Anyone else starting a 'new fitness regime' today? what are you doing?

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Tiredemma Mon 06-Jan-14 09:05:52

Im 9st 11lbs (but only 4ft11" so built a bit like Cilla Battersby).

Starting fitness again today- aim to do most DVDs from home and some online stuff (ie Fitness Blender videos and 30 day challenges)

Also going to throw in about 2 or 3 runs a week

if this doesnt work I dont know what else will.

Joules68 Mon 06-Jan-14 09:10:44

I'm off to bootcamp in half an hour. Went most if last year but let it slide in dec. I'm paid up for next 6 months

Tiredemma Mon 06-Jan-14 09:29:33

I suppose if you have paid up in advance there is more determination to get up and go along!

I was in a running club but its so difficult to fit it in around the kids so ive just decided to go out and run alone when I have time, rather be confined to club times.

I would like to get down to about 8st 4lb.

Niknakpaddywhack Mon 06-Jan-14 09:41:06

My resolution this year is to do more exercise- I've had a few health issues and a couple of operations over the last two years that have made exercising difficult, but we have a summer holiday abroad booked and I would like to be toned for that.
I managed to lose 4 or 5lb last year by portion control, less snacking and regular short bursts of using Just Dance on the Wii, and I have kept most of the weight off so just need to get fitter really.
I was recently bought the new Just Dance so my plan is to use it as often as possible, even if only for 15 minutes a day. I find short sessions keep me motivated and I feel like I'm having fun rather than enduring it!
I have considered going jogging- perhaps when the nights are lighter and the weather is better.

Good luck with your plans.

HahaHarrie Mon 06-Jan-14 10:48:13

Ha ha - I've just completed my first 30 day shred workout. I've only had the DVD for three years. Last year I took the plastic of it and today I finally got around to doing it. I'm also doing the 30 day plank challenge. Wish me luck!

Although I'm not overweight according to my BMI, I desperately need to get rid of the flab, tone up and get fit.

Niknak I love dancing. Do you think Wii is better than or as good as a dance workout DVD?

Tiredemma Mon 06-Jan-14 10:49:36

Ive had Shred for about 3 years also. I did it for one week and thought i had ruptured my spleen!

need to get it out again.

Just done day one of 30 day challenge 'abs workout'

I have worked out im shit at 'sit ups'

uggmum Mon 06-Jan-14 11:06:06

I do exercise regularly, prior to Xmas I was swimming Mon, Tues and Thurs. I was doing Zumba and Legs,Bums and Tums on Mon after swimming.

I'm changing things around a bit and I'm still go to swim as above but I'm going to do Zumba on Mon and 2 extra classes on Weds and Thurs. This should increase my aerobic exercise throughout the week.

I'm also going to reduce my calories 2 days a week. I was doing the 5:2 before Xmas and found it ok.

maggiethecat Mon 06-Jan-14 11:51:16

Uggmum please tell me about this 5:2 - how did you find it and what did you use to guide you with meal planning?

Bobbi1234 Mon 06-Jan-14 13:01:13

I walk about 5 miles every other day and eat what ever I want just small bits and have lost 2stone in 4 months it don't sound like a lot considering how long I have been doing it but it don't feel like I am on a diet it just healthy eating and if I want something unhealthy I just have a little bit of it. My fitness pal is great for tracking what you eat if I can I stick to a 1500 calories a day and it really easy

I've got training for Everest Base Camp in April and my wedding in August, both wonderful incentives, and yet right now I'm still sitting on the sofa eating chocolate.

However, am kick-starting the running again, dragging myself back to karate, and DP and I are doing long walks (first yesterday was 13miles) every weekend as prep for EBC. Cutting calories is my next step I think!

AndWHOOSHTheyWereGone Mon 06-Jan-14 14:27:13

I started last week. I'd lost all my baby weight after DC2 and then have put a stone back on over December and Xmas. Everything's gone wobbly again.

I've bought 4 gorgeous dresses in the sales today in a size 8. I want to actually look good in then as opposed to squeeze into them and have to hold my tummy in constantly so that's my motivation sorted.

I've started running a couple of times a week and doing high intensity aerobics at home as many nights a week as I can. Am also doing 100 tricep dips, 100 squats and a load of tummy toning exercises daily. I'm fitting it around daily life, so 50 squats while I run DCs bath, ten tricep dips every time I walk past the stairs etc.

The best thing that worked for me last time was the high intensity thing. So a 20 min run burns less fat than a walk with 4 flat out sprints. The short bursts of really intense exercise burn fat fast. So every time you need to go upstairs sprint, every time you take kids to school do a few sprint bursts.

There's a whole section on 5:2ing right here on Mumsnet - lots of information, inspiration, and recipe ideas.

Exercise isn't really how you lose weight. Though it is brilliant for your body, how you look and feel. I'm keeping up my running and dancing, but am adding in daily strength moves, plus hula-hooping.

uggmum Mon 06-Jan-14 14:53:23

Maggiethecat, 5:2 is where you reduce your calories 2 days a week, on those days you consume between 400-600 calories in total. On the other 5 days you try to keep to the average calorie intake for women, around 2000 a day.

There are a few threads on this that you can look at.

I am going to try and do NMTZ (No More Trouble Zones) by Jillian Michaels early am before work, three times a week. At the moment am doing yoga but it seems to make me even sleepier. Can't do aerobics for fear of waking the neighbours (live in a block of flats) so need something low impact and tough, so NMTZ it is, but- argh!

Good luck everyone!

Sirzy Mon 06-Jan-14 16:16:35

I have got myself a power hoot to add to my current exercise regime, you can really feel it working so hopefully it makes an impact!

ilovejumpers Mon 06-Jan-14 17:47:21

I have begun today! I plan to shred 3-4 times per week and swim for half an hour twice a week. I also walk everywhere and am a waitress in a busy restaurant so lots of walking! I have always swam and walked but threw shred in over the summer for a couple of months and noticed a massive difference in strength and tone and want to get that back! I have also dabbled in 5:2 and 16:8 eating patterns which seem to work so plan to go back to that this week. I'm not very overweight. 5 foot 4 and 9 stone 7 post Christmas, feel like I'm holding a lot of fluid (and wine!) so thinking the initial detox should shift quite a few pound due to shock! Then let the rest come off gradually. I am normally 9 stone but wouldn't mind going a bit lower. Good luck all and look forward to seeing how it's going.

Joules68 Mon 06-Jan-14 18:25:19

Ooh reveal Everest base camp!?! Wow. I did national 3 peaks last year and fell in love with the mountains. You're v lucky to get to do that

I did bootcamp this morning then been stood behind my till at work for 5 hours. I'm tired! I'm disappointed that my fitness level seems to have declined after no exercise for 8 weeks

MoJangled Mon 06-Jan-14 18:33:19

I'm in: liking my body again is part of my decision to stop being a victim of my life and start living it to the full. Plus horrid feelings of tiredness and middle age need to be banished. 5:2 and shred for me, plus running at weekends and when the evenings get lighter. Really looking forward to feeling better. 5'3 and 74 kg (about 11.5 stone I think), and 46 today.

cuggles Mon 06-Jan-14 19:40:50 you mean a power hoop..if so, do you get a dvd or something to go with it or just do your own thing..fancy trying it! If it really is a powerhoot ignore me!

Sirzy Mon 06-Jan-14 19:42:44

Yes I meant hoop. I have just got the hoop, you can get workouts on youtube but I want to get used to using it just as hoop before i try anything fnacy

Arrrrrrgh I meant to over the weekend but on Sat it absolutely POURED with rain, then I spent all of Sun doubled over with absolutely agonising period pains.

Excuses excuses grin

I am seriously blobby though. Yesterday DP called me squidgy sad

KristinaM Mon 06-Jan-14 21:27:13

If my DH called me squidgy he wouldn't be getting much for a few weeks angry

I have signed up to do a half marathon to make me run more often

I've also dug out Jillian to do on rest days

risingsunshine Tue 07-Jan-14 10:49:01

I'm doing c25k, on week 2 of the Zombie version smile

lookout Tue 07-Jan-14 11:35:16

I'm doing ct5k and low carbing. I got a Z band for Christmas but am too lazy to work out how to use it. I like the sound of the 30day plank challenge though, will look into that. I love the jogging though, so fulfilling to see the progress over the weeks (I'm on week6)

Hazelbrowneyes Tue 07-Jan-14 11:51:08

Last night I did 20mins on X-trainer followed by squats, weights and crunches. Then went for a 10 min walk.

Tonight I'll either do the same or I'll do 30 day shred or Davina.

My problem area is my stomach and I'm desperate to lose the weight from it.

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