LSA interview tomorrow - help!!!

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doglover Tue 23-Nov-10 11:10:19

Well, the title says it all, really! I'd so appreciate any advice and possible questions for me to think about as preparation for the interview. It is at a secondary school for SEN students. Many thanks.

doglover Tue 23-Nov-10 12:12:13


doglover Tue 23-Nov-10 15:57:31


corlan Tue 23-Nov-10 20:06:42

Hi doglover - [[ php?f=59&t=988 this website]] is for teaching assistants - if you have a look it will give you a good idea of all the things you may be expected to do as an LSA.

I'd be ready to explain what you understand by the term SEN. It can cover learning difficulties ( such as dyslexia), behavioural difficulties ( such as ADHD) as well as physical disabilities ( such as impaired vision).

They may ask you what qualities you would bring to the job - calmness and a sense of humour are good ones to mention.

They may give you a hypothetical situation and ask how you would deal with it.

Good things to mention are that you believe in giving children clear boundaries.Differentiating work according to a child's ability. Liaising closely with colleagues - blah, blah, blah. smile

Good luck tomorrow !

corlan Tue 23-Nov-10 20:08:03

Sorry - messed up the link . It should be this

doglover Tue 23-Nov-10 20:10:07

Many thanks, Corlan. Will look up link now.

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