Lapland UK 2008

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LIZS Tue 19-Aug-08 18:00:52

Lapland UK seems to be happening again this year albeit I think at a different location (Bewl Water, Kent). Booking opens 8th September. Mixed reviews last year.

Tas1 Tue 19-Aug-08 18:11:27

We went last year, very dissapointed.
Not worth the money.
Not how they made it out to be.

Will not be going again this year, lets hope they learnt from their mistakes.

AbbaFan Tue 19-Aug-08 18:12:31

I registered last week. My friend did it last year and really liked it.

DH is already moaning about all the money we havn't got to spend on 'expensive bloody days out' hmm

AbbaFan Tue 19-Aug-08 18:13:07

Tas1 - what didn't you like about it?

AbbaFan Tue 19-Aug-08 18:17:49

OMG - when I registered last week there was no price info, just looked and it is V expensive.

Maybe DH is right!!!!

LIZS Tue 19-Aug-08 18:18:51

It is at least £55 per person , including kids over 18 months(under 18 months £10 but no lunch !) shock

mumto2andnomore Tue 19-Aug-08 18:36:18

I read lots of reviews last year, more bad than good and wouldnt go, especially at that price ! Think you are better off going somewhere like to see Santa on a steam train/theme park, you could make a weekend of it for less than that !

AbbaFan Tue 19-Aug-08 18:43:14

I would love to go on Christmas Eve, but don't think it's gonna happen sad

It would blow my whole xmas budget.

Tas1 Tue 19-Aug-08 18:52:29

To start had to chase and chase and chase tickets, eventualy came day before our trip.

Then when we arrived the blow up dome that was meant to be the 'Flight' was horrid and the kid dressed as an elf holding the fake snow machine in his hand spraying the kids in snow made it lok realy fake. Try explaining that to a 4 yr old.

Then we were meant to help make toys but all it was, was doing a 5 piece jigsaw.

Then we should have made gingerbread but all we did was decorate gingerbread men.

We then had 1 1/2 hour wait in the freezing cold till our time slot for father xmas.
The husky dogs were asleep, the reindeer were so far away you could hardly see them and all the story tents were full.

We had a hot chocolate and a hot dog to keep warm but this came to nearly £30 for 5 of us.

Father Xmas was very good though, he was the best bit, but the photos are expensive.

When you leave, you just walk out of the gift shop and you are at the entrance again, my 4 yr old wanted to know why we had to fly to father xmas but just walked back to the car?

We all came away very cold, dissapointed, let down and broke!

AbbaFan Tue 19-Aug-08 19:15:24

Wow - see what you mean now. That not great is it.

Oh well, we won't be going anyway. Have decided to have a bit of a budget xmas this year, as I went a bit OTT last year blush

ChippyMinton Tue 19-Aug-08 20:15:15

Agree with everything tas1 said, except that the day we went it was freezing and as we drove down into Kent there was a heavy frost which lasted all day and gave a magical feel to the forest Our FC was fabulous, my sister visited the one next door (there were several) and was not impressed at all.
Nice idea, fairly well executed but, for the money, I would say extremely poor value, especially for the adults who don't even get to do the activities.

My favourite FC alternatives:
The Bluebell Railway
Bockets Farm, nr Leatherhead
and pretty much any other FC who charges less than Lapland UK!

ChippyMinton Tue 19-Aug-08 20:16:35

<quick hijack Tas1 did you spot me & my shopping trolley in St Jean de Monts? grin>

foxythesnowfox Tue 19-Aug-08 20:25:59

There was a thread on this last year, with really mixed reviews. I went, and am considering whether to go again. Overall, it was fairly charming, our Santa was great. I'd like to think they have learnt from last year.

Windy weather meant that some days were cancelled, and they took forever to refund the money.

We went with two extra adults, not worth the money for them. But as parents, our children were delighted and it was lovely to see them enjoying it.

ooh, I don't know. Seems a bit overrated to call it 'good', but with small children who are whisked away into the magic of it all it was quite sweet. Yes, quite sweet is the best way I can describe it.

The 'flight' was a shocker. If they learnt anything from last year, I really hope it is to ditch the inflatable tent with the Snowman projected on. Absolute pants.

The invites weren't personalised.

It didn't live upto its promises on the website, and I did complain, but their customer service was shocking.

Tas1 Tue 19-Aug-08 20:34:57

Hi Chippyminton

We had to cancell our holiday sad

We were due to leave on the Monday but DH was suddenly made redundant on the Friday. Company in Administration so no redundancy money.
We spent our two weeks holiday following DH around London while interviewing.

He has found a new job and starts on the 26th so have told DC's we will go away later on in the year.

ChippyMinton Tue 19-Aug-08 20:48:30

How awful for you and your DH - good to hear he has got a new job lined up.
If it's any consolation, the weather was ok but inconsistent, and the euro exchange rate is terrible!

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Tue 19-Aug-08 20:52:44

The new location, Bewl Water, is only a mile or so up the road from Bedgebury, where it was held last year.

I really hope they've improved on last years weak areas; the front of house staff need to be more slick, toy shop needs to be bigger, it needs more things to do, a much shorter walk to get there, advertising needs to be more accurate etc.

The Snowman 'ride' either needs to be a proper funfair ride or should be axed. It was absolutely atrocious and I'm thankful that last years thread forewarned everyone what to expect. Having said that, we did enjoy it. We were at Bedgebury yesterday for the forest walk & adventure playground and the DCs kept going on and on about Lapland. (Btw it's gone up again to £7.50 per car).

We're not going this year, I think it'd spoil the overall effect. If it's still going in a few years and the reviews are OK then I might go again as my younger two will be old enough to take part.

Tas1 Tue 19-Aug-08 20:53:13

I have realy missed not going to the Vendee, we go nearly every year.

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Tue 19-Aug-08 21:05:32

I've just checked my emails and I have a Priority Advanced Booking mail from Lapland UK - so they have ditched the Snowman but added ice skating and lunch. Otherwise it seems much the same (including the website).

I didn't look at this years prices, last year it cost about £200 for 2 adults and 3 DCs aged 5, 4 & 3 in the middle of December.

Tas1 Tue 19-Aug-08 21:14:35

LOL I've just recieved my priority booking Email too!

Prices start from £55 up to £85 pp !!!!

lilyloo Tue 19-Aug-08 21:20:35

wow they have really bumped up prices this year shock suppose it includes lunch now !
We went last year and paid about £35 each at beginning of December now it's £75 shock

Thank god they listened about the ridiculous 'snowman flight' the ice skating looks good as would luckh as can imagine that would pad out the day.

We wouldn't really do it again after last year. It was a very long journey for us. The hit and miss days r/e weather made it very stressful prior to the day.

The santa was fab as was the gingerbread house and toy shop because dc's loved them! But the rest was pretty average!

lilyloo Tue 19-Aug-08 21:22:30

Duchess it is now £75/£85 per person pretty much through Dec shock

Those who went can I ask what gifts you all got from Father Christmas? the website makes a big deal about the 'beautiful gifts to treasure'.hmm - not why hmm but I just can't see them actually giving decent pressies for some reason.

lilyloo Tue 19-Aug-08 21:39:15

We got a lovely book of 'the night before christmas' and also a wooden jigsaw puzzle which they had supposedly helped to make in the toy shop.
Santa is absolutely fab and i have the most treasured photo of my dc's sat open mouthed in fron of him in his little cottage!

ChippyMinton Tue 19-Aug-08 21:39:53

The 'gifts' were rather nice:
a large format hardback copy of the Night Before Christmas per family
a very good quality large plush reindeer for the pre-schoolers
a good quality handmade-looking wooden animal jigsaw for the school-age DC.
All in a suitably rustic hessian drawstring bag.

Tas1 Tue 19-Aug-08 21:45:50

Yes, the gifts were good. DD got the book and the reigndeer.
But they were supposed to 'special' gifts from santa, yet when you left through the gift shop, there they were on the shelves for you to buy!

ChippyMinton Tue 19-Aug-08 21:47:07

Yes i noticed that - the stuffed toys were about £20 IIRC shock

Tas1 Tue 19-Aug-08 21:47:48

Also.... it had been very wet running up to the day of our visit, so when we went it was very very very muddy. DD's were slipping all over the place, luckily we wore wellies.

Soapbox Tue 19-Aug-08 21:51:03

We went last year and it was absolutely rubbish. I would keep your money and book to see the Snowman at the Peacock theatre followed by a bus ride along Regent Street and Oxford Street to see the lights, with a visit to Hamleys for the really brave!

That would be a far more Christmassy day out than Lapland UK!

AbbaFan Tue 19-Aug-08 22:02:32

We went into London last christmas eve, and into Hamley's - it was actually ok. We had a lovely day.

This year I am going to see what they are showing at the i-max in London. Then maybe book up.

theirmum Tue 19-Aug-08 22:12:55

gosh after reading this thread I am no oing to go I was trying to convince my DH that £265 for the four of us (Tom is only 3 months but is still £10) was ok because it would be fantastic! Think I will go to down the road to brocketts Farm instead I am so glad I looked here my DH would have gone mad if it is rubbish this year it is an awful lot of money for a day out!

TheDuchessOfNorksBride Tue 19-Aug-08 22:13:34

shock at the price increases. I'd be very surprised if they'd improved things enough for it to worth that much.

I wish we'd got the plush reindeer presents, my 3 DCs got the wooden jigsaws, one elephant and two dogs. The hessian bags are currently being used to store their polished school shoes!

theirmum Tue 19-Aug-08 22:24:47

saying that I have just had the shock of my life have you seen how much it is for 2 nights at the real lap land i nearly fell of my chair! HERE

Soapbox Tue 19-Aug-08 22:28:10

Having done both, there is no comparison whatsoever between the real Lapland and Lapland UK.

The real Lapland was beyond our highest expectations - I truely don't believe that our DCs will ever forget their visit there - it was magical

FioFio Wed 20-Aug-08 14:39:39

Message deleted

tiredemma Wed 20-Aug-08 14:52:40

How can they justify those prices??????

FioFio Wed 20-Aug-08 14:54:40

Message deleted

theirmum Wed 20-Aug-08 15:34:08

fio lol yep idiots like me who think ahh that could be nice and then are really disappointed after! by the sound of it tiredemma they cant!

lilyloo Wed 20-Aug-08 21:21:57

LOL Fio don't think they have yet ?
Well we still got our car broken into down there last year at the hotel we stayed in night before !
Maybe because we were 'undesirables' as we did travel to get there! wink
I wouldn't reccomend at this price although have no idea on the quality of lunch.
Will happily let someone have my priority code as have email for early booking for anyone considering this!

FDY Thu 21-Aug-08 18:46:38


Wanted to take our 4 year old and our 9 month old so would appreciate a priority code from the last post if still available.

Many thanks

scoobygeorgia Sun 31-Aug-08 11:31:59

Hi, new to all of this just joined, but I was searching info about Lapland uk costs and found your threads really interesting so I decided to contact LaplandUK to find out why they had increased prices so much to which they replied they had more reindeer, extra huskies, an ice rink and chefs all extra this year and that they had under estimated prices last year. I sent a response back saying that they appear to be over priced for a 4hr visit and that it is cheaper to take your family to Disneyland paris during december and their response back was...........Thank you for your comments go for it at Disney!!!!! (shock) so thats their great customer care and service for you!!!!

stringbean Tue 02-Sep-08 21:28:21

I was interested in taking the dcs to Lapland UK last year, after reading about it in one of the Sunday papers - the article made it sound really magical. However, after reading reviews here, and seeing the price (they have just sent me priority booking details) I think we'll give it a miss. I really don't fancy wasting £350 on something mediocre that doesn't live up to expectations. It has set me thinking that a trip to Lapland proper, although eye-wateringly expensive, would be better value. Cantebury Travel has been recommended to me by a number of people, and I'd love to go. Is it really worth the money though? Can anyone convince me - not sure it would take much though!grin


We didn't go to Lapland UK last year (because I thought it would be tacky and naff, WK resident though!) and regretted it until I read the reviews.

So we decided to book to go to the real thing this year with Canterbury travel. We have a DS with SN and they have made us fill in loads of extra paperwork for it (including dimansions of his wheelchair open and folded, this was nearly a year before the trip so can't tell them which model he'll be in by then) and get Drs letter which I had to pay for - he is not ill and this seems very discriminatory to me. Also they do not have a hotel room big enough for all of us but cannot guarantee us a chalet near the restaruant where you have to eat, we could be a 30 min walk away from it.

We are going for 5 days <gulp> as they did have some special offers for early booking. Also the shorter trips seemed a bit full on and DS would not cope with being herded around all day every day.

After I had booked and paid found out from a friend that they had gone there skiing and booked all the same trips whilst they were there (sleigh, dog sled, hunt for FC) and their 2 week ski trip cost around half our 5 day jaunt!

scooby I am open mouthed at their dreadful PR.

stringbean Tue 02-Sep-08 22:29:33

Thanks for the the post MS. We were thinking of doing the one day tour only, so would not need accommodation, however we also have a dc with special needs (sensory, but we would probably still need to declare it as a disability, which hadn't really occurred to me). We did wonder if we might get a free child place, but I suspect these book up early. It does sound a bit discriminatory towards your ds; hope they'll make extra special effort for him after making you jump through extra hoops. Wonder if we'll have to declare dd's cochlear implant?grin Somewhat galling to discover you could go for 2 weeks for a lot less money. I do hope you have a fantastic time though, and your ds enjoys it. I'll still give it some thought.

Stringbean He'll have to wear a hat anyway as so cold, I should keep quiet and save the hassle wink

stringbean Tue 02-Sep-08 22:35:03

Why didn't I think of that?? Although it also occurs to me that cochlear implants may not function below certain temperatures, so we may have to abandon it altogether and stick to signing!

sas45 Thu 04-Sep-08 22:45:04

Hi. This is my first message ever as just joined and found you all by accident! I have been on the Lapland UK site as friend a mentioned. Must say i have been put off after reading everyones' comments. We did the real thing year before last at DH suggestion. I was horrified at the price for the 4 of us but it soooooo worth it and wouldn't have missed it for the world! Our girls still talk about it now. If in doubt go for it! and with Canterbury Travel. Had no complaints.

DotFox Fri 05-Sep-08 20:22:14

Hi Everyone

Dorothy's back with more Lapland UK news..............

What is it???????

hertsnessex Fri 05-Sep-08 21:35:50

We went last yr and got 50% back from them. total rip off and waste of time.

DotFox Fri 05-Sep-08 22:23:01

Iam sorry to hear that, at least they had the decency to refund you something, that's unheard of these days. We had a wonderful time, some people did not like it at all but you cannot please everyone, everyone has different tastes.

hertsnessex Sat 06-Sep-08 21:19:44

they did after alot of letters - we were not going to let it drop.

DOTFOX2 Thu 11-Sep-08 00:05:22

how long did it take you to get your money back?

DOTFOX2 Wed 01-Oct-08 20:55:23


Not many Lapland UK weekend tickets left I'm afraid so you will have to be quick.

I was up at Bewl Water today walking the dog and it's a huge project taking shape, the site is almost three times the size of Bedgebury's last year. it is going to be quite amazing I am sure.


Do you think that we are fick or summat Dot?

shakeey Sat 08-Nov-08 21:39:30

I was there on Friday, and it was just brilliant. Everything looks so real, snow falling from the sky, a magical tunnel transports you into a magical world, lots of ooohs and aaaahs. Lots of indoor activities, where the elves really interact with the kids. Lots of Husky hugs and kisses, big real reindeer, gingerbread decorating with Mrs Christmas, story telling and songs. Ice skating, the ice elves help out anyone who need help, giving the kids training and helping the kids ( and adults) who are a bit scared to skate lol.So much fun the kids don't want to leave!!!
There was a clip on BBC news.
My friend is taking her boys next week, after seeing my pics, she cant wait.

AbbaFan Sun 09-Nov-08 07:42:03

Shakeey - only ever posted twice about how great Laplank UK is hmm

dobby2001 Sun 23-Nov-08 23:50:11

Ok well i went today and it was great, from what i hear a great deal better than last year. We were almost an hour late getting there as the A21 was shut due to 2 accidents but staff were really helpful and we still got to do everything we should have done, no rush, just efficiently done.

The site was truely magical, my 7yo DD has gone to bed on very happy girl.

If you check on tripadvisor there are a number of good reviews for this years Lapland they do seem to have learnt lessons from last year.

Oh and i dont post alot but i have posted on other forums before, i am not anyone else just here to big up lapland grin

annh Mon 24-Nov-08 00:23:16

Shakeey, welcome to Mumsnet, nice for Dot to have a friend this year!hmm

mymama Mon 24-Nov-08 00:43:02

I went last year on the 21st December and thought it was terrible. I am from Australia and we were on a three month trip to the UK. I thought it would be a fantastic way to give us some xmas spirit as we were away from family and friends.

Felt the same as others about the blow up dome and "toy making". The worst bit was Father Christmas. His black hair was poking out from under his white hair and as soon as he realised we were Australian he started chatting to dh about emigrating to OZ. Very hmm for the dc!!

We paid approx $500 AUD for the privilege too.

Hopefully this year it is much better for those who go along.

tishtash1 Sun 30-Nov-08 16:26:39

went to lapland New forest yesterday (Sat 29/11) TOTAL RIPOFF!!!! DO NOT GO!. Paid £90, the queue to get in was 3/4 hour, the queue for Santa was 2 hours +. My kids would't wait that long so had to leave without seing him. There was one plastic polar bear, a few huskies on leads, and 2 very tired reindeer behind a fence. Very disappointed, have contacted Watchdog and The One Show and hope they pick up on the story and show people what it is really like. Very disappointing for kids. angry

quint Sun 30-Nov-08 20:28:09

Well I went to Lapland UK yesterday with DD1, DD2, DH,M&D and we all had a fantastic time.

After mum booked the tickets I looked on here for reviews for last year and nearly cancelled the tickets - I'm so pleased we didn't.

We got there around 10.30, parking was easy, we went into the big tepee and were met by some elves who were enthusiastic and entertaining.

We were then taken in our group to the gatekeeper to let us in - all very pantomine which DD1 (and mum!) loved. We went through the enchanted forest as as we turned a corner, it suddenly got colder and whiter as we approached 'Lapland' it was snowing.

The children helped 'make' horses heads for rocking horses - basically putting bits together, but you don't expect them to actually be making toys for real! Head elf did seem to be a little embarassed, but all good fun.

We then went on to meet Mother Christmas and decorate gingerbrad men and listen to a story - she was very good.

Then it was onto lunch - pretty basic food, but good, warm and filling. Followed by the main event - meeting FC. This was wonderful, DD1 was completely amazed by it all and completelybelieved - he was a great anta - one of the best I've seen. DD2 was terrified but she is still only 2 and as long as she was on my lap she was OK! The gift was lovely - a well made toy husky dog and night before christmas book - these were not for sale in the shop.

We also saw the reindeer, unfortunately they were having a snooze, however no one minded. There were huskies that were walked around on leads, storytelling in the tepees, a post office, the obligitory shop, which stocked a good range of cheaper and more expensive gifts - some stuff that I hadn't seen elsewhere.

Our last bit was the ice skating, plenty of elves around to help the children and adults - there was no time scale for thsi - you could stay on as long as you liked and there was no specified time to leave 'Lapland' We didn't feel presurized into buying anything - photos with FC or gifts.

When we left DD1 said it was magical and it was. Yes it's expensive, but none of felt it was a rip off, you could see where the money had been spent. We spoke to several elves and they said that the management had acknowledged the comments of last year and changed things around.

We wouldn't go next year as I feel that it would take away the specialness of it, however I would recommend it (and have done) to others. But having been, it I could go back and was offered the choice of going or not I would definitely go - hope that last bit makes sense!

And no I don't work for Lapland UK!

dobby2001 Mon 01-Dec-08 23:14:51

tishtash1 Lapland newforest are not linked to Lapland UK -there is a seperate thread about lapland newforest and i have also seen alot of posts on other sites about them - they sound a real bunch of rip of merchants and i am horrified that they think its OK to destroy childrens dreams by their rip off behaviour. Knowing how completly enthralled my DD was with our experience at Lapland UK it breaks my heart to think how dissapointed people would be.

mamamea Tue 02-Dec-08 00:58:59

Hmm, Lapland UK may or may not be a good day out, but the price is simply unjustifiable.

£85 for a weekday visit????

For the equivalent of three visits I've just booked, during Christmas holidays, a week in Egypt.

It's just plain wrong.

I spent less than that on a Tussauds pass and we had a whole year of visiting Chessington, Thorpe Park, Alton Towers, Madame Tussauds (which is rubbish) and the London Eye.

The food sounds like school dinners

^What food will be there?

You will have a choice of one of the following main courses, and one of the desserts. These are subject to availability and included in your ticket price. We have catered for vegetarians, vegans and coeliacs, and the ingredients of each dish are detailed below.

Main Courses:

Baked breakfast
Turkey, Leek & Ham pie
Cottage pie
Smoked Haddock, Salmon & Hake Pie
Sausages with Mash and Onion Gravy
Sausages and Mash without Gravy
Grilled Vegetable Bake
Macaroni cheese

Chocolate Pot
Mixed berries set in Strawberry Jelly
Apple Crumble and Custard

Jugs of local tap water & cordials to be set on the tables. You will also be able to purchase excellent coffee, tea, herbal teas, soft drinks, and other home made snacks on site if you wish.^

Local tap water?

What other kind is there????

And really, if they are trying to make out that it's an £85-quality experience, they could at least spend more than 50p on ingredients.

But I guess they can't provide the level of service because this is still a mass-crowd attraction, but at personal service prices.

^Photographs are not permitted in Father Christmas's house but professional photographs of your family will be available to purchase^


That is obscene.

At £15 I can understand them charging extra, but at £85, this thing should be all-inclusive. Is the only thing justifying the £60 price hike the inclusive school dinner?

Oh no, there is more, they've added an ice rink, well that must be worth all of £5.

They've even managed to con The Guardian that it's some kind of eco-trip with crap like this:

^Lapland UK's vision is to provide a high quality Lapland inspired Christmas experience for the discerning family here in the UK as an alternative to flying to Lapland, thus enabling children to have an enchanting Christmas day trip without generating those nasty flight carbon footprints.

What are the carbon stats? Are they significant? Family of four
Lapland and back in a day carbon footprint is 2 tonnes
Lapland UK daytrip by car carbon footprint is 0.01 tonnes ^

Ah yes, it's just the same of course. I'd better cancel my trip to Egypt, I've already seen the pyramids in Las Vegas.

The pricing is an absolute joke, but then the owner is an ex-city trader, and he obviously knows about supply and demand, so he's whacked the price up to the maximum possible level, not one that reflects fair value.

£400 for a family of four, which is what this will cost with the photos and tat, would buy you a full week's holiday abroad, if you shop around.

quint Tue 02-Dec-08 10:13:04

mamamea - have you been? No, well then how can you comment. I went, paid £75 per ticket and yes all along I've said that it is expensive, however it was worth it.

There were no queues, it was not overcrowded, the food was hot, filling and a lot better than I expected it to be. The day was well planned out with lots of activities, FC was one f the best I've seen, was great with the adults as well as the kids. All of the staff were friendly, helpful and great fun. My DD1 loved her day there and it will be something she'll never forget.

It may not be your thing and you may choose not to go there - that's fine but don't slag something off if you've not even been -how can you know whether or not its any good.

DotFox Tue 02-Dec-08 11:48:07

Mamamea, you obviously work for Lapland New Forest, you have no idea what it costs to put a huge production on or even contemplate what it is like is bring a taste of Lapland to the UK.

it's a 3 million pound proudction, it much better than 2007 and in a different location, no dome and the Father Christams expereince is, with out doubt the best ever ...who did you see you! If you want to go to Egupt go, if you want to go to Tussauds's, Chessington, Thorpe Park, Alton Towers, London Eye not Lapland UK.

The food is first class and there really was no limits if you were still hungrey. it was all homemade and local, you know nothing. Go home!!

There is never a crowd at lapland UK .... ...the site holds 5,000 but there is never anymore than 1200 people a just make it up as you go along ...go home.

How can an ickrink coast £5, are you mad, are you thick....go home...

And you think they've conned The Guardian about being green, it is green, did you get on a plane and fly to Lapland, did you you are green too you thick pommy basher.

Go to Egypt and vegas, be no green, go home,.....Go back to Ausie land ...we dont need your comments here and anyway it is to cold for you.

FioFio Tue 02-Dec-08 11:49:37

Message deleted

mamamea Tue 02-Dec-08 13:01:19

Er, Dotfox, do Lapland UK provide free drugs to their shills?

I just wonder because although I'm not surprised at your 'Lapland UK is so wonderful and brilliant' screed, I'm completely bewildered at your racist slurs. Have you been smoking something less than legal?

What on earth makes you think I'm Australian?

Really, your increasingly abusive and offensive posts do nothing to endear Lapland UK to the world.

Quite funny though grin

PS. my local icerink here in Guildford, Surrey, which is a big, high-quality professional one home to an ice hockey team, costs £4.70 or £5.20 for adults, and £3.90 or £4.70 fo children. I'm sure it's not the cheapest around.

BTW, I seriously doubt Lapland UK reduces the number of trips to Lapland, because after you've seen the cost, you'll realise you could get return flights to the REAL Lapland for the same price.

It just raises the profile of the real Lapland. Fake snow and a man in a reindeer sui are just going to make the real thing a more appealing proposition.

theirmum Tue 02-Dec-08 13:10:58

Umm rather odd that the only posts dotfox has posted on are lapland ones hmm I think your post is very ruse Dotfox there is no need to talk to people like that if mamamea thinks lapland Uk us crap thats up to her isnt it?!!!

justaboutandthecarolsingers Tue 02-Dec-08 13:16:28

Oh. It's a troll fest. (gets camera out). Oh no, hang on, I'd have to pay extra, wouldn't I? It being rip-off Laplands.

mamamea Tue 02-Dec-08 13:57:33

'dotfox' used to be known as 'DOT777', but she's also posted as 'DOTFOX2'.

She used to sign her posts with her name (Dorothy Plain-Box or some such), under her previous id, but has stopped. Do you think this is a cunning ruse to avoid detection?

If so, then choosing a name that doesn't include 'dot', 'dorothy', 'fox', or 'LaplandUKIsTheBestAndAnyoneWhoThinksOtherwiseMustBeACommunistOrAnAustralian' might be advisable.

Just a thought....

Santaslittlehelpersmum Tue 02-Dec-08 14:05:27

lol mama I have reported her post no matter if she works for them or not or if your Australian or not there is no room for racists here!

Dotfox swears blind she doesn't work for them...must just have a head for statistics and figues then I guess?

mamamea Tue 02-Dec-08 14:09:36

nah, don't report her, she's funny, and besides having her disagree with me just makes Lapland UK look more rubbish.

DotFox hmm

FioFio Tue 02-Dec-08 14:18:01

Message deleted

Amusing thread
My DH would call them 'robdogs'
It's too much to spend on 1 day out.
Would rather buy annual pass somewhere
But Dotfox v funny hmm

FioFio Tue 02-Dec-08 14:28:35

Message deleted

quint Tue 02-Dec-08 20:22:56

I'm nothing to do with Lapland UK or dotfox and think she went a bit to far in her post, however I would still defend Lapland UK (the one in Kent anyway) as a great day out, yes its pricey but it was great fun, I've been to other attractions and spent less money and had a realy shit time, I just wanted to come on here and give the place a good review. Other people may prefer to spend their money elsewhere and that's their choice , all I'm saying is you can;t slate a place if you've not been there

mamamea Tue 02-Dec-08 23:54:33

I didn't say it was crap, I said it was a rip-off. £25 to £85 in one year is NOT a justifiable price increase.

And I'm quite entitled to slate it, unlike some posters I'm not making out that I'm something I'm not. I've not been to Lapland UK, I considered it last year, but the price is absolutely not justifiable, and I refuse to be ripped off.

Evidently there is a lot of demand for a Lapland-type experience (more than they can satisfy at their single site), and they have dealt with that by jacking the price up so high that demand does not exceed supply.

No doubt in the future they will get some competition (that's not a gypsy camp in disguise), and prices will fall. In the mean time _*IT IS A RIP OFF*_.

I've been trying to look for reviews of Lapland UK, but the two on Tripadvisor are both by new registered users that joined purely to post absurdly ridiculously gushing reviews of Lapland UK, and have contributed nothing else.

Funny that.

FioFio Wed 03-Dec-08 08:04:54

Message deleted

FioFio Wed 03-Dec-08 08:08:02

Message deleted

ChippyMinton Wed 03-Dec-08 08:43:47

Everyone needs to be clear that Lapland UK in KENT (last year at Bedgebury, this year at Bewl Water) is not related to Lapland NEW FOREST, which has been getting terrible press and is obviously a copycat rip-off.

I took my DC to Lapland UK last year and the bottom line, as far as I am concerned, is that my DC truly believe that they met FC. Yes, parts of it could've been better and it was expensive, particularly for accompanying adults.

A friend took her daughter to Lapland UK last week, and again her daughter truly believes she has met FC. I was shock at how expensive it was compared to last year, but it does deliver its promises as far as chilren are concerned. Adults will have to suspend their disbelief, but quite honestly I'm not sure what people expected from a set up in a wood in rainy old England hmm

Fio that is funny
Still enjoying this thread grin

Fio I loved that review from last year, I'm glad you reposted it. grin

One thing though? (not you particularly fio, generally)

Can we not accept that quint is talking about this years Lapland UK, not last years?

Is it not possible that LLUK have learnt from the mistakes that were made last year and made it a better experience (better food, better trained staff, ice rink etc) although have put the price up somewhat. (From £55 to 85 I believe, but am prepared to stand corrected)

Quint, I'm glad you had a good time and thank you for answering my transport query.

filbertfox Wed 03-Dec-08 10:55:39

We went to Lapland UK on Monday with children aged 7 and 3. We had a truley fantastic time. Sure it is expensive but from the moment you arrive, you experience a theatrical adventure. It was well organised and the staff were brilliant. They really got into thier roles. The time with Father Christmas was magical, we were with him for about ten minutes and all of us felt really comfortable. My 7 year old was very skeptical about Father Christmas before we went, but not so now.

Honestly speaking, I do not usually post but in a worried state I trawled all forums for information before we travelled and found very little, and what I did find was very poor and relating to last year. I think it is important for people who have booked to know they will have a great time and not to worry. Obviously there were problems last year but I can only find real positives about our visit this week. I checked the visitor book when I was there and our opinion was replicated by many others.

We don't have our children at this age for very long and if Lapland UK had let them down in any way, I would be first to say so. However, it delivered on its promise and the memories of Monday will stay with us always.

Judging by previous comments people will obviously think I work there or something. I have no link to Lapland UK at all, but think it is important to set the record straight for those who have booked and are worried about uninformed negative publicity.

Hulababy Wed 03-Dec-08 10:57:08

This year prices started from £55 I believe althugh the December ones appear to be £75 and £85 pp plus £10 for infants unde 18m.

Last year I believe they were much cheaper, although still nt cheap - at £35pp

I think we paid about £130 for 4 of us last year!
We had a good time too and there were some let downs but the santa / toy shop and gingerbread were great.
My dc loved it so that made it worth the money.
However wouldn't pay the higher prices this year but good to hear people who went enjoy it.
Think the ice skating was a good idea.
Hopefully they lost the poor 'transport' attempt as having that to start with put a lot of people off before getting in there.

Funny post though Fio!

And FF, having the name fox makes you 'under suspicion' grin

filbertfox Wed 03-Dec-08 11:39:08

Oh dear, I never thought of that when creating the nickname. Any Leicester City supporter will know where it came from though!

FioFio Wed 03-Dec-08 11:42:11

Message deleted

mymama Wed 03-Dec-08 11:46:18

I think dotfox meant me.

I am from Australia.

I said UK Lapland last year was shite.

The rest of her post had nothing to do with mine though.

shock at "go home"

FioFio Wed 03-Dec-08 11:51:59

Message deleted

mamamea Wed 03-Dec-08 14:02:52

I wouldn't normally cast aspersions on filbertfox, but the Lapland UK shilling regime is in obscene, and pumping at full swing ATM.

I would say it's odds on that filbertfox is working for Laplanduk.

Brand new user? Check.

Glowing review of Lapland UK? Check.

Similarities to other fake reviews of Lapland UK? Check.

The number of shill reviews on Tripadvisor has doubled since yesterday BTW.

Check it out: KentEngland.html

All four reviews are by brand new users (click the username to check this), and have similar flow and structure (quite similar to Filbertfox's post to...).

I really think it's contemptible, and the more they try and do this, the bigger the backlash they will get.

They are rip-off merchants trying to con people with fake reviews, and I think it's absolutely disgusting.

mamamea Wed 03-Dec-08 14:03:54
filbertfox Wed 03-Dec-08 14:16:18

Sorry Mamamea but you are wrong, this is not a fake review. I have no idea about the others but we are a normal family from the midlands. I checked this thread to get some useful information before we travelled down on Monday. I was very worried about what we might find but I needn't have been. The reason I have just joined is clear; we all have to start somewhere and I thought, with regard to all the other people that have booked, a little reassurance might be useful. Therefore adding a comment was worth the effort.

It will be interesting to see the comments of other people that have actually been this year. I suspect they will be like mine.

ChippyMinton Wed 03-Dec-08 15:06:25

mamamea,I have no ideawhether filbertfox is genuine or not, but as you have not been to Lapland UK either last year or this, I'm unsure as to why you are taking such an interest. Several long-time Mnetters have been and concur that it is expensive but that the children enjoyed it. Do not get confused with lapland New Forest which does appear to be a scam.

mamamea Wed 03-Dec-08 15:34:03

> mamamea,I have no ideawhether filbertfox is genuine or not, but as you have not been to Lapland UK either last year or this, I'm unsure as to why you are taking such an interest.

I wasn't taking 'such an interest' until a Lapland UK shill hurled racist abuse at me, I just made one post. That provoked me into doing a bit of research, and it seems that Lapland UK are shilling all over the internet.

I think that is unacceptable, and I'm happy to say so. Fake reviews designed to persuade families to part with hundreds of pounds of cash are NOT acceptable, so yes I take an interest in that. Perhaps you think that fake reviews are perfectly ok, but I do not.

ChippyMinton Wed 03-Dec-08 22:13:41

LOL at suspicion falling on all posters with "fox" in their name. Do you have any idea how many there are on MN?

<ponders whether to change back to own fox name and see what happens>

mamamea Thu 04-Dec-08 01:03:42

I'm not suspicious of people with fox in their name, I just think that glowing reviews from brand new users should be regarded with extreme suspicion.

FossilSister Fri 05-Dec-08 16:40:13

We went, and I'm in two minds. It's basically an expensive day trip and it doesn't compare to the real Lapland. However it is sweet and well-organised, and a good day out. My 6 year old said "Is this fake snow?" as soon as we got in. It's not cold or wet - it looks pretty but obviously fake. So I think it would be hard to convince an older child that it was real.

I do think both my children believed they saw the real Santa - by far the best I have ever seen, and in a lovely little log cabin in the woods with no-one else in sight (except an elf with a digital camera set-up!). However he did not mention any of the personal details we had given about my children, their hobbies, likes, friends etc. Very disappointed as this is one of the main reasons we booked. We thought they'd love it and talk about it for months after - how he knew so much about them, but he didn't say anything personal. I e-mailed to complain afterwards and just got an e-mail back saying sorry, we don't know how that happened. They could have sent a little personal note saying Father Christmas had loved seeing them or something. In the end, we did that ourselves.

It's basically, a wood with Christmas trees covered in fake snow. The staff are friendly, you don't feel rushed. It's not packed and unpleassant - probably not at those prices! There's a series of activities - making rocking horses (bit rubbish - just putting pieces together), decorating gingerbread, lunch and Santa visit, followed by ice-skating. However the ice-skating's not for under-4s and my two hated it!
We were there from 11 to 4 so we had a good day out, but very pricey and definitely NOT the real Lapland.

FossilSister Fri 05-Dec-08 16:49:12

Actually, thinking it over. I'm a bit disappointed, and trying to convince myself because it cost so much!! If you honestly have a choice between real and LaplandUK, definitely choose real. We couldn't afford to do the real one, and thought this would be a good alternative - kids are only young once etc. It is a good day out of that's all you want, but now wish we had just saved up and done a short trip or something instead of spending so much on this.

MaHumbug Fri 05-Dec-08 17:09:19

There you go... that's a real review by a real person.

You take a risk when you post utter rubbish, on a self moderating site like this, most canny people can spot the bull from a mile off.

filbertfox Fri 05-Dec-08 18:28:36

Agreed, a real person that has actually visited this year. I could have done with a few more of these when I was looking prior to visiting.

FS it was shame about the details during the Santa visit. From my experience and for information to anyone else who is due to go, I was asked to look at a card at the Santa passport check and to confirm the children's details written on it. I was then asked whether I wanted to add any more information, which I did. I don't know whether FS got to see the card, whether there wasn't one or it wasn't passed on but it is probably worth confirming they have got the details at that point. I think I would also have been pretty disappointed if this part had gone wrong.

Squirdle Fri 05-Dec-08 18:42:40

Can't imagine it would be busy, no-one can afford to go!!

itsbeenashock Fri 05-Dec-08 19:46:07

I think mamamea is right about filbertfox.

FossilSister Fri 05-Dec-08 20:03:32

FF I did all that. Asked to look at the details and checked them. Even changed a couple of things. That's why wrote a VERY NICE!! e-mail saying how disappointed I was that FC said nothing personal at all.

PrancerDancerCupidFMVixen Fri 05-Dec-08 20:11:43

I just want to post on here because I get a frisson at the though of being under suspision (I have a tenously foxy name) wink

as you were! <<takes cover behind cardboard cut-out of a reindeer with a £95 carton of popcorn>>>

Hulababy Fri 05-Dec-08 20:15:40

FF - dod you go THIS year or last? From the ice skating I assume this year. appears to think last year if I read it rightly.

J2O Fri 05-Dec-08 20:19:11

ff says she went last Mon

lol @ vixen

Hulababy Fri 05-Dec-08 20:20:12

Sorry, I meant FS

FossilSister Fri 05-Dec-08 20:49:51

Went about 10 days ago.

BahSomeBug Sat 06-Dec-08 17:26:23

Here's a FREE alternative to Lapland UK with:

live reindeer
land train and grotto
showers of falling 'snow'
craft workshops
mini 'tea cup' roundabout ride
carol singers and harp player
roving entertainers
Shetland pony and trap
pets corner with rabbits and guinea pigs
weaving, spinning and willow work
prize draws.... all this is planned (according to the website, anyway).

The event is called the Charlton Christmas Cracker. It's at Charlton House, Charlton SE7 on Saturday afternoon, 13 December. I saw it on the Greenwich Council website -

So for all you Greenwich people, it could be a good alternative to the more expensive christmas events out there.grin

LadyLauraStandish Sat 06-Dec-08 17:31:41

Good tip, BahSomeBug!

dobby2001 Sat 06-Dec-08 18:57:57

i have just re read this post due to task avoidence winkand suddenly feel under suspicion of being a troll and/or working for lapland uk??!! angry

I had a lovely time there with my hubby and DD, we paid £65 each - it gets more expensive as it gets closer to chrimbo, like many attractions do, and whilst i still think it was a bit expensive, My DD has not stopped talking about it, we were looked after very well - we were over an hour late getting there due to 4 accidents on the motorway and it being closed whilst we were still on it shock but despite this, the staff reassured us we would still get to do everything and we were not made to feel rushed.

Everything except the family photo with santa was included this year, and this was optional - ok most people buy this, our was actually excellent and made a great pressie for grandma smile

or am i not allowed to say all this because i am obviously either a liar or working for the company [hmmm]

It is the only big family christmas thing we have done this year,we dont do shopping centre grottos (local one £6 before any photo) and i think if you price up a theme park before food, souviners, rides etc its not alot differant

dobby2001 Sat 06-Dec-08 18:59:08

Oh and FC did talk to our DD about her interests and

BahSomeBug Sat 06-Dec-08 19:50:40

Respect to those who are happy to pay for this sort of christmas experience - I am sure there's lots to be said for them.

I do think, however, that there are plenty of free (or far cheaper than £65.00 per person) similar christmas event alternatives.

I haven't looked much, but I did happen to notice several free local events which had a santa and live reindeers, for instance.

All you have to do is look in your local paper, events listings magazine like Primary Times, or on local events websites.

MaHumbug Sat 06-Dec-08 22:48:49

Ah yes, Santas Grotto is free in Bluewater - photo is an extra fiver. They have real reindeer too. And for the price of a family of 6, you could go to CenterParcs for a week - they have a winter wonderland theme going on at the moment.

It's a very, very expensive attraction - I just can't see it being within many peoples budgets.

BTW I like your name BahSomeBug winkgrin

MaHumbug Sat 06-Dec-08 22:50:53

And do you know what I'm most excited about?

When the Rotary Club bring Santa round the neighbourhood on his sleigh collecting for a childrens charity.

Simple things are always the best.

dobby2001 Sat 06-Dec-08 22:55:13

they have live reindeer in bluewater?isnt that a bit cruel?
I am self employed as is hubby and we do not earn mega bucks. we just wanted something special this year - as i say, i dont think its mega expensive for a full day out including food.We could never afford the real lapland.

quint Sat 06-Dec-08 23:02:13

I do not work for Lapalnd UKand am not a troll.

Sorry some of you had such a shit time last year, I had a great time this year as did my children, husband and parents.

Of course its not as good as going to the real Lapland, but if anyone thought it would be then you're an idiot!

If you don't want to spend that kind of money (which is fair enough as I've said all along it is expensive) then fine but don;t have a go at people who are writing positive reviews about a great day out they've had or accuse them of being PR for the company.

If you already have tickets - go you'll have a fab time, its nothing to do with the other 2 that have been slated.

dobby2001 Sat 06-Dec-08 23:18:06

mahumbug i love simple stuff too, dd and i are involved at the toy service for church,and gave money to the rotary santa at tescos, go to school fair etc

I spent most of last night making 75 peppermint creams for christmas craft gifts kids are making.we did gingerbread lat week smile

But LaplandUK was our special thing. When i did my first post on this thread, it was because alot of people doubts other reviews due to Dotfox

then i come back and see suggestions that all positive posters are trolls.sad

then its suggested by paying £65 i must be uberrich - i wish!shock

i am just another mumsnetter trying to post a view as quint has said - this isnt a bashing post for anyone who liked lapland uk -is it?

Simplysally Sat 06-Dec-08 23:19:17

My daughter saw Santa at Bluewater the weekend it opened - which was about the middle of November! and I can confirm that there was real reindeer there. They did look a bit fed up but maybe they were waiting for their supper or were fed up with people gawking at them. Santa was free to visit although we opted not to have a picture taken but you did get a present - it was a condensed version of Wind in the Willows. My dd was quite happy with that.

Just thought I'd post that .

we are going on the 19th and really looking forward to it. i read terrible reviews last year and still decided to book. they have obviously learnt many lessons but isnt it always the case when something is so new.

have watched the video on their site and yes i feel very glad i booked it. its not the same as the real lapland but then its not. and yes the snow is fake but theres not a lot they can so about that is there.

days out are like anything and are what you make it. for the chldren its magical its only us that notice the other bits. if you go with the impression this is going to be crap then 1. you should have saved your money and not booked 2. it probably will be.

will report back but i know one thing for sure - i will make it every second of it extra special for ds 7.

mamamea Sun 07-Dec-08 14:22:07

" if you price up a theme park before food, souviners, rides etc its not alot differant "

No really, it is.

You are going off-peak for £65.

A day out at the theme park (Alton Towers, Chessington) will cost about £16 - there's absolutely no reason to pay full price, and BOGOF vouchers are everywhere. And at every theme park I've ever been to, rides are included. As for food at a theme park, you can bring your own, or it's £4-£6 depending on what you eat. So that's £20 for adults, and maybe £30 for kids if you buy them a souvenir (although not everybody will want to, and it's nice not to pay for things you don't want).

Even if you pay full price (god only knows why anybody would), it's still much cheaper, and you do get a full day rather than four hours

mamamea Sun 07-Dec-08 14:23:26

"then i come back and see suggestions that all positive posters are trolls."

Now now, don't distort what was said.

quint Mon 08-Dec-08 07:43:59

Well I'm sure they could have doe it cheaper for say £25, oh hang on a couple of others have done that and it was crap!

Tehy have to pay the staff and we all know if you want your staff to be happy and do a good job you need to pay them well, it is proper log cabins not B&Q sheds, apparently it takes 3 months to put up and take down, I've been to Alton Towers and Chessington - the food is shit and far more expensive than £6. It may be out of season for those theme parks,but I think that this is probably high season for a christmas themed event! Rental of the park, all the scenery, lights, snow, snow machine, insurance, health and safety stuff and where do you manager to go ice skating for less than £5 for an unlimited time - not somehwere where childrn think they have elves helping them after they've just met FC. All the fab costumes, the gift, I suppose you could make that optional but your children might be a bot upset to see some kids walking around with a present that they weren't able to get. The reindeer, huskies and handlers - should I go on?

Mummy Christmas have a great time, as an adult you have to suspend your disbelief a bit but as long as you enter into the spirit of you you will have as good a time as your children.

Mamamea - have a fab time in Eygpt, I'm sure you will also have a great time

Califraukincense Tue 09-Dec-08 00:52:18
mymama Tue 09-Dec-08 01:07:05

Fossilsister we went last year and did get a little letter from FC in January to say he had enjoyed the visit. It was on the same paper with the same seal as the invitation. Ours was posted to OZ so probably took a bit longer so your dc might still get one after Christmas.

mamamea Tue 09-Dec-08 11:58:07

> Well I'm sure they could have doe it cheaper for say £25, oh hang on a couple of others have done that and it was crap!

They managed to do it for that price last year. It's no use saying 'we need to pay for this and this and this and this and it all adds up to £85', when we know that they charged much less last year.

quint Tue 09-Dec-08 12:10:56

Yes and people complained last year!!!!!!!

SO they have made improvements, i.e more snow, better arrival, food, more activities etc etc. You can't have it both ways.

You obviously don't like it and won't be going - fine, not a problem, but you can't say its crap this year and how can they justify £85 a ticket when you've not been this year. Even DH who is known for being tight and couldn't belive the price of the ticket (£75 when we went) said actually it was worth it.

filbertfox Tue 09-Dec-08 13:05:30

Lets be honest though, £75 per head is a lot of money and it was a big jump from last year. As I have said before, we really enjoyed ourselves when we went and I could pretty much appreciate how much the whole thing costs to set up and take down, but I am sure that the demand last year meant that the proprietors priced the event on the top side. We booked in October but there appeared to be open bookings on the web-site right up until the last minute, suggesting that the high price was keeping people away. Hopefully, if there is a next time, they will learn from this and reduce prices so more people might get the opportunity to visit

quint Tue 09-Dec-08 15:16:02

Yep - agree FF, I've said all along its expensive, and as they seemed to have taken on board comments from last year hopefully as you say it will come down in price but as long as it isn't at the expense of the quality of the day.

they are going to have 2 next year - one in windsor park.

i though it was well worth the money - we arrived at 1.30pm got out at 9.15pm. had our tea there as well as lunch.

worth every penny - and i'd say if thought i had been ripped off.

MerrySquiffness Wed 24-Dec-08 11:07:02

I would just like to wish Dot and the foxes and all the other workers at Lapland a very merry Christmas.

These threads are fast becoming a christmas tradition and I do so enjoy your lovely amusing I'm-not-a-troll-i-just-don't-like-to-post-on-other-threads-but-have-to-come-on-here-because-it-was-a ll-so-magical posts. Havign wasted a shedload of dosh at the event last year, I find that the protestations on here are so funny that they are almost shifting the cost-benefit analysis of the whole thing to a more reasonable level.

Looking forward to next year's protestations eagerly. But you will have to change your stlye of writing to something a bit posher if you are going to pretend to be from Windsor.

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