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Loletta Wed 03-Sep-14 12:58:23

My DS currently attends a brilliant private nursery 4 days a week. He's 2 1/2. The nursery is very inconvenient to get to and can take half an hour in morning traffic to get there. Both DH and I work full time in different directions to the nursery. We chose it because of its excellent value for money and proximity to my old job.
I considered several other nurseries closer to home and my new job but they either had very poor Ofsteds or were full to the point they had closed the waiting list.
Yesterday I got a phone call from a State nursery that takes 2-year-olds offering my son a place for the hours and days that I need. They are 10
Minutes away from us, have wraparound care and a wonderful Ofsted report. They're attached to a new primary school where I'd like DS to go to school which is not our catchment area school but admission to the nursery doesn't give any extra priority for the school IYSWIM. The cost is about the same as the private school he's in at the moment.
DS has been VERY difficult to settle in his current nursery and he has his own little circle of friends. He's very happy there and changing him would be a big deal for him - and me!
If we decide to keep him where he is, one option would be to try to get in a private nursery attached to a pre-prep school that takes them from the September before they join in reception, so from Sept. 2015. This school and nursery is a 2 minute walk from us and is considered the best private school in the area. They are selective academically even at the preschool age hmm
We can afford the private school but my other children have always attended State Schools because they were very good in the area where we used to live.
So what to do?
If I accept the place at the state nursery then it would be very unlikely that he could go to the private school near home in two years' time as the main entrance point is nursery. It would also be quite unlikely that he would get in the state school attached to the nursery as it's oversubscribed and not our catchment area school.
If I keep him at his private nursery then I need to face another year at least of horrible commute but I could to get him in the nursery attached to the private school from sept 2015.
I do realise how lucky we are to have to decide about two excellent nurseries but I'm really stuck and don't know how to move forward.
Can someone help me decide?

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