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hi there joined after recomendation from a friend.
so i thought i would come and say hi
oh in muday btw and is there a dcitonary any where on the site ???hmm

JaquelinehydeAllTheEggs Mon 06-Apr-09 23:06:57

Welllll helloooooo and welcome to the world of MN.

Any questions just ask... oh apart from the one about a dictionary grin

FWIW I don't think we have a dictionary but some clever old sod will be along soon to let you know for certain.

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Mon 06-Apr-09 23:07:33

Click on usefull stuff. There is a list of acronyms.

JaquelinehydeAllTheEggs Mon 06-Apr-09 23:08:03

see told you so!

GumsNRoses Mon 06-Apr-09 23:09:17

Hi and welcome, once in you will never leave, you have been warned wink

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Mon 06-Apr-09 23:11:42

I'm not that clever. When I first joined there was a thead on racism in "Am I being unreasonable?" I though 'yabu' must be a term for a racist that I had never heard before blush

Ronaldinhio Mon 06-Apr-09 23:13:10

maybe a different name?

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Mon 06-Apr-09 23:15:17

I'd change your name from single if I were you. There's all sorts of strange lovely people on here. grin


Tortoise Mon 06-Apr-09 23:16:00

Hi welcome to MN. smile

Pan Mon 06-Apr-09 23:16:10

Greetings to you. a.n.other male here. So who was your recommending friend may we ask? Just to join up the dots you understand....

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Mon 06-Apr-09 23:17:08

Hey Pan. It's scrooged smile How are you?

JaquelinehydeAllTheEggs Mon 06-Apr-09 23:18:26

Oooh yes change your name NOWWWWWW!

Pan Mon 06-Apr-09 23:18:41

Hello! Are you by perchance also avenanap, late of this parish?? I think you may be??

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Mon 06-Apr-09 23:21:38

How did you guess? grin I am shite at emailing. I'm so sorry. Work and stress takes over regularly. I've even been off here for a while. Aeida (sp?) is on at Derby at the end of April I think smile

callmeovercautious Mon 06-Apr-09 23:22:24

Welcome smile and congratulations for hitting the top of active conversations grin usually it is blocked up with site stuff "pinned" to stay on top.

That is a great start alone.

So tell us about your DC....

I have one who is 2.5, I am good at potty training and BF advice (although I suspect you won't need the latter).

LastOrders Mon 06-Apr-09 23:24:15

Hello. Welcome.

Our you going to be the Boa amidst the nest of Vipers? smile

Pan Mon 06-Apr-09 23:27:49

No worries Fluffy! I was absent from here for a few weeks recently. Aida is one I haven't seen???

thumbbunny Mon 06-Apr-09 23:29:04

welcome - agree about changing your name to not advertise your single status - you will be stalked!

Please check out this thread - it gives hints and tips of how to survive the vagaries of MN!

Quick version is: don't start anything in the Am I being Unreasonable topic unless you are fully prepared to fight your corner!

good luck grin

FluffyBunnyGoneBad Mon 06-Apr-09 23:29:55

Sorry for hogging the thread single.

I'll start a new one to chat to you Pan smile

DadInsteadofMum Tue 07-Apr-09 15:25:15

So you posted in Dadsnet and with the exception of Pan only women replied. Welcome to the world of Mumsnet!

It is an incredibly useful resource, full of people always ready to give you the benefit of their sometimes blinkered opinion experience. And the dads sometimes get a word in edgeways as well.

Haven't found any kind of spell checker yet but using the Preview Message button gives you a chance to read your own message first.

Not sure why they are all keen for you to name change, nobody has stalked me yet, but good luck with that anyway.

And quite frankly I would steer well clear of AIBU, because generally everybody is.

HecAteTheEasterBunny Tue 07-Apr-09 15:27:57

Hi and welcome.

grin dadinsteadofmum is right! stay away from AIBU.

TrillianEAstraEgg Tue 07-Apr-09 15:33:54


I second/third the suggestion to change your name, we tend to be anonymous around here so keep the 'Dad' part in (or else people will assume you are a woman) but I would leave out the location and 'single'.

Habbibu Tue 07-Apr-09 15:38:48

Use Firefox - it underlines things which it doesn't recognise. Including its own name, apparently.

And welcome to MN!

Trillian - nowt wrong with people assuming you're a lady...

TrillianEAstraEgg Tue 07-Apr-09 15:41:12

They should assume I'm a lady. grin

aseriouslyblondemoment Tue 07-Apr-09 15:44:34

welcome to MN!
and get onto the 'fit and interesting available men'thread on lone parents as your name sounds like an online dating one lolgrin
us girls on there love the male pov!

HecAteTheEasterBunny Tue 07-Apr-09 15:44:36

Nah, why keep the dad in? Take it out. It doesn't matter if you're a man or woman.

DadInsteadofMum Tue 07-Apr-09 16:29:20

There was some debate recently elsewhere (yes in AIBU, occasionally you just get sucked in) and most Dads said they used Dad because they felt they didn't want to mislead.

HecAteTheEasterBunny Tue 07-Apr-09 16:32:47


I don't get it.

Because it doesn't matter what gender the poster. It's just chat on the internet.

TrillianEAstraEgg Tue 07-Apr-09 16:42:04

Some people think it does matter, apparently.


HecAteTheEasterBunny Tue 07-Apr-09 16:43:29

Really? How odd. It's words on a screen. [boggle]

Nowt so queer as folk! grin

Marthasmama Tue 07-Apr-09 16:48:33

Hello singledad. I see you live in Rochester. We live in sunny Gillingham! There is a local page and we often talk about meeting up etc. My DH has signed up recently so he'll be another Medway dad and he's ALWAYS up for a pint! wink His MN name is MMsDishyDH.

thank you all for the welcome. hey it might be nice to be stalked wink
Marthasmama, thank you was tryign to find the local bit but was struggling and was late a night.
my kids (DC?) are boy 5 on sunday gone and daughter 3 tomorrow. got reseidencey order in Jan 08 due to mum negleting them been hard but their health and wieght has improved.
i am struggling with potty training no 2's tryign rewards and bubble blowing without sucess DD just dont wnat ot do it on the loo and going throuhg knickers at an unbelivable rate, and her movements arent regular

Marthasmama Wed 08-Apr-09 17:24:09

Oh dear, thats sad to hear singledad, but I'm glad they're doing well now. Our ds is 5, 6 in the Summer. Ah, potty training! It's fun isn't it? We've got to go through that again as dd is 6 months tomorrow. There's always plenty of people to ask for help with potty training on here. There is a wealth of knowledge on MN!!! Here is the Medway page.

Cadbury Fri 17-Apr-09 14:32:11

Hello and welcome from another Medway person (I'm in Chatham) I've been on MN for years but don't get much opportunity to post these days (3 kids, barely time to breathe). It's a great place and I hope you'll find it very helpful and make some good friends here.

<pops over to Medway page>

candyfluff Thu 30-Apr-09 08:47:02

welcome singledad

thank you everyone for the welcome, taking your advice and staying well clear of AIBU except to "lurke" and LOL hehehehe

Maninadirndl Fri 22-May-09 10:12:28

Hi there, I am also new on here as a stay at home Dad in Germany to a five and three year old.

Echo the advice on AIBU. I went in there unwittingly with an opening "I dislike McDonalds" thread. The place quickly turned into a coven.

SilkySilky Sat 04-Dec-10 19:55:41

Just joined tonight, and the abbreviations are great fun!

eg, just read: "My DP is a SAHM and I'm a WOHM" - i am having fun guessing what WOHM may stand for!!

extremepie Fri 12-Aug-11 17:08:16

hello im a writer who is about to be published so im here to talk about other dads


ChrisPBacon Fri 12-Aug-11 17:13:11


ExpatDad Wed 24-Aug-11 14:26:58

Hello all, I'm new here too and a new(ish) dad. I couldn't find a general introduction thread.

Pan Thu 25-Aug-11 14:59:26

Hello, ExpatDad.
No intro. threads here I dont think. Just toughen your skin and get stuck in, is the way to go. And expect a LOT of swearing.

Honeydragon Thu 25-Aug-11 15:08:37


I've told you a million times not to exaggerate the fucking swearing! It might put people off wink

Hi Expat Dad <waves>

RedDad Fri 09-Sep-11 15:17:01

Hi I'm new here too. Joined after hearing the name touted a few times. Oddly almost everytime followed by "watch out though LOL".

crazynanna Fri 09-Sep-11 15:26:22

Welcome smile

How come my smilies do not have rabbit ears? <wails>

mistlethrush Fri 09-Sep-11 15:32:32

Its not Easter and its too early for the haloween hats

rikdabik Tue 13-Mar-12 13:23:19

Ok, here goes. I'm a dad. I'm new here and not sure whether this website is the right place to be, but was hoping you mums out there might help me.

My eldest turns 18 in September. Some say I've been over protective. You see, the only time she went out of the house was for school, or with me or mum or both. I don't think she is naive, she's sensible but very vunerable. She's not streetwise. You get the picture? She's recently got a part time job and has to get the bus, and I'm fine with that, but now the bombshell...her friends all want to go to Cyprus next year when the last of the friends turn 18. I know they all drink, my daughter does but only under supervision from her mum or me, and then it's not a lot to get herself legless. I've said no! My daughter is fine with that but you can understand her friends wanting to know why we've said no. I feel I shouldn't have to explain myself, and if they are true friends, then they should accept the fact my daughter can't go. I know I have to let go one day, but whilst there is no adult that I trust joining the girls, I have to say no. What do you say?

Please don't beat me up! I'm hurting with the thought of my daughter one day going it alone. The world is a bad place and I want to protect her for as long as I can!

vvverbatim Sat 17-Mar-12 08:43:20

I'm new here too.

Rik - does your daughter want to go to Cyprus with her friends? My eldest daughter was 16 and wanted to go with a group of her friends to a music festival. I was torn, but felt that it was something she needed to do. I'd been taking her to gigs since she was about 11 so I knew she was used to being in an adult environment. She came back in one piece anyway. My daughter is 20 now, away at uni and she's full of confidence. It's hard to let go, but it's important not to be obstructive. smile

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