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Anyone done a Tough Mudder?

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Needabitofsunshine Sat 26-Jan-13 08:14:41

I´m doing one in May and was wondering if anyone else had been brave (stupid) enough to try one...?

Worried about the electric shocks and 12 miles...need to work on my pull ups and increase my running distance by a few miles!

Swallowedbyasnake Wed 03-Apr-13 21:22:21

I forgot to mention the very fit guys in tight tops and shorts who are happy to give you a punt up the walls!

Well in that case I'm very excited ha ha

Oh good I've been doing some extra strength stuff

McPie Sat 06-Apr-13 22:46:54

Im paid up for the one in August, lucky for me its just down the road.
I am scared I wont manage to complete the course but have a great team of about 20 ladies who have been gathered from local leisure centres so we are all in the same boat.
I have been doing as many classes as I can as part of my training and we meet up every so often to do some form of group training, spin and aqua aerobics so far and kettlercise has been suggested for the next one as one of the leading forces is trained in such classes, very lucky lady to have on board.
I pulled my calf muscle last week so have been doing nothing, well other than kettlercise and metafit on thursday which has left me aching after doing nothing for the week before. I am on low impact for now with no running involved and will be back to my full class programme monday morning once the darlings have been deposited in school.

shanghaismog Thu 11-Apr-13 15:57:36

Hope the calf sorts itself out Mcpie, sounds like you've got a fun team! Just booked a hotel for the night before (as we're coming from overseas) and it's made it feel properly real... Currently sporting a massive blister after my last 10 miler. Not good. Just got myself a pair of cheap trail running shoes as my usual trainers have absolutely no grip. Looking forward to testing them out smile

mum47 Thu 11-Apr-13 15:59:33

My sister is doing one this year. I have seen pictures and footage of it. You are all bloody mental (respect emotion)

TheFallenNinja Sat 27-Apr-13 17:30:07

Just one more week to go smilesmilesmile

ItsYoniYappy Sat 27-Apr-13 17:35:08

My friend is doing the one in August, I'm going to watch!

Less than one week now! Did 8 miles cross country yesterday and really tempted by some trail shoes shanghaismog as my trainers are exceptionally slidey in mud!
I've also got a pair of weightlifting fingerless gloves for wall gripage.

I'm in a hotel Friday night too in Wellingborough with the team. Actually really excited about it now.

ItsYoniYappy Sun 28-Apr-13 17:40:35

McPie and Kaumana I hope you have your Mn scarfs ready and I will cheer you on too.

shanghaismog Mon 29-Apr-13 13:04:42

I know, so close now! Got my death waiver signed... Quite scared...

I LOVE my trail shoes. They´re not too hardcore, so can still run on roads a bit as well. These ones

We start early on Sat - 8.40am. Thank goodness as otherwise would be a nervous wreck all day!

Will check those trail shoes out running at 9.40!

See you at the finish line. Illness in a vest or t shirt that says "mudders union for crazies" on it! I'd give you a physical description but the mud will be caked on grin

Did you see someone died doing it in the US last week?!?

Will check those trail shoes out running at 9.40!

See you at the finish line. Illness in a vest or t shirt that says "mudders union for crazies" on it! I'd give you a physical description but the mud will be caked on grin

Did you see someone died doing it in the US last week?!?

Excuse horrific iPhone typing!

CooEeeEldridge Mon 29-Apr-13 16:57:03

Good luck guys! Do let us know how you get on, I've got the rat race a week on Sat, I swung between excitement and trepidation!

shanghaismog Tue 30-Apr-13 06:20:21

I know, a bit mental... On the walk the plank obstacle, which is one I fear anyway. Gulp... Life insurance is up to date smile

shufflebum Tue 30-Apr-13 06:44:50

Oooh hope you don't mind me jumping in, are any if you doing the Kettering one? Are you/ DH bringing children to watch? Not sure what to do they are 19 months and 4 years and it's supposed to rain!

shufflebum Tue 30-Apr-13 20:03:59


No I'm leaving dd with DP for day/night. Yes I'm at Kettering Saturday. Are you doing it shufflebum or is your Dh ?

shufflebum Wed 01-May-13 04:14:36

DH is doing it, I'm not that mad!

CooEeeEldridge Fri 03-May-13 14:50:36

Good luck all!! Looks like youve got the weather for it, come back and let us know how you've got on!

Bricking itshock

CooEeeEldridge Fri 03-May-13 23:15:50

You'll be ace clutching! Enjoy it, that is the main thing! if all else fails push someone off something

kaumana Sat 04-May-13 12:49:50

All the best for today. Can't wait to hear how it went.

I'm traumatised!! It was fun wink. Some of those obstacles werea mental challenge over a physical. I've got some cracking bruises and scrapes

McPie Sat 04-May-13 21:01:05

Well done on completing it, I saw some pics on facebook earlier and it looked amazing.
Its the climbing that frightens me, gonna have to up my game with the boxing and weights I think! Less than 4 months to go now for me smile

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