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Should I jump ship now?

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LaCiccolina Wed 28-Nov-12 10:00:42

Your explanation seems simple. I think this is procedure only. That said, ask if u are allowed to take a person in with u. If so ask that person to take notes at the meeting - do u trust anyone?

If they say no, it should stay relatively calm as would suggest they do just want to talk. Take a pen and paper tho. Afterwards u must take urself off and write the whole meeting out as much as u remember as later on it will go foggy. That way if anything else is said and u need further advice u have a better record than just ur memory a few days after.

It is scary. I'm sorry for u. But it presently sounds gentler than I think u feel it might be. Watch and wait for a bit.

mortimersraven Wed 28-Nov-12 09:54:18

They have to take issues like this seriously and be seen to be following the correct procedure. That doesn't mean they think you are guilty but are giving you the opportunity to explain in an official forum rather then he-said-she-said.

Your explanation sounds simple and as long as you stay calm I can't imagine thay are going to do anything other than warn you to be more careful in future.

They certainly aren't going to sack you!

redskyatnight Wed 28-Nov-12 09:48:18

I wouldn't jump ship either - I agree it makes you look guilty. You made a mistake, the money is still there. I can't imagine theft can be proved - you may get a mark against your record but that would be all. I guess it's also worth realising that, as the missing money was spotted for 5 days, that's actually quite a few other people making mistakes too! Sounds like your company may need to tighten up its procedures.

twinklytoes Tue 27-Nov-12 23:28:06

don't jump ship. at the least you'd never get a reference because reference requests generally ask if there has been any disciplainary action - your employer would state something along the lines "left employment whilst disciplinary action was taking place" = guilty to new employer.

InkleWinkle Mon 26-Nov-12 17:32:27

If you jump ship now it's as good as saying you're guilty!
What about the colleague you spoke to at the time? Surely they can back you up.
And records must show that the vouchers were out of sync by the same amount?

ItsAFuckingVase Mon 26-Nov-12 17:10:36

I was suspended today pending investigation.

There was an incident last week, whereby I took cash but mistakenly put it through the till as vouchers. The cash went into the safe for the next person in shift to bank. I noticed my error at the end of the shift when I did my counts. I said to a colleague that I needed to correct it, and then the conversation developed and I forgot completely.

The next morning, the person doing the banking missed that envelope and didn't count the vouchers else the error would have shown then.

5 days later, the error was picked up and my boss questioned my colleague about it as she was on shift at the time. My colleague then questioned me and I realised I'd never corrected my mistake. I got the safe keys and found the envelope, opened it to check it, took the cash out to count it and then gave it to my colleague and explained what had happened and asked her to add it to her banking.

I think the line my manager is taking is theft. The money never left the premises, but aside from the fact that as soon as it was questioned I got it from the safe, I can't prove it.

I have an investigatory meeting on Wednesday when I think I should find out more. I'm just so worried. My partner has recently been diagnosed with CF and is suffering depression on the back of that. We've had to come to terms with so much, including never having children, and I've spent the last few weeks pretty much crying.

If they go with theft I can't prove the money never left the building, so don't see how I could win. Am I better to jump ship now and look for something else?

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