2a,2b,2a SAT results

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Bongobaby Sat 03-Jul-10 10:50:17

I'm confused, my 7 year old had his SAT results
back yesterday. But I don't understand if he
has done ok or not. And what 2a,2b and 2a
means? He has a Reading age of 9.5 I take
it that's an age thing is it? And spelling age 8.8.
Can anyone break it down a bit more in laymans
terms!!! Confused!!!

lou2321 Sun 04-Mar-12 11:07:36

Thanks Feenie, I think all I meant was that they said he would probably be 3a or 3c etc but I have read on here that they just level it as 3 (not sub level) so you have answered my question, thanks.

Feenie Sun 04-Mar-12 16:05:44

Glad it was useful smile

louisasimone Sat 07-Jul-12 23:48:36

Hi, my daughter received a 2 in speaking and listening but a 3c in science, reading, writing and maths. She was 7 in April, so she has completed Year 2. They accessed everyone before Christmas and put her in the year above for Maths.

brummie2 Tue 26-Mar-13 12:35:22

How can a child be assessed as level 2B in SATs but now, half way through year 3, be 2C despite making "good progress"?

Flisspaps Tue 26-Mar-13 12:38:41

Zombie thread

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