Notice period in Zero hour contracts?

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Ripeberry Sun 20-Jan-08 20:46:53

Hi, i'm thinking of resigning from my Home Care job and i've been looking through the handbook for the notice period and there does not seem to be one.
As a Bank worker and on Zero hours does that mean i don't have to give notice and just quit?

twinklytoes Sun 20-Jan-08 21:59:46

as an employer of 0hrs contracts in healthcare - I would ask you to negiotate leaving period if shifts have already been pre-booked (my rotas are out 8 weeks ahead and shortfalls are offered to 0hrs people before going out for overtime as it saves money!). If no shifts booked then I would accept immediate termination.

NoBiggy Sun 20-Jan-08 22:01:43

Can I have a quick hijack here?

Can you explain what a 0 hours contract is?

twinklytoes Sun 20-Jan-08 22:37:06

nobiggy - for me we usually employ student nurses etc to cover our "bank" hours i.e. sick, holiday etc of full time staff. they do not have a set number of hours to complete a month, just on the end of phone if we need them. it saves us money from paying agencies to find staff for us at short notice.

NoBiggy Sun 20-Jan-08 22:50:19

Thanks, I'll have a look in to that.

flowerybeanbag Mon 21-Jan-08 09:30:22

Ripeberry does it not state notice period in your contract?

Ripeberry Mon 21-Jan-08 14:00:16

There is nothing in our Handbook to say about notification periods.
They usually say that they need 2 weeks notice for holidays and things.
I'm actually going away over half-term for 18 days so i'm thinking of sending the letter of resignation just as i fly out.

flowerybeanbag Mon 21-Jan-08 14:01:34

I would expect something to be in your own personal contract/letter of appointment or whatever as there's nothing in the handbook. If not, your plan sounds good anyway!

Ripeberry Mon 21-Jan-08 14:10:39

That's the thing when i started you just got given the handbook, uniform and went on a few basic courses and then deemed fit to go out there!
Suppose i could ask them straight out, but i don't want to alert them yet and i can't speak to colleagues as they gossip like mad.
So i think my original plan will be the best as it would cover that 2 week period they keep asking for.
And anyway, i've wanted to leave for ages as they bully the clients (don't let them have regular times) and they get shirty with us (the workers) and loads of people are leaving all them time.
One day i'll go back to it all with a MUCH better company.

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