Role has been created but not advertised

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Toofar Thu 21-Aug-14 19:13:58

This could be long- sorry

I work in a big organisation
I worked full time in a specific area for three years. The big bosses then decided to pull the funding for my role so it disappeared.
I was just about to ask to work part time
They made such a mess of offering me a different role in the organisation that they decided to let me work 2 days a week and seconded me to another dept.
I have worked In the new dept for 2.5 yrs.
My job description hasnt changed but my day to day role is very very different.
I love what I'm doing and have learned so much

But I have just found out that a role very similar to my old role has been created and filled in another dept.
I'd just been speaking to my (newish) boss about what next for me and said that my original role is one of my passions in this career and I'm keen to go back to it.
I've been promised a role in this new area- but it looks like my role is to help the new person set the job up and then let her get on with it.

I've spoken to my boss again today and she's told me that the new role is now organised- the person they have put in it works full time and needed to be managed out of another more senior role...
The job wasn't advertised internally as far as I can see.

My boss has said that they can second me into this area but we need to talk to the manager in that area.

What my boss doesn't know ( because I'm the soul of discretion) is that the other manager treated me like a piece of shit when they were offering me the alternative role and HR had to manage her dreadful behaviour towards me.
Hr manager asked if I wanted to raise a grievance at the time and I declined because I want a quiet life.

I'm just worried about this new manager- she's been vile to me once already and smiles sweetly and innocently to everyone else.

This second secondment might lead to something really big- I'm hoping to work back in this area again and do a further qualification as I do it ( serious career changing qualification). I need to be actually working in this area to do the qualification

Any advice??

Toofar Thu 21-Aug-14 19:17:54

If she is vile to me again- if she turns down my request to be seconded into her team- would I be able to raise a grievance abiut the initial behaviour?
She's been asked by bigger bosses to meet with me and set up a project last year. We met once and had a productive chat and she said she would email me back within a week. That was 9 months ago.
The project isnt a priority but it should be done.
I'd be the creative on it and she would manage but it has to be in her area so waiting for her to give the go ahead but no contact.

Toofar Thu 21-Aug-14 21:43:49

Does anyone have any advice?

GetYourFingersOutOfThere Thu 21-Aug-14 23:45:31

I am no professional but if I were you I would speak to the HR advisor again. Your current manager is new and not aware of the history and your previous managers behaviour will be recognised with the HR advisor.

flowery Fri 22-Aug-14 09:17:57

In terms of whether the role should have been advertised internally, you need to check the recruitment policy to see.

"if she turns down my request to be seconded into her team- would I be able to raise a grievance about the initial behaviour?"

Presumably you are not entitled to be seconded, and managers can turn down requests? Again that's an internal policy question.

But no, you can't raise a grievance about something that happened 2.5 years ago if someone makes a decision you don't like now. Well, you can, because you can raise a grievance about whatever you like, but it would not be seen as reasonable, particularly as you were specifically asked if you wanted to raise a grievance at the time and said no.

When was the last time you proactively contacted the manager in question? If you had a productive chat 9 months ago and she was supposed to email you back but didn't, presumably you didn't just leave it 9 months and not do anything? Have you taken any action in that time to move things along?

Toofar Fri 22-Aug-14 10:12:09

Nope- I didn't want to poke a snake, flowery.
The project is totally in her domain and budget and it's up to her.
I haven't wanted to get involved tbh.
I think she is a nasty piece of work and I don't want to work for her

I love the team that I'm with now.
But I'm not doing my area of interest and I'm not progressing at all!
I'm always somebody's sidekick- I never have a project that's mine.
My colleagues in the dept where I am are bloody lovely

And the new area has lots of internal problems BUT they are doing my area of interest and I want to progress and do further quals and I need to be in the new area to do that .
Hope that makes sense

Re the grievance- I suppose I could say-
She behaved badly over the first issue.
She had a meeting with me and then left it for 9+months
And now she's blocking me again
( she would not have to find the money for me out of her budget - I would be paid for by the original dept)
So inwodnt if I have grounds for a vendetta type if thing that has carried on because I called her on her behaviour.
I had to write a letter to HR to ask her to stop contacting me regarding the job offer- she wanted me to decide on the alternative job in 72hrs over a weekend it I would face redundancy.
I'd never had any letters/ consultation re redundancy and had no access to HR over the weekend.
She knew I was in a tough spot and offered me a job that requested I work every Saturday 8-5.
To justify it she kept telling me that it's easier to shop on Mondays!!
And she said- you might as well give the job a go becuAse the alternative is redundancy so undone see you have much choice- in an open corridor with other memebers of staff walking round.

Anyway- I don't want to work with her
But I want to pursue thisnpart of my career so much and it's the only way to do it.

SurelyYoureJokingMrFeynman Fri 22-Aug-14 10:32:14

Can you have a chat with HR without raising a grievance (bit late now), and just say you're thinking of applying for this role involving the manager they know there's history with, and would like it to go smoothly, can they help you do it by the book?

This may have the twin merits of making sure you don't give openings for unpleasant manager to turn you down, and of flagging the potential for problems to HR before things go pear-shaped, rather than looking like a bad loser afterwards.

flowery Fri 22-Aug-14 11:15:53

But most of those things happened more than 2 years ago, yes? The only recent thing you could legitimately complain about now her is not picking up something after a meeting 9 months ago. And you say you haven't chased her or taken the initiative at all. I'm just trying to put across how your employer will see it/respond if you start talking complaints and grievances at this point.

I think Surely's advice is excellent, and the way to go, although based on your last post I would also recommend reconsidering this plan completely....

Toofar Sun 24-Aug-14 08:36:11

Thanks- I feel a bit odd going to HR as I don't want to cause a fuss.....But I think you might be right.

I've been into her dept as I do some staff development so I've run a couple of workshops for her team. That went well and this is known to have been a success.

Re the prev project - it needed her to start the development.
The budget was hers, I was just asked to help when it started. It's totally up to her and she was pushed to meet me by our mutual boss. I really don't think I was supposed to be hassling her about it tbh.
I don't want to work for her one bit- so it suited me that she didn't do anything more about that particular project.

Anyway- I feel better about asking her to join the team as I'm managing to turn it round in my head a bit.
I'd felt so cross that was being asked to 'beg' for work from her of all people, but it's something that suits me totally and makes sense for my career progression so I need to do this as a thing for me.
If I just treat it like that- it serves me a fantastic purpose and the meeting won't last more than an hour etc
If she says no then I shall reconsider level of input into the project as a causal advisor. The person who has the job that is like has been hassling me for a coffee and a chat. My immediate boss would like me to help get the project set up anyway and wants me to meet up and basically hand over my ideas and experiences over so the project will be a success.
I need to have it formally recognised that I have acted as a consultant in this process if this happens but I'm not quite sure how

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