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How to afford divorce on Income Support?

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Fidelia Mon 17-Feb-14 19:46:52

My H is a higher tax payer. Unfortunately when he left, after an affair (I would go for unreasonable behaviour) as a sahm, I ended up on income support.

I have been saving a little but have no idea how much divorces cost. He is likely to contest what would be a fair financial settlement (he does not like the idea of sharing part of his pension, or contributing to childcare costs so that I can afford to work).

I have found a brilliant solicitor, but she is expensive. She has said that H would be expected to pay the costs for the actual divorce, but then there's the financial stuff and the children's bit. There is self confessed written evidence from H of years of hidden debt etc...would that mean he should pay for the financial legal stuff too?

How do I afford to divorce him and get a fair settlement which will allow me to work with childcare, when I'm on income support and he is well off?

Will the solicitor accept a cut of the house capital? But also, how much are court fees and do I have to pay them in advance?

Any help would be fab, thanks smile

MooseBeTimeForSnow Mon 17-Feb-14 20:19:37

If you're in receipt of income support then you should be eligible for a fee exemption from the Court. There's a firm you fill in and I think you have to provide a copy of your most up to date letter confirming receipt of benefits.

MooseBeTimeForSnow Mon 17-Feb-14 20:21:21

This should help you.

NotBrittaPieHonest Mon 17-Feb-14 20:25:58

I'm on IS, and I divorced XH for free. But ours was really straight forward - no money, no arguments, etc - so I just did it myself by printing the forms off and taking them in to the nice people at the desk at the court.

It was surprisingly painless, considering.

I see you have more issues though, so that's probably no help...

What are you divorcing him for? If it's abuse I think there is legal aid, but I have literally no idea how all that works.

Fidelia Mon 17-Feb-14 20:56:03

Thanks for the fees help, that's fab!

He had an affair and also hid lots of debt. No physical abuse or anything like that.

We have a house with a mortgage. He has a very good pension, I have hardly any pension. My job (I want to get back to work) is long hours for poor pay and childcare costs are more per hour than I earn. I need capital, childcare costs and pension% (or equivalent in additional capital) -solicitor also suggested (during initial consult) spousal maintenance because it has been a long marriage and my career has been affected.. H thinks he just needs to pay basic CSA, halve the capital in the house and he keeps all of his pension. angry

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