Radnor House School

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castlesintheair Tue 03-May-11 14:07:30

Has anyone been to have a look around or has a DC starting in September? I am going later this month and wondered what people think.

Elibean Mon 09-Sep-13 10:30:16

Thanks smile

I've had a pm from someone with a dd there, I think there are more girls lower down in the school...increasing numbers.

muminlondon Mon 09-Sep-13 11:45:30

Last academic year it was fairly evenly balanced for all ages 7-10. You can see exact numbers in the school census zip file SFR21/2013, the file that counts pupils by age rather than national curriculum year.


Positiveperson90 Tue 07-Jan-14 17:45:37

Just seen this and to reassure you, there are equal numbers of boys and girls in the junior school. I am not sure about the seniors but going forward, numbers are even and it is a top priority of the school to balance these out. I have 2 children there, a boy and a girl, both absolutely love this school and especially the inspirational teachers. I hope that helps.

Florelle Thu 24-Jul-14 11:56:19

Hi, I am thinking of sending my daugher to Radnor House September 2015 (year 3) and would love to hear from any experiences or parents of children in the junior years. Many thanks

Hoppyone1 Fri 29-May-15 18:17:19

A sad disappointment for us. Inexperienced staff and very poor pastoral care.

serendipity200 Sat 30-May-15 10:59:44

High Staff turnover impacting continuity and consistency of teaching exam courses was a big problem for us. As someone on another thread said the quality of the replacement staff has not been as good as some of the original staff. That being said DD loved her time there.

flip2010 Tue 24-Nov-15 18:46:31

Hi i did not know there was a high staff turnover at Radnor - is there a reason for this ? I am thinking of putting my children there and would love to know more about the school. Thanks

Just bumping this as David Paton moving to the new school that's been taken over as part of the group. He is going to be head at Combe Bank school, taking over from the head who has only been there for a year.

Gobbledegook100 Mon 01-Feb-16 20:23:21

Likewise: anyone with up to date experience of the senior school (year 9 upwards)?

2014examfever Tue 02-Feb-16 12:28:23

My first hand experience of the school for GCSE exams was that a number of children were asked to drop subjects at the eleventh hour (the day before in our case - we refused after all the effort which went into revising - DC felt that she should give it a go and got a 'B' on results day) by the head of curriculum which upset children, parents and the subject teachers who were not made aware that children had been asked to drop their subject. Some children sat just 4 GCSEs and some 6 subjects. 'Celebrating Every Individual' is their mooto - but it would appear that leagues tables are more important. A broader range of subjects with a mix of academic and less academic might have been a better way to go.

Rostrevor Thu 04-Feb-16 17:02:46

Any views on Radnor House School for girls as opposed to St Catherines?

Abracadabra10 Sat 06-Feb-16 07:35:57

I'm surprised at Radnor's GCSE results tbh - 36 per cent A star /A seems very low and a significant number getting D grades? Is it because it's still a comparatively new school? I loved the atmosphere there and, as others have mentioned, the apparent focus on the individual, but is it style over substance? Any views welcome please?

St Cats results much stronger - percentage of A star/A grades around 54 per cent. In Art they have had all As and above for about 6 years by the look of things which sounds fantastic! The head is very clear about the value added there which she says is one of the highest in the country for indie schools. May not have the "buzz" of Radnor, but a lovely, calm atmosphere in there I thought. Only a third of families actually Catholic.

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