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Disabled friendly Changing table

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Flooded Sat 14-Jul-12 17:08:47

I'm doing things a bit backward, trying to see what equipment is out there whilst we TTC. just thought I would let everyone know about this changing table from ikea. Its only £59.99
The reason why it is so great is that it is secured to the wall and the changing table overhangs in front of you. So you can stand right underneath it no leaning over, and the baby is in it length ways so feet towards you no twisting changing from the side. It looks alot better in real life, in the picture on the website try high lighting the page to see it better (white changer on white table).
You can also change in a wheelchair as you can get right underneath it.
Just thought I wold share the love as never thought I would find something like this, now just need to find a cot!...

darksecret Sat 14-Jul-12 23:05:01

Hi there Flooded, thanks for the info about changing tables. We have a similar one from Ikea and it's been a life-saver (DD is ten months old now).

Just wanted to let you know about our experience with cots...

My OT has told me there is such a thing as a 'high low cot' and it's possible for health authorities to lend them to disabled parents! They're very big and a I think they sit in storage a lot of the time. The beauty of them is that they go up and down at the push of a button. They're very ugly and look like they belong in a hospital. The site below has prettier options!

My daughter is too big for it to be a safe option now (she could pull herself up by the bars and then fall against them). Ten months ago, it would have been a great help. So maybe ask your OT to look into it.

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