A miserly May on Mumsnet for the fantastic frugaleers!

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MissAnnersleyismyhero Mon 28-Apr-14 16:29:23

Saw April was getting very full so thought I'd start this off early!
Welcome to all who want to save cash, live frugally and pay debts, or just trying to live within our means!
Full of hints and tips on how to save money in the supermarket, meal planning and daily life.

annielostit Mon 28-Apr-14 16:42:33

I'm in (again) listed what I've spent today, menu planned and off I go. Got some stuff to pay for this month and want to start saving to pay off house early. Love the tips☺

Gogogodaddy Mon 28-Apr-14 17:12:49

I'm in! Sorry have been a bit absent, spent 32 on new swimsuit online, tnks for tips all. Found it in the sale at Debenhams. Will catch up lateron

CoolCadbury Mon 28-Apr-14 19:05:05

Here I am. smile

NSD today.

Fluffy Following on from other thread, I always think organic milk tastes like milk should, if you know what I mean? It tastes more fresh I think. My late grandparents had cows and I remember as a child the milk was "milked", boiled vigorously and given to us for drinking straight away. It tastes more like that.

Can I join in? Paying off a laptop and got to do it by September. Going on mat leave in July just to add to the pressure! Doing well though. We've stopped takeaways but have treat nights still just maybe a nice tub of ice cream instead grin. Also meal planning and got an app for budgeting. Any other suggestions welcome!

ItalianWiking84 Mon 28-Apr-14 19:30:26

Im in again, thanks for starting the tread.
My socalled nsd became a very spending day
30 euros on OV card¨
76,98 euros on jacket and vest for DP (but there were 30 % off, so at least a bit of a good deal, and he needs new summer jacket and west)
22 euros on KFC sad - tasted good, lol, but to expensive, but after shopping around we couldnt be bothered with cooking so took the easy solution.
73 euros on stuff for the future DD; summer jacket, sheets for cot ect. Hopefully we are almost there with the stuff, it cant keep going on....

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 28-Apr-14 19:35:02

Thanks for the thread!

My exhaust has gone on my car sad looks like our holiday spending money will be going on that....

AdoraBell Mon 28-Apr-14 19:35:53

Thanks for the new thread MissAnnersley

I'm still trying to catch up on the last one. I agree, btw, with you complaining about the tomatoes having read your update, well done.

Will be back after shool run to report the day's spends. Hope everyone has a frugal May and welcome to all newbies smile

ilovepicnmix Mon 28-Apr-14 19:37:26

�6.53 in asda on a few bits and bobs including pg tips with free mug. Im a sucker for tat like that. �55 on petrol.

thanks for the new thread miss

FantaSea Mon 28-Apr-14 19:41:44

I'm in again smile

I think organic milk tastes better - I sometimes buy it if they have run out of the 4pint size of the ordinary ones. I don't normally buy it as it is more expensive but it is nice.

Italian you must be nearly there with all your baby bits, but I loved getting all the stuff ready smile. How much longer have you got to go? You will probably find that you are buying loads of stuff now, and some is big expensive stuff, but once your DD is here, you will only need the odd small item.

elvis I count a tub of ice-cream as a treat too!

ItalianWiking84 Mon 28-Apr-14 19:55:03

Fanta that is exactly why we buy a lot now, in order for us to not having to chase around after stuff after she is born.
I am in week 36 + 4, so getting close now. Have final consultation tomorrow with cardiology and gynogolog and then hopefully I will now if they let me have a natural birth or not.
But when looking at my list (I am a list person, according to DP) we have all now we need for her smile

MissMysticFalls Mon 28-Apr-14 19:57:04

Thanks for the new thread MissA. Two months to go until I stop working for my biggest client and hopefully things will settle down. Last year I took most of July off including a 3 week break from the internet. The aim this time is to work like mad until end of June while being frugal and use the savings to help buy our 1st house (!) and not need to replace my client so I can spend more time with my family.

Some frugal things are fun - baking, growing veg, foraging, etc. And hopefully I'll have more time to do some of those soon...

Good luck everyone!

FantaSea Mon 28-Apr-14 19:58:47

Italian not long to go now then smile . I do hope your appointments go well tomorrow and they allow you the birth you want.

ItalianWiking84 Mon 28-Apr-14 20:16:14

Thanks Fanta I sure hope too....

I'm sitting in half light because 2 out of 3 of the bulbs in the light in the sitting room have blown and I don't want to spend any money to egg some more sadblush

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 28-Apr-14 20:36:18


Thanks for the new thread flowers

CoolCadbury Mon 28-Apr-14 20:47:32

missa where are my manners? Thanks, for the new thread. thanks

mystic can I be really nosey and ask what you do?

On the home front, I (and DS) survived his birthday party, which was held at home. Total cost £25 and all the children enjoyed it. Saved tonnes of money doing most of the stuff DIY I think. Just glad that it's all over.

Thanks for the links. Am going to water down my fabric conditioner, change my mobile to virgin (saving £30pm!) and shop later in the day grin. I saw a tip to get flour from a local milk to make bread, any idea how I can find one? Not much online

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 28-Apr-14 20:59:08

Cheap bread recipe

200g smart price flour
200g bread flour, white or wholemeal
5g salt
5g yeast
15ml oil
270ml water.

Cool well done. Not surprised your glad its all over.

MissAnnersleyismyhero Mon 28-Apr-14 21:51:43

Dishwasher finally broke, funny that I was just looking at a new one last week, I must have had a feeling! Have ordered a new one, £200 out of this months wage money, the rest from savings and got £50 cashback, so glad I had a little fund for things like this!!

New one comes on Weds 7th, DH is firmly on dishwashing duty til then. grin

£7.85 on prescription charge for pain meds - put my back out coaching kiddies tennis at work (I am not even a sport teacher, so stupid!) and spend all of yesterday lying on a hard floor unable to move.

Passthecake30 Mon 28-Apr-14 22:07:54

Thanks for the new thread. This month I am going to make a note of what I pay for in cash...I take £160-£200 out in twenties over the month and I have no idea what I spend it on. ...

MsAspreyDiamonds Mon 28-Apr-14 22:09:04

spent too much this weekend on eating out while out & about. Didnt plan ahead to pack a lunch so need to tighten our belts this month. We have 3 close family & friends getting married this summer so need to save for gifts. I am recycling old party outfits with new accessories to save a bit of cash.

northender Mon 28-Apr-14 22:17:05

Signing in. Thanks for the new thread missA .

I for one am very glad to be seeing the back of April, it's been a spendy month but we're all budgeted for May with no anticipated big spends.

Nothing spent today. Shouldn't be any spends tomorrow either.

MissMysticFalls Mon 28-Apr-14 22:20:14

I'm a consultant cool - mainly in digital marketing and for charities so I spend so much time online that it's only a holiday if the internet stays at home when I go away!

CremeEggThief Mon 28-Apr-14 22:36:42

Thanks, MissA. thanks.

Fluffy, I think so, but it's the higher welfare I like most. I can't always afford it, but I prioritise organic dairy over organic fruit and veg. Lidl sell Graham's 2 pints for 89p. Bargain!

CoolCadbury Mon 28-Apr-14 23:16:36

spotty that's not great. sad Have a look at screwfix.com to see if you can get cheap lighting. I was paying over £7 for 2 halogen bulbs for the kitchen on the high street and screwfix do a pack of 10 for less than a fiver. shock

AdoraBell Mon 28-Apr-14 23:59:13

grin Fluffy just read your last comment on t'other thread.

Spent £35 on things for school, plastic cutery and plates, extra bottle of Tobasco, a chicken - for the same price as a packet of breast fillets - yoghurt for the week, cheap snacks for staaaaarving DDs post school, fruit juice and summat else I can't remember now.

DD1 does need new skirts for school, she says they are long enough but she can't see herself from the back. Will get those tomorrow.

Cool dp is a builder so really should have thought of that myself! I will have a look later thanks

Does anyone know where I can get cheap, branded moisturiser from? I've tried loads of different types and the only one that works is okay total effects but it's RRP is £15. Any ideas?

CoolCadbury Tue 29-Apr-14 08:33:43

elvislives just found this. If you buy two, it's free delivery.

Has anyone bought books from Wordery? They are the cheapest (by £2) for a book I need for work.

FantaSea Tue 29-Apr-14 09:26:45

Adora my DD leaves school this summer so I am eeking out her uniform and her skirts are so short. She actually told me last week that one is too short to wear, which is what I have been telling her for a long time, so we are down to one. I had a look in Asda this morning to see if I could get her a cheap one but no luck.

CoolCadbury Tue 29-Apr-14 15:27:50

I was going to say NSD but I just paid £820 for the fence! Not quite NSD then. Good job, I had budgetted for it and had the money available. smile

£1.60 hospital carpark

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 29-Apr-14 17:15:51

£10 petrol.

Passthecake30 Tue 29-Apr-14 17:21:53

£35 buying my team a thank you lunch. Very nice too and I'm so stuffed at least I will save on dinner!

ComfyLeatherChair Tue 29-Apr-14 17:48:07

Can I join in? Tonight we are having salmon fillets from Co-op reduced from £4 a pack to £1 for two and bunged in the freezer over Easter. (I am a reduced food fiend - Waitrose is amazing for this) but I get most stuff delivered by Asda

Sold some stuff on eBay over the weekend, but have just splurged £10 on a yarn winder.
Apart from that no other spend today!

FantaSea Tue 29-Apr-14 17:58:06

Comfy welcome smile . I have considered getting a yarn winder as I buy a lot of my wool in charity shops and thought it would make nice tidy balls of wool.

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 29-Apr-14 18:15:34

Everyone's welcome comfy

£1.74 on amazon. I haven't given up on the G4 bulbs, I'm ordering 14w replacements for the 20w while the technology catches up with demand. So I got them and drawing paste for Dh. I had a £5 voucher off nielsen mobile tracking app.

I just need to send the other led bulbs back and my eBay parcel.

ItalianWiking84 Tue 29-Apr-14 18:34:19

15,97 euros for different toiletries and cleaning stuff, 29,97 euros for groceries.
Anybody seen any good deals on YNAB?

CoolCadbury Tue 29-Apr-14 18:46:59

Not yet italian

ItalianWiking84 Tue 29-Apr-14 19:01:42

Bummer, but thanks Cool

AdoraBell Tue 29-Apr-14 19:23:28

£42 on 2 school skirts
£25 in the supermarket
£2.40 on roads by the time I get back, am having a caffeine top-upwink
£2 on coffee
£2 on parking

Will look at pyjamas for DDs after school so might spend another £12/15

AdoraBell Tue 29-Apr-14 19:28:11

Fanta we're not long into the new school year so there was no way I could allow her to continue with the existing skirts. I'll just have to stop feeding her insteadwink, sorry you couldn't get anything in Asda.

FantaSea Tue 29-Apr-14 19:48:58

Adora pleased you could get the new skirts and on the plus side, your DD will get the full year out of them. My DD only has 3 weeks left, plus exam days, so I may turn into my mother and do a bit of 'rinsing through' and 'sponging' each evening to make her single skirt last until the end!

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 29-Apr-14 20:09:37

Could you let the hem down?

£5 off a £35 spend Lidl voucher on facebook. Like the page then do the "a lidl extra" blue box at the top.

Fuck you Aldi with your £5 off a £45 spend angry

FantaSea Tue 29-Apr-14 20:12:56

Fluffy thank you for the suggestion but there is no hem, just a couple of millimetres sewn up to neaten it grin .

lilacclery Tue 29-Apr-14 20:24:40

€1.04 on lemon juice, getting back into green tea with a dash of lemon juice cos it's helping to boost my weight loss.
Small spend is helped by return to work no time to go to shop before work as they're not open & in hurry to pick kids up in the evening so limited or zero shopping!!

italian I've worked out if I buy direct from ynab & use the 10% off coupon it'll cost me €38 converting $54, steam cost is €49.99. I'd hold off if I thought it'd go on sale soon though! Must try out to see if different email works for trial.

CremeEggThief Tue 29-Apr-14 20:35:51

smile at Fluffy.

Right, £1.90 cash bus fare taking my cat to the vet, which cost £49.59, and £10.01 in Lidl. The last two were on card.

Welcome all newbies.

ComfyLeatherChair Tue 29-Apr-14 20:40:01

Ooh, thank you for the Lidl voucher tip. Can the lidl voucher be used for wine? Who does better wine Aldi or Lidl?

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 29-Apr-14 20:46:47

You can use it on anything as long as the totals £35 before the vouchers taken off.

I've not tried lidl wines. I'm willing to make a sacrifice though and risk it.

ComfyLeatherChair Tue 29-Apr-14 20:54:41
northender Tue 29-Apr-14 21:04:18

I'm just planning my £45 aldi shop. Making sure I get stuff which will last or freeze to make up the cost. Lidl just isn't as convenient for us.
NSD today

Ohhelpohnoitsa Tue 29-Apr-14 21:07:28

argghh its taken me ages to get here. on mobile app active, i have mumsnet messages going back to mid 2013. anyone know how to get rid??
will catch up later. got some exam marking to do......extra cashwink

ilovepicnmix Tue 29-Apr-14 21:22:35

NSD. This is working out to be a cheap trip back to see family.

fluffy do you know how long the lidl voucher is valid for and does it have to be printed off?

Welcome comfy and all newcomers.

ilovepicnmix Tue 29-Apr-14 21:28:40

I've just checked fb so will answer my own questions. valid this Fri till Mon and needs to be printed grin. I'll still be at my mum's but she might like it. My frugalness is a family joke so it'll give her a laugh if nothing else.

CoolCadbury Tue 29-Apr-14 22:02:36

lilac and italian I am sure there will be a YNAB sale on in May. (I can feel it in my waters grin)

AdoraBell Tue 29-Apr-14 22:37:06

Had a think about PJs and decided against looking, they can manage with what they already have <hard as nailswink>

MissMysticFalls Tue 29-Apr-14 23:14:35

Sort of a NSD as I bought things with my birthday money. Until this evening when DP ordered a takeaway - but I can make my lot last for three meals and we discovered this morning that we had about 65 quid still in our "jam jars" for April so decided we could treat ourselves and take DS to a (overpriced) children's farm this week as well.

AuditAngel Wed 30-Apr-14 00:34:17

Evening all. MissA thank you for the new thread. NSD today.

Yesterday £10 for DD1's dancing t-shirt and I owe £18 for her hoodie but I didn't have enough cash on me to pay this one.

£14.30 in M&S on bits and bobs, went in for coleslaw, but got lots of reduced bargains.

lilacclery Wed 30-Apr-14 07:58:18

Great coolcadbury won't hold you to it but it'd be great to get it at a frugal price! I successfully downloaded the trial to my pc, it was on my laptop the previous time that I didn't use it so spent a bit of time last night getting familiar with it and will watch the videos etc at the weekend. Will give it a good road test and then sale will either have happened or I will have decided if it's worth the full price.

Planned spending for today is Fairy Liquid, can't compromise on this & toilet paper has to be the 10 pack in pink wrapper from Lidl. That should be it. hmm

Helenagrace Wed 30-Apr-14 08:10:53


Signing in for May. We are spending loads at the moment. Had to buy a second car for DH to get to his new job. Got a good deal I think. They wouldn't drop the price but they have given us a £500 two year warranty plan and six month's tax.

Also looks like we're moving. The house here is fine but the kitchen is beyond dreadful. The neighbour says it was fitted in 1985! It's quite literally falling apart and the LL does the bare minimum. For £200 per month more we can get a bigger much nicer house by the beach so we're going for it. Bit stressful though as we have to get all the checks done by Friday.

I'm not going to write down what we're spending. I will just cry.

FantaSea Wed 30-Apr-14 08:29:24

lilac I have to buy Fairy liquid too! The other day in Asda they were selling off the huge 1250ml bottles for 50p each! I couldn't believe my luck so I got 4 and so have enough to last me ages smile .

ItalianWiking84 Wed 30-Apr-14 09:32:15

Payday smile Very nice. So added another 535 to the saving, so saving total from april pay is 1535 euros :=) Feels good.... Hoping for a NSD today....

moneyone Wed 30-Apr-14 10:37:42

Hello new month (nearly). Should be a NSD, have sorted out ynab and paid double the CC repayment. <polishes halo, pours coffee, gets down to work>

annielostit Wed 30-Apr-14 11:16:29

Aldi pinot grigio is better than lidl @3.99 a go.

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 30-Apr-14 16:29:15

£10 on petrol.

CoolCadbury Wed 30-Apr-14 16:46:09

italian that's some serious saving. Well done flowers

helena I would kill for a house by the beach so an extra £200, if you can afford it, sounds okay to me. Is it going to cost loads to move? Last time, we did most of it ourselves and for the big stuff, hired a man with a van.

CoolCadbury Wed 30-Apr-14 16:48:17

Despite spending £124 shock shock last week on food shopping, our monthly spending on food and toiletries came to £320.

MissAnnersleyismyhero Wed 30-Apr-14 16:52:30

Almost an NSD until I passed the fruit stall on my way back from blood test - could not walk past 3 massive punnets of strawbs for £2. So LSD. grin

Feeling good about debt repayment, DH had a wobble this morning when he saw £1500 of really hard earned, long awaited freelance and overtime money he has earned in dribs and drabs since October (but received all at once on this payday) going straight off debt, but we chatted and he seems more cheerful now.

It's funny, it doesn't get me down at all - I get a high off paying down the debt whereas he gets frustrated. He's really done amazingly though - gone from habitually chucking small purchases onto one of 3 credit cards and juggling the payments to living completely within his means almost overnight - no slips in 4 months.

YY annie to Aldi Pinot wine <yum>

MissAnnersleyismyhero Wed 30-Apr-14 16:53:03

flip me cool! Lobster at yours tonight is it? grin

<angles for invitation>

AdoraBell Wed 30-Apr-14 17:18:59

Well done on getting DH to that point MissAnnersley.

I had a result this morning, forgot to give DDs £2.50 each for something in school today so they had DH's spare cash insteadgrin. Means I can do my end of one month and beginning of next month NSDs.

It's a holiday here tomorrow so no school run road tolls. I'll buy honey and nuts on Friday.

ItalianWiking84 Wed 30-Apr-14 17:24:28

Thanks cool all goes towards the car deposit and a house mortgage, so feeling very happy every time the savings goes up smile
NSD here smile

FantaSea Wed 30-Apr-14 18:18:39

Just bought a 16-25 railcard for DD using my Tesco clubcard vouchers. It would normally be £30 but has only cost me £15 in vouchers and will save her a third on all her rail travel for a year, so I am very happy smile .

CremeEggThief Wed 30-Apr-14 19:39:01

£15.89, on travel, a new boot tray and a coffee out. I've been feeling a bit fed up lately and I got paid today, so decided to take out £20 for unbudgeted spending.

The only Lidl wine I've had is their New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc for £5.something, and I was extremely impressed.

Nsd smile

ilovepicnmix Wed 30-Apr-14 19:49:59

�6.77 in asda on a few bits and bobs of food for DS eg bananas, yogs. �15 to my bro who has just ordered me some kind of memory stick off eBay. I'm not v technological but he has bought DS a tablet which I will use too. DS is too young for it really but it'll be good for cartoons on long journeys. I had ideas of eye spy etc but the reality of being a single parent with family miles away means I'll do anything to make travel easier.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Wed 30-Apr-14 20:21:40

evening all, horrifically spend for me. 2 new tyres at £265 but did get £15 cash back [thanks fluffy] then £85 in Morrisons on bits and bobs and luxuries for a birthday tea tonight for a family member. Did get washpowder too but I am not sure i like the smell aerial febreeze . Anyone used it? Guests now gone so its a.frugal shower for me then polishing off some.more cheesecake whilst exam marking. I doubt the after dinner mints will make it through the night either............

northender Wed 30-Apr-14 21:08:09

55 pounds at aldi today
No debt reduction in April but aiming for a significant reduction in May and June.

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 30-Apr-14 21:11:31

£4 postage for eBay parcels.

£5 wine.

AuditAngel Wed 30-Apr-14 21:47:34

£42 in Sainsbury's tonight as I needed a Victorian packed lunch for DS's school trip tomorrow (2 chicken legs, unsliced white bread with butter, 2 mini pork pies and a big fat carrot).

The hardest bit was they aren't allowed glass bottles, nor plastic! I had a metal water bottle but with a plastic sports cap and print on the outside. I managed to find a huge cork that fits the neck of the water bottle, I covered the bottle in brown paper to make it look like earthenware.

I was worried that I had overspent my food budget (£54 in Sainsbury's on Saturday, £14 in M&S Monday and £42 today, but this will go through the weekend and we will have been back from holiday 2 weeks then so well with £100 a week.

Mum is going in for an operation tomorrow so I have my dad coming to stay. I may need to buy more wine......

springbright Wed 30-Apr-14 22:05:05

April good news - ended the month a little in the black (thank goodness for 30 day month!), have a plan in place to save a little extra pocket money for the summer holidays, had some lovely cheap days out.

April bad news - did not track money or plan for spends leaving me feeling decidedly ropey mid-month, roofing company came back today and we await verdict of the horrendous quote.

Hugely spendy day today. Over £100 to pay for friend's hen-do in the summer (planned for and as bridesmaid, a duty!). Also 3rd day in a row spending in Aldi. I've started slimming world, which is going well, but whilst I get my head around it I need to meal plan daily rather than weekly.

Good luck for May everyone!

silkknickers Wed 30-Apr-14 22:19:24

NSD today, but only because of an off school poorly DS.

Jinty64 Wed 30-Apr-14 22:34:50

Well, I've had a hard couple of weeks and been more spendy than I should have been. Back now to serious budgeting. £14 for ds3's piano lesson and £12.07 in the wee shop on the way home for a few essentials (wine and cake) to tide me over until Sainsbury deliver tomorrow.

The good news I got £15 off a £60 shop in Sainsbury plus free delivery hence my abandonment of Aldi this week. I sold 2 things on Gumtree for £10 each, I got £35 from top cash back and £21 of Amazon vouchers for doing surveys so that all helps. I have also found our local Facebook selling pages so planning a big clear out.

Passthecake30 Wed 30-Apr-14 22:55:46

£25 on sandals in the clarks outlet and £34 on new converse from eBay as my old ones fell apart. I allow myselft £100p/m on clothes/shoes/Clinique so it's ok. Ican afford it, I'm hardly extravagant, just replacing worn items.

£3 in pound land on soap, toothpaste etc

Helenagrace Wed 30-Apr-14 23:20:18

Spendy day here - £400 on referencing fees! DH's contract came through but we had to replace his driving licence as we have no idea where it is.

Good bill is low as I'm trying to run down stocks.

Just checked my bank balance and the £250 refund from southern electric is in smile should be nsd today but we've got nothing planned so if the dc get bored I might end up taking them somewhere...

ComfyLeatherChair Thu 01-May-14 08:14:26

£12,on goggles for DS1
£10 on coffee and cake for a friend who is stressed
£7.50 on cheapy crocs for DS1, bananas and ice cream
Ouch it's not until I type it out that I realise how.much I have spent!

FantaSea Thu 01-May-14 09:10:12

Audit I remember the Victorian day DD did in year 5 - I had terrible trouble finding a paper bag for her lunch. Hope your mum's operation goes well today flowers

lilacclery Thu 01-May-14 12:52:13

missannerslyismyhero I'm in awe of your debt reduction that's fantastic going. I've brought my dh around to debt reduction too now that we're both back in full time employment. He wishes to buy a new car, I'm not sure so we've compromised on putting away the repayment for it each week for 6 months plus reducting our current debt also. We'll make a decision then & have a 10% deposit then if we choose to invest and also know if it is overstretching us.

Fantasea never see fairy on reductions like that in Ireland but always on some sort of offer and bottle lasts about a month.

Yesterday turned out to be a NSD because I was working late & couldn't be bothered going to the shop so I just added water to the fairy bottle to stretch it further & we're not out of loo roll so can get it when doing the grocery shop at the weekend.

Earned €166.50 at my class this week so plans for that are €45 to cleaner today, €40 towards income tax in oct(first time to put some away for it this year shock & remainder towards one of my credit cards. Start as I mean to go on. The trial of ynab is influencing my thinking already!

ItalianWiking84 Thu 01-May-14 16:23:03

Paid rent today and 10 euros for OV card, all in the budget smile Beside NSD

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 01-May-14 16:58:25

£10 on a mascara.

MissAnnersleyismyhero It's a brilliant feeling to pay off debts. The next trick is to avoid new ones.


MissAnnersleyismyhero Thu 01-May-14 17:15:44


Have eaten way too much again today, and am really starting to see weight creeping back on sad need to get on top of the snacking.

AdoraBell Thu 01-May-14 17:36:21

Hope everything goes well with your mum's operation Audit

Silk hope DS is better soon.

Comfy coffee and cake for stressed friends is investing rather than spending in my book. If you can't easily spare the cash then try to do it at your place next time.


springbright Thu 01-May-14 17:53:26

NSD! Feels good starting the month on one!

Frugal wins - dropped a new baby gift (bought in January sales) to friend rather than posting; got pay slip and have moved a pay point giving me an extra £36 a month; no lunchtime trips to Aldi!

CremeEggThief Thu 01-May-14 18:38:50

NSD, without even realising so until now. So yesterday's treat worked!

Hope your mum's operation went well, AuditAngel.

CoolCadbury Thu 01-May-14 18:42:21

NSD apart from lunch, I will get the money back on expenses.

Am gutted as I have lost my phone sad. Last time I remember having it was walking into work. I forgot all about my phone until I went home and I went to get it from my bag and it wasn't there. I am working tomorrow am and hoping to retrace my steps. But I was working in 3 different rooms today.

ilovepicnmix Thu 01-May-14 19:30:02

Hope all goes well with the op audit

Oh cool I feel for you.

�18 on birthday present for my aunt.

Thetimes123 Thu 01-May-14 20:02:56

Can I join... I sold some old baby items and got 85 pounds which is good. Did put 70 pounds of petrol into the car and a pound of chocolate into my mouth too grin

FantaSea Thu 01-May-14 20:07:39

Thetimes welcome smile . Where did you sell your baby items? £85 is great!

Cool oh what a pain - I have lost my phone before and then found it in the car, having turned the house upside down first obviously. I do hope you have some luck finding it tomorrow.

ItalianWiking84 Thu 01-May-14 20:43:22

cool perhaps a collegue has it, if it perhaps has been laying somewhere or feel on the floor... Hope you find it tomorrow...

Thetimes123 Thu 01-May-14 20:50:56

I sold baby items to a lady at work, they were on eBay, so I got a good result.
My mantra this months is 'I will not over spend, I will not over spend'

I found a cheap broadband and phone package!! Southern electric FREE broadband for six months then £11.99 after (18m contract) and £14.49 line rental evening and weekend calls. Phoned Sky and they begs they could do was £25 a month which would have been £50ish more over the 18 months. Currently paying £32 with them so quite a saving smile

PolkadotRosa Thu 01-May-14 20:59:23

Can I join in? Catching up on the posts so far- very inspiring.
Do we post our daily spends/no spends? Trying to have as many NSD's as possible, so need to get planning! Took leftover pasta for lunch today, had homemade soup the previous two days (did I really used to buy my lunch every day?!)

ItalianWiking84 Thu 01-May-14 21:18:39

Welcome to the new people smile

Needed to top up phone, so 10 euros. But think its quite good that I have managed to spend only 10 euros on a months calls to Denmark smile Given that I call ALOT its a fair price I think smile

ItalianWiking84 Thu 01-May-14 21:39:50

Dont live in the UK, but someone posted this on FB, www.familyandfriends-railcard.co.uk/trialcard/, so thought I would share in case others can use it

AuditAngel Thu 01-May-14 22:14:04

Mum's operation seems to gave gone well, the main worry was that last time mum had an anaesthetic she also had a heart attack. She is currently in the high dependency ward but that is a precaution following the drama last time.

Was nearly a NSD today, but then I paid for the 3 children's dancing Lessons in cash, £110 (after borrowing £10 from DS's cash in my purse).

More good news today. DS is appearing in Evita in June at one of the local theatres. It's starring Marti Pellow who I've always considered to be gorgeous, being a proud mummy I obviously have to go to see Marti DS.

AuditAngel Thu 01-May-14 22:15:08

Sorry, I forgot to say thanks for all your kind wishes for my mum <hides rude self in the corner to punish self for bad manners>

FantaSea Thu 01-May-14 22:15:53

Polkadot welcome smile

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 01-May-14 22:30:56

At least she's out of theatre and recovering audit

spotty will they let you pay upfront for line rental? Most do and then it's only £10-11. Can you get cashback for it? One of the broadband comparison search engines might give cb for a search that leads to a sale.

Bt charged me £60 to leave and I wasn't even in contract. I hate bt. It's on my ever growing list of companies I won't use again.

NK5BM3 Thu 01-May-14 22:45:03

Hello! Back from Paris. Will catch up soon!

AdoraBell Fri 02-May-14 01:55:12

Glad the op went well and I'm sure your mum is in good hands Audit

We've sold the gas guzzlergrin lovely peeps at the Toyota dealership have actually bought it from us in exchange for us buying one of theirs. The place DH bought it from would only put it on the forecourt and let loads of people drive it before steering them towards their new ones hmm. Anyway, the replacement is half the price and running costs will be too. So I'm happy and DH is less stressed.

We're swapping them tomorrow and I'll also buy honey and nuts to do granola when I get back here.

Hope Paris was good NK

Glad it went well audit and wow to your ds!

Fluffy I can't afford to pay it upfront blush there's no cash back and they don't seem to come up on the comparison sites confused I asked for my mac code from sky and it's not enough digits angry I was hold for half an hour too...

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 02-May-14 06:57:32


springbright Fri 02-May-14 07:02:43

Welcome polkadot smile yes the little savings do add up and leftovers are brilliant for lunches. I hate making sandwiches (I'm genetically unable to spread butter) so most of our lunches are dinner from the evening before.

audit get well wishes to your mum and well done to your ds, what a superstar!

spotty and adora great news on the frugal wins!

fluffy I will never use British Gas again after a billing dispute 7 years ago! Funny how these things stay with you!

Aiming for a NSD today by sitting on the couch all day! Just hot to stay away from the amazon app

CoolCadbury Fri 02-May-14 07:33:15

That's great news about the car adora.

spotty well done with the frugal win! hopefully sky sort themselves out soon.

Another one who hasn't used the services of both BT and British Gas in years, on principle.

MissAnnersleyismyhero Fri 02-May-14 07:35:52

My no-go company is Scottish Power - we switched from them to another supplier and they continued to bill me for 6 months, I've calked endless times, sent emails, tweets, anything I could to try and sort it out. It's with the energy ombudsman now ...

FantaSea Fri 02-May-14 10:35:24

Audit hope your mum continues to improve and well done to your DS, that is brilliant smile .

All this talk about energy suppliers reminds me of when we first moved into our house 12 years ago, and we wanted to change supplier. It was British Gas we were trying to change from, and they continued to bill us even when we had cancelled, so we had 2 gas bills for about 6 months too, and then we had a fight and a half to get them to stop. It was really stressful at the time.

Hoping for a NSD today - DD is home revising and I won't be passing any shops. Have had a rummage in my freezer for some food for tonight so all ok there smile .

ComfyLeatherChair Fri 02-May-14 12:41:52

Please could someone tell me what YNAB is?

annielostit Fri 02-May-14 12:44:33

Have set may budget at £560 for food/diesel/night out with DH. This may seem a lot but i didn't have a budget before and then this time next year we will be broke. Seem obsessed by not wanting to spend. Would love the night on the tiles with drinks and dinner but should really wait till at least next weekend. Aldi wine and home made curry it is then.☺

annielostit Fri 02-May-14 12:46:12

You need a budget - an app/budget/finance related. Highly recommended on this site.

annielostit Fri 02-May-14 12:49:11

Comfy leather chair- I say app but its a system for PC/ Mac etc. Not very tech minded myself, someone else will explain it better.

NK5BM3 Fri 02-May-14 14:07:41

Audit - glad your mums out of
Hospital. Adora - thanks for asking. Paris was fine. Bad weather although we didn't get out of the hotel much due to all the meetings! Amazingly though we managed to get the worst French food ever. I am blaming it on the touristy fare that we had to endure (and pay lots of ££ for!! Although it was paid for by work... But still!). I never waste food these days and yet I couldn't make myself eat some of it.

Another £20 on mcdonalds for lunch today and £17 for 2 jumpers for ds who has outgrown his. Argh.


ItalianWiking84 Fri 02-May-14 15:32:16

695 euros spent today shock but was for deposit for car and came from saving, but still.... Me like my money way to much in the bank lol

CoolCadbury Fri 02-May-14 16:20:17

comfy it's a budgetting system with its own set of rules you have to follow, but the rules are great, keeps you stressing about money, are easy to follow and there are only four of them. You download it on to your PC/laptop and can download it on to your apple devices, but you need a Dropbox account for all it to sync together.

Lots of people are waiting with bated breath for it to go on sale, but try a trial version. It's great.

CoolCadbury Fri 02-May-14 16:21:07

even italian is a convert wink

CoolCadbury Fri 02-May-14 16:22:43

grin I know what you mean italian.

springbright Fri 02-May-14 17:02:41

�47.55 petrol. �2.77 in B&M - its addictive! 7 pack of hula hoops for 69p which I thought was pretty good. Another bargain I spotted this week and need to snap up is vacuum packed beetroot in also for 39p - date is august so I'm going to stock up!

antimatter Fri 02-May-14 17:20:35

Loks like we will be staying for free in Istanbul. I joined Couchsurfing website in 2006. Hosted various people in with the hope that I can one day start using other people coaches for free. That would save at least 200 pounds

CoolCadbury Fri 02-May-14 17:34:16

antimatter bet you meet interesting people doing that. But how does it work?

Btw, my phone was handed in to front desk yesterday. Phew. Big sigh of relief.

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 02-May-14 17:39:04

£3.50 on Epsom salts, 99p on a pocket calculator.

FantaSea Fri 02-May-14 17:49:43

Cool pleased you found your phone - what a relief.

NSD here today as I haven't left the house as DD has been at home revising. Her railcard which I bought with my Tesco vouchers has arrived - we only ordered that online on Wednesday so that is really fast. Her bf was telling her she can link it with the Oyster card to get money off the underground too so it is better than I thought smile .

PolkadotRosa Fri 02-May-14 18:07:19

NSD again. Yippee. Last night I did spend however, a Sainsbury's online shop for the first time. Have been going to Aldi recently, saving lots, but as I had an email offer of £20 off a £60 1st online shop I couldn't resist! Did a meal plan and had a good think about what we needed so hopefully it should last well into next week too. Although I will be getting fruit & veg from a local f & v shop that I've yet to try as it's cheap and I've heard good things.
Thanks for all the friendly welcomessmile

PolkadotRosa Fri 02-May-14 18:09:09

Oops Meant the week after, not next week

antimatter Fri 02-May-14 18:28:07

Couchsurfing is build on trust and assumption that people who give ratings about each other are true reflection on real life experiences.
When I first learned about it I thought - no one is going to host me with my kids if noone vouched for me smile

So I set up my profile and subscribed to groups where people were looking for emergency accomodation in London. We have it easy here as in if I wanted to host someone I could do it daily. There's such high number of students and people of all ages wanting to visit London and they want to do it cheap too.
Obviously the idea is that you aren't providing hotel services to anyone. But when you are working full time having visitors is quite stressful and I never wanted to commit myself to be their guides etc.

I was pleased they were out all day and we could chat in the evening about their countries and what life is like in UK.

You basically give accommodation (bed, sofa or just space on the floor). They bring sleeping bags. You don't have to provide breakfast or anything to eat. I usually offered it and cooked some evenings because I am very hospitable smile

They usually stayed 2-3 nights. Only one family came for a full week. All my guests were very mindful of rules I explained and left good feedback on my profile.
So now I am looking for accommodation I expect my future host to read them and feel that they know a bit about me and that I am a real person smile

I also donated 20 pounds using debit card and Couchsurfing gave me a badge that I am a real person.

Easiest would be to find a couch out of the main tourist destinations.
Ask me more if you have further questions. I loved hosting but got pets now and job is very demanding so haven't done it for a while.

antimatter Fri 02-May-14 18:32:59

I think Couchsurfing is the most frugal way to travel. You have to be OK to put up with a bit of discomfort but in return you would get to know country you are visiting through the eyes of locals.

I remember my colleagues at work being horrified that I am letting strangers to my house. I had no issues with anyone and my kids were still small learning about being hospitable and just trusting others.

CremeEggThief Fri 02-May-14 19:53:51

£6 on a haircut for DS, £2.69 in Tesco, £18 Scouts subs for DS, and another £3 to cover his bus fare there and support a couple of their fundraising activities. So, £29.69 total.

Glad to hear your mum's operation went well, AuditAngel, and hurrah for getting rid of the gas guzzler, adora.

I've meal planned for next week and will be going to lidl tomorrow (someone remind me to get that voucher!!) let's hope they actually get their delivery in this time hmm

MissAnnersleyismyhero Fri 02-May-14 20:58:55

Almost an NSD today - £3.50 on bun, coffee and banana at work event. £26 on travel which I'll get back in expenses.

Big Sainsbos shop tomorrow, we've eaten the cupboards bare!

ilovepicnmix Fri 02-May-14 22:13:46

�22 on ice cream and drinks at nearby ice cream parlour. it was my treat and it's difficult to get my family to let me pay for anything when im here. �33 on petrol.

AuditAngel Sat 03-May-14 00:16:10

Welcome TheTimes . The good news is mum is out of high dependency and onto a normal ward. DSis spoke to hospital today, looks likely it will be at least Tuesday before she will be out.

£14 in Tesco today on a meal Deal plus eggs, salad, peanut butter and marmite. Planned to make burgers tonight, DH has an unusual Friday night off.

Unfortunately, Dad who is staying while mum us in the hospital has started acted very confused. Had to get the OOH Doctor out, think he has a UTI, need to push fluids, got antibiotics.

I think it may be a very long weekend......

Oh no audit! Did they give him antibiotics?

springbright Sat 03-May-14 06:25:03

What a worry for you audit thanks

spotty up so early? We're staying at my mum's and dd, who usually sleeps really well, has been awake since 4:30am shock I finally gave in and came downstairs with her about an hour ago. She didn't go to bed until 9'o'clock due to all of the excitement so today may be interesting!

Hopefully a NSD or LSD. Going to NT property, free with membership, taking a picnic, provided by mum, will probably buy a ice-cream later if the sun shines!

Passthecake30 Sat 03-May-14 07:04:31

£49 on food shop yesterday, should be enough for a week apart from milk as I need to run things down a bit.
Cinema tonight, £20 to babysitter, £1 popcorn from supermarket and a sweet cone left over from ds party and using cinema tokens that we asked fir for xmas. So quite frugal.

Jinty64 Sat 03-May-14 08:04:25

Audit glad your Mum's getting on ok.

Should have been a NSD yesterday but ended up with £3.75 for two bacon rolls for dh and I whilst DIY shopping. Dh says he will pay me back.

Dh is renovating the bathroom and has removed the bath to put in a walk in shower. This is all good except that the bath has been out for 4 days now and could be another 4 yet. Ds1 had to get up at 6 to go to the gym before college so that he could shower and I have been "swimming" every day. Ds3 who normally loves swimming had to be bribed with cake to go yesterday! Oh to be a normal family who get a bathroom fitter to do it in one day.

Well, better get my swimming costume on and prise ds3 away from his HUDL.

lilacclery Sat 03-May-14 08:30:22

Sitting down with ynab again this afternoon to retrospectively enter where money has gone since payday yesterday! I know this is not the correct way but my first week back on wages meant a few things had built up & it's real nappy week so had to take advantage of those discounts.

Since 5am I've bought a mei tai baby carrier on amazon €20, wipes, wetbags, bum moisturising spray & nappies €50! Registered for a ten mile run on 11th may €25 & half marathon on 14th June €40, had to do these today to guarantee a place. I'll have over spends in some categories but it'll balance out over next week or two.

Fell asleep doing tesco online shop so missed deadline for delivery today & as I don't know our plans for rest of bank holiday weekend I'm going to go to aldi instead today.

Helenagrace Sat 03-May-14 08:31:11

Frugal has been out of the window this week but we now have a new house to move knot in 3 weeks and a new car to pick up next week.

Trying to run the cupboards and freezer down before we move. I think by about a forgnight's time the meal planning might be a little weird unusual.

jasminemai Sat 03-May-14 08:35:18

This week I have spent 32 on food shop, 6 on 2 subway childrens meals from subway with muppets bag, 17 at poundland and got 2 inflatables for holiday, bucket and spade, lots of food for self catering, 3 sets of hairclips/fancy hair bobbles, shampoo, conditioner and 2 drinks bottles. Went a bit crazy there! Not too bad though as spend 55 this week.

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 03-May-14 09:27:21

Free listing on ebay

Passthecake30 Sat 03-May-14 10:52:06

Have been putting head in sand on our house renovation costs. ..a bifold door arrived yesterday and we are waiting for a kitchen quote. ..I do wonder if there's any point in me stretching the food budget atm? ? But it makes me feel like I am semi in control so will keep it up. .until I get my shiny new kitchen and have to fill it up with lots of food!

£46 in lidl including £5 off voucher
£26 tesco including £10 dress for dd and £9.50 present/cards for my sister so total food £53.50. Forgot two things will ask dp to get.
£40.01 petrol grin

NK5BM3 Sat 03-May-14 13:11:07

Did my first proper shop in 3 weeks... £120. Eeks!!but, I have my kitchen! All done! Or rather, mostly there... Just paint, and a bit of skirting boards and coving.

Taking kids to birthday party soon so hopefully dh will get on with stuff... It's wonderful moving the kitchen back to its rightful place...!grin

AuditAngel Sat 03-May-14 13:43:10

NK5BM3 congratulations on the new kitchen.

Yes, Dad is now on antibiotics and has woken up a new (or at least the usual old) man! Fortunately the doctor gave me the antibiotics which saved me from an 11pm trip to boots. As soon as the doctor left I ate some of my (cold) dinner and had a much needed glass of wine.

Big Sainsbury's shop this morning £70.02 after £31 of savings plus a £20 money off voucher. DH asked why I was using Sainsbury's (I usually use Tesco and he thinks I should use Waitrose) so I explained they had offered me a £20 off £60 shop. He agreed that was a good reason!

My Tesco delivery saver has expired instead of automatically renewing because my credit card was cloned. The change to a new card number stopped the delivery saver renewing. I explained that I intend to be an offer tart for a while, seeing who will offer me money off for my custom grin

FantaSea Sat 03-May-14 15:00:07

Audit pleased your dad is on the mend, and hope your mum continues to improve.

£98 in Tesco this morning - got loads though so am hoping that will keep us going for about 10 days or so.

I was sorting out an old handbag the other day and found £50 of ASK vouchers which I had bought with my Clubcard vouchers on the scheme where you quadruple their face value so I had spent £12.50 of vouchers to get them. They run out on Tuesday so we are all going to have a lovely free meal there tonight smile

springbright Sat 03-May-14 16:37:05

fantasea what a great find!

We're back from a lovely, sunny outing. Knackered! £9.10 on ice-creams for five of us.

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 03-May-14 16:43:35

Well done for the new kitchen nk

£30 on taking the cat to the vet.

AdoraBell Sat 03-May-14 19:00:22

Thanks Creme t'is a weight offgrin, only changed over yesterday but DH is hoping To get 2 weeks out of a tank of fuel instead of only 5 days.

Fanta glad you found those vouchers before they expired, hope you all enjoy your meal.

Audit good To see both parents are improving.

We're heading out to DH's office because our t'internet isn't working at homehmm, plus he needs To buy moré supplies and we need a kettle at home.

CoolCadbury Sat 03-May-14 19:27:32

NK great to hear that you have now a brand spanking new working kitchen. Any chance of a photo?

adora so glad you got a good deal with your car and you managed to get rid of the gas guzzler.

Fanta enjoy your meal. I love finding things just in time. It's the universe telling us it loves us grin

audit what a stressful time of it you all have had. Glad that both your parents are getting better. COngrats on your DS by the way. This dancing lark sounds like you spend a fortune on it, but maybe its an investment instead wink

Welcome to the new people as well. smile

I wonder how possiblyorange and cutieorange are doing?

Today, I set up YNAB for my parents. I will be on their case to make sure that they use it. grin

Spent just over £21 on presents for DS' twin friends' birthday and some fish fingers.

NK5BM3 Sat 03-May-14 20:44:42

I'd love to put a photo on here... How does one do it? I'm usually posting on an iPad. Can I do it on an iPad?

Had a couple of friends pop round for abit of kitchen envy. grin One lot of friends are having a huge extension done,,,and another lot then said.. 'Erm what can WE do with our house?!!'

Next thing is sorting out the front door, the flooring downstairs and the back garden. Never ending!

ilovepicnmix Sat 03-May-14 20:52:05

Glad to hear your dad is better now audit. Hope your mum is doing well.

Congratulations on your kitchen nk5bm3.

�3 in gift shop at a museum today. Getting on for �10 in pub this evening.

Thetimes123 Sat 03-May-14 20:56:01

Oh how do we do home improvements without spending smile

FantaSea Sat 03-May-14 21:30:59

Just back from ASK having had a lovely free meal there for the 4 of us, so happy I found those vouchers in time smile

NK I would love a new kitchen! I don't have an iPad but from a laptop there is a section below where you type your post which says 'Images' and there is a 'browse' so I think you click on the 'browse' and select your picture from there. I am not very techie but I think that is right.

Adora 2 weeks out of a tank of fuel sounds great!

ItalianWiking84 Sat 03-May-14 22:14:20

Goes so fast all the post, but congrates on the new kitchen nk
Glad you found those vouchers fanta always nice with these findings.
Spent 10,49 euros on creme/powder for future dd libility cord, that the midwife recommended. Here in NL, you dont have national insurance, but you have to take out your own health incurance, in ours we have my pregnancy covered and so fare, the stuff we have gotten for "free" have defn been a lot higher than what we pay for this extra cover, so happy we took it.
Hoping for low or no spent day tomorrow, but lets see. I am in doubt with my hospital bag, so might spend some time redoing it tomorrow. Other than that, we are ready to greet her, only 20 days left :D

FantaSea Sat 03-May-14 22:24:52

Italian 20 days - now that has gone fast smile . I remember with my hospital bag, I couldn't leave it alone, packing and unpacking, adding bits in etc. I was booked for an induction as I went 2 weeks over, so no last minute panic for me, just an extra 2 weeks to fiddle with my bags - I had enough for about a month in the end, a suitcase(!) and a holdall blush . What bits are you in doubt over?

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sat 03-May-14 23:01:24

thetimes easy.... spring clean and declutter top to bottom and you will realise your house isn't nearly as bad as it felt before. Its true . I guarantee it. Then mid and edge the lawns and sweep the paths. feels like your house and garden have had a makeover for the cost if a bottle of bleach xxx

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sat 03-May-14 23:02:24

mid = mowsad

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sat 03-May-14 23:04:48

AUDITANGEL oops not shouting you.... hope your dad is feeling better. It really is incredible the effect water infections has on older people. I have seen in my fil and grandparents. Shocking to see but quickly remedied hopefully. Feel for you.

CremeEggThief Sat 03-May-14 23:07:16

£49.90 in Tesco, after using about £6 in vouchers, £2.50 on a chippy tea and about £11.80 in Lidl.

Sounds like most of us are having a good weekend smile.

BoffinMum Sat 03-May-14 23:42:53

DS1 has made a case for parental support for a smartphone with data use. Does anyone know the cheapest way of sorting this?

BoffinMum Sat 03-May-14 23:45:32

BTW I swapped the kids' rooms around this week and had a good sort out, and the house is feeling so much better!

antimatter Sun 04-May-14 08:03:16

BoffinMum - do you know where would he mostly use data?
if you have wi-fi at home then he would use that
I would not think he needs more than 2GB data per month in case someone shows you different tariff
I don't know if this is the best place to choose but it will give you some idea how prices are changing if you change requirements depending on the provider:


BoffinMum Sun 04-May-14 08:10:49

Apparently he just wants to use social media like his mates - snapchat and so on. At the Kommt he has a super cheap Tesco mobile, entry level, but he rarely makes calls.

BoffinMum Sun 04-May-14 08:11:14


BoffinMum Sun 04-May-14 08:11:37

Damn phone

Badvoc Sun 04-May-14 08:11:41

NK..I have just sorted my new kitchen! We just have to paint, and put new blinds up etc.
Then the new carpets are coming on Friday!
Complained to ikea re some issues and they are sending me a £100 gift card smile
Will keep for Xmas I think?

Iamnotanugget Sun 04-May-14 10:07:03

Hello All, I'm back with dc3! Being exceptionally frugal right now as we're not doing much, although I did go and spend £90ish on new clothes for baby. This is definitely my last dc and I only had some vests and 3 sleepsuits so they were needed. I shall source larger clothes from ebay when the time comes.

Boffin I would find out how much data his friends are getting through if you can as that'll probably give you a good idea what you'll need. I would definitely look at giffgaff as your provider. They use the O2 network so have good coverage, they are cheap and as it's payg you can maybe agree to paying £x per month but if he wants the next level up bundle he pays the difference. They do some phones on a monthly payment plan but the most frugal is probably to buy outright at the start. Pick a phone, use comparison site, get cashback.

fluffy hope cat is ok.

northender Sun 04-May-14 10:11:19

Our broadband/tv is all with Virgin and so all our mobiles are with them too. We buy phones and then do £7 a month deal (reg payment but not a contract iykwim). Works out well for us and means I don't end up doing endless comparisons online which drive me to drinkgrin

Virgin don't cover our area hmm

£42 online h&m order for dc holiday wear. Got a few more bits to get them including shoes £££

£132 asos order of swimsuits for me. Will be sending all but one or two back

springbright Sun 04-May-14 10:59:11

Lovely news nugget!

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 04-May-14 11:02:56

£5 yesterday on bits we didn't really need in morrisons.

Congratulations iamnotanugget. Is it a dd or a ds?

spotty, did you use a cashback site?.

I have to ring the co-op bank, our account was meant to switch but it hasn't, very odd.

Oh nugget I missed that! Congratulations!

Fluffy I did for asos but h&m don't seem to do it. Found a £5 off voucher online though.

CoolCadbury Sun 04-May-14 11:15:52

nugget congratulations. flowers

spotty landsend are doing 30% off their shoes today - children's shoes are pretty good. Unfortunately, DS sizes have all sold out in the ones I wanted. sad

Also, Clarks are doing £5 off children sport shoes if you spend over £20.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 04-May-14 11:22:23

Yay for cashback & vouchers.

I need to find something to complain about.......I want a £100 gift card too grin

Co-op all sorted, the person who did the switch did it wrong which is why I scheduled it the day after the mortgage went out. No harm done though. I had a feeling it would go wrong.

The strawberries I got from lidl yesterday are mouldy angry so annoying. Their bananas are always bruised too.

ItalianWiking84 Sun 04-May-14 13:24:49

FantaSea i have a sportsbag and her nursing bag. I tried following the hospitals guideline, but in the beginning I couldnt get it all to be there. They want you to bring a gown/robe and mine is a big fleece one, filling almost the whole first bag I tried packing in shock ... And I am insecure how many nappies to bring, so just bought a small new born packet with 28 in and is bringing it in, but in the hospital guide they dont mention any of these things, so now wondering if that is because they might have these things. Oh yeah and how much food/snacks should I bring? I currently have some snickers, biscuit bars and drops. Planning on trying to remember my water bottle....

Congratulations Iamnotanugget Can hardly wait for mine now

Italian I didn't bother with a dressing gown as the hospitals are like saunas over here.

That will be plenty nappies, if you're in for longer than average your dh can bring some more.

I didn't eat any snacks before/during labour but afterwards I did. A bit packet of digestives and lots of a Mars bar grin

I advise spare track suit/pj bottoms and you'll likely leak all over them after having the baby or wet yourself in labour when you're sick

ItalianWiking84 Sun 04-May-14 15:07:11

Thanks spotty, May can be both warm and cold in NL, so think the dressing gown might be useful, perhaps smile And then at least I can say, that I took all they mentioned :D
So my snickers and biscuits should do the job, my PIL live 5 min from hospital, so can always come by after the birth with food, if we are missing..
I will add a couple of more pj bottoms, just in case, thanks for the advice.

lilacclery Sun 04-May-14 16:55:17

New frugal babies so exciting!!
My frugal baby ain't as frugal as he used to be. Now that I'm back at work I've had to buy formula sad as he's a guzzler for bottles & only on one spoonfeed per day yet. I expressed a bit at work this week but hoping supply has settled now.

Nsd today, will be tomo too as bank holiday here & I intend to spend it doing a clear out of my wardrobe did dd's today might do ds's as well tomo. Tues must post a nappy wrap I sold on Facebook but that'll be the only spend.

Jinty64 Sun 04-May-14 17:23:56

Congratulations nugget I would love another newborn but I couldnt do another toddler!

Ds2 wanted coke from Tesco after swimming yesterday so I ended up buying hot chicken, salad and crusty bread for lunch. Money I didn't mean to spend. £13 for soft play today. I had planned on the park but it was raining here earlier and I'm getting too old for hanging about in the rain when I can sit on a large sofa with a latte and Mumsnet.

I'm not having too much luck with Gumtree or the local Facebook pages but I'll just keep going with it.

We will have to swim again tomorrow as we still have no bath or shower. I pay for the gym monthly so at least that won't cost extra.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 04-May-14 18:26:02


silkknickers Sun 04-May-14 18:43:28

nsd day today, which is just as well as I have fallen off the frugal bandwagon BIG style in the last few days.

FantaSea Sun 04-May-14 20:02:23

Italian I would take your robe if you can pack it in - I was glad of mine, as I felt more 'dressed' in front of people and their visitors, but that is an individual thing I know. I agree with spotty about extra pj bottoms and I think that is plenty of nappies. Once I had had DD I was starving and it was nightime then and so I was glad I had brought some biscuits and fruit with me, so it sounds as though you are well prepared. Maybe put some juice boxes in now so you have an alternative to water? As I said upthread, I had tons of stuff with me but I never travel light - so my advice would be if you are unsure and you have room for something, take it anyway, as then it is one less thing to worry about. Not long to go now smile .

nugget congratulations flowers

NSD here smile

ilovepicnmix Sun 04-May-14 20:35:07

NSD for me.

Congratulations nugget

NK5BM3 Sun 04-May-14 20:57:22

Congratulations nugget!

Am enjoying the new kitchen immensely... smile So much so I've gone out to buy the sharp steam mop. You need to understand ladies...I've not had much floor to clean as when we bought this house, it only had carpets. Yes. Carpets everywhere including the loo, the bathroom and the kitchen. confused

So we replaced the floor in the bathroom and loo pretty quickly but till now we still had carpets in the kitchen. So I'm going overboard. Haven't tried it yet but I have high hopes. Cooked my first big meal this evening. Chicken roast and baked some muffins.

Lunch out as needed to get lots of stuff in town. £27. Light casings for light fittings. £20. Asian food shop £53. And Lakeland £104 (steam mop and other things). £8 at pound land (bought some baking stuff and other necessities). Argh.

Happy bank holiday tomorrow! Hope to get all the kitchen stuff back into the kitchen. And get the rest of the house in some order!

springbright Sun 04-May-14 21:29:10

£40 cash taken out by DH. Only about £6 spent on a couple of drinks but am counting all of it as it's bound to disappear into the 'cash- hole' (never understand when people budget better with cash, when it's drawn out in notes and coins it seems to spontaneously combust around here) confused

Oneflueover Sun 04-May-14 22:54:33

I've decided to bite the bullet and try and stop smoking. I've decided to bank transfer the amount that I would spend on flags into a savings account . So £4.23 today and then possibly Tuesday when I would have bought the same again and see how much builds up.

AdoraBell Mon 05-May-14 00:42:32

Congrats Nugget flowers

Glad your kitchen is up and running NK

Will catch up properly later.

NSW (weekend) for me, DH spent £165-ish on office bits and pieces, kettle, new non-stick pan, art supplies for school and roads. Parked for free in his office parking spacegrin

I need to get a few things tomorrow (Monday)

Good for you onefleu

Wish me luck everyone, taking the car to quik fit today for the exhaust.y dad thinks it's the manifold <sob> got my 15% off voucher though....

CoolCadbury Mon 05-May-14 07:46:44

oneflue good idea about putting the money aside. Good luck with it all.

spotty eek. I don't know what the manifold is but it sounds expensive.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 05-May-14 07:59:11

oneflueover have you got NRT off the nhs? When dh gave up they advised two forms of NRT so he had patches & lozenges. We got two weeks supply of patches for one prescription charge & then bought lozenges from savers.

I need to check my fuel bills, sse customers are meant to have had a 3.5% reduction in their bills but I didn't! Plus because I only pay £59 a month (new build, well insulated house) I wouldn't get the full £50 a year rebate anyway so that's not very fair.

Today I need loads of smart price cleaning stuff from tesco (it's not tested on animals so its ok) and magnesium tablets.

ItalianWiking84 Mon 05-May-14 10:08:49

Thanks FantaSea have added juice bricks to my shopping list, then we have a little sugary thing to drink.
I have also taken a tshirt and a pair of boxes with me to DP, as well as a deo and toothbrush to he also can feel a little more clean after the labour.

ItalianWiking84 Mon 05-May-14 10:12:32

NSW for us as well, very nice. But today we need a bit of groceries and some stuff from the ecological supermarket.
BTW any who have heard that raspberry tea leaf should be good for getting your body ready for labour? I dont mean like starting it, but read somewhere that it should help your body to prepare and make labour easier? Any thought on that?

silkknickers Mon 05-May-14 11:03:04

Italian I drank pints and pints of the stuff during my pregnancies. Can't say if it had any effect or not, tbh1

Hopefully n/lsd today. DP owes me lunch :-)

Passthecake30 Mon 05-May-14 11:31:37

Raspberry leaf tea did nothing for me. Tasted vile.

Fennel tea however, was excellent, I drank 3 cups a day and it sorted dds projectile vomiting of her entire feeds (bf)

FantaSea Mon 05-May-14 11:46:35

Italian pleased you have got your bags all sorted, and a good idea to take a few bits for DP. You might like to pack a few cereal bars or something for him to eat if you are in labour a long time - I had visions of my DH going down to the cafeteria to get food but as it turned out I didn't want to be left on my own, so you may feel the same.

I thought raspberry leaf tea was supposed to get labour going - it didn't work for me and tasted horrible I thought.

Spotty hope your car is not too expensive.

I'm hoping for another NSD today smile

BoffinMum Mon 05-May-14 13:03:11

Italian, personally I think raspberry leaf tea is a load of rubbish. Much better to have a steak or two and plenty of veggies and calcium in the run up to labour. IMO. wink

springbright Mon 05-May-14 13:42:27

Agree on the raspberry leaf tea - not quite sure it did anything useful but it does help you feel like you're doing something to prepare!

I need some advice ladies. A 'what would you do' answer.

I think I've mentioned our leaky roof before...well after a few quotes we're looking at about �2000. We currently have �1400 in savings. This is everything. Emergency fund, Christmas fund, car fund, house fund. We could pay for the rest out of overdraft if needs be.

I'm trying to get my head around these figures before making any decisions.
* this is the first time we've ever had savings, it will be gut wrenching to see it all go at once plus incruing some debt.
* the leaks are small but long term. We've had the problem for 7 years and have never properly sorted it out. I'm tempted to wait another year.
* or, as long as it doesn't incur extra costs, I'm hoping we may be able to have the front done this year and the back done next year.

I've worked so hard at being frugal for the past 6 months. I've never had a safety net before. I suppose this is what safety nets are for but if we go ahead and then the car breaks down, we're screwed.

£114 with the 15% off voucher. Humph. Could have been a lot worse though.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 05-May-14 14:34:29

Spring I would never usually advocate a credit card but if you had a 0% one as a back up you could pay upfront for the roof and then if there is a problem later with the car etc you could put it on the credit card.

I have an "empty" 0% card for emergencies.

Reastie on here, at least I think that's her nn, does legendary Christmas present threads. Typing that has reminded me I forgot to buy fil that malt whisky morrisons had marked down to £20 on hotukdeals.co.uk sad.

Adora sorry I was too tired to say congratulations on getting rid of the gas guzzler. Well done, I know it's taken you ages to shift the damn thing.

£25 on paint.
£3 aldi on cat food and cheap bubble bath to use as pump soap.
£6 in tescos on sp loo cleaner, pork pies and bread for dh hmm, rinse aid and a card for him.

I've emailed SSE CEO to moan about the £50 they are meant to be giving us all this year, the way they do it I will get less because I'm a low consumer. Some companies aren't even passing on the saving.

I'm going to email tescos customer services now to complain my local store didn't have the smart price multi surface cleaner I wanted. I am very disappointed in them. I've had to mop using washing up liquid.

Fluffy what's this about £50 back? I'm with sse (southern electric) I'm fixed for five years or something so haven't had anything back?

CremeEggThief Mon 05-May-14 15:06:27

I bought a new vacuum cleaner (£51, after £6.50 clubcard vouchers were used towards it) and new dining chairs (£100.87) online yesterday, but will hopefully make £42.54 from trading in some old books to webuybooks.com. The books were mostly picture books DS has outgrown, but strangely, they were most keen on some old Chalet School paperbacks and Ladybird Read it Yourself ones confused. Lots that I thought they'd want, they didn't, yet they paid out for the really old ones...

NSD so far today, but I'm going to get some ibuprofen in a minute, as I feel flu-ey sad. And we might have a takeaway tonight, but it'll be under a tenner if we do.

Mmm take away, I ate lunch out but actually need an Indian.

£12 on shoes for ds
£6.99 frozen cd for me dd
£10.24 more presents for my sisters bday
£36 lunch out

£35 towards cc


No take away for us!

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 05-May-14 15:21:30

Last year the government reduced the "green" tariffs, it was meant to give us all £50 to reduce our fuel bills BUT some companies haven't paid out at all, some are offering £12.

Sse is offering 3.5% in price cuts from March 2014 for standard tariffs and June for fixed rate. If you spend £1100 a year or so it's roughly £50 incl a £12 rebate we'll get in the autumn.

I've spent a lot of my cashback money and changing banks money on energy saving led bulbs, thermal lined everything and spin dryers etc so my bills only £59 a month. So basically high users save loads and I get shafted.

I have read that if uk usage continues to rise they will have to upgrade the infrastructure to cope and the consumer will be expected to pay for that as well I imagine. Or maybe the government will have to pay and that's why they want the providers to fund green alternatives and home insulation program's.

Jinty64 Mon 05-May-14 16:16:40

fluffy £59 a month is fantastic. We are £179 and that's with thermal curtains and wooly jumpers. We are in the Scottish Highlands though so it is generally colder. And teenagers don't help - every electric device known to man!

NSD so far today but have run out of yogurt for breakfast. If ds1 pops to Tesco as he is threatening I might ask him to get some - they have their uses.

NK5BM3 Mon 05-May-14 18:55:19

Got to the beach in the end... After dh sorted skirting boards out and I had a go at the steam mop. Woah! shock Read the instructions and it said to wash the wipe cloth I need to use liquid detergent. Really?? Does anyone know about the shark steam mop? I use powder and I'm not about to go buy a bottle of Persil for this!!

£1 for ice cream - dh paid the rest, and £18.60 for fish and chips. Argh.

NSD tomorrow... I'm at work!

PolkadotRosa Mon 05-May-14 20:53:35

NSD today and just £1.30 yesterday whilst out on an ice lolly for DD (being used to a box of Aldi lollies for a quid = rip off!)
Ooh just had a thought.. Do we include monthly, regular Direct Debits as daily spends??
£27 on a lovely ASOS bikini which was reduced in the swimwear sale
£6.50 on socks for DD at Sainsbo's, and a blummin' £3.50 begged-for hairband (which has since been left at a friend's house!)

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 05-May-14 21:31:04

I've never incl DD, that's usually money you have to spend like rent or broadband.

AdoraBell Tue 06-May-14 02:58:28

Thanks Fluffy, DH realized today that he left cash and his prepaid parking card in the glove box. Of course it wasn't found by anyonehmm, he can cancel the card but don't know if they'll transfer his credit which is about £15, and there was about the same in cash.

I spent £25 in the supermarket today. Couldn't get into the green grocer's as he was having Tarmac laid. Obvs doing well as until now it's all been dirt track parking and no one else along there has anything other than mud for parking spaces. I'll try to get veg etc tomorrow.

Will catch up properly tomorrow.

MissAnnersleyismyhero Tue 06-May-14 07:38:20

fluffy is that for dual fuel shock???

We pay about £70 per month for dual fuel and have a small deficit (less than £100) which I am hoping will even out now it's summer still bloody freezing

NSD yesterday, should be today as well.

MissMysticFalls Tue 06-May-14 07:41:58

We're seeing the mortgage advisor soon and last night I used Satander's Affordability calculator to see what we might be offered under the new mortgage rules. Cue panicked conversation with DP on how to reduce our expenditure so we can get a decent mortgage. The calculator looks to see if we can afford a 4 pc increase in our mortgage repayment. Means cutting back and being extra frugal now to show we could if mortgages shot up in the near future.

I'm in for this month. The house refurbishment is nearly finished and my bank balance is looking very sorry for itself so I need to build up a buffer again. Hopefully, once the next CC bill is cleared then the big spending is over (except for Car Tax at the end of the month which I only noticed yesterday angry).

I need to draw up a list of big payments due for the rest of the year like insurance and start putting aside money monthly now so I'm not taking money out of the savings pot I'm trying to rebuild to pay for a predictable expense.

I will draw up a 2 week rolling meal plan this week and a basic budget.

ItalianWiking84 Tue 06-May-14 11:55:30

Thanks for the advice re the tea, think I will buy it if I see it, but not wander half the town around to get it.
Went shopping yesterday, no idea what we bought or the price of it. Became very poorly in the middle of the store (I have a heart condition) so ended up sitting on a chair, feeling very bad, close to fainting and could barely breath. My partner did all he could to be there for me and still do the damn shopping. Did anybody help? Nope not a soul. So disappointed, eventho my DFIL after we came home, that it is typically Dutch not to help. If it had been in Denmark, at least somebody from the store would have come and asked if I needed something, a drink or something to eat, if I would have like to sit in the employee room, call an ambulance ect. Here, absolutely nada. There were even people complaining to my partner, that he was taking to long to do the goods at the cashier and why I couldnt just get up my lazy ass and help, even when he explained that I was 37 weeks pregnant, the lady just said "pregnancy is not a illness", and when he then said, "no but heart condition is" she just mumled something about young people being entitled.
ARG! Rant.... Dutch people, when you feeling ill and poorly are clearly just rude and impolite...
That helped getting it off my chest...

FantaSea Tue 06-May-14 12:15:52

Chaz welcome smile - a 2 week rolling meal plan sounds like a good idea. I tend to plan one week ahead and we do seem to have the same things over and over!

Italian so sorry to hear about your experience yesterday, that is just dreadful that no-one helped you. How are you feeling today? Hope you are feeling a little better and have managed to get some rest flowers

MissAnnersleyismyhero Tue 06-May-14 12:55:46

Italian that's terrible!! I believe that it is very normal for dutch people to give birth at home, I have a good friend who married a dutch man and moved there, she had trouble being allowed to give birth in the hospital, have you had that experience?

Hope you feel better today!

ItalianWiking84 Tue 06-May-14 13:29:05

Thanks fanta I feel a bit better today but still very irregular heartbeat, we called my cardiologist and he wants to see my for an emergency check, because its one of the strongest "attacks" Ive had for years.

MissAnnersleyismyhero Normally you give birth at home in NL, and if you have a low risk pregnancy and no medical reasons to give birth at hospital, you have to pay yourself if you want to give birth at hospital.
Because of my condition, I need to give birth at hospital, no choice given, because I need an EKG all trough labour that is monitored by the cardiologist.

FantaSea Tue 06-May-14 13:45:47

Italian pleased to hear you are feeling a bit better today and hope you can get your mind put at rest with the cardiologist. I didn't know that most people give birth at home in the NL - at least giving birth in hospital you have the reassurance that you are being closely monitored.

MissAnnersleyismyhero Tue 06-May-14 14:18:08

Yes, I think my friend had to pay in the end and her in laws were really judgy and made her feel terrible over it, they thought she was being a drama queen hmm

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 06-May-14 16:54:05

italian that's awful. I hope you feel stronger today.

MissAnnersleyismyhero yes that's dual fuel. I made a real effort with with house though, it's all led lightbulbs & dh paid for an induction hob because they use less electric & you can time each ring to cook and then it shuts down. SSE haven't even emailed me back angry

£3 lunch (claiming that back on tax though because I wasn't meant to be out that long]
£140 going halves on a new laptop. Ours broke down and I need it email my invoices.

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 06-May-14 17:24:56

SSE emailed me, basically low users like me get less back on the green tariff reduction so that high users can get a bigger rebate.

So that seems fair hmm. The list of companies I won't use is getting longer by the day.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Tue 06-May-14 17:30:00

Fluffy I have asked you this at least twice before but will you post the super super super scrimpers old threads again please. I need some shaming in to frugal ways again....

Italian that's awful. Hope all goes well with the consultant.

Nsd for me but I've asked dp to pick up nappies, lentils and calpol

springbright Tue 06-May-14 17:45:58

Thanks for the advice fluffy. I actually have a tesco credit card which I've never used. I took it out to get bonus club card points but then never activated the card. It had a 0% for the first 16 months deal. I wonder if that's still valid? And if so, perhaps I could put the roofing costs on that so that I can spread the cost thus preserving my savings but knowing it's there to pay off the card if needed?

£1 milk. Only milk. Avoided all extra top-up shop temptations!

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 06-May-14 18:12:18
AdoraBell Tue 06-May-14 18:42:47

Italian hope your appointment with your cardiologist goes well, sorry you had that bad experience. I really can't imagine people not even offering to help. Even in the UK someone would have offered you a helping hand.

Boffin has some weekly meals plans on her blog, she linked a couple of pages back.

Fluffy that is rather hmm of the companies. Here people use as much water on their gardens through the winter as in summer to avoid paying a higher tarrif for increased use in the summer months. It's crazy, IMO they should just say winter use is X per unit and summer use Y.

I haven't been out yet but will spend some money later.

CoolCadbury Tue 06-May-14 19:42:00

Oh italian I hope you are feeling better and the appt with the cardiologist goes ok. What a horrible thing to happen. The Dutch can be an unsentimental lot - I used to hang around with a whole group of them when I lived abroad.

86p on milk today. You and I did well spring sticking to buying milk and just milk.

Can anyone tell me where I can get the biggest bottle of distilled/white vinegar for the smallest price please?

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 06-May-14 20:04:56

What's it for?

Dp was meant to be paid yesterday and still hasn't angry

NK5BM3 Tue 06-May-14 20:09:06

Italian - that sounds quite harsh of the Dutch... Let's hope it's a one off.

NSD! Well as close as... I paid my cc bill. Tomorrow should be another NSD. I think now that the days are getting longer, I really should make the most and come home just that bit earlier. Kids can play, I can get dinner on and work shouldn't complain too much. If they do, I'll just casually mention the next few trips that are being booked up, and how that's not helping my work life balance.....

CremeEggThief Tue 06-May-14 21:20:24

£14.55 on the Indian takeaway last night. £51 on a Pilates course with a physiotherapist and £1.90 on my bus fare. I collected my new vacuum cleaner today, but I'm disappointed with it, so it's going back. Annoying!

Hope your appointment goes well, Italian. thanks

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 06-May-14 21:31:24

You need a miele creme, they are pricey but its so worth it. I've tried bosch one & electrolux and a dyson but the mieles the best.

I got the cat and dog cylinder from John Lewis last year, it was £160 or so. John Lewis price match too.

CoolCadbury Tue 06-May-14 22:05:20

fluffy science experiment

CremeEggThief Tue 06-May-14 22:20:42

Fluffy, I know, but I just can't afford it at the moment
sad. The Zanussi I bought had really good reviews, but I was very disappointed with its suction and it was hard to push as well. I was hoping it would last a year or so, until I could get a Miele. My last one was a Bosch, but it only lasted 18 months. That was bought to replace a Miele I had for 8 years and was still just about working. sad

Helenagrace Tue 06-May-14 22:38:50

New (to us) car arrived today. DH starts his new contract on Thursday. Managing low spend days but no NSDs yet this month.

Doing very little food shopping atm as we're running down stocks prior to moving. Need to crack on with removal quotes tomorrow. We're trying to save money by hiring a can fit a weekend as we have a 10 day overlap. Hopefully we'll be able to get away with just paying removers to move the really bulky stuff.

Need to buy some mattress covers tomorrow too.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Tue 06-May-14 23:32:52

thanks for the links fluffy. I have Dh in one bedroom ds2 in another and ds3 next to me all coughing and barking. no sleep here for me so will re read the threads.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Tue 06-May-14 23:34:51

and I concur that meile is the very best vacuum to have. we are in our second one. the first lasted ten yrs and was still fantastic until the day it just stopped.

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 07-May-14 07:05:13

cool try a Chinese or Asian supermarket.

ItalianWiking84 Wed 07-May-14 09:05:07

Morning all, and thank you for the kind words... The appt went fine, the cardiologist were satisfied at the end, that it was a one off, so was allowed home instead of having to stay over night, thank heaven for that. They think it might be because I am so close to my due day that my body is having problems with taken the pressure of it, so have my next appt with the gynecologist Tuesday and then they will see if they want me to go until labour start naturally or perhaps start it.
I didnt mean to be harsh on the Dutch, my partner and family in laws are Dutch/Indonesian and I love them dearly. Lots of friends of my partner are Dutch and great people, but all say, that Dutch is very bad at helping strangers, that becomes poorly, so its just how they are and perhaps they simply didnt know what to do, so instead ignored. It wasent so much the ignoring part, that hurts, but the comments my DP had to listen to, I find them unnessesary rude, there were no need for that.
Yesterday was NSD and our Ewan the Dream Sheep arrived, think we need rechargable batteries, otherwise its going to be an expensive sheep in the long run.
Have a great day all and again thank you for the nice words

ItalianWiking84 Wed 07-May-14 09:10:34

MissAnnersleyismyhero that is really awful if her inlaws werent supportive about her going to hospital. Do they perhaps live in a smaller city? Luckily none of my inlaws or partner friends have mentioned anything about it being bad going to hospital and where we live, big city, its getting more and more common, that people want to go to the hospital for labour, so therefore they are paying the fee for it to happen, I think I read somewhere that now its almost 50/50 in NL between home birth and hospital birth, so defn getting more even out. But I was never asked, due to heart condition, no midwife would wanna take the risk of a home birth, so luckily our insurance pay all my appt and the labour smile

FantaSea Wed 07-May-14 10:48:44

Italian I'm pleased you appointment with the cardiologist went well, that is good news smile .

£20.00 on petrol - I had been hoping to delay filling up until Friday but I had to take DD to school today, 20 miles each way, as there was a problem with the trains. She is very anxious at the moment as her A level exams start in 2 weeks, and so we are the house of stress at the moment.

AdoraBell Wed 07-May-14 13:27:30

I'm glad the apptiontment went well Italian

Yesterday I spent £12 in the grocers, need to go back again today for honey, and another £30 in the supermarket.

MissAnnersleyismyhero Wed 07-May-14 13:31:08

Italian so glad you got good news at the doctor's.

I have some good news of my own - I have been promoted at work! smile should hopefully mean more cash as well as more responsibility.

Not an NSD today as had to pay cleaner, buy extra cleaning stuff and NEW DISHWASHER TABS FOR OUR BRAND NEW DISHWASHER THAT ARRIVED TODAY. ahem. grin

ilovepicnmix Wed 07-May-14 13:57:14

I feel out of touch as signal is crap at my mum's so I've struggled to get online on my phone.

Big congratulations to you missannersley

Today is an NSD. Yesterday I spent �49 in Morrisons. Day before was an NSD.

FantaSea Wed 07-May-14 15:17:48

MissAnn congratulations smile

ItalianWiking84 Wed 07-May-14 16:00:32

missann congratulations smile

CoolCadbury Wed 07-May-14 16:22:54

I don't know what's more exciting - a promotion or a new dishwasher. wink

Congratulations missanne on your promotion flowers and on your new dishwasher grin.

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 07-May-14 16:26:21

MissAnnersleyismyhero Well done. Make sure it's more cash, otherwise what's the point? confused. Next time you get a dual fuel/water bill ask for an actual reading because they should go down now you have a dw. I only put my hot water on for 20 minutes at 55c now, it used to heat all night when I had to wash up sad.

SSE still flicking the corporate V sign at me. I shall be taking my custom elsewhere when my contracts up.

£8.80 on work stuff.

Italian I hope you are on ml now, it's hard enough for you to be pg with a heart condition let alone working.

ItalianWiking84 Wed 07-May-14 16:26:46

So you YNAB experts, what do one do, if you want to buy it, but do not own a Visa, Mastercard or American Express? Is there simply no other way of buying it?

AdoraBell Wed 07-May-14 17:53:04

Congrats MissAnnersley on your promotion and grin at shiny new dishwasher.

I'm about to spend £4 on a kilo off honey, just having a coffee as being home alone was bugging me today, have been given a free slice of cake. Need To get scourers for the loo, about £1.

NK5BM3 Wed 07-May-14 18:37:30

Congrats MissAnn!! smile NSD.

CoolCadbury Wed 07-May-14 19:06:13

italian I paid with my debit card. Can you get someone to gift it to you and you pay them back? (You can get YNAB gift cards) Expensive though.

CremeEggThief Wed 07-May-14 19:24:22

Congratulations MissA smile. Glad all went well for you yesterday, Italian.

£3.08, on some lunchbox staples and a second class stamp. I still find it amazing they cost 53 p now. I remember when I first came to live in England in 1996 they were 19p!

springbright Wed 07-May-14 19:40:10

NSD today...although it feels like a minuscule victory with such a big bill looming for the roof sad

miss I just skimmed the posts to begin and really did think all of the congrats were for your dishwasher!! Well done on promotion!

ItalianWiking84 Wed 07-May-14 19:50:01

Fluffycloudland77 first going off next week, but I work from home for a very good company, so I can pretty much work as much or little as I want during the day, so I work a bit in the morning, rest a bit, work a bit, rest a bit and then work a bit again. But yeah getting to the end point now, going to be good being able to just relax without thinking of work for a while.

ItalianWiking84 Wed 07-May-14 19:51:05

cool i could, but then I would miss the discount and a part of me thinks that is not fair. Will try writing to them and see what they say

MissAnnersleyismyhero Wed 07-May-14 20:19:10

springbright to be honest I am probably equally excited about both grin, I hate washing dishes and it has been a hectic two weeks since the old one died!!

fluffy I am sure it will be more money, I can't see how they can ask me to start managing people etc and not offer it, my boss's boss just offered me the post today and didn't yet have numbers etc to show, so I am just trying not to count my chickens...

Frugal win - got a huge bunch of bananas, a bag of clementines and babybels from work, they were going in the bin shock all freshly bought for a work lunch yesterday but uneaten. I arrived too late to stop the binning of c.20 bags of crisps and 6 bottles of water sad


Ohhelpohnoitsa Wed 07-May-14 20:25:02

had THAT day today; you know the one where you go through your direct debts and see where you can shave off some pounds. Well, 2 to 3 hours paid off. I got sky reduced by over £5 because "formula one hd channel was automatically included in your original hd plan but if you no longer want it you can now opt out and cut your bill by five pound". He also told.me that they will continue to give it and charge unless people ring up and cancel it shock [we don't even have the sports package]. I then chopped water and drains insurance from 12.75 per quarter to 6 per quarter by trying to cancel and got my boiler and heating care reduced from 27 a month to 13 just by ringing up to cancel. So I am pleased. Just have to cancel the newly taken out npower boiler cover which my existing supplier then matched (including topcashback payment). As much as I procrastinate about these tasks, it is worth it. next job is moving our bills and.mortgage account to santander 123. Got to be worth it. Could face that today though.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Wed 07-May-14 20:27:02


Well done missa and also to whomever thought all the congrats were for her dishwasher. really made me grin

CoolCadbury Wed 07-May-14 20:27:35

italian how do you cope with out a visa/mastercard/amex card on a day to day basis? I don't have a credit card but could not manage without my visa debit card.

MissAnnersleyismyhero Wed 07-May-14 21:25:58

Just checked my online account for mobile and have been charged £58 for calls I didn't make, including 2 sets of 2 calls which apparently happened simultaneously to different numbers hmm then I had to pay 50p for the privilege of speaking to company about it, the guy went on hold for 6 mins then came back to say "that bill looks really weird, I'm sending it for recalculation" and apparently it will take 3 days until they decide if it's right or not!!!!

MissAnnersleyismyhero Wed 07-May-14 21:26:57

The thing is, there are people who might not have checked and just thought "oh, Ive been a bit careless this month" hmm why can't ANYONE do their actual job in this country?????

northender Wed 07-May-14 21:48:24

Great news MissA!!

1.80 on potatoes for the hotpot I'm doing tomorrow in the slow cooker.
21 pound cheque back from Metrolink after my complaint smile

I'm trying to get into the habit of cooking double quantities when I cook certain meals so I can freeze half. It means the prepping and cooking takes a bit longer but not twice as long and each week on my working days we can have a freezer meal. It seems to be working so far. I've always done some freezer meals but usually in much bigger batches.

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 07-May-14 21:56:53

Consumer apathy, that's why.

The worlds changing though and they won't get away with it for much longer because the baby boomers will be dying off in the next 20 years, it's a lucrative generation. Loyalty counts, the price stated is the price you have to pay, there's no point shopping around etc.

AuditAngel Thu 08-May-14 07:38:15

Hello ladies, I've been a bit absent this week, partly due to now having both parents here!

Sunday, about £3.50 when DS wanted pain au chocolat for breakfast so I sent him to Tesco on his bike for that and a carton of juice for my sad.

Monday was meant to be a NSD but DH hadn't bought wine and we had people coming over. £80 in a Waitrose but DH paid half.

Tuesday NSD.

Wednesday £15 in Tesco on buts and bobs (needed a bag of sugar, should not have taken kids!) and £5 for photos of DS for his theatre license.

Someone mentioned the cost of the kids dancing? I think we get quite a lot for the money, DD1 one hour lesson a week (she's only 3) DD1 has 1.5 hours twice a week, but sometimes the lessons overrun, whilst DS has 2 hours twice a week. If they have shows they gave extra rehearsals which cost nothing. For professional shows the costumes are provided, although I'm dreading the cost of costumes for their own ship in April next year.

Their uniforms I resisted buying until I was sure they would keep it up, and I bought them really big to last ( DS is 9 but quite small, DD1 is 7 but tall, I asked for age 8-9 for both but got age 9-11!)

DS is still on his first shoes, DD1 has worn out a pair, but I bought cheap ones (in case they didn't keep it up) and I think it was a false economy.

This weekend I'll do the meter readings and move the gas and electricity. I am a high user (£300 per month) but I haven't seen any reduction, because I was on a fixed tariff presumably?

MissAnnersleyismyhero Thu 08-May-14 07:45:45

Hey all - just spotted this article claiming 100+ ways to save money and have a frugal life! Haven't read it all yet but maybe worth a read...

AuditAngel Thu 08-May-14 08:11:58

Sorry, my dad not my sad!

DD2 gets one hour lesson per week, DD1 gets 1.5 hours twice a week (must preview posts.......)

Jinty64 Thu 08-May-14 10:02:10

Audit £300 a month, that's worse than us.

We are with Eon. I'm thinking of phoning to see if I can get a better deal or changing supplier but I don't want to be "out of the frying pan, into the fire" so to speak.

Ds3's HUDL is faulty again (second one since Christmas) so going to see if Tesco will refund as its ?not fit for purpose!

Tesco delivery today as I had a £5 off. I'm getting lots of value range stuff and should last a while.

FantaSea Thu 08-May-14 12:55:57

Jinty I am with Eon too and I think it is expensive.

£8 in Asda on essentials (plus some doughnuts)

Jinty64 Thu 08-May-14 14:44:56

Good news - Tesco has refunded the money for ds3's HUDL!

Bad news - I've ordered him an i-pad mini. I ordered from Amazon as I have vouchers (which I was saving for Christmas). I will recoup by getting little things for his birthday instead of a big pressie. He doesn't ask for much really and will be delighted with this.

ItalianWiking84 Thu 08-May-14 15:01:33

CoolCadbury a visa/debit card is not that normal in the NL, the most normal card is a Maestro, which can be used in all stores and so fare all the places I have paid online, except of course YNAB... sad
In DK I only have a visa card, that was the common there, but here in NL, you typically either have a credit card or Maestro and neither my DP nor me feel the need for a credit card.

ItalianWiking84 Thu 08-May-14 15:06:59

Spent 6 euros in Danish store, 8,75 in supermarket and 2,19 on raspberry tea, which I hope I like.
YNAB came back to, only way to pay is with credit, master or express, since I have none, then I cant buy it. Did point out to them, that I found it weird they didnt provided more options, but know I will just go back to my old system, which worked fine, just a little more manually work.

AdoraBell Thu 08-May-14 15:13:51

Glad they refunded Jinty

Our electric bill this month is double what it should be and other than DDs leaving all the bleeding lights on I can't see why. I may just take all the light bulbs out.

I've pinned DH down to paying the vet bills, one is from Febhmm, I pointed out the monthly saving from having sold the gas guzzler is almost exactly the amount we owe the vet.

DD1 really needs some clothes and has cleared her floordrobe to emphasize the point. Even took out all the hangers because "I don't these as I have nothing to put on them anyway". I have squirreled a little of the grocery money and will look for some cheap long sleeved tops.

MrJollyLivesNextDoor Thu 08-May-14 15:27:57

Hello, may I join you....? smile

I bought some Olay face cream RTC (they were about £2.25each) in Tesco earlier this week, and wouldn't you know it I've just found on SuperSavvyMe a money off coupon for £1 off any Olay moisturiser.
I'm so tight these days that I'm printing 3 mocs off and taking my receipt in with the creams to customer services to get £3 back grin

And you probably all know but Suddenly Madame Glamour is £1.99 in Lidl this weekend. And they've got some Q10 cream for 99p (not tried it personally so don't know if it's any good).

AdoraBell Thu 08-May-14 15:46:28

Welcome MrJolly

Is the Olay cream good then? I'm abroad and can't get the full range, or the discounts, that you can but I'm thinking of trying it as my Lancôme is nearly finished and I can't afford to keep paying their prices.

MrJollyLivesNextDoor Thu 08-May-14 15:53:59

I've no idea Adora but for £1.25 I'm willing to give it a go! It's probably on a par with Garnier/L'Oreal I suppose?

Where in the world are you? <nosy> smile

£1.60 hospital carpark.

My laptop is broken and it's going to cost minimum £100 to get fixed sad

ZingWatermelon Thu 08-May-14 16:58:23

afternoon all, free cake on me!wink

I'm here to get some tips.

springbright Thu 08-May-14 17:01:23

Great news jinty! And welcome mrjolly - great savings already!

£3 calpol (poor little dd has a mega temperature)

£2.39 on crap food! I've been in a right grump today - have decided I'm an emotional eater!

I rang tesco credit card today to see if the 0% on purchases was still valid despite me applying for the card over 2 years ago. Turns out it's not so I cancelled the card. Probably a good thing anyway. I think if we go ahead with the roof repairs it has to be paid for from savings. Although spreading the payments is a nice idea it still means a considerable monthly commitment. I think we may have to put the repairs off for another year afterall.

Helenagrace Thu 08-May-14 17:28:13

Ooh meJolly thanks for the tip re the Lidl Suddenly perfume. It's an absolute bargain at full price so will be stocking up.

DH has started his new contract and the new house is going through to move late May.

Still no NSDs and this weekend we're away so not a hope of one then. TBH with all that's going on I'll be happy to have low spend days.

FantaSea Thu 08-May-14 17:31:55

MrJolly welcome smile , I love Olay face cream so I may have a look and get a coupon.

spring I spent a fortune on calpol when my DD was small until I realised you could get in on prescription. I only discovered this when an OOH doctor added a bottle to a prescription for some antibiotics. From then onwards, when I was at the doctor (we were always there, as she is asthmatic) I would ask for a prescription for it to keep my stocks up. Some gps were a bit sniffy about giving me a prescription (I don't know why) but it saved me loads. Hope your DD feels better soon.

Some pharmacies do a minor ailments scheme where you can get things like calpol, headlice stuff, thrush cream, piles cream etc for free if you don't pay for your prescriptions. So that's all children obviously. They don't do it round here though hmm

AdoraBell Thu 08-May-14 18:26:18

<waves To Zing> you'll get plenty of tips heregrin

MrJolly I'm in Chile, just looked in the pharmacy and they seem To have stopped doing Olay, the Loreal/Garnier stuff is about £9/10. Can't afford it this week as have just spent £25 on 4 tops and a long cardigan for DD1. She has a winter jacket and warm school clothes already.

AdoraBell Thu 08-May-14 18:34:38

Oops, should have said - roads £2.40 by the time I get home, parking on my prepaid card.

T'is Mother's day here this weekend and I'm hoping DH doesn't do his usual 'I forgot so I'll buy something hugely expensive" routine. Telling him makes no difference, I'll have To get DDs on board.

ZingWatermelon Thu 08-May-14 18:46:16

<waves back to Adora>

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 08-May-14 18:50:17

Calpols just paracetamol anyway. Liquid suspension drugs always cost more. Generic drugs do the same thing as brand anyway.

£2 on milk and veg but dh will pay me back.

£7 ish later for a chippy tea.

I will be returning work stuff tomorrow for £4 and some fish tank gravel to pets at home for £4.50.

Audit I'm guessing your house is massive for the dual fuel to be that much.

MrJollyLivesNextDoor Thu 08-May-14 19:01:47

I always get Tesco own liquid paracetamol, it's about £1.50 but I had no idea you could get it on prescription! I will be trying that next time I'm at the Dr (thanks Fanta and Spotty)

springbright Thu 08-May-14 19:13:32

Thanks for the tips about calpol...I should have added that the £3 was totally from being unprepared for this temperature as we ran out of formerly prescribed bottle and when I dashed into tesco this morning to grab another bottle they had no own branded stuff. Being disorganised costs money! smile

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 08-May-14 19:27:15

Sorry I forgot to say welcome to jolly, welcome to the friendly thread.

50p on conditioner because I had a JL voucher for £5.

CoolCadbury Thu 08-May-14 19:39:38

Welcome zing and jolly (sounds like characters from a children' TV show grin).

Interesting that you can get Calpol on prescription. Didn't know that.

£1.98 on 2 punnets of strawberries. £3 on lunch but will get that back on expenses.

Adora I use Olay Complete Care with SPF 15. I used to use Clinique and tbh, my skin is still the same as before. I have dry sensitive skin. A lot of the people on S&B boards swear by Ponds and Nivea.

ilovepicnmix Thu 08-May-14 20:05:25

Welcome jolly and zing

I have a backlog of free kids paracetamol from DS's various infections/bugs etc. One gp asked me if I could pay for it myself once but then changed his mind.

Last day with my family today. Looking forward to home! �35.68 on petrol and �8.17 in Tesco. Have made sandwiches for the journey and will be taking what me and mum affectionately call a 'pity bag' away with me. This includes random bits and bobs of fresh and tinned food from my mum grin

That's sweet ilove!

springbright Thu 08-May-14 20:27:17

I only found out about the prescription calpol as dd's nursery won't give anything unprescribed due to their (militant/ott) admin of medicines policy. I had to drive back to nursery in my lunch hour to personally give her a top up as it was an unprescribed bottle. Same with any kind of nappy rash cream.

Spring that's ridiculous! Dd's nursery have their own supply of calpol they will give if they feel your dc needs it and will happily put any creams on etc. OTC meds don't need to be prescribed only POM ones which are obviously labelled anyway.

NK5BM3 Thu 08-May-14 21:11:04

On the note re nurseries and meds, yes ours is the same. Even sudocreme needs to be prescribed.

NSD! But the other cc bill came and that's quite a bit of money. Need to check in and see what bank balance is! Am hopeful this month won't be too bad as the tremendous eating out has stopped... But the bloody shopping at Lakeland has begun!!

CremeEggThief Thu 08-May-14 21:14:14


Welcome to the newbies.

FantaSea Thu 08-May-14 21:19:20

Zing welcome smile

springbright Thu 08-May-14 21:22:51

Totally ridiculous. Especially the sudocrem/mitanium. Dd gets awful nappy rash so this point has caused much stress over her time there. Btw, who was potty training recently? Dd seems to be getting it! Largely thanks to nursery rather than anything we've done confused however she still has awful nappy rash (still wears nappy at night). The last time we saw the doc a reaction to the cream itself was mentioned - has anyone experienced this?

MrJollyLivesNextDoor Thu 08-May-14 21:28:39

Anyone got lots of nectar points, the last day for the double up is 13th May

Last weekend I doubled up £10worth to £20 on my nectar card and bought clothes

This generated a till spit of £6 off my next transaction of £30

So I doubled up OH's card £10worth to £20 in clothing and bought £30 clothes using the till spit and the double up voucher wink

Total spend £4 hard cash for £50 clothes

Oh and all the nectar points were free in the first instance from doing nectar adpoints online (boring as can be but I do it in the evening with 1 eye on the tv) smile

I like free (or as near as dammit) grin

ItalianWiking84 Thu 08-May-14 21:38:56

spring A friend of mine, her son is allergic to the nappy cream and gets a special allergy friendly, neutral one, one prescription.

springbright Thu 08-May-14 21:49:32

Thanks italian, this is really where my thought process is going now. We started potty training relatively early as I thought out of nappies would mean no nappy rash. I've carried on using mitanium and often her poor vagina looks like it's been burnt sad despite having no happy and fresh air all day.

MissAnnersleyismyhero Thu 08-May-14 22:40:37

NSD today.

Meal plan is running 3 days behind due to recipes making massively more portions than they said, which is cool as it means I won't need to shop until well into next week. Am doing the determined no top ups even for fruit thing, with coins/cash set aside for DH to pick up one or two specific items on his way home from work (he is so good, has tunnel vision and will literally only buy the one thing I have asked for).

Made a delicious asian noodle soup this evening, it was ridiculously easy and really cheap. A keeper.

I have a meeting with the BIG BOSS of my whole work tomorrow about my new job, so nervous, I am really bad at negotiating for things like money.

CoolCadbury Thu 08-May-14 23:09:30

springbright Oh your poor DD sad.

DS used to get very bad nappy rash when he was teething. We got Cavilon from GP - it really helped.

Have you ruled out things like thrush or another type of infection and tried a different brand of nappy in case it's an allergic reaction? I remember DS didn't take to one brand of nappy (I can't remember which, it feels like a long time ago).

DiscoDancer Thu 08-May-14 23:11:10

Marking place to get done tips smile

CoolCadbury Thu 08-May-14 23:13:17

missanne Get them to make an offer and then ask for much more. You'll be great. smile

AdoraBell Thu 08-May-14 23:54:03

Yep MissAnnersley do what Cadbury said.

I think tomorrow will be an NSD, need to go into 2 estate agents to see if they'll take the house on but that's local so no road tolls.

Spring I hope you can find something to ease DD's rash.

Off to search S&B for moisturizer tips, thanks Cadbury

Frugal thing, switched to a leave in conditioner to use less water in the shower. My long hair takes a lot of rinsing with regular conditioners.

ZingWatermelon Thu 08-May-14 23:58:23

Thanks for welcome!

grin @ zing & jolly sound like cartoon characters!

ZingWatermelon Fri 09-May-14 00:27:27


the only thing that worked on my kids sore bottom when teething was good old Vaseline.

and by sore I mean raw and bleeding from tiny "pinpricks", the skin looking like they sat on a hedgehog.
I used to shower them down, cleaning bottom with E45 if needed (any soap or wipes were intolerable), dabbing skin dry with kitchen paper towel, then applying Vaseline.

do try it

Dd (who's no longer in nappies) gets an awfully sore bottom sometimes. The dr prescribed fucidin hc (antibiotic hydrocortisone) and Metanium over the top.

Should be nsd today.

MissAnnersleyismyhero Fri 09-May-14 07:02:10

There's a bike !!!! Very frugal...

springbright Fri 09-May-14 07:38:47

Thank you! Lots of new ideas here for us to try!

Feeling more positive this morning. The bike is a sign! Plan is to get further quotes for the roof. I've also added £3 to summer savings pot and bought a few stocking fillers for dd last night (£15 for chunky chalks, a torch, temporary tattoos and water balloons). I'd started to doubt that small things make a big difference but after a stern talking to myself I realise that without small changes we wouldn't even be in the position of being able to pay some of the roofing costs. Another year as a frugaleer and we'll be able to pay for all of it!

Passing on positive vibes to anyone who needs them today!

FantaSea Fri 09-May-14 09:16:29

Hoping for a NSD today - just had a rummage in the freezer to see if there is something I can find for dinner tonight, and there is smile .DD is at home revising again today so I won't need to take/collect her from the station so I won't be passing any shops!

Another vote for Vaseline for nappy rash. I do remember needing quite a good layer on though.

CoolCadbury Fri 09-May-14 11:21:20

Is there a shortage of diesel? Had to go to three different places to find diesel confused. Was running on empty as well. The stress levels were sky high. sad

CoolCadbury Fri 09-May-14 11:21:59

What's the bike sign mean?

MissAnnersleyismyhero Fri 09-May-14 12:37:35

Maybe like "on yer bike love" ie piss off?? I don't know!

I got a raise for the promotion grin I actually felt more nervous than when I interviewed last year for my current job, it's so much harder when they know you and you know you'll have to see them again etc. the person I am replacing was told today and they are not happy ... sad

Also got awarded £75 compensation by energy ombudsman to be paid within 28 days by evil ex energy supplier who messed me around for 7 months. Win!!!!

Now just hoping EE pay me back the £58 they wrongly took off me and I'll be loaded grin

FantaSea Fri 09-May-14 14:23:37

MissAnn great news on your promotion, well done smile .

£50 off next acct. only £50 to go then I'm closing it! Will pay that next month

AdoraBell Fri 09-May-14 15:08:00

Well done MissAnnersley and I'm glad you are getting a pay rise with your new position.

Cadbury I try to fill up when I still have a quarter tank, not been happening recently but it reduces the associated stress a lot.

I think the bike might be to do with some kind of campaign about road safety, according to what I read elsewhere.

I can't see anything on the app. Can't see cake or other things either confused

CremeEggThief Fri 09-May-14 16:16:07

£3.57 in Lidl.

springbright Fri 09-May-14 17:09:20

The universe is shining on you missa! Great news!

£3.05 coffee and cake with friend. OMG! Finally made it to card factory - 10 cards for £1! But my frugal win was short lived when I popped into Home Bargains and found chunky chalks at a fraction of what I paid for them last night on amazon angry oh well! you win some...

Just got my electricity bill, another £140 being credited to my acct. frugal WIN. grin

NK5BM3 Fri 09-May-14 19:18:24

£2 at soft play. Otherwise NSD. Was going to shops for the big shop but one thing led to another and didn't make it. So will do it tomorrow. Happy weekend everyone.

CoolCadbury Fri 09-May-14 19:24:34

missanne well done on getting more money.

envy at 10 cards for £1. I spent £2.75 on one last minute birthday card angry. That's what being disorganised does to you. My own fault. Same as the diesel situation. adora usually I am a bit more with it in terms of filling up the car but ... (I don't have an excuse).

We don't have a card factory or anything round here. You have to travel an hour to get to one hmm

Iamnotanugget Fri 09-May-14 19:38:30

Well done MissA it's nice to feel things are going your way.

Congratulations on refund Spotty, get that Next account closed!

Spent £125 on groceries. I'll need fruit and milk and so far I've not planned any meals for our self catering week away but I'm determined to eat from the freezer as we were over spent last month after buying various baby related bits including huge parking bill for hospital.

Car tax is due soon but I've been building up a fund for these things so that's ok.

Hoping for ns weekend.

MissAnnersleyismyhero Fri 09-May-14 20:44:22

yay spotty and spring on bargains!

I'm now obsessing over a minor misunderstanding with a senior colleague - proof, if proof were needed, that I just need something to worry about!!

NSD today, Dh bought me a glass of wine to celebrate new job being made offical etc.

AuditAngel Fri 09-May-14 20:55:43

Welcome Zing and Jolly.

£16.20 for 2 prescriptions yesterday (daylight robbery) and £18 for DD1's dancing hoody.

£118 yes £118 in the dentist. The only good thing is I can claim that back. We have a cash back plan with our health insurance and I have about £350 to claim back for me (contact lenses, dentist, physio and DD1's glasses twice over) plus £150 for DH. The annoying thing is they pay it to DH then I have to practically beg to get back what I gave paid out for.

Tomorrow we gave to collect DD1's ordered (and paid for) ballet shoes, buy so do ready meals for my parents (mum has given me money -it isn't fair to expect DH to do real cooking in his afternoon break and they prefer ready meals anyway)

I also need new toothbrush heads, (dentist told me off!) and a first communion card, plus card and present for DS for a birthday party.

AuditAngel Fri 09-May-14 21:02:38

Minty, the house is big, but it is also detached which increases the cost and it doesn't have cavity walls, so no cavity insulation.

When we bought the house we changed some windows, but some still need changing. We also put in loft insulation then floored most of the loft. Since then the minimum recommended depth of insulation has increased, but there is no room for more under the flooring.

We put in new heating, but DH likes the house hot (I'm trying to train him out of it), then as soon as it gets warm he wants the air conditioning on!

I'm feeling the roof repairs pain. We have had a quote of about £2.5 k to replace some damage from a leak during the storms. The ceiling and inside is covered, but we think they won't cover the roof saying wear and tear. We also need a new skylight as the outer double glazing broke, looks like insurance will cover that though.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Fri 09-May-14 21:08:19

I HOPE the bike is because the Giro D'Italia starts today in Belfast and then the Tour de France starts in Yorkshire in July.

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 09-May-14 21:20:14

Audit Have you seen the solid roof insulation? The normal lagging wont work if you compress it because it relies on air to trap heat.

I'm guessing its a pre ww2 house envy. If it is it needs a certain amount of ventilation anyway, if you insulate it too well they are prone to damp.

£1.20 tea bags
£2 marked down bread and rolls.
£10 petrol.

spotty well done. You'll feel better when that account is closed.

FantaSea Fri 09-May-14 21:43:25

Audit did you know you can buy a prescription season ticket for either 4 months or a year if you have a lot of prescriptions? You buy the season ticket so you pay upfront a set amount and then you can have an unlimited amount of prescriptions in that time period. DH got one when he had to pay for a lot of prescriptions and it worked out a lot cheaper.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Fri 09-May-14 22:27:43

spring if you have a waitrone nearby or use ocado, get their baby bottom butter. Its soft and soothing and has no nasties. it doesn't have antiseptic in like sudocrem would, but might sooth her .

DiscoDancer Fri 09-May-14 23:36:55

Audit can I ask what health insurance you have with cash back? We are looking to get some insurance and yours sounds good!

I'm usually a lurker/frequent name changer btw. These threads are fab though, thanks!

AdoraBell Sat 10-May-14 03:46:28

Spent £1 on a doughnut for DD2 while we waited for DD1 to finish sport at school. Don't know how the weekend will turn out yet.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

MissAnnersleyismyhero Sat 10-May-14 06:43:32

ohhelp grin I think you're right!

Audit that is annoying, I hate waiting for money back - am waiting on a couple of smaller refunds at the minute and even those are getting on my nerves!

I din't know about everyone else but since I started seriously trying to be frugal in January, I have asked for far more refunds, queried my energy/phone bill and found I am being wrongly or overcharged, taken unsatisfactory goods back etc. It's made me realise just how much money I was wasting before, it wasn't just active spends on shoes but the passive "spends" of not watching out for things like this.

springbright Sat 10-May-14 07:32:58

I have a tub of the waitrose bottom butter, bought a few years back as it was supposed to be amazing for the face grin. I slathered on Vaseline last night and dd's skin does look better this morning - the cheapies are the best!

I agree miss, being frugal is not just about curbing shopping habits but also about being vigilant and brave enough to not accept bad value for money.

Clarabum Sat 10-May-14 07:56:28

Hi! Can I join please?
I'm really trying hard to curb my spending habits as we're skint every single month and I have no clue where DP's money goes or mine. I thought food then I saw on another thread about an app called accounts. I've been using it all week and realised that I spend a fortune on nothing! nothing at all. Ebay and amazon buying rubbish. it's actually disgraceful.
I've worked out that our outgoings actually aren't that much. A lot of money on diesel and food but already shop at Aldi and am in the process of trying to change DS school to avoid the 10 mile round trip a day.
This week I have spent £9.97 on diesel and £1.40 on doughnuts. Since Monday. I'm so chuffed.

Welcome Clara. This thread is really good at encouraging you to curb spending. Have you joined topcashback and made sure you're getting cheapest broadband/energy/insurance etc etc?

Oh I've now got £65 payable in my topcashback acct! Going to save it for a bit until I need it

northender Sat 10-May-14 08:54:51

This thread is moving so fast, again!

Welcome to all newbies smile . Clara I think recording what you actually spend your money on is the best first step. I don't think it's ever what you expect and almost shames you into change.

Good news MissA on the pay risesmile

Frugality is definitely about much, much more than just spending less. It's also about reducing waste or making more of what you have and reducing your pressure on yourself to have what society tells you you need iykwim. In a lot of ways, it's an old style of living.

After our financially tough April when no progress was made on our debt reduction I'm still optimistic that May will be much better. Everything has been within budget so far. Ds' cricket bag needs a repair to the handle that my sewing machine can't cope with so I've got a number for someone who does leather repairs. I'm going to ring today and see if they can do it even though its not leather, it just needs heavy duty stitching. Nothing at all wrong with the bag.
Dd needs new school shoes as hers are leaking sad . Not the time of year to be looking and its hard as she has wide feet but we'll try. Otherwise, she'll have to wear her PE pumps for a while to tide her over.
I've emailed the company that made Ds' cricket shoes from last season. When I took a photo of them to try to sell them on fb, I realised they were slightly different sizes hmm . Both are identical in style but although both are marked s a 7, one is slightly longer and wider than the other. It obviously didn't affect Ds but I feel uncomfortable selling them now I've noticed it. So I'll wait and see how they respond......

Have a lovely frugal weekend everyone smile

ilovepicnmix Sat 10-May-14 08:55:49

Mornin all back home now so spending should return to normal. Yesterday I spent 88p on small fries from McDonald's and �30 odd in petrol. Gave my ex �10 as he had given me it a while ago to replace slippers for DS left at his. I never replaced so frugal win for him confused

Today I will need to go to Aldi. I also want to go to sainbury's as a family member got DS a jumper but in the wrong size. Im hoping they'll swap it for me.

FantaSea Sat 10-May-14 09:24:46

Clara welcome smile

northender you are right, being frugal is much more than just spending less.

DD only has a week and a half of school left and her uniform is literally falling apart! She is down to one skirt as the other ones are too short. She has 2 cardigans but one has a hole at the neck so I shall be repairing that later. Her blouses and tie look ok. I have said that once she is finished we will take a bag and put all of it in for the textile recycling, it is all it is fit for. At least I know she has had her full wear out of it blush .

CoolCadbury Sat 10-May-14 13:12:59

£301 for car insurance.

Absolutely, yes, north.

flossy101 Sat 10-May-14 15:16:24

Hi, hope I can join.
I have a DH & A toddler. We have had a spendy couple of years with having a baby, getting married, buying a house so now our "big purchases" are out of the way we are really trying to reduce outgoings, clear credit card and then hopefully start building up some savings.
We have £70 to last until payday Thursday, we need a food shop but that should be all, and £70 might not sound much to have left at the end of the month, but normally we will
Go into overdraft by £100-200 so have done quite well for us this
Month and hope to continue to improve!

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 10-May-14 15:48:42

Cool did you get cashback on the car insurance? <hopeful>

Welcome flossy

springbright Sat 10-May-14 16:10:03

Welcome flossy, £70 is a great amount to have left over! As you say, not overdrawn smile

£18 spent in tescos. I've hopefully got enough in the house to do minimal top-ups before end of next week. Plan is S: bangers&mash, S and M: beef stew and dumplings, T: tuna and sweet corn jackets, W: bolognaise, T: bubble&squeak, F: macaroni cheese. I have abandoned official dieting - it just doesn't sit well with a frugal lifestyle where you just have to eat what's in the fridge and freezer. That said I lost 1lb last week, hoping for the same again this week.

Also £1.50 in Next. I spent some refund vouchers buying a few bits for dd for Christmas and this was the balance (DH thinks I'm crazy buying Christmas presents in May!)

I got £14 for some Cash4Clothes so almost a break even day!

CoolCadbury Sat 10-May-14 16:10:36

fluffy I knew you were going to ask me that grin.

I was a good girl and went on comparison sites and TCB, but Directline (who I was with anyway) came back cheapest. There was one cheaper, came to just over £290 including cashback, but it was with a company I had never heard of and I thought I could live with paying £11 extra.

CoolCadbury Sat 10-May-14 16:13:27

*came back one of the cheapest.

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 10-May-14 16:50:14

I am sooo predictable. Good call.

Forgot to do my refunds, might get to do it tomorrow.

Buying beer later so £2? A bottle of wine would have worked out cheaper over the weekend.

CremeEggThief Sat 10-May-14 22:33:06

Quite a spendy day, but worth it. Travel for me and DS was £13.65, lunch in Costa was £9.55, and I bought a top for £10 in Fatface, that was half-price. I also remembered my JL voucher, so my tea and cake that should have been £5.15 was free. smile

AdoraBell Sat 10-May-14 23:38:53

90p on bananas, £2 on coffee

Will cath up later.

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 10-May-14 23:43:58

No beer sad

NSD smile

Iamnotanugget Sun 11-May-14 04:34:07

£1.90 on paracetamol and fruit juice.

Have found new JL vouchers. Will find time for cake this week. wink

NK5BM3 Sun 11-May-14 08:20:57

Spent £42 at aldis and got the entire weeks shop. Amazed again. I'm due some JL vouchers from using their credit card so looking forward to them.

Won a three night stay in London with mumsnet and house trip and can't wait for that!! grin

McPhee Sun 11-May-14 08:41:30

Another one here who'd like to join.

After spending over £500 on stupid things last month, I need to grab hold of my spending. So far this month I've spent, roughly £35 on food. It's a NSD today!

FantaSea Sun 11-May-14 09:42:24

flossy and McPhee welcome smile

NK well done, that is great news grin

I'm planning a Tesco online shop later and am hoping that I'm not too late to get a £1 delivery slot for this week.

ItalianWiking84 Sun 11-May-14 13:00:36

Happy Mothers Day smile Its Mothers day in NL and DK today.
Weekend spend is 16,99 Grocery, 14,99 for car adapter for phones,6,98 for freezing boxes (made chili con carne and lasagna, Italian tomato sauce for freezer) from my 16,99 grocery shopping (got 3x all of them, so 9 dishes) fairly pleased with that.
Pin out 50 euros for taxis in case we need it for when I am going in to labour. And put aside money for vending machine, pay phone ect. in case.
A question for all you mothers, I am planning (hoping) to breastfeed, but have bought a starter pack bottles for formula just in case; now some of my friends think that I should also buy some formula to have as back up, what is your thought of that`?

NK5BM3 Sun 11-May-14 13:09:28

Hi Italian
I think if you are hoping and wanting to bf then buying the bottles might give you a 'reason' to bottle feed. And it might reduce your determination to bf (this is in no way a judgement - I did the same thing).

In terms of getting formula in, you might want to try and get the ready made ones - they have them here. It's not cheap but it's like a little uht packet of the same formula and it basically means you don't have to waste if you don't end up formula feeding (because a tin of that stuff is about £10). Plus if you are hoping to just bf then having that little packet is like an emergency supply.

My kids didn't take to the bottle. We tried many types and brands. They would reluctantly take breast milk in bottle but would not take formula in bottle.

flossy101 Sun 11-May-14 14:05:18

Italian, I planned on breast feeding too but also had a starter pack of bottles and a tin of formula just in case, But it's easy enough to pop out to supermarket if breast feeding doesn't work out?

Today is a no spend day and I've done a big batch of bolognese for a tea this week and the freezer. Am making a Sunday roast, there is only 3 of us (including toddler) so lasts us two days.

Iamnotanugget Sun 11-May-14 14:34:35

Italian all 3 of my children have had 2/3 feeds of 25-50ml of formula during the first few days of life. I have then only given breast milk until 6 months and continued feeding for another year, so it did them no harm. Breastfeeding is hard work in the early days but I would encourage you to stick with it. The important thing to remember is that the more baby is on your breast the more milk you'll make. So if baby seems to need constant feeding it's not that he's hungry he's just 'pre ordering' for the next couple of days. However if you've been at it all day a little bit of formula so you can get to bed is fine, just don't do it more than a couple of times.

Iamnotanugget Sun 11-May-14 14:38:47

Sorry, just to be clear that's 2/3 feeds in total not everyday.

FantaSea Sun 11-May-14 15:05:03

Italian I think the idea of having a couple of small ready-made cartons would be the best idea. It is less of an investment than a huge tin and it will just give you peace of mind as an emergency back-up.

Welcome newbies.

Spendy weekend visiting my sister and buying the dc some crocs blush

Will start again tomorrow grin

I had a pack of bottles. I exclusive expressed for ten days(ds was tube fed) and didn't use the bottles until he was 7 months. Only ever used two. I had one ready made formula carton in the cupboard and never used it but I liked knowing it was there.

ilovepicnmix Sun 11-May-14 15:43:09

I've spent a lot in the last two days! �18 on contact lenses. �15 on sunglasses but I had a voucher so effectively free. �2.50 to top up credit for DS's jumper to a wee pair of smart shorts. 78p on two cans of pop which I have lost!?! �10ish in Tesco and �9ish in aldi. Then.......�78 for 6 months subs for online dating.

Today �1 for parking. �29.99 on a jacket. �4.10 for a McDonald's and then �4.30 in Starbucks.

Well done nk5bm3

ItalianWiking84 Sun 11-May-14 16:09:36

Thank you all sweet ladies for the advice's. Ready made cartons do not sell in NL, so if I buy I would buy a small package, I have seen packages that only contain for 3 days supply, so would perhaps buy one of them.
In the NL, stores are not 24 hours open and normally closed Sunday, so my friends reasoning for perhaps buying a package is that its not just something we can pop down after, if its eg. s Saturday after 8 pm or a Sunday.
I think I will just to put my mind at rest buy a small package, rather wanna be safe than sorry. And I know I will be overly stressed if I didnt buy and then needed it.

FantaSea Sun 11-May-14 16:16:42

Italian that sounds like the best plan smile

Ooo frugal win. I needed mascara and foundation and O2 moments had £10 off £20 spend at the body shop smile

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 11-May-14 17:24:18


NK5BM3 Sun 11-May-14 19:04:47

NSD! And on a Sunday too! Wow.

Italian, I think that's a good plan. I ended up bf my children till they were 2 and 3 years old. shock I know I know.... Anyone who knew me before baby was born would never have pegged me down as 'that sort'!! grin But needs must. I went back to work both times at 6 months. They didn't sleep through... So that was how we coped. Co-sleeping (no 2) and bf... I was happier, less sleep deprived, and they were fine.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sun 11-May-14 19:28:52

and cheap and frugal NK5. I bf my 3 until 2yrs old. I wonder how much it would have cost us in formula & additional milk. Italian, your back up plan sounds prudent. Do try bf, however hard.it seems at times, it really is so rewarding. (I know some people just cant for whatever reasons - no offence meant). frugalish day ..cricket subs and snacks, swimmimg and some top up.food at the never-ever frugal co op. Almost decided / shortlisted villas for holiday so frugal may go out.of the window later tonight.........shock sad wink grin not sure which emotion !

Jinty64 Sun 11-May-14 19:43:16

NSD yesterday but £5.95 for soft play today and £9.95 for a bacon roll and latte for me and hot chocolate and cake for ds3 who then felt sick so we had to come home sad what a waste of money. Ds is fine now thank goodness must have been too much cake!

I also had to buy a strawberry plant (£1.95) for ds to take to school to replace the one he planted and brought home to "nurture". Despite, or perhaps because, of our nurturing nothing happened and it's due back tomorrow. Actually (cynical me) I think it was a ploy. Give each child a pot of compost with a little label and the parents a date to send in the their lovely plant. Result panicking parents and 24 Dobbies strawberry plants.
Win win for the school!

I got a leaflet through the door with £8 off a £60 spend at Morrisons. I also have £5 off £25 at M&S so that's where next weeks shopping will be.

NK5BM3 Sun 11-May-14 20:11:15

Hm. I lie. I did spend on some breakfast at mcd's. Doh. I had an instant win of sausage mcmuffin which I love... Totally forgot about it but dd wanted something from there and so I went in. Paid £2.28 for the remainder hash brown and oj.

Yes it was v frugal re bf. but I had strange looks from people looking at me bf-ing a walking and talking toddler. Oh well. My boobs are no longer perky. hmm Might be middle age-ness though. grin

I did a week's meal plan before going to the supermarket and spent just over £40 but will need to top up bread, milk and fruit in the week. I would certainly have spent much more without the plan. I would have forgotten about the fish in the freezer and stockpile of toiletries.

McPhee Sun 11-May-14 20:50:27

Damn my NSD, I forgot about the Toll bridge on the way to work. Still, £1 spend today, can I think be forgiven grin

I took back a dress that I'd got for Dds birthday party. When I got it it was 25% off. Now it's gone up to 30% off, plus I got 30% staff discount. So by doing that, I've got another £8 back. Yay grin

CoolCadbury Sun 11-May-14 20:55:32


ItalianWiking84 Sun 11-May-14 21:25:15

Thanks re the advices on the formula. DP has decided that its stupid for me to get worried about so we will be buying some as back up. I know bf is both frugal and recommend and hope to bf for 6 months, but not longer. But given my heart condition which means my blood pressure ect is in general to low, my cardiologist is keeping an eye on me and I have been told by both him and the midwife that I have to accept that bf might not work, because it might make me more ill. At least they are keeping an eye on me smile
NSD today, bil bought flowers from MIL for mothers day from all of us, we sometimes help him a bit with money, because he is a student, so he paid from all of us. MY mom will get her gift, which is cake and coffee out, when I go home in the summer

CremeEggThief Sun 11-May-14 21:28:56

£199 on a new telly, as our 7 or 8 year old one gave up the ghost on Friday night. Could really have done without this now, but not enough to go t.v. free.

springbright Mon 12-May-14 07:11:41

cremeEgg I consider tv watching at home to be the most frugal of activities - new tv purchase entirely justified (though v annoying I'm sure)

NSD yesterday. 2 large items listed on ebay. Dinners sorted for this week so hopefully a few more NSDs (although will probably fill up with petrol today).

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 12-May-14 08:05:53

creme I know how you feel. I can't order my halogen oven or thermal curtain liners because I had to buy a new laptop for work & take the cat vet because he got a fight wound.

I keep looking at my bank account hoping it will magically change sad

Today ought to be NSD.

McPhee Mon 12-May-14 08:42:55

Today will be a NSD

lilacclery Mon 12-May-14 11:17:17

Hi all haven't posted in over a week - started back to work and on payroll on 1st may...thought this was the answer to my prayers - using ynab and have budgeted out what I need for bills each week etc....two paychecks in I'm not doing good at all. Have a few unexpected expenses like dentist to replace a capping and overspent on groceries the first week as I'd been only buying small shops up to then when money was extremely tight.

Hoping this week to be back on the wagon properly, loads of NSD cos no cash - will get there.

Italian advice that was given to me with regard to bf was to get the formula but leave it in a friends house so you can get it if you need it but it's not as easy to reach out for when the going gets tough! My ds is now 6 months bf but gets formula at childminders as I'm not brilliant for expressing.

AdoraBell Mon 12-May-14 15:35:34

NSD Sunday, need groceries today.