Tops/Jackets to wear with a circular skirt...

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Whilst ice skating. I'm learning to figure skate, and have bought a nice circular dance skirt, to wear with leggings while I skate and have my lessons etc. But I need some inspiration for what to wear on top.

It needs to be warm, but also form fitting, so my body lines can clearly be seen by my coach.

The skirt is a lilac colour, if that's relevant.

Not looking to spend a fortune. And if anyone can recommend any fleece lined/polar type leggings, that'd be great too smile

Anyone? smile

Doesn't have to be from a proper ice skating brand - just needs to be fitted and preferably lilac/purple as that's the colour of my skirt.

My sister used to figure skate and I'm sure she usually wore some kind of leotard on her top half?

Oooh, I shall have a look at leotards - I'm thinking some kind of long sleeve fitted t-shirt/jacket/hoodie/whatever I can find in the meantime smile

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