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Grandpa in my Pocket - on DVD at last!!

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andyshepherd Mon 22-Feb-10 22:11:51

Our two love it too, and unlike the mind-numbing tedium of Chuggington and Waybaloo I actually enjoy watching it as well ! Did you see the one with Geoffrey Palmer ? He's great Thanks for the heads-up about pre-ordering it, we'll definitely do that.


donny34 Mon 22-Feb-10 19:50:00

I think it's great fun and I love the way they show a traditional family unit for a change. My daughter loves the fact that it's the Grandpa that gets into mischief rather than the little boy - and James Bolam makes a fab grandpa! We often watch it on iPlayer on the laptop if there's nothing else on.

edielousmum Mon 22-Feb-10 09:26:14

Will pre order that. It is one of the better made kids programs that is actually quite entertaining for adults too (or is that just me?!)
As much as the Beeb is slated, they do show some great kids TV.

donny34 Sun 21-Feb-10 16:30:24

Just seen today that the first series of my daughter's favourite CBeebies programme 'Grandpa in my Pocket' is finally coming to DVD!! Yippeee - another great British series on DVD at last. I've found it on Amazon to pre-order, but haven't checked out anywhere else. It's out 15th March and I ordered it for £7.98 - not sure you could get it cheaper!! In the meantime, she's thoroughly enjoying the second series on CBeebies.

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