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Disney Double-Play DVD/Blu-Ray discs

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Housemum Sat 20-Nov-10 13:43:12

Has anyone been buying the double play versions? Do you get the straight DVD? It's likely that we will get a blu-ray player at some point, and DD1 is thinking of getting herself a PS3 which I believe plays Blu Ray (we have an HD telly) so if it has the straight DVD I'd happily pay the £3 extra for the Blu-ray features in the future. The only reason I ask is that Amazon has a statement in bold saying that "this item is for Blu-Ray players only" although it says double play DVD & Blu-Ray on the packaging & description.

katiepotatie Sun 21-Nov-10 12:57:57

We have bought a few of these, they have DVD and Blur ray disc in them. Although we have a blue ray player, my mum can have the dvd for her house

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