What do you call these and where do you come from?

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MardyBra Mon 03-Feb-14 15:08:47


nagynolonger Thu 28-Apr-16 22:22:09

Plimsolls......East Midlands. A few DC did call them pumps,

leotwist Thu 28-Apr-16 22:20:10

Gym shoes - multinational

ShotgunNotDoingThePans Thu 28-Apr-16 22:17:15

From Liverpool and would have called them pumps as a child. Would now say plimsolls as am South-West ish.
My dad would have said 'gollies', for 'galloshes', not sure why.

loveliesbleeding1 Thu 28-Apr-16 22:13:55


Eglantyne Thu 28-Apr-16 22:10:50

Pumps, W. Midlands

FlightofFancy Thu 28-Apr-16 22:08:55

Daps - another Bristolian. They live in your dap bag.

Though now live in Surrey so have to make a concious effort to call them plimsolls or I'm not understood!

IamHappy1976 Thu 28-Apr-16 22:08:00

Ten Bob sliders. Glasgow

n0ne Thu 28-Apr-16 22:02:42

Plim(p)solls - Essex

LMGTFY Thu 28-Apr-16 21:57:01

Pumps. South Manchester.

Trills Thu 28-Apr-16 21:50:22

Somehow I knew this would be daps.

Did I post already?

Indyelephant Thu 28-Apr-16 21:46:34

Daps - Carmarthenshire

TheCatsMeow Thu 28-Apr-16 21:41:36

Pumps, Midlands.

The word plimsoll sounds perculiar.

Tigresswoods Thu 28-Apr-16 21:37:57

Daps or Dappers.

Grew up in S Wales.

dizzytomato Thu 28-Apr-16 21:23:52



Polidori Thu 28-Apr-16 21:08:36

Oh, that was in the North East.

Polidori Thu 28-Apr-16 21:08:06

We called them "sannies" at school, which was short for sand shoes.

carameldecaflatte Tue 05-Apr-16 09:09:58

Pumps in the midlands.

TheNaze73 Tue 05-Apr-16 09:08:20

Plimsolls - Essex

paintandbrush Tue 05-Apr-16 09:06:25

P.S. high five olddear and cormoran wink

paintandbrush Tue 05-Apr-16 09:04:46

Gutties (pronounced guddies)- NI. Might call them plimsolls on a posher day.

Gwenhwyfar Sun 17-Jan-16 22:26:22

Pumps - North Wales

Daps used in South Wales. Interesting to know what that stands for so thanks Armadillo.

FinestGrundyTurkey Mon 28-Dec-15 22:46:21

They were plimsolls when I was growing up in West London (trainers didn't exist then, Dunlop Green Flash tennis shoes were as sporty as it got grin)

After 30+ years in Lancs, they are now pumps

heavenlypink Mon 28-Dec-15 22:39:30

Another sand-shoes NE England

Polyannatunnel Mon 28-Dec-15 22:34:45

Daps. South Wales

YolandiFuckinVisser Mon 28-Dec-15 22:34:00

Pumps, kept in your pump bag with the rest of your PE kit (Leeds). My DC call them daps, kept in your dap bag with the rest of your PE kit (wiltshire). I had no idea what daps were supposed to be when I arrived here.

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