Sleep deprivation and binge eating

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fatsomumoftwo Wed 07-Sep-16 10:12:59

I've been trying to count calories at the moment, after having two kids I am now obese. My DS is now 6 months old but he still wakes up at nights and most days I'm exhausted from lack of sleep. That's when I tend to binge eat. It's terrible, I come downstairs and all I can think about is what can I stuff my face with... It's making me depressed that I don't seem to be able to control these urges. The very few days here and there that I've managed to get decent sleep I'm so full energy and determination, exercising and eating salads and then the next day after a bad night of sleeping only 3 hours I sit on the sofa eating cake all day!
Has anyone gone through anything like this and how did you manage to pull yourself together? Please no nasty comments I'm already hating myself enough over this and I don't need anyone else putting me down too...

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