Best state primary schools in London? Where are they?

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Mamumu Sat 31-Jul-10 14:06:02

I apologize in advance, because I am sure that this topic has been mentioned about a thousand times, but I can't seem to find it in previous threads (silly me!).

DD will soon be 3, in september, but she won't enter school until next year. We are moving house and the most decisive factor would be being close to a good primary school... (state school, of couse, as I can't afford to pay for private and we're not religious).

How can I find which state primary schools are the best in London? I read something about Ofsted reports, but I don't know how to understand them.

Some of the areas I am considering, based on other factors such as price, transport links etc are:

North London:

Queens Park
Dollis Hill
Wood Green
Hackney (the 'village', close to Victoria Park)

South London:

Clapham South


- Wandsworth
- Clapham South & Clapham Junction
- Putney

Avocadoes Sat 31-Jul-10 14:13:01

The only two areas I can comment on are Hammersmith and Chiswick.

Hammersmith has some great primaries. I presume you are not religious so can't go for a church school. In which case look at John Betts and Brackenbury primaries. They are both by Ravenscourt Park which is a lovely area to live with small kids. Both have outstanding Ofsted reports and v good Sats result and most importantly they have amazing local reputations. However both are hugely oversubscribed and you have to live right next door to them to get in. Don't trust estate agents to tell you which roads are close enough. They lie. Talk to the school secretaries. House prices in the nearby roads are stupidly high.

In Chiswick the best non religious state primary is Bemont. Again it has a great reputation, ofsted report and Sats. Again it is v oversubscribed. Again house prices are v high in the catchment area. Chiswick is also a lovely place to live with small kids.

Avocadoes Sat 31-Jul-10 14:14:57

Sorry, the school in Chiswick is Belmont, not Bemont.

Mamumu Sat 31-Jul-10 14:23:32

Hi, I used to live right in W6 next to Brackenbury primary school, but we left the flat because we wanted a garden as well! It's a lovely school I agree (didn't know it was a good one, but the children seemed happy). The area is a bit too pricey thought. We want to get a 2 bedroom house with garden close to a good school, and our budget is 1400-1500pcm very top (of course, the cheaper, the better).

Mamumu Sat 31-Jul-10 14:25:23

D'you think IABU??? Please tell me it's possible to get somewhere decent with that budget confused

Avocadoes Sat 31-Jul-10 14:44:25

I have no idea about rental prices so I am afraid I can't say whether that's realistic or not. You can always rent in an expensive catchment area for the application period then move to a cheaper rent nearby once you have a guaranteed place. For example rent in W6 then once she has a place move to Shepherds Bush which is only a 10-15 min walk. Loads of people do that.

ParanoidTwit Sat 31-Jul-10 15:44:56

Does it need to be London? The underground metropolitan line goes all the way to Amersham and Chesham which have the best state primaries in the town and villages (under 20 in a class in some village primaries) and top Grammar schools (plus clean air)and the trains and underground go straight to London.

onimolap Sun 01-Aug-10 10:17:41

For the Clapham Common area, you might be interested in Honeywell and Belleville. They are close to each other Between The Commons and you need to live very close (under 1km? Certainly shrinking every year) so a very narrow area with a "school premium" reflected in local property prices. About 90 reception places in each.

Also, if your concern with CofE is centred on likely admission rather than objection to religion featuring your DC's education, you could look at Macaulay (on Victoria Rise off Northside). Another outstanding school with excellent results. 30 reception places, but of those 9 are "non-faith" and are allocated (after siblings and looked-after children and SN) by distance from school. You'd need to be at the Common end of the roads between Cedars Road and Macaulay Road to have any chance.

BoffinMum Sun 01-Aug-10 11:41:29

Vote for Honeywell - DD was very happy there.

Our Lady of Victories in Putney is a fabulous RC school, but may not be suitable iif the religious thing is an issue.

Moving further out, The Vineyard in Richmond is supposed to be good as well.

lazymumofteenagesons Sun 01-Aug-10 21:53:55

If you are moving and the reason is for schools you should definitely consider what secondaries are in the area too. In london a good primary is much easier to find than a good secondary. For example some of the north london areas you list are in Brent where there are a few decent primary schools, but secondary is a real problem. I know it seems far too far ahead but you may end up moving again for secondary otherwise.

Mamumu Mon 02-Aug-10 10:01:01

So how is Honeywell secondary school? And are there any other good state schools apart from Honeywell in the area?

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