What to do after college? :(

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DorisLou Tue 23-Apr-13 12:41:55

I'm going to finish College at the end of June & I am stuck on what to do in terms of work?

My little girl will be 3 years old in September and will be going pre school every morning for 3 hours as this particular school doesn't do whole day sessions. Where I live is quite out of the way and I don't have a car.

The buses are every hour and I want to go to work, to do something whilst my girl is at school but im so stuck on what to do.
I have no partner so I have to try and work this out for myself but I seem to be stuck at the moment and its worrying me, especially financially.


NatashaBee Tue 23-Apr-13 13:28:15

I think it will be tough to find work for those hours if you need to travel to the job after dropping her off (sorry!). Could you work at the pre-school where she'll be going? or even volunteer there to get some work experience? Are there any childminders near her preschool who could take her for a couple of hours before and/or after her session, so you could work a full day?

Have you thought about going on to university? Some unis have student creches available.

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