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Disabled mums to be

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Reenypip Thu 04-Apr-13 20:27:25

I'm a disabled mum and I'm 34 weeks pregnant.
I wanted to share this with you. I'm not anything to do with the production company but incase others were interested.

The series, described as ‘empowering’, will be about pregnancy and parenting and follow the stories of a diverse range of parents-to-be with mobility issues, a physical disability, impaired vision or hearing or learning difficulties and who may have some additional needs or obstacles to face when having a baby.

The company say:
“We want the series to challenge misconceptions and celebrate triumphs and capabilities as well as reflecting the day to day realities and obstacles faced by each parent. It is really important we get the tone of the series right and speaking to people with expertise such as yourself would really benefit our series. We’ve had a really positive response from parents and parents-to-be with disabilities and are looking for people who are expecting over the summer/autumn who would be interested in taking part in the series.”

If this applies to you, or you know of someone who might be interested in taking part, please contact Dominique Belcourt on 020 7424 7701 ( They are apparently working to a rather tight deadline, so do get in touch as soon as possible if you would like to be considered.
Twenty Twenty Productions’ website is at Facebook and Twitter links are &

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