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DVD's / music videos for pre-teens

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LuluT66 Sun 06-Dec-15 22:15:20

My 7 yr old DD really loves dancing to power pop women singers on youtube, but I find some of them completely unsuitable for a 7 year old. Me and my OH come from a background of acid house and reggae so really don't have a clue about power pop!

So far we have come across Meghan Trainor, Jessie J (some are ok), Katie Perry (roar) which she really likes and we think are ok for her to watch / listen to. We have tried the Spice Girls but they don't have the base that the popsters seem to have these days and she isn't really interested.

Can you suggest any other's that aren't too sexy, but have that pop heroine feel for her? smile


Flexibility Tue 08-Mar-16 11:38:34

Although a couple of months after your post, this came up whilst I was researching what's out there for kids music and video wise. I thought you might like to know about Zeamu Music which is a new record label for kids, with original music, great lyrics and a grown-up sound. It’s not nursery rhymes and it’s not Lady Gaga, just great music for kids with relevant lyrics that is fun for all the family. and for parents, the best bit is that the content is safe and age appropriate. Would love to know what you can hear the music at Enjoy!

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