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marrycherry Sun 21-Aug-16 12:55:52

Hi, everybody. I’ve registered here because I need someone to help me. I’m infertile due to a tough Asherman’s syndrome. In my early twenties, I had several abortions, and now my husband and I have been TTC for nearly 4 years. I’ve already had various treatment courses, but nothing worked with me. At present we are thinking of an idea to ask a surrogate mother to carry a child for us. I’m a UK resident, however, according to the laws a surrogate mother has all rights to the baby. As we don’t have a close person to carry and give a birth to our future baby son or baby daughter, we decided to ask a woman to do it for money. In the UK surrogacy conducted on commercialized basis is illegal, so we decided to go toUkraine, where surrogacy is determined by the laws and a surrogate isn’t considered to be a biological mother of the baby.
Two weeks ago we went to Ukraine to contact one reproductive clinic in Kiev. The name of this clinic is Biotexcom. We have chosen it because there were loads of favorable feedbacks about it in the internet. In addition, I have discussed it with one of my close friends who also went to Ukraine to get a donor egg and recommended it to us.
All in all, we were glad to get a quick invitation from the clinic’s representatives to visit Kiev.
However, when we came to Ukraine and so everything with our own eyes we were really shocked…
The clinic is situated in a small private mansion. Can a respectable medical establishment be located in private house??? Of course, not!!!! As the building where the clinic is situated is tiny, its halls are always overcrowded. Every time I visited the clinic, it was always overcrowded: a large queue near the reception desk, large queues near the doctor’s offices and treatment rooms!!! If this clinic has so many patients, why don’t they open other agencies???
The clinic isn’t a selective one. They deal with everybody. When we were sitting and waiting our queue to consult a GP in the clinic, we saw people of various nationalities. Some of them were behaving rather weird. We became witnesses of small conflict, when a dark-skinned man told one guy that he was gazing at his wife!!!! I thought that they were going to fight!!!!
The atmosphere in the clinic is very noisy. I saw loads of couples with small children. Some of them are crying, and it causes an additional discomfort.
Some words about the doctors… When I met the doctor in charge of our program, I noticed that she was extremely tired. She seemed to be a good specialist, but she spoke with us very formally. When I tried to get some additional details, she looked at me angrily, so I decided not to do it.
We decided not to sign up a contract, and went back to the UK.
And now I have a question: if the clinic has so many patients, it means it’s a popular one. But can such clinic as Biotexcom provide all its patients with qualitative medical services???

ncayley115 Tue 30-Aug-16 15:29:09

Maybe its busy because its cheap? We used IVI Alicante who were excellent but I don't think they deal with surrogacy.

beautymerry2016 Wed 21-Sep-16 14:19:21

Hi, unfortunately, reproductive medicine is rather expensive nowadays and not all people can afford it. You’ve written that you need to find a surrogate mother for your future child. I think it’s right that you’ve asked a reproductive clinic to find a surrogate for you, because it’s safer than looking for a surrogate by yourself. You’ve also written some things that you didn’t like about this clinic. For instance, you’ve written that the clinic is rather tiny. I think it’s ok, because there are loads of such clinics here, in the UK. Some doctors have private offices that occupy only one room. You’ve also stated that there were many patients in the clinic the day you visited them. I also think it’s all right: people wouldn’t visit the clinic that scams its patients. The fact that some patients come with little children means that their success ratings are rather high…
But it’s really unpleasant to deal with unfriendly staff. Maybe, you may contact your program manager and tell them about the things you didn’t like during your first visit? It sometimes works. Nevertheless, you need a good fertility specialist and a healthy surrogate mother to succeed, not a smiling administrator…
P.S. And what about the candidates the clinic has offered to you? Did you like any of them???

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