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what is the law regarding working alone in a shop?

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loveydovey Sun 27-Jun-10 08:08:04

Hiya ladies,

I have been working on my own, but now I dont feel safe. work are making me feel like im being unreasonable.

I dont realie want to write full deails on here.

Just looking for advice if anyone can help??

Im at my wits end.

CantSupinate Sun 27-Jun-10 08:13:32

I don't know anything, but I suggest you talk to CAB where you can reveal more specifics?

I dont think it's against the law, but there must be a proper risk assessment carried out.
I know workers that have diabetes or are pregnant are not allowed to work alone.

If something has happened to make you feel unsure of it then I think they need to take it into consideration and listen to your worries.

brimfull Sun 27-Jun-10 08:31:00

We have 4 shops and dh thinks there may be a law against this , he never leaves anyone alone to work in a shop.

loveydovey Sun 27-Jun-10 12:45:24

Thanks for your replies smile.

How do I ask for my risk assesment, I know they will ask questions as to why I need it.

I forgot to mention im 26 weeks pregnant grin

bumpybecky Sun 27-Jun-10 12:52:26

if you're 26 weeks pregnant, they should know about the pregnancy already and should have already carried out a risk assesement for you

have they done this?

BertieBotts Sun 27-Jun-10 13:02:16

I know when I worked in a shop the rule was that at least 2 people had to be on the shop floor at all times for security reasons - I don't know whether it was law though or just the shop's policy (it was a chain).

loveydovey Sun 27-Jun-10 13:27:27

Hey Becky I dont know of any risk assesment do they involve me or is it around the work place?

They are aware im pregnant I told them when I was 8 wks as they were offering me a job role I knew wasnt sutible for me.

Its a family buisness bertie I am the first employee to be pregnant.

flowerybeanbag Sun 27-Jun-10 18:25:35

Your reasons for wanting a risk assessment are that you are pregnant and haven't had one yet, and that you don't feel safe at work. Both excellent reasons for wanting one!

I don't know off the top of my head all the ins and outs of H&S legislation, but I wouldn't imagine there's a specific rule against staff working on their own in a shop. It will be about the requirement for an employer to look after their employees' health and safety, and whether in your indiviual situation, it is necessary for you to be accompanied at all times for your safety.

First step is a risk assessment as everyone says.

loveydovey Mon 28-Jun-10 07:47:07

Thanks Beanbag,

Its such a horrible position to be in, I havent got a contract so I have no guidlines as to company policy.

when I ased for one the anser I was given "well I havent got one so why do you think you should?" -that was my "area manager".

since I have been pregnant I have been made to feel like a waste of space, even after explaining how tired I am, I was met with a chorus of "well peter does your job and he isnt tired, john does your job and he isnt tired. so I dont understand what you are saying. if you feel you cant do the job I sugest you find a new one!"

all highly inapropriate and its making me not want to turn up just so I can avoid certain people. Asking for a risk assesment is not something I realie want to face, are there any other ways of requesting one?.

this gives more information about working alone.

They should have done a risk assessment and you should have been involved in it. They should take into account your working alone in the assessment. There are no specific laws about working alone when pregnant (or not) but more general ones about being being safe.

loveydovey Tue 29-Jun-10 08:51:26

thanks very much, thats very helpful. smile

flowerybeanbag Tue 29-Jun-10 10:56:43

Not sure what you mean by 'other ways of requesting' a risk assessment? You have two good reasons for wanting one, but if you do want one you will have to ask, otherwise how will they know you want one?

cjlb Thu 01-Jul-10 22:51:49

Lovey, how long have you worked for them. You say you haven't even been given a contract of employment. This is from the Directgov website:

You are entitled to receive a statement of your employment particulars within two months of starting work. This sets out your main employment terms, including the job description, pay, hours of work and any disciplinary or grievance procedures your employer has.
Your employer must provide you with some of your employment details in one single document. This is known as the 'principal statement' and must include:

•your name and your employer’s name
•your job title or a brief job description
•the date when your employment began
•your pay rate and when you will be paid
•your hours of work
•your holiday entitlement
•where you will be working (if you are based in more than one place it should say this along with your employer’s address)
•sick pay arrangements
•notice periods
•information about disciplinary and grievance procedures
•any collective agreements that affect your employment terms or conditions
•pensions and pension schemes

They should also let you know their maternity leave policy. I hope they aren't trying to get out of having to pay maternity pay. You should insist, in the nicest possible way of course, that you want a contract of employment. By not giving you one, they are breaking the law.

millimurphy Fri 02-Jul-10 13:54:28

What happens when you need to nip to the loo or have a break? Do you have to close the shop? Seems a bit odd - not sure of the legalities though, sorry.

Lizcat Fri 02-Jul-10 16:45:21

We have a lot of lone working in my business and have had to produce lone working policies for all our sites. So your company should have a lone working policy.

loveydovey Thu 15-Jul-10 11:12:11

I have moved my maternity leave forward as I would rather not worry about sillyness.

Im not coming back here in a rush anyway smile.

Im just gonna concentrate on enjoying this pregnancy and taking care of myself.

Thanks again everyone

pinkmagic1 Thu 15-Jul-10 11:17:59

Not safe in my opinion. when I was 17 I used to work in a shop and the manager often used to expect me to work alone. One day a man High on glue came in and robbed the shop. It was a very frightening experience and I would never agree to work alone again.

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