Couch to 5k 2011: Part 5 - Polished and Ready to Run

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Yet more space for us to talk about our progress on the Couch to 5K programme, the clothes we wear, the music we listen to, the gadgets we use -and our nail varnish.

New runners are warmly welcomed - come and give it a whirl, you know you want to! Although this thread has been going for a year now some of us are re-doing the Couch to 5K, some of us are relatively new, some are doing half marathons already, we are a good mix and would love to hear from anyone who would like to run with us. Just jump in whatever stage you are at.

LinzerTorte Tue 21-Feb-12 09:53:35

Signing in - thanks for the new thread, WhoKnows.

Knee still a bit painful today so I don't expect I'll be running for a while (must make that appointment) and my nail polish is very chipped too, but that's nothing new!

ifancyashandy Tue 21-Feb-12 10:10:41

Signing in! Thanks WhoKnows.

Ps. Seche Vite applied Saturday night. Chipped (tiny) this morning. Grrr.

saynothing Tue 21-Feb-12 10:31:49

Hi started c25k on Sunday. Started on wk 3 as I'm relatively fit, but I was harder than I thought it would be. Hope my bad knee holds up though it's getting twingey already. sad

PeskyPiskie Tue 21-Feb-12 10:35:24

I'm going to try restarting this on Saturday. Does anyone do the plan with their DC? I am going to try and get my DD (10yrs) to join in as she really needs to do some more exercise. I'll do my best to sign in again on Monday!

HattiFattner Tue 21-Feb-12 10:42:22

signing in. Bit stiff after yesterday (week 1, run 1) but just been out walking the dog and its eased off a bit! Was hoping to do day 2 tomorrow, but have an ofsted inspection - how rude! So it may have to be Thursday instead, depending on how fast I can get my arse out the door post school run.

ifancyashandy Tue 21-Feb-12 10:46:30

Keep going Hatti, you'll soon be addicted!! grin

Marking place!

jellibelli Tue 21-Feb-12 19:30:07

I've found you too. No running for me for a few days (am Jillianing any moment now....) but hoping to get put for some hills tomorrow.

No nails yet but hoping to do that too tomorrow.

Sorry to hear about your knee Linzer, hope you can get an appointment soon.

IFAS - grr about the nails, I still don't know what the answer is.

Saynothing - Hello, well done on getting started. What are you wearing on your feet? I always recommend people get gait analysis and running shoes fitted if you can afford it, it makes a big difference especially with old injuries.

PeskyPiskie - hello to you too, my DCs are younger than yours (just turned 8 and 6) so I haven't tried running with them, although DS came out on his scooter with me once and we had a great time. I am hoping that they will see me doing it and want to try as they get older though.

Hatti - well done on Run 1, hope the stiffness eases quickly, I found it was worst after my first run, not so bad after that. Good luck with Ofsted, are you a CM?

Waves at Shredded and Jelli

Day off for me today, I'm planning to swim tomorrow. Nails are staying with just Nail envy for the time being.

Hello all and good to see old and new faces on the shin new thread - thank you to WhoKnows for starting us off! I keep meaning to tell you, Virgin have Eva Cassidy on their jukebox so I listened to your song on Saturday night smile, along with songs of my youth - Blondie, Fleetwood Mac and The Bee Gees. I reckon the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack would make a great running playlist grin.

Linzer, sorry to hear about your knee. Hope it gets sorted soon, and is not stopping you doing too much.

So I went to the gym this evening, ran for 20 mins on the treadmill, 10 mins on the cross trainer and 5 mins on a bike. I was tired afterwards, but have been revived by wine and a good laugh - I'm here with a group of former colleagues, and the work has been busy and stressful so we've let off lots of steam grin. I've agreed to go swimming tomorrow morning <gulp>, if there's a tsunami in East Sussex you'll know why grin.

And I'm going to sign up for a Parkrun on Saturday <brave>

Oh, and did I tell you DS1 and I are going to do this together (but not dressed exactly like the man in the picture)? Pesky, DS1 is a strapping teenager and into rugby and X-country and can occasionally be bribed persuaded to come out with me as long as he doesn't actually have to run with me. DS2, who is a similar age to your DD, would not be seen dead running with me grin.

HattiFattner Wed 22-Feb-12 09:48:38

MOrning! week 1, d2 today. Managed no problem thanks to my super sport bra (two sizes smaller than I thought!!! now a normal C cup rather than an elephantine E cup!) and "snazzy" M&S running tracky pants wink. Feel good, but my poor old dogger was cream crackered - she's 11 and just could not manage, poor thing. So next time I might just borrow the neighbours dog instead!

Surprised that the NHS C25K doe not contain any advice on stretching out before and after.

Feeling positive that next weeks weigh in at WW will be good, as not feeling the need to stuff my face at the mo. No doubt that will change. grin

ifancyashandy Wed 22-Feb-12 10:27:19

Morning all.

Technical question.

I've been using the C25K App on my Android (Samsung Galaxy) phone and it's been running alongside my radio app when I go for a run - I don't have an iPhone (lost it. sob). But I want to have MY music playing when I run and I do have an iPod.

So I bought the C25K app again on iTunes, hoping to run it on my iPod and thus have my music playing. But iTunes won't let me move the app from my library on my PC to my iPod.


So, does anyone know how to:

a) sync my Samsung with my iTunes from my PC? or
b) load an app from iTunes to my iPod? or
c) any other solutions / ideas?!


jellibelli Wed 22-Feb-12 11:46:33

IFAS sounds like you need a teenage! Sorry I can't help with your dilemma.

LInzer sorry to hear about your knee, it's been a while now hasn't it?

Welcome To the new runners (or new to the nail garnish running thread) wink

I have been out for a run today for about forty minutes - I forgot my watch and couldn't be bothered to go back home for it, so I don't know if I was as slow as usual, I made an effort not to be. DH is home soonish and I need to smarten up my efforts a bit before he runs with me again. I made a couple of big efforts as I had to run past some roadworkers twice and I had to make it look like I was having fun, just breezing past grin and it was my hilly run too, which is always a killer for me. I enjoyed myself though so that is fab news.

Hatti are you snazzy pants in the shop now? I could quite fancy myself a snazzy pair as I only have boring black ones.

Happy running one and all

IFAS I don't know anything about Android. What sort of Ipod have you got, is it a Touch? Maybe some of the apps are Iphone only. I did the c25k using an ipod shuffle and podcasts first time round but was stuck with their choice of music. Now I have programmed all the weeks into the Runkeeper app on an Iphone but again not sure about other ipods.

Hatti I was surprised about that too, standard advice seems to be warm up should be aerobic, ie the brisk walk and static stretches after but not before as you risk overstretching.

HattiFattner Wed 22-Feb-12 12:42:41

jelli, they are not really snazzy, I was being facetious, as Im a long term contributor to the Per Una mocking review threads!!

I bought these boring black numbers, but they are very comfy even on my large derrière!

Whoknows, I walk a great deal, and yet I am stiff from running - down the front of my thighs especially. I have stretched out today, so hopefully I will be able to walk tomorrow! but feeling the pain already.

jellibelli Wed 22-Feb-12 13:07:32

Thanks for the link Hatti, I've had a look but think i prefer a 'non flappy' leg. I'll have to keep an eye out for something with a bit more colour. I saw a fab pink pair in TK Maxx once but thought they were a bit in your face so I passed on them. I wished I hadn't.

shredded I missed your post. Well done for trying out the Parkrun I am feeling a little envy about it. I thnk having park runs to do competitively would help my speed. Hope you enjoyed your swim. I am not a very good swimmer (and blame grommets and later contact lenses) so didn't enjoy it too much. Having had my eyes lasered it is much more fun although DH and the DCs fall about laughing when I try duck dives! blush.

PeskyPiskie Wed 22-Feb-12 13:29:11

Shredded, fortunately my DD is not so embarrassed by me that she won't run, but we will have to chose a route that doesn't go anywhere near anyone she knows grin. I will have to be careful over how much I talk to her and what I wear but I reckon we can have a go!

IFAS, unfortunately the C25K app only works on iPod Touch, iPhones and, if you were really odd, iPad. As far as I know it isn't possible to listen to your own music through a standard iPod sad. When I go out with my DD she will be able to listen to her iPod envy and I will have to listen to the NHS one and then nudge her at the appropriate times.

LinzerTorte Wed 22-Feb-12 21:46:59

IFAS What kind of iPod do you have? I've just had a look at my apps and they're all either iPhone and iPod touch apps or iPhone, iPod touch and iPad apps so if you have a Touch, there doesn't seem to be any reason why you can't transfer the app. I have both an iPhone and an iPod touch and the only difference is that my iPod only has wifi so I can't use the Runkeeper app on it. My iPod syncs automatically with iTunes - I think that's the default setting (for it to sync automatically, I mean), so I'm not sure what else to suggest.

jelli I can only dream of running for 40 minutes. envy Yes, the problems with my knee started well before Christmas but it seemed to be so much better recently. I'd even managed to run a mile without any problems before all the snow, and suddenly I can't even run for three minutes. It's very frustrating.

Hatti Well done on your run. Yes, the lack of advice about stretching is definitely one of the weak points of the NHS C25k app.

Shredded I feel exhausted just reading about everything you've been up to. grin Sounds like a mini-triathlon!

WhoKnows Hope the swim went OK. I think I should probably stick with Nail Envy for a couple of days to give my nails the chance to recover; my No. 7 Oyster is definitely on its last legs. Or fingers.

ifancyashandy Wed 22-Feb-12 22:19:33

Linzer, thank you for looking! It's an iPod Classic. It's what appears to be the problem. It syncs automatically with iTunes (music) but not the apps.

Boo hoo.

But thanks again! thanks

jellibelli Thu 23-Feb-12 22:48:26

No running for me today -it was a weights day. Still no nails, but at least they are good enough at last to wear some, now I just need to find the time!

Well, managed my swim on Wednesday but nothing since, my sciatica is twinging a bit (that's my excuse). Hoping to get out tomorrow and that the weather stays nice and mild.

mosschops30 Fri 24-Feb-12 18:39:13

Hello strangers, well over the past few months i have gained 7lbs, lost 7lbs and gained 7lbs, started smoking, and have now given up for life smile. Found out i have two discs pressing on my spinal cord and cervical spondylosis, and all this since November!!!

Anyway i got as far as the end of week 3 hmm and was doing really well. But ive had just over two weeks off now with pain but consultant says im fine to exercise, and was wondering if i can go back in at week 4? I did find week 3 far too easy so dont really want yo do it again.
What o you think?

Hi Mosschops - well, only one way to find out! Give it a try. That sounds painful about your back, what led you to this diagnosis? Are you going to get treatment of some sort? Mine is playing up again but TBH I haven't been to the GP with it for years as I always got the impression that they would rather you just went off and found yourself a chiropractor.

mosschops30 Fri 24-Feb-12 18:56:23

Am going to start on monday then smile
i was having tingling in my fingers, becoming clumsy, pain in neck, headaches. Saw neurosurgeon and had an mri.
Am currently seeing my osteopath twice a week just to keep me from falling apart completely smile

mosschops30 Fri 24-Feb-12 18:57:50

And yes i agree GPs are shite at back/neck pain. Mine has given me lots of painkillers and diazepam which ive been grateful for but no real practical help

ifancyashandy Sat 25-Feb-12 08:14:32

Morning All!

Sorry to hear about your pain Mosschops. Sounds nasty. And good luck with starting up again.

Am off for W4D3 AGAIN! I have a real block in the last 5 min run. I know it's a mental rather than physical blockage but it's so annoying. I think I'm so scared by W5's 8pm min run that I'm subconsciously sabotaging myself! 5th time lucky (& 3rd time this bloody week!) Any (more) tips?!

Then I'm taking 4 13 year old girls to Camden for the day.

wine may be consumed tonight!

Oh, nails are Barry M's Black Cherry. And SV.

HattiFattner Sat 25-Feb-12 09:35:50

w1d3 complete. Feeling good. no stiffness now Im stretching after running. Just stuffed my face with a lovely bacon and egg sarnie, well deserved. Looking to see how week2 will shape up, starts either SUnday night or Monday morning. :D

ifancyashandy Sat 25-Feb-12 09:58:12

YES!! Cracked it!!

To coin a phrase, I just did it! I paced myself slowly & I loved it!

Top run!

KristinaM Sat 25-Feb-12 18:01:30

Well done, shandy! I dont think it matters how slow you are, just getting through it counts. If i found a week hard i just did it again [wimp].so together with a few weeks off here and there it probably took me about 13 weeks rather than 8.but i was just trying to get fitter and get into running without gettimg injured rather than having to complete the programme by a fixed date IYSWIM

Mosschops, im really sorry to hear about your back, doesnt sound good. If it were me i would go really really slowly ( see above). Even if its too easy in terms of your heart /lungs/muscles, it still might be too much for your joints.....

But im just a wimpy beginner so am probably talking crap

Shredded -how did your first parkrun go? I bet you kicked their a**

mosschops30 Sun 26-Feb-12 22:00:55

I definately wont be running tomorrow sad
went to pilates tonight, left after 30 minutes, just not up to it and back now so painful i can hardly breathe sad
im really down about it, a few weeks ago i was running in a top floor gym in my tenerife hotel overlooking the sea smile and now i cant manage a pilates class.

Oh no Moss that's awful. What it the consultant proposing for you? Sounds like it needs more than osteopathy. Mine's been playing up a bit this weekend but nothing like to that extent. Hope it feels a bit better tomorrow.

Well done Shandy - that's better than IFAS isn't it. It's a good feeling when you manage your next goal.

Well done to you for finishing W1 Hatti

Shredded - how was the Parkrun? It's nice that you thought of me when you heard my song, it came up as the answer to a question on Mastermind the other night which made me smile.

I've been out for a nice steady 30 min run this afternoon, decided to not take my phone and therefore just an approximate timing with my watch and no distance measurement, it's nice to be dictated to by your body instead of a stopwatch sometimes. Went on a fairly hilly route so had to have a couple of short walking intervals but it was fine. Pilates tomorrow.

mosschops30 Sun 26-Feb-12 22:32:25

Yes sorry being very 'me me me'. Well done to all of you who are doing so well keeping running smile keep up the good work and think if those beautiful bodies inside and out!

whoknows nothing planned, just keeping up with the osteopathy which he said i coukd change to physio if i wanted, but i trust my osteo and find her very good, and honest! He will see me in 6 months and operate if i have got worse. Lots of painkillers and diazepam in the meantime hmm

KristinaM Mon 27-Feb-12 00:19:23

Osschops -dont get too upset, pliates can be reallynhard on your back, its not for wimps! Did you tell the teacher about your back problems and have her advise on how to adapt exercises for you? Please take soem painklillers and get soem decent sleep.

KristinaM Mon 27-Feb-12 00:20:04

I wondre what happened to shredded on the parkrun.....

<waves weakly> - it went well thank you Kristina. 126th out of 140 runners, but as most of them were men 20 years younger than me I was quite happy with just getting round smile.

I'll catch up properly tomorrow - I travelled back to NY today and am feeling rather jet lagged grin

KristinaM Mon 27-Feb-12 08:40:10

Well done shredded, i would be very happy with being 126th! i can cope with the hoards of 25 yo men running past me, its the 8year olds that get to me...

Now ive done the park run 10 times i ve managed to beat the 75 year old lady as welll [smug] . Not that its a race of course, its simply a timed run and the only person you are running against is yourself[ hmm]

hattifattner Mon 27-Feb-12 09:13:49

morning, w2d1 complete. I found I was slightly more beetroot coloured by the end, but other than that, I coped OK - I think I struggled w1d1, so I guess its about increasing fitness levels. Im going through some personal nonsense at the moment, so getting out and running with some music blaring is giving me space to think without worrying about the laundry or when to collect the kids. DH actually did the school run this am and so I went out earlier, which i prefer (less people to see me...)

- onwards to weight watchers later to see if all this exercise has had any impact - although I did manage to stuff my chops badly over half term, so it may be one step forwards, two back. grin. I'm also off the booze for lent, so I better see some movement on the scales!

melodyangel Mon 27-Feb-12 13:09:34

Hello All! Wow Part 5, I think I missed all of parts 3 and 4 ...oops.

Good to see so many people still going. I'm back on the treadmill again I don't tend to stick to the C25k plan very strictly as I tend to forget what I'm supposed to do when. Currently I'm walking for first 5 mins then running for 20 then walking last five hoping to get back to running all 5k some time in the next few weeks.

Hatti - Well done. I go a lovely beetroot colour even now.

Shredded - Fantastic!

And to everyone suffering with ailments get better soon.

Ok off to run now - glad I found you all again.

hattifattner Wed 29-Feb-12 09:56:40

w2d2 complete. :D

LinzerTorte Wed 29-Feb-12 10:14:01

Hello, just wanted to let you know that I'm still here but have been too embarrassed to post as I still haven't done anything about my knee. I know I really have to make that appointment and I really can't corner the doctor at his wife's party on Saturday but I keep thinking, well maybe if I get myself some proper running shoes (i.e. have my gait analysed) and start C25k from scratch, it'll be OK. But I know I'm being silly. blush

ifancyashandy Wed 29-Feb-12 10:42:19

Morning all! W5D1 done! Never would have imagined it - very pleased with myself!


LinzerTorte Wed 29-Feb-12 11:33:40

Well done, IFAS! And thanks for the virtual kick. I will go, honestly; I miss running too much to want to stop. But it's just getting round to making that appointment...

Linzer, get yourself to the doctor!

I haven't run since my parkrun on Saturday. I was shock and blush last week because I had to buy size 14 dresses in M&S, which gave me the kick I needed to start to work a bit harder again. Just when I thought I'd slimmed down a bit sad. So I shredded yesterday and have yoga'd this morning - and will try to leave work early enough for a run tonight.

Yes Linzer <looks sternly> you need to get it sorted!

Shredded - I would love to be able to buy size 14 dresses blush

Just off for my swim, did anyone see that very interesting Horizon programme about exercise last night? Much discussion about it at work this morning.

Anyway, my nails are polished in Maybelline Really Rosie and Seche Vite, I'm giving it another go, I must say it does make them look super glossy.

hattifattner Wed 29-Feb-12 19:03:52

whoknows just watched that programme....whats the betting Im a non-responder? grin

blush sorry WhoKnows, I was not trying for a stealth boast. I've been a M&S 14 for years, a 12 very rarely and a 10 about 3 years ago at my absolute thinnest (which, with the benefit of hindsight, didn't suit me at all - at the time I thought DH, BFF and BFF's DH were being silly when they all told me I'd lost too much weight/was looking a bit haggard/too skinny).

It's OK Shredded - I wasn't taking it that way, more reminding myself that although I am on top of exercise the diet is still very out of control. I've been a 16 for twenty odd years and seem to lack the willpower to do anything about it.

I went swimming yesterday, am finding it hard work!

Well done for swimming WhoKnows. I know what you mean about exercise vs diet. I got down to my skinniest by being really disciplined with food. DH was working away at the time so it was easy not to eat very much, and I virtually gave up alcohol for several months. Three years of living in the US and it's all come back, although I feel as though I'm a different shape through exercise than I used to be.

We went out for dinner on the spur of the moment last night, and I'm too hungover tired to exercise this morning (it's wet and miserable outside and I can't face a DVD inside grin).

LinzerTorte Thu 01-Mar-12 14:15:53

I'm the same with exercise vs diet - or at least I was while I was still running. My diet isn't awful, but is very far from perfect - not enough fruit & veg, not enough variety, etc. I also drink alcohol far too regularly, i.e. virtually every evening when DH is here (so am having a week off atm, which is one thing I suppose).

I actually found it easier to eat more healthily when we were in the US, Shredded. Unlike here, I enjoyed going food shopping so felt more motivated to cook and try out different recipes. And although we ate out more regularly than we do now and portion sizes were larger, they're much more geared up to you asking for a box. I would always try and eat exactly half so that I'd have a readymade meal for the next day. grin (Also, the fact that I was either pregnant or bfing the entire time that we were there definitely helped.)

I've decided to go lower GI with my diet this week, there was a thread about it the other day and I read an article about it too. Although my diet isn't overwhelmed with simple carbs I do eat too many and get fluctuations in energy/massive hunger pangs between meals, so I have been out today and bought lots of nuts and oatcakes. So far so good, 6-7pm whilst feeding the DCs is my worst food grabbing / feeling exhausted time and I am feeling fairly full up / alert on an oatcake and a handful of peanuts from earlier.

Evening all, where are you all? Out enjoying the spring like weather hopefully.

I went out yesterday and did a Week 1 run with fast running intervals, I think my weekly plan from now on till I change my mind again is going to be

Monday - Pilates
Wednesday - Swim
Friday - Interval running from C25K
Sunday - 30 minutes or so steady run

Nail update, I think I've got the hang of the Seche Vite a bit better now, I made sure I left a good 5 mins between coats this time instead of rushing one after another. The polish that I did on Tuesday night is still holding up, I had worn edges after a couple of days but I did a v.quick touch up last night and they still look fine. Going to see if they can last the week.

Hello WhoKnows

That sounds like a good plan!

I did 2 x shreds this week, and a yoga session, but no running. I also <proud> had a night off alcohol. If you count from last Saturday, that's 2 alcohol-free nights in 7 days blush. I need to try harder.

I would have run today, but have a 1500 word assignment to write for the OU course that I started for "fun" hmm. What was I thinking?

I hope to run tomorrow - and the clocks change here sooner than in the UK, so the evenings will be lighter again soon and I will have even fewer excuses

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!

hattifattner Sun 04-Mar-12 06:00:19

ive finished w2, but now have a stinking cold. dont know if I will have energy or inclination to tackle w3 next week. But dont want to lose momentum.

ifancyashandy Sun 04-Mar-12 09:00:49

Morning all. That looks similar to my work out reigime (sp?) Whoknows. Although I ask watching the budget at the mo, so running more regularly because it's free!

Ran Tues, Weds, Thurs & Sat this week and completed W5!! So chuffed with that! Thought D3's 20min run would kill me but it was surprisingly manageable. Ok, so I'm not going to break any distance/speed records but I had an ok pace going and didn't stop once. And I'd run for 13mins the first time I looked at the clockwatch, which was hugely motivating!

Left thigh is bloody killing me this beginning though!!

Glad you got to grips with SV too. My last mani only needed one touch up & lasted a week. Back to Jessica Winter Berries today!

jellibelli Sun 04-Mar-12 11:47:39

I haven't posted because I haven't run OR been wearing nail garnish blush !

I have run this morning though so I feel qualified to post. I just went out for 30 minutes because I felt I should as I've not run since last Wednesday (10 days ago), I had my folks visiting and the kids home so fell off my low carb wagon and the exercise went to pot too. Anyhow, I am back on my own again now and the tape measure and scales have held fast on my measurements so I am happy I stayed static despite the disturbances to routine!!

I wish I enjoyed running more. I run in fab places too, with great views but it's just so tedious, sigh!

My exercise routine is up the spout a bit. I am not entirely sure what I am doing now.... I do something most days but is usually Jillian M, strength training, some running and a touch of yoga. I need to get a plan going methinks.

who knows you sound organised (like I should be) with a good plan.

shredded I hope you got your essay done and can run with a clear conscience today!

Hatti you could repeat week 2 if you are not up to tackling w3 this week. Depends on how you are feeling as to whether you are up to w2 even...

shandy well done on the running front it sounds like you are having fun envy with the running.

Must dash - out to lunch again today. Happy running one and all

Plan isn't looking too good today, so far we've had heavy rain, heavy snow, back to heavy rain and massive puddles everywhere and it's 2C out there, I really don't want to go out. Might do a bit of Wii fit instead.

Shredded I too need to do some OU work this afternoon, so I'd better get off MN and get the kettle on.

Jelli - I find it tedious at least 90% of the time too, once in a while I get a buzz from it but not regularly. Same with swimming.

Shandy - well done! That last week 5 run is a big psychological boost I think.

Hatti - hope the cold gets better soon. I have found, and one of my running friends agrees, that if the cold is all in your head you can still run, but once it's on your chest you've had it and need to rest till it shifts. I've had several enforced lazy spells away from the running where I have maybe only been out a couple of times in a month but the fitness usually gets back to normal within a week of re-starting properly.

WhoKnows that weather sounds like a very good reason not to run. I have got my OU thing in, and I WENT FOR A RUN! Only half an hour, but better than nothing. I just did week 1 for the umpteenth time and used it for speed intervals (i.e. slow and very slow). Feeling rather wheezy for the first time in ages, but it was pretty cold out.

jellibelli Sun 04-Mar-12 17:50:27

Not boasting or anything but I think I must have had the best weather today. It was a bit chilly when I ran as I forgot to take my gloves (you know the saying, the last thing I want to do is forget my gloves and sure enough the last thing I did was to forget my gloves....) but this afternoon I needed my sunnies to drive with grin.

Well, got my OU done too, and ahead a bit for next week. The weather has cleared up in the last couple of hours but I'm not going out now, will try and fit in a run tomorrow instead.

ifancyashandy Tue 06-Mar-12 19:26:52

Evening All. Hope everyone's happy and polished!

Did W6D1 today - I am LOVING running! Thing is, I am prone to depression and am slipping into a bout due to having a fairly hard time life wise at the mo (unemployment plus other issues), so running covers so many positive basis for me - the physical act of getting out of the house, the feel of fresh air, the actual endorphines and the sense of achievement. It'll all go to pot when I'm back working again, I'm sure!

melodyangel Tue 06-Mar-12 19:39:13

Ifancy - your quite right about running being a mood enhancer. Hope things get better for you soon and well done your doing really well.

Weather here cold so still running on the treadmill, was hard going today but know it will get easier, well it did last time.

ifancyashandy Tue 06-Mar-12 20:30:05

Thanks Melody & hope the weather improves for you.

jellibelli Tue 06-Mar-12 20:31:28

Well done shandy and melody.

I haven't run since sunday as I can't face it but I have done JM's Ripped yesterday and today so I am not alll bad. If I get up in time tomorrow I will run if it isn't too cold/wet/miserable, I haven't seen the forecast yet. Otherwise I may well have a day off exercise, or I may get ripped again! I am hopin to get the time to sit and do my nails tonight but as o haven't eaten yet I won't hold my breath!

Evening all,

I haven't run or swum all week (so much for the plan, just too much RL stuff going on right now). However I can report that the lower GI diet is making me feel good, I'm less tired and not getting the massive hunger pangs that I used to, so hopefully I can gradually tweak it and make myself lose some weight too.

However I have had time to pop to the shops for urgently needed retail therapy essentials and was very excited to find these little beauties in my local Boots New L'Oreal Nail Colours on 3 for 2 I am currently sporting a taupe one very similar to the OPI You Don't Know Jacques or whatever it's called.

ifancyashandy Sat 10-Mar-12 10:05:06

Morning all! Hope weather / moods / kids / partners / hangovers are conducive to running for those who want to this weekend!

I finished W7 yesterday - the 25mins was the longest I've ever run in my life! And while there were a couple of 'when will this end' moments, I did it! Stiff thigh muscles today however! Athough a long soak in a bubble bath with wine helped last night!

No running for me today but may go for a swim. And there are nails to be painted (Nails Inc Picadilli Circus, for those whom care!).

Have good day y'all!

ifancyashandy Sat 10-Mar-12 10:06:57

Sorry Who knows, meant to say, interesting about GI diet and energy. May look into that. And the nail polishes!!

melodyangel Sun 11-Mar-12 16:39:38

Well done Shandy! I can't wait to be up to those long runs again.

So we managed to break the treadmill again. angry but it gives us the push we need to start running outside again.

Have made a pact with a friend to run the marathon in 2015. So will need to keep this running malarky up now. Also hoping to learn to swim this year if I stop being such a chicken

Nail polish is lurid green, No7 fever.

jellibelli Sun 11-Mar-12 17:34:18

Well done shandy and hmm to melody on breaking the treadmill again !?! I won't ask....

No running for me again today even though it was my running day really. I got up a bit late usual iPad problem and faffed a bit tidying up and I ran out of time. I went out for lunch with DS so now I am full of lunch (only an omelette, honest) and it is still firmly in my tummy, so I don't think I'll manage to get a run in before it's dark. I will do Ripped later on instead and force myself to run before work tomorrow morning (and enjoy a whole days PRSP grin ).

I will be back on track with the running after next week as DH gets back then and I'll ask him to nag me about it. He will enjoy that as he likes us to run together....

On the plus side, at last I have respectable nails and found time to garnish them so I am now sporting deluxe chocolate if I have done it right.

Hope you all have more success than me on the running!

jellibelli Sun 11-Mar-12 17:43:35

who knows how are you getting on with the low gi?

I have been doing some reading too and had decided to reduce my carbs this week too. I have not noticed a great difference with my energy levels really. But it is difficult to compare as I generally have SO much more energy now than before I made the changes to my body, so a small increase may well have slipped by me. I was saying to a friend though that I had noticed (oh god, this is really tempting fate) that I haven't been ill since I started losing weight and watching my diet over a year ago, not even a cold. I have never gone a year without a snuffle or a throat infection. Ever.

I have noticed a greater positivity though, just a general feeling of being able to do stuff grin , perhaps that is more energy?

However, the housework remains and won't do itself so I must stop procrastinating wittering and get a grip! wink

Whoknows is sat at the computer eating apple crumble and ice cream with a streaming cold, having not run for over a week (but has beautiful nails Blue Reef).

So, the low GI Diet! Despite all the above, I think it is working, I haven't lost any weight yet but I suspect I will need to make a few more changes to achieve that. I feel a whole load better though, cold notwithstanding, energy levels are not fluctuating as wildly as they used and I'm not getting massive hunger pangs / carb carvings either. I used to get a massive dip in energy / carb craving about 2 hours after lunch (when I get home form work) and then used to stuff myself with toast only to feel the same at 6pm and stuff myself with anything to hand whilst making the dinner.

So the regime is as follows

7.30 - breakfast, old = branflakes with milk and banana, new = extra nut granola with milk and a banana

11am - snack time, old = nothing, new = slice of wholemeal bread and peanut butter or 2 oatcakes and cheese

12 - old lunch time, was starving by then
1.30 - new lunchtime - soup plus salad with protein (meat/fish/nuts)

4pm - snack time - nuts and raisins or more oatcakes+cheese

Anytime between 6 and 8 - dinner, with lower GI changes where possible.

Ahem, no running this week due to the cold and being very busy, but hoping to get back to it this week (not optimistic, the next two weeks look manic).

Jelli - love that chocolate colour! I hope my new diet leaves me cold free from now on, I've had at least 4 this winter, I usually only get about one.

Shandy - well done with Week 7, fantastic progress

Melody - I'm not a very good swimmer but am making serious efforts to improves this year. A friend of mine did an adult swimming course last term and went from being able to do one length to doing 50 front crawl non stop in the space of a term, I'm well impressed.

Better go, DCs are kicking off.

littlepinkpear Mon 12-Mar-12 07:02:54

Hello ladies I am absolutely brand new to this exercise nonesense grin but I have to run 5k with my colleagues in June blush

What app would you recommend for my iPhone?

There appears to be a nail polish theme on this thread. Chanel rouge noir on my hands, OPI fuscia on my feet grin

Can I join???

Ooh, yes, hello LittlePinkbear and welcome. Back later!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Mon 12-Mar-12 08:15:47

<sticks head round door>

Another newbie here, safety in numbers and all that grin

I have a treadmill, I have Lycra and I have trainers.

I don't have any running experience or fitness blush

Dh is a runner, so has been helping me. I've been doing the running/walking/running/walking etc for two weeks now and have been noticing small improvements. My running time is longer, my walking time is shorter and my pace is faster.

However, I have the problem that I have the strength in my legs to increase the pace, but my fitness lags behind.

I am running as I need to lose weight (am very overweight), but most importantly I need to get fit and healthy. I need to find an activity that I can do on my own, that fits in with the kids (I have a 3yo and a 10mo) and that I enjoy. Dh has always been a runner and I have always been envious that he has a sport that he enjoys rather than endures.

Right, confession over grin

Another one! <excited>

Will pop back for a proper chat once I've taken the DCs to school.

What music do you listen to when you run? I'm finding my gym playlist a little slow and dull.

littlepinkpear Mon 12-Mar-12 08:37:23

Hello I liketomove it! Safety in numbers is good.


OK, I'm back, hello to ILikeToMoveItMoveIt and alessthandomesticatedgoddess.

Iliketomoveit - I had pretty well the same reasons as you for starting, which was last year, I find it varies, sometimes my legs slow me down, sometimes my fitness. I approached it by keeping the speed down but gradually increasing the time, using the C25K plan, which meant I completed the plan but was still running quite slowly at the end of it. The fact that I was managing to complete all the running intervals kept me motivated, whereas, if I go too fast and can't complete an interval that demotivates me. You can always work on speed once you have got yourself up to being able to run 30 mins comfortably, it will all be doing you good.

Littlepinkpear - I used the NHS Choices couch to 5k podcasts on an ipod shuffle as I didn't have an Iphone then (got one now). I think they probably have an app version, their music is annoying though. I now use an App called Runkeeper, into which I have programmed all the C25K runs, I use them interspersed with longer runs. Advantage of it is that it logs your dates, distances, speeds and you can listen to your own music whilst getting prompted to walk or run at the right times. And yes, nail varnish discussion is always welcome here as a diversion


Here's my playlist, cut and pasted from Itunes so some of the artists are listed as compilations. Can you tell I'm a child of the 70s/80s.

Layla Derek And The Dominos
Milk And Alcohol Dr. Feelgood
Funky Town Dynamic Disco Hits
I Will Survive Dynamic Disco Hits
Turn To Stone Electric Light Orchestra
Sweet Talkin Woman Electric Light Orchestra
Don`t Stop Fleetwood Mac
The Chain Fleetwood Mac
David Watts The Jam
Going Underground The Jam
Town Called Malice The Jam
Pity Poor Alfie/Fever The Jam
Soul Limbo Latin Fever
Thriller Michael Jackson
Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) Mika
My Generation Music Of The Millennium
Oliver's Army Music Of The Millennium
Heart Of Glass Music Of The Millennium
Teenage Kicks Music Of The Millennium
Crazy Little Thing Called Love Queen
Don't Stop Me Now Queen
Walk this way Run DMC with Aerosmith
It's Not Unusual Tom Jones
I Hear You Knocking Dave Edmunds
Chiry Chirpy Cheep Cheep Middle Of The Road
Mouldy Old Dough Lieutenant Pigeon
Tiger Feet Mud
Made Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel
Y.M.C.A. The Village People
Together We Are Beautiful Fern Kinney
Give It Up K.C. & The Sunshine Band
Relax Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Dancing In The Street David Bowie & Mick Jagger
Black Betty [Album Version] Ram Jam
The Final Countdown [Single Version] Europe
More Than A Feeling [Album Version] Boston
Up Around The Bend Hanoi Rocks
Bat Out Of Hell [Album Version] Meat Loaf

Can also recommend Running CD

Off to download. Thank you!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Mon 12-Mar-12 10:19:02

Thank you for the welcome ladies [smiles]

What you said about speed whoknows is what dh said. Keep the speed down and aim for distance.

I love your playlist too. I dug out my mini iPod and am running to some r&b and dance tunes that I put on there when I got it <ahem> 6 years ago! I think it may need updating, but the big bumping choones seem to work for me. Saying that, I used dh's iPod and was quite happy running along to War of the Worlds! grin

Funnily enough, I have been painting my finger nails for the first time in years but my nails don't seem to like it. Once I take the polish off they peel angry I wouldn't mind but I apply base coat and all that guff. Maybe the remover is causing it? ........

I too have been suffering with flaky nails, there is some very good (if a trifle expensive) advice on this thread nail help.

jellibelli Mon 12-Mar-12 22:47:06

OOh hello there littlepink , moveit and goddess ! Welcome.

"Don't panic, never panic" (sorry OBEM quote!), I was a confirmed non exerciser and non nail varnish wearer and somehow i am now an exerciser and am sporting 'chocolate' on my fingernails - miracles really do happen......

My DH has been a runner for 30 years and is delighted to have helped me get running. When he is home we run together (although we weigh him down to make up for my lack of speed grin, which even I will admit to being fun, as we've never really shared a hobby like this before. We also do JM dvds and I plan to hit the gym with him too before long.

I used this plan as i don't have a clever enough phone/ipod. I also use this to plot and measure my routes, as well as DH and his stopwatch, for timing when required..

whoknows i may have misread but Fat Bottomed Girls seems to be missing from your list....?

No running for me today. I didn't get round tuit. I did 'Get Ripped' with JM this morning though, so i am not all bad.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Tue 13-Mar-12 16:09:12

Thanks for the flaky nail advice. Another one started flaking yesterday, grrrrr

If all goes to plan, tonight will be a run night. I am sticking with the same pattern that i used on Friday and Sunday (75 secs running then 45 secs walking), and plan to stick with that until I feel like I dont want to die at the end!

Will report back later.

What are you trying to say Jelli? <looks at self in mirror, admits it might be a fair point>

Well, still no running blush, I am streaming with a cough and cold, did feel a bit of a pang at all the people I saw running while I have been out and about today, aiming to get started again on Friday. I've just broken a nail sad but gives me an excuse to re-do my manicure later.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Tue 13-Mar-12 20:26:48

Oh gawd that was difficult.

I wasn't in the right mood to start with (tired and ds was a pita during dinner), and on all of my previous runs, by the end I have felt I can give more. But this is the 3rd time I have done the same run and it doesn't feel any easier. Dh warned me about this (he waffled on about ripping muscle fibres during last week, then them healing this week which makes it harder. or something along those lines, I lost interest blush )

However, I will keep the faith and run again on Friday smile

I hope the cold gets better soon whoknows, there's lots of it about here.

I do the have The Shred DVD ............. but it is still in it's cellophane blush

Dh has a romantic dream about us going out running together. He probably pictures us running along hand in hand, while ever practical me is thinking 'and who will look after the kids?' grin

littlepinkpear Tue 13-Mar-12 21:42:05

Right. Day 1, Week 1 of couch to 5k completed as I had to start somewhere.

5 mins walk, 60 secs run, 90 secs walk for about 30 mins. Felt completely unnatural as I bounced along on the treadmill but I made it the whole way through! Will pay for it in the morning smile

One question - I only did 3.5km as I wasnt going very fast at all blush is this normal or should I be going quicker and further.

I need a brew

Very normal I'd say, in fact pretty good for your first run. I didn't have any means of measuring my distance when I first started but when Idid week 9 I was still only doing about 4km, running for the whole 30 mins, so well done!

jellibelli Tue 13-Mar-12 23:38:00

who knows I didn't mean anything personal about YOU blush I just thought we all had Fat Bottomed Girls on our music. No offence intended. Hope you are feeling better soon though and commiserations on the nail. I hate it when it happens sad angry

Well done move it and little pink I was doing it out there in the 'real world' so have no idea what distance I covered when doing the timed intervals. It wasn't until I started measuring miles that I monitored distances.

Don't be worried about challenging your body. Miraculously if you can complete the run as required by your plan, you
are ready to move up to the next step when it comes even though you are not 'daisy fresh' grin at the end.

Anyway no running for me again today. I really will try to go out for 30 mins tomorrow to make a change from Jillianing. No work tomorrow so fingers crossed.

coostoonettle Wed 14-Mar-12 06:37:46

(sneaks in, sits in corner, panic setting in that I have now set my goal and told my pt, reading thread talk.......ew at toenail issues)

jellibelli Wed 14-Mar-12 07:43:22

Hi coostoonettle don't worry, you'll be ok, it's tough at times but it will work, honest! You'll be so pleased you decided to do it. grin

Intending to stop MNing at 8am and go running.

Hello all - it's so long since I posted this dropped off threads I'm on blush. lovely to see so many new people joining grin - I will have a look through later and try and reply properly.

I have been exercising but not running much because my knee is still sore. I ran one morning last week, which wasn't too bad, but did a long-ish walk (8 or 9 miles) at the weekend in converse instead of decent shoes and it has really hurt since then. I'm travelling for work this week and went to the hotel gym last night for a go on the treadmill but every time I cranked it up to a run my knee really hurt. I have my yoga DVD in my laptop from last time I travelled so will wake myself up with that instead this morning.

Am sporting OPI Miami Beet on my toes, since that it where I am for the next few days smile.

WhoKnows we were out for dinner with a friend who has type 1 diabetes on Friday. He went low-carb on the advice of his doctor and has lost 15 kilos, halved his insulin intake and reduced his HbA1c by 2 points. Not bad going!

That's interesting Shredded, DH has been told he needs to get his HBA1c down a bit by the nurse but not been given any proper advice as to how withoutrisking hypos I don't think it's alarmingly high but has crept up in the last year. Did your friend find it hard to make the dietary changes, is it an exteme low carb diet?

Sorry Nettie, directed you over here and then disappeared, been at work. Are you running already as part of your gym routine? Have you come across the Couch to 5k plan? The people on this thread range from those who started at the beginning of last year to those who have just started out, so there's plenty of friendly advice and inspiration. Just ask away!

That Miami Beet is nice Shredded, not dissimilar to my Rimmel Urban Purple. I think I need to switch over to my summer system of painted toes and bare or Nail Envy only on fingers, my poor fingernails have not taken well to being manicured on average twice a week all winter and are flaky, whereas my toes have recovered from the same last summer.

NeilsBoar Wed 14-Mar-12 20:49:11

Hello! Are men allowed on this thread?

I've just done W1D1 - which is quite an achievement as last time I ran I go intense shin splints after 5 mins... Went for gait analysis and bought hideously expensive shoes yesterday and managed 20 mins run/walk without shin splints. Hurrah!

I've just lost a bit of weight through commuting to work by bike and recording all my calories - so I thought I'd do something I've been fancying for a while and have a go at a triathlon. So I'm upping my cycling miles, doing a couple of swims a week and doing C25K. Hoping to do the Wilmslow triathlon on May 13th!

And is nail polish compulsory?

Well, we are very inclusive on this thread, anyone is allowed, nail varnish or no nail varnish! And people with scientific sounding nicknames always make me smile smile. Sounds as though you have made a good start Neils, gait analysis and the proper shoes make such a difference, and good to have a target to work towards. How far do you have to run in a triathlon?

coostoonettle Wed 14-Mar-12 21:09:16

grin grin i am a complete newby, have done a couple of 8 minute interspersed runs so know nothing and only joined thread yesterday but i definately think that nail varnish is compulsory for men neilsboar. wink

whoknows no prob at all i was going to lurk for a while. i have been done some interpersed with walking but have divulged my secret to my pt so i expect more running is imminent.

jellibell thanks for the welcome smile

Off to do some power plating and then flaking. I may start my run on Friday morning as instead of grumbling about lack of lie in (dh turn to do breakfast) I thought if i get up and try for 5 minutes i will definately feel much better for it.

I have also downloaded the Couch to 25k app so might try that too.

For now tara. Good luck with running and shredding grin

NeilsBoar Wed 14-Mar-12 21:10:22

There's hopefully a nod to radio4 in my nickname too; but that may be more subtle (or just me being odd).

The run is 5.6k so couch25k is pretty much the perfect program for it. There's just the matter of a 400m swim and 26k of cycling to do first... Tonight I cycled straight to the running track from work (8k) so hopefully I'm getting a feel for doing the different disciplines back-to-back.

I'm more of a 5Live person so Radio 4 references tend to pass me by...

Hoping to get out and run on Friday myself, I've got a chesty cough but it is getting better, tomorrow is too busy anyway but I don't work on Friday. Not sure what I will do, I've been alternating 30 min slow runs with Week 1 or 2 sessions used as interval training to increase speed, but have missed my last week or so due to this cough and being busy so am expecting to be a bit off form.

Nettie - have you got proper running shoes? Very important. <ought to be on commission to running shops>

jellibelli Wed 14-Mar-12 22:45:47


I just wrote a long saga and it has timed me out as i was sooooo long writing it. I am sulking now and can't face reapeating myself.

Except welcome Neils and keep up the transitions work as i think that is key to making it easier less hard (DH has done some tris).

May run in the morning if i get up early enough.

<Huffs off>

LinzerTorte Thu 15-Mar-12 08:26:18

Morning all,

I'm still here, if not running or sporting anything other than Original Nail Envy (had a lovely manicure a couple of weeks ago, but my nails are in a dreadful state so I'm giving them a rest now). As I told WhoKnows on another thread just now, I really am going to get my knee seen to next week. Although am also wondering whether all my problems would be solved if I got my gait analysed. grin

Hi nettie, good to see you here too. smile

Welcome NeilsBoar. Is the Radio 4 reference a nod to a certain pigman?

NeilsBoar Thu 15-Mar-12 17:54:41

Linzer I think you may have got it.

Would toenails do or does it have to be fingernails? At least with toenails it would just be strange looks in the pool grin

As for the training; I got up at 6 this morning and went and did 400m in the pool - wasn't too bad given I haven't swum seriously since I was a teenager. I did half and half breast stroke and front crawl and did it in about 15 mins so not too bad. My arms are seriously out of shape though, could barely get the cycling jersey on afterwards (took 2 attempts!!) will have to go for one with a zip all the way down the front in future.

The transition wasn't too bad, but I'm going to wait for it to warm up a bit before I start wearing a proper tri-suit and doing the cycle into work wet as it was 5C out this morning!

coostoonettle Fri 16-Mar-12 07:32:30

Hiya Everyone

W1d1 does it count if I did half well a bit more than half. I had 8.36 to do when I stopped grin

Wow 400m swim well done.

Hiya linzer grin what's this gait analysis thing.

Waves to everyone. grin

Morning all, <waves to all>, welcome coostoonettle and Neilsboar and anyone else I've missed.

Linzer - let me know how you get on with your knee. Mine is still really sore, but that's partly because I've treadmilled for three days to avoid hanging out in the bar with some of my colleagues

WhoKnows - I think my friends has been low carbing quite strictly - e.g. he didn't have any bread or pudding. But he did drink plenty of wine. He was saying that the advice he got in the US was very different to the UK, and mentioned a book his Dr recommended. I'll get him to tell me what it is called and send it to you. My DH (despite being whippet thin and very fit) has just been diagnosed with high cholesterol, so it was quite entertaining listening to the chaps swapping diet tips.

Neils - good that you have set yourself a goal. I think it really helps to have something to aim towards to keep you motivated.

Nettle - gait analysis is when you get your feet and running style checked out by people who know what they are looking at so you can get trainers that suit your style, which in turn is supposed to stop you getting injured. I apparently have high arches and do not pronate very much whatever that means. Once you know what kind of trainers you need you can look out for them in the sales/on eBay <makes mental note to go and get checked out in case trainers are worn out and making knee hurt>

Hey jelli, did you ever enter a half marathon? I'm hoping to do another one in May and have entered a couple of 5 mile/10k runs in April and June.

Well done Nettie, good start.

Gait analysis is where you go to a running shop (not a Sports Direct sort of place but an independent one usually) and they put you on a treadmill and video your feet as you run, then they can recommend shoes that specifically support your feet and legs as you run. Trainers vary hugely as some people feet turn in, some turn out etc, getting the right ones can make a huge difference in terms of comfort and avoiding injury, but of course it isn't cheap and you are looking at £70-£90 for the shoes. I would say it was absolutely essential if you are going to run seriously though.

x-posted with Shredded - waves! Neither of us has high cholesterol, so that's good at least. I think DH knows he needs to look at his diet but is being lazy. He also doesn't like veg very much so fills his plate with meat and carbs then eats masses of fruit, none of which is brilliant GI wise. If you can find out the name of the book that would be great, thanks.

I'm crying off (again!), I feel really rough still, chest full of cold, sinuses aching.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Fri 16-Mar-12 18:30:21

Just done another run/walk combo. It was much easier than Tuesday night which has given me a boost. I hope to do the same run on Sunday and if it feels as good as it did tonight I am going to aim to increase the amount of run/walk combo's as I don't feel I can reduce my walking time, but I do feel that I could do some more run/walk combo's.

I also felt more comfortable with my pace this time and I find if I zone out and don't analyse EVERYTHING (my pace, speed, how knackered I feel etc etc) it's a bloody sight easier.

Well done ILike. I sometimes ditch my phone and just go out for half an hour or so no music, no timing, nothing and it is very liberating. I'm one of nature's analysers, and if I'm timing myself on a regular route but find I'm slightly slower I do spend the rest of the run thinking about headwinds, uncomfy socks, what I ate for lunch, you name it and doing anything except just enjoying the run. Good to do different things on different days IMO.

jellibelli Fri 16-Mar-12 18:54:55

No running for me today (I did run yesterday though to make up for being lazy on wednesday) I did Ripped L4 with Jillian instead. I think I need to do one more session with her tomorrow or Sunday and that'll be me ripped! I wish!

I think i will do Kill Buns and Thighs next since I have it anyway and I haven't done it yet. I fear it'll kill my legs though.....

But DH is home in the near future and now I have mentioned doing a half marathon Shredded I think he is fairly keen on finding one to do, and will want to crack on with the running training. Unfortunately we will probably have to bin the half I found before as DD is on study leave then and I'd prefer not to leave her on her own while she is trying to study.

Hope you are feeling better WhoKnows.

Well done ILike. Did you get out today?

jelli if your DD is anything like my DS1, that sounds like a wise decision!

I hope you have all have lovely Mothering Sundays. It's not Mothers' Day for a while here, so we haven't done anything special - just a walk in the park. The blossom has started to come out and it looks lovely.

I ran 5 miles yesterday - since I've entered a 10k in 3 weeks time I need to up my distance again. It's a lap of Central Park, but in the opposite direction to the way I (and almost everyone else) usually run it, and it was jolly hard work - the hills were all in the wrong places, and I hadn't realised how much I relied on my usual landmarks to tell me where I was.

Have a good week y'all!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sun 18-Mar-12 21:42:18

I was about to ask you where you are Shredded, but the mention of Central Park somewhat gave it away grin I am v impressed that you ran 5 miles. That distance seems a long way off for me, but somehow still achievable as I feel like I am making progress (albeit a small amount) with each run.

I did run this morning (a Mothers Day treat hmm grin ) I added one more run/walk combo and I ran for the longest time yet. So am feeling stupidly pleased with myself. I am out tomorrow night, so I plan to run again on Tuesday night.

I couldn't seem to zone out today though, I will have to find out what it is that I zone out to and practice it more often.

ILike - I was about where you are now this time last year smile. Just keep at it and you will be running 5k in a few weeks.

I don't often manage to zone out, but when I do it's usually when I'm running downhill, I'm in my stride and have the right song on grin.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Tue 20-Mar-12 19:33:07

I got to do another run this evening. It was hard work (again), but for the first 2/3rds of the run I did feel like I was recovering quicker than before, so I can see there is light at the end of the tunnel with reducing the walking times again.

Once I can run continously (sp?) I will feel that I can say I am a runner grin

Honu Wed 21-Mar-12 07:59:26

Hi - I followed the link from the housekeeping page. While clearing out I found a skipping rope. She who used to be able to do 30 'bumps' in a row now could only manage 10 poxy ordinary skips. Age creeps up on you sad. So this is my attempt to do something about it.

I bought a cheap mp3 player (not a big fan of being outside with music; prefer birdsong, but needs must). Spent quite some time yesterday learning how to use it and downloading the nhs week 1 podcast.

This morning dog and I went out for normal 45 min walk. I managed to finish 6 runs and then we ran out of walk. Longer dog route next time grin. I am very prepared to spend several weeks on each stage - the goal is fitness, not running per se.

Not good with nails. Need to stop biting cuticles blush. Any product advice?

Hello Honu, well done! I agree totally about the music and outdoors and birdsong (music festivals would be a waste of a peaceful camping trip for me for example) but actually quite like running with music sometimes. Got to dash now, but will be back later.

ps I can only do 2 or 3 skips with DD's skipping rope

LinzerTorte Wed 21-Mar-12 08:42:53

I've just been out for my second run this week. shock I decided to start again at Wk 3, which is where I left off last time, so have just done W3R2. My leg only starts getting a bit uncomfortable in the last couple of intervals but I've finally got round to making an appointment to go and see about it, so am hoping I'll get the bottom of what's causing the problems.

Welcome Honu. smile My nails are in an awful state at the moment, but I'm using OPI Nail Envy (although I'm using the original one, not the matte) in an attempt to get them looking halfway decent again.

Honu Wed 21-Mar-12 09:42:12

Linzer Was going to say my nails are OK, it's the cuticles that are the problem, but I've just looked at them and they are awful. Any nail stuff I have used in the past has made the cuticles stiffer and therefore more inviting to chew blush. Any ideas anyone?

I've been rubbing my cuticles with a jojoba oil based balm (Lush Ultrabland) which keeps them softer and neater, I've still got one rogue one which refuses to neaten up though, its in a right state.

Oooh, another cuticle chewer! Welcome Honu smile

Waves to Linzer, glad you are getting out again and that you have made an appointment.

WhoKnows - how is your cold/cough? Hope you are feeling better

I am still coughing and blowing Shredded but not to the point where it excuses my lack of exercise, going to try and fit in a run tomorrow. I have concluded that while my new food regime is working well for controlling carb cravings, the later lunch conflicts with my running slot of 2pm so I need to rejig again.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Wed 21-Mar-12 14:14:47

Welcome Honu I've only been running for a couple of weeks, and for me it's about fitness too, although I would like to enjoy running.

I haven idea about cuticles, sorry. For some reason I have naturally soft and neat cuticles, my nails however are another matter at the moment .......

jellibelli Sat 24-Mar-12 12:00:12

DH is home now so I have been outrunning with him this week. We are just about to go now for another 3 miler but luckily no mention of a half marathon so far! But he has booked a secret trip for the two of us. Intriguing....

Happy running everyone

Oooh Jelli, a secret trip! What fun!

WhoKnows, glad the new food regime is working. I need to sort my life out and lose a bit of weight - the weather has changed here and all my clothes from last spring/summer have shrunk over the winter grin.

I haven't done much running this week in fact I didn't run at all, and only shredded once. But I did 6.7 miles this morning in the Park to get ready for my next10K which I just realised is in 2 weeks shock. So will need to get some miles in this week and next.

NeilsBoar Sun 25-Mar-12 10:38:44

Well, I've been off with a cold this week; got back on the bike about half way through the week and did W2D2 yesterday morning on the way to by croissants grinblush.

Left shin felt ever so slightly sore which is a little worrying, NHS guidance says to stop running for 2 weeks if shin splints actually come in properly... Its struck me that I'm using a running track and always going the same way around, so I might alternate directions and see what the effect of that is.

jellibelli Sun 25-Mar-12 12:38:48

Just back from a hilly 4miler with DH. As you know we've been running separately for the last while and he is a lot quicker than me again so we weighed him down with ankle weights to make us more evenly paced. I was still more tired than him, perhaps because I have been skiving off running focusing on Jillianing and weigh training for the last few months. Anyway I have noticed my running is much less hard than when he first came home. Hurrah!

Apparently I don't particularly need my running stuff for our trip, so a half marathon isn't on the cards. We will be taking our running stuff with us anyway I am sure. At the moment I intend to be surprised by this trip although half the fun for me is planning what we shall do when we are there so I may give in and ask again nearer the time. I usually do the holiday search so this is very strange.

Neilsboar have you got new, properly fitted footwear? If not that won't help your injury. Can you run on tracks rather than on Tarmac, or are you on a special running surface?

Shredded you'll be fine for the 10k, all you are doing now is working to get your time lower. I hope the weather will be better than your last jaunt shock although you don't want it too warm do you? (I was overdressed today in my long legs and long sleeves - ooops)

Whoknows hope you are feeling better now and are out running.

Linzer really glad you have made the appointment and hope you don't have too long to wait for it.

Hello Honu hope the 'dog walking' is coming along.

NeilsBoar Sun 25-Mar-12 14:36:15

Yes, I went for gait analysis and am wearing Brooks Endurance GTSes. The track is a cinder track, so has some give; equally it was quite cold so I think that may have made the track harder and may mean I wasn't quite as warm before I started... My next run will be an afternoon one on the way home from work, so I and the track should be much warmer.

Hello, I'm a returned to c25k - managed as far as week 5 a few years back then knee pain followed by bunion surgery on both feet put paid to running for a while grin.

But I'm back now, week 1 under my belt and raring to get stuck into week 2. I used Cool Running Rawb last time, but think I prefer the NHS music this time round. My ultimate end goal is to do a marathon, but short term I need to get the end of c25k before May half term as we're off on holiday, and I need a beach body rather than my existing one wink.

Can't help with nail stuff, sorry.

Evening all,

Welcome Ishall and well done for getting started again, May half term sounds like a very reasonable time frame for finishing the programme.

Neils - sounds like a good idea to change direction on your track, might even out the impact on your legs.

I've finally been back out again today, took it easy and did a slow 25 minutes, my chest felt quite tight towards the end even though I wasn't really getting too out of breath, I haven't quite got rid of this cough yet it seems. However I needed to get out again or I was never going to do it. It was lovely to not have to bother with jacket, hat, gloves etc, contrast to a few weeks ago when it was still freezing.

LinzerTorte Sun 25-Mar-12 22:05:08

I'm actually missing my jacket and hat, WhoKnows. Well, the hat mainly - it stopped my hair getting frizzy. It was OK this morning as I washed my hair straight afterwards, but I really don't have time to wash my hair every other day (it's very dry so doesn't need washing more than every 4-5 days). I went out at about 9 am this morning and it was already far too hot for me; I found myself looking in vain for some shade most of the time.

Anyway, Week 3 is now done and for once I had absolutely no problems with my knee/leg. I knew this would happen as soon as I made the appointment. I'm sure the problem hasn't miraculously cleared up, however, so I'll just have to make sure I get out regularly so that I can remember exactly what I need to complain about. grin

Welcome IShall - I've also had my running rudely interrupted by knee pain recently, although I did manage to complete C25k before it set in. It's been about four months since I last ran 5k, however, so I've gone back to the beginning.

Neils Hope the shin splint doesn't get any worse. I pass by a baker's towards the end of my run, but the fact that I'm hot, sweaty and out of breath generally means I'm too embarrassed to go in. grin

jelli Ooh, how exciting about the trip. DH arranged a mystery trip for me once, many moons ago; I didn't find out where we were going until we were at the airport (it was Paris; one of my first thoughts was, "oh no, I suppose that means I'll have to speak French." blush).

Shredded You are putting me us all to shame with your 10ks. envy grin

NeilsBoar Mon 26-Mar-12 17:21:48

Well, I did W2D2 today - this time I did some shin splint exercises before starting and a longer bike ride and the weather was much warmer. I did the opposite way around the track and my shins felt much better... So I'm cautiously optimistic.

Plus I made it round 2 mins faster than Saturday (!)

WhoKnows, I find once I'm passed the 'peak' in a cough/cold cycle then going out and exercising helps (rather than makes it worse like it seems to early on); hopefully that will be the case for you.

Linzer, I've commuted across Stockport/South Manchester for years whilst overweight and in lycra; so it takes more than being slightly sweaty in a bakers before I hit my embarrassment threshold grin.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Mon 26-Mar-12 20:44:17

I am still here and have been doing good running, I've just not had time to get on MN.

I ran on Friday, and again tonight. On Fridays run I definitely felt that my walking intervals of 45 seconds was too long. So I reduced it by 15 seconds tonight and it felt fine, so I am feeling chuffed with myself - if not a little blush when other people talk about doing 10k grin

Sounds as though you've all had good runs today. Pilates class for me today so no running, but I am looking forward to getting back out again on Wednesday.

Neil I find I can run through colds if all the symptoms are in my head (sinuses etc) but if it settles on my chest that is harder, this one is a bit of both, but just a tickly cough and runny nose now, so hopefully I'll be back to top form soon.

Nails are still having a break.

Been out again today, another slow run but did another km or so, to take me back up to 30mins. Definitely not in the mood for timing/measuring at the moment, just getting back in the habit.

Must dash, want to watch the Apprentice in a minute.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Thu 29-Mar-12 08:48:21

I ran again last night. The same as Monday night, but with a longer run at the end to finish off. My aim is to do the same on Friday with a view to upping my running time but keeping the walking time the same.

I ran to War of the Worlds as my iPod battery was flat, so had to use dh's. It was quite good listening actually. Good paced music and listening to the story took my mind off feeling hot and sweaty grin

My nails are resting too, although I think I may do my toes. I have a lovely dark blue/purple that I haven't used yet.

I did my toes last night, Maybelline Really Rosy. My feet had their first venture into sandals yesterday and looked really washed out, so it had to be done but I'm back in shoes today for work.

I've wondered about listening to audiobooks or podcasts when running Ilike, never got around to downloading any though. DH has masses of books but they aren't the sort of thing I'm into. I find War of The Worlds a bit upsetting, but it is one of DH's favourites. I had a spell of listening to Rumours by Fleetwood Mac while running last year, that was very enjoyable, must try that again.

Ooh Rumours, one of my favourites!

I find running to podcasts/books makes me even slower than my usual slowness.

I was very good and went out early on Monday morning and had a good run, but have not done anything since. I was planning to go today, but have to be in work early. Oh well, tomorrow is another day grin.

Thank you WhoKnows for the Rumours suggestion. I had forgotten that i'd bought it on iTunes ages ago (iTunes was kind enough to tell me I didn't need to buy it again grin). I ran to it this morning. Only problem was my shuffle shuffled the order of the tracks so it didn't sound "right".

Have good weekends everyone. I'm making the most of being home alone before DH and DS's arrive on Monday.

jellibelli Sat 31-Mar-12 08:52:08

Hi All, I've been a bit slack this week with the running as I haven't managed any since the weekend. I have jillianed each day except Wednesday so I am not all bad!

No music offerings from me as DH is my current entertainment while I'm running and he's not easy to send through the Internet! I have no nail garnish either as I broke the nail on my middle finger right hand on Wednesday si I will not be wearing any for some time! I have a week and a half off work now too (hurrah!) so I hope to get in the garden and I think that will probably result in ages more nail deaths....

I will run this morning and hopefully tomorrow so I am allowed on the thread again - honest guv'nor.

How's everyone else doing?

ifancyashandy Sat 31-Mar-12 09:00:43

Urrgh, sorry Miss for my absence, but I've been very poorly. Proper flu. Most ill. Poor me!

I did try and run on Weds & because it had been 10 days, I thought I'd do W7 again. Epic fail. Could barely do 3 mins before totally exhausted with an unbelievable stitch that I just couldn't lose. And it had been 2 hrs since I'd eaten (any thoughts / ideas on that?)

Haven't tried again as still slightly bunged up but am going to go to pilates or for a swim today. Gentle exercise to get stamina back. But I'm missing the running

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sat 31-Mar-12 21:48:33

Had a run this evening, gawd it was tough. It started off and finished ok, but the middle bit was a complete bitch confused I was hoping to increase my running time next week, I really hope it's not such hard work.

I have a lovely colour on my toe nails. It is a No7 and it's called violetta. It's a dark blue/purple gloss. I like it more than I thought I would.

Don't underestimate how long it takes to get over the flu Shandy, when I have had it it has taken me weeks to return to normal.

Oh dear Shandy, proper flu is awful. Take it easy!

Well done ILike. Some runs seem to go better than others, hopefully your next one will be better.

So jelli, did you get out? Have you noticed there are some other posters with similar names? I keep thinking I have bumped into you on other threads but it is one of your impersonators grin.

I have had a very long run today. DH suggested that a good way of getting ready for next week's 10k was to run further than that, so that next week would feel easy. Honestly, if anyone had told me a year ago when I was finishing C25K that I'd be running for two hours and actually enjoying myself I would have fallen off my chair laughing.

ifancyashandy Sun 01-Apr-12 00:11:47

Thanks guys «manly punch to shoulder» & fabulous 2 hour run!! Most envious!

Did manage 30 lengths of a 25 metre pool with no stoping. 22 mins & felt breathless & hot but not exhausted.

Back to running Monday!

But best of all, I've not smoked for two weeks!! I'm a total social smoker & can go for days or weeks without if there's no booze involved. But hate it & bought an electronic fag. Been drinking tonight & haven't had a fag! So pleased!!!

Well done on both points IFAS. DH and I are both ex-smokers - like you DH could go weeks without smoking, smoke loads on a night out and stop again for weeks, while I was a more regular smoker. I look back and shudder at younger self puffing away - 3 of my grandparents were smokers and 3 all of them died relatively young of heart attacks/strokes. The non-smoker lived to a healthy 89.

Great swimming too. I'd love to be a better swimmer. A girl I work with was quite a high-level swimmer at university and does triathlons. She keeps trying to persuade me to do a mini one with her. I'd be fine at the run, and OK on a bike but rubbish at the swim.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

jellibelli Sun 01-Apr-12 11:13:30

I did get out for a run yestrday, about 50mins (freedom of no watch again, hurrah!) it was a lovely run and was briefly tempted to continue with DH to go 'over the hill' instead of around the bottom, but wimped out. I think it may be challenge to work up to though.

I haven't run this morning as MNing in bed as I intend to do some Jillian this evening with some sprinting. DH did some sprinting sessions with DS for rugby training last week and was surprised at the difference it has made to his speed and stamina, so I am going to give it a whirl.

Shredded why not agree to doing a triathlon in return for some swim training from your friend?

Impressed by anyone who has given up smoking. Well done! Truly.

jellibelli Sun 01-Apr-12 11:14:43

PS I think I am the jellibelli imposter as the y spellings had already gone. But <wave back> if you said hello!

NeilsBoar Sun 01-Apr-12 20:07:41

W3D2 done earlier today; did it directly after a 14k cycle ride so was properly warmed up. I've been doing the shin splint exercises and stretches, but have still had a touch of soreness - not shin splints proper, but enough to make me take plenty of care on technique... Have been RICEing after each run too.

14k cycle ride was a bit worrying - historically I'd have expected to be averaging about 15-16 mph over the distance with only a couple of hundred feet of climbing; but was down at 14mph today. I have rather kitted out my bike for the commute rather than out and out speed and I think that may be the cause; can't undo many of the things I've done so I may just have to live with being slow or try and find a way to obtain a faster bike.

My swim time is pretty poor too so it looks like I need to focus on technique there...

Shredded I'm rather enjoying the triathlon training - the swim is only about 15% of the time, the majority is on the bike. Currently I'm just hoping to finish before they shut the course blush

ifancyashandy Sun 01-Apr-12 20:30:50

Blimey Neils, well done you! 14k?!? <faints>

Quick question to you more knowledgeable sorts... I want to go for a run before getting ready for work tomorrow. So was thinking 6am (I am normally up at this time so no biggie) but I normally eat and leave it 2hrs before exercising. Obviously can't so this tomorrow (I ain't getting up at 4am! grin).

So, is it ok to run on empty so to speak? Or just have, say, a banana and then head out the door?

Any tips gratefully received!

NeilsBoar Sun 01-Apr-12 20:37:38

ifancy closer inspection of the route tracking software shows my GPS was on the blink and I reckon it lost a couple of k and hence the low average... Still 14k on the bike is nowhere near as impressive as it sounds; its surprisingly easy to sustain a decent pace on the bike; I think its down to being able to deliver the power (what there is of it) in a very smooth fashion rather than running which is very high impact.

Personally I'd have something light before going out; I reckon, based on commuting 20-30 mins to work by bike, you'd get away without eating if its less than half an hour of running, but much more than that and I suspect you'll feel truly shocking...

LinzerTorte Sun 01-Apr-12 20:45:46

Shandy When we were on holiday in Italy last summer, I wanted to go out as early as possible before it got too hot so went out straight after breakfast but ended up feeling slightly sick while I was running. When we got back, I still needed to go out early as the DC were at home and DH leaves fairly early for work, so would eat half a banana; it staved off the hunger pangs until I got back but didn't feel like it was too much.

Still reploughing my way through C25k. I did W5R1 today and could feel my knee and leg getting a bit achy towards the end, but it wasn't too painful. I've got the appointment re my knee tomorrow and I'm going to have to make sure I don't play it down.

In more exciting news, we were supposed to be going to my ILs for a couple of days at the end of the week but DH confessed last night that he's booked us a couple of nights at a hotel in Vienna instead. grin He asked whether there was anything particular I wanted to do while we're there - I said yes, go to the famous Tony's running shop (well, two fellow runners have told me about it) and have gait analysis done. grin

w3r1 tonight which was surprisingly easy, although my shins are feeling it now - someone mentioned specific exercises for shin splints, where would I find those on the internets?

For any lurkers who are thinking tentatively about taking the plunge - the first week is the hardest of the first few weeks especially if you are as seriously unfit as I am, if you look at the plan you panic a bit, but honestly, get week one over and done with, and the rest is much much easier than it looks grin. If I can do it, anyone can.

NeilsBoar Sun 01-Apr-12 21:05:37

Ishall link to shin splint exercises - there is an awful lot of scary stuff on the internet about shin splints; I'm being as careful as I can as I get the impression that just 'running through it' could be a very bad move... Shoes are important too (apparently), I went for gait analysis and ended up with stability shoes. The only problem with doing all these things is I've no idea which (if any) of them are doing anything to help!

IFAS/Shandy (what do you like to be called?!) - I usually run first thing and have either coffee or a berocca and a banana before I go out, then something like porridge when I get back. If I'm really organised I make a banana milkshake in the blender the night before (I find it easier to drink that eat first thing). DH reckons it's bad for the heart to run on caffeine, but has not produced any proof of his theory grin. An alternative I haven't tried, but DH has been doing before setting off on a long run, is to have one of those running gels with some water just to give him a carb boost (some of them contain caffeine, which blows his theory grin).

It's all apparently to do with being able to access enough glycogen to feed your muscles, and Neil's commuting experience a perfect example - you are supposed to have enough stored for about 30 minutes of exercise, but then your body has to start converting fat into glycogen, which is when you start to feel awful (sorry to sound such a geek - I looked at this in a fair amount of depth before a half marathon back in January).

Linzer - glad you are still working through, and that you are seeing the doctor about your knee. Let us know how you get on. And a few days in Vienna sounds heavenly - all that coffee and cake <yum> as well as a running shop!

Ishall - well done. C25K is such a great programme, anyone can do it. It's all in the mind.

Jelli - good thought on the swim coaching. I am old enough to be my colleague's mother grin and not sure if I want to reveal my lumps and bumps in a swimming costume to her grin. Swimming is really expensive here - as you can imagine pools are few and far between. The triathlon she is doing means swimming in the ocean shock. The other jelly people have numbers in their names so I still reckon you were first.

Oh, and thanks to Neil I have downloaded The Archers Omnibus. I stopped listening after Nigel's untimely demise but have been sucked back in grin.

LinzerTorte Sun 01-Apr-12 22:40:53

Shredded I am in bed listening to the Archers podcast as I type. grin Am several weeks behind, though (I always listen in bed but keep falling asleep while I'm listening).

ifancyashandy Sun 01-Apr-12 23:14:28

Thanks for the replies & tips. I shall have a banana! I have porridge every day, so will have that when I get back.

And call me what you want. Just don't call me Shirley grin

jellibelli Sun 01-Apr-12 23:46:05

Fortunately for me I don't know anything about shin splints, so I can't help, sorry.

I didn't run today. Or Jillian. But I did dig for a while, does that count a little bit? We did mean to run this evening but we were digging for too long (prep for new lawn, deep joy!) and it was time to come in and feed the DCs.

I run/exercise on an empty stomach in the morning, even our long Sunday runs and I feel ok, but we don't really run for more than one hour. I think a banana sounds like a good idea.

I am also an Archers fan and am also a couple of weeks behind. Small world!

Shredded don't worry about colleague, her 20 year old body will be wasted on her as she will still be full of self doubt and self criticism at her age and won't appreciate it anyway. Go and grab the free tips!! grin

Linzer full marks to DH, cake and gait analysis, perfect! Hope it goes well with the knee, do let us know how you get on.

I am off work for a week and a half and actually have DH and both DCs home together all at once too, so, hopefully a good week coming up. Hope everyone else enjoys it too.wink

I started to get sucked in last time I was in the UK - I was driving north on the Friday night with the episode when they had the open meeting about the new dairy, with Roooooth getting all passionate about cows needing to be outside eating grass.

LinzerTorte Mon 02-Apr-12 06:13:33

I managed to listen to 7 or 8 episodes last night as I just couldn't sleep, so I'm only about a week behind now. Although I've just remembered that I've got three or four podcasts to download so it's probably still more like two weeks.

At any rate, I'm glad I wasn't planning to go for a run this morning before DH left for work (he left about 20 minutes ago) as I just couldn't manage to get up when my alarm went off. Will try and have an early night tonight and go tomorrow morning, though.

Jelli Enjoy your week and a half off. smile It's only the DC who are home for 1.5 weeks here (not even quite that, as they're back at school next Wed), although at least DH is off on Thursday and Friday and I'm hoping it will be a quiet week for me work-wise.

Shandy Sounds like a good plan; that's probably what I'd do.

Shredded envy of you running for two hours and enjoying it. I don't think I've ever enjoyed more than about five minutes of a run (I felt like I was getting "into the zone" at the end of the first 7 minute interval yesterday, but it didn't last unfortunately), although I do of course enjoy the PRSP. grin

Neils Yes, gait analysis seems to be key to solving a lot of problems. I am already quite excited about finally having it done, not having realised you could get it done here for months. I bought my running shoes at a ridiculously expensive sports shop, where they just asked me how often I went running and on what surface, and then watched as I tried on the cheapest pair of trainers (€100) with DH sighing in the background as he didn't think I was going to stick with it.

jellibelli Mon 02-Apr-12 16:23:56

Went running this morning. The plan was to go on DH's hill run which I have done the first 2.5ish miles of before, before turning round, but this time pushing on a bit further. Anyway we were chatting so I just continued to what turned out to be 3 miles and then I thought I'd just see how I got on as there was yet another hill in front of me. Well, in the end I just kept going to 4 miles as there wasn't a satisfactory turning place till then, but that fourth mile was all uphill! My head got a bit feeble towards the end but I did keep going. And then ran the 4 miles home again, making a total of an 8 mile run. I have never run that far before, so I am a little surprised! But it does mean that an 'over DH's hill' run should be possible before long, hurrah! It's quite a big hill and has a TV mast on it!

DH said he was "uber-impressed". I was a little bit too. Shredded even more impressed with your snow run half now!

Just got back from a lovely run, a perfect sunny evening for it. I decided to head off in a different direction to usual, over to a nearby village (only about 1.5k away), circuit of the village and back again. I've only ever done this route by car before and hadn't realised how hilly it was, I've had a really good workout, had to walk several sections. I took a shortcut back through the woods, which cuts off the last uphill back to town, you skirt the edge and get lovely views across a valley and sight of the first few bluebells. Only 5.2km in 52 mins but I did enjoy it, which isn't always the case for me.

Well done on your long runs Shredded and Jelli

<ignores all talk of the Archers as it is something my mum listens to and I've never got into>

Be careful WhoKnows, we will suck you in too and before you know it you will be an Archers addict grin

LinzerTorte Tue 03-Apr-12 06:31:05

I refused to listen for years because it was something my mum listened to, but once you're sucked in there's no way back. grin

Went to see the doctor yesterday, who did a thorough examination but said he didn't think it was really anything to worry about as there's no swelling. He explained what was probably happening and got out a model of the knee joint, which the children were fascinated by - it had something to do with the knee cap moving, but I'm not quite sure I took it all in. blush He said I should try to get out more regularly but not to push myself, and has recommended running on softer surfaces (I'd love to run by the river but just couldn't cope with the dogs). He's also prescribed a knee brace and I'm going to get some properly fitted running shoes when we're in Vienna, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that those both help.

I have also entered for our town run in June. I've decided to do the 3.3 km around the edge of the old town again as a) I don't want to overdo it, but mainly b) I want to beat last year's time.

Noooo! I used to listen to Radio 4 in my old car driving home from work, I always knew I had stayed at work too late if the Archers came on before I got home!

That's good news Linzer, hopefully the brace and gait analysis will help you get it strengthened up.

ifancyashandy Tue 03-Apr-12 21:01:16

Thanks NeitherShredded, I went for a run on half a banana and an oatcake this morning and it was fab! 30 mins from 6.30 - 7.00am and it totally set me up for the day! Loved it!

(there are a lot of exclamation marks in my post blush....!)

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Tue 03-Apr-12 21:53:10

I seem to run better on an empty stomach, although I haven't done an early morning run yet. I ran tonight (about 2 hours after dinner) and had evil acid burps. Note to self: don't eat a tomato based meal before running. Grim blush

I haven't weighed myself, but the running has defo improved the tone of my legs, hips and arse. The belly hasn't changed, but then I haven't changed any of my (bad) eating habits. DH has actually noticed the arse shrinkage, and he is usually oblivious to such things - afterall, love is blind grin

jellibelli Wed 04-Apr-12 10:53:22

I was a slacker yesterday and didn't manage any proper exercise hmm but we did clear and start decorating a bedroom.... Just did Jillian this morning so no running for me today (I hate having wet feet when I am running - pathetic but true!)

Hope you are all getting some running in though

NeilsBoar Wed 04-Apr-12 20:54:06

Well, I had an OK day yesterday; did W3D3 after having cycled to the swimming pool and swum for 15 mins then cycled to the running track.

Was working on swimming technique, turns out I've forgotten how to breath, and apparently relearning means swallowing half a swimming pool; so I had chlorinated water repeating on me for the run...

I seem to be keeping on top of the shin splints; still a little soreness, but not getting any worse and maybe a bit better.

My challenge tomorrow is to remember the pattern of Run/Walk distances for W4D1...

jellibelli Thu 05-Apr-12 17:31:12

No running again for me this morning but I did Jillian 30DS L3 which was much easier than it used to be! I did go for a brisk dog with my pal though, straight afterwards, with talking which is always a gentle but good exercise. That will do me for today. Am getting plenty of arm work done this afternoon while we hang wallpaper!

Hoping to get out for a run tomorrow though. How are you all doing?

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Fri 06-Apr-12 08:01:21

Lol at chlorinated water repeating on you grin

I ran last night and upped the running reps, and it actually felt ok. I have also noticed that my recovery time when I have finished is so much quicker than when I started. It's nice to see those little changes.

I truly do think that if a real proper couch potato like me can do this, pretty much anyone can. I have a horrible feeling that I will become one of those horribly annoying evangelical runners blush

What's your wallpaper like jelli ?

jellibelli Fri 06-Apr-12 09:22:04

BTW I went for a dog walk with my friend yesterday blush

I was a couch potato too I like so yes if it worked for me it can work for anyone. I believe the disrespect to do it and make the change is the key but elusive ingredient to change.I am secretly an evangelical now about exercise and diet.I try quite hard to keep schtum though! So I hide it well, I think!

We are just repapering a small spare bedroom so it is not an exciting paper but [ it suits]] the room. Last bit to finish this morning. I think DH is feeling lazy today so he might try to avoid exercise this morning. I shall laugh if I have to talk him into after all these years! I think it will be a DVD today though for times sake. Perhaps I'll get some sprints in later this afternoon.

jellibelli Fri 06-Apr-12 09:23:15

That'll teach me not to preview.


jellibelli Fri 06-Apr-12 09:25:35

Sorry, disrespect should be desire blush

Oops, I really meant to run today, but we're all out of routine with no school and work and I have completely forgotten about it and spent all day baking. I'm stuffed full of hot cross buns now and DH is going out shortly so that's a fail from me. I will definitely try and get out tomorrow.

That's a nice wallpaper Jelli - I like plainish walls myself so that would be about as exciting as it would get in our house. We are emulsion throughout at the moment.

ifancyashandy Fri 06-Apr-12 19:13:22

Well, W8D1 done today! Hurrah! Going to go out again tomorrow, so that'll be three runs this week. Makes up for the chocolate I've eaten!

A slightly TMI question but do people ever weigh themselves during their period? I did today and I was 4lbs heavier than normal shock. It could be the aforementioned chocolate (but that would be a lot of chocolate! But I am on day 3 of my period & whilst I know about pre-menstrual water retention, I wondered if it was current-menstrual water retention.

Or am I clutching at straws grin?

I don't really think about it Shandy, I just weigh randomly when I remember. I can't see my weight going anywhere except up this weekend though.

2ombie5layer Sat 07-Apr-12 10:35:46

Hi, After seeing a link on another thread Ive decided to join you. Im not running just yet as I need some bits and pieces (drinks bottle and Hi-Vis top) first, but I have a question.

In regards to running shoes, I dont want to pay out a huge sum of money that I can't afford anyway so is there anywhere I can get some that are cheap? I have got some normal trainers which I can use at first as I will be walking more anyway, but obviously I would like to have the proper gear.

Hello 2ombieSlayer, I've found the best place to get cheap stuff such as hi-vis vest is Sports Direct but for running shoes it's tricky, if you go for gait analysis as I mentioned on the other thread you are looking at £70-£90 for the shoes. I'm not sure how much cheaper pairs cost, but obviously that's a lot of money. On the other hand, if you buy cheap ones and are uncomfortable in them, or worse, develop an injury, you will be worse off still.

Some running shops will do the gait analysis for free you might be able to find the recommended shoes cheaper online, but I think a lot of them are wise to this now and charge £10 or £20 if you don't buy.

I suffer with back problems and after I started Couch to 5k last year in old trainers one of my knees started playing up at around week 4, after having the gait analysis and new shoes I have not looked back. Kind of depends really, if you have no pre-existing injuries, are not overweight etc you are more likely to get away with cheaper shoes in the short term, but I honestly think it's a false economy longer term.

2ombie5layer Sat 07-Apr-12 10:52:39

I agree with what you were saying, just would like to get some proper running trainers for cheaper. Though perhaps I should buy them as a motivation factor.

jellibelli Sat 07-Apr-12 12:11:05

Hi Zombieslayer and welcome. I would agree, if you can possibly afford the shoes get them rather than the water bottle etc. You can probably manage without a hi-viz jacket, at least till you have a birthday wink

Well, did L1 6W6P with DH this morning and then went out for some sprint training. I suspect my upper quads will ache tomorrow but am slightly nervous about which other muscles will be groaning at me too!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sat 07-Apr-12 12:47:27

Nice paper Jelli. I have never wall-papered, it gives me the fear. I love the look of it, I just imagine I would be shite at putting it up grin

Hi Zombie, I would agree with what everyone else says about the shoes. Most people swear by Asics Gels, and I think places like Sports Direct sometimes sell them.

I have no idea Shandy, just ignore the scales would be my advice grin

What is L1 6W6P? confused

I plan to run again tomorrow to help reduce the impact of the chocolate consumption!

2ombie5layer Sat 07-Apr-12 13:26:36

Well there's no way I can afford to pay out £70 on a pair of shoes ATM so will have to wait a bit yet, £6 on a hi-vis top and a couple of quid on a water bottle is easy. Was hoping I could find a cheap way of doing it. I will be back in a bit, but for now good luck to you all, hope you achieve your goals. smile

Morning all!

I will pop back later to catch up with everyone's news properly, but just wanted to say that DS1 and I ran our 10K this morning. He was a lot faster than I was, but didn't get a chip time. Mine was 1:09, which was slower than my last one, but since I didn't have a great night's sleep (DS2 was up with tummy ache) and I followed DH's wine and curry plan last night, it's as good as I deserved grin

jellibelli Sat 07-Apr-12 17:24:26

Oh well done Shredded! That time is more than respectable, you should be pleased! It's funny how we move the goalposts isn't it? I don't suppose (sorry I can't remember) it was that long ago that you weren't even a runner and now you've just completed 10k in a fine ol' time. Well done again!

jellibelli Sat 07-Apr-12 17:31:21

thanks in regard to wallpaper, we have finished now but I should be up here painting, we realised yesterday I hadn't glossed the back of the door...

Moveit 6W6P is a Jillian Michaels DVD. I like it and I like to do her circuits DVDs as I believe they work well with the cardio heavy running. I tend to run one day and DVD the next.

Shandy I am a daily weigher. I do it daily as I am forever fascinated as to how much it bobbles up and down. Also if I weighed weekly, I could catch a day when it was low and then the next week catch it when I was high and the high might be higher than the low and that would be BAD! I prefer to see the bobbling.

Thanks jelli grin. You are right, I don't think I could run 10K this time last year.

I have checked my time, and I was only 23 seconds slower than the last 10K I ran - so if I hadn't had to make a loo stop I would have PR'd!

buzzgirly Sun 08-Apr-12 08:25:02


Is it ok if i join? I have stumbled across the couch to 5k whilst looking for some fitness advice. I had actually seen the threads on mnet before but always thought that c25k was an mn club or something blush!

I would love to take up running but feel i would need to be eased into it, so I think this is the right place for me. I want to get fit, but my main motivation is that I really want to lose some weight. The only exercise I do at the moment in walking with the pram.

Would you mind if I ask a few questions? I am going to get some running trainers, seen some cheap asics online, but could I start today with just my basic trainers or should I really wait for proper running ones? Also how do you all keep to the timings or is this something that's on podcast? Also are there any good apps for this?


Hello and welcome buzzgirly! Of course it is OK for you to join grin. C25K is fantastic for getting people running, and this thread is great for chatting about it when we aren't too busy talking about nail varnish, music and food

Many of us are evangelical about getting your gait analysed before starting to run so that you gan get the right trainers to suit you - especially if you are after losing some weight - you are putting a lot of pressure on your joints. I also recommend a decent sports bra (shock absorbers are supposed to be the best, I ran for the first year or so in some cheap nike crop top bras from sports direct - just make sure you get the high impact ones).

The NHS couch to 5 k app is (a) free and (b) has all the timings of when to run and walk on it.

Good luck!

Honu Mon 09-Apr-12 07:40:49

Despite not posting I am still here. I have been out several times with the W1 podcast and have completed it twice, tho got to the last run about 4 times. If I meet someone / the dog starts chasing something / the mp3 player runs out of juice (who knew they need recharging? grin ) or whatever then I just have another go the next time.

By the time I get to run 7 my legs are quite tired so I shall stick with W1 until I feel competent with it. Just trying to build up a bit of stamina.

I still resent not hearing the birdsong but have tried timer and distance markers but find I go too slowly without the music beat.

jellibelli Mon 09-Apr-12 09:32:43

I am just swinging by to commit to doing some Jillians NMTZ then going for a short run. After my sprinting on Saturday, and a day that didn't go to plan yesterday, my legs are a bit sore this morning so I will take them for a gentle jog. I shall report back......

Morning all,

Honu - definitely stick to what you feel comfortable with. Once you get to continuous running you can do it without audio. I use my phone to track my runs but quite often don't bother with my earplugs and just have it on me to track the time and distance.

Jelli -take it easy.

I had a nice gentle jog yesterday too, and think it might have to be like that for the foreseeable future, as I am having a few problems with my <ahem> pelvic floor. The last half mile of my run on Monday my lower abdomen got very full and achey feeling, like period pains, I am taking that as a warning that I need to seriously step up my core strength/pelvic work as a priority. I went for a gentle jog last night concentrating on using the muscles in that area and it was fine but it was barely more than a power walk, I think that is safest for now. Just as well I am not looking for personal best times at the moment!

jellibelli Mon 09-Apr-12 16:35:56

Oh! Whoknows I've had that. It's quite uncomfortable isn't it? I got it a reasonable amount during the middle weeks of the C25k programme but concentrated on holding it all up while I was running and it did help. Until I learnt to do that it really was quite an unpleasant sensation. Sympathy coming your way.

I did do the first three circuits of NMTZ with DH and then left him to the rest of the DVD (he has a calf injury atm) and went out for a slow 20 minute run. Boy it was hard work (DH reminded me I am premenstrual) so that will be my excuse. It was a nice run but verrrrry slow! And who made my legs so heavy?

DD has sold her Easter egg back to me and I am eating it. I have had quite a clean diet for a while now and sadly Maltesers are not as nice as they used to be. I think after I have got rid of eaten it, I will be abstaining from milk chocolate in the future. Bizarre!

Honu I am not familiar with your podcast (I did something different to most people) but for what it's worth, I didn't feel competent with any of the weeks. I managed to do them as per the plan, one week per week as it were, but it always felt like I only just did so and couldn't have managed much more at all. I went through the weeks and then immediately did the 5k to 10k plan and it was only about week 4 (halfway) of the 10k plan that I began to feel remotely competent doing the 5k.

jellibelli Mon 09-Apr-12 16:39:45

Sorry I find it a pain editing on the iPad...

Anyway Honu, don't be afraid to push yourself was what I was attempting to say. The programme will sort the stamina up for you, you 'just'! Have to be determined to complete each run. Lol! Oh and ignore the neighbours attempts to chat while you are running, just give them a cheery wave and keep going - they'll understand.

Good luck and keep going.

Itcouldbelupus Mon 09-Apr-12 20:20:41

Hi all, may I join you? I'm a serial starter of c25k and have begun on a couple of occasions but only get as far as week 4 then something happens, illness, injury etc. Well this time I'm determined. I started week 4 today using Rundouble on my Android and I was knackered. I was getting to the end of the 5 min runs wondering when it would end and really can't see me getting to the end of next week when there's a 20 min run!!!! Does it get easier or am I kidding myself? The other thing I don't know is my timing, if I'm going too slow or too fast. I've been checking my pace etc on the app but no idea if it's good or not??? Anyway just looking for some moral support so hope it's ok to jump on the thread.

NeilsBoar Mon 09-Apr-12 20:25:36

Hi All... Did W4D1 last week; managed to figure out it was 400m, 800m and 400m running each followed by half the distance as walking then an 800m run. That was after a swim and a cycle ride so I was pretty happy with that...

Unfortunately DS then brought home a stomach bug from somewhere so I haven't been out since; hoping to get back on it to tomorrow.

jelli which 5k to 10k program are you doing (getting seriously ahead of myself now smile )

NeilsBoar Mon 09-Apr-12 20:41:21

Itcouldbelupus I'm about at the same point you are (but doing the distance version rather than the timings) and slightly sceptical as to whether doing 3.2k at the end of next week is really possible!

Equally if someone had told me I'd be running 800m reasonably comfortably in 2 weeks time when I was at the end of week 1 I'd have been a bit sceptical; so I guess we'll see...

ifancyashandy Mon 09-Apr-12 20:42:08

Evening all! Everyone's working very hard! Most impressive.

I've managed to do W8 this week but definitely struggled with it. The heavy cold / flu I had until a week or so ago really knocked me for six & whilst I can finish the 28 min run, I am knackered about 20 mins in!

But went swimming today & did 40 x 25 meters in 35 mins no problem. I can totally see how the running has improved my stamina in the pool. Which is fab!

Hoping to get 3 runs in this week. Good luck out there everyone!!

jellibelli Mon 09-Apr-12 20:49:40

Itcouldbe and Neilsboar I did the Bupa 5k plan followed by their 10k plan when I started to run last year. I chose their 5k plan as it didn't have a big jump in it duration wise, ie no big jump to 20mins which was too scary for me. But i don't think it is available as a pod cast, although I believe someone programmed the runs into some device [old fogey emoticon].

I went through the c25k plan in the straight 8weeks and followed straight on with success with the 10k plan, so I do recommend them.

Anyway, welcome Itcouldbe and no, for me it took some time for it to be easier. Last week I ran 8miles with DH, of which I would guess almost 4miles was uphill and DH and I were discussing that it even so it was less difficult than the 8minute runs I struggled through (about week 4-5). Stick with it and keep pushing, no it may not get easier but you CAN do it and that feels fab. Good luck.

LinzerTorte Mon 09-Apr-12 21:19:41

Hello all smile

Sorry to have been absent for so long - I've done no running to speak of recently, but finally have some properly fitted running shoes! grin Our mini-break in Vienna was great and the gait analysis was definitely one of the highlights (but don't tell DH wink). I was annoyed but not surprised to discover that I've been running in completely the wrong type of shoes for my feet (can't believe I spent €100 on them angry) but now have some lovely new Asics Gels. They cost €€€ but DH was surprisingly understanding and if they help with my knee problems, it will definitely be worth it. And at least I should be able to find some cheaper somewhere else when I need to replace them.

I also picked up my knee brace from the medical supplies shop (I had to have it fitted and everything); it's very tight (and virtually impossible to get into and out of) so will hopefully be more effective than the €5.99 one I bought at Lidl. Fortunately it was covered by my health insurance, as I dread to think how much it would cost otherwise. (My elbow brace, which they wouldn't cover, was over €60.)

Unfortunately I haven't been able to try out my new shoes yet as I haven't been feeling too well since we got back home (nothing to do with the late nights and amount of alcohol consumed, I'm sure wink), but am planning to go out on Wednesday when the DC are back at school.

jelli I've programmed the Bupa C25k runs into my iPhone - it's good to be able to listen to my own music, although I'm starting to get a bit fed up with it now and need to update my running playlist. I also miss NHS Laura's encouraging words, if not her music or the sudden appearance of a 20 minute run.

Welcome to all newbies and waves to everyone else. smile

jellibelli Mon 09-Apr-12 22:07:57

Hi Linzer,

Good to 'see' you back! Sounds like you had a fab trip and are now fully equipped for a successful summer's running, here's hoping eh?

Thanks for reminding me it was you that programmed your iPhone, I just couldn't quite remember who it was. I borrowed DH's Mp3 today for a change of music, so I guess I need to update my music selection too.

bluepapermonkey Mon 09-Apr-12 22:43:05

Hello - not been here before so hi! i am new to running and am so sad that today i finally managed a 28 minute run without almost dying (outside!) but wah! i have hurt my ankle. did it on Friday so rested for two days as only very minor but now it is worse. so just as i was getting better i'm going to have to stop for a week aren't i?! i am so frustrated! its taken me 7 weeks to get to this stage.

and all cos some bluddy dog attacked my blameless hound (which was on lead) and i shoved it away with my foot, pulling something i think. i was mid run and anxious not to stop so shoved horrible dog and reprimanded owner pdq. huh.

so i am hoping for some understanding and advice on how long to take off - a week? pain round ankle feels like a sprain but isn't as i didn't go over on ankle. think i maybe pulled a tendon or summat trying to get nasty dog away... any advice welome!

LinzerTorte Tue 10-Apr-12 06:31:03

Hi and welcome bluepaper. How frustrating about your ankle - I'm no expert, but a week's rest sounds likes a good idea. If you start running before it's healed properly, you'll probably only end up putting yourself back in the long run.

jelli I know that WhoKnows uses the Runkeeper app too (the app I programmed the runs into), but I think she may be using a different C25k plan. I was looking at running albums in the iTunes store yesterday so that's given me a few new ideas for tracks to add to my running playlist.

There hasn't been much nail polish talk recently. shock DH booked me in for a surprise manicure before we went to Vienna, but it was cancelled as the beauty therapist was ill - however, I sort of felt obliged to paint my nails so am currently sporting No. 7 Temptress. It's definitely past its best, though, so I'll be back to OPI Nail Envy soon.

Linzer, Jelli, yes I programmed all the wekks from the NHS c25k into Runkeeper, I used the Laura podcasts first time round but when I wanted to use it again I couldn't face their music.

My nails are a bit flaky at the moment, so having a rest. I painted my toes a bright coral yesterday but don't think it suits me, makes yhe skin look dirty. I just bought one of thee soap and gliry foot files being raved about on MN to tackle my heels and wow! It's fantastic

jellibelli Tue 10-Apr-12 11:27:04

There you go Neilsboar if you want to programme the plan into Runkeeper, that could work for you for the bridge to 10k. I am sure Linzer and who knows will help if you need it.

I need to get DS to rejig my iPod [old gimmer emoticon] before term starts again and it all gets too busy again.

No running for me today, am feeling a bit feeble so just did some Jillian this morning. I only have today and tomorrow left of my leave so back to work on Thursday, but my nails are in a state from the decorating and worse still the gardening. They are very broken and i only have one decent one left. Off with it's head I think, to match the other sad souls. I will treat them to a good file later but no nail garnish for me for a while.sad

Oops, just re read my last post, I haven't been drinking, just typing on my phone under the desk at work, excuse all the typos!

jellibelli Tue 10-Apr-12 12:58:16

Tut Tut Whoknows!! Shocking... wink

LinzerTorte Tue 10-Apr-12 14:02:41

Jelli The last thing I would think of if I was feeling a bit feeble would be Jillian. <impressed> Running used to seem like a walk in the park in comparison.

WhoKnows envy of the Soap & Glory foot file. It's been out of stock on the Boots website ever since I started looking (not that they ship overseas, but I could at least get it sent to my parents' address). I got quite excited when I went past a shop in Vienna selling S&G shower gel and rushed in, but no sign of any foot buffers anywhere.

Itcouldbelupus Tue 10-Apr-12 14:41:31

Hi all and thanks for the welcome. I hadn't realised that there were different versions of the c25k, I thought they were all broadly similar. Anyway I am loathe to change now as I'm addicted to the app and keep looking at how my pace changes etc. I may just repeat week 4 just to be sure, see how I feel. Next run tomorrow am at the crack of dawn, see if I feel better after that one!

Must buy nail varnish too! Feeling left out.

sybilfaulty Tue 10-Apr-12 16:04:06

Hello everyone

I have been looking to rejoin you for some time now, but felt an absolute fraud, so waited until I had actually started the programme (again - third time lucky!) before posting. How the devil are you all ? I feel very ashamed to have let it lapse for so long but am pleased to report that I have now completed week 2 and am about to start week 3 tomorrow. I am using Laura this time rather than Rawbert so let's see if it makes a difference.

Hope you are all well and happy, with painted toes and fingers as per. What colours are you all sporting? I have managed to grate half my thumb nail into a lemon tart (microplane was very sharp!) but have a good red on my toots.

See you soon I hope.

Keep on running everyone (bit rich coming from me, but you get the sentiment smile)

Sybil - welcome back! Lovely to hear from you. I've been a bit sporadic with my efforts recently too, partly due to colds, coughs and now a weak pelvic floor, partly due to just being busy and lazy.

We haven't been talking about nails so much the last few weeks, my fingernails have got a bit flaky from overuse of nail varnish, my tpes are going to have to change again as I really don't suit the coral I put on them at the weekend. My current toe favourite is Maybelline Really Rosy

Hello all! sybil! Welcome back - I was only thinking about you the other day! All we need now is Nell for a full house (has anyone heard from her lately?).

I thought I'd share my latest go-faster accessory grin. The 10K DS1 and I did on Saturday was the Scotland Run (check out the photos!) so I invested in a plaid running skirt for the occasion. Sadly the skirt did not arrive in time for Saturday, but I will wear in in the summer as I'm sure it will be cooler than shorts (and last time I wore shorts without running tight underneath the seams chafed badly and I got a horrible rash) shock <<=ouch.

<<hello to newcomers>>

<<waves to oldercomers>> Linzer, glad you got your gait sorted and have new trainers, hope that helps with the knees.

I am nail garnish free too just now.

sybilfaulty Wed 11-Apr-12 08:27:00

Have just read in. Lots of us here now. Very exciting.

I love that Really Rosy nail varnish. May have to indulge. I have a course of gel manicures left from last year but sadly I keep having one, then things happen which mean that I don't get the next one til some months later, so hardly keeping my nails looking fabulous. I do my feet myself but may have to have a rethink over the summer when people other than at the pool might see them.

I am going to take the kids to holiday club, then nip back for a quick run before my lunch out. It was DH's birthday last week so he is taking me out for a nice lunch, meaning the kids have to go to holiday club just for one day. The amount of moaning it has generated though is unbearable. Eugh. Cannot believe the holidays are nearly over. I am working on Sat and not looking forward to it. Then back to the grindstone for 7 weeks before we go to Norfolk. I do fantasise that I might have finished C25K by then and be able to run around the town for 1/2 hour without stopping. That would be a huge achievement for me.

Right, running clothes and then out. My Shock absorber seems a bit looser. Do you think I might be losing weight (or at least boobs - they're huge!)

Keep on running everyone.

Itcouldbelupus Wed 11-Apr-12 08:50:52

Hi all, enjoy your lunch Sybil and well done on the weight loss am very envy. Love that skirt Shredded don't think I'm brave enough for that though!

Well w4r2 done and I was rubbish sad. Went a different route to the one I did on Monday and it wasn't as flat as the previous route, not a massive hill more of a gradual incline but when I was running up I could feel it in my shins. Anyway I didn't complete the first set of 3 mins then 5 mins as I had to stop for a breather (that's allowed right???) which I was gutted about but mannaged the 3 and 5 min on the way home (slightly downhill then!)

Felt down about that initially as I ran that route on the earlier weeks and managed it but maybe because I was walking the steeper bits. However thinking about it I think I will make that my main route now as I think the challenge would do me good and I don't want to be the sort of runner who can only do completely flat surfaces.

Itcouldbe I have found incorporating hills tricky, it's hard to avoid them altogether here but whereabouts in your run they occur makes a big difference, also whether they are short and steep or long and gentle. Definitely not a good idea to avoid them altogether though, you're right about that.

I have also realised since I started running that quite a few routes I previously thought of as flat having only ever walked or driven them are actually long gentle inclines. The only place that is truly flat here is the playing field.

sybilfaulty Wed 11-Apr-12 10:31:52

Shredded, presumably you wear sturdy pants when you wear a running skirt? I don't think my pelvic floor is quite up to going tights free (poss TMI, sorry). I like to tena up before I go....

W3, R1 completed. Harder than I thought, but I ran all the running bits. I quite like Laura, she's got a good tone, encouraging without being patronising. Apart from the bit about "do this 3 times, so if it's your first time, you'll need to do it twice more...". Thank god she said or I'd never have worked it out. Whoknows, it is a nightmare with the hills isn't it? The car does not give a true impression of how sloping things are and a gentle incline which the car barely registers is a nightmare for my buttocks.

Well done Sybil.

I had a nice run this morning, 5k out to the next village and back through the woods. Nice and slow (gently for the pelvic floor, I have really scared myself reading the prolapses threads) but it is quite hilly and I had to walk in a few places (only once for more than about a minute though).

I was giving the hill problem a bit of thought on my way round. My conclusions are that once you are onto the longer running intervals (say 20 mins plus) the hills kind of average out and don't matter too much unless they are very steep or you are trying to beat your personal best. However in the early stages they are a real pain if they coincide with the running intervals, I was always trying to tweak my route so the uphill bits fell in the walking parts, but as soon as you get it sorted you are on to the next week when it's all different again. Definitely less of a problem on longer runs though.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Thu 12-Apr-12 20:42:33

Hello to newcomers and oldcomers.

I have been lurking and sort of running. I have had a cold which went to my chest. I ran Monday night and it was a disaster as I thought my lungs were on fire. However I ran tonight and all was well - hurrah.

I think I'll do one more week of the same then shorten the walking time / increase the running time again <fear>

I can't remember who mentioned it, but I have the S&G foot buffer too and it is bloody fab. I have rank feet but thanks to the buffer they are lovely and smooth.

Does running help the pelvic floor at all? Mine seems to have improved since I have been running, although maybe it was just time that has helped (ds3 is now 11mo) Did your pelvic floor get worse with your cold WhoKnows? I have found that when I have a persistent cough with and after a cold my pelvic floor seems to take a bashing.

sybilfaulty Fri 13-Apr-12 10:01:41

ILike, I have 3 kids too and my pelvic floor is shot. Running does seem to help (as does swimming) but I find any cough or even vigorous nose blowing can challenge it greatly!

Ooh, phone, back in a minute

ILike - I hadn't really given much thought to my pelvic floor with regard to the running till last week, I've been running for a year and it has neither worsened or improved really. However < TMI alert > I do have a bit of a prolapse, so I need to be careful, it hasn't caused much problem so far (youngest DC is 6 now). Occasionally it does all drop down a bit though, and I was really uncomfy on my run a week or so back, which made me feel worried that maybe the running wasn't doing it any good. This coincided with buying the DCs a trampoline and venturing on to it myself, which also felt pretty uncomfy.

Anyway, I have dug out the sheet of pelvic floor exercises I was given after I had DD2 and am going to do them from now on, and try and use those muscles while I run too. And I am going to use the trampoline but in a very controlled manner!

Sybil - I definitely prefer to cough and sneeze sitting down with my legs crossed!

Itcouldbelupus Sat 14-Apr-12 19:42:31

Well I feel shite!!! sad

Ran this morning and still had to stop for a quick breather during the 3 min and 5 min run up the slight incline!

However...I made the mistake of weighing myself in Boots later on and I'm disgusted!!! I've actually put on weight and I don't get it. I'm 5ft 6 and 11st 5lb!!! I haven't been this heavy since my last dc and he's 7. I've been hovering around the 11stone mark for 2 years since suddenly jumping up from 10 but for a while I have been watching what I eat, cutting down my portions etc still drinking too much wine though and combined with the 3-4 times a week running for the last month or so and I've bloody gained weight.

Why do I bother???

Morning all!

Itcouldbe how are your clothes feeling? It might be that you have gained lean muscle through your running. I too am heavier than I would like to be, but am the same dress size as I have been on and off for years. Wine is my downfall as well.

I haven't dared venture out in the skirt, with or without tights. I had a quick run (4 miles) in shorts (without tights grin) yesterday which cleared the streets.

There's a women only half marathon on today so we are steering clear of Central Park. I have just clocked that I have only a month to go to the Brooklyn Half shock.

LinzerTorte Sun 15-Apr-12 15:39:07

Four miles a quick run, Shredded? shock Well it might be for you, I suppose. grin

Itcould I was also wondering whether you might have gained muscle. And I'm another one who falls down when it comes to wine. (Well, not literally. Apart from a couple of weeks ago. And it was a very steep slope.)

I did W6R1 this morning and felt for the first time that I'm getting back to my old levels of fitness. I'm finding the running quite time-consuming atm, however; four 8 minute intervals with two minutes of walking in between plus five minutes of warm-up and cool-down walking mean I'm out for 50 minutes altogether. Still, as long as my knee is OK (and it is so far, touch wood), I don't feel like I can complain too much.

ifancyashandy Sun 15-Apr-12 16:03:42

Wow, there's loads of fit ladies on here now!

Forced myself out earlier, did 3 miles in 25 mins but had a slight hangover. More tired than anything as only fit 5 hrs sleep. But pleased I did it! Came home, had hot bubble bath with a glass of vino & sunday mags, fab! Now lying on sofa, watching last nights The Voice and about to snooze do my nails!

jellibelli Sun 15-Apr-12 16:17:50

Shredded you'll be fine. You'll walk it cruise through it!

Shandy that's a fine and respectable pace you've got there! No need to make apologies for it!!

Ive been back at work this week and went shopping in a City yesterday for a dress, so no exercise for me Friday or yesterday but I had planned to run today but when it came to walking out the door this morning I couldn't quite face it (the weather - snow showers) so I came back in and did BFBM with Jillian instead, much warmer!

Will plan to get in a run tomorrow or Tuesday if is not snowing and is a little less cold.

On the less wimpy front I tried a dress on in DP and the size 10 was too big !! Yee-ha! grin

Blooming heck IFAS, that is jolly fast!

<arf> at Linzer's falling down grin. Glad that the knee is holding up!

You reminded me that I fell down some steps in the middle of the day last week. No vino involved, and I managed to grab onto the handrail to save falling completely, but quite a few people saw me and smirked grin

NeilsBoar Sun 15-Apr-12 19:52:23

Itcouldbe I've also put on weight since starting; but my clothes are definitely looser, so its either a weighing error or muscle...

Sadly DS brought home D+V as a lovely present for us last week; it seems to have hit me in bouts, so although I've been off the bike mostly and haven't swum, I've still managed to do W4D2 + D3. And my legs; particularly shins have definitely been feeling better; so that's good.

Today was not a great day envy ; have managed to keep down 30g of cereal and a slice of toast (do you see what I did there with the deviant use of the 'envy' smiley...) Still, we'll see what tomorrow brings smile

If I can get in the runs then this week has D-Day in; the first solid run (3.2k) and I've decided if that goes ok then I'll put my entry in for the Wilmslow triathlon and start telling people - then there's no backing out (unless I make up a plausible injury story blush )

New shoes. I will try them out tomorrow. The shop kindly said they would give the old ones to charity so I said my goodbyes there and then grin

Neil - I hope you feel better soon.

LinzerTorte Mon 16-Apr-12 08:16:32

Those look good, Shredded; I like the colours too. Sympathies on your fall; I didn't dare look back to see whether anyone had noticed when I fell, but they were all facing in the right (wrong for me!) direction so it's quite likely. blush

Sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well, Neil; hope you're back on track soon.

Great news on the dress, jelli; I'm sure you felt justifiably smug. grin

3 miles in 25 minutes and with a hangover, IFAS? shock envy I think breaking the 25 minute barrier will be my new goal after I've completed C25k. I really want to break my record in this year's town race as well, but I'm hoping it won't be too difficult (I hadn't finished C25k last summer, and managed 3.3k in 22 minutes).

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Mon 16-Apr-12 09:42:19

Sympathies Neil, I had a d&v bug that seemed to hang around and came back in bouts. V annoying.

I had another run last night. It went very well, probably because ds3 annoyed the crap out of me at bedtime because he was arsing around in his cot, so I then had lots of frustration to take out on the treadmill grin

Nice trainers shredded smile

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Mon 16-Apr-12 09:44:19

Oh, I also meant to say that while I have no idea about weight loss (in denial), my back fat has reduced, my arse cheeks no longer touch the backs of my knees and my saddlebags have reduced significantly.

I paint such a beautiful picture of myself don't I? grin

Itcouldbelupus Mon 16-Apr-12 11:32:24

Hi all

Thanks for the replies but I doubt it's muscle more likely my addiction to Shiraz and grilled halloumi and mushrooms although some of my clothes do feel better in my mind

Jelli well done on the dress size, I'm currently a 12 and would love to be a 10.

Shredded shoes are great and hope you're ok after your tumble

Neils hope you feel better soon, those bugs can be nasty.

Linzer right now I can only dream of running for 25 mins straight so well done

Iliketomoveit at least you've lost some! Keep it up!!

Well after being so disheartened the other day I knocked off the alarm this morning and then promptly climbed back into bed! I then decided to look at the clock and if it was after 6.30 I would go tomorrow, if it was before then I'd go today. Well clock said 6.29 so off I went!!

Repeating w4 and had to have small 10 sec break during first 3 min run and was feeling down but... others were great. I was getting to the end and wondering when it would finish rather than praying for it to end and possibly could have done more as wasn't feeling that breathless.shock

Anyway, think I got my mojo back but still doing w4 for the rest of this week, can't hurt to repeat it.

Back to work! grin

LinzerTorte Mon 16-Apr-12 12:44:40

Glad to hear you've got your running mojo back, Itcould. I should probably confess that I haven't run for 25 minutes non-stop for months and months (am up to 8 mins non-stop at the moment), so it's still a fairly distant goal! I'm not even sure I could manage under 30 minutes any more.

ILike I always find that I have better runs if I'm feeling frustrated or have something on my mind - it's like my mind is somewhere else so doesn't pay as much attention as usual to my body or how exhausted it's feeling. grin

jelli we must have cross-posted so I missed your excellent news on the dress-size front. Well done!

I took the new shoes out for a spin this morning. They rubbed a bit when I walked, but were OK when I ran confused. I was tired and had sore calves sore from Saturday's run and yesterday's long walk, but I'm glad I dragged myself out. I also wore the skirt over my old running tights which are too thin and holey to wear in polite company because my shorts are in the wash.

Well done for dragging yourself out Itcould - great start to the week.

I've finally managed three runs i week 3, although it's taken me the best part of a fortnight (a combination of a weird virus thing which meant I slept for pretty much 36 hours straight and the holidays), but I really liked week 3 - not too hard going. Week 4 is a bit of a step up mind shock.

Can't say I've noticed any change in either weight or shape so far sad, but I have some stamina now, so any improvement is a good thing.

NeilsBoar Tue 17-Apr-12 21:24:26

Hi All,

Have managed to get back on the bike this week and have managed to do W5R1... Have also discovered I've lost 4 lbs over the last week and a half, probably not the best way to go about it though!

Shin splints seem to be receding; I'm still doing the exercises and being quite careful on technique - getting a touch of soreness occasonally between runs, but the dull ache during the runs has pretty much gone. So it looks like some combination of the exercises, C25K, gait analysis and stability shoes seem to be working.

IShall I was daunted by week 4 on paper, the first day was easier than I expected it to be right up until the end of the last run where I started to feel it was a genuine step up - by the end of the week I was pretty happy with the 800m runs (or whatever the time equiv. is) and looking forward to the following week.

The one that's 'worrying' me now is the jump from W5R2 to W5R3 (which has no walking at all!!) and due to the way I've had to move the run days around I might have DS (who is 3) with me too!

Neil, by the time you get to the "long" run - 20 minutes or whatever it is, it's a case of mind over matter. Just tell yourself you are going to do it (though I can see it might not be that easy with a three-year-old in tow smile. I did see a few Dads running and pushing their littlies in buggies in the park at the weekend - will DS let you do that? Or will you be attempting the run at toddler pace?

LinzerTorte Wed 18-Apr-12 07:25:00

I've just been looking at the rest of the Bupa plan and, apart from a couple of the Sunday runs which are "run one mile, walk/run one mile", none of them are longer than 15 mins until the very last two-mile run. I'll do W6R3 tomorrow as planned, which is "run one mile, walk/run one mile" (I'm planning on running for 1.75 miles as I ran for 1.5 miles last time) and then I think I'll switch back to the NHS plan - the timings at least. I'm getting a bit fed up with just getting into my stride and then being told to stop and walk for two minutes.

The other problem (for me) with the Bupa plan is that it's more time-consuming - the actual amount of running you do is slightly more, at least towards the end of the plan, and it's also broken up with more walking, so I find I'm out for about 50 minutes at the moment. By the time I get to Wk 9, I'll be up to three 15-minute runs interspersed with 1-3 mins of walking, so with the warm-up and cool-down walks I'd be out for around an hour altogether and I just find it too long.

Neil Like Shredded says, the jump to 20 minutes of running is really mind over matter more than anything - you should have already run for 20 minutes by this stage IIRC, just not all in one go. It's all worth it for the feeling of achievement you have afterwards. grin

NeilsBoar Wed 18-Apr-12 08:55:42

Thanks Neither and Linzer I think I'm just slightly apprehensive at this point; on the bike I can just get 'into the zone' and go (have done 4-5 hour rides in the past) - I'm hoping I can do the same for a 20 min run!

As for DS; I have taken him along once before - I'm using a gated running track at the moment so he played in the middle with a football and occasionally ran over to have his nose blown grin. He might go for the pushchair if he's feeling lazy, but he's getting quite big for it and its seen far better days; its currently held together by bits of wire - not sure a 3.2km run would do it much good!

You'll be OK Neil, DS permitting. I was worried about W5R3 but it was fine when it came to it and a real feeling of achievement, I remember proudly posting on FB about it.

I'm off running this week (just as well with the weather) - my back is playing up a lot again (too much gardening on Sunday). Concentrating on stretching and Pilates instead.

Linzer - I know what you mean about the time. I've been doing a new 5k circuit near my house but it is very hilly and through the woods, by the time I have done that plus a few minutes warm up and down it is 50 mins+ out of the house and it gets hard finding time. It's a really nice route though.

Itcouldbelupus Wed 18-Apr-12 09:30:29

Neils my fear of a 20 min run is exactly what is making me repeat w4, that and the fact I still need that brief 10 sec pause during my first 3 min run :angry

I refuse to let it beat me though! I'm sure it is mind over matter so go for it!

Anyway, was out again today in the early hours and now sat in work feeling pleased with myself.

Bought nail varnish too due to an offer do got some Maybelline ones in 'extreme blackcurrant' and 'khaki green' as I liked it.

Does that make me a fully paid up member of the club now?

Bath tonight followed by a glass of vino and paint my toenails in front of The Apprentice.

Icould definitely! Extreme blackcurrant sounds very enticing.

w4r1 done in the wind and rain [dedicated]. It wasn't as bad as I thought it might have been, but my legs are feeling it a bit now. Nearly half way there!

notsurewhyohwhy Fri 20-Apr-12 00:05:51

Hi can I join?

I did my 1st run today, run for 60 seconds walk for 90seconds, I did it on the tread mill as tried to run in the park once with dd on the scooter and it was a disaster!

Well today went really well but I didn't stretch and now my legs are killing! I normally hate running but had a podcast and date I say I think I enjoyed it hmm very u usual for me!

But as I have a bad back I feel that it made my back worse, I feel really good that I did it tho! smile

NeilsBoar Fri 20-Apr-12 20:05:40

Welcome notsure - sounds like a positive start; although I highly recommend stretching smile. I think the biggest thing that surprised me when I started was how close I came to enjoying it!

Ishall Well done on braving the rain! Its never really bothered me that much on the bike, but I wasn't looking forward to it doing W5R2 on Wednesday - although I was most worried about getting my shiny new running shoes dirty grin.

But... Did W5R3 this morning (with DS in tow - bribed him with a visit to the 'big slide') and have paid for my entry into the Wilmslow triathlon (and posted on FB so no backing out now!)

sybilfaulty Fri 20-Apr-12 20:09:00

Some good running here - I feel inspired to carry on. But not tonight as it's chucking it down and I can't bear the thought of being wet and cold right now.

W4, R1 done. Dh away til Sunday so unless I can persuade the teenager over the road to come and babysit for an hour no more for me til he's back. It was not as bad as I thought, but I am so terrified of next week I might bw on W4 for a while.

Am loving Laura though. So much better than Rawbert. Music is pants though.

Keep on running everyone (unless it's raining, in which case wine and crisps better). have a good weekend.

Yay Neil! There's no going back now!

Welcome notsure!

Well done Ishall and Itcouldbe.

I am trying to gear myself to go out - I went on Monday and Weds mornings, and have finished work early enough today to go - but it's looking a bit cold and wet outside. If I post I'll go...

...maybe grin

I went!

LinzerTorte Sat 21-Apr-12 05:52:56

Well done, Shredded - I find posting on here first always motivates me to go out.

sybil I miss Laura but I'm not sure I could face her music another time - the Runkeeper app woman has an annoying voice, although at least she doesn't say much.

Neil When's the triathlon? You've reminded me that I still need to pay to enter the town run - and for the DDs too, as they've decided that they want to do the children's race.

Welcome notsure. I find that my legs ache if I haven't run for a while even if I stretch, but stretching is always good even if I sometimes forget to do it.

Well done on your runs IShall and itcouldbe.

Hope your back is better now, WhoKnows. I'd love to run through the woods - it's very good for you, according to the doctor I saw about my knee, as your feet/legs have to keep adapting to different types of surface - but I'd need to drive there and it seems like too much time and effort, so I know I'd put off going out.

W6R3 done - I ran for 17 minutes altogether without any problems, so am not sure I can face going back to the Bupa plan's 12 minute runs. I think I'm going to switch back to the NHS plan for the last three weeks, although I won't be going out again until Monday. No time this weekend, as we have visitors arriving later today - an old school friend and her family - and I want to go to the hairdresser's beforehand; I'll have to be there at 8 am if I don't want to wait for hours. Tomorrow is going to be even more busy, as it's DD2's first communion so we have a few more people coming (ILs plus DD2's godmother).

notsurewhyohwhy Sat 21-Apr-12 11:40:43

well my legs have now recovered now and I could fancy running again.

does anyone run with dc's on there bike or scooter? i tired running with dd on scooter but she is only 4 and it was terrible, also i feel stupid running outside and I think i prefer running in the gym smile

Well done Linzer, sounds like you are making good progress. Also sounds like a busy weekend coming up - have fun and enjoy having your friend to stay. And I hope DD2's first communion goes well.

notsure - my DCs are too old to run with me thank goodness. Teenager DS1 and I did a 10K "together" recently, but he shot off at the start and finished a good 15 mins before me. Pre-teen DS2 is just constantly embarrassed about everything I say/do/wear grin <rubs hands in glee>. But don't feel stupid running outside, everyone has to start somewhere and some of us on this thread only used to run under cover of darkness.

2ombie5layer Sat 21-Apr-12 18:59:04

Quick question while I am waiting till I can afford the gait check thingy in another couple of months. Those of you that live in the country where do you run? I was looking at the weather today and its really wet so the field I would be running around will be just too muddy for trainers. There is very limited paths and the roads are really windy. I dont want to start then have to stop for a week or too because of the weather. The rain doesnt bother me, its just the mud.

w4r2 earlier - hated every second of it till I hit minute 3 of the last 5 mins and the endorphins kicked in. It was hard work, but worth it in the end grin.

ooh, I know I ought to have my gait looked at (after surgery on both feet) - how much does it cost roughly? I'm in the SE, so it's going to be the highest of any estimates sad.

2ombie5layer Sat 21-Apr-12 22:39:03

Actually Ive got a confession to make. Ive taken the NHS couch to 5K up and have not got my gait checked as yet. Have got proper running trainers though, not just fashion ones. I just figured that as Im walking more than running I'll be ok for now, but I am saving up to get my gait checked. Ive heard its about £70-£90 Though one person did tell me in RL life that they were offered 3 pairs from £50 - £80.

It has been constantly raining here and the field I run round wont be mud free unless it stops for 2 or 3 days, but I dont want to stop. I should be starting week 3 tomorrow and dont know what to do. I cant run in mud (can I) and there's no pavement (well there is, but it only takes me about 60 secs to walk it let alone run it).

2ombie Not sure about the mud, I live on the edge of a small town and can choose road or countryside which I imagine would have been pretty squelchy this week. Is there a country park or Forestry Commission place around? We've got both fairly near here and they tend to have lots of gravelly paths which aren't too muddy.

Ishall / 2ombie- I've just googled the shop where I had my gait analysed and my shoes are now £75 on their website. The women's shoes there range from about £65 to £95, the gait analysis is free provided you buy shoes but I think they charge for it if you don't buy any. That's in the SE.

Notsure - I have tried running with DS (8) on the scooter, but I didn't really count it as a proper C25K run, I couldn't listen to the podcast and chat to him at the same time. It was enjoyable though.

I'm still signed off as it were, my back is twinging a bit, but hoping to get out tomorrow or Monday. I have to say, I have managed to shift an enormous backlog of paperwork this week by doing it in the slots I usually reserve for running!

notsurewhyohwhy Sun 22-Apr-12 00:48:33

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

2ombie5layer Sun 22-Apr-12 08:29:53

Thanks for the ideas whoknows I have had a look on the forestry commission website and have found one place that's about a 20 min drive away although its a dog walk apprently and the comments suggested it was covered with dog poo (though I know I can avoid that). I have also had a look at the Natural England website at country parks, but they list them by name and Im new to this area so haven't a clue which one is nearest me. Will need to click each one.

DH suggested running from one end of our village to the other (its essentially one street with a couple of little roads off to 3 or 4 more houses), but I dont know if that will take me past more than 1 run.

I have considered running on the road (I do have a bright pink top so will be visible), but with the windy narrow roads Im a little unsure if Id be completely safe from cars.

I am determined to go out today though, dont want to give up now.

NeilsBoar Sun 22-Apr-12 09:30:40

My gait analysis was free at Royles in Wilmslow - don't know if they wouldn't have charged if I didn't by running shoes there though... However, the shoes I bought (Brooks Endurance GTS) were the same price everywhere so there didn't seem to be any particular mark up for having the gait analysis done.

2ombie5layer, have you looked to see whether any of the long distance cycle routes go near you? I've lived near both the High Peak and Trans Penine trails and those are both, mostly, covered in hardcore so don't get too muddy. Sustrans' website has a map with them on.

Linzer its the 13th of May so if all goes to plan I should have a brief break after finishing the final week of C25K and the triathlon itself. (Un)fortunately, we've also booked to go and see Amateur Transplants with some friends that evening, so I'm going to have to try and stay awake for it!

2ombie5layer Sun 22-Apr-12 09:51:33

Thanks neils will take a look at that website.

<arf> notsure, I saw your post last night and wondered if it was on the wrong thread wink

I had a horrible run this morning (not helped by having indulged last night in DH's patented curry and wine run preparation scheme - it seems to work better for him than it does for me). I got cramps in the tops of my feet (where they meet the bottom of your legs) and had to walk parts. I also got quite light-headed on one of the downhills and started seeing double (I think because I wasn't wearing my glasses and my eyes couldn't cope with refocussing). My final time was 46 mins 08 seconds for 4 miles - over a minute slower per mile than the first 5K I did last year. Indeed every race I have done has been progressively slower sad - from 10.14 minute miles to 11.32. It's not supposed to work like that is it?!

Good luck with finding somewhere dry to run 2ombie!

jellibelli Sun 22-Apr-12 18:22:37

Oh Shredded! that is me too, just getting slower and slower. I haven't run much since I went back at work last Thursday, just Tuesday and then this morning. Two slow, quite hard runs. I have made A Decision to increase my speed again. DH has a calf injury at the moment but I am hoping he'll drag me along a bit quicker when he is back to running. I need to Get a Firm Grip.

grin at jelli getting a grip. I must do the same.

I will be away for work a couple of days this week so intend to make the most of my new surroundings. Maybe that will be the boot up the rear end I need grin.

I hope you all have a lovely week, and do lots of running!

fancynancy1 Mon 23-Apr-12 10:25:48

Can I join in. I started NHS couch to 5k last night. I am literrally aching, I didnt think I was fit but cant believe I was that bad!

I am getting the gait analysis done today and need a sports bra - any other tips

LinzerTorte Mon 23-Apr-12 11:01:36

Welcome nancy. I ached loads after my first few runs (and still do now if I haven't been running for a while); I think it's quite normal. Gait analysis and proper running shoes are definitely the most important thing although it's taken me a year to get round to it. I have a Shock Absorber bra, which is supposed to be very good, but tbh the few times I've forgotten to put it on instead of my normal bra, I haven't noticed a difference (that's just me not having anything to shock, though).

Hope you enjoy the change of scenery, Shredded - possibly even while running through it. grin

Neil Sounds like you have it all well planned (apart from having to stay awake for Amateur Transplants - which I had to google). I hadn't finished C25k before I did my first race, but at least it was only just over 3k so not too much of a shock to the system.

I did W7R1 this morning and am making it up as I go along now, sort of doing a cross between the NHS and Bupa plans but more NHS. I decided to run for 20 minutes this morning and will up it to 22 minutes on Wednesday. I still can't imagine running for 30 minutes at a time but my knee was OK, which is the main thing, and I keep telling myself that I've done it before so can do it again.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Mon 23-Apr-12 13:17:35

Hi fancy smile My tips are good shoes, shock absorber bra and a good warm down. To warm down I walk until my breathing has returned to normal. I then shower, then once I have showered, dh and I do some stretches together (dh needs to do daily stretches because of an injury, we don't just do random stretching as a couple grin )

I ran on Friday and yesterday. Both were hard and I also had a crisis of confidence. I seemed to be finding the same run is getting harder rather than easier. I was feeling narky about it last night, but realise I just have to keep plugging away. I am doing this as a lifestyle change and I want it to be something I do for years to come, so it takes as long as it takes. So, another one who needs to get a grip grin

NeilsBoar Mon 23-Apr-12 21:14:07

Evening all! Welcome nancy - I'm still putting ice on my shins after every run; although I think its now habit rather than need - so it does get better!

On the bike I find I go through phases where after doing 5 days a week for several weeks my averages start to go down rather than up. I then find a decent length break (at least 3 or 4 days) and I'm back up to speed again and feel more 'enthused' to build up from there. For me this happens naturally when I have a holiday from work (since my cycling is my commuting) - I might struggle to pick it back up again if it wasn't how I had to get to work though...

Well, my update is as follows; did 23k on the bike in 55 mins and went straight into W6R1 - pushed quite hard throughout and averaged 15.6 mph on the bike and 7:30 min/miles in the running section. Won't put me anywhere near the top of the field for the triathlon, but its not embarrassingly bad either... I'd like the bike average to be nearer 20 mph, but am currently trying to blame that on the dynamo lights and loaded pannier.

Oh! and it had been raining and now my shiny running shoes are all muddy sad

Went swimming today; I feel like my technique is coming on - actually left some water in the pool this time rather than swallowing it all and managed to not stop my arms each time I took a breath... Sadly I didn't bother checking the time when I started so I've no idea if the technique is improving the times!

And then I went shopping; tri-suit, elastic laces, race belt, new cycling tops... I have so far resisted the temptation of getting a newer/lighter bike than my current commuting steed, but there are some real bargains on ebay at the moment <must resist>

PizzaSlut Mon 23-Apr-12 22:20:05

Can I join you, just done my first session today.

Quite easy apart from the fact I need to get some new trainers, my running shoes from a previous incarnation have expired and can feel some foot pain this evening. But I'm a bit of a gym bunny at heart anyway so have a reasonable fitness level.

I did it i nthe gym, but wednesday I might take it outside to the park, weather dependant.

NeilsBoar Wed 25-Apr-12 08:46:46

Morning Pizza, welcome! It seems to be a bit quiet in here at the moment - obviously everyone's out running...

Well done on making a start; although rather you than me in the gym, I much prefer the great outdoors; weather and all!

I missed the good weather yesterday as I was waiting for a delivery for DS' birthday... But I'm hoping to get out and do W6R2 this afternoon.

anothermadamebutterfly Wed 25-Apr-12 11:23:12

Can I join in? I have been doing the C25K and am just about to start on week 5.
I am really looking forward to moving on to the longer runs so I can listen to my own music rather than the podcasts -Laura is delightful but I am getting tired of the inspirational music.
also, anybody got any tips on good bras? i am about a 34C and my bra is fine in stopping any bouncing but the straps keep slipping down over my shoulders and I have to sort of reach in my T-shirt and hitch them up again, which tends to dislodge my ipod or headphones and robs me of any pretense of stylishness...

2ombie5layer Wed 25-Apr-12 12:48:54

Well I found a place to run that isnt around a field or on the road. Ive just had an appointment in the town near me and I got lost trying to get back to the car (Ive only lived here about 6 weeks or so) and found the loveliest walk. It was by a river, all on footpath, but completely off the road. Looking forward to going out on Friday there. Its a 20 min drive away, but parking is free.

maybe we're not running because of the weather, and are too embarassed to check in here and admit it wink. I almost went out earlier as there was a gap in the rain, but got sidetracked, and now it's torrential sad.

LinzerTorte Wed 25-Apr-12 19:34:21

I went out this morning (am now up to 22 mins) but it was too hot for my liking - partly my own fault admittedly, as I was wearing a hat. I had my hair cut and straightened at the weekend, which will last a week if I don't go running - but if I go running without a hat, it will return to its usual frizz. So I was boiling in my winter hat. <vain> I'm going to order a running cap from Amazon (and hope I don't look too silly in it), but need to find something else to order as well so that I can get free postage.

Welcome Pizza and another. smile Re running bras, the Shock Absorber I mentioned a few posts up is very good and I never have any problems with the straps slipping down (there's an extra clip at the back that keeps them together).

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Thu 26-Apr-12 07:45:00

Hi pizza and another smile

Your post about your hair made me chuckle linzer, I try and time my runs around my running so they coincide with a hair wash night blush

Last night I done runs of 7, 5 and 2 minutes. I am stunned and really chuffed with myself. I haven't been following the C25k programme, but seemed to be plateauing with what I was doing so thought I would just see how far I could run.

When I started running I found doing 60 seconds running a challenge and last night I done 7 minutes. Can't believe it grin

LinzerTorte Thu 26-Apr-12 07:55:07

Well done, ILike. grin I remember when I used to find running for 60 seconds a huge struggle so anything longer is a major achievement. Actually, even running for 60 seconds used to be a major achievement for me.

I try and time my runs with hair washing days too, but ideally I'd like to run three times a week and I don't really want to wash my hair that often. My hair is quite dry so never gets greasy - it's actually still looking good four days after its last wash even if I probably looked ridiculous wearing a winter hat on my last run.

Itcouldbelupus Thu 26-Apr-12 18:07:59

Hi all, still running now on w5 after conquering my massive hill slight incline that kept making me stop. Still fearful of a 20 min run so have done w5r1 twice so far (3x5 min runs) and have managed to complete them without stopping except for brief 10 second for crossing the road so think I'm doing ok.

And... after my worries the other week about weight gain I was in work and one of my students asked me how I managed to lose so much weight over Easter grin

I'm enjoying this running lark. Officially the longest I've ever stuck at it and have entered my local Race for Life as a small incentive but got my eyes on VLM next year in memory of my Dad. clearly I'm mad

Hope everyone else is doing well

sybilfaulty Thu 26-Apr-12 18:11:05

Well done Lupus! I am about to start week 5 so you are inspiring me. I think the VLM might be beyond me for a few years yet though.

I wouldn't worry about weight if your clothes feel looser. Looking good is the goal really (as well as being healthy on the inside, but we can't see that alas).

I am going to try to run tomorrow. Fingers crossed the rain holds off. Got soaked last night in my trusty north face, and it was jolly hot.

NeilsBoar Thu 26-Apr-12 20:58:18

Good that you've found somewhere to run 2ombie - you might want to see if there are canals near you too as tow paths are usually well maintained.

Linzer and Ilike, my hair is too short to worry about styling, what's left of it! I do wear a buff as it keeps sweat out of my eyes.

Have ended up doing W6R2 and W6R3 on consecutive days - today's W6R3 I did on the road (pavement) and with a hill!!

Have also succumbed to the temptation of getting another bike... Planning on building it up from parts and have bought a frame off ebay for £67...

anothermadamebutterfly Fri 27-Apr-12 10:55:47

Linzer, - thanks for the bra advice, I had a look around the internet and the shock absorbers look really good - see if I can nip out to the shops during my lunch break and get one.

Lupus/Sybilfaulty - good luck for the 20 min run in week 5. I did it yesterday, sort of by mistake, and it was much much easier than expected. I was planning to start week 5 R1, but for some reason the W5 R1 and R2 podcasts wouldn't work but W5 R3 would, and I couldn't face going back to week 4, so I did the full 20 mins and it was fine, even though I was a bit red-faced and out of breath when I picked the kids up from their gymnastics class (I run while they are doing their class). Now I am wondering whether I should just repeat W5 R3 three times or go back and download again the podcasts for R1 and R2 again and do them all in reverse order which doesn't make much sense.

Overall, I found the hardest weeks were the first ones (week 1 left me unable to walk up the stairs and had all the family in fits laughing at me staggering around).

Lupus - I put on a few kgs during the first few weeks of the program, which was strange because I didn't notice any change in clothes feeling tighter and everybody was telling me how good I was looking. I am not trying to lose weight, but I don't really want to put any on either! But I am back to my previous weight now. Just one of those strange things. Somebody told me it was because muscle is heavy, but I sort of find it hard to believe that I was building up that much muscle.

Enjoy your running everybody!

2ombie5layer Fri 27-Apr-12 14:15:17

Just finished week3 and this third run was the easiest. I think its partly to do with a change of scenery or partly because when I finished my first 3 min run I had just finished running up a hill so I was feeling pretty chuffed with that as I had previously been running on flat. Looking forward to sunday when I will start week 4, though still a little bit nervous about running for 5 mins. I know I still need to get my gait checked and was saving up, but our sky box broke so had to fork out money for that so back to the beginning. Although Im not in any pain anywhere so Im not going to stress about it prepares for flaming

Talking about weight, even though I could do with losing a few pounds Im not overly bothered as I am a size 14 (my running top is a size 12 though, but is stretchy) so not completely overweight. I believe the best thing for weight loss is diet and I like my cake too much grin Im using the running to get me fit and build stamina. If I lose a bit of weight then thats a bonus. I have put on a couple of pounds, but Im putting it down to the muscles in my legs not the biscuits and cakes I am eating

I had a pedicure on Wed morn so my toes are a nice blue colour ATM. Would like to get my hands done too, but until I start work they will have to wait. Although what I would really like is a back shoulder and neck massage, a facial, a manicure and pedicure. Would need a small lottery win first though.

Morning all (well it is here!). Just popping on to say hello and well done to all the runners this week I should not really be here as I'm supposed to be writing an assignment for my OU course

I did get to run on Weds on my trip - it was nice to have a change of scene but my word, the hills were horrible!

I have signed up for this tomorrow. It is the same route as last week's disaster. I am going to start very slowly and try to finish fast and beat my awful time

2ombie - glad that you have discovered a new running spot, and like the sound of the toes. You have reminded me that DH bought me a spa day for Christmas which I haven't used yet grin

Kewcumber Sun 29-Apr-12 22:18:43

can I gatecrash for a bit?

I started out on the January thread, did week 1 and 2 then tore a calf muscle quite badly (not running!) and was off for about 12 weeks.

Just got back to it and have redone week 1 and 2 and am due to start week 3.

Very scared of week 3 as I can't imagine running for 3 minutes blush <-- thats a red in the face from exertion emoticon.

Tell me its not too bad - am running with another mum from teh class so I will have to keep going however bad it is.

ifancyashandy Sun 29-Apr-12 22:27:56

Evening all, I've been in the thread before but not for a couple of weeks because work had been mental!

Still running though - got out once during the week and did a straight 30 min run which was fab. Swam for 30 mins yesterday (30 lengths) & was most impressed with self today as ran for 30 mins again in the absolute pouring, lashing rain AND with a mild hangover!

Totally cleared my head & I loved running in the rain - felt amazing! Then ruined it by eating a flake tonight so going to get up at 6am & go again before work. Come on Monday, give us all you've got grin!

Nails are a hot, tropical pink. A new Essie colour called Watermelon. love it!

Have a good running week!

ifancyashandy Sun 29-Apr-12 22:31:15

And Kew, I started this running malarkey about 2 months ago & hadn't run for about 30 years! Am now doing 30 without too much pain. You'll get there & there's no such thing as 'bad'!

Welcome & enjoy!

FartBlossom Sun 29-Apr-12 22:41:15


I am on this thread, just fancied a namechange.

Kew Ive just finished week 3 and I felt the same now Im wondering how I will manage week 4 and the constant 5 min runs grin which I have to start tomorrow.

I have joined a running club now. Not sure if I should be doing both or just one or the other, but I dont really know anybody in the area so thought it might be a way to get to know some new people. Plus I really fancy doing a parkrun, but the nearest one is 45 min drive away and to drive an hour and a half round trip for a 30 min run is a bit of a faff TBH. So this seemed like the next best thing.

The club where they meet is actually an outdoors club and they do things like climbing, caving, canoeing, ski-ing, fell walking and other outdoor persuits. I really fancy it. Ive done similar things in my teens and really enjoyed it then. But due to not being that fit and having a young family and no money to partake in such activities Im thinking of joining in 5 years or so.

Anyway my first meet up is on Thurs night and they are only going to be walking a mile or so as this one is all about warm ups, cool downs, stretches and seeing what its all about so I will still do my 3 runs plus this. I will then work out my runs around the club - assuming I like it of course.

Evening all,

Well, I finally got out again today after a week+ off running. My back is much better now, but I've got yet another cold, grrr. I waited till there was a bit of a gap between downpours and headed out for half an hour. It did start raining again straight away though, and unlike Shandy I hated every minute of it and have no intention of doing it again. Fair weather only for me.

Kewcumber - hello, good luck for Week 3, I'm sure it will be fine. It does seem like a big increase, just slow down a little if it seems hard.

Finger Nails are bright blue Rebel Blue

Toe nails are L'oreal Shocking Pink (dayglo!) but I can't find a link for that one.

Hello all and welcome Kew (and welcome back IFAS). FB, your club sounds fun.

I did my 4 miler today and the stern talking to myself paid off: I finished over 4 minutes faster, and am back to 10:29 miles. And no hangover grin.

Fingernails are bare, and toes are OPI Big Apple Red. I love the name of the blog too.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Mon 30-Apr-12 08:06:50

I ran another 3 x 5mins last night. I didn't think I was going to complete it because I had only eaten an hour previously. I will not be doing that again.

The club sounds great FB, let us know how it goes.

Welcome Kew, ouch at the torn calf muscle, that sounds horrible. You'll be fine with week 3 <gives reassuring pat on the back>

I need to put more music on my Nano, I am getting bored with the same old same old.

anothermadamebutterfly Mon 30-Apr-12 09:47:04

Hi everybody, first of all congrats to anybody here who lives in the UK and braved the wind and rain to go out for a run yesterday! I opted out. I just about made the 2 minute walk to the supermarket, all huddled up, and passed three runners on the way, which filled me with admiration. I have never tried the running in the rain bit, I am a bit of a cat myself and tend to avoid the rain as much as possible! But maybe it is worth giving it a try?

Kew good luck with the 3 mins. Laura is quite good at keeping you going in those runs. Your injury sounds horrible, hope it is all OK now.

A question to all of you with nail polish: Whenever I try it on my fingers nails it always always chips immediately. How do you all manage? Or do you just have to redo it or top it up all the time? It is fine on my toenails (or maybe my eyes are too far away from my toes to notice the chipped edges).

Iliketomoveitmoveit what music are you using? I am looking forward to finishing week 6 (I am on week 5 now) as then I am going to ditch the c25k and start making my own playlists.

Kewcumber Mon 30-Apr-12 15:01:06

Well I managed week 3 run1 OK - was out of breath but certainly manageable. And not a twinge in the calf so yes it is well and truly healed. I couldn't walk on it in February!

5 min runs in week 4? shock "Lalalalalalalalala" Can't hear you.

FartBlossom Mon 30-Apr-12 15:51:54

Well Ive just done week4 run1 and I couldnt do it sad Its the first time I have not managed to run all the times when Laura told me to. I did OK though and will perservere with it this week though. I might end up repeating this week once though, but will see.

Where I stopped was at the start of the first 5 min run I came to the bottom of a long steep hill so I paused the ipod until I got to the top. I ran for a bit, got to 2 and half mins and was still running then I walked for 10 secs or so before running again and completed till the end of the 5 mins. I did this again for the second run, but instead of just walking I paused the ipod and walked for 20 secs or so then started it again and ran till the end. So I didnt do too bad and I would have managed fine if it wasn't for those pesky hills getting in my way grin. At the end Laura told me I had ran for 16 mins and even though I probably managed at least 15 its still a rise from last week.

I have only just started running on the hills so Im not used to it. I was wondering if I should do week 3 again to get me used to the hills, but I have decided to stick with week 4. Im going to take a different route on Wed in the hope that its not as hilly.

I plan to download a running album for the final weeks. I am waiting for some Itunes vouchers to be delivered (through the surveys I do online) and going to treat myself to one. Once you are running 20+ minutes non-stop do you really need Laura telling you to stop and start running?

I did w5r1 last night (in a gap in the rain) and it was HARD - I had to have a 30 second breather half way through the second 5 mins, but the last was was almost fun. I might need to repeat the week though.

Kewcumber Mon 30-Apr-12 18:24:03

"just slow down a little if it seems hard" Ha ha ha haaa! Then I'd have to call it "walking"

Sorry Kewcumber! I run slowly so I can sympathise with that. I have two speeds, slow and very slow.

MadameB - re the nail varnish, I keep my nails very short, about 2mm of white tip and use Seche Vite topcoat, which dries very quickly and gives a very glossy finish. It still only lasts about 4 days max before chipping (sometimes only 1 or 2, then I do a bit of re-touching) but it makes the whole thing quick and easy, so I don't mind that it only lasts a few days. IYSWIM. I wear OPI Nail Envy basecoat all the time to protect my nails, and usually do colour once a week. My toenails last weeks though, like yours.

Regarding the music, I bought this 101 Running songs from Amazon, has a lot of good tracks on it.

FartBlossom - Once I finished the C25k I started using an app on my phone called Runkeeper, which tracks all your routes and distances, also has a little voice that tells you time intervals, speed, whatever. If I am trying to improve my speed I like to use it, but at the moment I am coasting a bit (had a series of colds, bad back, pelvic floor problem) so I am taking it easy and not bothering with any of it at all. It feels quite liberating running without any music and timings, I seem to just relax and get on with it.

After yesterday's rather pathetic effort, which ended up with more walking than running, I thought I'd better make the most of today's weather and go out again this evening. I had a lovely run, went on a new route, which has a very big hill at the beginning, so I had to take it easy, but managed 35 minutes without stopping and it was very enjoyable, lots of lovely gardens to peer into. Last time I ventured up this hill on foot, over a year ago, I was walking and got all hot and bothered, so to be able to run up it felt like a big achievement. Went to Pilates class this morning too, so a good exercise day all round.

Well done WhoKnows, marvellous progress!

FartBlossom Tue 01-May-12 08:11:11

That sounds like a good App whoknows, problem for me is I dont have any gadgets that would support anything like that. I can have the podcasts on my classic ipod, but thats as far as technology goes for me. My mobile isn't very up to date at all, but as I hardly use it Im not really that bothered. I am registered to map my run which is good, but have to stick to Laura telling me when to start and stop running for now.

I was the same FartB, I only had an old Ipod shuffle when I first did the C25k, so I had to put up with Laura and her music, I got the phone about the same time so switched over then. I used to use Map my run as well. There was one song of Laura's that still gets into my head and annoys me a year on!

I have the Runkeeper app, but the past two times it's gone bonkers on me, ad thinks I'm doing 15 km at .02km/h, then settles down into brisk walk/slow plod timings wink. Haven't changed any settings, so no idea what's happened to it.

sybilfaulty Tue 01-May-12 18:15:35

I am afraid I just use Laura and her enthusiastic banter to keep me going. I did Rawbert last time but found him too annoying ("i'm a 42 y old guy in N California and on my birthday I decided to start running again....." ad infinitum).

I am going out for week 5 r 2 in a minute and feel quite excited. Surely this can't be right???!

NeilsBoar Tue 01-May-12 18:21:09

Hi All - When the weather's like this just getting out is an achievement; so well done all!

I use Endomondo on my phone which is much like runkeeper/mapmyrun; I was using a local 400m running track until W6R2 when I braved the roads (and hills!!)

And my progress is... did 23k on the bike on Sunday (in the hail and rain - bleurgh) and then swapped shoes and did W7R1 and managed to improve my mins per mile by 30s over Thursday morning; obviously I need a serious warm up to run well...

Yesterday, with bright blue skies and sunshine, I'd scheduled a swim inside; but I did it anyway and had my first swim in the triathlon suit (trying not to worry how silly I looked in the local swimming pool) and then got straight on the bike afterwards - it was a little 'fresh', but I dried quickly enough! Today I did 25k on the bike in 3 different stints (meeting in the city) and then got home and did W7R2.

If anyone told me a year ago that I'd be running 4k in 20 mins without stopping (either through exhaustion or crippling shin splints) I'd have been incredulous; but actually [whisper] I'm quite enjoying this running lark [/whisper].

FartBlossom Wed 02-May-12 14:46:24

Just got back from run 2 of week 4 and did slightly better. I ran the first 3 min and the 5 min runs, but I had to walk a tiny bit (I counted to 5) during the second 3 min run and the second 5 mins run. Though I got further than last time without walking (ie I didnt pause the Ipod so I could walk for longer before the first 5 min run and I ran the whole 5 mins this time) so it must be some improvment though I changed my route and the hills weren't quite as steep.

The one thing that kept me going through the first 5 min run was that I wanted to come back on here afterwards to tell you I did it, but I didnt. I think I will be repeating this week sad Im not going to do week 5 if I cant do week 4.

Have got my running club tomorrow night so will see how that goes. Im going more for the social aspect (as Ive not lived here long and need to make some friends and meet some new people) and the view to carry on my running with them once Im up to running 30 mins non-stop. My plan is to go to the club when they meet on Tues and Thurs evenings and to run on my own on Sundays. Though have got the C25K to do first.

Hope everyone is doing well with their runs. Its getting addictive this running malarky and I enjoy it too NeilsBoar

w5r2 which depsite being 2x 8 minute runs was SO much easier than w5r1 - I find the stop start iness of the earlier weeks more tiring than just keeping going (although you do need those weeks to build up some stamina wink). Quite looking forward to r5 now shock.

anothermadamebutterfly Thu 03-May-12 06:41:52

WhoKnowsWhereTheTimeGoes thanks for the tips about nailvarnish, I will give it a try, four days sounds brilliant to me, I like painting my nails but usually they last a few hours before chipping sets in.

I did week6 R1 last night, after doing the 20 mins run in week 5 run 3 three times (the podcasts for weeks 1+2 didn't download properly and wouldn't work), and it was strange to go back to stopping and starting. Funnily enough, my legs feel more tired this morning than after the 20 mins runs, I think the stopping and starting is more tiring than a continuous run because you think more about time passing (with longer runs I just start forgetting the time and the time passes quickly). The running is getting addictive.

Don't feel like going to work today. The kids and DH are going out for the day because their school is shut for voting day, and it doesn't feel fair!

Good luck everybody with your runs and don't give up!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Thu 03-May-12 08:05:44

I feel shattered just reading your posts Neil, I am v impressed with your training.i did lol at you wearing your tri suit in the pool though - sorry!

FB - there is nothing wrong with repeating runs. I need to feel comfortable with a run before I move onto the next one, so sometimes I have repeated the same run three times. I want running to be a lifestyle change so it doesn't matter if I take 9 months to do 5k rather than 9 weeks. As my parents would have said 'it's not a race', unless of course you are actually running in a race grin

I agree that the stop start thing is harder than continuous running.

I managed 2 x 8 minutes last night, I really surprised myself shock

FartBlossom Thu 03-May-12 08:09:41

Ishall and another thanks for telling us that the stopping and starting is more tiring than the longer runs. I know Im not going to be doing week 5 next week so I am tempted to do my last run on week 4 as a long run just to see how long I can run for. Instead of listening to Laura I will put on some music and just run. What do we think? Im going to repeat week 4 next week anyway and I wont run any longer than what I can handle and will do the 5 min walk at each side of the run, it will just be to see how long I can actually run for without stopping.

Also do you take a drink out with you? Ive been taking a running bottle of water, but Laura has given me the impression that you only really need to have a drink once you've finished your run.

FartBlossom Thu 03-May-12 08:11:56

x posts there ILike Im not racing anybody either and it doesn't matter how long it takes. Id like to be a good runner by next winter though so if I cant get out for a few days it doesn't matter. Once Im up to running 5K I may start racing myself, by either trying to beat my best time or by trying to run further, but for now its just building myself up to it smile

LinzerTorte Thu 03-May-12 08:38:58

another I have the same problem with my nails - despite applying a base coat, two coats of polish and a top coat, it's rare for them to last longer than a day without chipping. I had them done by a beautician friend a couple of months ago and they didn't last much longer, which was reassuring and frustrating at the same time!

FB I've never taken water out with me; I usually just have a drink when I come back. I seem to remember someone saying on this thread ages and ages ago that you don't really need to take water out with you unless you're running for an hour or more.

Am up to Week 8 now and ran for 25 minutes yesterday following my adapted NHS/Bupa plan. I must admit that I'm concentrating on speed as much as anything at the moment as I really want to beat my time in last year's race, although I still have around 6 weeks before this year's town run. DH has helpfully announced that he's going to be in Prague that weekend, so I've arranged for the children to go over to the neighbours' - I'm not sure whether they'll all be coming to watch (the wife is running too). The DDs have decided to enter the children's race 2.5 hours after the main race, so I really need to get out with them and start training, as I have the feeling that expecting them suddenly to run 1.5k might come as a bit of a shock to the system for them.

NeilsBoar Thu 03-May-12 12:02:38

ILike to be fair, I was already doing 40-60 miles per week on the bike just commuting and getting around so I've only added 3 runs, 2 swims and 1 long bike ride per week (actually that still sounds like a lot!) I'm sleeping well though (when not rudely awakened by DS) grin

Fart what I've found, subjectively, is that the stopping and starting runs had more impact on my overall fitness than the long runs; once I've got W8 done then I think I'll go back to stop start runs to try and improve my fitness further - but it would explain why you find them tiring. As for water, I tend to take water with on anything over 30 mins - under that I don't bother. Over 60 mins and I like to take something with some calories in, not necessarily a sports drink; I use diluted fruit juice.

Afternoon all,

I agree that the stop start runs are harder too, when I got past week 5 it seemed like a real breakthrough. When I got past week 9 I hadn't reached 5k in 30 mins, so I did weeks 2 to 5 again to try and improve my speed and it really helped.

Well, sad news for me. My pelvic floor has headed south to such an extent that my GP has told me no more running and I have been referred for surgery sad. I have had a few problems since the birth of DS, and was told a few years ago that I would almost certainly need surgery at some point. Things have been gradually getting worse over the last month and noticeably worse over the last couple of days, so I am hanging up my sports bra for now. I'm going to really miss it, but I will keep lurking on this thread and pop in now and then with some words of wisdom about nail varnish. Looking on the bright side, a friend had similar last summer and has run two half marathons in the last couple of months, so hopefully I will get back to it at some point, in the meantime I will live vicariously via this thread!

FartBlossom Thu 03-May-12 14:46:47

Oh no whoknows hope that you make a speedy recovery and you are out running again ASAP.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Thu 03-May-12 15:52:21

<faints at the amount of exercise NeilB is doing> Do you have to eat like a horse to fuel all of the running/swimming/cycling?

How does the stop start running improve your fitness? <clueless>

Sorry to hear that whoknows, but it is a positive step that you are getting referred. Fingers crossed it is soon so your running bra doesn't gather too much dust.

anothermadamebutterfly Thu 03-May-12 17:49:54

whoknows sorry to hear that. Hope you recover quickly. Any wisdoms about nail varnish tips or anything else are very welcome in the meantime.

NeilsB I am in awe!

Iliketomoveit I have heard that the stop and starting stuff improves fitness/speed, but I would like to know why too. Back in the last decade, in what feels like another place and time and universe, when I was a sporty teenager and on the running squad of my secondary school, we used to do lots of interval training and sprints, but nobody ever knew why. I have always tended to take the line that the only logical thing to do when training was to run until you were too knackered to go any further.

I never take a drink with me on runs, because I hate having to carry anything, and I don't go for long runs anyway.

Anyway, I am alone at home, with a good hour of peace and quiet before the kids and DH come home, I am going to do a bit of online window shopping for running gear - now I am in week 6 I think it time to upgrade from my baggy tracksuit bottoms and T-shirts into something a bit more stylish. Have my eye on a pair of Nike loose cotton track pants, but at £28 they are way more than I would usually pay for anything like this.

NeilsBoar Thu 03-May-12 17:59:31

Oh dear whoknows that's not good; still at least hopefully you'll be able to get back to it. In the meantime you could always take up cycling and/or swimming and then when you get back to it you could do a triathlon!

ILike well, I've been trying to lose quite a bit of weight, I have gone from a 40, at best, inch waist down to a 32 inch waist; I still have somewhere between 6 and 12 pounds to lose I think. According to fatsecret, which I'm using to track calories, I use between 2700 and 3900 calories a day and I'm eating around 1000 less than that and its quite a bit of food - I usually get to the end of dinner and tot it up and find out I 'have' to have some post dinner snacks grin It is actually a bit daunting how much I'm going to have to eat when I want to stop losing weight!

I've no idea why stop-start works; but interval training has been around for a long time and there was a load of stuff in the media about high intensity interval training being ridiculously efficient at building fitness - see here

Anyway was out again today, only 30 mins on the bike, failed to get a swim in due to failing to take any money/wallet with (or rather thinking I had as I found some in my bag later) and taking calls from work. Did do another 4k run (W7R3), did it on grass this time as I'd been feeling some soreness in my shins again - unfortunately I found some boggy bits and my lovely, pretty trainers are now brown sad And it added about 4 or 5 seconds per km to my run, either that or its the last run of the week and I need some rest days (tomorrow and Saturday).

I am doing a lot at the moment; my first triathlon is in 10 days now!!! What I'm starting to think about now is what to do after that...

Thanks everyone. Swimming definitely has to be on the agenda, cycling is going to have to wait. I'm in two minds about the pilates, will have to ring up the teacher for a chat I think.

That's another depressing thing, I won't be able to justify eating as much with no running to use up the calories. Never mind.

BikeRunSki Thu 03-May-12 18:57:59

Hello, can I join this thread? I used to do a lot of sport - then I had children! Would run 10k three times a week to keep fit for weekends of road cycling, mountain biking and mountain climbing.

DD (DC2 and last) is 6 months old and I did w4 r2 this morning. I've been managing a c25k week in a week so far, but usually have to do at least one run a week with DD in her buggy. Beginning to feel a bit fitter, only 4 months left to get back into work clothes.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Thu 03-May-12 19:28:30

Welcome BRS, sounds like you know what you are doing already, unlike me who is clueless and just manages to shuffle along grin

I use this and my finger nails don't chip for at least 3-4 days, tis pricey but lasts for ages and does the trick

Thats some impressive weight loss NeilB , well done you. DH is a runner and mostly runs cross country to keep the injuries at bay. As soon as he runs on roads for an extended period he gets sore ankles.

MadameB - I have been wearing Next's own brand (NX) of sports wear and so far I have been impressed, however I don't have any proper sports brands to compare them to.

FartBlossom Thu 03-May-12 20:22:59

Ive just come back from my first meeting at my running group and I really enjoyed it. We walked/jogged a mile. It was really fun and I was a little disappointed when we had come back to the clubhouse as that meant the running was over. The group wasn't as busy as usual tonight because some people were part of a off-road running group and they had gone out into the countryside (Im not sure where) to run quite far. I think most people run for about 30 mins then go back to the clubhouse where they have a drink and biscuits.

The lady telling us what to do was giving us some advice about some daily exercise to help strengthen the knees. She said to stand with feet hip width apart and just bend the knees 30 times. Also another exercise to stand again in same position, feet hip width apart and to raise onto the balls of the feet 20 times. She said she was given these to do by a physiotherapist when she first started running to help stop the knees becoming painfull as apparently the muscle needs building up a bit.

So now my plan is to go out sat to see how far I can run without stopping, just out of interest and also to see my improvement in a few weeks, then to start week 4 again next week and to go to my club on a Thursday evening. So I will be running Mon, Wed morning, Thurs Evening and Sats from now on. Is that OK do we think?

Madame I got my clothes from Sports Direct. Cant remember what I paid for the leggings, but it was £6 for the hi-viz pink top.

<welcomes BRS and waves to all other runners out there smile>

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Thu 03-May-12 20:59:22

the running club sound lovely FB. I have no idea about the amount of runs you are planning. I think everyone is different and as long as you don't start getting aches and pains then you should be ok.

I have read the link (thanks neilB) but I am still none the wiser. I am running on a treadmill so I'm running at a constant pace, however I still find it harder to do short bursts confused

This has nothing to do with running, but I am just watching a programme about a giant snake and it is bloody massive shock

anothermadamebutterfly Fri 04-May-12 20:36:07

Ilike you really made me laugh with your giant snake smile.

Ilike and FartB thanks for the tips about shops - I went into my local Next today but they didn't do sports clothing in that branch, but Sports Direct was great! Got some grey trousers for £6 and a bright florescent orange T-shirt for £7, perfect both of them. I thought the brightness of the orange could deflect from the post-run redness of my face. Tried then out just now on W6 R2, and I feel that maybe maybe I have managed to sneak my way into the ranks of proper runners!

Whoknows I did pilates for a while and really liked it, but for me it had a lot to do with the instructor - there was this great lady doing it, very funny with a wonderful soft voice, but then she left and her replacement and I didn't gel, so I stopped going.

BikeSkiRun welcome!

I am off to have a sitdown now and see whether I can find any giant snakes on TV. Enjoy your weekend everybody.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sat 05-May-12 07:15:53

The snake comment was a bit random wasn't it?! grin

madamB - I bought my stuff from Next online, seems I probably should have mentioned that blush

I have news. I ran 20 minutes non stop last night. 20 minutes. Non stop. I am not sure how I managed it, but I did. I could just about run for a minute a couple of months ago shock

FartBlossom Sat 05-May-12 07:52:53

yey well done ILike Im testing myself today to see how long I can run for non-stop (obviously after a 5 min warm up walk) then to repeat week 4 next week.

FartBlossom Sat 05-May-12 15:47:42

I did 13 minutes grin I would have been upset if I had done less than 8, but wanted to do 10. Got to 9 and decided to go for 12 then at 12 went a bit longer. I am so pleased with myself. Then again when I got to 10 I was coming to a hill so I turned round in order to make it easier for myself.

Its probably about right as C25K suggests running 30 mins by 9 weeks and as I am about to start week 4 again Im not quite half way there so Im doing ok I think.

In all honesty I might have managed a bit longer if I had someone there encouraging me, pushing me. Though as I didnt I decided to stop at 13 as I had past the time I wanted to get to before I left the house. I found the worst bit was between 2 and 5 mins. I think thats because I knew I still had quite a way to go, but once I got to 5 I was half way there. By the time I had finished running (including my 5 min walk before running 13 mins) I had covered 1.74 miles. So all in all a good run.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sat 05-May-12 16:12:34

Well done FB smile

I am terrible for clock watching when running. So last night I said that I wouldn't look at the clock until 4 songs had passed, which by then at least 12 minutes would have passed. Luckily those 4 songs were 14 minutes in total, which felt like a nice surprise!

I would have turned around if there was a hill looming too grin

I only managed 18 minutes of W5r3 as a Big Hill appeared in front of me sad. Will redo on Monday but with a different route

jellibelli Sun 06-May-12 11:46:11

I have not been logging in for a little while as I felt like a fraud as I have barely run for a few weeks. I had a throat infection (which I didn't feel I'll with but there was definitely an infection there, which also gave me a tight, phlegmy chest, sorry if tmi!) and a forced changed to my routine and longer days which meant exercising was difficult at all, let alone running in all that weather. Anyway back to normal (ha ha) now......

I have done a couple of days of Jillian and had my first run for two weeks today - it was hard work and I chose a flat, shallow hulled run! My legs were heavy, and my head wasn't much into it but I did a 'there and back' run and I was slow out and respectable (for me) coming back, so overall I am quite happy about it.

Moveit that's the sort of deal I broker in my head too!

Welcome to anyone new grin

jellibelli Sun 06-May-12 11:47:07

Oh dear! Should have previewed.....

jellibelli Mon 07-May-12 11:57:53

Oh, am I here alone? You must all be out having lives! DH working, DCs busy having adventures. I am putiing off painting and housework....

Anyway no running for me, did a DVD with Jillian instead. Feeling a bit Jelli all over now!

Hope you're all having fun running grin

FartBlossom Mon 07-May-12 14:29:11

no you're not alone. I just have nothing to report. Although I am thinking of looking up some quick arm exercises on the internet to do with my weights. I can feel the muscles in my legs developing and think that I should do something about my arms and my belly too.

sybilfaulty Mon 07-May-12 14:47:43

I've had tonsilitis so haven't run since last week. Feeling bit better now though and debating W5 r3 tomorrow. WOuld it be madness to do 20m run after a week of inactivity? Should I go back and repeat W5 r2 or just go for it?

Well done to all who have run in the horrible weather.

FartBlossom Mon 07-May-12 14:52:19

sybil you could just have a run and see how far you go. I did this instead of week4 run 3 as I hadnt done runs 1 and 2 properly and I started week 4 again this week. I would be tempted to do that. If you do 20 mins great, if not do week 5 again possibly. Depends on what you can do really.

peachypips Mon 07-May-12 15:19:57

Hi can I join you? I'm new to mums net and trying to get involved!! Ran the furthest I've ever run yesterday thanks to a friend who's just done the London marathon- I did ten k and my legs are like spaghetti and I ache like a b#####d!!! Feeling quite sick today- is that the running or am I just ill!!!!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Mon 07-May-12 18:53:06

Well done and welcome Peachy, no wonder you ache like a bastard. 10k is impressive.

I have just done w6r1 and my legs felt like lead. I think r2 is a repeat of r1, then r3 is 22 minutes <fear> . I still haven't loaded any music on my iPod so I am still using dh's. His music choices are somewhat eclectic and I ended up running to an album called 'driving songs', no doubt compiled by that big dick Clarkson hmm

I think I may need some sort of orthotic insert in my right shoe as my arch has felt a bit tender and sore. I need to speak to my physio friend and see what she says, I will have to stick my foot in her face when I see her at book group this week grin

peachypips Mon 07-May-12 19:33:11

Ha ha moveit!! Have you tried asics trainers? Their running shoes have different levels of arch support for different levels of flatfootedness! I have flippers for feet so have massive arch support in mine. Good luck with next level - eek! Do you like dance music? I hate it but I listen to it when I run as it gets me in a rhythm. Podrunner is good. Although am slightly obsessed with it- people are going to start thinking I'm on their marketing team!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Mon 07-May-12 19:59:49

I have Asics. I have really quite high arches, which makes me think I need a higher support? Gawd, I have no idea, I just know my arch is tender!

I do like dance music and I also like some banging r&b, unlike dh who asan iPod full of dad music (Pink Floyd, driving music etc) . I'll have a look at pod runner, thanks for the tip smile

NeilsBoar Mon 07-May-12 20:03:05

Evening All!

10k peachy wow!

Ilike I have my phone music player set to shuffle; so sometimes I get something really inspiring with a driving beat etc. and sometimes I get some gentle jazz sax piece... Just as I was coming to the end of my run yesterday I got Duffy's 'Distant Dreamer' which started badly but I got into it and it had a kind of 'chariots of fire' feel to it just as I was about to make 5k!

Have had the instructions through for the triathlon; only 6 days to go! And they've changed the run route... its now 6.2k!!!

So I'm doing 5.5k runs this week and that should do it; I've completely fallen off the C25K metric plan - I wondered why everyone was talking about week 9 when I only had 8 weeks in my plan; then spotted that I'd copied the plan into my triathlon training plan wrong and missed week 8!

So what I've done is couch to 5k metric weeks 1-7 and am now doing two 5.5k runs and then the triathlon run (6.2k) on Sunday. Does that mean I've finished C25K then or do I have to start again? grin

My left shin is still sore, but better after switching to grass runs only for the moment. Not sure what to do after the triathlon about my shin/shins - the advice seems to be to have 2 weeks off and then build up slowly + gait analysis and proper shoes; all of which I did this time and they've still come back a bit. Its not painful enough to stop me, but just noticeably sore... Really not sure what to do and don't want to give up running completely as I'm really enjoying it.

Oops; epic post again... sorry!

thanksamillion Mon 07-May-12 20:06:20

Hello! Can I join you? I'm doing the NHS C25K (only have an MP3 player so no flashy apps grin ). I'm on the w2 r3 and really enjoying it.

My slight problem is that DD1 has decided that she likes running too and wants to join me, but she slows me up a bit (she's only 7 but is very tall) so I'm having to re-do some runs on my own! It's a good problem to have smile

FartBlossom Mon 07-May-12 20:42:56

I dont have anything flashy either thanks so just having to put up with the lovely music from Laura. Im quite envy at those who get to have all this fantastic apps etc. Ive just never seen the point before as I wouldn't use anything flashy for anything else, but now Im wondering if its worth looking into getting a smart phone or something so I can use something else, esp when Ive done 5K and I want to increase to 10K. AFAIK the only things where I can have someone actually tell me to start and stop running are Apps, that I cant have. Otherwise its timeing myself, but I clockwatch when I do that and it drags.

Ilike - I wear orthotics in my running shoes (also boots and shoes wherever possible) and they have really made a difference to my back problems. I have high arches too. The only time I can't wear them for exercise is doing static stuff like lunges where they dig into my arches too much and give me cramp, but I always wear them for running. Mine are the standard Orthaheel ones from Boots. A word of warning though, they were exceedingly uncomfortable for a week or two until I got used to them, now I miss them if they aren't there.

I'm going to have to bite the bullet and get my gait analysed ( and new trainers bought) as I failed tonight at w6r1 (5 min 8 min 5 min) as my left calf seized up because of how id been protecting that shin I think. Plus not enough stretching, and not doing the shin splint exercises someone posted way back for me.

But there's not really anywhere to run round here that's not pavements or through muddy dog pooey woods without a drive first, so I'm slightly stuck till I can find enough grass to try instead.

sybilfaulty Tue 08-May-12 07:30:02

WOw, Neil, you are hardcore! I am sure that you will be ready to run the 6k by next weekend. I am impressed.

Midnight, I always run on roads, as I'm doing it at such odd times parks etc are closed or worryingly empty.

Welcome to all the new people, good to have you on board.

I am going to do W5 r 3 tonight. That's the plan at least. Pouring here again, of course, so it will be a bit moist. Never mind! I feel like a real runner when I am doing it in the rain.

I am using Laura for the next 3 weeks. My reward once I have finished the programme wil be some decent music! Can't wait.

Keep on running everyone smile

NeilsBoar Tue 08-May-12 09:12:31

Ishall I'd stopped the shin splint exercises once I got to W7 as I wanted to go straight from bike to run without cooling down; I'm wondering if that's what has caused the soreness (hesitant to call it shin splints as its nowhere near that painful... yet).

I'm going to go back to them for this afternoon's run and see if it makes a difference - although its improved a bit just from switching back to a soft running surface, so not a very scientific test... Will report back with my findings anyway.

Kewcumber Tue 08-May-12 13:17:23

I did week 4 run 1! [giddy with excitement emoticon]

Bizarrely though I'd found the 3 min runs in week 3 hard, I breezed through them this morning and only found the 5 min runs tough.

I'm so pleased with myself - is that allowed? grin

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Tue 08-May-12 13:27:51

<gives Kew a round of applause grin >

Kewcumber Tue 08-May-12 13:55:53

why thank you thank you <<bows>>

Not quite at triathlon level yet but the longest I've run in over 25 years!

sybilfaulty Tue 08-May-12 13:56:01

Ah, Kew, you are experiencing what we referred to last year as PRSP - post running smug phase! A well deserved and glorious endorphin rush after a good run.

In some ways it IS easier when you do more running and less stop start, isn't it? Well done. Have a lovely bath or something to mark the occasion. I am out for my 20 m non stopper tonight. I hope I will feel suitably pleased as well.


Kewcumber Tue 08-May-12 14:05:14

Hah! I celebrated the run by going straight to the school to help with the 90 miniute river walk along the same route I'd just run herding cats 6 yr olds this time.

FartBlossom Tue 08-May-12 15:46:03

Well done kew its the thought thats worse than the actual doing it.

Well I have good news too in that I have done week 4 properly too grin. After failing it twice last week so repeating it I have so far done it properly twice this week so another time then its hello week 5. While doing the 20 min run in week 5 do I listen to Laura or do I time myself and listen to some running music? I have just recieved my £20 worth of itunes vouchers curtesy of a survey site I subscribe to so have downloaded a running album. The advantages to listening to my music is that it will be something I will enjoy more, but I will be clockwatching the whole time. With Laura she will tell me when to stop running so I dont have to think about it, but the music is a bit too cheesy. Whats best? Is the encouragement from her during run 3 of week 5 worth it or am I best just doing my own thing? I dont have the luxury of anything that will enable me to listen to my own music while someone else tells me to stop running as I just have an ipod, no smartphone or anything so I will have to have a watch on if I choose that option.

Also on another note a FB friend of mine has just taken up the C25K, but mentioned in her status about getting cramp mid way through week 2. Is there any advice I can pass on?

Rezolution Tue 08-May-12 15:48:29

Am repeating Week 5. Nothing new there. I have repeated every week so far! That means I am on Week 10 in real terms.blush

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Tue 08-May-12 16:08:36

Good luck Sybil <waves pom poms>

I don't listen to Laura at all, just use the timer on the treadmill and listen to my own music.

No idea about cramp I have never suffered from it. Is it linked to dehydration?

There's nowt wrong with repeating weeks Rez. When I first started to run I didn't follow C25K timings, then after about 8 weeks when I felt I needed a plan I picked up C25K at week 5. So whilst I didn't repeat weeks as such, I think the earlier running helped me pick it up where I did, so they weren't wasted, nor will your repeating weeks be. It is all running after all. It is better than doing nothing, and if it takes you 18 weeks, so what? I am sure I will have to repeat weeks of the programme at some point. For the moment I can run for the amount of time stated, but my speed (or lack of!) means I don't cover the distance. I guess that is my lack of fitness?

melodyangel Tue 08-May-12 21:58:07

Sorry I haven't kept up with you all. Sounds like everyone is doing really well.

I have a couple of questions.

My lovely DH is really suffering from pain on the underneath of his feet. I'm thinking fallen arches. Any suggestions to help him? We have a 5k run in two weeks and he can't run at the mo.

And I went out for a run the other night and got soaked in a downpour. My shoes where soaked through and my feet blistered. Can anyone suggest some water proof running shoes?

Honu Tue 08-May-12 21:59:45

Well, I'm still here, running 2 or 3 times a week, still toodling along on week 1 (no ambition here and too lazy to download another week and fight the Tesco pink matchbox technology). However, a couple of questions -

What is the first tune (for the 5 min walk) on W1? Can't make out the words of what is probably the title.

I run in the early morning through fields with longish wet grass and really dislike soggy socks so <whispering now> I run in my MuckBoots. There must be something better I should be wearing - suggestions please.

I think I shall need Laura for ever as if I don't have someone saying start and stop my head wanders off into its own thoughts.

anothermadamebutterfly Wed 09-May-12 11:23:57

Sounds like everybody has been busy here - well done all of you and welcome to newbies! I have been inundated with work and family stuff, but I have managed to fit in some runs - finished all 25 mins of week 6 R 3, and R 1 of week 7, so feeling very pleased with myself. The bit between 5 and 10 mins was a bit difficult, but the rest was fine. I was careful to chose a route that did not encounter any Big Hills, just a few gentle ups and downs. But I really feel it in my legs the next day.

peachy 10k, well, WOW. I have been experimenting with some music during the longer runs, tried some dance music, but overall what is working best for me (I haven't done many long runs yet, so this could change) is the old stuff I listened to in my teens - Tom Waits, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Buffalo Springfield, the Doors, Janis Joplin, Rolling Stones, Nina Simone, Santana - seems to make me feel young enough again to get through the run - I don't think I am an aging hippy, so maybe this is the sign of a mid-life crisis looming?

NeilsB good luck for the triathlon! I am vaguely wondering about your name, btw, vaguely assuming it is Neil, but then what is it with the Boar?

melody I have had a problem with my arches all my life, they are too high and I get terrible pain across the middle of my foot if I put too much pressure on them. I have special insoles that I put in my running shoes. They were made in a podiatry clinic, with a gait analysis (I got a referral from my GP, but I had to wait for a few months weeks for the referral to come through). Could be worth asking your GP.

NeilsBoar Wed 09-May-12 19:57:34

Sounds like some good running everyone!

Ishall did 5.5k after work this evening, and unlike the name sake (the answers are further up the thread another), I did it highly unscientifically and changed 2/3 things... I went back to running on the cinder running track and I did the shin splint exercises. The good news is that my shins were fine throughout - the bad news is I don't know whether any one thing actually made the difference; it could have been the exercises, it could have been the surface being flatter or it could have been me concentrating on technique.

By technique I mean keeping my weight forwards and making sure I don't land heavily or on my heels; when I'm on the road/park I get distracted by making sure I'm missing mud, crossing roads, avoiding big puddles, strange looking trees etc.. and the technique goes to pot.

Oh, and to continue in the PRSP vein... New Personal Best! 5.5k in 25 mins 11s (the 5k part took 22 mins!) WOOHOO! Sorry...

This may be my last post until after the triathlon now; planning a swim tomorrow plus commute to work then rest on Friday and Saturday.

mollycuddles Thu 10-May-12 06:53:19

Hi all. I've just read through the thread. I was part of this merry throng last year and started c25k last feb. I've been off mumsnet for a while. But I'm still running. I think of you all whenever I hear "Mr Blue Sky" which is on my running playlist. C25k is the best thing I ever did. I'm preparing for a half marathon at end of June. I've joined a running club. I'm still bloody slow though. Well done everyone and good luck with the triathlon Neilsboar.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Thu 10-May-12 08:21:18

W6r2 was completed last night, gawd it was difficult. I only completed it out of stubbornness, as I was determined not to have to repeat it grin

Good luck with the triathlon Neil, let us know how it goes.

Melody - have you tried 1,000 mile socks? They do stop blistering, although I don't know if they work when wet.

anothermadamebutterfly Thu 10-May-12 09:47:10

Ah, I see, Neils, thanks! I have looked back over the thread, and can deal with the scientific bit but the nod to Radio 4 was way too subtle for me in my week 7 stupor until Linzer pointed it out.

Hi molly what a lovely post - I hope I feel the same way about the C25K in a year's time! I bumped into a bunch of runners in the park the other day and found out they were my local running club, they seemed really friendly so I am thinking of joining them.

Any hayfever sufferers out there? Have you started feeling clogged up/itchy eyed/sniffy? I find my breathing is a bit more clogged up when running, which is usually a first sign for me. I got in my supply of tablets yesterday.

FartBlossom Thu 10-May-12 10:43:10

Ive got my running club tonight and it is absolutely peeing down here with no signs of stopping, so it will be first experience of running in the rain tonight. Oh well I wont melt grin

Kewcumber Thu 10-May-12 11:11:20

Week 4 run 2 and starting to get scared about week 5...
have discovered the best way to distract me from the pain in my achilles tendons (I have tendinopathy) - run with two huge blisters, it works a treat.

Kewcumber Thu 10-May-12 11:14:01

I should add that the blisters weren't caused by running but new shoes blush

I wear two pairs of socks - one thin cotton pair with normal sports socks over the top. That has always stopped blisters for me - not sure why I started it in when running in that cold snap in January as if my achilles aren't warm then I can't really walk much less run!

melodyangel Thu 10-May-12 11:23:05

Thank you for the tips. Dh went to see his osteopath last night who had a good look and said to just take it slow and see what happens. Hopefully it was just one of those things.

Right 1000 mile socks shall look into them sounds good.

Good luck with Triathlon NeisBoar. I am in awe.

Molly well done with continuing to run. I hoping I'll be able to stick to it this time and making running a part of my life for a long while. Good luck with the half marathon.

Itcouldbelupus Thu 10-May-12 18:12:40

Hi all, work crazy so haven't been here as much as I'd like to. Decided on Saturday to brave w5 and, I did it! Not brave enough to try the day 3 20 min run yet but have done day 2 with the 2 x 8 min runs 3 times now. May try day 3 on Saturday when I take Lupushound on our weekend run through the woods.hmm

Good luck to all with the races and triathlons, feel rather inferior but guess I'll get there!

Kewcumber Thu 10-May-12 18:46:49

Well I'm only on week 4 so you're superior to me lupus!

thanksamillion Thu 10-May-12 19:08:21

I'm only on week 2 (well just finished it this evening) so an slightly in awe of people running 8 minutes even!

I think I may have injured a cow on my run this evening blush. I run along flood defence banks and it's a fairly narrow path. Someone was taking their cows home (I live in rural E Europe and everyone has a cow at home) and I slowed past the first one, but the lady said it was fine and to keep going so I did. As I passed the second one it kind of shied away and it's back legs went down the bank a bit. I thought it would be fine so kept on but when I walked back in the same direction about 5 minutes later they were still faffing around with it hmm.

I may have to change my route!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Thu 10-May-12 19:49:57

Lol @ everyone has a cow at home. That really tickled me grin

Go for it Lupus. I was the same as you and couldn't understand how I could go from 2 x 8mins straight to 20mins, but I did. I remembered that someone else on here said the same thing and someone replied 'just do it, somehow you just manage it', and it's true.

WellBlowMe Thu 10-May-12 20:28:36

Hi - can I please join you? Had a quick read through and lots of funny and inspiring posters here. (I'm neither funny nor inspiring so hopefully some of that will rub off wink)

I've just done wk3r3 and it was hard shock.

Is it normal to get slower? I seem to be going less distance every time I run.
Got to my usual turn around point tonight and was about to begin the final 3 min run - last 2 times I hit that point at about halfway through the podcast.

Not sure whether to start wk4 on Sat or do wk3 for a 4th time.

(oh - and I'm currently sporting a mucky 'orrible nail colour. Barry M 'grey' ... thought it looked a nice dusky blue. It's not).

Kewcumber Thu 10-May-12 20:49:40

My advice (from the heady heights of week 4 run 2) is if you succesfully completed a week then keep going. I would only redo if I hadn't managed it the week before.

I am so slow that old ladies with zimmer frames walk past me.

FartBlossom Thu 10-May-12 21:07:40

Well I am now a proper runner as I have just run in the rain grin

I am totally loving my running club which I have just come back from. I dont know how long I actually run for, but I know it was 2 miles at a walk/jog pace. I find it easier to keep running as other people are also running so it pushes me to run a bit more. I dont know if I mentioned that Ive joined a beginner group there so Im not just running with established runners.

WellBlowMe I only redid week 4 as I couldnt do it twice so I just ran to see how far I could get for my 3rd run and repeated it again this week, just one more run to do then the dreaded week 5.

As my last post has kind of found itself up the page now I hope you dont mind me asking again and I apologise if I seem to be pushing for an answer. Is it worth me listening to Laura on run 3 of week 5? Im tempted to just time myself the 20 mins with better music on though I would be clock-watching which can make it drag. Does Laura give good enough encouragement on run 3 to make it worth putting up with her cheesy music?

Hope everyone achieves their goals this week.

anothermadamebutterfly Thu 10-May-12 21:22:02

thanksamillion that is so funny! Knocking cows off the flood defense banks, shame on you. I spend a week or two most summers in rural E Europe and I know exactly what you mean about everybody having a cow at home, usually to be found pottering home at sunset led by an old granny in a headscarf. I wouldn't have the courage to jog there though, I would feel way too strange and self-conscious and I would probably have my distant cousins following me with their horse and cart in case I fell over and needed transporting back home.

wellblowme hello!

Itcouldbelupus Sat 12-May-12 11:15:13

I too love the idea of a cow at home! Sounds like a great place to run though.

FB Well done on your rain run, I must confess to loving a run in the rain, it's the wind I hate.

Well my thanks to Iliketomoveit I took your advice this morning and tried to do w5r3 for 20 mins and I did it!!! grin grinCouldn't believe it and at first thought I'd never do it, I think it's the mental attitude that's the worst thing.

Anyway my fab little android app tells me that during my 20 min run I did 1.95 miles at a pace of 10.16, I just wish I knew if that was good as I tend to run solo apart from Lupushound on the weekend and I have nothing to compare it to.

Anyway Grand Prix this weekend to watch so I'm having a relaxing weekend before venturing onto w6r1 on Monday!!!

Happy running all and hello to anyone new who's joining us.

thanksamillion Sat 12-May-12 12:39:24

<cow update> the cow has been spotted back up on the bank so at least it wasn't mortally wounded. I did avoid it last night when I re-ran w2r3 with DD1 and there was someone sitting with it maybe to protect it from strange foreigners!

Kewcumber you have answered a question I was coming to ask re when to move on to the next week. I was wondering whether people sometimes decided to stick with one for a bit longer. I think I'm going to keep on going and try week 3 next.

anothermadamebutterfly it's taken me a long time to pluck up courage to start running here and it is something of a whole village affair. Yesterday two ladies said to me that their husband/child/dog had laughed told them that I'd been spotted running. There are a couple of teenage girls who I've seen doing it too so it's not just me.

anothermadamebutterfly Sat 12-May-12 16:48:01

I am getting ready for week 7, run 3. After that I am going to paint my nails (cherry red) and then put on a layer of Jessica Quick Dry from my nice new shiny bottle which was delivered by Amazon this morning. And then I am going out! A proper evening out, at a party, without kids and without any pumpkin hour as my mum is here to look after the kids. Yippeee!!!

thanks I am glad to hear the cow is back to normal and now has its own individual bodyguard. I am also glad to hear that jogging has reached the rural outbacks of E Europe, I lived there (but in a capital city) for close on ten years, and jogging had only started to take off the year before we left (a few years ago now). I tried a few times but gave up quickly because of all the stray dogs which out of boredom would think it was fun to keep you company and lope alongside you, making you feel like a real twit.

When we go to visit now I see joggers all over the place in the city, but I have not yet met many in the countryside.

Have a lovely weekend everybody and keep up the running.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sat 12-May-12 16:56:06

W6r3 completed grin I'm not sure if I am going onto w7 next week, or do 3 more 22 minute runs. My speed just seems to be getting slower and slower. I think because each run I have been doing for the past two weeks has taken me to my limit. Dh thinks I should mix it up and do some speed training as all of the training I have been doing is distance. I shall have a ponder ....

Well done Lupus grin Mental attitude plays a huge part in it doesn't it. Zoneing out and thinking about something else other than feeling bloody knackered makes everything a lot easier.

Welcome wellblowme, see my above paragraph about speed! this is the first time I have felt my speed has dipped and I'm not sure what to do about it.

Where are you thanksamillion? <nosey> glad to hear the cow is ok. Do you have a cow?

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sat 12-May-12 16:58:45

Have a fab time being a proper adult tonight madameB grin

Let me know what you think about the Jessica quick dry, I think it's fab.

Kewcumber Sat 12-May-12 18:53:47

I would happily pit myself against a cow - I might some some chance of winning. Week 4 run 3 done today - so the dreaded week 5 to start on Monday shock

Not quite sure how I got this far!

This thread must be rubbing off on me as for some unaccountable reason I put nail varnish on my left hand today (making tea so right hand will have to wait).

Tell me week 5 isn't bad (lie if necessary)

thanksamillion Sat 12-May-12 19:53:43

I'm now getting really scared about week 5 even though I've got another 2 to do before I get there! Why is it so bad? <innocent novice>

I'm in Moldova and no, I don't have a cow, but virtually all my neighbours do. And across the yard from my house is a dairy farm with 40 of them. We drink a lot of milk grin.

On the nail varnish front, we work with a very conservative church here so I'm not allowed nail varnish on my hands. I do sneak it on my feet though, although in summer it has to be very subtle. I have a whole drawer full of very pale slightly opaque or slightly sparkly different ones.

Kewcumber Sat 12-May-12 21:32:32

million, you go from max 5 mins running in week4 to 20 mins non-stop by the end of week 5 [scared emoticon]

My nail varnish was free with a mag this week - a bit too solid for my liking - I prefer metallic finish but cheapskates can't be choosers!

FartBlossom Sat 12-May-12 22:37:18

Million Its the running non-stop with no breaks, but I figured that if you can do run 2 of week 5 you probably can run 20 mins non-stop. I failed at week 4 twice so instead of going on I decided to just see how long I can run for in my 3rd run that week and I did 13 minutes. I reckon I could have gone a couple more if I had the encouragment. Also I was happy that I did more than 10 so stopped running.

Im starting week 5 tomorrow, but as I go to a running club which concentrates more on the distance you run rather than the length of time you can run for I am going to do run 1 twice this week, run 2 twice next week then do the same for week 6. I figured that as with the running club I am running non-stop for longer (last week it was for 2 miles - I think 5K is 3 miles anyway - and next week its 2.5 miles) I will use that as run 3 in weeks 5 and 6, but I will be taking 2 weeks to do each run, then with weeks 7-9 as they are just running non-stop for over 20 mins I will do each week as I should. Im not in any hurry to run 5K, I just want to get fit.

I am also thinking of dusting off my 30 day shred DVD to do on another 3 days to tone up my arms and abs as I feel these are being neglected.

Just popping by to say hello and Good Luck to Neil for the Triathlon. Glad to see nail varnish still getting a look in. Might go and do mine in a minute.

FartB - It's a while since I did Week 5 and I did stick with Laura, I think she gives you 5 minute timechecks in the 20 min run and then lets you go to the end, or something like that. You could do it without her just as well I think. Her music is pretty dire!

FartBlossom Sat 12-May-12 22:46:32

Ooh is it tomorrow Neils triathlon. Good luck Neil <waves pom poms and jumps up and down encouragingly>

Thanks who knows I am not going to use her for any of the constant runs, just the stop start ones in weeks 5 and 6 now

<realises Im nearly a fully fledged runner - who would have thunked it hmm >

Itcouldbelupus Sun 13-May-12 10:39:41

Good luck Neil hope all goes well.

I think it's the thought of week 5 that's the problem. I know I ran day 1 for a whole week and the same for day 2 and wouldn't have even attempted the day 3 20 min one if I hadn't't had a little encouragement from you guys on this board [grin:]

Go for it I say, if I can do it then anyone can