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DysLexia or paranoia?

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reddwarf Thu 04-Oct-12 22:12:32

I am english, but have lived abroad for a few years. I am pretty fluent in my new language, but up till ow have dealth with it mainly by speaking and listening, i have avoided reading and almost never write, even though, compared with english the writing is easy as it's very phonetic, almost all of the words look like they sound , witha few exceptions, eg v sounds like f or w sounds like v, but minor things, n the whole it's very phonetic and i know all the rules.

Now i want to get a job i have signed up for a course and have to do a lot or reading and writing. I have noticed that in my head although i knoe how a word is spellt, i writie it incorrectly. so even thou i know it should be written with a v, i write f, or i miss the 'r' off the end of the word (which had a bit impact) and basically i am getting frustrated with making so many misteakes, even though i know seems to be an inability to get the message from the brain to the hand iyswim.

I also write very badly, to the point i cannot read my own writing, even though i am trying to make it look neat.

As a kid in school i had problems learning to read and write, though these were put down to needing glasses.

I was dx as an adult with adhd, and have all those typical symptoms like poorly organised, forgetful, easily distracted.

Although i am at a high level in my new language, i am finding the fine tuning, learning the proper grammar unfeasibly difficult. It's making me feel totally thick, even though i have got a degree in languages, so i am not in theory thick or crap at languages!

I would be grateful for any suggestions, thanks

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