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Explore Learning Centres - Are they worth it?

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pepsi Fri 10-Jul-09 11:59:01

My DD7 had a visit from Explore at her school this week and has expressed an interest in going. Ive been had had a look at it this morning and everything looks lovely and the staff friendly and enthusiastic. It comes with an £89.00 per month price tag which is so much. I have booked her in for the free trial session. Has anyone got experience of these sessions? Their literature claims eg. rather than 6 months progress in Maths in 6 months your child can progress 12 months. It all sounds too good to be true.

Singularity Wed 26-Feb-14 22:31:48

I realise this discussion has been ongoing for years, but hopefully someone will still be reading this.

I'm a tutor at Explore and I've been responsible for running the Entrance Exams/11+ additional content sessions for a while now. First off, I don't want to let my involvement with Explore Learning make me biased - I'll be as fair as I can be, given my experiences. I'm not here to sell the company.

If you're wondering whether or not to send your child to Explore, the best thing you can do is try an initial session - they're free, and they give children the exact experience they would get as a member. Considering it doesn't cost anything, there's no harm in going along to see for yourself what it's like. Your opinion on what's best for your child is more relevant to you than anyone else's.

Yes, we have a few teenagers in our centre (I myself am 18) however that doesn't mean that we're incapable of tutoring effectively. I won't deny, being a full fledged independent tutor is useful - you'll have a lot of experience teaching children and will have a lot of insight into how they learn. But there are also pros to being a younger tutor. Nobody knows more about how to prepare for exams than those who are still sitting them in college and university and have attained high grades in them in recent years. That also applies to the curriculum - tutors who are still learners will be as accustomed to the current curriculum as the children they teach are. They are often in a very unique position to help others with the topics that have barely changed since they themselves we taught.

I feel quite hurt by some of the sweeping, negative comments made regarding teenagers teaching children, suggesting we don't know anything, or that we don't have the children's welfare and best interests in mind. Although I cannot say this for every teenager working at Explore, I know for a fact that everyone I work with is keen and devoted to providing the best teaching standards we can. I tutor children in the same manner in which I would expect to be taught myself. Whenever a child struggles to grasp a concept, we can easily talk through other methods and ideas (even those we found to be useful when we were learning the topic) and we have a unique ability to explain an approach that is different to that which children are taught in school.

As I teach the additional content sessions for Entrance Exams/11+, I'm also responsible for talking to parents about how their child is coping with the work. I mark homework and organise the activities the children do as part of the lesson. I always keep note of how individual learners react to certain tasks (group work, homework, practice tests, etc.) and I use this to feed back to parents on how best they could reinforce teaching at home. As far as I'm concerned, this specialised teaching approach has been well-received by parents, and it's useful for building a good relationship with children - something which is helped by the smaller age gap between some tutors and learners. It makes for a more exciting, friendly environment when the children know you and you know them.

Again, this isn't me trying to sell the company. As I mentioned earlier, your opinion is what matters, not mine - which is why you should attend initial sessions to gather more information for yourself to make an informed decision. However, I did feel as though some of the comments made regarding the quality of teaching due to young tutors were very sweeping and, as such, unreliable.

Thanks for reading!

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