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Live In Care

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margerlyfargerly Thu 22-Sep-16 20:03:00

Just after some comments from people who have been through this or have experience in this field.

My dad has PSP variant of Parkinson's - he has serious balance issues, memory loss, eyesight problems as well as arthritis. He often has falls.

He can't take care of his personal needs, has to be feed & can 'the be left alone.

My mum (and I to an extent) are caring for him at home at present with a carer coming in to get him up & dressed in the morning.

He is 79 & his health is deteriorating.

Whilst my mum is in reasonable health, she is struggling with him.

We are looking for a live in carer. We are based in London.

How much does live in care cost roughly? Is it best to go through an agency or can we confidently find a carer via gum tree/independently? What are the pros & cons?


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