St. Marks Square Nursery School - Anyone know about it?

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TSchaul Mon 24-Feb-14 15:33:33

I live in Camden and am looking for nursery schools for my sons. I came across St. Marks online but don't know it's reputation. Any advice?

NW3mama Mon 24-Feb-14 15:48:02

My little one goes there and it's amazing. We couldn't be happier. We live in Belsize Park and drive ten mins to get there because it's an incredible school. We were going to opt for one within walking distance but the schools we looked at just felt a bit soulless. If you want your boys to go there i would say register your interest early. It's quite small and boutiquey and a lot of high profile families go there so getting a place can be tricky.

VQSV Wed 26-Feb-14 01:06:56

Does Sheema still run it?
She adores children...but can sometimes antagonise parents.
Our experience (from a few years ago) was a very good one....
If Sheema still involved she loves sending girls on to St Christophers...and boys to the Hall (in Belsize Park).

Not many nursery schools will contemplate taking the children to a museum to look at pictures / have yoga sessions / have round-circle discussions of philosophy type issues...

I suspect that it works best for families that are naturally leaning towards a more creative...rather than regimented approach to life...

Sheema has an absolute belief that very young children are capable of far more than we might think...I still giggle at the thought of our daughter "hosting" prospective parent tours around the nursery at the age of about 3...

hafa786 Wed 26-Feb-14 09:35:55

I don't know about its detail but I have listened about it that is wonderful school for study.

ToffeeMoon Wed 18-Jun-14 19:06:22

I realise this is an old thread but could I bump it? I'd like to know about this place too - also looking at Ready, Steady, Go.

I need a Reception place for my son from September, we only need a year.


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