How often do schools have an Ofsted inspection ??

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nutcracker Thu 16-Nov-06 21:26:52

I was just looking for the report for the school my children go to and the last one seems to have been done in 2001. Surely there is a more recent one.

earlysbird Thu 16-Nov-06 21:45:31

Not necessarily, if they are still doing ok another inspection won't have been instigated until the cycle is up - this used to be a max of 6 yrs I think. The whole system changed last sept though and is now a 'light touch' inspection process that lasts less time with fewer inspectors. I wouldn't worry too much about no inspection, poor results would have triggered a visit by now. Hope this helps!

nutcracker Thu 16-Nov-06 21:51:22

Oh right I see, thankyou for clearing that up for me

LunarSea Fri 17-Nov-06 12:40:28

Our school has just had theirs - previous one was 2001, so they knew it was imminent even before they were informed it was actually happening. In general the better the inspection outcome, the longer they leave it before re-inspecting.

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