Expat returning....Lambrook versus Eagle House

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newscribe Mon 15-Aug-16 05:01:57

We are moving back to the UK next year after 7 years abroad and we are looking at Lambrook and Eagle House prep schools for our two sons (aged 9 and 7). Wellington is our top choice for senior school so Eagle House would normally be the obvious prep choice - but I saw some slightly negative mentions of Eagle House from a few years ago on Mumsnet so I'm interested in getting latest views on both schools. TIA.

Happyhorses Sat 20-Aug-16 13:42:07

A friend of mine has moved her DC out of Lambrook, so I wouldn't say it's great!

GinandJag Sat 20-Aug-16 15:46:36

They are both good schools, but as you are interested in Wellington, then Eagle House is the obvious.

newscribe Sat 20-Aug-16 16:02:43

Thanks so much for your reply - what was it that made them want to move?

newscribe Sat 20-Aug-16 16:03:17


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