I want to be a vegan/strict veggie ....

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VeganBeginner Sat 15-Feb-14 11:50:02

Let me say first: Vegan diet.
I have leather goods I think would be MORE unethical to throw away, I have bought them and I, like them so I will keep them but not buy anymore and throw when I can.

However, I have had 2 attempts at being vegetarian which failed but I was younger and I must admit all I did was cut out the meat ....

So cutting out meat, dairy, eggs and the rest seems like a tall order.

I went back to meat as ... this sounds wonky BUT ... I just felt stupid still drinking milk ETC ... So I thought veganism would be too dangerous so gave up.

Another factor is I am underweight. I am healthy, it's in my genes BUT I worry about weight loss.

Last couple of days I have made some mainly vegan food with a bit of cheese and milk (no meat) to see how I feel.
Well I have IBS and of course due to the higher fibre, I ... sorry ... had a very good movement this morning and for once I feel empty. The not eating meat forces the fibre up.

But when I try high fibre WITH meat and dairy, it's too much so I suffer.

So, what I plan to do instead of all gung ho, do it today and fail, I am going to spend a few months researching while phasing out meat, then early next year go strict.

Of course before anyone eat me lol, I am aware I will not be vegan as I still use animals in the form of my pre brought shoes and bags.

I am already seen things like B12, looks like you do need supplements etc...

Anyway I'm sure I've forgotten something but for now, any advice and who wants to help me on my new journey grin

AwfulMaureen Sat 15-Feb-14 16:34:46

I honestly think that given your health issues, you NEED to see a dietitian before making the changes.

And I say this as a vegetarian with a vegan DH.

I know how hard it is for my very fit DH to stay healthy on his vegan diet.

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