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ABA therapy

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MonthlyFestiveFrolics Wed 19-Dec-12 22:32:13

Hi, this forum is aimed at parents who have disabilities, not their children. so your might get more of a response posting in children with special needs? Hope you get some responses

Miwish Mon 17-Dec-12 20:59:22

are there any parents in the Birmingham area who have used/are using ABA therapy for their autistic child. I want to start ABA therapy for my 5 year old autistic daughter but I am finding it very hard to find a suitable ABA tutor as I need tutor recommendations from other parents who have used ABA therapy in the Birmingham area aswell as a recommendation as to which service provider I should use (i.e., any good consultants in the Birmingham area).

Also, my daughter is non-verbal so I am not sure whether I should start the ABA therapy for her or VB. I'm not sure whether ABA or VB would be suitable for her. Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

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