Maple Walk School (New Model School Company) NW10 - any experiences?

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dinkystinky Wed 01-May-13 09:42:03

We've been offered a place for DS2 in September at this school. DH and I liked the look of it when we looked around - but that was over a year ago and when the previous head was there.

Do any MNers send their children/know anyone who sends their children to this school and if so, what do they think of it? I know that the school has recently had Stephenson School children join - meaning bigger class sizes. Are they still happy with the level of attention, and education, their children are getting in the bigger sized classes?

Any thoughts - positive or negative - about the school would be much appreciated.

dinkystinky Wed 01-May-13 17:00:13

Bump in case anyone has any thoughts

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