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What does PSE stand for?

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poppyh Wed 07-Sep-05 21:07:21

Just got DS's new school timetable.Can anyone tell me what the subject PSE stands for?

QueenOfQuotes Wed 07-Sep-05 21:09:32

Personal and Social Education (well that's what it changed to when i was at school )

poppyh Wed 07-Sep-05 21:10:18

Thanks.At least i now know he doesnt need games kit!!

QueenOfQuotes Wed 07-Sep-05 21:11:30

LOL - I think it's what Home Economics turned into

jessicaandbumpsmummy Wed 07-Sep-05 21:14:29

PSE for me at school was a load of **! Supposed to discuss things liek family, health, social stuff.... but turned into a homework catch up by the time we turned year 8!

shhhh Wed 07-Sep-05 21:18:50

when I was at school (10 yrs ago) PSE was lessons that we discussed things like:
A.Health & Safety

B.First Aid

C.What we wanted to do career wise (Usually from years 2 onwards..what you need to decided what lesson to take for GCSE)

D.Sex Education

E."Womens" issues

Home Ec was another subject and was where cooking etc was done. Can't remember what PSE replaced.

popsycal Wed 07-Sep-05 21:21:41

should have an H and C stuck inthere now too

Christie Wed 07-Sep-05 21:58:59

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

popsycal Fri 09-Sep-05 13:38:25

and some stick a C in for citizenship

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