Ten week Countdown to Christmas - let's run/ diet/ shred/ c25k / glam-up together!

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futureforward Tue 15-Oct-13 09:47:50

Hi all!

Tomorrow, Weds 16th Oct, is, I believe, ten weeks until Christmas! I have definitely put on a few pounds over the summer, I'm unfit, generally a little untoned and my eating habits could do with more fresh stuff and less sugar! cake I also have tons of beauty products claiming to work miracles lining my shelves, but never find the time to use them! lazy

So, I want to use this thread to do a bit of a Christmas Countdown... If you'd like to join me in generally just bettering yourself or your routine then please do grin You can choose which area you want to work on, or try a little bit of all-round life enhancement like I am!

All diets/exercise routines welcome - whatever works for you - I know some people like WW or SW or Paleo, some like zumba and classes while others like to run or shred. I think as long as we're all doing it together and encouraging each other then we'll get there just fine!

So, my three kick-start targets:

1) Start a C25k plan (currently thinking the Zombies Run one looks good!).
2) Start cleansing and moisturising before bed.
3) Keeping sweet treats to the weekend only and try to eat 'clean' in the week.

I am hoping as these things become second nature that I add more things to my targets as the week progresses.

So, who's in with me?! grin

EauRougemasTree Sun 08-Dec-13 13:01:38

Anyone else still going? Halfway through L2 now and ran 7 miles today.

Chopstheduck Wed 11-Dec-13 18:59:05

I'm still here!

Following pretty much same schedule as I was. Struggling to get the time atm for the longer runs, but still doing all the classes and some runs. Increasing weight for body pump, and working at the higher level in body attack AND my weight is heading in the right direction. smile

Well done for sticking with it!

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