Discrimination against bilinguals

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Bobochic Mon 14-Nov-16 17:56:55

This is an issue I have encountered surprisingly often and it is usually perpetrated in innocence by well-meaning but misinformed individuals with stereotypical anec-data. However, I have recently been dismayed - even disturbed - to discover that the British Council in Paris has institutionalised discrimination against bilingual children by obliging them to work one year behind the English national curriculum versus their age when taking Bilingual English classes, designed for bilingual DC who attend mainstream French schools. The rationale is that bilingual DC have a whole host of language issues such as confused spelling, poor syntax, limited lexicon and therefore cannot possibly be up to following age appropriate NC English classes. Yet, manifestly, many bilingual DC do not have any such language issues but the British Council refuses to countenance that.

I am actually shocked. Replace bilingual by black, woman etc and it sounds just like all the sorts of discrimination we are all aware of.

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