Clifton College in Bristol

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machiatoforme Sat 10-Apr-10 16:08:15

We are looking at Clifton College for our 10 year old, does anybody have any experience of this school?

Scrudd Sat 10-Apr-10 16:10:25

An ex colleage of mine sent all four of her kids there.

The only specific thing I know is that there is compulsory chapel once a month on a sunday morning shock That's COMPULSORY.

Scrudd Sat 10-Apr-10 16:10:47

colleague, obviously grin

SuSylvester Sat 10-Apr-10 16:24:47

saturday school
good for dyslexia
otherwise cream of BRistol " rich and thick"


Scrudd Sat 10-Apr-10 16:29:15

Oh dear, that made me laugh, susylvester grin

It has to be said that my colleagues kids haven't done spectacularly well since leaving school. One did an HND at a local college and the other three are all unemployed and living off mummy and daddy.

sarah293 Sat 10-Apr-10 16:31:03

Message withdrawn

sarah293 Sat 10-Apr-10 16:34:48

Message withdrawn

Scrudd Sat 10-Apr-10 16:35:56

Is your 10yr old a girl or a boy? Do you have objections to single sex schooling?

I've heard quite good things (academically) about Redland High for Girls. Except for the time a male friend of mine in his thirties was treated to one of them in uniform (but lacking the regulation knickers) flashing him on the bus. Oh, and that just ten years ago their prospectus had something about turning the gals into good wives and mothers. fnarr.

lazymumofteenagesons Sat 10-Apr-10 18:37:13

This school must have changed an awful lot in the last 30 years! My DB went there in the 70's. He and 3 other boys in his house all got exhibitions/scholarships into oxford/cambridge. The school was highly academic then and I remember it being only boys and full boarding. BTW my DB hated it and pleaded to leave after O levels, but in those days you did as you were told and he stayed.

londonartemis Sun 18-Apr-10 14:03:35

lazymum..My DH was there at the same time as yours. Did well academically but hated it too.

Xenia Sun 18-Apr-10 14:58:53

It's about 220 or 200 in the country in terms of A level results so not too bad, better than very many -

We are lucky where we live as there is a choice of the top 20 schools if your children can get in but I expect 220 is pretty good for the Bristol area.

Needmoresleep Sun 18-Apr-10 16:53:13

Very good if you consider that they take the full ability range.

We know people who moved to Bristol in part because their first child was very bright and the second SEN and Clifton was a school which would take both.

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