Best private schools in Cornwall & Devon?

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agp Tue 14-Sep-10 13:46:07

Hi there

My husband and I are considering moving to the north coast of cornwall and need to get to grips with the private schools in the area. Can anyone help? We've got three little girls (6 to 1yrs old) and would ideally like them to go to co-ed schools, with the flexibility to board or day (well I'm hoping they go day whilst at prep school!) It's hard to find out which ones are reckoned to be the best... Thanks in advance for any help/ opinions!


Ariesgirl Tue 14-Sep-10 19:14:52

Truro High School
Truro High School for Girls
Treliske Prep School (Truro)

To be honest, many of the State primary schools in North Cornwall are excellent. I would save your money for the secondary period.

scaryteacher Tue 14-Sep-10 22:34:15

Mount House Tavistock. Co-ed, excellent prep, feeds good senior schools including Eton, Cheltenham Ladies, Canford etc.

Lovely grounds, great staff, good food. My one regret was taking ds away when we moved abroad. In hindsight I should have tried him on boarding. It was worth every penny.

It is not snobbish, and you can pick up much of the uniform second hand. It also has a nursery/pre-prep, but I am not sure how young they accept pupils as boarders.

The Head, Jim Massey is fab. Go and have a look.

ShakesPear Tue 14-Sep-10 22:52:57

Kelly College which goes all the way through and excellent facilities.

scaryteacher Wed 15-Sep-10 07:50:59

They've stopped the Kelly science block sliding down the hill then?

It was interesting that a former head of Kelly sent his boys to Mount House for prep not so long back.

propatria Wed 15-Sep-10 11:51:21

Simple -In Cornwall there is one real prep school,Polwhele,Devon-Mount House.
Senior level-Truro High for Girls ,wouldnt bother with Truro school,in Devon -Blundells
Kelly-not often you see the words Kelly and excellent in the same sentence.

ShakesPear Wed 15-Sep-10 14:17:07

What I meant about Kelly was that for the younger years it's a good option because the kids get to use the senior school facilities.

FWIW I wouldn't consider for mine as DS is off to Eton. [smug emoticon]

agp Wed 15-Sep-10 16:07:24

Thankyou all! This is my first experience with mumsnet - brilliant!

Kelly obviously isn't too hot then!

Ariesgirl: do you have any names of state primaries in the Wadebridge area I could check out? And any further thoughts on the 3 schools you've mentioned?

Propatria: I'm interested you wouldn't bother with Truro School - can you give me any other thoughts on why? Just not good enough reputation or something more specific?

Thanks again!

propatria Wed 15-Sep-10 17:30:52

Truro,To be blunt it has no reputation,It was set up to give an education to local Methodist farmers and shopkeepers and it still does,its a private school,nothing more, second rate facilities,its the type of private school I just dont get,why would people pay good money for a very second rate education.It now suffers at sixth form level from the Excellent Truro college.
If you have girls then Truro High is good,doesnt have a national reputation or social standing but it turns out good ,solid(if you know what I mean) girls,excellent value for money.

agp Wed 15-Sep-10 18:19:23

Hi Propatria.

Very interesting. Husband spoke to the head of Polwhele today who says 2/3rds of his pupils go on to Truro - surprising given what you're saying about it. I know what you mean about paying private fees for second rate education. So Truro High is the only place you'd send a daughter in Cornwall. Blundells being the nearest co-ed you'd recommend? 2 hours away - not great for watching matches! Do you have a daughter/ live in Cornwall? What do people you know do?

Thanks again..

propatria Wed 15-Sep-10 18:35:06

Truro High is indeed the only place I would send a girl.
Polwhele is the only prep in Cornwall ,there is one attached to Truro but it stops at 11 and isnt interested in any other school,so I dont consider it a true prep.
Polwhele is fine,but it has historically been more boy orientated ,some girls I know have transferred to Truro prep,but they were going to attend Truro anyway.If you have musical children Polwhele is excellent
Polwhele is pretty good academically but again I know a couple of boys that have gone to Mount House at 11 to make sure they got the scholarships they needed at 13.
You have to remember for private education there is little choice in Cornwall so its not suprising 2/3rds of Polwhele go to Truro,if they dont want to board(or cant) ,they havent got a choice.(Well there is a Gems school in Penzance but that makes Truro look like Winchester)
Blundells is the only school I would consider in Devon/Cornwall for Boarding,next stop Sherborne(sep schools for girls and boys but very close links)

scaryteacher Thu 16-Sep-10 08:00:41

Had ds remained at Mount House I would have hoped that he would have got into Canford.

Kelly College (as opposed to the prep) has changed as it recently had a new Head who I am informed is very good. However, even when I was offered a large discount on Kelly fees for prep, I still sent ds to Mount House.

One school that hasn't been mentioned is St Josephs at Launceston, which is all girls except for prep.

I cannot recommend Mount House highly enough; please go and have a look.

agp Thu 16-Sep-10 19:30:46

Hi Scaryteacher. Does St.Josepeh's have a good reputation? I thought it was just prep? Mount House is a long way from Wadebridge area, where we're thinking of. This is the problem we're facing!

Thankyou Propatria for all your thoughts and advice.

scaryteacher Thu 16-Sep-10 22:26:02

Don't know much about St Joe's apart from the fact it is there, as we sent ds to Mount House.

I have to say that Launceston seems a nice place to live and you have easy access to the coast and to the A30 from there. I did the Launceston-Mount House run twice a day for 4 years and it normally took about 25 minutes allowing for tractors, could do it faster if the roads clear.

Mount House also does flexi boarding I think, so that could be an option as well, and I know that they've dropped Saturday school much to ds's disgust as he went every Saturday bar exeats and holidays.

If you look at the website, then you'll see St Joe's is expanding. It has always taken girls all the way through, now it is taking boys as well. The results look good, but I taught at the rival establishment in Launceston for 4 years so was more concerned with getting my students through, than what St Joe's were doing. It looks like Wadebridge is on the St Joe's bus route as well, but it may be pricy.

JeffVadar Fri 17-Sep-10 11:18:52

OK I'm biased 'cos DS goes, but I have to second scary's recommendation of Mount House. None of the other schools come close IMO.

Two of DSs classmates live near Boscastle, on the North coast, and they come in daily - although it is a long journey

scaryteacher Fri 17-Sep-10 14:37:44

What year is your ds in Jeff? Ds left in 2006 when he had just finished in Banny's form. He was disappointed not to stay long enough to get into long trousers!

JeffVadar Fri 17-Sep-10 15:08:26

@ scary - He's is the 5th form. Can't believe the time's gone so fast; seems like only last year he was a firstie in shorts covering his knees!

I have to say that I don't like the relinquishing of Saturday school, but I guess times are changing.

DH was at MH back in the 70s, he loved it there, but is very envious of DS who just has so much fun there grin.

Rosefairy Fri 17-Sep-10 20:00:27

Sorry to butt in but 3 schools that are the closest to Wadebridge to look at would be St Breoke Primary, Wadebridge Community Primary School and also quite a few travel to the nearby St Minver Primary School these all have their own websites worth a look for more information.

scaryteacher Sat 18-Sep-10 09:32:19

I think ds must have been jut going into 4th form (so Year 6) when we moved abroad.

I did think about leaving him to board, but Mr Hartley was leaving and I wasn't too sure how ds would cope with the new team there. He would have been fine with Mr Hartley, who was on his wavelength.

It was bliss in the summer coming back and staying with Mum in Tavi; I miss it.

Popzmum Mon 20-Sep-10 15:21:00

Hope your relocation to Cornwall goes well - it's a brilliant place to bring up children. As for education for girls, I highly recommend you take a good look at Truro High School for Girls. Yes, single-sex but the students seem fabulous - ambitious yet grounded, confident yet not arrogant. And they have boarding too - certainly from age 7 and I believe you can flexi board (useful if you have children doing different things on different evenings or you just fancy a bit of solo surfing on a sunny evening..)Truro High comes out on top regularly and is run by an ex-Olympic rower so it's not at all just exams and prissy-girl atmosphere. Good luck anyway.

TruroMum Tue 28-Sep-10 09:06:40

A little late to join the discussion but as the mother of a daughter at Truro School I feel I have to contradict a few of the comments above. I am not sure where Propatria gets her ideas from but I certainly would not spend good hard-earned money on a "mediocre" school. Truro School's facilities are excellent, my daughter makes the most of nearly all of them, and she is aspiring to the fact that over 50% of the A level grades were A* or A grades - a great example set by the years above that hard work can be mixed with sport, D of E etc. I know they do flexi-boarding - my daughter hasn't used it but she does nag me to do so "as it is so much fun". I certainly would recommend taking a look at the school rather than take the word of somebody who seems rather "out of touch". It may have been set up by the Methodists for "farmers and shop keepers" but I have no problem with that - I would rather she went to a school where the children come from families who know the value of money and how it is earned!

propatria Tue 28-Sep-10 10:04:40

TruroMum,no one outside Cornwall has heard of the school,it has no reputation outside the county,it is what it is,a small private school,of a type to be found all over the country
The facilities are not "excellent" ,unless of course you know nothing about the facilities other private schools have,if the facilities were "excellent" then there would be no need for the massive building plans the school has, perhaps at the end of the schools 10 year plan they might resemle something decent ,but chances are by then other schools will have moved on even further,look at the schools your teams play,local comps and a couple of minor schools in Devon,you clearly dont get invited to cricket/rugby festivals of any merit etc,sorry ,stand by every word.
AAs for boarding,its not really a boarding school is it?somewhere around 40 or 50 boarders with a high percentage from overseas-that tells you all you need to know.
I actualy know several people with children at the school,in all cases they are only there because the parents didnt want them to board,if there was a viable alternative none of them would be at the school.
You are of course free to spend your money as you like and Im pleased to hear you are delighted with the school.

mebaasmum Tue 28-Sep-10 13:34:48

What about West Buckland?? depends where you are in Cornwall

propatria Tue 28-Sep-10 14:25:12

West buckland-rather similar to Truro in many ways.

Ariesgirl Tue 28-Sep-10 14:43:02

Sorry - have only just seen this a couple of weeks later. I was a teacher in a state primary in Cornwall and I am therefore biased in favour of state schools at primary level. I firmly believe that nothing grounds your children in the same way - if they can read and write and are numerate and love learning by the time they get to 11, then they have had the best start. And by sending them to a state school until this age, then they will have learned to rub shoulders with all sorts of children. At secondary, they can then start getting serious. Teachers in primary schools in Cornwall have had a huge amount of investment and training in the last decade or so and many of the schools are excellent. Here's a link to the North Cornwall primary schools

Just send your primary age children to the local village school and stimulate them and educate them at home too. What's wrong with that?

I used to live opposite Truro School and we used to walk through the grounds after hours. The facilities looked excellent to me and if I had the money I would send my kids there. Certain other schools give children a too rarified atmosphere which does them no favours.

TruroMum Tue 28-Sep-10 20:54:16

Well, I hope that 'agp' can see from this that the people of Cornwall have differing opinions, as everywhere else, and she should take a look rather than blindly accept the views of others.
Propatria dismisses Truro School as a "small private school" but recommends Truro High which is an "even smaller private school" (probably half the size).
Whether a school has excellent facilities or not, they need to develop and not stand still and I am pleased to see that TS is doing that. At least it has a 10-year plan! (Theatre, astro, Multi-gym, loads of pitches, new library, new dining hall.....)
The U15 boys have just come back from a rugby tournament in Southampton having played other top schools in the south and won the final! My daughter has played netball and hockey at Millfield and other south-west schools.
There is only a small number of boarders but the percentage is actually very low - in fact lower than some of the other south-west schools that have been discussed above which rely on boarders, rather than day pupils, to keep their numbers up.
I think it is far more important that my daughter has the opportunity to become a well-rounded young woman, with a very good education, who has had the experience of mixing with very different and varied backgrounds as opposed to going to a school that "somebody up-country has heard of".

Ariesgirl Tue 28-Sep-10 22:06:17

Well said TruroMum. I found Propatria's post condescending and snobbish. So no one outside the benighted backwater which is Cornwall has heard of Truro School. So? No one outside my county has heard of the comprehensive I went to and I did ok in life. It certainly didn't affect me adversely that the teams from my school were never invited to prestigious tournaments. Didn't stop us winning stuff or getting into excellent universities!

There are many excellent schools in Cornwall, State and private.

scaryteacher Tue 28-Sep-10 23:18:28

As someone living in Cornwall and teaching at a Cornish state secondary at the time, I sent my ds to prep, as I was not impressed with the primary school in my village.

I am firmly of the opinion that you get the basics right in prep, literacy and numeracy, and then secondary falls into place. Getting a child through GCSEs can be done if they don't want to do the work; getting them through when they aren't literate and numerate enough to do so is a nightmare.

There are some excellent primaries in Cornwall as Ariesgirl has said, but this is not true of every primary there.

propatria Wed 29-Sep-10 09:19:43

As Ive said each to their own,if people are happy with Truro Im delighted for them,its up to the individual,its not a school Im interested in for my children.
The point about the boarders is there are are so few(and getting fewer) because to be blunt no one outside the county wants to send their chidren there, Not sure how anyone going to Truro can mix with people from" very different and varied backgrounds" when over 90% of the pupils live in one county ,but as Truro clearly knows its market , its not a market I am in but good luck to it and its pupils.

Decisions Wed 29-Sep-10 09:31:59

I've heard of Truro School and I live in Essex. Number 1 reason not to opt for private school? Pretentious, out of touch families!

Ariesgirl Wed 29-Sep-10 10:41:47

Propatria do you not think that the reason most of the kids of in TS are from Cornwall is because Cornwall is a very large, long and thin county? Hardly the fault of the school! Out of interest, did you go to private or state school?

Scaryteacher, no not every primary in Cornwall is good. I can think of several which are't. I completely agree with getting the basics right and the rest will follow. With regard to state vs private at primary, when I was teaching we used to have a supply in regularly who also did supply at Treliske prep. She said in terms of resources and staff training, and staff and pupil enthusiasm our school won hands down.

TruroMum Wed 29-Sep-10 11:15:11

Thank you Ariesgirl for echoing my thoughts and thank you Decisions - I knew TS's reputation went further than the Tamar but most importantly your comment on "Pretentious, out of touch families" is exactly why my daughter is at the kind of independent school that is TS and not some of the others that have been mentioned!

propatria Wed 29-Sep-10 11:24:59

Aries, Private,as did parents,brothers,husband etc,etc
Truro was set up to meet the demands of the growing victorian middle class for private education,a lot of these type of schools were set up all over the country to meet this demand for local private education, if you like a no frills private education,it and others like it still meet that demand but out of county parents,prep school heads etc dont think of it as an option,it is literally a local school for local children,nothing wrong with that but I want more from a school,now if in the eyes of other people that makes us prentious,out of touch,snobbish,condescending etc,then so be it
Interesting what you say about Treliske,cant say Im suprised.

propatria Wed 29-Sep-10 11:26:48

Truromum,What do you actually know about other private schools,did you consider any for your daughter,visit any etc?

scaryteacher Wed 29-Sep-10 13:09:15

It also has to be a time/distance equation Propatria. Ds went to Mount House because it was doable with him as daybug, getting him and then me on to school, allied to dh serving abroad, so all the school run stuff fell on me. He also went there because I didn't want him to go to Kelly at the time.

TruroMum Wed 29-Sep-10 15:27:07

For what it is worth Bryanston in an arc round to the Bath Schools but this has all come a long way from agp's first query. Suffice to say it is a good job there are different schools to suit different children and very different parents!

propatria Wed 29-Sep-10 17:31:10

Indeed it is.

Ariesgirl Wed 29-Sep-10 17:42:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Kren Thu 17-Mar-11 09:18:21

somewhat late, but just wanted to add another private school in Cornwall to the list. This school is admittedly not in North Cornwall, but they do send transport out to Truro, Falmouth, Helston etc, and boarding short or long term is available. The school is Gems Bolitho in Penzance, which caters for children from nursery to sixth form. Admittedly you will find some stuff about this school sadly having had a fraudster on it's board at one time, but heads have rolled and an international company has taken over, and the education continues as good as it ever was. I have a child at this school. The great thing about this school is SMALL CLASS SIZES = individual attention At this school classes are 15 to 17 per class compared with 36 to 43 in my over popular local 'outstanding' state primary. One of the most important school rules is 'Be kind' I really like that. I have heard that the class sizes are smaller than at Truro, which certainly seems to be the impression from viewing both schools. If you have a child that would benefit from positive encouragement, specialist subject teaching and small class sizes, I could recommend this school.

propatria Thu 17-Mar-11 09:49:52

While Im glad you are happy at Bolitho its not a school that has a great track record of stability is it,its not just the "fraudster on the board" -even that description is massively underplaying it,its the fact its had to be rescued twice,its been over reliant on foreign children for its sixth form(how many children in its 6th at the moment?),its now caught up in a new financial scandal(not it would seem of its own making) but if those children are withdrawn...
Sorry but I really wouldnt send a child to it , however small(why are they small?) the classes and however kind everyone is,not least as you cant even be sure it will exist this time next year...

Rhian82 Thu 17-Mar-11 10:04:45

I used to work at Truro School, as an admin assistant, many moons ago (before marriage and children). I loved it, and if we still lived in Cornwall I would be scraping up every penny I had to send DS there when he was older.

I don't know much about private schools to compare it to, because I went to a really crappy state comprehensive, but I was overwhelmed at just how good it was. The grounds were gorgeous, the facilities and opportunities given to the children were amazing, but I have to say I was most impressed by the pastoral care. The headmaster knew every child by name, and the admin staff knew most of them. It was just a really supportive environment. I was only 22 when I worked there, and mostly just wished that I could have gone!

I also agree that the degree of snobbishness about a school being 'known' across the country is exactly the sort of thing that puts me off private education, so the fact that Truro School is apparently outside this only endears it to me more.

wangle99 Thu 17-Mar-11 20:13:47

We went against Truro School after DD visited (we were looking for year 9 entry) it felt very pushy although all of DD's friends went there are they finished year 8 at Polwhele.

As for Truro High, DD did a taster day there and it was horrendous. Would never consider single sex education after that day!

We chose Gems Bolitho in the end and DD is very settled and loves it, she started last September and I really would recommend it.

Kren Thu 17-Mar-11 21:11:29

reply to propatria, it is school policy to have small classes. I did have same concerns about fraudulent goings on, have heard all the local gossip etc, but in the end it is where I have sent my child and all I can say is I am pleased with his experience there, and if I really thought the school was going to disappear tomorrow I would not have sent him there.

Quinquagesima Sat 19-Mar-11 20:28:19

We loved Polwhele. We looked at Truro school and didn't like it at all (head wasn't interested in the DCs, which is always a bad start). If I could set up my own school, it would be Polwhele. smile

cornishgaltruro Wed 08-Jun-11 10:37:51

Hello, I would be grateful for any feedback on Truro School, from parents of children whom are currently there and their children are registered with SEN? Thank you in advance smile

BuntyPenfold Fri 10-Jun-11 23:04:33

Mount House highly thought of here.
Excellent if you need boarding place.

Many local primaries are also very good for free.

mrs360 Tue 21-Jun-11 19:18:32

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

propatria Tue 21-Jun-11 19:46:54

As a matter of interest could you name some of these famous alumni,Im afraid its not a school I was aware of but looking at its leaving destinations it doesnt seem to send to anywhere of merit,does it actually go to year 8?
Not sure its actually a prep school,certainly didnt notice it and the devon and cornwall prep athletics meeting at the weekend.

carngrey Thu 13-Sep-12 10:00:39

I have just read the thread of conversation about schools in Truro and am completely shocked to see the negative comments about Truro School. My daughter was offered a place at both Truro High and Truro School and we decided that Truro School had by far the better facilities and offered a far broader education than Truro High School. I went to a top private school myself in London and have been far more impressed with what is on offer at Truro School than what was on offer to myself when i was at school!

byeA3helloA30 Thu 18-Oct-12 12:10:03

Glad I joined mumsnet before we go to the Truro open day on saturday,it isnt a school I know much about beyond the prospectus but we are moving to Cornwall and if possible I would like my children to go there,fingers crossed,anything that I need to ask,anything I shouldnt ask?
Two boys at a very well known school in Surrey and one in prep school,all bright and sports mad,Surrey county level in a couple of sports,hope that Truro will tick the box.Dont really want them to board unless its necessary.

LittenTree Fri 19-Oct-12 13:11:43

My mum went to St Joseph's, Launceston...

in 1943 grin

LittenTree Fri 19-Oct-12 13:12:56

propatia- are you xenia?

vesela Fri 19-Oct-12 13:18:56

Xenia has better punctuation!

Xenia Fri 19-Oct-12 13:50:07

I don't know Cornwall schools but the FT A level league tables place Truro school for A level results at position 203 in the country (of state and privates)

LittenTree Fri 19-Oct-12 14:54:20

See, you rub the lantern, and out she pops!

sohia Fri 19-Oct-12 17:54:57

I see that Blundells, the school propatria is always recommending is lower than Truro in the rankings. I wouldnt be taking her advice any time soon if I were you poster. I wonder if she works for them as she is always batting on about all the other schools being so poor.angry

propatria Sat 20-Oct-12 09:23:36

Oh,how nice ,Sohia has come out to play-please tell us where in the rankings Stover is?
I have said Blundells is the only school in Devon and Cornwall I would look at but I also say look at Sherborne further on ,my children go to another school,-I dont work for any of them,now Iknow it must be hard for you Sohia that the school your children go to has turned out to be as bad as everyone on here told you it would be but you made the choice,
Looking back through this very old thread the only thing that has changed is that Polwhele is no longer a real prep school and anyone wanting a real prep education now has to go out of county,first stop Mount House,but of course by saying that I must work for them musnt I...
Schools like Blundells and Sherborne are in a different class to Truro,just as Truro is far superior to schools like Stover ,hey the local comp is far superior to Stover but as long as there are enough fools who are desperate to claim little tabitha goes private then they will survive(or at least you better hope so Sohia..)

Xenia Sat 20-Oct-12 10:44:16

One issue is if you think boarding damages the psyche of many children (as it does) then moving to an area with no good schools and few opportunities, high unemployment etc is a very selfish decision.

Parent wants to look at cows so sacrifices child on the altar of that indulgence by moving child to area with few life chances. Be careful where you move.

jabed Sat 20-Oct-12 12:29:56

The local comp propatia ( IIRC Sohia said hers was Ivybridge) Isnt that the school that made the nationals the other day on two counts - firstly being raided for a drugs bust and secondly some poor s** of a parent whose inefectual discipline means she is being prosecuted because her DS wont attend school (in the Daily Mail I think it was - I am reading them online at the moment)

I dont know the schools either as I live in the SE not the SW but that doesnt bode well for the local comp being better IMHO

propatria Sat 20-Oct-12 13:32:55

Jabed-sorry dont read the Mail but yes I saw that the school had been" raided" for drugs,sadly for sohia who in the past has talked about sex acts in the park etc at the school none were found,I have read about schools that ask the drugs team to come in to scare the pupils,not that uncommon
Sohia has always struck me as a Mail reader,so doubtless she will be able to confirm the story.
Dont know anything about the parent who has a child that wont attend,last time Sohia came on she made up academic results for her school,claimed they were better than other schools and generalty told porkies( as several posters pointed out),when she did this the results were better at Ivybridge than stover but as her school has now stoped reporting exam results who knows.
Xenia-the world doesnt start and end in North London,that may come as a shock to you.

jabed Sat 20-Oct-12 14:35:34

propatria, I took the liberty of looking the schools up in the ft given by xenia.

It seems Ivybridge has a ranking of 1290 and Stover 594. I know which I would pick if those were my choices.

jabed Sat 20-Oct-12 16:12:00

propatria, further to the above (sitting at the PC whilst having a cup of coffee between tree cutting) what are you basing your judgements and proclamations on?

I used the Ft index to look up the schools in Newton Abbot as that seems to be where Stover is. Those schools are even lower than Ivybridge. So how do the local comps do better?

I even looked up Plymouth College which is the only independent school I know of which would be within reach of Ivybridge from looking at the map. That too is well below Stover.

Of course I do not know the local area but it looks like the school is a nice middle of the road independent school like that many parents would send their DC's

propatria Sat 20-Oct-12 19:12:41

Jabed-have a look at the Telegraph league tables and a thread started by sohia called- wwyd staff seem to be leaving.
I have nothing particular against Stover but the mindset shown by your "Of course I dont know etc.." sentence as long as there are enough idiots to think private means better whatever the school then places like Stover will survive,90% + of the private schools in this country arent worth the fees,people would be better topping up the state system and getting a better pension or buying a house for their dc,but as long as silly little snobs think private automatically means better then they will survive,these schools offer nothing be it academic,sporting or social.

jabed Sat 20-Oct-12 19:33:13

as long as there are enough idiots to think private means better whatever the school then places like Stover will survive

Oh I see so people like me are idiots? But those like xenia who use schools like that I teach in are I suppose much better? They pay for a higher standard somehow? Yet the school where I work is higher in all rankings than Eton but I bet looking through the list you might even think "never heard of them"

However despite having the opportunity I am not sending my own DS to my top ranking school. I might send him there for senior years if I am still in the UK but I have a school earmarked in Canada ( private again) for that. I have chosen a small, nice prep (I think anyway) which is nearer to home and will give my DS what I think he needs. It doesnt do sporting or social and it doesnt steam roller kids into activities. I dont mind paying. I will be getting what I want for my money. I am not a supporterof much of what state school education is about. I will pay just to get away from the NC to be honest.

90% + of the private schools in this country arent worth the fees,people would be better topping up the state system and getting a better pension or buying a house for their dc,but as long as silly little snobs think private automatically means better then they will survive,these schools offer nothing be it academic,sporting or social

I am afraid I cannot agree. I do not think that "topping up" will be cheaper. Neither do I think it can do the job even a middle ranking independent can do.

I do not think that putting my DS's education on the line in some half hearted state comp where it is not "cool" to be able or to show ability is a good idea. I dont think its a good idea to put him in a school which has no work ethos, has drug raids to " frighten" the pupils ( really? I dont buy that), or any one of a million other causes. Diversity, mixing with others, cheap skateness or anything else.

I want my DS educated. I want him to speak nicely, meet the right people and get a good start.

I do think there is some measure of truth in the phrase "Private education or no education" especially now. It may not have been so much a case when I was a DC ( back in the 1960's but even then it was better in private). I have seen it, taught in it, experienced it in state education. I wil not sacrifice my DS on the your alter of giving him to the state because it will be less snobbish.

I like snobbish. Thanks.

Gunznroses Sat 20-Oct-12 22:31:38

This argument been rolling on since 2010 shock ?

jabed Sun 21-Oct-12 07:30:42

just spotted a typing error - altar not er. My eyesight is not what it was either. smile

propatria Sun 21-Oct-12 08:42:09

If you think private means better whatever the school then yep you are an idiot.

sohia Sun 21-Oct-12 10:46:54

I know exactly what is wrong with Stover propatria but Blundell’s is no better despite what you think. I went there and looked at it. I was told by a girl who boards there that she hates it (she only goes because her father works there although she "lives" with her mother). I don’t think there is a better recommendation than that of those who go there. But you know that Blundell’s or Truro are not possible for me. Truro I would think about if I were nearer and I could send my DC as day pupils. I want my own DC at home with me not at school being looked after like waifs and strays. My choices are local the local school which is Ivybridge or Plymouth College or Stover. Both those schools are really paid for schools with a state education mentality and that is what is wrong with them Blundell’s is the same. The attitude of some of the teachers stinks rotten of chav but no worse than Ivybridge. Unfortunately they lost good teachers although I hear a couple have come back. My DS has benefitted from being put in a top class now with girls where before he was in a boys only class and most of them were not too bright. DD is in GCSE now so difficult to move. Stover is still shoulders above the local comprehensive. Classes without rude, disruptive and chavy attitudes (amongst the children) is worth paying for when you look at the alternative. I could say more but I would get into trouble for upsetting mumsnetters.

jabed Sun 21-Oct-12 13:36:01

I see Ivybridge is in the news again, this time not the school but the area. smile I am beginning to feel I know this place.

Propatria - thinking of your word snobbish. I wont accept it. Its not about snobbery ( that is some sense that certain groups are inherently above or better than others), its just about difference. I am not a snob. However, I do not share the cultural interests and values of certain groups in society. I do not place a value judgement on them in an y way. I just prefer to connect socially with those people with whom I share interests and values. Thats why I select independent schools. Its the only way I can find a group of people with like minds and values.

If there is any snobbery here its your attitude propatria.

By the way, you neatly sidelinedmy question - how are those local comps you speak of better? I looked at the telegraph. I still do not see your point.

propatria Sun 21-Oct-12 18:03:40

Sohia,so you went to look at a school you knew wasnt right for your child and lo the child showing you around told you she hated it,phew that was lucky wasnt it.
"the attitude of some teachers stinks rotten of chav"-translation please?
Jabed you are a little petty snob,your statement that that you can only find people with whom you share interests and values in the private sector says it all,anyone who can dismiss at a stroke 93% of children and rparents is a snob of the worst kind,
Didnt sidestep your question at all,pointed you in the direction of the league tables,but if that isnt enough,if you think it makes sense to pay for a school that uses portacabins,doesnt have specialist subject teachers and no sport or cultural activities to speak of is better then good luck to you.
You and Sohia are made for each other,now as it seems you have more money than sense can I introduce you to a pal in Nigeria who has some excellent businees opps you might be interested in?

jabed Sun 21-Oct-12 18:33:52

Dont talk so stupid woman! Most schools have classrooms in portacabins, especially in state schools. I know of several top rank independents which have a series of classrooms in what you might call portacabins . In our case its a result of planning regulations and besides the "cabins" are in a woodland setting. You wouldnt get that in a state school. You would get the portacabins though, probably on the school car park with cars all around and nowhere to play. They would probably leak too where the pupils have played football with the walls. The sports fields having been tarmaced over years ago. Independents may have such portable buildings but they are well maintained and equipped.

I am not big on sporting activities. I am not steam rollering my DS. I hope he doesnt turn out to be a jock. I have to be honest and say that I would disappoint me. I would rather he was a geek any day. He isnt showing any signs of one cell brainism fotunately. I want a school with small classes. I want a school which has solid reliable teaching of basic skills. I want discipline. I want clear moral standards. That is primarily what I am paying for. You can stuff the hi tech and the sports equippment where the sun wont find it for me. My priorities are clearly different to yours. You want an all show and no go establishment. I prefer substance to good looks.

As for not mixing with 93% of the population - who the hell does? Most of us may rub shoulders in the supermarket but I do not count 93% of the population amongst my friends. I choose friends with like interests and like backgrounds. That in part is a result of working in a particular environment of course and living in a particular environment too. Like most people. You kid yourself if you suggest differently. You can pull the wool over some peoples eyes propartia but I have been around too long for that kind of scam and talk talk. I doubt your friends are anymore diverse than mine. It doesnt happen.

I looked closely at what you were saying. I can see no difference between your suggestions of those " in a different class" and any other middle of the road independent. You are not talking Eton or Westminster. You arent even talking in terms of a school like that I work in. I think you need to open your eyes.

sohia Mon 22-Oct-12 09:22:49

Sohia,so you went to look at a school you knew wasnt right for your child and lo the child showing you around told you she hated it,phew that was lucky wasnt it
"the attitude of some teachers stinks rotten of chav"-translation please?

I didnt make myself clear. The girl who told me how she hated Blundells was one who lives near us. She is a boarder so her experience would reflect my DC's. She told me on a weekend out of school. She didnt show me round.

I cant see why you do not understand the last ohrase. Given your hatred of Stover it plays into your hands. Some of the teachers at Stover have a chav attiude. They dress slovenly with bling, low necks and look scruffy. Even when they are dressed up they are vulgar. They lack refinement. They speak commonly. They are just chav. Not what I expect for a teacher in any private school. I find it bad because they are telling my DC to dress properly and always criticising how they wear their uniforms. Others in the staff are what you would call snobs. So both ends.

I will say this isnt all the teachers, just some of them. It does bring the school down so I can see why you speak as you do propatria. But some of the teachers are very good as teachers and my DC like the school and seem to be thriving there. Lots of their friends are nice.

So yes, I know why you dont like Stover. Its a state school dressed up as private one but without the horrible and disruptive kids.

propatria Mon 22-Oct-12 09:35:12

Showing your age with that opening sentence Jabed,might want to calm down a bit ,in the 21c women are allowed opinions.The rest of your post is as funny as ever,why are you so desperate to tell everyone how great your school is(even though you think no one has heard of it)portacabins arent a great start.
You protest too much about your school,clearly its just a local version of Stover,a waste of money.
Of course we mix with people with similar interests ,lets not try to rewrite history, ,you stated that only in private schools could you find people with like minds and values,that is such a silly statement,but sadly sums up the small minded petty little snob that schools like Stover rely on.
Your rants about clear morals,discipline etc really do look rather sad,the normal stuff from people paying for something than can be obtained free and if you dont understand the benefits of sport for all not just the jocks with as you put it "one brain cellism"then You need to go and talk to a doctor.
Where does your hatred of the state system come from,?for you to feel that you need to try and say why private portacabins are far superior to state ones is rather worrying but at the same time hialrious,please keep it up its most entertaining if a little disturbing.

propatria Mon 22-Oct-12 09:41:03

Sohia,fantastic post,chav teachers,bling,common speaking,etc ,priceless,
Please confirm you are a spoof...

Mutteroo Mon 22-Oct-12 10:30:27

This is such a funny thread!
It started two years ago with a request from the OP who has likely long gone. Now there's that debate on private and state schools with those anti and opposed not willing to budge an inch in their opinion.

My DC experienced state and private education and there was good and bad in both. They do not go to school in Devon or Cornwall or went to any school higher ranked than Eton.

happygardening Mon 22-Oct-12 10:46:20

"Now there's that debate on private and state schools with those anti and opposed not willing to budge an inch in their opinion."
Mutteroo Im sure you are aware that this is a long running and frequently acrimonious debate with posters like Xenia and Jabed very successfully winding everybody up although I personally am unconvinced that they are not one and the same person who enjoys creating a stir!
Yes you are right there are good and bad in both and also just because independent famous school A with jaw dropping results, facilities, etc works for one child doesn't mean it will work for all.
Does it matter where we send our DC's state or independent providing we are happy with it?

This is such a bizarre thread. I do live in Devon. I know children at Plymouth College, Ivybridge, and historically Kelly, Mount House, Blundells, & Stover. Know a MH governor as well. I am laughing my leg off at Ivybridge being described as 'chavvy'. It's actually a highly regarded state school locally (not on my list or choices, so I have no personal interest). I know a lot of current and ex Ivybridge pupils and they have all been lovely. Kind, caring, know what's important in life. Some of my favourite young people.

Never mind the schools, there are a few parents I'd be running at great speed from on this thread.

If anyone is particularly interested there's a selection of private schools in Exeter as well - to suit all tastes, although you're getting a bit far from the Cornish borders there. And of course there are the grammar schools in Torquay and Plymouth.

Oh just to add people supposedly travel from Truro for the Plymouth grammars (which is bonkers imo, but just to add it to the mix).

Ronaldo Mon 22-Oct-12 17:04:57

Propatria, I would have commented the same way were you male or female. Dont flatter yourself on it being sexist. However I suspect you must have decided to complain to MN? I cannot get my log in to work. I can only assume its been suspended although I have nothing to that effect. Hence the name change.

Everyone shoiuld be entitled to an opinion not just women. I will listen to all equally. I reserve the right not to agree. I reserve the right to have my own views and to express them - and I wont complain (unless the content is profane).

I am not xenia ( is that what you told them?).

However, I am not going to bother to justify your post with any reply.

Have a good day.

Yellowtip Mon 22-Oct-12 19:38:26

Ronaldo your language was ridiculous. Clearly you wish to be a caricature, but to be credible as a caricature it needs to be nicely judged.

And you do bang on endlessly about how brilliant you are, how unprecedently brilliant your small child is, how tremendously brilliant your DW is, how top ranking the school you work at part time is.

I'd say the lady doth protest too much.

I don't think you work at Habs btw.

Ronaldo Mon 22-Oct-12 22:15:56

Yellowtip -you are quite right, I dont work in Habs. I never said I did.I said I worked in which was higher ranking than Eton in those all too important (to some) tables. There are several schools above Eton. Take your pick. Several different ones depending on which tables you use too. Of course I am not going to be too specific as I do not wish to name the school. I work there. I am not going to bring it into disrepute in any way here - or allow others to bad mouth it.

I have never commented on being brilliant as you put it. I dont use that phrase.

I am not a caracature. I am what I am. Inconsistencies and all. Are you one of those who deems themselves to meet so many different people for so many backgrounds and to treat them all equally? One who values diversity? Or claims to? If so, then why do you have to make value judegements about people like myself and not others? There are many like me. If you havent met any others, then maybe you havent lived

I am however sick of being accused of being xenia. We may on occassion share some views. We probably walk in similar social circles. Peoplelike us do exist you know.

Have a nice evening.

propatria Tue 23-Oct-12 06:31:50

Dont flatter yourself,I wouldnt reoprt you..your post are too much fun that,why would I want to deny myself the hilarity of your posts
"we probably walk in similar social circles" is that a sport specific to North London?
Please carry on posting

happygardening Tue 23-Oct-12 09:32:30

propatria I'm worried now my DS's school is above Eton in the league tables!! I'm all for freedom of speach but I wouldn't want him exposed to jabed/ronaldo's guff on a regular basis! Mind you I think in one of his ramblings he condemned boarding schools.
Ronaldo/Jabed or what ever you want to call yourself I'm wrong you are not xenia the more you post i can't help but wonder if you peternas another one on MN who specialises in the bizarre!

Ronaldo Tue 23-Oct-12 09:38:57

Happygardening, I am sorry about the name change. My log in failed, I asked for a reset and didnt get the email (despite it being on my own name and main e mail , so I know my email was working) . I tried three times and so I have re registered. I know there are always those who will use multiple names. I am not one.

I personally do not like boarding schools. That is not the same as condemning them.

Why are you so combative? We can all express an opinion surely?

Yellowtip Tue 23-Oct-12 09:44:55

happygardening it's pretty easy to detect several of those attempting to hide behind name changes on these education threads; they seem to have their own leit-motif very often. Some are quite vicious, bizarrely. I think jaded is what it says on the tin though really, despite the necessary brand name change to ron.

Yes ron, I do quite like diversity, but I'm less keen on gits, particularly snobbish gits who believe they big themselves up with their embracement of snobbery.

I personally would pay good money to keep away from certain teachers in the private sector. Fortunately I've not wasted any yet.

propatria Tue 23-Oct-12 09:45:52

Dont worry he doesnt like boarding schools or sport,he likes portacabins,but only in a woodland setting, his school hasnt got any hi tech nonsense,but discipline is a must, you should be safe enough..
Shame Dotheboys hall closed when it did,it would have been right up his street

propatria Tue 23-Oct-12 09:47:58

The real worry is that if he is a teacher, what is he teaching?(shudder emoticon...)

Um <whispers> none of you are very good adverts for your children's schools.....

happygardening Tue 23-Oct-12 10:20:47

"Why are you so combative? We can all express an opinion surely?"
Absolutely I very much believe in the principle of free speech. "I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." but and maybe i doing you a disservice buts its your tone or perhaps more correctly arrogant rant and what appears to those on the outside to be a deliberate attempt to antagonise others that I find frankly fascinating.
Do keep posting may times I don't even comment but it does provide amusing reading.
On a more serious note those of us who send our DC's or work in the independent sector need to be conscious that many others cant send their children and you do have a very bad habit of condemning their children as uncouth yobs barely able to string a coherent sentence together. This must be highly offensive and upsetting to them in fact I understand from a previous comment that you've made that MN have indeed pointed this out to you. I believe that at the end of the day that it is only for the want of a better word good luck that enables us to send our children and bad luck can also strike anyone.

Ronaldo Tue 23-Oct-12 10:31:12

*Dont worry he doesnt like boarding schools or sport,he likes portacabins,but only in a woodland setting, his school hasnt got any hi tech nonsense,but discipline is a must, you should be safe enough..
Shame Dotheboys hall closed when it did,it would have been right up his street*

Propatria, I dont know where you get the ideas from. I havent said that. I have said I do not use hi tech quite often. Most of the pupils I teach dont like it. I teach according to the way the pupils like and ask for. My school has a brand new state of the art IT suite and several other extensions in the school

I personally do not like boarding schools. I dont want my DS in one although I am happy for him to be a day boy at such a school if the school had the other things I am interested in. I dont stop others sending their children into boarding. Sometimes it can be very good for some DC

Many schools have "portacabins". They expand pupil numbers and building programmes can take time, especiallly if the school is ancient and some of the uildings and grounds listed. You cannot always build or you have to negotiate it. Sometimes portacabins can be very posh affairs but they have still arrived on the back of lorries and have been put up in weeks rather than months.

Discipline for me is a must. I think pupils need to have a standard against which they can measure. I see that the new free school in London isnt taking prisoners on the score of discipline either - so its not just me or independent schools. I also believe safety is a high priorty for DC's. That much you are right about.

Ronaldo Tue 23-Oct-12 10:33:38

The real worry is that if he is a teacher, what is he teaching?(shudder emoticon...)

I am teaching pupils. Mostly A level since you ask. I do teach some GCSE sometimes and lower school less frequently. .....and before you make any more nasty asides - I am qualified.

Ronaldo Tue 23-Oct-12 10:34:51

Um <whispers> none of you are very good adverts for your children's schools.....

IMHO many are not good adverts for parenting skills either, but hey, they still have children. I am glad they do not parent my DS. smile

Ronaldo Tue 23-Oct-12 10:37:19

in fact I understand from a previous comment that you've made that MN have indeed pointed this out to you

No that was not what was pointed out actually.

Ronaldo Tue 23-Oct-12 10:48:11

One point I will make for the record. Many peopleaccuse me ofsnobbery because I often say I want my DS to be around " people like us". By which I mean share the values and attutudes we have at home. Alongside that I have said ( and it s implicit I suppose) I do not like diversity in this regard. That is not the same as saying am somehow xenophobic or any one of a number of other phobias, , its because my DS is young. I dont want him confused by the grand scale of diversity. This is quite personal. I grew up with social cultures ( social class if I can be that clear ?) at odds between school and home. My family were middle clas andmy school very working class, consequently I was at odds all the time in terms of behaviour, culture, values ..... this ranged from simple things like what "tea" was and what " dinner" was because such words were used differently, how to use a knife and fork, kind of food we had as well as values of school and education. Consequently I grew up lacking social skills and confidence - never knowing what was right - may parents or my school and peers ( including teachers, many of whom adopted W/C styles - or mayb e they were w/c , I dont know).

I am not against understanding other cultures and socialgroups, but I think DC have to know what is " the way" before they can learn other ways. There is much confusion when social classes are at odds ( not usually is not cultural . I know many DC from other cultures who share my values and attitudes - its class) and I want my DS to know what our culture is before being exposed to others.

You may not agree - thats fine. He is my DS not yours.

propatria Tue 23-Oct-12 12:01:15

That post is exactly why I would never wish you to leave Ron,another little gem
"Phone for the fish knives Norman"

Goodness the two most socially exclusive people on the thread arguing about social diversity.

This thread is a gem.

happygardening Tue 23-Oct-12 13:59:21

I am proud of the fact that from an early age my DS's have mixed with people from all backgrounds; those worrying about where their next meal is coming from, the Sunday times rich listers and the aristocracy with their 30 bedroomed piles. We are none of these things just a middle class family but I hope that by mixing with all even those who call lunch dinner shock then they will realise that underneath the money and the big cars or the social housing and long term unemployment are people, some are decent some aren't and that its not knowing which way to pass the port or how to claim housing benefit that makes you a decent caring individual and that all deserve to be treated equally because no one section of society is superior.

LaVolcan Tue 23-Oct-12 19:50:59

besides the "cabins" are in a woodland setting. You wouldnt get that in a state school.

A stupid statement if I may say so. At my old state school you got (and still get) exactly that - a few well maintained portacabins but also spacious wooded grounds including a listed building to boot. Plus science labs, art workshops, pottery workshop in the old stable building... I could go on.

An old stable building in a state school? How is that possible? At least Ivybridge knows its place and sticks to concrete. :snort:

happygardening Tue 23-Oct-12 20:29:35

Too much emphass can be placed on building (although I was surprised how much I liked medeaval buildings) when deciding if a school is right for your DC. You cannot its judge the standard of education offered by its buildings this is utterly ridiculous. St Paul's boys has some of the most hideous 60's eyesores from the other side of the river looking more like a factory than a school but it does not seem to have has a detrimental effect on the quality of its education.

MordionAgenos Tue 23-Oct-12 20:44:54

Lavolcan I am glad I'm not the only person to 'fess up to being taught in portacabins. Not all the classrooms were portacabins, obviously, and while I was at the school, they built a brand new music block and a brand new sixth form building. But the portacabins remained the entire time I was there and one of them was my form room for 3 years on the trot. And it was freezing. But that didn't stop my school being the best state school in the borough and better than most of the private schools too. grin This is actually one ofthe reasons why I was always a bit hmm about the emphasis on new school buildings and super dooper wooper high tec in the last 15 years or so. I still reckon the money would have been better spent on teachers.

babytrasher Tue 23-Oct-12 22:43:27

Either DP has spiked my stash or I am finally losing it all together, but I just cannot see what any of this stuff has to do with private schools in Devon or Cornwall...

Weird, or what? confused

LaVolcan Tue 23-Oct-12 22:50:37

It was an old country house - hence the stable blocks. It then became a girls grammar school, expanded quite a bit, and had more building work done and is now a well thought of comprehensive, had more building work done, and more. I haven't been there since my parents left the district 12 years ago when I went and had a last look round for old time's sake. A quick look at google maps show what still look to be the old stables. And it's still wooded there.

LaVolcan Tue 23-Oct-12 22:56:12

This hasn't anything to do with Devon and Cornwall at all, so sorry for highjacking the thread. I was just annoyed that the person who tried to turn it into a state vs private thread opined that all state schools are concrete monstrosities, with no outside space, whereas all independent schools have nice buildings and wonderful grounds.

AuntAda Tue 23-Oct-12 22:57:45

You are all mad.

Apart from jimjams. smile

I think this is one of my favourite threads ever. I started following it when it started as I thought it was bonkers then, but then it became even madder. grin

MordionAgenos Tue 23-Oct-12 23:17:11

Some of us do live in Devon. Not the ones with the strident opinions though it has to be said.

Ronaldo Wed 24-Oct-12 07:32:55

So it was an old GRAMMAR SCHOOL. Yes, most old grammar schools were once private schools, hence the buildings.

I went to a far more typical state secondary modern school. It was as were so many - section built of concrete and glass (considered state of the art at the time) in the early 1960's. A portacabin by any other name. It had playing which have been long since built over with housing.

Why do somany threads become another private versus state? Well I guess that is where the main differences in education are whether we like it or not.

Ronaldo Wed 24-Oct-12 07:36:24

Some of us do live in Devon. Not the ones with the strident opinions though it has to be said

Really? That wasnt the impression I got.

LaVolcan Wed 24-Oct-12 08:31:49

Just about all schools built in the sixties, primary, secondary, were concrete and glass. The comprehensive my son went to, which started life as the grammar school, was one such, which also now has very little open space left because it's all been built on. The private school extensions built at the same time are also the same construction, as HappyGardening says further up the thread.

I think it was called CLASP - consortium of local authorities schools project or some such. No doubt it was all inspired by the 1944 Education Act and the post war reconstruction.

It doesn't alter the original statement implying that private schools have nice grounds and state schools don't, (well OK they might if they were grammar schools), which isn't true.

I used to live in Devon, but it was in Exeter, so I can't help with schools at the other end of the County. I can't remember what the independent school buildings were like then ( 5-10 years ago) - I don't particularly remember any architectural gems though.

Sorry for highjacking the thread again - but still some people are enjoying it.

Ah big grounds at Exeter School though..... Although smaller than my middle son's state grammar..... (presuming he gets in, think he has, although the facilities at his second choice (comp) were much better -especially in ICT).

:thread continues in bonkers vein:

Piggy2012 Wed 24-Oct-12 13:12:57

I am new to this site so sorry if this is not the right thread to ask but need information on private schools for year 9 onwards for my son who has APD. Been in the state system and a disaster so looking for small, caring school. Does anyone have knowledge of of St John's in Sidmouth, The Park in Yeovil and any other suggestions please? What is wrong with Stover and St Wilfrids?

MordionAgenos Wed 24-Oct-12 13:32:27

Exeter school has a pool too. Although it's skanky. Their music block is fabulous though - my kids have done exams there.

@piggy Stover gets poor results. It costs a lot of money but doesn't deliver academically as well as nearish comps and is significantly worse than the grammars. It does offer the other benefits of private schools though (social exclusivity). In exeter its seen as the place to send kids if they aren't bright enough to go to Exeter, Maynard and St Margarets and you don't want them to mix with people who can't afford or do not want to pay for private school.

Piggy2012 Wed 24-Oct-12 13:36:09

Thanks for the info MordionAgenos, do you know about St Wilfrids? I think Exeter is going to be too pressurised for him now, he needs a small environment............

Ronaldo Wed 24-Oct-12 14:23:29

Piggy,neither Stover nor wilfreds are near Sidmouth. So why the interest? You asked about East Devon and now you are here asking about S.Devon ( if my geography serves me).

Mordion - which is it, is Stover an under performing school or one which takes in nice but dim kids? Ifthe latter then you cannot expect it to perform like a selective school can you?

As far as I can see from the ft tables Stover still does better than the state comps by half as much again. If they are doing that with nice but dim, then well done to them.

Just letting off steam here. I just thinking , what is that wasmy school being bad rep'd? ( its not FTR).

Piggy, you need to understand the agenda's on this thread. - or you are a wind up?

Sidmouth is in East Devon, St Wilfred's is in East Devon. Stover is South Devon. Your geography is not serving you.

Is the Exeter school pool still outside? It always used to be freezing (but that was 25 years ago).

Ronaldo Wed 24-Oct-12 14:44:16

I have just done a search. It seems Sidmouth is not well served for independent schools. The nearest is St Johns in Sidmouth. Next is a prep called St Peters in Exmouth and then there area scattering of schools mostly selective in Exeter. Otherwise its Blundells in Crediton.

Looking at the map and from what I recall as a lad holidaying around there, its a mighty long 20 miles to many of those schools. Boarding?

Ronaldo Wed 24-Oct-12 14:47:30

From what I can see on the map St. Wilfreds is in the middle of Exeter. Admittedly it looks like a road going across from Sidmouth.

AuntAda Wed 24-Oct-12 14:48:42

Blundells is in Tiverton, not Crediton. Why are you picking fights with people about schools in parts of the country you don't even live in?


JoanBias Wed 24-Oct-12 14:50:18

I wuv this thread.

Ronaldo Wed 24-Oct-12 14:51:54

Blundells is in Tiverton, not Crediton. Why are you picking fights with people about schools in parts of the country you don't even live in?

Because I think its awind up and I have been daft enough to have fallen for it along the way and have only just realised.

Yes and Exeter is in East Devon. Stover is just off the A38 at Newton Abbot which is usually regarded as heading into South Devon.

Why do you even care Ronaldo, and why are you looking at maps of private schools in Devon? Hilarious.

Ivybridge is easy as it's in Ivybridge. South Devon. Not east.

Kelly and Mount House are in West Devon. Snort.

Ronaldo Wed 24-Oct-12 14:57:33

I am looking because I am interested in why this area engenders such high feelings from posters ( this is the third thread where a hard bitten argument has gone on about certain schools)

Ronaldo Wed 24-Oct-12 15:04:42

Plymouth is where then? South Devon or West Devon ( because it loolks as if itsequal distance from there toTavistock or Ivybridge) or is it Cornwall smile ( like D Cameron wants all to think - what was it he was going to call the constiuency bridging Cornwall and Plymouth Plymwall? I dont think that was it but whatever)

PS I know Plymouth is in Devon

Plymouth is in south Devon, well it's it's own unitary authority so a different council from the south hams, but definitely south devon, not east west or north. Yep CallMeDave did want to lump it in with Saltash but I don't know what he was going to call it.

Im not sure this area does engender high feelings from most, just pron whatsherface and Xenia who seem fairly scathing of the schools down here. I suspect they only head down this way for the second homes smile

propatria Wed 24-Oct-12 15:27:51

Ron-Piggy has very specific needs for a school,not something you or I know anything about,so why dont you stop trying to pick arguements and wander off and look at your high class portacabins.
Jim jams-Im afraid you have drive into Cornwall to find us,(Ron as I know you are fascinated by the westcountry geography thats just west of England...) We own several houses in the county thanks jim jam but only one home..xenia I understand has an island,location unknown but doubtless Ron will try and locate it.

Ronaldo Wed 24-Oct-12 15:31:43

And I am the one who stands accused of being wealthy because I have a home on PEI ( thats Canada to you propatria).

propatria Wed 24-Oct-12 15:41:26

Thats nice for you..

happygardening Wed 24-Oct-12 16:09:48

I was brought up in west Devon in the back of the back of the beyond (hence my interest in this thread I love reading the names of the places I knew) a lovely county one day I hope to return too. Beautiful although sadly virtually extinct accent Ronaldo definitely wouldn't approve and they ate dinner at lunch time and called it dinner so he wouldn't want his DS mixing with people like that. Sadly I have no second home there and in fact probabaly dont really approve of second homes in tiny west Devon villages becasue I know what an impact these have on the remaining villagers.

happygardening :voice of reason:

(I also grew up in a little west Devon village smile )

(but I moved back)

Ronaldo Wed 24-Oct-12 16:29:03

Theres a town on PEI called Cornwall BTW.

happygardening Wed 24-Oct-12 16:34:05

saintlyjimjams where? or if you don't want to out yourself perhaps some villages nr by.
Luckily my village had few second homes as it was pretty unattractive deeply rural and tiny farms with poverty stricken farmers scratching a living from 20 cows. We went back two years ago and dogs still lie in the middle of the road because there's no cars as still no one goes there! When we went hunting you turned up in plastic macs and gumboots and there was a clear divide between Baptists and Methodists neither talking to each other.
And there was perfect peace!

happygardening Wed 24-Oct-12 16:35:37

Ronaldo as a geographer I feel duty bound to pint out that Cornwall is not a town!

Ronaldo Wed 24-Oct-12 16:54:46

I will have a pint on that HG. On PEI Cornwall is a suberban township in Queens County.

Ronaldo Wed 24-Oct-12 18:00:17

sorry - suburban and West Devon HG? So we have now had E Devon , S Devon, Cornwall and Plymouth which is S Devon but might be part of devonwall .... anyone for N Devon there? smile

So many Devons and so many Cornwalls.

happygardening Wed 24-Oct-12 18:10:27

Although we rarely ventured as far as Plymouth only one bus a month and Holsworthy was considered a big day out I pretty sure most would Devon people would say Plymouth was very much in Devon!

Themumsnot Wed 24-Oct-12 18:16:31

Anne of Green Gables went to college in Queen's County didn't she? Was that private or state? And was it in Cornwall or a different county town?

I think we were further south that you hg; you sound out past Tavistock. Tavi was our local town (well apart from the monthly trip to Asda (or Asdaz) in Plymouth. Our village best known for Sir Frances Drake, and latterly Seth Lakeman. I remember his (parent's) then house having two staircases, which I may have misremembered, although I think it was originally two cottages, so maybe not.

I used to go horse riding up at ??? hm near Mary Tavy, on the moors, next to an old tin mine - that must have been out your way.

happygardening Wed 24-Oct-12 20:08:35

Your much further south we were almost North Cornawall but I rode regularly out of Belston on Dartmoor and in Hawill forrestry the hunt was the Tetcott. One day I will return.

Dartmoor is still lovely you know. I'll be up there a lot this half term (when we're not surfing). My severely autistic son likes to know which days are 'beach' and which days are 'hill'. He has an electronic talker which he uses to say 'Thursday hill sandwich'. We have to remember the packed lunch when we head out to Dartmoor.

I still ride on Dartmoor now, although over towards the Ivybridge grin side.

Yellowtip Wed 24-Oct-12 21:55:49

No, to her credit Xeniabuys an island near Mexico as her second home - somewhat more imaginative than heading down to Salcombe. Ronaldo I could have sworn that in a previous thread you declared yourself as living and teaching in Devon? Yet on this thread you seem to be attempting (somewhat crudely?) to distance yourself. No school in Devon can be hugely selective, the demographics won't support it. So the results of the local indies will never, ever, rival those of the best London indies; context is all.

Piggy2012 Thu 25-Oct-12 11:45:00

Thanks to everyone for constructive advice, I will go and see St Wildrids and St Johns and have a look at Stover. Tiverton is only about 17 miles so not that far and Exeter about 14 miles, again not that far. I am not a wind up but really need help finding a school for my 14 year old who has been let down by the state system so badly he is now 4.5 years behind what he should be with an IQ in the top 10% (GOSH figures)! I am funding the fees myself and therefore need a small, caring environment to give my son confidence again. He now refuses to go to school and instead of assistance from the state secondary he currently attends, I just am being told that the reports and system do not allow help but just truacy officers! What choice do I have? He was so badly bullied he had a Police Protection Office for a while and I thought Devon would be a new start for him away from Surrey but the Devon secondary was just dreadful! Many of these private schools charge a huge amount for SENCO assistance, hence I have to ask all. It would be nice if parents were given a choice of education as they are in many parts of Europe with School Fee Credits for all parents and then the choice is theirs.

MordionAgenos Thu 25-Oct-12 11:54:24

@pggy does he go to Sidmouth community college? I know kids who go there (siblings of DD1's school friends) and all the reports I have heard of it are good. I'm so sorry your son is having a bad time.

I often go past St Wilfrids on my running route (and to be fair when I drive anywhere too) but I don't know anyone who actually sends their kids there. I do know that Exeter School is good for kids with SEN but obviously they are double dear. Many people from Sidmouth do send their kids to the Exeter private schools. The roads are OK and there are coaches, I believe.

Piggy2012 Thu 25-Oct-12 12:22:49

Thanks MordionAgenos - he did go to Sidmouth Commumity College and that is where the problems really started. They are having major problems with huge staff turnover and the SENCO and teaching staff involved with him were not/are not qualified in their respect teachings if that makes any sense!

I think my aunt took her son out of Blundells and put him in St Wilfred's, and I'm sure she was happy with it. But I might be wrong. I'll ask my mum (she went to St Wilfred's fifty years ago!)

DP67 Sun 09-Feb-14 14:07:19

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has any opinions about Blundell's in Tiverton? We are moving there soon. DD is 3 and DS is 2 (so I have to find him a nursery until he is 3). Does anyone know of good private schools in the area? Thanks!

manorhope Sat 03-May-14 11:35:49

Shebbear College in North Devon is excellent and I would say currently well above local rivals West Buckland and Kelly. A small school by choice (Under 400 pupils), it is set on an idyllic 80 acre campus. Producing very good exam results from happy, confident, well spoken children displaying that extra bit of refinement you would expect from much larger and more famous schools, such as Sherborne or Downside. My daughter is about to leave, after 7 very happy years. Go and have a look!

goingloombandcrazy Mon 18-Aug-14 09:17:55

Bumping old thread to get views on roselyon school

skinnedflowerpot Tue 19-Aug-14 08:27:59

You might get more response from MN local really. Likely the people there will know the school.

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