage is a sauna these days.

Not sure if I'm going to move on to w8. Really want to repeat w7.

SarahWithAFringeOnTop Fri 26-Jul-13 20:08:05

slubber, me too (is there anyone here who isn't asthmatic?) Mine is very much affected by the time of year, i.e. is there a lot of pollen about/am I hatching a cold, so if so I will use my inhaler before I start. I personally find it's much better to use it in advance than end up wheezing, which apart from everything else is bad for your confidence... When I was young I used to suffer badly from exercise-induced asthma (also, in those days, no one else ever had asthma, I was the only child in my entire primary school with it, which made me very self-conscious and put me off exercise for decades... how everything has changed shock) But I found my breathing did improve along with my general fitness as I worked through the programme, as long as there wasn't anything else to set it off like high pollen levels. I think you might need to experiment and see what works for you, but please don't assume that it will get more difficult as you run for longer - it really won't!

EeTraceyluv Fri 26-Jul-13 20:10:57

DID IT! On the treadmill at the gym - w5 r3, 20 minutes. Oh yes grin I was running at 8.4 kph, and covered 3.40 km so am fairly pleased wit myself - so different to running around the park - definitely prefer park but this will do for a few days

DramaAlpaca Fri 26-Jul-13 20:19:56

Well done EeTraceyluv! Feels good, doesn't it?

Gosh, you are way faster than me on the TM. I could probably walk as fast as I jog grin.

nextphase Fri 26-Jul-13 20:35:27

Baking, go for it! onto week 8! If you could run the whole 25 mins, why not try the 28?
I've just done w8r3, and if your with Laura, she will tell you at 5mins to go, so you could run all the way to the 23 min mark, and decide then if your fit to make 28 mins, or want to stop there, which isn't far off the week 7 time?

I've just done 4km in the 28 mins. How am I going to do an extra km in 2 more mins??????

How have people increased their distance? Is it a case of sticking with the 30 min runs, and pushing harder as you get fitter, or do I need to go back to the early podcasts, and try jog/fast jog at short intervals, and build up from there? Any other suggestions??

Judyandherdreamofhorses Fri 26-Jul-13 21:12:40

nextphase, my distance is terrible. I've just finished week 8 and am only doing 4.5km, including the 5 minutes walking at each end. Can't see how I'll ever get to 5km in any half decent time!

I'm sort of planning on just carrying on running for 30 mins, once I've finished week 9, and trying to get a greater distance. Or maybe plan a 5km route and just keep doing it until I get the speed up.

Well done bakingnovice and EeTraceyluv!

That's what I did nextphase, pushed my self when I felt it was going ok and ended up with my first 5k in 34mins. Cut about 30s off each week sometimes more and mostly do 27-28min 5k's now smile

TinaSurrey Fri 26-Jul-13 22:24:02

Hi Nextphase
I have also done 4k in 28 mins today (w8r1). I am thinking about the best way to bolt on an extra couple of weeks to actually get me to 5k when I finish week 9 as clearly an extra 2 mins isn't go to get me to 5k either!

I was thinking that when I finish wk 9 making a week 10 for myself to run 33 mins then 36 mins then 39 mins by which time hopefully I will be at or near 5k. Does that sound plausible?

Dingle Fri 26-Jul-13 22:29:05

I am struggling in the heat of my garage and on W7 I felt I pushed myself too hard and lost the enjoyment of it all.

Today I did W8R1 and decided to take it down a bit; walked at 4.5mph then plodded at 5mph. Despite the red glowing face and sweat pouring off of me, I managed to keep going and much to my amazement I covered 3.2 miles (5.14km) and burnt 384 cals!

I was trying to work out what to aim for and to be honest I will be happy just continuing with what I am doing now, perhaps eventually try to improve my speed/distance but certainly not while it's so hot.

Another goal for me is to work out a good playlist to help keep my boredom at I am running, I think of all the other things that need doing in the house! blush

watchingout Fri 26-Jul-13 22:36:44

So there is Nextphase, Judy, Tina and amigababy all finishing w8. Oh and ME grin !!

So, assuming we all have a GREAT week9, what are we doing to celebrate our graduation?!

I'm determined to get to 5k by the end of next week, even if it takes me 40 mins shock as I am going on holiday on the Saturday so I have a deadline....

Virtual party here, next Friday in amidst the packing

Bakingnovice Fri 26-Jul-13 23:12:43

Well done Tracey!

Well done to all those nearing graduation.

Can someone pls explain TM speeds to me? I run at 6.5 and walk at 5.9 these days. Is this mph or kmp do you think? Desperate to know and can't find any info on the TM. If I know then I can work out my speed. At the end of w7 I am covering 3.2. Is this miles or kmp? Can anyone fathom a guess? It can't be kmp can it as it would mean in nearly 40 mins I am doing 2 miles. Hubby thinks its mph.

trickydickie Sat 27-Jul-13 00:25:26

Well done Tracey, I felt ecstatic after the 20 minute jog. You sound as if you did it at a good pace too. I know I am only doing it at a tiny, tiny faster pace than a walk.

Well done to all those nearing the end of this. How have you managed it.

I did w6 r1 tonight. I managed it and try to sound positive because my friend does. Deep down I think it is exhausting. At the end of tonight I though my legs were actually jelly. I have heard the saying but didn't realise what it meant until tonight. Whereas my friend found it easy.

I am so pleased I have got this far and am happy I have someone to do it with but always find it hard. I do have asthma and have found my chest tightening up a few times (not that many ) so am trying to be easy on myself.

Does anyone do the walks/jogs on a hill? Mine aren't really hills but they are not straight either. I am trying to kid myself on that I would find it easier if I started doing them on the straight somewhere.

TinaSurrey Sat 27-Jul-13 05:42:10

So there is Nextphase, Judy, Tina and amigababy all finishing w8. Oh and ME !!

So, assuming we all have a GREAT week9, what are we doing to celebrate our graduation?!

I'm determined to get to 5k by the end of next week, even if it takes me 40 mins as I am going on holiday on the Saturday so I have a deadline....

Virtual party here, next Friday in amidst the packing

Wow that's quite a group! I think I am a bit behind as my last run is due 6 Aug according to my Get Running app. Have two more week 8 runs to do before I can move to wk 9.

Haven't thought about a graduation celebration! I like that idea grin. I am however planning to try to do my 1st 5k run at a place that is very special to me. It means staying away for a couple of nights - Mr Surrey & the children coming too the hotel is booked! If I run 3 times a week I can do 3-4 runs between finishing the last run of the programme and the date I have booked to be away to run the 5k!

Bakingtins Sat 27-Jul-13 08:17:02

Well done eeTracey on the 20 mins. I feel like that's a massive mental hurdle to get over. Attempting it later today...

scarecrow22 Sat 27-Jul-13 09:00:49

thinking if all you park runners today. enjoy and report back!

am going to be so chuffed when I can go to mine.

meant to say yesterday I had a shocking night's (lack of) sleep and felt negative but then thought of all of you and thought I can do it. In the end possibly the most satisfying run I've done - though def not most pretty! I really felt a surge of gratitude and the blessing if having found this amazing thread and group of women. Thank you all thanks thanks

hairtwiddler Sat 27-Jul-13 11:18:31

Morning all from beautiful south Scotland. I'm visiting my parents. Went out this morning to do a riverside run at 8 am. It was amazing outside. My tight calves were back though, numb feet by 3k mark. Kept stopping to stretch. So not a great run at all and that chimp made me walk then run towards the end.
I had a bad night of sleep though, something on my mind, and ds woke me when he fell out of bed.
Back home tomorrow to my usual route and gym. Need to work on my stiffness.
For now though, going for a picnic. smile

wem Sat 27-Jul-13 11:28:41

Thought I should report back that I did my week 6 run 3 this morning smile It was hard work from about half way in, but I didn't stop smile Should be able to stick with the plan for this week hopefully.

ItsNotUnusualToBe Sat 27-Jul-13 14:06:37

Hello runners (including plodders, trotters and speedsters).

Parkrun done for the second time. 30 seconds faster than my first time 5 weeks ago. Still the slowest ever for that course but my latest mantra is "there are plenty of people slower but they are not here" grin

For those of you at or towards the end of C25K but daunted at the the realisation that 30 minutes isn't actually anywhere near 5k: just remember that 8 weeks ago 30 minutes straight was an unthinkable goal. So stick with it and soon 5k becomes doable but challenging (that's where I am 6 weeks on from 'graduating'.) it's so hot at the moment that I am metaphorically treading water until Autumn weather sets in and then I want to push on to improve.

Just keep on enjoying it and getting out there. It's GOT to get better!!'

Out of interest, does anyone without a running background get to the end of C25k and cover 5k?

nextphase Sat 27-Jul-13 14:11:48

well done WEM

Graduation party sounds good. I might be a bit sweaty on fri - think that will be w9r3.... I have, however, done something to my foot. it was a bit achey towards the end of last nights run, but fine afterwards. I just assumed that I'd done my laces too tight. However walking round the shops today it has kicked off again. Bizarly its the top of my foot from my ankle towards my toes for about 5cm. Any ideas? Think I might have to rest it for a couple of days and see what happens?

I think I do a 0.6km warm up nd cool down, and have mappedmyrun for a 6.2km route. I think I'm going to finish C25K, and then find a bucketload of music. I know where I walk to on the warm up, and have back calculated where I need to start my cool down. I'm going to try and jog the bit in the middle, and see how long it takes, and then try and speed up.... well, thats the grand plan!

pennygallops Sat 27-Jul-13 14:39:41

Afternoon ladies, hope the running is going well. DS and I went for our 'parkrun' in Central Park this morning. It was a lovely morning and there so many people out running (and cycling). DS wore his parkrun T-shirt. grin

EeTraceyluv Sat 27-Jul-13 14:43:50

week 6 looks 'easier' to me, but am I just being optimistic??

amigababy Sat 27-Jul-13 15:11:33

Well done wem. I felt the same about today's w8r2 - got round in the end, I felt a bit heavy and plodddy but doesn't matter - it's done and within 15 minutes I felt great.

I really do want to lose some weight - this feeling heavy is bugging me - 10 pounds less must surely feel better. In a way, it would be good to want to lose weight due to fitness, rather than appearance or clothes etc.

Tina and everyone near to the end of it all, my scheduled finish date will be Aug 5th.

Trickie my route is a V shape, gentle downhill, and then quite a steep uphill; I used to turn round halfway up the hill, and head home. Then 3/4 way up. Now I can make it to the top, and either turn round or now I carry on to make a circuit (which is also less hilly smile). Each week I got maybe another 100m up the hill, until eventually - it was beaten!!!

scarecrow22 Sat 27-Jul-13 16:34:18

Tricky - ime hills a lot harder than flat. You would probably be surprised how fit you would be on the flat.

Perhaps we need a thread running compilation! I'd nominate Hey You by Pink Floyd, Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots by Flaming Lips, One Day by Elbow and quite a lot by Rolling Stones after seeing them in Hyde Park this summer grin <shows age>

Well done Dingle!

I think it's mph bakingnovice as 6.5mph is slightly over 10k in an hour which would give you a 30min 5k (3.1mile)

Well done wem, glad you move on smile

Well done ItsNotUnusualToBe, we had a walker do our park run today, she took 44mins and got a huge cheer over the line grin

Sounds fab pennygallops!

I got in from the country park yesterday afternoon to find an email thanking me for volunteering for parkrun so I was obviously needed! We had a junior week so had juniors doing key jobs, I was adult time keeper which was good as 10mins in the junior pressed something and sent watch back to 0:00:00 sad 11 year old run director was fab and 8 year old bar code scanner smile
I ran with my friend 6.45, did 10.5km in 59mins grin, ran around putting signs out for set up and then ran home after park run. We only had 23 runners today sad

EeTraceyluv Sat 27-Jul-13 19:48:35

So what would 8.2 kph be in mph? <am hoping am a speedy runner grin >

EeTraceyluv Sat 27-Jul-13 19:49:16

8.4 I mean!

EeTraceyluv Sat 27-Jul-13 19:52:02

oo, just done it -it's 5.2 miles an hour, so that would be 5.2 miles run in a hour and about 2 and bit in 30 mins - so am not doing too badly! (if I can do it again....)

CeliaLytton Sat 27-Jul-13 20:04:08

Everyone is doing so well! Sounds like it gets tougher quite quickly though, I downloaded the 'get running' app which is working well for me but I can't work out how to see what next week's runs will be, maybe they do this on purpose so as not to scare you?

Dingle great work on the weight loss, this is my motivation behind starting, as well as to be fit and healthy, but am still bfing and holding on to loads of baby weight (although maybe I should be blaming the chocolate instead of DC...)

I went to a proper running shop, had gait analysis, found out I over pronate badly (which is why I have buggered every pair of nice boots I have ever owned), and was sold a really great pair of trainers to correct this with extra support in the arches, insoles, the works. The first few times I wore them was great, walking and running was so much easier, have now done w2r2, but in the last couple of days I have had excruciating knee pain. My pronation never caused me any problems, although it was very noticeable, but the pain now is unbelievable, I am having trouble walking! It is especially bad when I have bare feet. I am wondering now whether to go back to crappy trainers and give up running as I never had any aches and pains before, except in my hips when running, but I can't wear correction insoles all the time, I am barefoot a lot! What do I do? I am almost crying with pain. I am going to go back to the shop on Monday to ask for advice as they have a physio there but what do I do in the meantime? sad

Congratulations to everyone managing to keep going, especially Tracey it's hard when you can't go where you want to and you are used to routes. cinnamon your run time is fantastic! Do you think the hot weather is putting people off daytime running? It is too hot for me til gone 7! It's not unusual I am taking on your mantra grin

watchingout Sat 27-Jul-13 21:19:01

It'snotunusual - I LOVE your mantragringrin

trickydickie Sat 27-Jul-13 22:38:34

Amigababy- well done on conquering that hill.

Scarecrow - half way through each podcast I regret not driving to somewhere flat to do it. I keep repeating to myself to embrace the hill!!

Celia- oh you sound in a lot of pain. I am sure others will be along with much better advice. Are you putting ice packs on it every time you sit?(Ignore my advice if you are).

The excruating knee pain happened to me w2 or w3 a couple of years ago when I tried this programme. I was in tears with the pain. I didn't have decent trainers so blamed my cheaper trainers on causing it. I would just keep icing it every opportunity. I am no expert though so hopefully someone much more knowledgeable than myself will come along with better advice.

Well done everyone on keeping going. I did w6 r2 tonight, found it ok but I jog at an absolute snail pace.

amigababy Sat 27-Jul-13 23:03:54

another mantra then. Ditch the chimp and embrace the snail! smile

LauraPashley Sat 27-Jul-13 23:14:52

W2r2 completed! Not easy but not impossible. I am just not motivated though...uninspired is the best word! Jealous of all of you further on!

CeliaLytton it could be the trainers. When I went for mine he said the I overpronated on one foot but he didn't want to correct too much as it hasn't caused me problems and could do if he made it too straight. I'd say rest it but don't totally stop, keep movement, ice it if you can bare it perhaps get a support. Glad you're going back to the shop!
I put the quiet park run down to holiday season really but guess it could be the heat. We had a man today who had a shirt, trousers and smart shoes on to run the parkrun grin

Bakingnovice Sun 28-Jul-13 00:14:20

Cinnamon your park run stories have inspired me to give it a try. Going to complete weeks 8 and 9 and then do it with my ds who is desperate to try it. I've never done it as I don't want to hold up the lovely volunteers being the slowest person there.

Week 8 starts for me tmrw.

jchocchip Sun 28-Jul-13 00:45:29

We had 331 runners at parkrun! Busy day as slimming world ladies joined us for a fundraiser. I did my 50th run and made gingerbread men for the finish. Was very slow walked a lot <foot scan on Wednesday> but not last and a good time was had. Dh ran too. Hope can get foot sorted and start c25k again...

Yay bakingnovice!

Well done on your 50 jchocchip, good luck with yor scan smile

Judyandherdreamofhorses Sun 28-Jul-13 09:42:36

Parkrun sounds great. I'm going to try after the school holidays I think.

Just back from w9r1. Managed 30 minutes running. 4.6km including the warm up and cool down, so I can see that I will be able to do 5k at some point, although not in 30 minutes!

Felt rubbish before I went - baby up earlier than usual and a lot in the night. But feel great now!

ItsNotUnusualToBe Sun 28-Jul-13 09:49:35

bakingnovice I was chatting to the parkrun volunteers yesterday and said that I didn't feel so guilty keeping them waiting for me to finish this week because the weather is nicer - it was awful weather last time I went. They were reassuring that it really didn't matter. They're so encouraging.

cinnamongreyhound 44 mins for a walker!! I'm around that time 'running'! shock. The only walker at our location took 55 mins apparently. The race organisers were keen to reassure me it's a fairly tough course. Of course, that does makes feel a wee bit better. It feels tough. It feels uphill ALL the way. Which is impossible as its two laps of a lake.

Man, I love it. It's so far our of my comfort zone. I'm overweight and never been sporty and I feel such a sense of achievement. I'm so lucky that people close to me are supportive and encouraging even if they are super fit and active themselves.

scarecrow22 Sun 28-Jul-13 10:13:38

Celia no useful advice but big sympathy wave coming your way. Sport shop sounds a good first stop...

BakingTins, did you do w5r3? been thinking of you. Due do r2 tonight or tomorrow so I'm getting close!,

Bakingnovice Sun 28-Jul-13 10:23:58

Itsnotunusual - are you up in the north west? My local park run also has two rounds of a lake.

I think 4mph is a very brisk walk and parkrun is 3.1 miles so about right. She ran the last 50 metres smile

Dingle Sun 28-Jul-13 17:04:24

Well done everyone, keep it going we will get there!!!

Just done W8R2 and although I ache a bit, I am feeling much more motivated again. I decided not to bother with the podcast, which is on the laptop normally situated across the far side of the garage from the TM. I just stuck to the schedule running to my own music but listening to it on my ipod through earphones!!! Totally different experience and I could switch off from everything else much better and get lost in the run and the music. I was very lucky with my music as I haven't yet sorted a playlist...thought it was rather apt that the second my 28 min run was over, Mr Buble came on to help me wind down! wink

I walked at 4.5, plodded at 5mph and just managed to complete 3.1miles in 38 mins.

The Park Run stories are very inspiring, may need to look into our local one soon!

Thank you ladies, I hope those of you with pains or injuries get them resolved quickly. {hugs}

scarecrow22 Sun 28-Jul-13 18:09:35

w5r2 done. hip fine but really going to keep stretching it. big one next. kind of looking forward to it.

TinaSurrey Sun 28-Jul-13 18:46:21

Celia whilst it sounds like the Get Running App query is the least of your worries as I have no idea what to suggest for the pain I am gop

TinaSurrey Sun 28-Jul-13 18:49:14

Hoping you get that sorted and that you soon feel better.

Re the app - you can see future runs by touching the screen just above where it says week 8 or whatever week you want to see. The blue square moves and that week's runs are shown at top of screen. Does that make sense?


elliemummaroos Sun 28-Jul-13 19:19:56

Hey everyone! I started c25k a xou

elliemummaroos Sun 28-Jul-13 19:20:06

Hey every

elliemummaroos Sun 28-Jul-13 19:21:21

Oh dear my posts keep posting before I've typed anything! Sorry! I started a couple of months ago and loved it. Just restarted (w1r1) and feel awful! Felt like I was going to be sick! Any advice?? I'm not going to give up but I feel literally awful!!! Ellie xXx

Bakingtins Sun 28-Jul-13 19:40:36

scarecrow wussed out yesterday as it was torrential rain. Am going to do it now. Ditching the chimp and embracing the snail. Will report back later.

LauraPashley Sun 28-Jul-13 19:52:35

Hi Ellie, no advice but sympathy, w2r2 and I really am not enjoying it either!

Bakingnovice Sun 28-Jul-13 20:00:13

Ellie don't give up. Do run 2 and see how you feel.

I've just done w8r1. Recently I've had no self belief and no self confidence. It's been a struggle mentally. Tonight two amazing things happened. I ran 28 mins despite telling myself at 2 mins into the run I'd stop at 10. Another thing I realised is I did 3.7 miles which is over 5k. All along I've thought I was nowhere near 5k. I hope my TM isn't lying to me. Feeling really chuffed. The only downside is that I have had to slow right down towards the end. But my new mantra is nail the snail.

Thank you to everyone on this thread. It's kept me going. You've all encouraged me to keep going. I could not have got to w8 without you. I love reading every single post. What an amazing bunch of women you all are.

EeTraceyluv Sun 28-Jul-13 20:06:23

just done w6 r1 at the gym - beginning to think the treadmill idea is quite good...but looking forward to getting back to my park grin The main attraction of the gym is being able to get straight into the pool.... Sorry to hear you're feeling grim ellie weather? Have a break and try again tomorrow perhaps? <No help at all really!>

SarahWithAFringeOnTop Sun 28-Jul-13 20:17:17

I struggled out yesterday when it was really too hot and humid to run - thought I'd better go in case today was awful and I needed water wings, but as it turned out the forecast was wrong... my inner chimp was playing up too, helped by the humidity (I have never had sweat actually pouring down my face and dripping off my nose before,,, sorry, TMI) But one of the advantages of a loop route is you've kind of got to keep going, so you can get home again (arguing with the chimp all the way). He did persuade me I couldn't manage the little extra additional loop at the end to bring it up to 40 minutes, but when I looked at my phone I was approaching 5K and I thought it would be good to know how long exactly 5K would take... strangely the chimp suddenly retreated sulking into his box at that point! Pleased to find that, although the RfL took my 38 min with a nasty cough, today I managed the 5K in 32.5 min, at least according to my phone (which I am choosing to believe!) grin

And the cool shower that followed was absolute bliss!

EeTraceyluv Sun 28-Jul-13 20:18:56

Ooh I've started having that sweat pouring off thing - so revolting grin Well done you though!

Bakingtins Sun 28-Jul-13 20:37:09

Yay! I crawled ran for 20 mins and I'm so proud of myself! I can't believe just a few weeks ago I was struggling to run for one minute.
The chimp is well and truly squashed. Long live the snail.

EeTraceyluv Sun 28-Jul-13 20:59:08

That's the spirit! remembering that time that one minute seemed a lifetime and now 8 seems 'ok' grin Brilliant stuff!

DramaAlpaca Sun 28-Jul-13 20:59:21

Ooh I love the Ditch the Chimp & Embrace the Snail mantra!

Well done Bakingtins on your 20 minutes - it's a great feeling isn't it?

I tackled W6R2 this morning - I really don't like W6! Going back to intervals after you've done a full 20 minutes is tough. I had to fight the inner chimp very hard to day, but took advice from my DS who said to me "Mum, when did you ever take orders from a chimp?" grin. So I managed to ditch the chimp & embrace the snail - which could probably beat me easily in a running race at the moment.

And I hate the sweating & the beetroot face too!

nextphase Sun 28-Jul-13 21:01:44

In which case, can I be a slug please? I don't fancy carrying a house and running grin

I can't beleive I've just run for 30 mins! Well impressed with your distance Sarah I did 5.4 km over the 40 mins, so reckon I ran 4.2km, warmed up / cooled down 1.2km. OK, I dropped to a walk for half a dozen paces near the top of the first hill, and as always on this route, over the dodgy plank bridge. I just kept telling chimp he could get out at the next road, the junction, top of the hill etc, and by the time I'd got there, he'd gone back to sleep!

I can't beleive I felt at the end of 30 mins the same as at the end of the first 60 sec jog 8 weeks ago! The program is truly genius!

Ellie What time did you run at? Its been pretty hot and humid here today. I feel pretty rough if I overheat. Also think about having had enough food, but not too recently, and a decent amount to drink - I loose half a kg while running, so thats a whole pint of water!

nextphase Sun 28-Jul-13 21:03:20

Drama you posted while I was typing. If you've finished w6r2, that's it for intervals. Solid running from now on. Enjoy!!

EeTraceyluv Sun 28-Jul-13 21:08:28

I think I may do w6 r1 again in the park as I've done both w5 r3 and 6:1 on the treadmill, need to get my rhythm and route back on track before just running without a break!

DramaAlpaca Sun 28-Jul-13 21:35:34

Thanks nextphase - looking forward to solid running!

Could be the heat or dehydration, not enough to eat during the day, hormones or just that you were going to fast Elliemummaroos.

Well done bakingtins, EeTraceyLuv, SarahWithAFringeOnTop, bakingnovice, nextphase and DramaAlpaca!!!

Going to attempt a 6.30am run tomorrow smile

LauraPashley Sun 28-Jul-13 22:55:08

Everyone is doing so well!

I don't think I am paying enough attention to preparation in terms of eating and drinking, can I ask what people's rules are in terms of how long to leave after eating, how much/when to drink etc?

scarecrow22 Mon 29-Jul-13 00:30:07

brilliant bakingtins grin

TinaSurrey Mon 29-Jul-13 01:41:07

Well done bakingtins. Bet you are still buzzing! That's the big one nailed. Congratulations!

watchingout Mon 29-Jul-13 07:28:08

Glowing start to the week in all ways.... Just done w9r1.... And did the magical 5km gringrin

31mins. The map my run lady said 4.8 k at the 30 min checkpoint so, what the hell, it's only 200m more..

jchocchip Mon 29-Jul-13 07:31:17

Wow watchingout! Well done flowers

Fantastic watchingout!! It's a great feeling and a really good time smile

I am not affected by food really LauraPashley, I can eat very close to running and run on an empty stomach but I am quite negatively affected by lack of fluid. I try to have a litre of water before I run and if I'm running in the morning I try to make sure I drink plenty the evening before and have as much as I can stomach before I go.

My friend didn't make it today so it was just me and peanut, he didn't cope very well today but it was very muggy and I was quite slow too!

DigWeedSow Mon 29-Jul-13 09:32:15

Good Morning, great progress being made by everyone. Well done watchingout that's brilliant.

Just back from w7r1 and found it a little easier than last weeks runs, I covered 4.1 km in 25 mins. This morning I ditched the podcasts and ran with my own music which may have helped, Abba's greatest hits was just the thing to get me going grin

amigababy Mon 29-Jul-13 09:42:08

week 8 done. I thought it was cooler when I set off but it got hot quickly. I was in a down mood, stuff going on, so it was an experiment to see what running can do. And guess what? I feel so much better, battling the chimp made me forget my mood. And it was a silly mood anyway. Go endorphins.!!

lurkingfromhome Mon 29-Jul-13 11:02:47

Can I join you? Am ashamed to say that I used to be a really keen runner and got to the stage that I was doing 10K a couple of times a week.

Sadly, general apathy, the pressures of work blah blah blah <insert excuses here> all got to me and I have let myself go to seed to the point where I haven't as much as run for the bus in years. Also I work from home now and have such a sedentary lifestyle that it is making me feel really shit about myself. Am in my mid 40s and I know that time invested in exercise now will really help when it comes to fending off the horrors of old age grin

Anyway, enougy of the negativity. I still have my old running shoes and have for a few weeks/months now been mentally working up to going back out and starting again from the beginning. This morning I went out and did W1R1 and I feel great. Am a bit [shocked] at how the last of the 1-minute runs was a bit of a struggle when I used to be able to run for an hour, but the good thing is that I remember from last time how quickly you develop stamina and see results. My birthday is at the end of October and so I'm aiming to be able to run 5K by then. Hope I can do it.

wem Mon 29-Jul-13 11:25:16

lurkingfromhome - I think knowing it's worth it is half the battle so you're off to a good start smile

I took my phone with me for wk7 r1 this morning, so I could see how far I was running. I ran 3.3km in the 25mins, which I'm pleased with as I was hoping to manage at least 3k.

My SiL wants me to sign up for 10k with her in November. It's a sign of how far I've come that I'm actually considering it! grin

Dingle Mon 29-Jul-13 11:42:17

I love this thread. I love the activity and the sheer drive from everyone! Thank you! xx

I want to do something on my non run days and just cannot get me head around it. I tried to do a few arm toning exercises and a few sit up but am tempted to jump on the TM again! Do you think a WALK would interfere with the C25K program? I do my C25K walks at 4.5 mph but was thinking even if I walk at 4mph for 15 mins it would give me some regular cardio work on my "off days!

Opinions/ideas please.

amigababy Mon 29-Jul-13 12:13:14

I think walking would be fine. We do a regular Sunday hike, yesterday it felt so easy even on the hills. I must be getting fitter.

I tried body weight exercises. 16 minutes at quite high speed. I could barely move the day after, it really put me off as I don't want to spoil the running. And some time this year I've hurt my biceps so I'm wary of weights just now, though I could manage lower body.

so, when September starts I'm going to add in one swimm a week starting at 30 lengths and building up to 80, a mile in our local pool.

nextphase Mon 29-Jul-13 13:07:48

I've been swimming between runs.
The time I did aerobics, swim run I struggled with the run, but that could also have been food related (not enough having skipped tea to fit everything in).

There is a toning programme on the C25k NHS website, whihc migh tbe worth a look?

Going the other way, how detrimental would it be to running if, now I have bulit up to 4 km running over 30 mins, I ran once a week, swam once a week, and went to an aerobics class once a week? Will I loose running fitness?

Bakingnovice Mon 29-Jul-13 13:11:06

I used to shred on rest days. It's only 20 mins and I swear my runs felt much easier. Haven't done it for a few weeks. Must restart.

Judyandherdreamofhorses Mon 29-Jul-13 17:14:00

I'd love to swim on rest days, but can't fit it in with DH and children really. I start work in September though and there's a leisure centre near work, so maybe I could manage a weekly swim.

Someone asked about nutrition. I weirdly feel best running first thing in the morning before breakfast, then just having a normal breakfast. I'm sure I wouldn't be able to do that if I was doing really long runs though.

LauraPashley Mon 29-Jul-13 18:26:02

Thank you for food advice, I guess it is quite personal and I will figure it out. I think I am guilty in general of not drinking enough so will try to up that and see how I feel. I did w2r3 tonight and i felt quite nauseous towards the end which is a first for me sad.
On the upside I am apparently doing just over 5k in my 30 mins, obv that includes my warm up/cool down walks etc, but pace wise it gives me some idea. I can't ever imagine running that whole route tho!

Welcome lurkingfromhome!

I think you'd have to play it by ear nextphase. Personally I've realised I'm a runner so don't want to do anything else but my understand is its better for your body to do different forms of exercise.

That's pretty quick for week2 LauraPashley, could be why you're struggling smile

TinaSurrey Mon 29-Jul-13 22:25:42

Hi lurking. Welcome! I have quietly gatecrashed this group having started another c25k thread some weeks ago to ask for help with the podcasts and apps. That thread honestly was he reason I made it brought those early runs and then I found this one too so double bubble support from all these fab runners! I'm so grateful as I know I wouldn't have made it this far without you all.

Massive well done watching That is some achievement! Really impressive. I can't imagine being able to make that pace but will sure as hell keep trying!

W8r3 due for me tomorrow. For the first time ever I will be running a different route as we are away house sitting for friends now. Very much looking forward to the change of scene.

Just one Q for you all... Does anyone run with sunglasses or a cap on? The sun flashing thorough the trees is really hard going for me as it triggers headaches. Once I get to my cool down I find myself walking with my hand shielding my eyes from the sun but obviously can't run like that. Would a cap be too hot? Wouldn't sunglasses just move about?

Good luck to those also running tomorrow. Hoping for a dry morning as I've managed never to have to run in torrential rain so far!

watchingout Mon 29-Jul-13 22:36:33

Evening all! Thank you for all congratulations today, great support here grin Still feeling chuffed, and I was one who thought the endorphins were NEVER going to kick in...

Tina, I haven't run with cap or sunnies, but have found myself halfway through the warmup with my reading glasses perched on my head. blush Had to hide them next to a neighbours recycling bin and pray that the collection lorry didn't come for 30 mins grin

nextphase Mon 29-Jul-13 22:45:56

Tina what about one of those caps where there is just the visor and a band. Do you get what I'm trying to describe??

If you ran in sunglasses, I'd suggest looking for wrap around ones rather than fashion ones, so they don't fall off!

trickydickie Mon 29-Jul-13 23:15:07

Everyone is doing so well. Well done watching - wow getting to 5k, fantastic.

I tried to do w6 r3 tonight. Managed 20 mins of the 25 min jog so not going to be too despondent. Just telling myself I still did well and I will see what the next jog brings.

Nextphase - I keep thinking about doing something on my non run days. I might try and find the shred dvd. Will prob take me 15 mins to get all the dust off it.

LauraPashley Mon 29-Jul-13 23:29:13

Oh is it? I have literally no idea re all this. Maybe I am walking too quickly? My run seems almost slower than my walk!

I do however know re glasses, although maybe not the answer you'd like- my dh runs a lot (whole different league, he finds my run/walk 1 min at a time quite bemusing!) and he had to buy special running sunglasses for that very reason - he got Nike ones, they are v g sunglasses but also lightweight and sort of grippy!

Bakingnovice Mon 29-Jul-13 23:49:35

What about a visor? I know it's not exactly the height of fashion and when I wear my ten year old one dh laughs and says I look like a cross between an American tourist and 90 year old golfer. But it blocks the sun and let's the top of your head let off steam!! Besides, my sis told me the other day the might be back in fashion as rhianna was spotted wearing one!

pennygallops Tue 30-Jul-13 03:18:39

Just a quickie - ran 7k on the National Mall in Washington DC tonight. So very surreal. I'll check in again in the morning to catch up with everyone's progress.

Sounds fab pennygallops!!

TinaSurrey My friend runs in sunglasses, don't know if they are running ones or not as I don't really see her much out and about unless we're running blush, they are oakleys I know that's posh but not sure about sportiness

DigWeedSow Tue 30-Jul-13 07:22:10

I run in a cap, mainly to keep my hair out of my face but also to hide under! It's a running cap so is very thin and lightweight, I think a regular baseball cap would make my head too hot.

SarahWithAFringeOnTop Tue 30-Jul-13 07:40:55

I bought a running cap too, for the same reason - the low sun earlier in the year was really quite difficult for my eyes to deal with (maybe it was just unfamiliar? grin) I got it from Wiggle, it wasn't expensive and it's a lightweight wicking material so it's fine to run in. I do tend to take it off during the cool down though unless I'm still heading into the sun.

elliemummaroos Tue 30-Jul-13 08:49:52

Does anyone take their children running with them? Obviously now it's summer holidays I have no one in the morning I could leave my 6yo DD with. I could go in the evening but wondering whether (especially as I'm just starting out) it would be ok. Physically she's capable of walking/running it but wondering if she would get bored? Guess its a personal thing!

hairtwiddler Tue 30-Jul-13 09:46:37

Morning all. I need a bit of a motivational talking to! I went out again this morning but I was unbelievably slow and suffering again from my numb feet problem. After about 20mins I have to stop and wiggle my feet or stretch my calves. If I keep going I feel like I'm running on stumps as I can't feel my feet at all.
The issue is tight calves, but the tightness might be coming from my back, so not sure getting better shoes would help.
I'm finding it very frustrating. Currently I'm making no gains in either speed or distance, in fact I'm getting worse! Not losing any weight either.

Help me get my running mojo back!

nextphase Tue 30-Jul-13 10:22:48


My distance has increased a km since I first started, but the time has also increased aprox 10 mins (week 1 to week9) - so 4km in 30 mins, or 5km in 40 mins....... (inc walking)

Week 8, and the weight has finally started dropping - I'm telling myself all that muscle I've been building in the first 8 weeks has been the weight gain cause!

Have you though about (got the money for!) a back massage to try and realign anything squiffy around your spine?

Could you run and clench your calves occasionally whist running (she says sitting at a desk pretending to walk and clenching calves to prove it can be done!!!

To quote someone a long way up there " your still lapping those still suck on the couch", and you have moved from being able to jog for 1 min to quite a lot more than that (think your near me in terms of weeks, but not sure??)

Embrace your snail!

hairtwiddler Tue 30-Jul-13 10:32:59

Thanks so much for words of encouragement nextphase.
I actually graduated c25k about three weeks ago! I ran the race for life in under 36mins so I know I can do the distance, just seem to have lost some oomph and motivation since then. I haven't lost an ounce either, although I have toned up, I'm sure of that.

Massage is a good idea but I'm a bit scared of them to be honest. The last time i had one my back seized up completely!

I don't know whether to work on my back (which feels fine!), go for a gait analysis, potentially meaning buying expensive trainers, or carry on with continued stops to wiggle my feet and stretch the calves.

Having a bit of a stressful time just now so it could be I'm carrying a lot of tension in my muscles.

Shitsinger Tue 30-Jul-13 10:37:29

Hello can I join you?
Week 1 Day 1 <gulp>
going out at 6pm when its cooler.
Will report back!

hairtwiddler Tue 30-Jul-13 10:42:03

Good luck! You will love it and get lots of support here!

Dingle Tue 30-Jul-13 10:49:13

I really cannot advise but I can say I was having terrible problems with my lower back and before I started running I was shocked to step on the wii board (after a 2 year gap) to discover I had put on a stone and could no longer touch my toes!

Now, as I am about to do W8R3 today, I have lost 12lb, can touch my toes once again, my back pain has reduced too.

I was going to suggest massaging your calves but if you feel the root of the problem is your back I would really get it checked out! x

Shitsinger Tue 30-Jul-13 11:01:38

Thanks hairtwiddler

nextphase Tue 30-Jul-13 11:11:05

I knew you were a few weeks different from me. Sorry for forgetting you were infront.
If you think your back is the cause of the problems, I'd look to do something with that. Getting expensive new shoes to counteract something that is wrong else where seems like false ecomony - can you sort your back,a dn then get the new shoes - you run past a money tree, don't you grin

Could you try some pilates/yoga moves to try and strength and align your back? If you google, and go for someone who looks reputable rather than scamsRus, I'm sure you could find somehing on line to get you moving.

Or, could you drop to running twice a week, and do something else for the third session? I like swimming, and then afterwards almost curling backwards in the water to curve my back with the water supporting some of my weight (kneel up in shallow end and then take head back towards toes as far as water level, your flexibility will allow) BUT this is what I like doing - it may well not be very good for backs in general,. or whatever is playing up in yours.

Welcome Singer Loads of support and suggestions from all sorts of people on here. Can you go slightly later than 6? Its still quite warm here by that point. I've been finding 7.30/8 much better!

Bakingnovice Tue 30-Jul-13 11:33:42

Go for it singer!

Next - I've found I'm finally losing weight too now I'm at w8. I gained about 4-5 lbs when I started running and it's all going. How much have you lost?

I need to lose another stone, and Ilhaving lost some last week I feel it makes me run better.

Slubberdelatrinae Tue 30-Jul-13 11:37:31

Many belated thanks to all those who answered my asthma q. I upped my relievers before the run and didn't think about my breathing at all, didn't feel tight chested so will just continue slowly and fingers crossed the longer runs won't make me wheezy.

wem Tue 30-Jul-13 11:45:27

Anyone around who did C25K then went on to running 10k? I'm trying to work out if I should sign up for one in November. I looked on the NHS c25k website and found the quote, "Set a new goal that’s realistic and think about a plan for achieving that. So if your goal is a 10K run, that’s quite a big step up and it’ll take longer than another nine weeks. Be realistic about the time frame."

I'm on week 7 now, so 2 more weeks to finish the plan gives me about 13 weeks til the 10k I think. Does that sound ok? Has anyone used the 5K+ podcasts with Laura?

wem Tue 30-Jul-13 11:50:23

That's great Slubber, I've found myself worrying less and less about chest tightenings etc. I actually went out and forgot my inhaler a couple of weeks ago - gave me a bit of a panic when I realised half way round the park, but I hadn't actually used it while running for ages so kept going and luckily was fine. (I definitely take it with me still)

amigababy Tue 30-Jul-13 11:56:29

once the September school term starts (and it's cooler?) I'm going to add in one long run a week to head for 10 km, or 60 minutes. I've got my new app (Simple B210K) which is a plan over 6 weeks e.g. week 1 is run 10;walk 1 - for 4 times. The idea is to do it 3 x a week like C25K.

BUT - I like my comfort zone - so I'm going to keep doing our week 9 twice a week, and just add 1 long run, so it'll take me a good 18 weeks to build up to the 60 minutes. That's actually New Year's Day! smile

5madthings Tue 30-Jul-13 11:58:12

I did wem started running end of Jan with couch to 5k and did true London bupa 10k in may so I think a 10k in Nov is perfectly doable. I and a few weeks off along the way with illness etc and managed my 10k in an hour and 7mins smile could do it a bit quicker if its wasn't so busy etc.

I have another 10k I a signed up for in Oct and really need to get running consistently again as have been a bit hit and miss for the last month or so.

5madthings Tue 30-Jul-13 12:00:58

I uses the zenlabs app which is the same,e as the NHS but no annoying laura and I play my ow music, or did use it now I just go and run smile zenlabs does a couch to 10k app, its 14wks? And the first eight weeks get you up to 5k then it increases you up to 10k or running for an hour for the remaining weeks.

wem Tue 30-Jul-13 12:11:12

Awww, I like Laura smile Thanks, will look into apps and stuff. I like the idea of using my own music, but will probably end up spending ages trying to find tracks with the right bpms grin

Sorry to hear you're not enjoying it at the moment hairtwiddler sad I know you said it's definitely your calves so feel free to ignore but my friend had problems with numb feet. She was told she was lacing her shoes too tight so she loosened them and it made no difference. Someone else suggested her shoes were too small and sure enough she was wearing the wrong size trainers, bought 1/2 a size bigger and never gets numb feet at all.

I don't think that's unrealistic at all wem, the coaches at my club always say you can add a mile a week although that seems ambitious to me from 5k, 13 weeks to add 5k is very reasonable I think. Worst case senario, you walk some of the 10k smile

hairtwiddler Tue 30-Jul-13 13:59:02

Some really useful help here thanks all! I'm going to try the calf massaging (thanks for that Dingle, certainly can't do any harm) alongside making more effort to do the core strengthening exercises I got from my physio, and maybe have one session a week on the cross trainer or something, instead of running.
Amiga, I really like what you are doing with the slow build towards 10k and may take on that approach along with you!

Re: going out with kids. I had thought about going out with DD on her bike or scooter but think it would infuriate me beyond belief! She might be up for a wee run with me, especially as I'm hoping we'll do the Great North kids run together. DS is only three and would be total liability. Although he has endless energy.

trickydickie Tue 30-Jul-13 14:21:19

elliemummaroos is there anyway you could go to a park and your daughter could go on her bike while you jog?

I took my daughter who is 11 out on my first week and she managed it but got bored half way through and complained that she didn't want to jog again after about the third jog. She then refused to come with me again.

My friend's 12 yr old daughter has came with us on her bike. Obviously she was much quicker on her bike than we were. We just told her to cyle ahead and wait etc. Could you maybe do something like that with your daughter on her bike?

Let us know if you decide to go out with your daughter and how you get on?

EeTraceyluv Tue 30-Jul-13 18:39:10

Just one w6 r1 at the gym again (still can't get onto the park angry ) I did 2.3 miles in 28 mins, so not too bad. Looking sooooo forward to being able to get outside again though!

EeTraceyluv Tue 30-Jul-13 18:40:20

just did* not just one!

scarecrow22 Tue 30-Jul-13 19:00:14

just back from w5 r3. harder than I'd expected but feels great. Remind me to stretch later as had to grab only half hour dh was home and now putty.g kids to bed in a pool of sweat

I would not have done this without the thread, so thank you all wine brew thanks

Judyandherdreamofhorses Tue 30-Jul-13 19:15:09

Yay! I just managed 5K! Well, more than that actually. It was 5.36km in 42 minutes (including warm up and cool down walks).

It was supposed to be w9r2, but was running with my stepdad who is doing a half marathon soon, so it was easy enough to push myself a little bit more than usual.

I'm so pleased. Feel great. Thinking of signing up for parkrun this weekend!

Keep going everyone. I can't believe that 9 weeks ago I was only running for a minute at a time.

Treating myself to new running shorts tomorrow. Any recommendations?

TinaSurrey Tue 30-Jul-13 19:36:43

Evening everyone. Thanks so much for the advice about hats and sunglasses. Think I will get a basic running cap to start with then look to add the (more expensive) sunglasses option later. Pretty sure I'd want need special running ones as my normal ones wouldn't stay put well enough.

My plan to run this morning was thwarted by very heavy rain. I have rescheduled for tomorrow morning. An extra rest day is helping my knees and foot so maybe no bad thing!

As we are away from home Mr Surrey went out to get basic supplies last night. As well as the milk, fruit, cereal etc he came back with Women's Running magazine for me! Not sure how much of that is a joke but I was secretly chuffed!

JRock Tue 30-Jul-13 19:40:29

After seeing this thread earlier today I decided to give it a go! So I did w1r1 about an hour ago. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! I used to be into running and loved it but when I got pregnant I just sort of gave up! Tried again a year ago when ds was 10 wks old and it was a disaster, so gave up again. So glad I finally went tonight. You all gave me the impetus to go for it. Thank you for the success stories!

Shitsinger Tue 30-Jul-13 19:52:58

It didn't exactly go to plan ... rain, rain and more rain.
I had given up when the sun came out ,so went to find my stuff and couldn't find my sports bra
Got huffy with DH because he cleared out the spare room ( dumped it all in our room) and nearly gave up but thought sod it and did a 20 minute fast walk instead. I will search for my bra tomorrow.
Despite only walking I feel great grin

EeTraceyluv Tue 30-Jul-13 19:54:15

just keep going! When I first started in April I really badly injured my knee - think x ray and lots of crying - after my third run - so I bought 'proper' shoes, warmed up and cooled down properly and am now on wk 6; albeit after 9 weeks, but hey! I am still astonished that I can 'run'!!

EeTraceyluv Tue 30-Jul-13 19:55:32

I know the editor of Womens Running <useless fact>

Well done scarecrow22 and Judyandherdreamofhorses!

Welcome Shitsinger and JRock smile

elliemummaroos Tue 30-Jul-13 21:00:24

Will keep you updated about taking DD with me! I was supposed to do w1r2 tonight but only just had dinner and its getting dark! My gym closes at 11 so I could always go use the treadmill. Don't want to miss my second run!!

Bakingtins Tue 30-Jul-13 21:27:23

Well done Scarecrow !

nextphase Tue 30-Jul-13 21:29:27

Well done Judy
I also pushed myself this evening, and covered 4.5km in the 30 mins (5.8 in 41 shock ) well chuffed with myself. Not sure I'm going to be able to make it to the full 5km tho. Its a step up from the 4.1 I was covering tho.
Bit of a hare and tortoise trip - had to slow down to a walk a couple of times, but didn't stop.

Hair Memory slowly coming back. Was it you who did the N'cle RFL? If you live about 40 miles S, and want size 8 running shoes, DH has just upgraded his gum shoes. Nothing wrong with them, never been used outside, just lost the extra strong arch support he needs.

watchingout Tue 30-Jul-13 21:46:35

Well done Judy and Scarecrow grin
And hello to Shitsinger and JRock - you will find loads of inspiration and encouragement here!

I've signed up for parkrun shock just choosing a nice flat course for the first one. If I go this Saturday, then I will have to adjust runs to Weds morning (tomorrow) then Thurs night in order to get a rest day in. Too optimistic? Scared I might be getting carried away with myself...

Dingle Tue 30-Jul-13 22:01:52

Oh my, when will it get easier! Just completed week 8 and I looked like a glow worm for an hour or so afterwards!!blush I had thought it was a little cooler tonight....before I started.

I pushed a little more, and managed to "run" at 5.1mph for 18mins, then reduced it to 5mph for the last 10 mins. I hit my 3.1 miles(5k) at 37.40mins.

Keep running ladies! xx

hairtwiddler Tue 30-Jul-13 22:02:52

next yes I did do the RFL in Newcastle. I live in the city itself.
Thanks for the shoes offer, very kind! I'm a 6 though.
DH has just bought himself some trainers, he claims he's going to give c25k a go!

scarecrow22 Tue 30-Jul-13 22:16:50

Thanks BakingTins. It was you I was thinking about in those last two minutes when I was thinking 'will it never end?'!

Welcome ShitSinger and JRocks - I feel like I was the new girl yesterday and the thread got me started and has kept me going. It's a great programme and a lovely bunch of women here - all of us Runners grin Hope you enjoy it.

HairTwiddler - Cinnamon's suggestion reminds me: my feet re usually 6-6.5 (and narrow) but my running shoes are size 8 as fitted by our local Sweatshop, and few great. Will be interested if you crack this problem as numb feet a common problem for me too. Good luck.

DramaAlpaca Tue 30-Jul-13 22:38:34

Well done scarecrow & Judy & hello to ShitSinger and JRocks.

I am utterly stunned. This evening I did W6R3, and not only did I run for 25 minutes non-stop with a one-minute speed up at the end, I actually enjoyed it and even found it quite easy!!

This is the woman who couldn't run a bath six weeks ago grin.

I feel more pleased with myself tonight than I did after the 20 minute run at W5R3.

Bakingnovice Tue 30-Jul-13 23:42:45

Well done to everyone who has hit a milestone. Did w8r2 today. Loved it. Realised 10 mins in that I felt good. Did a full 30 mins. Am sure the hot weather the last few weeks has made my runs harder. Today was cooler thank god! Does anyone else find that longer gaps between runs make the run harder? If I run every second day I feel fitter and run better than if I run every third day. But running every second day makes my knees and heels hurt. I really hope today's good easy run wasn't a fluke. Can't imagine being able to set off on a run feeling confident I can do it.

Dingle - I'm the same. Beetroot red for hours after. But my god, the feeling of that cold shower after a run is like nothing else!!

Bakingtins Wed 31-Jul-13 08:01:02

PMSL at the thought of me being running inspiration for anyone, scarecrow ! Did w6r1 yesterday and it was harder than I expected. Just show how much of it is in your head, as soon as Laura says " just 60 seconds left" time s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-s out.
I'm going to Camp Bestival this w/end. Not sure whether to take a break or take my running stuff. I'd only miss one run because I'll run tomorrow morning before I go (w6r2).

Bakingtins Wed 31-Jul-13 08:02:21

Well done Judy and Dramaalpaca too!

DigWeedSow Wed 31-Jul-13 09:48:23

Hello new runners and well done everyone, some fab goals being met!

I had a great run this morning, instead of my usual route I decided to run a much flatter route which I don't really like doing as it is alongside a busy road. I did however find it so much easier, to the point that when the 25 mins was up I carried on.......and ran a full 30 mins grin I covered 4.9k so not quite 5k but not far off either.

Bakingtins I'm going on holiday next week and having the same dilemma about taking running stuff, I don't want to take a break but I'm not sure about running on my own in unfamiliar surroundings.

DigWeedSow Wed 31-Jul-13 09:52:45

Oh and Tina funnily enough I called into town yesterday and bought Women's Running too, my first ever running magazine grin

elliemummaroos Wed 31-Jul-13 11:02:11

Just back from w1r2! I feel v sweaty but amazing! I did end up taking dd with me. She had her scooter. I ended up changing from my planned route and ran back and forth on a concrete path in the park for part of it so she could scoot easier but it didn't matter. I did. 2.94km in 30mins 40secs. Obviously most of it was walking. I'm keen to see the improvements each run! My dd was mocking me when I was walking, even offering to show me how to run instead of walk! Such a charmer! Feeling amazing although never run earlier in the day so not sure if I will seize up when I go to london in an hour or actually keepin moving will keep me loose?! Can't wait til I'm on the later weeks like most of you are! Such an inspiration! My first thought when I completed it was to come on here and share! Ellie xXx

trickydickie Wed 31-Jul-13 11:05:09

Welcome to all new comers. Hope you have all managed out.

I think I managed the 25 min jog last night. Realised after 4 mins that dh had set my ipod to w6r2. Anyhow jogged the whole route I usually walk/jog so am pretty sure it was 25 mins. When I got back home I had to sit on my outside step drinking water to cool down blush. I am back out on Thur so will make sure ipod set correctly (to w7r1) as really want to know if I managed the 25 mins last night. I am sore today.

Digweed -I am desperate to jog on the flat. Though so use to my up and down runs now. Well done on getting to just about 5k.

Baking- like you my knee's and shins are grateful for a 2 day rest but I feel the jogs are easier if I do them every second day.

I jog so slowly. Barely more than a walk. Could someone remind the name of the app's I can download that will tell me what distance I am covering? Thanks.

Drama and Baking - fantastic you are enjoying jogging now. Not sure I will ever get there. I find it so hard but will keep going.

elliemummaroos Wed 31-Jul-13 11:08:53

I use a nike+ app. It's free and you can set it to miles or km and it maps your route. You can click to see the km markers too and set challenges. I love it! Ellie xXx

trickydickie Wed 31-Jul-13 11:08:56

Well done Ellie, that was great it worked out doing it with your daughter.

If I could work out a way to take my kids with me then I would have no excuses for ever missing a run.

It will take no time to go up the weeks.

EeTraceyluv Wed 31-Jul-13 11:12:27

Now I'm going to have to buy Womens Running! Is it worth it??

elliemummaroos Wed 31-Jul-13 11:13:37

Ideally I wouldn't take her with me but it worked well and think she would be ok occasionally. I cant imagine being able to run a long period of time but I'm just trusting the app and going along with it. I used that nike+ app when I was training for a 14 mile charity walk. Ellie xXx

Dingle Wed 31-Jul-13 12:17:59

Random question please! My nails seem to have really improved, much stronger....any connection......increased circulation???.....or complete coincidence?

watchingout Wed 31-Jul-13 17:29:29

Well done DigWeedSow! That's pretty amazing to do an extra 5mins!!

I was planning to do my first parkrun on Saturday before flying on holiday in the evening. However, getting a little bit twitchy about possibly injuring myself in a crowd ( I am SO clumsy) and I've just found out there is a fun run (oxymoron a few weeks ago!) where I am going. So maybe the trainers and sports bra go in the suitcase instead grin looking forward to getting a few different routes on my MaymyRun calendar

Broodzilla Wed 31-Jul-13 18:10:13

Hi there,

I've just got back from W9R3 and at the end, Laura said I should spread the word... So here I am grin

I just wanted to do my bit to encourage anyone out there who is thinking about it...

I started in May, so it's taken me a bit longer than 9 wks, simply because getting out every other day has proved to be a bit of a challenge...

But that's partly why I did it: I wanted to do something just for me, and to have some time alone... The first time I went out, DS was standing in the doorway asking if I really am going out all by myself and is nobody else definitely not allowed (that's when I knew it was high time to have some me-time shock)

DD is 18 mos tomorrow, and my aim was to be able to call myself a runner by then (just made it grin).

W1... I huffed and puffed, running felt more like hobbling and everything was wonky. I was certain I'd never manage that 20min run in week 5 - but when the time came, it was perfectly doable.

I was incredibly unfit when I started. Seriously, if I can do it, anyone can.

A few things to consider:

It isn't supposed to start feeling easier, because you're running longer every week: but trust the programme, it really is designed to push you, but not too far.

Work out when the best time for you is: I'm definitely at my best in the morning (not a morning person at all, but run best then).

Also, if you can help it, don't leave more than 2 days between runs: it actually feels like hard work if you've left it for a week!

And... Don't get too hung up on weight loss. Muscle weighs more than fat. I was religiously weighing myself when I started, and did actually start seeing the fat % start to creep down, even though the weight itself wasn't exactly plummeting...

My scales then broke, and I took that as a sign wink.

The thing is: whatever weight I've lost (or not) is actually nothing compared to how much better I feel.

Seriously: from just managing 60 seconds to running half an hour - my body is much, much healthier, clearly.

But what surprised me the most was the "mental benefits": I feel so much happier, far less stressed, calmer... And although I started this as a me-project, in hindsight it benefits the whole family.

Please, please, if you're reading this and thinking about it - download the podcasts, let Laura be your cheerleader (really, it makes such a difference!) and JUST DO IT!


(The me-project might have ended with a me-me-me post, sorry!! blame runners high )

watchingout Wed 31-Jul-13 18:26:18

Congratulations Broodzilla! That's a great account!

You can join the graduation party scheduled for Friday night wink

DigWeedSow Wed 31-Jul-13 18:47:30

Thanks watching I'm going to have another attempt on Friday on a more hilly route, hopefully it wasn't just a one off!

Loved reading your post Broodzilla , congrats on completing.

Tracey haven't had time to read mine yet but on flicking through it looks like there is lots of inspiration!

scarecrow22 Wed 31-Jul-13 18:49:35

broodzilla - that is a fantastic story, thank you. I actually delta bit emotional reading it and full of admiration. Fantastic to get to the end. Do you have a new goal?

bakingtins - but that's the point: by doing the programme and coming on here to share it you are an inspiration to me smile I will metaphorically wave to you from w6r1 tomorrow or Friday.

re chat about days off, I have found this fabulous swimming programme designed in a similar way. You pick a motivation - fitness, gen health, weight loss and conditioning & toning from memory - and you get a series of eight work outs of increasing intensity. Organisation is Swimfit if you want to Google it.

JRock Wed 31-Jul-13 19:29:19

Broodzilla, what a brilliant post to read! Well done for making it, and feeling like a runner! Stories like yours are so motivating to read when you're just starting out, like I am!

Bakingnovice Wed 31-Jul-13 20:31:32

Congrats broodzilla. Lovely account. Feeling happy for you.

That's a great improvement nextphase!

Yay for the parkrun watchingout a bit late now but think your suggested running schedule sounds fine! If you're worried about crowds then just stick to the back smile

Well done Dingle, for what it's worth I run in a club with ladies who do 20min 5k's and they're pretty red when they finish too smile

Well done dramaAlpaca!!

I've run on holiday before bakingtins and DigWeedSow and I enjoyed being somewhere new, bit of an adventure.

Well done elliemammaroos!

You can use runkeeper, mapmyrun, endomondo or runtastic trickydickie.

Well done broodzilla

Went to training for the first ti