Lambrook Vs Eagle House School?

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rococo1 Fri 08-Feb-13 17:55:26

Hi there - we are thinking of sending our DS and DD to either of these schools. One will be joining Nursery and the other Year 2 in Sept 2013. We would really appreciate your thoughts on either of these schools... Many thanks!

paxgaudium Thu 24-Mar-16 09:40:43

realise this thread was last June but is that really true that MOST parents unhappy at EH? Is that possible? Seems like a well run school with good teaching on the surface of it - having seen many preps that are obviously not that. Albeit - hard when you cant talk to 'most' parents to really find out the scoop. Did you just have a bad experience in 2015?

79busymum Tue 10-Nov-15 19:11:23

I have stumbled across this thread and feel compelled to comment as I couldn't disagree more with Dandyusers comments. We moved our son and daughter to Eagle House over a year ago from a fairly local prep school and have not looked back. I do not wish to say anything negative regarding where they came from, however, they are thriving at Eagle House both academically and socially.

There are certainly high academic standards and my daughter has reached new heights, whereas my son does struggle a little more. That said, the support he has received has far outshone my expectations and he is progressing very well too. I am aware that some of the students do have extra tuition, but I think this is now common in all schools and it is certainly not the majority. My children don't and neither do most of their friends.

With 8 children in each tutor group the pastoral care is excellent and the communication I have with both my children's tutors is exceptional. We have also used the Boarding Facilities now and again as they are incredibly flexible with their options. Both of my kids nag me to board far more often (they certainly would not do so if there was shouting!) but I would miss them too much so keep them at home when I can! Outside the classroom the facilities are excellent - a fairly new sports hall and drama studio - and the sports results are impressive and the school productions are absolutely phenomenal!

I am well connected in two year groups and socialise frequently with many of the parents. We are a happy bunch and rightly proud of our children's school. There are a few minor things we may like to see done differently but that would be the case for any institution looking after 400+ children! The school are responsive to any comments and worries are always dealt with quickly.

peteneras Sat 22-Aug-15 12:39:16

If your DC is a boy, have a look at Papplewick too.

movingmum1 Thu 20-Aug-15 15:18:36

Dandyuser - your description of EH seems very at odds with all the marketing and reviews by GSG etc - except the outside tutoring bit! what's up with the pastoral care - that's really important to me and my ex wants me to consider EH for our DC. Lambrook gives me a much better feel.

Dandyuser Mon 15-Jun-15 22:02:25

Wouldn't touch EH with barge pole- poor leadership, and too many teachers children who get cheap fees and are favored! Boarding parents there for own gain and give poor care and shout! Teaching very average-most parents pay for outside tutoring! One teacher investigated by social services but still there and pastoral care a joke.....pretend to be a boarding school but empty at weekends. Plenty of other better options around...Holme grange, papplewick, lambrook- all of which don't spout off about being 'the best prep school in the country' arrogance of the highest order! Most parents unhappy!

vicv606 Tue 19-May-15 22:23:57

Hi All,

my two boys are currently at St John's Beaumont and, unfortunately, are very unhappy there:-( My oldest boy is moving into year 6 from September, my second one into year 4. I also have a little son, who is joining Lambrook (Reception) from September. There are no spaces for my older boys at Lambrook though. Hence, I am considering two schools: St George's Windsor Castle (we live in Windsor) and TASIS (the American school). Any thoughts on these schools? Your comments would be much appreciated! Thanks

acmum Sun 03-Mar-13 21:03:00

Have to agree with inclusionist that the nursery at lambrook isn't great, but we have now decided to send our DS to Lambrook starting from Jan2014 (nursery class) I am pleased with the decision and I hope DS is going to enjoy his time there as it is a lovely school!

DS is also starting meadowbrook montessori this April doing 3 mornings a week before he switch to Lambrook when he's 3

Inclusionist Sun 03-Mar-13 16:00:44

My DS is in the same year as your younger DC rococo. He is registered to start at Lambrook in Reception in Sept 2014. I think Lambrook is a fantastic place and am really excited for him that he is going to have the chance to go to such a lovely school. However, I was non-plussed by the Nursery. No quibbles in particular, I just didn't think it was anything special.

DS is at Meadowbrook, the Montessori school round the corner from Lambrook at the moment. Now that is special! Meadowbrook goes through to 11 but I think a fair few children go to pre-school there and then move to Lambrook (as, I believe, grovel's DS did). It is worth a look if you choose Lambrook.

rococo1 Sat 02-Mar-13 23:00:24

Yup that is one of the points against Papplewick (the fact that it is all boys) although we were thinking that we shouldn't compromise our decision just to make sure that both DS and DD are together in the same School.

Will report back next week...

acmum Sat 02-Mar-13 21:15:45

Great would be lovely to hear back from you.

Are you planning to send DS and DD to different schools as Papplewick starts from year 2 and all boy school?

rococo1 Fri 01-Mar-13 21:36:27

hi acmum - we are going to see Lambrook and Papplewick next week - will give you our feedback towards the end of next week. Although we started this thread as 'Lambrook vs EH' we were surprisingly happy with what we saw on our fist visit to Papplewick (so we're going again next week for a second round). Will provide more details next week...

acmum Mon 25-Feb-13 23:13:47

Hi Rococo1, i could have posted the same question myself! have you visited these schools yet and have you giving it more thought?

Having seen few schools in the area we have narrowed down to Eagle house and Lambrook too, both very good school both have fantastic facilities I think our DS could do well in either, so which one to choose? I am slightly leading towards Lambrook but hubby still in two minds. If I am honest, nursery is far better at Eagle House, and they have excellent ISI report, however, I have a positive feeling about Lambrook and I think this gut feeling is quite important.

Would you lovely to hear your thoughts after your visits

grovel Sun 10-Feb-13 22:51:59

rococo1, good luck.

I'd only say this. You've chosen to look at three very good schools - so rely on your/ DH's gut feeling for your DCs.

With the benefit of hindsight, I'd only advise you not to get too stressed about your final decision in terms of your DC's future happiness. There are variables you can't control - the most important of which is who his/her contemporaries at these schools will be. Sorry if that sounds unhelpful - it's not meant to be! It's meant to say that we all do our best and then cross our fingers.

rococo1 Sun 10-Feb-13 22:10:44

Thanks alot. We'll be visiting all 3 schools (EH & Lambrook - again, Papplewick) to make up our mind - may post a few more questions after the visits. Thanks again for taking the time to offer your opinions.

difficultpickle Sun 10-Feb-13 10:57:43

I'd add St George's if you are more Windsor way. Ds moved there this year from another local prep and is very happy. I've been impressed at the teaching quality and attitude of the staff. Really caring and feeds into a range of good senior schools. They also do flexi boarding like EH and Lambrook. No Saturday school either which is a plus.

grovel Sun 10-Feb-13 09:59:11

Obviously, rococo, I'm assuming you live somewhere between EH and Lambrook. I may be wrong.

grovel Sun 10-Feb-13 09:47:13

rococo1, Papplewick is well-regarded too. My only caveat is that I think it draws children from quite a wide area because of the stronger boarding element. It can be a bit of a pain if you live in - say - Windsor and your DC's best friends live in London.

Can't comment on the Lambrook nursery - sorry.

Amber2 Sat 09-Feb-13 23:45:11

Rococo Papplewick vs Lambrook - of course I think it depends if you want co-ed or not and are happy with compulsory boarding for those two final years ...but I would say these schools are on a par reputation and ethos wise. You really need to visit once or twice if you have not already and get a feel for which one is right for your DCs.

I don't have any insight on Lambrook Nursery though others on this board may. I would say pastoral care at Lambrook is very strong and HM is highly regarded by parents based on what i hear. Don't know as much about Papplewick to comment on that front.

rococo1 Sat 09-Feb-13 23:17:37

grovel - i forgot to mention, well done for getting your DS to Eton - you must be immensely proud!

rococo1 Sat 09-Feb-13 22:52:04

Thanks alot grovel and Amber2. A friend of ours mentioned Papplewick today aswell (although this is boys only and boarding is compulsory in the last 2 years) - any opinions on how Lambrook compares against Papplewick?

Does anyone also have any insights specifically on the Nursery at Lambrook?

grovel Sat 09-Feb-13 13:12:55

As I said above, I don't know much about EH. It certainly seems to have a good reputation. My only reservation about the school is its relationship with Wellington (of which I am not a great fan). Given that you are not wedded to Wellington for the future, I don't suppose this prejudice of mine is particularly relevant to your current choice.

My DS went to Lambrook. He left a few years years ago (Eton). He was happy at Lambrook and we were happy with the school. My only concern back then was that the school was in a constant state of flux. When we moved to the area, 18 years ago, Lambrook was a classic, small (90 pupils), all-boy, boarding prep school. Over the years it has merged with Haileybury, gone co-ed, become predominantly "day", opened a pre-prep and opened a nursery. That's a lot of change. There are now over 400 pupils.

The good news is that the dust has now settled on all these changes and the school seems comfortable in its new skin. My sense is that under the new headmaster's leadership it will kick on from being good/very good to really outstanding. I like the fact that the school wins scholarships to seriously selective schools and also genuinely prides itself on its learning support.

I am able to comment on "modern Lambrook" because we know current parents and some staff (from my son's time).

Overall, I agree with Amber2 - you've got a nice choice to make. Two good schools.

Amber2 Sat 09-Feb-13 08:56:36

PS rococo - you probably already know this but both have Saturday am school from year 5.

Amber2 Sat 09-Feb-13 08:46:59

I know parents with DCs at both schools and - both are excellent prep schools with lovely facilities and flex-boarding available. EH traditionally seen as feeder to Wellington but Lambrook sends a large cohort of boys there too every year, but also sends about 4 a year to Eton and to others like Bradfield, Charterhouse and Harrow. It may just come down to which is the easier school run logistically for you but you can't go wrong with either.

rococo1 Fri 08-Feb-13 23:01:43

Thanks grovel :-)

Hope you had a good evening - catchup tomorrow...

grovel Fri 08-Feb-13 22:30:18

Should explain...just back from a delicious (restaurant) meal and probably not as articulate as I would want to be.

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