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twentypence Fri 30-Mar-07 07:44:25

Just sold a pair of boots for $145 NZ. Which is roughly what i paid for them 10 years ago given the exchange rate at the time.

The woman who bought them was REALLY posh.

Imawurzelcoveredinchocolate Fri 30-Mar-07 07:32:20

Well this is just plain odd.
People bidding on worn shoes.
I might try to sell some of mine then .
Any specific wording to help sell such items from those of you who suceeded?

baguiovillas Fri 30-Mar-07 00:58:55


shameless bump for this fab thread

here's something different


StayAtHomeMummy Wed 13-Dec-06 10:06:00

I had a huge clear-out a month or two back, too, so had nothing to sell, but have watched this thread with interest and MUCH amusement (rofl at the flight attendant pants!). Will never bin my manky shoes again. Or my used tights, pants....

ClementClarkeMoore Wed 13-Dec-06 09:44:41

I've binned my manky shoes

crappywappynamechangingwuss Wed 13-Dec-06 09:42:30

I'm a late comer but I'm going to try listing my old manky shoes after Christmas from reading this.

LadyOfThePoinsettias Wed 13-Dec-06 08:58:21

you will all be pleased to know i have made £45.21, inc. postage, by selling my manky shoes!
some have added me to their favourites list! lol

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Tue 12-Dec-06 18:49:09

omg! You have had some unusual requests! But good result money wise!

LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 12-Dec-06 18:47:54

my boots went for £5.50 and he has asked me to package very discreetly and send to his work address so the wifr doesnt find them! pmsl
i feel like a mistress or something!!
my other work shoes are currently at £8.01- the current highest bidder wants me to get them muddy before sending if he wins! and the navy pair are at £4.20, highest bidder on there wants me to wear them again before sending if he wins as he wants them 'as nasty as possible'!

bless them.
with the proceeds, i have already bought a new pair for myself!!

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Mon 11-Dec-06 21:27:05

Mine have ended t £4.20. I'm and pleased! But still worried the buyer will be dis-satisfied with them unless they are one of the she fetishers!

mine are stil lat 99p.

LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 11-Dec-06 21:17:20

£6.21 lol!

LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 11-Dec-06 20:41:35

more shoes ending tonight!!

LadyOfThePoinsettias Sun 10-Dec-06 16:35:45

tortoise is at £4.20, very good!

LadyOfThePoinsettias Sun 10-Dec-06 16:32:11

oh good golly these shoe guys are very confusing! they bid then retract them, then bid again! lol
so many shoes, so little time obviously!
im sending dh off into the loft shortly to look for more, i have boxes full of shoes!
one of my pervs offered me £20 for a pair of tights and £10 for a pair of socks!

i am deffo never going back to work!
what an idiot i have been, slogging away in the office!

BBWBabeLisa Sun 10-Dec-06 10:49:54

BBW = Big Beautiful Woman

About 6 years ago I discovered there was a whole internet community out there of big women (BBW)and (perfectly "normal" - by which I mean not freaky fetishists) men who prefer BBW. I started going regularly to a club in London called Big Girls Paradise (which is where I met my DH - he used to drive down from north Yorkshire every month to go to the club - I guess there just weren't enough fat birds in Yorkshire!) and set up a chat room on irc, organised regular nights out and so on. Had a great time being involved in that, but used to get a lot of emails from fetish types - many of them shoe/foot fetishists. One I remember particularly well had a fantasy that he was as small as an ant and wanted to be stood on by a BBW in heels - bizarre!

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Sat 09-Dec-06 23:04:07

Sorry,What is BBW?
I hope your sell. Im going to look out for more in charity shops! Lol!

BBWBabeLisa Sat 09-Dec-06 22:15:42

PMSL. I created a new ebay user-id, as I don't wanna take any chances with my 100% feedback and hard earned rep. Listed a pair of shoes, not particularly well worn, but I figured it'd be worth putting BBW in the title somewhere - as I know theres a lot of foot fetishists who are into us fat birds too (from some freaky emails I got when I ran a BBW chat room). 2 watchers so far (shouldn't be any of you as I haven't posted a link!) and I've just had a question asking me if I only sell shoes. Have replied asking if he's after anything in particular! Not sure I really wanna know the answer

doyouwantfrankincensewiththat Sat 09-Dec-06 17:27:55

It must be true I read it in Marie Claire.

brimfull Sat 09-Dec-06 16:21:36

bleurgh ...vomit

Bananaknickers Sat 09-Dec-06 16:20:37

doyouwantfrankincensewiththat Sat 09-Dec-06 12:01:23

I understand flour & water paste is the usual additive for the authetic used underwear look

sallystrawberry Fri 08-Dec-06 22:59:19

god Im so tempted to just bypass the old shoes, go out and buy some pants "Just rub them up with an old haddock" and flog them on ebay

fragrant a good description?

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Fri 08-Dec-06 22:27:17

OMG! I have 5 bids!
I'm worrying now that i didn't describe them well enough!

Skribble Fri 08-Dec-06 22:24:38

Im just not in the running am I? LadyOfThePoinsettias they look beter in the pics than they really are, I was going to mash them up a bit, but if they don't sell they are going to the charity shop,

blueamema Fri 08-Dec-06 21:03:33

LOL that's so funny .... made my day!!

were do you find this stuff!

Monkeytrousers Fri 08-Dec-06 20:25:00

oh, you can see his little cock!

brimfull Fri 08-Dec-06 20:04:49

well my other pair sold for .....wait for it....


hardly worth it......pah!

all4girlz Fri 08-Dec-06 18:13:57

bananaknickers -I HAVE just had alook omg
and myauction got pulled for adult content ??
think some one must have reported me but they are spoilsorts I had a bid as well [fsad]

Bananaknickers Fri 08-Dec-06 17:46:15
doyouwantfrankincensewiththat Fri 08-Dec-06 16:31:09

how much do you think I'd get for my (slightly worn) fencing knickerbockers . I could throw in the gauntlet too

brimfull Fri 08-Dec-06 15:55:37

well my suede loafers didn't sell

3 hrs for my black ones,a bit more promising

BBWBabeLisa Fri 08-Dec-06 14:57:36

Just seen this thread! Fantastic. I'm going to have to try this. Once DD's in bed I'll do some digging.

LadyOfThePoinsettias Fri 08-Dec-06 14:54:04

skribble you boots look like they have miles left in them, but you have had plenty of hits!

LadyOfThePoinsettias Fri 08-Dec-06 14:51:44

only 3 mins left on ggirls brown ones!

all4girlz Fri 08-Dec-06 12:57:40

but my kickers sold before they could pull them but they were on as they were fine
any one else's auctions been pulled?

all4girlz Fri 08-Dec-06 12:55:22

wtf I have just logged on and my listing has been removed under probition of the the sale of erotic and sexual items !!!!!

Bananaknickers Fri 08-Dec-06 11:21:56

I got another person mail me who didn't get the joke. I have ended the listing now.I couldn't even be bothered to mail that to a seller so I don't get them either.

Skribble Fri 08-Dec-06 00:01:13

Here is my lovely boots

They actually look a lot better than they are really, tried to get them looking really worn but, photos came out too good.

Should I give more details, I think my description is quite tame?

notreallyhereDee Thu 07-Dec-06 22:13:34

they obviously have discoverd the used shoes fetist stuff then lol.

stil lcant belive i have a bid and 6 watchers!!! on a skanky holey smelly pair of trainers.

Bananaknickers Thu 07-Dec-06 22:11:36

someone has asked me if my listing is a joke. What shall I say because I would have thought it was obvious.There are loads of smelly shos on there.Why are mine different then?

Monkeytrousers Thu 07-Dec-06 20:20:52

Don't even wear them. Just rub them up with an old haddock.

That's what they're after!

LadyOfThePoinsettias Thu 07-Dec-06 18:34:47

wear 'em for a bit, under your trousers or jeans or whatever, or to work if you have a 'smart' job, then sell em for 3quid a pair. thats what some are doing.

DoesntChristmasDragOn Thu 07-Dec-06 18:26:40

There's a market for old tights/stockings too??? And jodphurs. Not that I have any odphurs mind you. I do have a bag of old tights/stockings and holdups though...

LadyOfThePoinsettias Thu 07-Dec-06 18:15:54

no way ggirl..............

brimfull Thu 07-Dec-06 18:14:03

<<<<<whispers,they're my dd's legs and shoes>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

slinks off guiltily

LadyOfThePoinsettias Thu 07-Dec-06 17:48:06

i have been asked if i have more shoes or boots and socks and tights by a guy that regularly buys this sort of stuff. what sort of stuff have they bought in the past?
i think your pumps will definately go, similar ones have sold, plus you have your legs in your pics! lol

brimfull Thu 07-Dec-06 17:27:44

Okay,own up ,who is babyblueys ?I've had a question about the black pumps,asking me how much they smell of sweaty feet and if I had anymore shoes or boots.

I am sure it's a mumsnetter.

Bananaknickers Thu 07-Dec-06 15:29:56

I have not had a sniff yet. Maybe they are not sexy enough? I don't wear skanky worn down shoes.I will dig deeper in my wardrobe me thinks.

Monkeytrousers Thu 07-Dec-06 13:26:45

OMG LadyOfThePoinsettias; I hope the same people don't go for your nappies and baby clothes that are going for yor shoes!

all4girlz Thu 07-Dec-06 13:21:14

I had a question HOW BAD ARE THEY?
but the person looks genuine and has has bought big size boots and shoes before

all4girlz Thu 07-Dec-06 13:15:19

hi girls the white ones are mine skribble kindly edited my link

LadyOfThePoinsettias Thu 07-Dec-06 10:52:05

the more the merrier!
are the white boots not in it then? not a mner? i thought they were skribbles shoes no?

nikcola Thu 07-Dec-06 09:55:57

omg how have i missed this thread so funny im sure i have some very worn very smelly snadald from the summer ill put them on later !!!

notreallyhereDee Thu 07-Dec-06 09:33:36

all4girls you were putting i na rogue *, not needed.

LadyOfThePoinsettias Thu 07-Dec-06 09:28:26

have just been asked if i will do used tights and socks too!

LadyOfThePoinsettias Thu 07-Dec-06 09:07:54

im intrigued about all4girlz link now.....

LadyOfThePoinsettias Thu 07-Dec-06 09:02:54

omg skribble- those are a winner! lol
you like all my shoes?
ive had a request to post to usa this morning!
i said about £10 and he said great!

brimfull Thu 07-Dec-06 08:33:21

I think LadyofP is in the lead!

Quootiepie Thu 07-Dec-06 00:41:22

oooooooooooooooooh, just seen this! Might post some tomorrow... if I remember!

Skribble Thu 07-Dec-06 00:34:34
all4girlz Thu 07-Dec-06 00:19:02

will do link in morning can not see what i am doing wrong

all4girlz Thu 07-Dec-06 00:10:36

*\link(\my smelly shoes}*

all4girlz Thu 07-Dec-06 00:07:40

*link\(\my smelly shoes}*

just done this
I sell for a few of my friends so not to worried about my reputation lol

I know most of you will be in bed now so will check back tomorrow

LadyOfThePoinsettias Thu 07-Dec-06 00:00:06

this would be easier- see all my cloth nappies and b/pump etc, lovely wholesome items, then lurking at the bottom of the list....

my FOUR pairs! lmao.

LadyOfThePoinsettias Wed 06-Dec-06 23:57:00

the more the merrier! bung em on.
im off to link all my pairs for you!!

all4girlz Wed 06-Dec-06 23:39:39

this has had me laughing my socks off
can I add a pair?
was supposed to do the last ebay challenge but totally forgot
got a sweaty pair of white hush puppies would they do?
I too had a look in my charity shop ut they were all too nice

lucykate Wed 06-Dec-06 22:47:49

skribble, i want those pink boots, they are lovely, not at all manky . seriously, dd is an 11.5 and would love them. i've made a new ebay account as i couldn't remember my old password etc, you'll know its something to do with mn if i put them in watched items as my user id is ucmisthatyou . will bid on them as i'm sure they'll be popular.

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Wed 06-Dec-06 22:35:22

Hopefully this is links to everyones shoes/boots!
tortoises boots
BananaKnickers' (I think!)
ggirl's 2nd pair

housemum Wed 06-Dec-06 22:24:40

OMG this has given me such a laugh tonight. Am cursing the fact I just had a wardrobe clear-out! Particularly as I'm sure my huge feet would appeal to the cross dressers!

Can't wait to see how you all do!

Thecharmed1 Wed 06-Dec-06 21:44:16
MistleToo Wed 06-Dec-06 21:36:37

pmsl at the jodphurs!

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Wed 06-Dec-06 21:34:28

Wooo hoooo I have a bid!

Thecharmed1 Wed 06-Dec-06 21:31:28
LadyOfThePoinsettias Wed 06-Dec-06 20:52:38

i have a bid on another pair!

Monkeytrousers Wed 06-Dec-06 20:43:43


Just had a look at the jodphurs, not very well endowed is he - obviously not a mr mumsnetter!!

LadyOfThePoinsettias Wed 06-Dec-06 20:08:53

oh yeah and i'm still getting bids on my other stuff even though im selling my obviously pervy manky shoes.
i was thinking about adding an about me page mentioning that 'i love ebaying and will have a go at selling just about anything!'
that would be a good idea yes? no?

LadyOfThePoinsettias Wed 06-Dec-06 20:03:14

oh my! i have an old pair of joddies in the airing cupboard that dont fit antmore but sadly they are not 'sticky bum' ones! lol

nearly forgot,
'pleasekickmeintheballswithyourheelsmistress' sent me a message saying:

'they would hurt if you kicked me in the balls with them on!xx'

i replied:


notreallyhereDee Wed 06-Dec-06 19:35:27
Bananaknickers Wed 06-Dec-06 19:35:06

that was a joke incase you all think i am a perv.I found it on there

Bananaknickers Wed 06-Dec-06 19:25:46

I have put my tights on now do ya like um? do ya

Bananaknickers Wed 06-Dec-06 19:24:37

Revise it and there is a box to tick.Thinkmit is under price.

notreallyhereDee Wed 06-Dec-06 19:20:46

how do you change it to private listing?

Bananaknickers Wed 06-Dec-06 19:20:03

I have been selling stuff to make money for christmas and selling for my bro.How can I put anymore on until my stenchers have gone? If I want to buy I always look at their other stuff. I have put mine on a private listing now.Is this more perv or have you all done it

LadyOfThePoinsettias Wed 06-Dec-06 18:26:21

i will lose all my watchers now lol

LadyOfThePoinsettias Wed 06-Dec-06 18:25:01


MNers must not watch the shoes, they must use the links provided, unless they want the shoes- lol !

can someone clever please put all the links on one post? please?! x

brimfull Wed 06-Dec-06 17:49:30

damn damn,that's all m'netters watching mine

notreallyhereDee Wed 06-Dec-06 17:48:42

hmm the person who is bidding on my manky holey smelly scechers has bought two pairs of scuff up trainers lately. but in much larger sizes.

now i feel all seedy

RickmanAroundTheXmasTree Wed 06-Dec-06 17:45:39

I'm watching all of you btw!

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Wed 06-Dec-06 17:44:16

I have 5 watchers but no bids. I wish i had more pairs of well worn shoes!!

brimfull Wed 06-Dec-06 17:40:56


ClementClarkeMoore Wed 06-Dec-06 17:13:32

The trainers have a bid

I'm one of your watchers

brimfull Wed 06-Dec-06 16:50:11

omg I've got 2 watchers on the black ones and 1 on the brown pair.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brimfull Wed 06-Dec-06 16:48:28

I'm a bit disappointed that I have no watchers

no bids either

come on pervs!!!!!!!!!!

LadyOfThePoinsettias Wed 06-Dec-06 16:44:18

i dont think the size matters too much. i think the larger sizes may be worn but size 6's have been going well too, from what i have seen on there anyway.
get some of yours on and give us a link!

knittingtinsel Wed 06-Dec-06 16:19:01

Just out of curiosity, do larger sizes attract more interest ?

i.e., are some bidders planning on actually wearing the shoes or do you think they just collect them to treasure (if so my size 6's would be O.K.)

LadyOfThePoinsettias Wed 06-Dec-06 15:57:12

we have a really cheapo shoe shop near us where in the bargain bin you can get shoes for £1.99 if you get in there at the right time.
once i've sold all my mankers i will buy some for a couple of quid, wear 'em out, which wont take long as they are cheap and nasty and bung 'em on ebay with the start price what i paid!

so far i have:
£3 bid on my brown boots (broken heel, peeling leather)
£2 bid on my flat manky pumps & 6 watchers!
I did have £3 bid on my navy courts but he retracted- lol
and a couple of watchers on my square toed office jobs.

Bananaknickers Wed 06-Dec-06 15:44:17

yeah but fimbo at boot fairs you are never gonna see them again. charity shop shoes are £5 a pair too.

Message withdrawn

FiveGoldenFIMBOs Wed 06-Dec-06 14:59:08

I couldn't buy manky shoes in public .

At least in the charity shop I know the staff and could of told them what I was doing. Actually I would have given them a donation from my "sales"

FiveGoldenFIMBOs Wed 06-Dec-06 14:57:22

"best its best" LOL

Should be past its best

Bananaknickers Wed 06-Dec-06 14:56:39

boot fairs are full of them though

FiveGoldenFIMBOs Wed 06-Dec-06 14:55:56

I couldn't find any either BK, I think our local charity shop gets rid of anything handed in that is best its best. Unless of course, they are keeping them all to sell on Ebay

Bananaknickers Wed 06-Dec-06 14:53:25

I had a look in the charity shop today. All the shoes are to good to sell

PortAndLemonaid Wed 06-Dec-06 14:49:43

I am so enjoying this thread...

foxtrottothefestivegrotto Wed 06-Dec-06 14:45:49

takes all sorts!!

LadyOfThePoinsettias Wed 06-Dec-06 13:37:48


LadyOfThePoinsettias Wed 06-Dec-06 13:37:06

foxtrot- to start with, the questions creeped me out but now i just pmsl!
this one guy asked if i have more shoes so i asked him what he is after in perticular? i could tell him to go buy me a pair of nice new shoes and i would wear them out for him, and give him 'wear' updates, then when he is satisfied, so to speak (!!) i would send them back to him and get paid for doing it! lol

foxtrottothefestivegrotto Wed 06-Dec-06 13:19:25

Am ROFL at this thread - this has got to be the dodgiest ebay challenge ever!

Message withdrawn

LadyOfThePoinsettias Wed 06-Dec-06 11:57:08

dee- thats a good one, it wasnt me. check their id and history, see if they have bought shoes before.
mygirl- get em on. my dh thinks it is hilarious, except for the ones that ask for pictures of the wearer to be included! lol
then he goes a bit quiet!
im not including any pics btw!

notreallyhereDee Wed 06-Dec-06 11:50:50

ok who sent me this!!

Please could you send me some pictures of the soles of the shoes? How worn down are they?
Also, did you ever step on any bugs, spiders, snails etc with them on?
kind regards

own up!

jeangenie Wed 06-Dec-06 10:20:22

yes of course LotP, you are also doing a favour to the enviroment by recycling, hadn't thought of that one!

Message withdrawn

LadyOfThePoinsettias Wed 06-Dec-06 09:45:12

i thought that too. if we are willingly offering our shoes, they can get hem easily and legally. we are providing a service.
tbh, if my used shoes are worth a couple of quid, better in my pocket then in landfill I say! lol

Bananaknickers Wed 06-Dec-06 09:41:03

because they are a bit sad? do lap dancers get the same tinge of guilt? Nah come on lets sell some more. Why don't they rod those charity bins in car parks that collect old shoes?

jeangenie Wed 06-Dec-06 09:38:35

according to that article you are doing the world a favour selling your manky shoes, maybe even preventing a burglary...

LadyOfThePoinsettias Wed 06-Dec-06 09:38:17

why you feel guilty?

Bananaknickers Wed 06-Dec-06 09:36:39

scary and feel a bit guilty now.You?

LadyOfThePoinsettias Wed 06-Dec-06 09:35:08

has it put you off selling your shoes?

Bananaknickers Wed 06-Dec-06 09:29:46
Bananaknickers Wed 06-Dec-06 09:10:58

why don't you sugest that he could spread jam on them

LadyOfThePoinsettias Wed 06-Dec-06 08:52:29

I've woken up to a question from America-

'Are the insoles edible??? Your Pumps are perfect- my dream. Please tell me they smell?? Do they have footprints inside? Will you post more pictures on the listing???'


I said: 'Uh, they smell a bit, have faint imprints and I don't know about the insoles?!'

jeangenie Wed 06-Dec-06 00:14:55

why is it such a big deal that the heels are worn down, or that they've been reheeled I wonder? though probably safer not to ask!

LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 05-Dec-06 23:17:55
LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 05-Dec-06 22:42:24

i'm getting addicted to this!
i have 3 pairs on now and pics of a fourth pair waiting!
i just love shoes and cant bear to throw 'em, even when they've had it, but this is funny!

Bananaknickers Tue 05-Dec-06 22:20:14

went on school run today and found myself looking at scuffed up shoes and wondering how much they would go for lol

brimfull Tue 05-Dec-06 22:17:40

I'm sure all the visits to my listing are m'netters,you load of pervs!

Dh thinks I'm nuts.

Bananaknickers Tue 05-Dec-06 22:15:31

Do you think they wear them or sniff them? If you check some of there feedbacks they have brought different sizes

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Tue 05-Dec-06 22:07:58

Ive had 135 visits to mine! Expect they take one look and think they are manky!

Bananaknickers Tue 05-Dec-06 22:06:10

This time next year we will be milyanares ( says in del boy voice)

Bananaknickers Tue 05-Dec-06 22:02:55

67 lookers so far

Bananaknickers Tue 05-Dec-06 22:02:30

3.25 today I posted a link

LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 05-Dec-06 21:27:33

banana-nicks- which ones are yours? i cant find the link?!
i have also found in my 'closet' (lol) a pair of battered navy work court shoes and a pair of square toed stilettoe/courts too!!

pooka Tue 05-Dec-06 21:19:38

Any mumsnetters in Spain??
Am loving this. Would do it myself but recently binned loads of shoes

champs Tue 05-Dec-06 21:00:14

LOLOLOL!!! this has made my evening!! I'm off to look for some!!

blueamema Tue 05-Dec-06 20:59:55

that has got to be a fake mnet question!

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Tue 05-Dec-06 20:49:37

LOL @ blueamema!
I have a question from someone.
It says
Hi there, to give a better idea, please could you send me by e-mail pictures with the boots on? (wearing worn), and do you know what size in Europe is? Thanks a lot. Kind regards from Spain.
Now its linked to here i don't know what are genuine Questions! And i don't normally post abroad!

blueamema Tue 05-Dec-06 20:39:22

.... its okay I remember... just wanted to thank 'ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus' for replying to my message and say I might take you up on the tinsel offer!

Have got decs out tonight and don't think I will have enough to cover the tree!!
List it on ebay and I will make a bid (LOL)

blueamema Tue 05-Dec-06 20:25:42

Who's ebay id is ozxyandme?

Bananaknickers Tue 05-Dec-06 20:22:26

Those furry slippers are gross

Bananaknickers Tue 05-Dec-06 20:21:18

gawd mine have little interest.what am I doing wrong girls?

jeangenie Tue 05-Dec-06 20:20:37

look at these yeuuuch

anyone owning up?

LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 05-Dec-06 20:01:56

ggirl, that second pair are brilliant. love the descriptive write up. that should get 'em going- lol!
i have a bid on my boots and he has asked me if i have any more well used shoes i would sell to him as he has a speacial interest in size 8's! looking at his feedback, he does! lmao
what does your dh/dp think of you selling them?

ParanoidAndroid Tue 05-Dec-06 19:42:11

I once sold a pair of knee high black leather boots on Ebay. They were very obviously a woman's boots, ie, very shaped calf and high heel, pointy toe etc.

They were bought by someone, a man, and I innocently believed he bought them for his girlfriend. Even when he asked me how worn they were, and whether they were a large 7 or a small 8.

It wasn't until I sent them to him, and got an email in reply which said something along the lines of "they are just SO perfect, they slip on beautifully, and really hold the feet well...." at that point I did start to wonder ...

notreallyhereDee Tue 05-Dec-06 19:40:33

oh those are foul

brimfull Tue 05-Dec-06 19:38:40
LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 05-Dec-06 18:26:24

ggirl- those are beauties! you may get questions from my 'will u break the backs down 4 me?' perv! lol
i have put my boots on too! check my other items- my link is near the start somewhere.

Bananaknickers Tue 05-Dec-06 17:50:18

hope i don't sell them now. Or a least no feedback.

DoesntChristmasDragOn Tue 05-Dec-06 17:50:10

I'm pmsl at this. And kicking myself as I'm sure I chucked out my manky old footwear recently :0

MulledRubyRiojaWine Tue 05-Dec-06 17:48:36

OOH! or is it ewww?

Bananaknickers Tue 05-Dec-06 17:44:09

someone is watching mine

MulledRubyRiojaWine Tue 05-Dec-06 17:42:54

Are any of you getting any questions from buyers? I am intrigued and freaked out at the same time!

yULeYSEES Tue 05-Dec-06 17:35:26

still loving this

Bananaknickers Tue 05-Dec-06 17:25:36

any more bids?

jeangenie Tue 05-Dec-06 16:00:49

haven't had so much fun at work for a very long time - am racking my brains to think of what I could put on to sell when I get home tonight

thanks whoever started this - it is absolutely fascinating (and could be very lucrative )

WhyDooLittleStarsShine Tue 05-Dec-06 15:29:39

Pur leassse

I love "I hope they'll go for a song cos they hum"

BettySpaghetti Tue 05-Dec-06 15:28:35

I am LMAO at this thread -so many nutters out there (not you lot but the buyers of "well-worn" shoes).

Can't wait to see how you all get on with your auctions!

Bananaknickers Tue 05-Dec-06 15:25:46
brimfull Tue 05-Dec-06 15:22:12

yeh who's the brazen hussy showing off her painted smelly toes????

God these shoes are all gross.

Mine are only on a 3 day listing as I'm so impatient

WhyDooLittleStarsShine Tue 05-Dec-06 15:01:45

Okay, own up Who's are those??

WhyDooLittleStarsShine Tue 05-Dec-06 14:59:46
NoXmasNameForNomDePlume Tue 05-Dec-06 14:58:13

lol ggirl

WhyDooLittleStarsShine Tue 05-Dec-06 14:57:43

They look really comfy ggirl.

FiveGoldenFIMBOs Tue 05-Dec-06 14:57:26

I loved your description ggirl about the backs!

brimfull Tue 05-Dec-06 14:55:43
ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Tue 05-Dec-06 14:15:11

Yes I know. I should of put perfect after my comment! Sorry DC keep talking to me and i loose concentration!

WhyDooLittleStarsShine Tue 05-Dec-06 14:13:30

I thought that was the point Tortoise??

I thought I had binned them actually

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Tue 05-Dec-06 14:11:55

Ewwww chicken poo! The insoles look a bit grim!

Did someone email me about the piece of tinsel in the pic of my DM's?

WhyDooLittleStarsShine Tue 05-Dec-06 14:08:09

I have been wearing these all summer They even have some chicken poo on the sole.

WhyDooLittleStarsShine Tue 05-Dec-06 13:58:59

Actually, they do look better than I expected. I'll see what else I can find

NoXmasNameForNomDePlume Tue 05-Dec-06 13:57:55

Whydoo - You'll have to do better than that ! They are immaculate. Get on and scrape them against things, the more scuffs and obvious wear, the better.

FiveGoldenFIMBOs Tue 05-Dec-06 13:56:28

WhyDoo-they look in great condition! They need to be really skanky to make any real money {from what I can see)

WhyDooLittleStarsShine Tue 05-Dec-06 13:54:30
FiveGoldenFIMBOs Tue 05-Dec-06 13:43:37

Oh yes, the fake snakeskin would appeal I am sure. I have my own Ebay account, but I'm thinking of opening a new one just for this. Did you see how much the R or D boots went for?

flutturkey Tue 05-Dec-06 13:43:02

OMG you lot are so funny, I'm hoping to get a digital camera at Christmas so I can join you all on these ebay challenges. This one is perfect for me I have about 10 paits of old worn shoes that need chucking out ahem I mean selling.

WhyDooLittleStarsShine Tue 05-Dec-06 13:41:47

This thread is fascinating - keep up the good work ladies.
I have pair of high heeled ankle boots, fake snake skin. They look good but are really uncomfortable.
Reckon they would go?

Do you all have ebay accounts? I don't think dh will sell them for me.

NoXmasNameForNomDePlume Tue 05-Dec-06 13:30:33

I love this thread..

I did pass the BHF shop this morning and was almost temped to pop in and riffle through their shoes

FiveGoldenFIMBOs Tue 05-Dec-06 13:27:06

Oh put your boots on Lady. I am going to raid the charity shop tomorrow to see what I can find. The smellier the better.

LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 05-Dec-06 11:13:10

brilliant eh?!
I have just found my manky old caramel couloured fake leather boots that i used to wear when dh and i were dating- they drove him wild! lol
they are absolutely hanging, the heel is broken and they have been very badly mended by a crap shoe repairers in cheltenham.
shall i list those too?

AlgernonGetYerTubaOut Tue 05-Dec-06 11:03:15

Oh LadyoftheP those shoes are MINGING !!!! PERFECT.

I love the graphic description of the split etc


LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 05-Dec-06 10:54:58

im not watching yours dee.
is anyone watching mine? i only want genuine pervs please!

notreallyhereDee Tue 05-Dec-06 10:45:37

4 watchers now, how many are mn-ers?

LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 05-Dec-06 10:38:06

thats a big bag of b@llocks!
the tights give it away. she is clearly wanting to reel the pervs in.
i am simply offering my manky stinky old pregnancy shoes to someone who may want to wear comfy shoes in their pregnancy. nothing pervy there! lol

Bananaknickers Tue 05-Dec-06 10:37:49


brimfull Tue 05-Dec-06 10:34:14

I know and she's insisting they're not for foot fetishists !

LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 05-Dec-06 10:34:02

good thinking bananaknickers! that would be lovely!

Gingerbear Tue 05-Dec-06 10:33:45

Oh my!
I am sitting here at my desk trying hard to supress guffaws of laughter over this thread.

How on earth would I explain this to my office colleagues?

LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 05-Dec-06 10:33:04

those are beauties! lol
the effort of putting the fishnets on!
im not, sure. that ebayer loks like a pro to me!

Bananaknickers Tue 05-Dec-06 10:32:34

Lady I will ask if they can be collected in person as this is unusual? You say NO this was a mistake and I am not prepared to do this. Then you can post it on your listing.

brimfull Tue 05-Dec-06 10:31:28
LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 05-Dec-06 10:26:50

i have aperv who is actually asking me to crush the backs down, he isnsists i do it!
he would love your loafers!
no, i dont think it is an mner, sadly!

brimfull Tue 05-Dec-06 10:24:17


yULeYSEES Tue 05-Dec-06 10:19:19

ggirl, just do a search on used ladies shoes and see which descriptions get the most dosh!!

brimfull Tue 05-Dec-06 10:07:11

back now,Lady ,are you positive it's a m'netter lol!!?

I have some horrible clarks loafers with the backs squashed down.....control your excitement!!!!

They don't look very feminine though could be blokes shoes!

Is it the scruffy smelliness they like or is it sexy shoes that have been used.Need to know the hot selling points.Was going to look in the charity shops but dd has just been sent home from school ..bugger!

notreallyhereDee Tue 05-Dec-06 10:02:31

i feel a bit dirty now lol.

LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 05-Dec-06 09:58:18

dee- lol at your stinky trainers!
what kind of odour? a cheesy, feet one?!
my bidder has also bid on other pairs........
[scared emoticon] lol

notreallyhereDee Tue 05-Dec-06 09:31:10

i have 2 watchers. and have been asked if i w3il lsupply new laces, and also do they have an odour, if so what kind of odour.

notreallyhereDee Tue 05-Dec-06 09:26:19

some asked if they were from a pet and smoke free home? wtf? they are smelly holey old trainers, does pet and smoke free really matter?

yULeYSEES Tue 05-Dec-06 09:24:43

oh he must be genuine then has he bid?

LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 05-Dec-06 09:22:53

i dont know.
this guy asked this last night before i put the link on though.

yULeYSEES Tue 05-Dec-06 09:21:35

LOP tell him your mate will do it for you lol although I suspect this is an mner??

yULeYSEES Tue 05-Dec-06 09:20:41

This is fascinating Making me think there's a market for this kind of thing? I have shoes I could sell and may put a pic of me wearing them from the knee/thigh down as my legs are my best feature

LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 05-Dec-06 09:19:48

the guy who wanted the backs crushed down has asked me to try harder!

LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 05-Dec-06 09:06:57

they should go bozza!

LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 05-Dec-06 09:06:16

if you really want them for your dp/dh just ask, dont be shy. i will give them to you free. lol

LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 05-Dec-06 09:05:40

it is an mner.
you will have to better than that!

Bozza Tue 05-Dec-06 09:05:07

at all this. I am now considering selling my red knee length stiletto boots. They have got to be a goer for this kind of thing, wouldn't you say?

LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 05-Dec-06 08:51:53

i think i can. i added a bit once when i realised something i had bids on was damaged and offered all bidders up to that point to pull out if they wanted to.
i think i had a bid before i added the link so i am a bit worried. if it is an mner, please own up!!!

blueamema Tue 05-Dec-06 08:48:33

ps you can't even change description once a bid is on

JARMgotstuckupthechimney Tue 05-Dec-06 08:47:31

cant you add a comment at the bottom?

blueamema Tue 05-Dec-06 08:46:50

Just go with it for time being .... you have days left till end of auction. You may find its one of this lot asking the questions and putting a bid on.

IF ITS YOU OWN UP BEFORE LADY O T P starts to realy panic!

If its not they have no way of getting your address details anyway.

OR just take it off auction and go in search for some holey knickers to put on instead!

LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 05-Dec-06 08:41:09

should i add to the description that collection is most definately not allowed and offer the bidder to retract if they want to?

blueamema Tue 05-Dec-06 08:33:11

OMG lady.... you can't change info now!!!!

you may just have to take it off listing once its nearly finished.

LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 05-Dec-06 08:29:34

bugger, sh!t, arse....
i cant change it!!!

blueamema Tue 05-Dec-06 08:28:08

LOL... love the used knickers idea... the more holes the better!
But is anyone daring enough to do it!!

I have recently had a undies draw clear out, so mine are all post bump new!

But if I was to take a pic with some on to sell on eBay... I would definaltely have to have a trim down below! (being winter and all!!)

LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 05-Dec-06 08:26:56

no wait help me! i have a bid and now i cant see where to change the collection in person thing! i forgot to take it off. what if he wants to see me in them? omfg, im hyperventilating! i dont want him to come to my house!!!

brimfull Tue 05-Dec-06 08:24:17

right I'm off to get dressed and find some shoes to sell.

LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 05-Dec-06 08:22:52

oh shit i best change that! brb

LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 05-Dec-06 08:22:21

lol! dont sell hers, imagine the question there.
do you like my write up?! lol
its all very prifessional!
they are very polite when they ask questions, but when i see a question about the shoes i dont know wether i should open it or not!!
i like in the last one that he wont wear them just pleasure himself with them. and im thinking, i would rather you just wore them!!

brimfull Tue 05-Dec-06 08:20:49

You've offered free collection.Make sure dh is home if someone wants to collect and see you wearing the manky things!

brimfull Tue 05-Dec-06 08:19:42

My dd had those shoes for school last year Lady

LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 05-Dec-06 08:19:38

i dont know! dh is happy for me to sell them if 'some silly f!cker wants to buy them' but i dont think he will agree to pictures, and nor would i actually!
its wrong!!

brimfull Tue 05-Dec-06 08:16:57

OMG lady,what are you going to say pmsl!!!!!!!!!

LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 05-Dec-06 08:16:49

yes! it worked! my sexy shoes!
i have 3 watchers! lol

LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 05-Dec-06 08:16:18
LadyOfThePoinsettias Tue 05-Dec-06 08:14:21

another question.... brace yourselves for this one:
i am very interested in your shoes. If i was to win them , would you be able to include a few pictures of yourself? i am not a cross dresser, the shoes will be used for personal pleasure only.

omfg or lmao? im not sure!!!

will try and do a link.

Skribble Tue 05-Dec-06 00:43:41

They were from a very cheapo shoe shop but have lasted fantasicly, better than clarks boots she has had. I think they cost me about £4. Perhaps I can beat that .

they are very very nce boots by the way. if i had a girl i'd buy them

Skribble Tue 05-Dec-06 00:39:56

I know I know, I just wanted to join in but I have to keep my ebay reputation . I may hunt out some horrible ones and use DH's ebay tomorrow if I can remember his password.

the boots are lovely skribble but not really good for the game.
we are trying to sell mankybshoes to pervs who get off on sniffing smelly old shoes.

not nice kids shoes.

Skribble Tue 05-Dec-06 00:28:06

Take it back I have a watcher now.

Skribble Tue 05-Dec-06 00:26:32

nobody like mine?

right - i have dug out a pair of flat black mule, slide type things. they are very worn as they were only shoes that would fit when i was preg.suede insole a bit stained.
what do you think-should i put them on?
ladyof poinsettias-give us a link to yours please!!!

expatinscotland Tue 05-Dec-06 00:16:52

There may be some foot fetishists who are into that.

MerryChristmasfromQV Tue 05-Dec-06 00:10:27

There used to be an MNer that sold "worn" knickers....apparently......

brimfull Mon 04-Dec-06 23:56:04

can you give us a link to yours ladypinsettas

brimfull Mon 04-Dec-06 23:55:27

I reckon if the photo shows someone wearing them it's more appealing to these fetishists.

ShinyHappyStarOfBethlehem Mon 04-Dec-06 23:55:01

How about well worn knickers? If there's a market for manky boots....

brimfull Mon 04-Dec-06 23:53:20

hilarious thread girls,must find something to sell.

LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 04-Dec-06 23:44:43

i posted more pics on the listing for them! lol
i have a new question! :

'hello, would you wear them for a while with the heels crushed down under yours for a while?'
i said no, it hurts!!

Skribble Mon 04-Dec-06 23:00:12

A bit posh perhaps , but they are quite worn. OK so they are outgrown rather than outworn .

blueamema Mon 04-Dec-06 22:58:03

LOL girls.... what a great thread to start! will hunt out all old shoes with holes tomorrow. Should I go sexy bent heels or horrid holey trainers??

Hope you sell them Tortoise and Dee!

Skribble Mon 04-Dec-06 22:35:52

Oh those DMs would fit me. I don't want to risk my ebay reputation to do really bad ones, perhaps I could use DH's account.

LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 04-Dec-06 22:32:26

i have not replied yet! as soon as ds2 falls asleep, hopefully in a minute, i will take more pics and put them on the listing i think!

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Mon 04-Dec-06 22:08:40

Naughty! lol!
Do i have to think up a clever reply and put the Question on the listing?

Bananaknickers Mon 04-Dec-06 22:07:17

It was I

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Mon 04-Dec-06 22:06:24

OK I just got sent this Q.
will they look good with red fishnets. how much do they smell? From Butch

So was it a MNer that sent it? I can't believe its just a coincidence!

LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 04-Dec-06 21:48:58

well done!
lets see what happens! lol

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Mon 04-Dec-06 21:48:36

Have you replied?

LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 04-Dec-06 21:47:31

ive been asked for more pictures and wehter they smell or not!!! lol
he has given me his email address for more pictures!

notreallyhereDee Mon 04-Dec-06 21:42:41
ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Mon 04-Dec-06 21:25:37
Bananaknickers Mon 04-Dec-06 21:25:09

I really haven't got any manky shoes.I will look in the red cross shop in the morning

LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 04-Dec-06 21:16:25

ok ok.......


Bananaknickers Mon 04-Dec-06 21:14:55

Anyone else got the ebay shoes for under £30 advert next to this thread l..o.l

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Mon 04-Dec-06 21:09:12

Lol just read the Questions!
I will put my DM's on then. Doubt they will sell though! Not exactly sexy!

crunchie Mon 04-Dec-06 21:08:20

I am really tempted with this one, I have some fab office mules taht I love, but they have never been comfy, shal I go get them

Bananaknickers Mon 04-Dec-06 21:05:02

did you see the question tortise? from John errr

melsy Mon 04-Dec-06 21:04:52

Fetish may be ????????? says JOHN at the end.

melsy Mon 04-Dec-06 21:03:59

OMGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWD , thats ewwwwwwwwwwww, Ive got loads and loads of boots like that , I tend to hoard it all for YEARS & YEARS. Thats just mad! !!!!

this is really really bizzarre.
how can a pair of knackered scuffed boots be sexy?

LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 04-Dec-06 21:03:21

btw, if it is just me challenging im not providing a link!!

thats not fair!!

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Mon 04-Dec-06 21:02:36

I'm very [fshocked].

LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 04-Dec-06 21:01:05

yes those! aren't you ed!!

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Mon 04-Dec-06 20:58:10

Search the charity shops i say! Might make a fortune!

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Mon 04-Dec-06 20:57:33
LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 04-Dec-06 20:54:22

i can never get ebay links to work.
it s a pair of red or dead boots, absolutely worn to death and they have 40 mins left to run with bids up to £102!!!!!!!!!!

LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 04-Dec-06 20:53:21

i have to share this.... was just looking to check what category to use and OMFG!!! This girl must be ROLF!!!!!!!


ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus Mon 04-Dec-06 20:47:20

Ive got an old pair of DM's do you think they will do?

LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 04-Dec-06 20:46:32

ok.... i have just taken my pictures. i am going to draw up my advert now.
i found a nice pair of battered old flat flower pumps i wore to work.
wish me luck!

i take it you've rrad it now?!

Gillian76 Mon 04-Dec-06 17:58:23


gillian- no i don't think so. have you read the thread that led to this challenge?

Gillian76 Mon 04-Dec-06 16:09:08

Can I do children's shoes?

FiveGoldenFIMBOs Mon 04-Dec-06 16:08:02

It seems to be the officey, stiletto type that are fetching the most dosh. Hmm don't really have anything suitable.

lexiemum Mon 04-Dec-06 16:02:51

right then - dh won't let me thro his old ones even though he's wearing the new ones. here's my chance...

AlgernonGetYerTubaOut Mon 04-Dec-06 14:50:54

I haven't got any shoes that fall into this category

LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 04-Dec-06 14:50:29

i have to go tidy up now, and find my manky shoes!!
keep this bumped! could make for some light hearted fun mn needs just lately!

me23bottlesofsherry Mon 04-Dec-06 14:47:29

Oh no I've just thrown out 2 pairs of old shoeslast saturday

LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 04-Dec-06 14:47:01

i would think so!
list them tonight!

notreallyhereDee Mon 04-Dec-06 14:45:42

i know, they absolutly stink and have holes in one toe.

should fetch a bit then

LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 04-Dec-06 14:44:33

what a waste dee!

foxtrottothefestivegrotto Mon 04-Dec-06 14:44:16


notreallyhereDee Mon 04-Dec-06 14:43:54

oh excellant, i was about to bin my old trainers.

colditz Mon 04-Dec-06 14:43:42

LOL this should be good watching!

LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 04-Dec-06 14:42:41

on researching for 5mins, you need a description of the wearer and the older the better. holes are big selling points.
im going to mug my brother for his bmx trainers with literally no toes left! lol

LadyOfThePoinsettias Mon 04-Dec-06 14:36:19

Get your manky shoes and list them on ebay tonight between 7 and 10pm for 7 days, starting at 99p.
honest postage.
then come on here and provide your link.
will make for a very interesting experiment! lol

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