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castlesintheair Tue 03-May-11 14:07:30

Has anyone been to have a look around or has a DC starting in September? I am going later this month and wondered what people think.

serendipity200 Sat 30-May-15 10:59:44

High Staff turnover impacting continuity and consistency of teaching exam courses was a big problem for us. As someone on another thread said the quality of the replacement staff has not been as good as some of the original staff. That being said DD loved her time there.

Hoppyone1 Fri 29-May-15 18:17:19

A sad disappointment for us. Inexperienced staff and very poor pastoral care.

Florelle Thu 24-Jul-14 11:56:19

Hi, I am thinking of sending my daugher to Radnor House September 2015 (year 3) and would love to hear from any experiences or parents of children in the junior years. Many thanks

Positiveperson90 Tue 07-Jan-14 17:45:37

Just seen this and to reassure you, there are equal numbers of boys and girls in the junior school. I am not sure about the seniors but going forward, numbers are even and it is a top priority of the school to balance these out. I have 2 children there, a boy and a girl, both absolutely love this school and especially the inspirational teachers. I hope that helps.

muminlondon Mon 09-Sep-13 11:45:30

Last academic year it was fairly evenly balanced for all ages 7-10. You can see exact numbers in the school census zip file SFR21/2013, the file that counts pupils by age rather than national curriculum year.


Elibean Mon 09-Sep-13 10:30:16

Thanks smile

I've had a pm from someone with a dd there, I think there are more girls lower down in the school...increasing numbers.

muminlondon Fri 06-Sep-13 23:47:52

... 29 girls and 116 boys in 2012 (between 7 and 13).

muminlondon Fri 06-Sep-13 23:32:50

Edubase is still out of date/incomplete. They had 29 girls and 116 boys (looks like 20 10-year-old boys but no girls at all that age). 2013 school census had 180 boys and 65 girls.

Elibean Thu 05-Sep-13 11:35:09

Resuscitating this thread to ask for any more feedback...

I am going to look round with my Y5 dd in a few weeks' time. I didn't realize it was boy heavy? Is it still? I suppose I'll find out soon...

Basically, my dd is at a state primary and will only have a little tutoring for 11+, in order to keep indie options open. Does anyone know how oversubscribed Radnor House has become? She's a bright girl, but not wildly academic (predicted mostly 5s and possibly a 6 for SATS, though I think its too soon to tell hmm) in terms of motivation. Arts though, she loves.

We're looking at state and indie options, at this point, and any feedback on SW London secondaries is welcome please smile

SonorousBip Thu 13-Jun-13 13:45:53

My dcs are at a local'ish prep and our head has a very high opinion of the school and what they are looking to do. It was certainly on the radar of suggestions she was making this year and I think in a short period of time it has been very successful. When we were having a "dark night of the soul" in the Year's 11+ process (rejections from 2 out of 3...) I was a bit gobsmacked to find that RH was over-subscribed. (The night got a bit darker, LOL).

KarenIsabella Wed 12-Jun-13 15:16:17

I was impressed by the staff initially, I am going to go and see it for myself.

BlackCrowe Wed 23-May-12 09:24:04

Brand new Ofsted report out....impressive.

charmund Tue 20-Mar-12 10:20:59

Good plan! I think the DS is helping at the open day - so you might meet him (how weird is that?!) Let me know if I can help any further...

veyrierdulac Mon 19-Mar-12 19:39:51

Hi Charmund, this is so helpful and great to get an insiders viewpoint! I am going to the next open day to check it out again and to meet the teachers. I am finding that it is difficult for any school to accommodate a pupil who is strong in a foreign language as they don't usually have a parallel class to suit when the rest of the form are taking their lesson. When I went recently it was a Tuesday tour with the headmaster so next visit will be really helpful I expect. Thanks again! Very encouraging to hear about the art.

charmund Mon 19-Mar-12 10:22:32

Hi Veyrierdulac - no worries at all - these decisions are so hard aren't they?Re Art the teacher is amazing - she bought a book on dyspraxia just so she could help my DS draw when most teachers of Art just write him off and I know that those who are good at art are v pleased with her teaching. They had an Art exhibition lats week and it was excellent, especially as they have only been open for 2 terms. Lots of the DS's friends have chosen it for GCSE which is another vote of confidence in the teacher.
French is more difficult to comment on as my DS isn't v good at it. He has improved a lot with the teaching at Radnor but whether it would suit someone more able at French I'm not sure. It's compulsory at GCSE so I can't comment on numbers taking it!
DT is a school club and not a subject (at least for year 9) and my DS doesn't do it but a friend of his does and seems happy with it. My DS does judo, history club and newspapers club after school.
Does any of that help?

veyrierdulac Sun 18-Mar-12 08:54:55

Charmund -A couple more queries. As the school is so new, it is difficult to gage how strong its Art department is (how inspiring is the teacher?), also I understand that DT is only available as an afterschool club option but didn't see anything while I was there. Re languages, the headmaster was full of praise (naturally) for the language teacher - my son speaks very good French and I am anxious that he may be unchallenged in this area. I am not sure if there are any French speakers at the school. Head is now spinning..........

charmund Thu 15-Mar-12 13:08:59

I hope he is as happy as my DS is!

veyrierdulac Tue 13-Mar-12 17:04:07

Thanks Charmund, this really is reassuring. I will be registering my DS for entry.

charmund Tue 13-Mar-12 08:29:36

My DS is also bright but dyspraxic so does all his written work on a laptop. We have had no problems at all with the school accepting this and leaning over backwards to make sure that he can use it in exams. The (male) SENCO is just lovely and DS has enjoyed his sessions with him. My impression is that most pupils don't need extra help but if your DS gets in and does need a boost that they will support him all the way. Does that help at all?

veyrierdulac Mon 12-Mar-12 12:02:17

Thank you for your feedback, it all seems very positive. I visited the last week and I really liked the headmaster and the school. My DS has slight learning difficulties but is a bright boy so I wonder (Charmund in particular) if you have any idea how the school are with children who may need a little extra help....

charmund Tue 28-Feb-12 14:33:36

Hi veyrierdulac - I have a DS in year 9 at Radnor and have been v impressed so far. The classes are small and the standards high (in some cases higher than we were expecting but he seems to be coping!) Anne is right though it is boy heavy but this is mainly in the current senior dept so may be different by the time your DS goes? V happy to give give you any other feedback...

Annelongditton Fri 24-Feb-12 13:50:58

Re Radnor, I would ask to see a split of the classes as parents have told me that it is almost all boys (there are a lot more girls schools in the area, and the building was previously a boys school). If you are looking for a real co-ed this may not be your best choice, or mostly boys may suit you.
DS's prep remain very positive about the school, but very few parents have as yet seriously considered it, but his prep is single sex and is a big Hampton feeder.
I have heard nothing bad about it in the local school playgrounds, and generally bad news travels very quickly, so if there was anything bad it would have got round by nom.

veyrierdulac Fri 24-Feb-12 13:21:03

I am looking at Radnor House school. DS is currently in Y5 so I would be looking for the Y7 2013 entry. Any feedback about the school would be very welcome. Other schools I am looking at are Emanuelle, Ibstock and the Harrodian. On the State side I wonder if anybody has had any experience of Chelsea Academy?

menagerie Sun 29-May-11 14:24:49

A friend of mine has her DS2 starting there in September. He loved the school and she seems happy with it. All feedback about it is positive so far.

castlesintheair Sat 28-May-11 16:23:36

I went to see it today. I'll be interested to see how it's all going after a couple of years. Good luck to your DCs.

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