Harrow/Pinner/Ruisli p/Eastcote

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adiach Mon 04-Feb-13 19:06:10

Thanks. Will try the field end school area also.

It depends on how many bedrooms you want/need.
In our area you'd need at least 400K, for a 3 bedroom house and toward Pinner, even more.
You could get something small with 3 bedrooms up near Haydon, so in the catchment for Coteford primary school for that.
The other way you could go is down Field End Road, toward Field End First and Junior school but you could be out of catchment for Haydon down there.

adiach Tue 29-Jan-13 19:29:22

Thanks, will look at Eastcote. We are thinking of something within 350k, is that a good budget for the area?

TheWave Tue 29-Jan-13 09:27:34

Buy with secondary in mind too tho!

We live in Eastcote, on the borders of Hillingdon and Harrow ( We are in Hillingdon). We had a number of good primary schools to choose from- West Lodge, Cannon Lane, Coteford, Newnham and the secondary schools aren't bad either- Haydon is our closest, but if you are religious you can try for Bishops Ramsey. There are also some 11+ options in Hertfordshire if you don't mind your child travelling.

adiach Mon 28-Jan-13 22:00:02


We are thinking of buying a house in one of the areas Harrow/Pinner/Ruislip/Eastcote (have also thought of hayes/edgware!) Which would be good in terms of primary schools, safe area and a decent budget. I know the list is long, but very confused.

Any help is appreciated.


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