Miserly March? Make plans here...

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Ohhelpohnoitsa Sat 16-Feb-13 20:37:59

I always find the credit crunch threads too late in the month so I starting this now. I get paid Monday 28thFeb and March is a looong month with a few expensive birthdays etc. I want as many nsd as possible and economising tips galore. I noticed Tesco have got 24 Andrex for £8 so that is a start. I also used click and collect today for the first time so saved £6 delivery. Help me prepare - preparation is the key to success.

snowmummy Sun 17-Feb-13 17:16:41

I'm in

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sun 17-Feb-13 19:12:03

I went in poundland or poundworld today for the first time and got some fab bargains on cleaning stuff and cat food. really really good deals. Also started putting odd bits of bread in the freezer for bread and butter pudding - usually I would throw it away. I havr also read the frugal feb thread and one called 28 meals and £28 or something like that. I am already ashamed at how wasteful I have been so far. March is my turning point. Dh is away most of it so I can frugalise without hin commenting - he ridicules me for trying Aldi etc after reading these threads. Hr thinks its all false economy as wr end up going to mozzos or sains as well. Thinking ahead has made me realise how much I buy automatically & sadly buy for pleasure rather than necessity.

babsmam Sun 17-Feb-13 19:31:10

Have you got a B&M bargains near you 9 toilet rolls for 2.99 or pound stretcher do the same one 2 packs for a fiver and they are fine.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sun 17-Feb-13 20:19:08

yes we have got b&m but I always spend too much in there. Will give it a go whrn I have made a list! Ours is great for kids presents if the dcs have parties to go to.

hanreeoak Sun 17-Feb-13 20:41:45

Hi, I would like to join please.

We are going on holiday on 30th March and whilst we are away my brother is going to be putting a new bathroom in for us (nothing flash anything will be better than the one we have). I think that I have enough cash to cover the bathroom but you can never be too sure, but I have no savings yet for holiday money. We are only staying on a farm but we have 3dc 9,6,and 4.
I too have been reading the 28 meals for £28 and have found it very inspiring. I really need to be careful as when the bathroom is done we will have no savings.

So I'm going to try to live out of the food cupboards, not drive the car if possible, plan trips.

Good luck everyone. smile

TitHead Sun 17-Feb-13 21:48:42

Sign me up. I promised I was going to be more frugal this year but not got off to the greatest off starts. Could some one link to the 28 meal thread please.

hanreeoak Sun 17-Feb-13 21:52:58
TitHead Sun 17-Feb-13 22:03:01

Thank you it worked. Will have a proper look in the morning, off to bed now.

babsmam Mon 18-Feb-13 12:48:10

I agree about B&M. love it. Love it

Oh and can I join too. Sick of being skint and need to get more organised as events that cost money keep creeping up on me. And can anyone remember when Mother's Day is.

snowmummy Mon 18-Feb-13 13:47:15

I think Mothers' Day is 17 March.

Bejeena Mon 18-Feb-13 14:28:07

I'll come back again in March for sure. smile

TobyLerone Mon 18-Feb-13 15:54:43

Mothers day is 10th March.

I think I'll join in. I get quite the thrill from meal planning and economising where possible, even though we're fortunate enough not to have to scrimp.

KD0706 Mon 18-Feb-13 16:55:07

Hi. I'll join too if I may. We are moving at the end of April and I would like to use up my freezer plus save some money for the move!

I'm thinking April will be an expensive month with lots of convenience foods etc while we faff with packing etc.

lizardqueenie Mon 18-Feb-13 20:32:57

Hi everyone, ok if I join too?
Feb seems like a v long month for me too- get paid on 28th plus my Nan's bday & Mother's Day in March AND I've just realised I desperately need to go to dentist, teeth are a bloody state so goodness knows what that's going to cost.

Does anyone have any inexpensive ( but lovely) ideas for a present for my nan & my dd's great nana. I was wondering if I could go her a little picture frame or mug with a handprint on or something. There is a workshop near us that does them but mugs are about £10 plus cost of firing & decorating.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Mon 18-Feb-13 21:35:43

Yes those places are not cheap. Photobox and places like that will do a photomug. They are cheaper, look nice but the one we got dm a couple of years ago was terrible quality - stained very easily inside. I have seen somewhere that does bags with handprints on or photocopies of a handrawn picture - they were reasonably priced; you know the fold up canvas type reusable bags.

So ready for March (or Feb 25th payday in my case) we have to 1. stock take our cupboards & freezers for foodstuffs, toiletries & cleaning stuff. 2. make very strict lists after careful meal planning to minimise what we need. 3. stick rigidly to list. 4. write down all expenditure. 5. find a way to use any leftovers or exercise good portion control in the first place. 6. not shop out of habit, only necessity. 7. only buy bargains if they were on out list or may save lots of money in april (maybe)? 8. take a packed lunch to work and no spending on pretentious coffees 9. aim for many no spend days. 10. ebay what ever we can. I AM READY!

lizardqueenie Mon 18-Feb-13 22:06:39

Thanks for the ideas ohhelp ill have a google.

Like your to do list too.
I'm going to see if there is still overtime going at work, think its night only be until the end of March so will try to get in while I can. Have also got stuff on eBay / local selling groups.

Have been v inspired by the 28 days thread so am making a chickpea something from ingredients we have or tomorrow's dinner!

TitHead Tue 19-Feb-13 08:10:19

Had a good look at the 28 days thread. Going to sit down over the next few days and work out a meal plan and stick to it. Have had a look through a store cupboard. It really needs work, if anyone can help me with that I would be very greatful. What kind of things should you always have in your cupboards and freezer?

ComradeJing Tue 19-Feb-13 08:22:46

I'm in.

10 NSD and STICKING TO MY BUDGET.i have to stay on budget this month. Tis a bloody joke now.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Tue 19-Feb-13 08:36:46

roast chicken dinner tonight but I will be frugal with the chicken so I can bank another three meals from it for March - a curry, a pie and a soup with the carcass stock. having bread & butter pudding with our scraps of bread but need to buy cream - smallest pot. Strangely I am looking forward to this project - cant wait to do my stock take & mral plan. I reckon I have bern overspending for a year - I cant wait to feel smug when I rein in back in.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Tue 19-Feb-13 08:46:00

comrad it IS a bloody joke - you a so right. Been spending up to 1300 on food & petrol & the very occasional takeaway. throwing way too much away. dh makes me paranoid though - he practically has a panic attack if I say I am not going to do the weekly shop. I have been trying to do twice a week for what we need instead if one massive shop where I buy stuff just in case - that helps but is time consuming.

Thingymajigs Tue 19-Feb-13 13:47:25

I'm in. I started at the beginning of Feb and have made huge changes. Just looking at my bank statements and last month I spent £700 on food and other items in Tesco alone. This month the total food spend is just £130.
tithead it really depends on what you cook. In my cupboards I always keep:
Chicken, beef and veg stock cubes,
tinned chopped tomatoes,
Mushy peas,
Lentils (to bulk out meals),
Pulses - baked beans, kidney beans, chick peas etc.,
porridge oats (for breakfast, to thicken/bulk out meals, for flapjacks and various desserts),
Raisins and sultanas,
Patak's paste,
Couple of tins of soup,
Gravy granules,
Tomato purée,
Herbs, garlic, spices,
A variety of pasta and rice,
Flour- Plain flour, self-raising, strong white bread flour,
Different sugars,
Bicarbonate of soda, baking powder, vanilla extract,
Olive oil, sunflower oil, vegetable oil.
Table sauces, fine sea salt and vinegar.

Mince, fish, sausages,
Fish fingers,
Homemade cobs and bread,
Potato water (for the bread),
Homemade chicken nuggets/burgers/meatballs,
Batches of homemade meals I've frozen.

Is that of any use to you?

Thingymajigs Tue 19-Feb-13 13:49:21

Wow, that was long.
This March I'll also be working on keeping my posts short.

aliciaflorrick Tue 19-Feb-13 13:55:12

I'm in, got a divorce to pay for, home improvements and a holiday too. So I need to be very, very careful with money. I'm trying very hard at the moment and thank goodness for a full freezer. My heart sinks when I have to buy cleaning stuff and toiletries because they really bump up the price of my weekly shop. Not in the UK too so can't take advantage of pound shops.

BiddyPop Tue 19-Feb-13 17:42:04

I am trying to be frugal this year (I'm usually not too bad but a car smash last year meant big Doc and physio bills that I had to pay, and plenty of over worked and sore days meant more convenience foods than I normally do - Dh is away a lot too). So I am trying to get back to my older ways.

This week, I am setting myself 5 challenges:
Re-do my excel spreadsheet for my cashbook (it's a month out of date)
Sort the winter woolies and send those we don't need to charity shop/DNieces/DNephews
Eat from the freezer and cupboards (trying to clear out and make space) - and not buy any food (apart from milk) until the weekend again.
Get GP to sign off my accident claim to get that sorted (all sorted legally, other driver immediately acknowledged her error - tis the expenses claim to get done now)
Sow a few seeds to be able to start planting veg soon (small garden, but it can be relatively productive - I gave up the allotment due to time and stress issues even though I loved it).

I will be happy if I get even some of those done, but I'd love to get all 5 done as a good start to my efforts.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Tue 19-Feb-13 18:12:47

had a strike of luck today. went to softplay and remembered just in time that I won a raffle at christmas - got free entry for 2dcs and 4 meals for free!! brilliant.

TitHead Tue 19-Feb-13 18:26:22

Thank you Thingy that's great just what I was looking for. Another bit of aadvice please anyone. In regards to selling some baby things will I have better success with EBay or the local facebook selling sites?

Ohhelpohnoitsa Tue 19-Feb-13 21:38:50

My store cupboard is similar. I also keep packets of batter mix (cost about 11p from supermarkets). They are quick and faff-free for pancakes or yorkshire puds and the yorkshires are perfect every time.

Helenagrace Wed 20-Feb-13 09:39:24

I've found it helpful to keep an up to date list on the freezer door of what's in there organised by what I can do with it.

So I have a column for "things to go with pasta" (cooked sausages, leftover ham and bacon), "casserole things" (diced beef, chicken drumsticks), "quick meals", (fish fingers, pizza dough), "stir fry" (chicken & pork pieces) etc.

I've found it helps to meal plan and also if I suddenly need to substitute a meal.

I meal plan by type of meal anyway (Monday is leftovers, Tuesday something with rice as DS doesn't like it and he's out, Wednesday is casserole, Thursday is quick meal, etc.) and the list being organised like this means I can quickly spot if I'm running short if something and I can be on the lookout for a bargain.

TitHead Wed 20-Feb-13 17:09:02

That's a great tip Helena will remember that one.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Wed 20-Feb-13 19:13:58

helena, can I freeze cooked sausages? I didnt know! How doe I cook them after? from frozen ir defrost? I reallt didnt know & throw so many of those cocktail sausages away.

Leilandri Wed 20-Feb-13 20:06:40

Marking my place to come over from Frugal February next week!

Definitely been too much month at the end of the money this month.
I need to sort through DS's toys and clothes and list on local FB selling site. That money can then go into a 'days out and activities' pot to be re-invested into the boys without any further money coming from my pocket smile

Helenagrace Wed 20-Feb-13 20:23:59

Ohhelp I just cool the sausages and pop them in a freezer bag. I tend to defrost them then chop them up and throw them in a pasta sauce with some veg as a quick "on the table in 15 minutes" dinner. Alternatively I mix them up with egg in sandwiches. I've been doing it for years and I've survived!

BiddyPop Thu 21-Feb-13 09:10:50

Well, I am making progress for a change - I got the 1st 2 on my list done, and I am sticking to 3 (eating from freezer). I haven't yet managed to talk to GP (hopefully today) and the seeds is a weekend job, but babysteps are being taken! grin

Ohhelpohnoitsa Thu 21-Feb-13 15:46:03

You will be proud of me. We need bread and yogurts etc. dh is working tonight until the early hours. The old me would now be in sainsbos putting a lot more than milk & yogs in the trolley AND probably would have seized the dh being away to have tea in the sainsbos cafe. Not now, no more! The new me is proofing (prooving??) a loaf as we speak. Lovely fresh loaf of white bread for the morning (white bread is normally banned here except if we have fish n chips). Everyone will love it, I hope. We cant have yogurt but hey ho......

Ohhelpohnoitsa Thu 21-Feb-13 15:51:28

also stock taken my cupboards. if anyone can tell me what i can make with a jar of artichokes, I might scrape another meal together.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Thu 21-Feb-13 16:10:06

and I have registered dh for tesco delivery and therefore got 12 off first order plus 5 off for spending over 60. I dobt think I really need to spend 60 but will buy a box of babywipes and some nappies, which I will need next week.

I'm in.

Can just say if your doing chicken look at the already cooked chickens. Asda have two cooked ones for £8 but a fresh one is nearly the same price. But if you add in how much it would cost to cook it it cheaper to buy the ready cooked.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sat 23-Feb-13 16:46:06

Payday looms (Monday) that will mark the start of my month. I am eagerly anticipating this project. mil came for tea today and I managed fish pie & veg and bread & butter pudding with cream. I reckon I can get away with no shopping at all til Friday. I hope the February Frugelettas come over to join in.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sat 23-Feb-13 16:48:10

Payday looms (Monday) that will mark the start of my month. I am eagerly anticipating this project. mil came for tea today and I managed fish pie & veg and bread & butter pudding with cream. I reckon I can get away with no shopping at all til Friday. I hope the February Frugelettas come over to join in.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sat 23-Feb-13 17:04:58

Payday looms (Monday) that will mark the start of my month. I am eagerly anticipating this project. mil came for tea today and I managed fish pie & veg and bread & butter pudding with cream. I reckon I can get away with no shopping at all til Friday. I hope the February Frugelettas come over to join in.


Is it payday soon by chance.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sat 23-Feb-13 18:03:56

oops! our signal here is intermittent to say the least. phone looked as though it hadnt posted! Oh how I wish I got paid 3 times..........

TitHead Sat 23-Feb-13 18:13:37

Payday for us is thursday. DP should earn £950 (my account pays for everything other than food, gas, electric and a few other bits.) So my plan is £400 for saving account and a few little debts. (If all goes to plan can reduce that to £300 next month £200 of which will be savings). If we then say a £50 emergency fund, that will leave £125 a week that will cover £30 gas/electric £50 food £20 travel. Leaving £25 for extras through the week. Well that's the plan anyway let's see if we can stick to it.

hanreeoak Sat 23-Feb-13 21:58:30

Hi everyone. Pay day for dh was yesterday, so I started yesterday I get paid on the 1st but did not want to wait till then.

My son had a hospital appointment yesterday so had to pay for parking, normally as there no big shops near us a hospital appointment turns in to a shopping spree as well. But I did well, I did buy pull ups in Wilkinson but would of bought them anyway and they were a lot cheaper than I normally buy. So did well there.

I also bought all the family cards needed for the year, I did this last year and saved loads the card shop was really cheap and I bought 10 family cards, 2 mothers day cards, 3 anniversary cards, one new job card and 20 various cards for friends/children's friends (10 for £1) So apart from fathers day cards in June I am sorted for the year the whole lot cost just over £13 so I'm chuffed with that.

Today has been a no spend day (apart from the £5 I put in my nieces card) and we had tea at their house. Tomorrow I plan to write a list of what is in the freezer so we can empty that, and also menu plan for the week.

I'm hoping from what we have in the cupboards I can avoid going shopping until at least thursday. So fingers crossed.

takeaway2 Sat 23-Feb-13 22:35:41

I'm here!! Payday is end of month so it's Thursday. But I'm hopeful there's no supermarket shop till then. I'll endeavor to figure out what's in freezer and work out meals from there - what a good tip! Thanks!

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sat 23-Feb-13 23:18:42

got a tip from my grandma. "no matter how plain or how dull, there's nothing that cant be improved with a good cheese sauce". As long as we are talking pasta & veg, I think she has a point. She said jacket pot with mushrooms in stilton sauce (mmmm), macaroni cheese with dolce late etc. ok so miserly march might have to use what ever cheddar is bogof, but the concept is right!

MrsKnowName Sat 23-Feb-13 23:21:33

I remember seeing someone in chat talking about no spend days. It inspired me and I now spend much less on crap. I have decided to try even harder over the next few months. We just bought a new car last week and still waiting for the loan to come through so we have taken a massive hit on our savings. Will feel much happier when we get the loan and get paid this coming week! Also going on holiday so want to find around £1000 before May so we can really enjoy our hols. So Im meal planning. Walking more. And spending more time at home entertaining the kids than taking them out places. I have also listed some of their old toys on gumtree tonight. I have more up the loft I will try to sort through tomorrow. I am also looking at developing an android app (Im software developer by trade) which could earn me a little extra. I have printed all the details I need to submit a claim for refund due to delayed flight which Ill post tomorrow. My house is so cold at the moment. Im trying to put jumpers on instead of switching heating on but sometimes needs must.

So March I am not spending any money that I dont NEED to. I have a budget of £20 per week for everything outside weekly shop. So any days out comes out of that, any extra food bought during the week comes out of that. I managed to do that the last few weeks and inadvertantly had a few almost no spend weeks!

BoffinMum Sun 24-Feb-13 09:32:33


I had a better February after my massive accountancy and tax bills scuppering my January efforts. I have also been good and filled in all the paperwork for the DLA I let lapse for the DCs (long story). Now we have that coming back in every month it's getting easier around here.

In terms of food bills we've been doing pretty well as I have been doing online Tesco shops and building up my points. I hate Tesco's wider commercial practices, but as a committed frugaleer, I am happy to sell my soul when necessary.

stormforce10 Sun 24-Feb-13 15:23:22

Count me in. Not much of February left now. I've been doing my 28 nights, 28 meals, £28 challange and so far its worked really well. I will carry it on until 5th March as we were away a few days over half term.

As for the rest of March my plans are to

1. Stop buying toiletries. I've got piles of stuff I've been given over time and never used so now is the time. This won't save much but it all helps.

2. Review contents of freezer and cupboards. They will be a bit run down after my 28 meal challenge but I think there is still scope for meal planning from them so I intend to do another challange for 14 meals and £14. I know I have enough frozen roast lamb for 2 meals, some duck to do 2 meals, some cooked sausages which will do with pasta so that's five meals before I've even thought about it.

3. Look at moving from Virgin to Sky in the hope of getting a better deal than we currently have. Does anyone know if I can take our phone number with us? Also want to look at using a cashback site to do this

4. Look for a good deal on a bread maker - no idea about these so any advice is welcome

Seems a lot of work but sure it can all be done smile

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sun 24-Feb-13 15:46:50

yy to breadmaker, stormforce, seems the Panasonic (expensive ones) are highly rated.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sun 24-Feb-13 16:05:03

can someone enlighten me on the casback sites. what are they and what do I have to buy to use them?

BoffinMum Sun 24-Feb-13 16:53:09

Well I use Topcashback and basically anytime I am doing online shopping, I type the shop name into the search box and click through, and usually get between 2-6% back from them (sometimes more). I've made a fair bit. Would you like a referral code?


I think you can take your phone number with you. We gone from BT to Skye and back to BT and kept our number.

I use Quidco. It £5 per year but they take it from any cashback earned. You just click through there site. And like boffinMum I just check them if I going to buy anything.

Oh FGS 'SKY' not 'SKYE'.

BoffinMum Sun 24-Feb-13 17:27:41
Helenagrace Sun 24-Feb-13 18:12:24

stormforce I have a Panasonic breadmaker. They are pricey (£100+) BUT they make bigger loaves than the cheaper ones and they are more reliable. I make a 2lb loaf in mine which is twice the size of some of the breadmakers so it's more energy efficient - if I had a smaller breadmaker I'd need to make two loaves all the time. Mine has a compartment for fruit / cheese / dried tomato etc for making specialist loaves. It means that they are released into risen dough so they don't just sink to the bottom. I make a yummy cinnamon and cranberry loaf. I love my breadmaker and If mine died I'd be straight out to replace it!

NSD today.

TitHead Sun 24-Feb-13 18:56:48

Thanks boffin will have a look into that.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sun 24-Feb-13 21:11:23

Have joined topcashback and hopefully you will get your £10. I just have to buy sonething now. Thanks for the link.

BoffinMum Sun 24-Feb-13 22:04:15

Very kind, thank you, chuffed about that! grin

ohhelp - you just need to get into the habit of checking before you buy.

I spent last night working out what meals we going to have in March. So here my list. Thanks Stormforce10.

1. Pasta bolgonaise
2. roast chicken, roast potatos,, broccoli and green beans
3. Lasagne & Salad
4. Chicken Pie & Veg
5. Salmon and Pasta
6. Roast Beef & Trimmings
7. chicken and veg stir fry with noodles
8. baked potatos + Filling of choice
9. roast lamb from freezer, boiled potatos, mixed veg and gravy
10. Chicken Jalfrezi & rice/Liver and Bacon
11. chilli con carne, rice , salad
12. Gammon, Egg and Chips
12. fish fingers chips and beans
13. pasta with meatballs in tomato sauce
13. chicken and veg soup with bread and cheese
14. sausage and mash, cabbage
15. shepherds pie, broccoli and carrots
16. Pork Chop & Veg
17. Roast Pork & trimmings
18. Sausage Toad in the hole, Veg and onion gravy
19. Beef stew and Mash
20. Oxtail Stew and Mash Veg
21. burgers, rolls and salad
22. meatloaf beans and mashed potatos
23. fish pie
24. French Onion Soup & Crusty Bread
25. Chicken Nuggets
26. Sweet & Sour chicken on rice
27.spanish omlette
28. meat and potato pie, beans
30. Baked Chicken Parmesan

I only need to buy the ingredients for meals 2,8,22,27 and 30. The rest I have my freezer. So should only need to buy fresh fruit and Veg although I tend to use mainly frozen veg for less waste and are cheaper then fresh and everyday basics. And thing for lunches (DH,me and DS as DD's have dinner at school) I make most of the cake and snack.

TitHead Mon 25-Feb-13 08:10:45

That looks like a great list Wheredid I will be working on mine over the next few days.

BiddyPop Mon 25-Feb-13 13:21:36

I sowed some seeds yesterday, to get some salad leaves and radishes soon (I'm hopeful!) for my lunches, and start some broad beans too. The weather is not great for it (cold), but I have a lot of seeds so don't mind poor results this time - especially if I do get any positive results!

I rang the GP last week about the report for my claim after the crash last year. As I couldn't speak to the Dr, I don't know whether I will get that this week or what (secretary was supposed to ring back but didn't). But I have to go in for physio later this week so will ask then (my back and neck are acting up again). And I had other physio this morning (pelvic floor) so I am a right ole crock this week!

But I paid my car insurance last week so that's the last of the annual bills until July (tv licence and travel insurance), although utilities are going up recently.

I spent a lot on food this week. DH got a big leg of lamb (ILs for dinner) on Sat, but we had leftovers for yesterday's sambo lunch and I have enough for a curry or something tomorrow. Au pair is veggie and eating with us tonight, so she's making a prawn and veg curry. We had scrambled eggs for tea yest rather than a dinner (not really hungry). I will be concentrating on eating from the freezer this month, especially as DH is away for 3 weeks (business). I needed a lot of storecupboard and cleaning things this week, but hope to avoid SM for next fortnight at least (local shop for bread, milk, F&V man for fruit and veg, and butcher for (very little) meat).

Apart from physio, I have very little I need to spend the next few weeks - although I may splash out on a cinema ticket one night for myself.

LillethTheCat Mon 25-Feb-13 13:47:57

Hi, Id like to join, but I have a huge obstacle in the form of DH. He's very much into spending what money we have and only saving for things coming up. I actually just want some more disposable income so how do I do this without DH hmm ing at me? He does the cooking and we both do the shopping (although its with my money).

Any ideas on how to get him to go along with this? I know you are going to say just tell him we are going to Aldi instead of Tesco. I know you are going to tell me to just spend what I want and not spend what I dont want to. I told him last night I wasn't going to buy any crap (ie biscuits, crisps, cake etc) for us to eat and he just laughed.

Currently I am spending over £100 a week on shopping, but would like to bring this down to under £100. Id also like it if we didn't go out and spend any extra money willy nilly. Should I just be frugal with the money that goes into my account and let him do whatever with his or should I encourage him to be frugal too. IE should I tell him what he can't or can spend his and my money on?

I need to be stronger with him dont I?

Tell him you will buy the basic for the weeks cooking & cleaning and if he wants anything extra he will have to pay for it out of his own money as you can no longer afford to keep spending on shopping like you are.

Or you pool all your money into one account for bills and shopping and the what left is split equally between you.

LillethTheCat Mon 25-Feb-13 14:07:07

That's what I was thinking. I buy what I want to buy (I want to be frugal) and he can buy any extras if he wants them. Im also thinking without buying crap in I wont eat as much and therefore might lose a few pounds too. Gain monetary pounds and lose weight pounds. Sounds like a plan to me grin Ive just got to tell him now.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Mon 25-Feb-13 19:03:44

yes indeed, have to lose if buying fewer grabable goodies.

Leilandri Mon 25-Feb-13 20:21:05

Biddypop I've been sowing seeds in windowsill propagators since beginning of Feb. Planted peas out into our allotment last week, will check tomorrow to see if they've survived! Got Broad beans, carrots, beetroot, cabbage, sunflowers, strawbs and more peas currently under way indoors, and runner beans and sweetpeas acclimatising in the greenhouse. Had loads of free seeds from the magazine that I buy, so like you I can afford to loose a few!

IsThatTrue Mon 25-Feb-13 22:00:17

Checking in from the feb thread. Good to see newcomers. smile

Ohhelpohnoitsa Mon 25-Feb-13 23:04:43

I have put my meal list on the fridge and even dps are sticking to it. they made toad in the hole (ds calls it frog pie) & beans tonight, followed by fruit & ice cream. df did suggest I go and plan their store survival menu from now til Christmas and he is not even joking - I could do 3wks shop in dm's cupboards and have enough toiletries & cleaning stuff til at least september.

Confuseddd Mon 25-Feb-13 23:49:25

Hi all, I need to be frugal too! We are just always going over budget by a couple of hundred a month and the overdraft needs taming!

I was wondering about planting some seeds for salad and things, and I notice a couple of you have started this. It's not too early then?

Ohhelpohno. have you eaten your artichokes yet? I adore them and really find them a treat. Are they preserved in oil? I just do them sliced and sauted a little with cream and a little lemon juice, with tagliatelle of fusilli pasta. So delicious.

It's my ds1's birthday this week, but I've bought small gifts this year and some of them purchased with vouchers I had for Christmas.

I'm also going to see if I can skip a weekly shop this month and just manage on a fruit and veg shop at the market (plus milk). We've been eating more beans and rice lately. I've found some good recipes, and have dried mushrooms and some good curry bases in the cupboard to make them taste good. I find that veggy food takes more care to make it delicious, but I don't mind.

Also wearing extra jumpers so heating only on for an hour a day now rather than 4...

Ruprekt Tue 26-Feb-13 00:02:12


BiddyPop Tue 26-Feb-13 10:01:40

Leilandri, I had a load of seeds bought and gathered from mags as I HAD a plot, but i gave that up this season as I wasn't able to get there enough the past 2 years (I really only kept it last year to get my fruit bushes back out for DFIL and DF's gardens, and some of my great-grandad's rhubarb for my DM (well, it's allegedly GGD's - it is certainly my Grandmother's as I took it from her garden, but my DM is convinced it's from the same plant that GM took from GGD's old plots donkey's years ago, GM died last summer so poignant for us all to have it still).

I am trying to make the single bed and a few hanging baskets (cherry tomatoes) and window boxes very productive this year instead - I can tend to those with a G&T in hand after work, as opposed to finding 20 mins to drive to plot, 20 mins to drive home, 10 mins walk in from gate and 10 mins back, prep time at home (need to bring all tools as not secure) and then do some work on the garden part - while working FT and looking after DD at night (effectively SPing a lot with DH working overseas 50% of his time). So back garden is much more viable! But no more onions, potatoes, garlic, parsnips, squashes, pumpkins or most brassicas as a result - peas, beans, salad leaves, tomatoes, courgettes, maybe some brocolli, a few leeks, beetroot and carrots are my limits now. Although, DH has suggested starting pumpkins and squashes for FIL's garden, we plant out and he only has to talk to them, which he'd love, and water when dry (even though we're 160 miles away, P&S should be ok with weed suppressant membrane, and FIL does like to grow veg and potter, so if we prepped the bed one weekend, he would tend it afterwards).

Using up leftovers for dinners this week - prawn and leftover roasted root veg tikka masala last night (strangely good), leek and cheddar pasta tonight, and a leftover roast lamb curry tomorrow.

I am in this month. We hideously overspent on our birthday weekend away and now have a monster credit card bill to get rid of. Luckily DH gets a bonus this month, which will pay about half of it, but I'm hoping to pay the rest out of our regular finances this month, which is hopefully do-able but will mean a commitment to the cause.
DH is well onside (He's named it Project Gideon) and we're going to keep it up for a few of months to try and get some savings built back up again. Ours were obliterated by me being out of work for 6 months, but I'm back to fulltime now.
I already meal plan but will try to get the freezer emptied too. There's not loads in there, but I'm sure there's more than I expect so I'll do a full audit tonight before planning a shop for next week. My plan is to do weekly online shopping and try to keep under £70pw. That's for all meals for 4 of us, including our lunches to take to work and DS1's packed lunches.

Potential hurdles this month:

My Grandmothers 80th - meal out in a restaurant
DH's birthday - meal out
In-laws visiting for Easter (They'll contribute but overall spending will probably be a bit higher)
DS2's 4th birthday

Aim - To save £500+ a month

Ohhelpohnoitsa Tue 26-Feb-13 13:24:31

I FOUND ONE... sainsbos code if abnyone wants it for online - 10 off a 50 spend. it is 9MMXNJGNRT9Y but expires 2nd March. Enjoy.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Tue 26-Feb-13 13:33:12

This process is enlightening. I have a list of 18 meals ob my fridge and sime lunches too, for which I need to do NO shopping at all. popped to the petrol station shop to get some kitchen roll (those massive blitz ones on offer for £1. 25). spent £17.22. I really cant stop, its like a compulsion, very worrying. I am really cross with nyself BUT at least I am realising.

IsThatTrue Tue 26-Feb-13 15:45:40

NSD so far but ds2 needs a bigger snowsuit. I am looking at eBay rather than heading straight to the shops though so I'm definitely thinking more about what I'm spending rather than doing it compulsively.

Also looking for an outfit for family get together, I've not lost the baby weight yet and have nothing nice to wear. But I'm looking at next sale so not too expensive and as I have a £10 off voucher and an account for free returns it makes sense. But I'm spending some time making sure I get something I will wear again.


Could you cook and special for dh birthday rather then a dinner out.

I also have DS 4th birthday on the 21st march.

I'm trying to save so when we go away in the summer (only a caravan on a park on the Isle of wight) so we can pay cash while we are away.

Thingymajigs Tue 26-Feb-13 18:52:57

Right, my financial month started yesterday so I might as well join on this one fully now.
Today I got a call from my bank. I only ever get calls when I've got a bit of extra money in my account so I'm doing well. I hung up though because they'll only try to persuade me to take out a credit card or insurance or something equally pointless.
I've been through my receipts for Feb and made a note of the best buys and things to avoid. I've got to sort out some meal plans for the next month too. Saving money is so time consuming but worth it.
I'll get DS to bed and them I'll catch up with the rest of the thread.

HoneyStepMummy Tue 26-Feb-13 19:41:40

After a really expensive and stressfull month that included legal and medical bills it's time to get frugal again!
I just checked through a bunch of receipts and was horrified how much we have been spending on take away meals and stupid little stuff we don't normally get just because we were so busy and stressed. I'm sitting down tonight with DH to discuss all of this. I really want to book a nice holiday for us and I think this is the motivation we need smile
We have been spending $1 per yoghurt (the fancy Greek type) and that's adding up to about $12 a week. Ridiculous. I found a recipe online and am going to try to make my own. I don't like doing the whole batch cooking thing, but will try to make some cheap eats that can be heated up like split pea soup (yum) and attempt to make calzones or cornish pasties.
My husband just refinanced the mortgage which is saving us a ton of money. I'm staying to top of that to make sure it goes through ontime. Then I need to stay of top of getting paid for three modelling jobs I did this month. I'm just about to call our electricity company to see about getting our rate lowered. I'm also going to go through all my points, gift cards etc and see what I could use for Spring clothing. Going to bag up all the kids clothing I'm getting rid of and see what's Ebay worthy and what's going to charity.

I'd be happy to cook, but DH arranged a while back to meet friends for pool and a curry, to which I'm going to the curry part. It won't be pricey so I can't complain, just need to be aware.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Tue 26-Feb-13 20:55:01

Thanks for the artichoke tip confuseddd, sounds really nice.
All you Barbara Goods, what can I grow really easily with little effort?

Thingymajigs Wed 27-Feb-13 11:15:52

My monthly challenge to spend £200 on food shopping is going fine so far. Spent half on refilling the freezer with fish from Farmfoods and the other half on bits from Tesco today.
I got a bag of organic carrots for the same price as the everyday value bags and a massive cauliflower reduced to 99p. Picked up a Gammon joint as well as courgettes that are all on offer. All of this veg (plus spring onions and leeks) are currently bubbling away to make soup for a week. I couldn't resist the offer on Options mint hot chocolate either (£1.59). Someone had already cleared the shelf but I found another stash at the other end of the shop.
I'm hoping to get Ds1's birthday present on eBay this afternoon. There's a WiiU I'm hoping to buy for half the RRP. And I've still got £30 in my PayPal from selling a few Skylanders.
Everyone who grows their own veg has my complete respect. I can barely keep this parsley and coriander alive.

poppys2012 Wed 27-Feb-13 11:22:58

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

stormforce10 Wed 27-Feb-13 11:49:15

I've just checked my bank balance. Its payday tomorrow and even after moving out £200 into savings I've still got £150 left. Normally at this point I'm lucky to have £20 and that's without moving money into savings.

I'm going to put £110 into savings, use £20 for a slap up family fish and chip supper next weekend with mushy peas and curry sauce and leave the other £20 in my account just in case there's something I've forgotten. I must have made a mistake surely it seems too good to be true that I've spent £330 less than normal this month even allowing for February only having 28 days. I'm going to have to double check hmm

Hope you figures are correct stomeforce - could it be your council tax which we dont pay in Feb and March.

Thingymajigs Wed 27-Feb-13 13:17:34

I hope you're right stormforce. It's lovely to come across money you didn't know you had. And... I'm now craving a chippy tea.

stormforce10 Wed 27-Feb-13 13:26:51

Not council tax as that always goes out on the 28th so wouldn't have paid it yet anyway. Lovely thought though I'd forgotten we didn't ahve that this month

AdoraBell Thu 28-Feb-13 01:45:01

Marking my place, I'll join you properly in a day or twogrin

northender Thu 28-Feb-13 12:04:30

Marking my spot now I've posted my last on the Feb thread.

LillethTheCat Thu 28-Feb-13 12:18:37

So Storm All that extra money, is that just from being frugal then. Hope so.

Im having a Frugal March and will see where I am.

So do we have to all follow the same rules or can we have our own?

This is my first month and Im scared if I go too bad at the start I will give up, whereas if I make a couple of changes in March, more in April etc I will soon be living really frugally and it wont feel like too much of an effort if that makes sense. Plus I need to train DH to think the same way I am, which isn't as easy as it sounds.

So for March I will not buy crap (ie biscuits, cake, chocolate or anything else that's not considered food for meals) and I will adopt the mantra of if I dont need it I can live without it (hopefully will come in handy if I ever want to spend any money on clothes etc)

northender Thu 28-Feb-13 12:23:37

Lilleth we all do our own thing. Everyone's circumstances are different and so different things suit different people. I think the threads are great because everyone encourages each other and you can also share ideas. Good luck with March smile

LillethTheCat Thu 28-Feb-13 12:33:22

Thanks northender

Thingymajigs Thu 28-Feb-13 12:43:24

Yes we definitely just do our own thing. I couldn't give up biscuits, we'd have to be destitute before I questioned my biscuit habit. I have curbed my baking though, that was expensive.
Ds2 asked to be Frodo for world book day. Normally I'd buy a full outfit but I decided to cut up some old clothes and buy fabric to make a cloak. I couldn't convince him to make do with his other swords though so he has bought one from Amazon with his own pocket money.
If you know someone who is trying to buy a Wii U from eBay could you distract them please. I've lost 3 auctions now, it's driving me crazy. Stupid sniper bidders. The next one is mine!

Hoopsadazy Thu 28-Feb-13 12:53:44

Only three of us in the house and we always struggle to get through a bag of potatoes. Any thoughts of what to do with them? Is there something I can do to freeze them?

Thingymajigs Thu 28-Feb-13 12:59:43

I freeze them as mash in portions and then defrost to eat as mash, as a cottage/fish pie topping, or turn them into fish cakes.

northender Thu 28-Feb-13 13:17:38

Yy to freezing mash. It's great having it in the freezer to use as you need it. I mash just the potato before freezing and add anything else when it's defrosted but I'm sure you could add milk/butter or whatever before freezing.

Or roast and freeze.

stormforce10 Thu 28-Feb-13 16:05:09

I've gone over my bank accoujnt with a fine tooth comb. The extra money comes from having changed my insurance. I paid an annual premium to the new company so no insurance direct debit taken this month. most of it though seems to have come from being frugal!!! Really really pleased but still rather disbelieving

wheredidiputit that's a great list, pleased to know I've inspired somene. I'll start a March freezer challange thread tonight. I've still got 5 days to do of my February one as we were away for a while so not on plan. However may as well make a full new list for March though have run my freezer down so far now I think I might actually need to spend a bit more this month.

I think today is going to be a NSD so I'll have done 11 in February. I'm going to set myself a target of 12 in March

CremeEggThief Thu 28-Feb-13 16:44:17

Hello, another one from the February thread here smile.

IsThatTrue Thu 28-Feb-13 17:41:34

Today I spent £4.49 on a new snowsuit for ds2 from eBay, £1 on play group and £1.47 on milk. Not bad considering I managed to only but milk and was looking at £20+ snowsuits before. I feel very pleased with myself. Final check of the bank later tonight then I shall update on February's success.

Paintyourbox Thu 28-Feb-13 17:59:37


Can I join? I am back at work after mat leave but I am on a part-time, temporary contract that ends on March 31st.

Really scared to think I might have no work so having to be as frugal as possible to make my money stretch.

My main aims for this month are to start shopping locally, only buy something if its replacing old/broken items and carry on denyingyself takeaways (gave them up for lent!)

Paintyourbox Thu 28-Feb-13 18:00:18

I mean denying myself silly iPhone

Hoopsadazy Thu 28-Feb-13 19:20:32

Cool, thanks! Will be making sure I do all the spuds next time.

Leilandri Thu 28-Feb-13 19:34:30

Spent £2.73 in Morrisons today, on ham, spread and chocbars for packed lunches.

Also treated myself to a Groupon deal for a local massage parlour. 75 min full body massage, and a facial for £24, instead of the usual £87. Would never normally pay out for this, and certainly never full price, but I've been doing overtime, so I deserve it! Will redeem the voucher in April, when I next have annual leave grin

My goals for March -
1) Take lunch to work with me to stop spending in canteen.
2) Bake more cakes/biscuits so DH can snack on cheaper alternatives in the evenings, as stopping him from snacking is impossible hmm
3) Get through the month without spending any financial handouts from Dmum. Would be lovely to hand the money back to her at the end of the month with a "Thanks, but we didn't need it"
4) Photo and list all of DS's too small clothes, and excess toys on local FB selling site/gumtree, then KEEP the money, so that we can enjoy some days out.

Oh, a bit late in the day, but the Mirror has a £5 off £40 spend Aldi voucher in today, for anyone close to a newsagent!

MavisGrind Thu 28-Feb-13 20:16:53

Hello all, just pootling over from the Feb thread.

My goals for March are:

12 (at least) NSDs
NO dipping into my savings.
Getting another couple of hundred off my OD.
Using cash for all purchases and logging every last penny so I can see where it all goes (found this very useful in Feb).

It gets a bit spendy towards the end of the month but the first 3 weeks I have no excuse.

Will now go and catch up on the thread!

Daffyboobface Thu 28-Feb-13 20:25:19

Hi all. Aims this month are:

10 NSDs.
Keep flogging the clutter and SAVE the money.
Minimise accidental expenditure
No impulse buys of clothes. Always end up hating the things anyway.

Doing this to pay off overdraft, save for summer hols and generally be a bit more savvy with my cash.

Happy frugaleering people.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Thu 28-Feb-13 22:48:15

lilleththecat - you will find it snowballs. You will start off doing a couple of things then you will get a buzz and suddenly you will be auditting your freezer along with the rest of us! I am even cosidering this 31 bags in 31 days thing from another thread - decluttering by chucking out a bag every. day to the bin/charity/recycling. good luck.

IsThatTrue Thu 28-Feb-13 23:07:34

Hmm am I brave enough for the 31 bags? Do they have to be certain sizes? I'm not sure I could manage 31 carrier bags tbh but could do something everyday maybe I will although have a bag for car booting just need to wait for better weather.

AdoraBell Fri 01-Mar-13 02:28:10

<sneaks in under cover of the night>

March 1st is going To be an NSD for me. Today I refused To allow DDs To spend money on clothes, they have enough and need To get used To saving money. Until a few years ago the cost of living here was very low so we've all become spoilt. OH and I already know about lack of money, DDs are learning slowly.

Thingymajigs Fri 01-Mar-13 06:33:14

I'm going to attempt to do a big clear out too. I normally just throw things or pass it to my mum to sell at car boots for herself but I'm determined to sell them myself.
Aims for March:
Spend £200 or less on food shopping.
Sell unwanted items.
Due to a spendy week with birthday presents I'm hoping to get back on track with 5 NSD's next week and hopefully 15 over all.
Meal plan and quell dissent by threatening to go on strike. I have two picky eaters to appease, one of which is DP but I'm sticking to the plans.
Keep out of OD and put small amount in emergency fund or holiday savings.

Today I will be spending about £15, as I have to go the the greengrocers and bread shop and tomorrow I go to the supermarket (only go once a week as I don't have a car during the week) and aiming to spend around £50. But I will log the actual spend later.

I will have a look at what offers they have on the large joints of meat. Last time I looked I got large joint of Pork for £10 and was able to cut into 3. Instead of paying £8 per joint.

Bejeena Fri 01-Mar-13 09:48:52

Morning ladies! Here we are.

My plan is:

- Clear out my freezer ready for defrosting in just before Easter.
- 100€ budget for the food shopping.
- Get myself sorted with maternity clothes without buying anything new, just recycling and adjusting old clothes.
- As always not to buy anything new unless absolutely essential (might possibly have to get some underwear and definitely bras as starting to pop out even of my sports ones)

BiddyPop Fri 01-Mar-13 10:16:11

Well, I hadn't meal planned this week (just badly organised), but I had prawn and veggie cury on Mon, pasta with leeks on Tues, fried up leftover roast lamb and made homefries with leftover roast potatoes with a fried egg (from MIL's hens!! yum) on Wed, and made a veggie sauce to have with pasta last night. So not bad and all from fridge/freezer.

Tonight its takeaway (DH is away so I budget to allow that) and I have lamb shanks to slowly cook in the oven tomorrow.

LillethTheCat Fri 01-Mar-13 11:44:53

So just come back from my weekly supermarket shop.

Now usually the till comes to around £120 shock (2 adults, 3 children, cat and dog) I was aiming for £80, but it was £97. So even though its not as low as I would have liked, its better than normal.

Now I thought that a direct debit (did originally write DD, but it looked like I was assuming either DD1 or DD2 would have left my bank) would have come out today for my water bill, but it hasn't. Im thinking that I have a month off this month and payments will start again in April? Ive not told DH this as he will only try to get me to spend it, so if I keep quiet about it, I can put it away for savings and he will never know.

So I have got over £70 in my bank with no Direct Debits coming out for a couple of weeks now. I have an appointment this aft will will cost £20, but that's it. Fingers crossed I can put a good chunk away on Thurs. (I get tax credits every friday)

I hope it gets addictive although I often have NSD (I never spend anything on Sat, Sun, Thurs anyway) and we always meal plan anyway.

Well didn't go to the shops today. Raining so didn't want to walk there (I get wet enough going backwards and forwards from the school everyday). But will log what I spend tomorrow.

I have NSD most days as I only tend to go to the shops once a week.

Well, I tried to spend on my lunch break, but failed.
My favourite bagels have just been reintroduced, after a 10 year hiatus, and I NEED some. Unfortunately they're sold out everywhere.
Still, it should make today my 4th consecutive NSD!

expectingnumber3 Fri 01-Mar-13 13:45:28

Popping over from Feb. Really need to get back on track this month!

Been rubbish for the last couple of weeks, spending way to much and ashamed to say not a single NSD for 10 days! And went mad at a Boden clearance sale, spent £105! Although did kit the dc's out for the summer so not too bad. Must do better in March tho!

Ohhelpohnoitsa Fri 01-Mar-13 14:32:54

just done a very minimal online tesco shop (inc nappies at 12.99) and it is £105 - something must be wrong on their system as there is NO WAY it can come to that. I havent paid yet. Will try and pop out to aldi or lidl instead.

I'm going to carry on from Feb where I was noting down all my spending as it does make you think.

This month is meal planning month as there are too many top up shops.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Fri 01-Mar-13 16:25:00

Hi everyone. Dropped of the February thread about halfway through but we managed to come in on budget.

March is going to be spendy, lots of birthdays including DS2 and DH, and we are having a party for DS2 and have invited 20 people.

Today has been an expensive start. Big shop delivered earlier which was £134 (lots of meat for the freezer including some lovely joints), and then I've managed to spend £38 in Sainsbury's this afternoon on medications for poorly DH, nappies and a few other bits.
Tomorrow we are going out for the day - shouldn't be too steep.
Sunday should be a NSD.

CremeEggThief Fri 01-Mar-13 16:41:12

<Waves at Ali. Nice to see you back smile>

Spendy day here too, but all budgeted for. Spent about £102 (jeans, shoes, school trousers for DS, medicine and vitamins and some shopping) altogether, but hoping for two NSDs this weekend, apart from milk and perhaps a newspaper.

Hope everyone has a good weekend smile.

Munchkin08 Fri 01-Mar-13 17:30:30

Hi just coming over from the February thread. Hello everyone.

Had a big shop at Costco (£160) middle of last month so still have a full freezer, cupboards are full so now must really stop entering a SM - keep saying 'only milk and fruit'. blush

Buying no new clothes till I've lost weight wink

Need to buy socks and tights for DD as she's grown x

IsThatTrue Fri 01-Mar-13 18:14:47

Well today isn't a NSD as I paid the dcs lunches, but I paid it for the whole term (plus 1day in case I forget before the go back after Easter) which means I don't have to worry about it again until the end if the Easter holidays. So that's £92.40. Standing orders went out for all 3 dcs pocket money for the month, and my birthday/Xmas savings. Direct debits for the big dcs child trust funds will go out in the next few days. I forgot to give in the cheque for ds1s footie training so will have to do that next week but the money is ready in the cheque book account so I might as well say its been paid today as I never touch that money once it's transferred.

On the making money side of things I've got some overtime this weekend, so that will help!

northender Fri 01-Mar-13 18:17:51

Disaster day for me today, discovered my car's MOT was very overdue. Lovely garage took it straight in but it needed loads of work doing to pass and needed a service so £340 total sad. Dh's car needed tax yesterday so that was another £130. We also need to pay £175 this month towards a weekend away for fil's 70th birthday.
On a brighter note, dh's car insurance is up for renewal in a fortnight and I've managed to get it down from £45 a month to £30 and that doesn't include the £75 cashback we'll get in 3 months smile
Other than that, about £6 for youth club, school disco and cricket practice.

My aims for March have now changed (!) and I think if we can end the month no worse than we started it will be great, if we manage to gain then even better.

Leilandri Fri 01-Mar-13 20:23:42

This is very wierd! All of our direct debits etc how now come out of our account, and we still have £153 remaing shock The past year or so, we've been in the horrible position of deciding which debts to pay, and which to 'bounce' that month, and then swapping them around the next month and so on blush
SO nice that we've paid everyone this month, and on time! Still have a cheque to come out for £62.50, but that will still leave money in our account. Will get CHB on Tuesday, so I'm going to squirrel as much of that away as I can towards the car tax at the end of March.

Spent £4.95 today on usual Friday doughnut habit, and fruit to last the weekend.
I have a moral dilemma ladies .. I came home today to an envelope through my door. It had been hand delivered, had my address on but no name, so I opened it. Inside was £270 cash, and a note saying "Payment for invoice No.370. With Thanks" That was it, no name, no forwarding address. So my question is ... do I keep the money?

Alibabaandthe40nappies Fri 01-Mar-13 20:44:30

Is it because of no council tax again this month?

Alibabaandthe40nappies Fri 01-Mar-13 20:47:33

Oh just saw about the money!

Um, it must be tempting to! Difficult if someone comes back for it though and you have to deny all knowledge, not sure if I could.
That is a real moral dilemma. What would you do if you didn't keep it, take it to the police?

stormforce10 Fri 01-Mar-13 20:53:38

Hello again everyone.

March has started well with a NSD.

I need your experience. I've switched from Npower to a fixed deal with Scottish Power but scottish power started supplyng me today. Npower have not taken their direct debit yesterday but have sent me a letter telling me not to cancel DD as they will calculate final payment and take it from account. Anyone know when theyre likely to do this and if they'll notify me first or just take it. Given my experience of npower so far its likely to be huge as all they've ever done is put my payment up and up but still say I owe them money. Very nervous about this.

Leilandri sorry but I'd hand it in to the police. Sounds like someone made a major mistake and when it come to light they are going to know exactly where they left the money so it wouldn;'t look good for you. You may find them knocking on your door and it could get unpleasant if you claim to know nothing about it. At least if you say its at the police station they will hopefully go away to get it. If no one claims it it will be yours anyway.

MavisGrind Fri 01-Mar-13 20:56:04

oooh, Leilandri how strange (both cash left over in the bank and cash shoved through the letterbox grin)

How about keep the cash for a couple of months and then is not claimed keep?? I don't know really - I just wish someone would put such a mystery envelope through my door!

Sorry to hear about the car northender - just think how bad it would be if you weren't being frugal though <not that helpful>

So, spent £50 on petrol, £39 in Aldi and took out the remainder of my food budget in cash so theoretically I shouldn't have to touch my bank account for the rest of the month. If all goes to plan this should leave me about £300 outstanding on my OD rather than the £600-700 it appeared to be before.

We shall see....have a lovely weekend frugaleers!

AdoraBell Fri 01-Mar-13 21:30:58


I have the opposite with my OH, if I underspend on groceries he'll decide on a budget that doesn't allow for toiletries/laundry products.

I've had an NSD, he's bought a full set of ropes for a boat. He was begging asking me to buy him a fancy pants sailing jacket last week and I gave him The Look, today he realised it's £200 - or £50 if he buys it in the UK when he visits soon.

Daffyboobface Fri 01-Mar-13 22:07:28

leilandri I'm with mavis . Leave it by the door for a few months. That way, you're not being dishonest, but if it isn't claimed, it won't just get stuck in the police lost and found (or whatever it is they do with it...round in pub??)

I am slinking in, anyway. I got sucked into the bra thread and have ordered a set in my new size (30 F, who knew?) Was in a discount place recommended on thread, so not overly spendy. Also picked up a jacket and t shirt in h&m for starting work on Monday. All justifiable purchases, but ones that wouldn't have been made if I hadn't exposed myself to shops. Get thee behind me, S&B...

On the plus side, sold a few bits on ebay/gumtree.

Paintyourbox Fri 01-Mar-13 22:25:01

Today wasn't an NSD for me as its food shopping day but managed to get the entire weekly shop (all meals and snacks) for just £46. Really pleased as we bought most of it locally too.

Going to put some more stuff on Gumtree and put the money straight into my ISA.

NSD for me tomorrow!

HollaAtMeBaby Fri 01-Mar-13 22:30:18

You can't keep that money - the note makes it obvious it's not meant for you. I think you should either hand it in to the police as found or keep it until someone comes back for it. Which they will!

frazzled74 Fri 01-Mar-13 22:45:40

count me in please. I did a weekly shop in aldi today and the bi came to £64 including 7 meals for 4, nappies and packed lunch stuff, also bought some bread mixes, meals include joint of lamb, chicken breasts and tuna steaks, pork chops and more that i cant recall without looking, plus a few kids meals for when friends come for tea, (pizzas, fishfingers etc.) We usually spend at least £100 in sainsburys, morrisons and waitrose.

Mumof3men Fri 01-Mar-13 23:00:28

I'm in for this month, I'm in the extremely fortunate position of having received news today that my ppi claim is going to pay out which will clear my credit card (my only debt other than the mortgage), so my worries are finally over.
I've been being frugal since running up the cc bill decorating the house. I need to keep it up though because I finally have several bank accounts set up now for Xmas, car, holiday (I can dream) and emergencies.
I went to Tesco tonight and ended up spending £105!!!! It didn't even really include much 'dinner' food!
I was so cross that I have kept the receipt and when hubby gets paid next (two weeks time) I am going to go and see what the same shopping will cost in Aldi.

AdoraBell Sat 02-Mar-13 00:49:52


I understand it's tempting, but someone thinks they've paid someone and will be chased up when the invoice becomes overdue. I would take it to the local police station and get some kind of receipt to show when and where you handed it over in case the aforementioned payee comes back asking for it.

AdoraBell Sat 02-Mar-13 02:27:15

Ooh, just remembered while posting on the decluttering thread- I found an envelope in my kitchen cupboard. And inside that envelope I found £30!grin

I also have another source of small amounts of money, a swear box. DD2 can be a nightmare and so this week she lost her pocket money. Today she wanted to know what happens to the money in the swear box and I thought - well I can't give it back or spend it on treats because that defeats the object, so I told her it goes towards groceries.

Leilandri Sat 02-Mar-13 09:05:18

Thanks ladies. I'd already convinced myself that I couldn't keep the money, I just needed to hear from others to be sure I wasn't being crazy!! I've spoken to my neighbour (who is a local copper) and he said to keep it at home in a safe place for 6 months, and if not claimed then I can keep it.

Have to go up town today to get a pressie for Dcousins 2nd Bday. Have some bits at home that I can re-gift, but need something small to bulk it out abit, also need wrapping paper and sellotape.
Also need to buy chicken food, grain and sawdust today, and some long-sleeved vests for DS2. Hopefully less than £30 for everything ...

Leilandri Sat 02-Mar-13 09:10:57

Storm regarding Npower - We switched from them to Utility Warehouse in December. I cancelled the DD as I didn't have the money to pay them anyway blush They took 6 weeks to send me my final bill and closing statement, a combined total of nearly £600! I phoned to set up a payment plan via DD, and they said that they are not allowed to keep bank details of customers no longer with them. They have sent me a payment card, and I am paying it off at £50 per month, via a Paypoint outlet.

Adora Well done on finding the money, nice little treat for you. I will remember the swear box for when DS's are older, at only 3 and 1 I hope that will be some years yet before I need it wink

CremeEggThief Sat 02-Mar-13 09:22:35

Glad you've come to a decision, Leilandri. I wonder how long it will take the person to realise they made a mistake?

CremeEggThief Sat 02-Mar-13 09:24:06

Adora, you deserve a little treat with that £30 smile.

stormforce10 Sat 02-Mar-13 10:52:37

shock glad I was sitting down when I read your post Lelilandri. SIX HUNDRED POUNDS!! To be honest it will be worth every penny to get rid of them. All they ever did was put the price up and up and their customer services were abysmal. So far Scottish Power have been a revelation. Polite and helpful. Not that I've started paying them yet when it could all change grin

LillethTheCat Sat 02-Mar-13 11:23:18

Well so much for a NSD today for me.

Went to Parkrun and in my post run euphoria I thought ooh now I get to go home for cake and hot chocolate. Then I realised I didn't buy any cake yesterday so rang DH and asked him if he wanted cake so I popped to the supermarket and spent £4.07. Ive justified it to myself saying that means yesterday's grocery shop was just over £100 which is still less than it usually is.

Still trying to persuade DH to go to Aldi, but Im thinking one step at a time. I will do my weekly shopping at Aldi at some point. Though we are saving up stickers at Tesco for some cookware things. Next week I can afford to buy a pot for £30 (should be £79) and a glass box (for microwaving things) for £1.99. Then after next week I will demand we are going to Aldi.

Im actually really annoyed with myself because my plan was to not really tell DH what money I have (as he just wants to spend spend spend all the time) and I got a cheque from my mum (to pay for DCs passports) and guess what I only went and told him angry Why didn't I keep quiet and put it in my savings? Instead we are buying a TV for our bedroom as our current one is tempormental ATM.

Is it bad that I am wanting to keep quiet about how much money I have? It doesn't feel right, but it means I can save a bit here and there. All I want is some money put aside just in case. Neither me or DH are particularly good with money and what we have all gets spent. So when something breaks we struggle to find money.

Anyway Ive seen a couple of jobs I want to apply for so hopefully one of them will lead somewhere and I will have more money and he'll have less to squander as his Income Support will stop due to me working again.

He's actually just whinged at me about the bread he's going to be having with his lunch as I bought the cheap loaf (well there's no room in the freezer for an extra loaf as I actually wanted to buy 2 for £2 nice bread)

Sorry for the moan there, just wish I could be frugal without DH making snide comments or even DH actually saying yes lets be frugal.

LillethTheCat Sat 02-Mar-13 11:26:13

Sorry but Im going to disagree and tell you that I left Scottish Power as their customer service was terrible. Im with NPower now and so far after 6 months have had no problems what-so-ever.

Well been shopping and £98.90. But I did have to get a few extra bits for world book day. I also bought some extra meat as dd has asked for steak pie and I would rather buy it and make my own. So If I take off the bits I bought extra I would have been on what I wanted to spend.

HollaAtMeBaby Sat 02-Mar-13 13:30:20

Lilleth why have you spent the money for your DCs' passports on a TV instead of on passports like your mum expected? If you do have spare money and have the space, a chest freezer would be a good investment.

LillethTheCat Sat 02-Mar-13 14:13:39

Sorry I wasn't very clear. I wasn't expecting my mum to send a cheque for them. We have budgeted for them anyway so now have spare money. My mum had the applications so her next door neighbour could sign the form and photos as we've only lived here a year and it has to be 2 years of knowing us. When she sent us the forms back so we could send them off with the relevant documents, she put a cheque in there too. Wasn't expected.

We have 2 freezers anyway.

ivykaty44 Sat 02-Mar-13 14:32:06

How do you do no spend days?

Do you leave your purse at home?

Do you spend the money the following day or the previous day - say for school trips or dinner money that needs to be paid?

Ivy for me NSD are easy as I am a SAHM and tend to only shop once a week/fortnight. So I tend not to spend during the week. But I can image if you are working it would be much harder.

As for school dinners I pay on Mondays. I don't allocate money for days of the week I have £400 per month and that pays for all shopping and school bits.

CremeEggThief Sat 02-Mar-13 16:39:42

£13.78 on some shopping, as I needed more than I thought, and remembered I still hadn't got next door something to say thanks for looking after the cat while we were in Ireland. So over half that figure was on a bottle of wine and a couple of bags of sweets for them.

IsThatTrue Sat 02-Mar-13 19:05:53

Well £12 on fruit and veg from the local grocers stall in town (forced out of his local shop due to high rents angry) that will last the week (I hope) £8.55 in waitrose on bread milk butter and crisps. Then £2.08 on some stuff for my ulcers that aren't healing. So slightly speedier than I expected but not bad.

Oh and I must remember to move money through my bank accounts each month. I have a Halifax reward current account that if £1000 goes in it each month then they pay me £5. The money doesn't have to stay in there or anything so if I move some money back and forwards I get £5 for nothing. Happy days!

Leilandri Sat 02-Mar-13 20:21:56

Spent just over £20 today, got chicken food etc, and got some extra seeds of our favourite veggies, but didn't get the vests that DS2 needs, so that will be more money at some point hmm

Working overtime tomorrow now so that's paid at 1.5x normal rate, nearly £60 smile
Got another 11 hours overtime next week, so I only need a further 10 hours overtime the following week and I'll be able to pay 12 months cartax from overtime money alone grin

AdoraBell Sat 02-Mar-13 22:09:58

Had a slightly spendy day, £22 in the grocers on fruit and a couple of kilos of freshly shelled nuts, from this week's food budget and £19 in the supermarket from next weeks budget. Shouldn't need to top up until midweek.

I'm Defo going to treat myself but I don't yet know how, my £30 is secreted in my wardrobe now, OH doesn't need to know about itwink

HollaAtMeBaby Sat 02-Mar-13 22:31:28

That makes sense Lilleth smile and I think in that case your first instinct to squirrel away the money and not tell your DH was right. Lesson learned! Why does your DH not want to be frugal if money is tight? What a pain.

I have had a low spend day, few grocery bits from poundland this morning and then met a friend for coffee this afternoon. Feeling better about money at the moment - am even going to the dentist (£50) next week after putting it off for MONTHS because there never seemed to be any spare money for it and because I don't like going blush

Helenagrace Sun 03-Mar-13 08:00:10

Currently away on a work conference so not sure what DH has been spending - although he has bought Mothers' Day presentsgrin.

Only bought half shares in two bottles of wine apart from stuff I can claim back so better than I was expecting.

As I'm working now I can't do my monthly Aldi mega shop during the Day so DH will be introduced to the joys of the two trolleys Aldi visit on Saturday!!

We will need some stuff this week but I have the main ingredient for most meals this week in the freezer already.

Thingymajigs Sun 03-Mar-13 08:18:20

You have my complete respect helena. Anyone who can manage two trolleys around Aldi especially during the weekend deserves a medal. I grabbed a single basket and even during the week I was struggling to find room to move.
Last week was far too spendy so I'm hoping to make up for it this coming week. I've got meals planned out for the next 3 weeks and an itinerary of everything in my freezer, fridge and cupboards. There's enough food to last us months. I shouldn't need to shop at all except for potatoes and chicken breasts/thighs.
Last night homemade pizza dough and toppings went down very well and everyone said it was much better than Pizza Hut which is great as it was a third of the price. I've frozen the other half of the dough for another weekend.
I bought ds1's late xmas/birthday present on eBay on Friday (Wii U) only to see new feedback written on Saturday on the sellers account saying he doesn't send the items. I'm now a bit stressed imagining I've just thrown £200 away. sad He hasn't replied to the request for a tracking number but the estimated delivery is Weds.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 03-Mar-13 13:48:10

£48 at aldi today (honestly I do not know how I managed that, I need to go round with a calculator again like I used to).

£20 on summer sandals reduced from £90 on shoeaholics. It's kurt geigers outlet site. I sold a belt on eBay so that pays for them anyway.

Dh has been quoted £220 for our contents ins this year (no building cover needed) but I can get it for £31 by going to aviva via topcashback. I have my car insurance with aviva so you get an extra discount.

Paintyourbox Sun 03-Mar-13 14:56:40

Hi everyone!

NSD today so far, no plans to go anywhere (DP is working so I am catching up on chores)

Managed to do out weekly shop (including follow on milk for DD) for £46 this week! Really pleased as we bought most of it from the local greengrocer, butcher and Asian supermarket. Only £16 was spent in the supermarket (Aldi) and that was stuff we couldn't get elsewhere.

I had a little meltdown on Friday because I am so stressed over money- DP doesn't really understand, sure things are fine now but if I don't have my temp contract renewed at the end of the month we are right up the creek! Anyway we had a really good chat and he has committed to being frugal with me (he even fired up the bread maker we have has for ages and made some loaves so we don't have to buy them from the shops!)

This sounds like a silly question but how do you have an NSD when you go to work? I have to pay my train fare every day so technically that is spending but its always budgeted for and I avoid buying anything else (packed lunch to work etc) so is it an NSD or not?

BoffinMum Sun 03-Mar-13 15:25:37

Llelandri, hand it in to the police, and if nobody claims it, it would be yours after 28 days anyway. Best thing to do.

MavisGrind Sun 03-Mar-13 15:54:01

Hello all, hope you're having a good weekend. NSD day yesterday and only £1.50 today so not a bad start to the month. We've been away for the weeked so quite a lot of driving but I kept my eye on my MPG thingy (my, how technical) and kept my speed down so it hasn't cost me as much in petrol as it should have.

Hoping for at least 3 NSDs this week. Will now go and check up on the thread!

Munchkin08 Sun 03-Mar-13 16:22:54

NSD today finally! Am really going to try to save this month - keep imagining the holiday.

Thingy - I really hope you get the Xbox x

nkf Sun 03-Mar-13 17:08:23

I'm in. Aiming for no spend tomorrow.

Very big spend today as I did a huge shop but now we should only need bread, milk, fruit and veg as top ups and maybe one lot of meat for the whole month.

I think you can define your NSD as you wish. I buy my travelcard weekly so I don't count travel costs other than that day. If you are effectively allocating all the travel money each week or month I wouldn't count it each day as well. So I would treat a day with no other spending as a NSD.

IsThatTrue Sun 03-Mar-13 19:31:36

NSD today. And got my overtime paid for this weekend so that's £150 up (almost makes working stupid hours worth it). I'm not going out anywhere mon/tues (other than ds2s injections and the post office but that's work so it gets claimed back) and don't have any bills going out so they should be NSDs.

Weds I need to go to the bank to withdraw the cash from dcs accounts that they owe me (can't transfer from their accounts online anymore hmm) and to open ds2s pocket money and children's ISA (they've brought these in to replace the CTF). And as I'll be in town already I should top up fruit/veg (as needed) and pop into asda for a few things. But my aim is to spend no more than £40 all in all.

Our monthly (now 6 weeks as DH was ill last weekend) trip to Costco will be sat, got to write a proper list so I don't forget things.

Leilandri Sun 03-Mar-13 19:38:00

NSD today smile

Worked overtime so earned £60 too. Had already taken a chicken out to defrost before being asked to work, so I took that to Dmum's today, along with Ds's! And she cooked a delicious roast for us all for when I finished work, we've taken the carcass home again as the leftovers will go into a chick, ham and leek pie on Tues, and the carcass will be frozen to be used as stock at a later date.
So extra money earned, no money spent, yummy dinner cooked, no food wasted AND no dishes to wash = result! grin

pixi2 Sun 03-Mar-13 20:04:02

I will be popping in and out if this (marking my place). If anyone is interested Asda are doing 3 for £5 on quorn products. I have quorn chicken nuggets ( I refuse to let dc eat others), quorn sausages (8 in a pack) and quorn burgers.

DH is away so this will make around 13 meals for 3 of us (cheeseburgers x2, sausage, Yorkshire puddings, mash and fresh veg once, and chicken nuggets with cheesy mash and veg x2). If DH is home the quorn will all go in 3 evening meals. Dc are only 3 and almost 2 so only eat tons when having growth spurts.

I need to build some savings as we have just used them all.

We only have Asda or local shops which are wonderful with fresh produce but expensive. Anything such as pound land, Aldi etc is a fair drive away to town or beyond.

BoffinMum Sun 03-Mar-13 22:26:20

Just to say from about lunchtime tomorrow my Austerity Housekeeping eBook's going to be free for a day again on Amazon. You can read it on any PC, laptop, Kindle, iPhone or iPad. If you do download a free copy, it would be nice if you could leave a review. wink grin

Austerity Housekeeping

AdoraBell Mon 04-Mar-13 01:54:35

Paintyourbox in your position I would count spending over and above the travel costs, much like my petrol - I use it daily but only count it as spent when I fill up. I'm glad DP is on board now.

I had another NSD, and OH would have too except I went a bit weak while out cyclingblush, so he bought snacks and drinks.

Lilleth it could be a bit of denial on your OH's part, you'll get used to not telling about incoming funds soon, just start building up a little nest egg in your account so that he can't get sticky little mits on it.

I want to get a bread maker, when we have money coming in, told OH and he said it's not very cost effectivehmm, I'm going to wait until we move anyway as lot's of things are more expensive here.

IsThatTrue Mon 04-Mar-13 02:05:55

boffin I may just have to dig out my kindle. Thanks for the tip on free event. I shall be sure to review.

Can't sleep, looking at interest rates on savings accounts. hmm

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 04-Mar-13 12:01:58

This thread is moving so fast!

I really feel for those of you with DH's not committing to this. Mine is not great with money but he is on board with me in trying to get the most for our money and not fritter. We want to change his car in the summer which is spurring him on at the moment.

Weekend ended up being a bit spendy. Our day out on Saturday was £39 including lunch, and then yesterday I had to fill my car up at £79 shock and also parking in town £2 and haircuts for the DSs £17 and £5 in Tesco on bread and lunchbox bits.
Today I have spent £9.30 getting my boots reheeled, plus £10.50 in Sainsbury's on squash, wipes, fruit and shower gel because it was half price. Will need to spend another £11 later when I pick up DH's suit from the cleaners.
Really hoping to pack in some NSDs the rest of the week.

today I spent £20 for school dinners/snacks drink. Which normal for Mondays.

ivykaty44 Mon 04-Mar-13 12:25:47

I spent £1.50 yesterday on an expresso.

Today so far £3 for daughter to buy flour and sugar on the way to school as she is making swiss roll and I have a free coffee voucher for starbucks.

I found out that if you get one of their crds and buy load on money to the card each time you pay (I load the correct amount) then after 15 purchases you get a free drink. I put through our drinks one by one so they each count as a purchase. Once you get to 50 purchases you get free syrup and free decafe and free soya - which saves me 70p each drink I havegrin so again every four drinks I get a free drink. Newspaper and food also count.

Leilandri Mon 04-Mar-13 12:52:56

Will be a NSD today. Have spent the morning making enchiladas for tea tonight (and froze half for another night) made chicken, ham and mushroom pie for tea tomorrow night, and have a made a chocolate cake too smile

Got to try to avoid a top-up shop tomorrow, even though we need some bits, as it is a 15% staff discount day on Wednesday, so will try to last out til then wink

ivykaty44 Mon 04-Mar-13 13:37:51

have made a changa and spinach dahl which will be enough for two/three night nights with rice, thinking about making a shephard pie with a tin of green lentils for dinner tonight or Tuesday and a vegetable casserole. The left over vegetable casserole and dahl will be mixed together to make a soup for weekend lunch.

Thingymajigs Mon 04-Mar-13 14:54:53

I'm another one who is struggling to get DP on board. The dc's and DP went to Robot Wars Live on Sunday and I budgeted for it carefully and packed food and drinks so they wouldn't need to buy anything. DP came back with a £25 robot that didn't even work (he knew this before buying) and ds1 had spent £7 of his pocket money on a 4ft long piece of scrap metal. Whilst they were out buying junk (literally) I spent 3 hours putting things on eBay. DP said its his money and I agree but a large, broken robot, seriously? hmm
I think we need a sit down to discuss the money issues because I feel like I'm working hard to save up for our future and he's spending on a whim. Whereas he thinks I'm being boring and OTT. Apart from that we never disagree on anything but he's so blasé about money.

BiddyPop Mon 04-Mar-13 16:33:34

I managed to not spend toooo much on groceries this weekend. I went to fishmonger and got 3 dinnersworth of fish for €14.50, F&V shop (€13.49 on most of what i need for the week F&V wise), €5.50 on mince in butchers and local SM (€40.xx on everything else for the week, had vouchers knocking €10.25 off the bill).

And we went to a free event on Sunday (plant up a hanging basket and do a nature walk) where we came home with the basket and 3 plants, followed by playground in that park, although I did pay for swimming in the morning. Saturday, we'd fed the seals at the fish shop on the pier (the ladies there give skin, heads, bones etc to any kids that really want to get smelly!! grin). So a few cheap enough activities.

But I need to get a grip back on my day to day spending - I hadn't realised how much I was spending until thinking about it over the weekend.

northender Mon 04-Mar-13 17:04:34

My only spend today has been £1 on a treat for the dc as dd had a hospital appt, then needed a blood test doing. So dd got a treat for being brave and ds for being patient.
Need a few more days like this to make up for the car bill etc etc

williaminajetfighter Mon 04-Mar-13 19:17:26

marking my place...

I'm finding it hardest giving up a large cappuccino (from Costa or Cafe Nero) in the morning. It is my once a day treat. But at 2.40 per day it does add up. Has anyone bought a coffee maker to take coffee in flask to work. Do they find it works out cheaper in the end? I'm not sure what the unit price of a 'Tassimo' is but I don't want to invest in one to discover it's actually quite expensive to use and the coffee is crap. Suggestions very welcome!!


Just doing a quick calculation your coffee costing you £576 per year (£2.40 x 5 x 48weeks).

This Tassimo coffee machine is £139.99 from Amazon and the pod thingy's are £21.00 for 80. I would think you could save a fair bit of money over the year.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 04-Mar-13 19:35:43

Do you you go by a waitrose on the way to work? If you get a waitrose loyalty card you get one free coffee a day.

Leilandri Mon 04-Mar-13 20:19:58

Williamina I don't own a Tassimo-type machine normal kettle and Aldi instant coffee here! but my cousin was given a Dolce Gusto machine recently. We used to meet in town for coffee (usually Starbucks) but we now meet at hers and use her machine as the coffee is nicer, and cheaper smile

williaminajetfighter Mon 04-Mar-13 20:27:12

Thanks for your advice about the coffee machines! Am v conscious of how much I spend p.a. on coffee. It is bonkers. IF i can wean myself off cappuccino and onto black then I could just use a cafetierre at home. My next task!!

MavisGrind Mon 04-Mar-13 21:41:18

Evening all. Not too great a day spend-wise. Had to take the cat to the vets which was £40 but as he's now back sitting on my lap purring away rather than looking as terrible as he did earlier that seems worth it!

I've also bought a theatre ticket for later in the year as a treat for myself so also have to book a hotel too..... Still, theoretically my frugal ways should cover this..!

Ohhelpohnoitsa Tue 05-Mar-13 00:48:46

woo hoo my second nsd of the month. I did actually spend a pound on some samosas but as they were for charity and I found the pound on my desk and didnt know I had it, I am claiming a nsd. Need eggs and nappies on Tuesday. Maybe if I buy enough eggs, I will use fewer nappies! Have a meeting about some consultancy work too which might lead to extra income. Whoever talked about shoeaholic earlier upthread, I praise and thank you with all my heart BUT also say you are terribly shameless for introducing such a thing in my time of austerity!

Ohhelpohnoitsa Tue 05-Mar-13 00:53:23

I did a small shop in Tesco this week and spent £86. If I post what i got, would one of you Aldi-ettas tell me how much you guestimate it would have been there?

takeaway2 Tue 05-Mar-13 07:15:57

Good morning. It was a spendy weekend for me as we had a hospital app on Friday (lunch out - £51 for 4!!! 2 of whom where 5 and 2?!), trains (£50), cake (£11), dinner (£7). And that's Friday! Then I went up north for a hen weekend... Choc (£3.5), lunch (£5), juices for the stay over (£4), dinner (£25). Sunday, lunch (£4).

I did do a good deed though. I had with me some Danishes leftover from breakfast that I was forced to bring (we divided it amongst everyone) back on the train but there was a homeless guy at euston and I gave them to him, together with a litre of juice. Think he appreciated it. Was bracing myself for him to shout at me for not having money instead!!

Monday I gave my son £2.20 for school dinner.

Today should be an NSD.

issimma Tue 05-Mar-13 08:55:13

I'm in - I tend to join these threads and fail dismally but am cross at wasting so much money and food.
Have a couple of birthdays and a wedding this month, so won't be that cheap, but I plan to minimise the damage by:
Shopping at aldi instead of Waitrose
Making £100 at least by flogging baby stuff on eBay/gumtree
Shopping from the freezer/cupboard and meal planning
Buying curry sauces, naan and poppadums to avoid takeaways!

NSD yesterday. However, we are in school photo season and I have just been presented with another proof card (school orchestra photo hmm) so that's £10 I will be spending today.

stormforce10 Tue 05-Mar-13 10:56:06

The start of March has not really been very good from a spending point of view.

The 1st was a NSD but its been down hill all the way since.

On the 2nd I gave into a desire for wine and snacks and spent £7.69 at the co-op. Bad bad bad.

On the 3rd I got DS some new sleep suits and vests as he's had a growth spurt and barely fitted in anything. Another £18 gone.

Yesterday we went to baby group so £2 in the collection jar. We are thinking of going abroad in the summer so DS needs a passport £5.99 on passport photos. £7 in pound shop - conditioner for DD who's hair tangles terribly wihtout it, 2 packs of baby wipes, a packet of brunch bars for dd after school snacks, some weaning spoons for ds, a bottle of dettol cleaning stuff and 3 cans of tomatoes for the food cupboard. Then a loaf of bread and some baby rice cakes in Asda £1.94. £42.62 already this month.

Am going to try for a NSD today but looks like ds has chicken pox so no doubt will end up spending on soothing lotions and potions.

Have finally priced up dd's old school uniform and sent in to the schools second hand uniform shop. Might get some money back eventually but not holding my breath!

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 05-Mar-13 14:55:34

Oops, I'll do an aldi conversion for you. I'm very good at being a saddo remembering prices. blush.

Paintyourbox Tue 05-Mar-13 17:48:52

Evening all,

NSD today, made soup and took that to work for lunch instead of buying an overpriced sandwich!

Didn't manage an NSD yesterday (had to buy some new plant pots) and spent £19.99 blush

Hoping for another NSD tomorrow.

Leilandri Tue 05-Mar-13 18:03:01

Go for it ohhelp I'll try my best smile

Ohhelpohnoitsa Tue 05-Mar-13 19:17:54

right Aldi lovers, please convert my 86 quid Tesco bill for me:
pork loin - £11
ouder eaters £10
6 bananas
6 pink lady apples
whiskas x 12
6 pack quavers
bottle mouthwash
pack doritos
value dip selection
4 cans beans
2 2l water
small porkpie
deli counter ham 4
2 red potatoes 2kg
sugar snaps
free range eggs

120 breakfast tea bags
small jar decent coffee
petit filous 6
cathedral city

that was all - it was only to top up what we had in cupboards & freezer.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Tue 05-Mar-13 19:19:12

oh and 2 4pt milk

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 05-Mar-13 20:01:43

Ok, I don't buy coffee in aldi or anywhere so I don't know. Also ouder eaters?

2x frozen pork joints £6

1kg bananas 68p

Pink lady apples £1.39 or 49. (Can't stand them)

Digestives 30p

Cat food pouches, £1.99 or tinned is higher protein and 45p a can.

Crisps 85p

Aldi Doritos prob the same, 85p.

Dips, don't buy but will budget £1.50 to be safe.

4x water £1.99.

Pork pie 85p.

Ham £2.

2 x potatoes £3.50.

Peas 90p? £1?

12 fr eggs £2

Tea £2.

Yogurts £2

Butchers sausages £1.49

Mushrooms £1

Carrots 60p? I wait till there on at 39p and dice n freeze.

Cheese £2.45 extra strong cheddar 454g.

£2 milk.

I get it to £37ish. Obviously more when we find out what ouder eaters are.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Tue 05-Mar-13 20:05:35

ouder eaters = insoles for smelly trainers!! 2 pairs were nearly £10. In facr Aldi probably sell trainers for less!!

Ohhelpohnoitsa Tue 05-Mar-13 20:06:27

odour not ouder

Ohhelpohnoitsa Tue 05-Mar-13 20:08:26

thanks fluffy, that is quite a difference on comparable things. I have written in my diary to go on Friday. Aldi or Lidl - will see where we are closest to.

MavisGrind Tue 05-Mar-13 20:18:47

Evening all! Looking at your list Ohhelp I know that you can get 2l of sparking water for 17p and tortilla chips are about 49p. Apart from that I reckon Fluffy is about spot on. I'm a bit shock that this came to £86 in Tesco - I buy practically everything in Aldi nowadays. I can also recommend their nappies - I've used them for about 3 years and they've always been great.

Well, £20 on petrol for me today so that's an extra non cash purchase. I'm seeing how much extra I'm spending by putting additional costs on a cc this month. I can pay it at the end but I'm hoping seeing the difference as a bill might make me think twice against those purchases next month!

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 05-Mar-13 20:31:29

Yeah, I'm going on multipacks of water, I used to use asda sp, my local aldi doesn't do 17p water. Maybe it's the area it's in, it's more coke in a baby bottle than fizzy water.

Leilandri Tue 05-Mar-13 20:50:27

I buy Aldi's 'gold' roast instant coffee - 400g for £2.59 and is lovely, also do a bigger block of cheese, 863g of mature for £4.99.

Reckon fluffy is pretty accurate with the rest though. Doubt it would be any more than £45 all in. I buy almost everything in Aldi. I go on payday, once a month as it's a 30 mile round trip to my 'local' one, and it's usually a 2 full trolley shop, including all household goods, cleaning, petfood etc for about £140 grin

NSD for me today. DH took £10 out fo joint account though for bus fare and Mothers day bits smile

So angry about work today. I worked overtime on Sunday because the deputy manager phoned me and pleaded. At 1.5x normal rate, it worked out to just under £60. Got told today that because I took holiday hours last week, that I won't be paid for Sunday, so I have to take the 6 hours back as holiday, before the end of March. I'm fuming angry Not only will I not get the £60 in my paycheck, but I also now won't be able to work any overtime in the week that I have to take the 6 hours back, so I will be leaving my colleagues short staffed in 2 ways sad I shall be having words with the deputy manager tomorrow, as I'm really annoyed. Hopefully he can speak to personnel and get things changed, but I won't hold my breath ...

Ohhelpohnoitsa Tue 05-Mar-13 22:39:35

yes def try one of the cheap options this week esp as we dont need anything that i am brand loyal to.
Today I did some real super scrimping. yesterday we had rhubarb crumble (rhubarb from a tin). i drained off the liquid added about a quarter again of apple juice and have made 6 jellies for the kids and do you know what, it is devine! it was a perculiar colour though so i added some yellow food colour paste. they loved it tonight!

Ohhelpohnoitsa Tue 05-Mar-13 22:42:38

leilandra - what silly rules that make you lose out. we have similar ridiculous rule too - we get a free lunch if we run a club at lunchtime - guess what, we can only have the free lunch on the actual day we run the club, which we obviously cant have as we are running the club. Stupid rules.

AdoraBell Wed 06-Mar-13 01:59:00

Can't catch up right now, head spinning slightly as DDs return to school tomorrow. We used to stop for tea on our way to work, yonks ago when we both worked in London, until I alerted OH to that fact that our only £2 a day was only £40 a month. It sneaks up on you if you're not watching the pennies. Speaking of which,

£75 in the supermarket yesterday and half of that was OH's printer paper and energy drinks (cheeky bugger). Today I topped up with another £7, had to get cash out for a bill and decided to get a few extras to avoid another trip. And it was local today so no roads, yay!

School shoes we bought DD2 back in Jan are too small, I need to try and change those. We can only get them up to March so instead of taking a chance on not getting her size I bought two sizes. So that's a job for this week, means going into town.

IsThatTrue Wed 06-Mar-13 04:20:02

Right I've been trawling old threads for ideas and come out with a lot.

I finally remembered to put my hot water onto twice a day instead of constant (now I'm not pregnant and bathing twice a day at random times grin) so that should save some pennies.

I happened to be at tesco at 7.20pm last night as they started reducing. Which was good. Got 2x 1/2 chickens for 29p each and a bacon joint for 40p. Lots of deli meat which I've frozen half of. Anyone have a good recipe for the bacon joint?

I also got a sack of onions (I can't remember the weight but about carrier bag sized) in tesco for £1.99 shock so I'm going to chop those later and freeze them.

Had to put petrol in the car shock it was £75 but at least that's the first time I've filled up since the beginning of feb. and I had checked out petrol prices.com first so know I got the cheapest for 5miles.

I downloaded the manual for our washing machine and have worked out our 'Eco' setting was using 1.02 kWh and running for 150 minutes. Whereas a normal wash uses 0.56 kWh and runs for 86 minutes. I shall be using the non 'Eco' setting from now on hmm.

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 06-Mar-13 07:37:25

I've done that with the washing machine too, I can't stand that advert about wash at 30 to save money. It costs more in mine.

Luckily now we not have a tv licence I'm not muttering at the telly anymore.

Carrots can be chopped, fried until soft and frozen for soups too, that way I just chuck frozen carrots, onions and some red lentils in the pot with veg stock and I have soup really quickly.


I part boil a bacon joint then bake in the oven and glaze with honey, mustard and orange. Then thicken the liquid with a bit of cornflour to make a sort of gravy. And have with roast potatoes and veg. My child love roast pink meat grin.

IsThatTrue Wed 06-Mar-13 09:48:43

Sorry forgot to say that it was one of the cooked bacon joints blush . I've stripped it and its in a Tupperware container in the fridge.

Ooo fluffy I didn't know I could do that with carrots, when mum comes down from oop north I'll get her to buy a big sack from a farm on the way. Going to chop and freeze all the green peppers I have too (from the value bags) as dcs won't eat these raw so they only get used for curry anyway.

Off to town to open ds2s junior isa and to go round the charity shops looking for clothes for the dc.


I make rice with leftover chicken and gammon/bacon.

I cook some chopped onion. Once cooked add meat and fry for a little bit. Add rice and mixed veg (whatever needs using in fridge or frozen), stock and cook until rice is done.

Or Chicken and ham pie

Make or buy pastry. fry some onions add chicken, veg and stock.
Line pie dish then put have the chicken mixture in dish once cooled. Add a layer of Gammon then the rest of the chicken mixture top with pastry. Cook for 45mins to 1hr until cooked through. Serve with boiled potatoes and steamed veg.

I have spent £5 today. £3 on red noses for dc and a couple quid on some dishwasher tablets.

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 06-Mar-13 10:47:17

I think you can fry/blanch and freeze most root veg eg I do parsnips if they are on offer.

It just makes doing a quick healthy supper so much quicker.

I'm batch cooking dried kidney beans in the slow cooker at the moment as I've gone vegetarian and if I freeze them in Aldi zip lock bags I can just chuck them in as needed.

Thingymajigs Wed 06-Mar-13 12:16:46

I had no idea how many things were ok to be frozen before these threads. It's saved me from wasting so much food. Still not sure what to do with 7 spring onions, 2 courgettes, celery and 2 sweet potatoes though. I've ran out of freezer space.
So far this week I have:
Put a lot of items on eBay. I've already sold a guitar for £40 so it's going well. Ds1's WiiU from eBay arrived finally which was a huge relief and saved me £150 at RRP.
I realised my contact lenses cost me £300 a year and I can buy them online for £100 so I'll cancel that in April when it's paid off.
Did an Aldi shop yesterday with DP and he is now onboard with frugal shopping. Still need to get him to stop buying random junk from Amazon though. Really wish I hadn't introduced him to that.
I also worked out how DP's pay rise will affect CTC to prepare me for even more frugal living. Seems silly to have to cut back as our money supposedly goes up but that's how it works.

AdoraBell Wed 06-Mar-13 12:36:54

I second not washing at 30, I find things don't come clean without a lot more detergent and stain remover. Also YY to freezing the veg. As the bacon is already cooked you can freeze that too in portions, how about making the base of a casserole or risotto, even pasta sauce or baked spud topping, cook and cool the veg, add chopped bacon and freeze.

So far only roads on school run to report, that went up in Jan, natch. 5.50 quids, and then OH went into the city, after coming home, so that's another 2.60 quids. Is it any wonder I feel like burying my head?

Thingy I also have a full freezer, have a look at the monthly meals challenge thread, it's in Credit Crunch and the idea is to use what you already have and only add fresh perishable type items.

I need to get on with my day, will update later.

Thingymajigs Wed 06-Mar-13 14:30:00

Thanks adora, that sounds exactly like what I need. I meal plan and buy each item as cheaply as possible but I'm still buying too much when I don't need to. I'll see if I can get by with the food I have for the rest of the month.

BiddyPop Wed 06-Mar-13 16:04:23

DD is having lftover lasagne from freezer tonight, while I am using the last of some blue cheese (leftover from cheeseboard at recent dinner party) to make blue cheese sauce with pasta.

IsThatTrue Wed 06-Mar-13 17:48:50

boffinmum I am not your friend! <pokes out tongue> I downloaded your very good book, on your suggestion the other day. I now blame you for the fact that I have got a spring cleaning bug and have started desperate de-cluttering! My DH is going to have a heart attack when he comes home because I have a very hap hazard way of de-cluttering (involving getting lots of things out to sort, wandering off to another room, and repeat, going back and sorting half the original stuff, go to the kitchen and start prepping veg for freezing, put washing up away, go to second pile and sort a third, getting the washing in from the garden and sorting into piles.) do currently there are a few very nicely de-cluttered tidy spaces in my house, the rest looks like a recycling centre threw up everywhere. and I blame you grin

Spendy day but it was planned spending. I should not need to go anywhere near asda for a month. Except maybe to get soda water. 12 bottles is likely to only last 2 weeks if that . But if I send DH in he will just buy the soda and nothing extra.

CremeEggThief Wed 06-Mar-13 18:27:07

A rare NSD.

Read through later.

Leilandri Wed 06-Mar-13 19:17:29

Spent £33 in Morrisons on top-up shop, but got 15% discount, so would've been nearly £40 smile

Nearly £8 of that was on various forms of cold&flu medicine. I feel lousy sad Knew I shouldn't teach the children to share, they're too young to understand that you should share chocolate, toys and nice things, BUT they should also kindly keep their bugs and germs to themselves!! wink

Ohhelpohnoitsa Wed 06-Mar-13 20:15:26

oh I forgot about the book. Can I still access it?
I have manged to spend about £100 each on shopping & petrol since last Monday. That is pretty good going for me. Have enough food for another week (will top up at aldi or lydl to cut costs) and petrol shod last me a week. I hope to spend less than £60 in the next ten days. that will make me very proud (smug) if iy works out.

MavisGrind Wed 06-Mar-13 20:18:40

Evening all! Hope you're feeling better soon Leilandri - I've been nursing some unspecified lurgy for a while now. I'm a teacher so I'm prone to get everything!

Spent £20 in Sainsbos today on nothing I really needed. Am going to re-look at my budget as I think I'm trying to be too strict. You've got to be realistic afterall!

Tomorrow won't be a a NSD as I need to go to Aldi, however I'm going to do a largish shop so I can keep out of the shops for the next couple of weeks.

IsThatTrue Thu 07-Mar-13 06:38:59

Could anyone use a £10 off £75 at tesco.com? I got it with my shopping the other day but won't use it.

IsThatTrue Thu 07-Mar-13 06:39:24

Oh it's tesco direct not food shop btw

Helenagrace Thu 07-Mar-13 07:04:27

Loving both of my new jobs. An unexpected bonus is that I'm too busy to spend money!

Our tenants for the house in the north move in this weekend so our days of paying rent AND mortgage are nearly done.

The frugaleering will continue though. I never want to waste as much money as we were doing again.

Planning a monster Aldi shop on Saturday. I think I only need bread today. Aiming for a NSD tomorrow. That'll be my third already this month. I was a bit dubious at the start about NSDs but they definitely make a difference. I saved about £100 last month by just not being in shops very often.

takeaway2 Thu 07-Mar-13 07:05:42

Yesterday was an NSD! Possibly my first for march. The day before I spent £1.99 on manuka honey (original price £11.99 but I used £10 of nectar points to redeem). We try to use natural products like that to sort out things like coughs/colds. smile

Today's a hopeful NSD too. Bringing leftover dinner for my lunch today. There's some cultural evening tonight at school but I'm not intending to spend anything... We've got mot due this month and just paid for road tax!

Thatsinteresting Thu 07-Mar-13 11:42:53

Finally getting a chance to check in. We did fairly well in February but still carried a small debt into March, that I'm hoping to clear this month. It's payday tomorrow so for me March starts then. Planning on doing huge Aldi shop as we've eaten the cupboards and freezer bare. Hoping that if I meal plan for the month I can do fruit shop on Sunday and largely stay away from shops. I started writing everything I spent down last month, I need to do that and stick with it this month. My breadmaker, that I use daily, has stopped working so I'm going to need a replacement. sad

Helena - glad to hear you're enjoying work.

Fluffy- clearly you're sticking with your new diet. How are you finding a meat-free life? Do you actually think it's worth cooking kidney beans? I've never costed it but I wouldn't have thought there's much in it.

northender Thu 07-Mar-13 12:08:44

I'm still here but having quite a spendy March sad so haven't felt up to sharing all my spending! It has all been necessary stuff really and as someone said down thread, just think of the position we'd be in if we had all this spending but weren't being frugal.

We're football fans and we live a long way from dh's team (think other end of the country). The team are in dire straits near the bottom of the league and he is desperate to go to a couple of matches this month so we are trying to fund it in as frugal a way as possible. He is sharing transport costs with a friend and will take all food and drinks with him. He has a season ticket which someone else uses when he doesn't go (most of the time) so he will have some money built up that will offset the cost of the trips.

Dd(8) made me laugh last week, she is taking the budgeting so very seriously. She has done her own budget for the month with the £20 she gets. She's taking her own money to the Easter Fayre at school tomorrow and has bought a Mother's Day present too! All good frugaleer skills for the future grin

IsThatTrue Thu 07-Mar-13 16:45:09

So I just made 4.25 kg of chopped onions for £1.99 and an hour and a half of my time. Was quiet nice to disappear off to the kitchen for some peace and quiet too! smile

I need to do carrot, parsnip and swede this weekend then ill have really easy soups. I also need to make more mash potatoe and wedges for the freezer before my potatoes go off. Might do roasties too, I still have 2/3 of a big bag and I bought them 2 weeks ago. God I wish I had a chest freezer.

My mums bringing down her bread maker (that she never uses) next weds smile

Only spent £1 on toddler group today.

If you have room perhaps look on freecycle (or whatever it called) and see if anyone getting rid of one.

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 07-Mar-13 17:57:29

Thatsinteresting, well a 500g bag of dried beans makes a kilo of cooked done in the slow cooker for 4 hours on high costs £1 plus 8p leccy.

A drained can of chick peas is 240g for 50p ready cooked.

So the home cooked works out at 27p for 240g.

Plus you just chuck in what you need, which for me isn't a whole can.

Munchkin08 Thu 07-Mar-13 18:11:41

Interesting reading - getting lots of tips. I've spent £35 this week (week 1) on food which is great for me, if I can keep it up or spend less for the rest of the month I will be very pleased. I also decided not to shop in the supermarket and just use the local shops and market so I don't get tempted as I have a full freezer and lots to use up in the cupboard.smile

IsThatTrue Thu 07-Mar-13 20:24:20

wheredidiputit I wish I had the room but have 3 kids in a 3 bed semi. And I work from home so have my office here too.

I'm doing a very good de clutter but ds1 is poorly so my bills will be high due to excessive washing!

stormforce10 Thu 07-Mar-13 22:07:24

I'm slowly pulling back from over spending hell.

Yesterday and today were no spend days so done 3 so far this month.

I did do an aldi shop on Tuesday and ended up spending £39.39. I hadn't planned on spending that much but they had a baby promotion on and since I'm in the process of weaning ds I got much needed bibs, weaning spoons, a sippy cup (we lost one on Monday) various baby food and some baby socks as well as the normal shopping so that all pushed the bill up a bit.

Does anyone else keep a spread sheet with all their spending and then work out how much they've spent on average so far this month. I do though only for food shopping and unplanned spending not planned bills. Its quite frightening. My average so far is £11.75 a day and that's with 3 NSDs!! Its scary how fast money falls through my fingers

I batch cook and freeze dried beans as well, makes such a difference

Ohhelpohnoitsa Thu 07-Mar-13 22:27:46

I have a spreadsheet for all the direct debits but not for shopping etc - will start one. I also did a graph recently and that visual representation is quite enlightening (sounds sad but have a go).
got my cc bill today that we use for food & petrol. (cue drumroll) is £789, a whopping 50'/, less that it was most months last year. All because I am being careful. I dont think anyone else in the house would even have noticed if I hadn't harped on about frugal ways, so its not like I have made major changes. Off for my Aldi / Lidl shop tomorrow, cant wait. which is best value for money?

Helenagrace Fri 08-Mar-13 07:23:36

Planning an NSD today. I'm working from home so I won't be near any shops which will help!!

Got quotes for our contents insurance renewal - managed to get it down by £90 plus I'll get £35 cashback. Very happy!

takeaway2 Fri 08-Mar-13 08:24:15

Had an almost NSD yesterday. Spent 20p on a bottle of water at the school event. smile Today planning an NSD. Working from home in the morning then off to work. Ohhh as I write this I realise that I've got to give £1 to school for DS to buy a Mother's Day present for me. Argh.

Munchkin08 Fri 08-Mar-13 08:29:13

Ohhelpohnoitsa - I would say lidl is a bit more basic, don't know if you are still buying nappies but they are really good, tin foil, flour etc. Aldi in my opinion is nicer and you have a bigger selection of things and can get some treats. Hash browns are lovely from Lidl.

MavisGrind Fri 08-Mar-13 09:55:29

Hi all - ohhelp - just so you know, I notice from your last post that you put food and petrol on cc - Aldi don't take credit cards (although I think they do in Scotland, if that helps!). Not sure what Lidl do as there isn't one near here.

Got my winter gas bill today £420 shock so that's dented my savings a lot bit. I've also had to pay a water bill this week so that's all been a bit spendy. however a couple of years ago I got into the habit of putting money away every month for annual bills so I can at least pay them. That's the extent of my spreadsheet activity though, any more than that and I risk turning into my dad!

Today won't be a NSD but should be a LSD. This month isn't going as well as I'd like, and I still have ds2 birthday to buy for. Luckily I have picked up some overtime so it should all work its way out.

I hope you all have a lovely day!

stormforce10 Fri 08-Mar-13 11:48:26

Its raining and horrid outside so I am planning to hole up with DS and except for the school run not venture out so all being well it will be a NSD.

That said, I need to take DD to brownies later and it finished at 7.30pm immediately opposite the Co-op so may find myself popping into to see if anything has been yellow stickered before I fetch her home. We dont really NEED anything but if it freezes well it will be eaten eventually.

I got my closing electric bill from Npower this morning and it said i was £420 in credit. I was getting very excited and planning our next holiday before I realised that they'd applied all my direct debits to the electric bill even though I pay for electric and gas together. I fear a huge gas bill is on its way and will have no payments applied so no doubt that will wipe out any overpayment on the electric bill IYSWIM Why can't they send me a dual fuel closing bill rather than getting me excited for no good reason? Dreading the gas bill

AdoraBell Fri 08-Mar-13 12:50:01

Storm I hope that gas bill isn't too big when it arrives, how annoying that they won't do the two together.

So, yesterday I spent £110 on the second insurance and £2.50 having DD2's disgusting school tie dry cleaned.

I really want a bread machine <whines> but it's not worth buying here if we do move back as tax will be applied to import it IYSWIM.

Paintyourbox Fri 08-Mar-13 18:35:05

Hi everyone,

Have been hiding as I have only managed 1 NSD this week. Took money out on Wednesday to pay for postage for my Mother's Day gift (Mum lives at the other end of the country!) then yesterday my train to work was 30 mins late so jumped in a taxi instead of walking as I would have been late otherwise.

Today I had to buy a birthday present for a friend whose party we are attending tomorrow.

Still no word if I have an interview for this job or not- really hoping things will come good. My boss said yesterday that if they don't make me permanent at the end of March there will be at least 2 more months of temp work.

Hope everyone else is doing well- the receipts piling up are really depressing me!

Leilandri Fri 08-Mar-13 20:18:43

NSD yesterday and today and yesterday grin
DS's had to leave nursery early yesterday as they were too poorly to stay, and we've all felt too rough today to go anywhere, so I had to phone in sick to work. Will be calling in sick tomorrow too sad
Sooo there goes any potential extra money from overtime this month sad

On a plus note, had the water bill for 2013/14 through, and they've added on our outstanding balance instead of demanding it upfront, so that spreads the payments out nicely. Leaves enough money in our account for the car tax at the end of the month now.

Will be another NSD tomorrow, planning a short visit to the allotment tomorrow for some fresh air, and to harvest our remaining leeks for freezing, will be a Sofa&Movie afternoon smile

takeaway2 Fri 08-Mar-13 21:16:23

Another NSD! Takes the total to 3 NSDs and 1 low spending day. smile

It's going to be spendy tomorrow but that's to do with work. Going to London. Will charge work for parking, food and taxis so... It'll be a big spend day but not my money (although I'll have to cough it up first!!) happy weekend everyone.

I did spend today making bulk bolognese sauce. Tomorrow kids and dh will eat homemade sausages... (Literally made by me). And Sunday I'm hoping there's a treat or so for me!

Ohhelpohnoitsa Fri 08-Mar-13 21:38:07

I went to Lidl. I have been before oncr or twice but usually just nippes in for something - mainly their white peppers. Anyway VERY impressed with the price of their nappies and performance so far seems fine. The seafood looked fab but I resisted as it wasnt on my list. I spent £56, ten of which was on nappies. I do still have a few branded things to get which they didnt have suitable alternatives of, but even so shouldnt spend more than £10 or £15. Overall quite impressed. Do they tend to stick to seasonal veg? There wasnt much variety in my local one. dss are loving the yogurts. I dont think I will convert but it will see me out for these frugal mo ths I am planning, thats for sure & mine was full of well to do pensioners - they obviously have learnt how to sniff out a bargain. One very posh man was stocking up on wine, lobsters and bleach...... odd but true!

Alibabaandthe40nappies Fri 08-Mar-13 22:14:32

I haven't managed a single NSD so far this month. None of it has been wasted, just lots of things that have needed buying/paying for.
Today was an inset day for DS1, so I spent £9 taking them to soft play, that was the entry fee and a drink for me and a friend.

DH has dug out a load of old games consoles and bits and an old phone that he is going to take into town and sell at CEX tomorrow. We should get about £120 which will cover food and drink costs for DS2's birthday party at the end of the month.

We are off to a local farmers market on Sunday morning. We will probably spend about £30, some on treats and some on lovely meat for the freezer.

Leilandri hope you are all feeling better soon, sad about the lost wages.

storm really hope they can sort your bill out and that it isn't too horrible.

stormforce10 Fri 08-Mar-13 22:19:37

Well it was going to be a NSD but went to Sainsburys while DD was in brownies and spent £10.35 entirely on yellow stickered stuff. I got

2 packs of lambs liver 98p for both
2 packs taste the difference sausages £2.98 for both
2 packs celery for 58p for both
pack of grapes 48p
2 packs broccoli and cauliflower 58p for both
innocent smoothie for £1.39
bean sprouts 25p

The rest went on lovely loaves of reduced bread and some pastries for the freezer and lots of them.

Tomorrow I will be making celery soup and broccoli and cauliflower cheese and pasta bake for the freezer. They will make some good cheap meals at some point

stormforce10 Fri 08-Mar-13 22:25:24

Sainsburys put the original price on the receipt. I'm sad so I just worked out that if I'd paid full price that little lot would have cost me £23.89 so I saved over £13 on things I will use. I admit I might not have bought the pastries or quite so much bread normally but it will all get used so not a problem

Thingymajigs Sat 09-Mar-13 12:09:09

I have been baking all morning. I've made two loaves of bread, 6 cobs, a lemon drizzle cake and a chocolate orange loaf. Also quickly made a Mother's Day card which looks lovely but slightly like it was created by an 8 year old but with that and a couple of slices of each cake I've managed a NS Mother's Day. As miserly as this sounds my mum will be impressed. She hates unnecessary spending.
I'm just creating some spreadsheets for our income and expenses to make it easier to see who should pay certain bills.
eBay items are doing well too. Made £40 from our guitar yesterday and possibly another £50 for the DVD's tomorrow.
A little tip for savers which has only just occurred to me- if you are a non-taxpayer (taxable income under 8k I think) then make sure your savings aren't being taxed. Fill out an R85 form, your bank will not tell you, obviously. I need to sort mine out.
Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 09-Mar-13 13:39:48

Personal allowance goes up to £9440 this April. I think if you live on the Isle of Man or Isle of Wight it's a bit higher.

I had a feeling it was going up this year.

Thingymajigs Sat 09-Mar-13 18:50:07

Even better! I've never been able to save before so all of the previously irrelevant information about savings rates and taxable income is suddenly becoming important. Can't say I understand much of it all yet but I'll get there.

Leilandri Sat 09-Mar-13 20:20:41

NSD today.

Myself and DS2 are feeling much better. Poor DS1 is in the wars though. He was sick most of last night, and then he fell down the stairs this afternoon and smacked his head onto the concrete floor sad Bless him, he has a bump the size of an egg!

So to cheer him up we're off to a local Animal Farm tomorrow, with DMiL. Free entry for Mums, so we'll only have to pay £5 for DS1's entry. Will take a flask, and a packed lunch, and will take some pennies from the boys' moneyboxes for any payable rides (most are free) Hopefully be a good day, should be less than £10 smile

Helenagrace Sat 09-Mar-13 21:30:18

Spendy day here!

DH's glasses - two pairs for £279

Contents insurance £225 but should get £35 cashback

New microwave (old one caught fire last night) £50

Monster Aldi shop - two trolleys to last a month or more - £279

NSDs until Tuesday at least now!

lizardqueenie Sat 09-Mar-13 21:47:24

Keep dipping in & out if here for ideas& inspiration so thank you.

Stormforce would you mind sharing your recipe for the broccoli, cheese, cauliflower & pasta bake? Have all of those ingredients & would be an ideal freezer stash! thanks

Leilandri Sat 09-Mar-13 22:02:21

Helena Your Aldi shops make my £130 shops pale into comparison, so thankyou as I have someone elses bill to mention when DH has a heart attack over ours!! x

Right spent £95 in Asda. And hopefully I won't need to buy anything else for 2 weeks other then bread/fresh veg which I can get from the local shop.

stormforce10 Sun 10-Mar-13 09:00:44

lizardqueenie I usually make recipies up as I go along but I suspect I will boil the pasta, steam the veg, mix them them all together in a cheese sauce and top with cheese and bread crumbs. I've seen it done but never made it myself.

Leilandri dh and I once spent £385.36 in Sainsbury (2 trollies one entirely alcohol!!) so if your husband isn't convinced by Helena's spend try telling him about that. no wonder we need to be frugal. In our defence we were expecting about 50 people for a lunch / drinks party.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sun 10-Mar-13 09:36:24

You lot who shop for a month - where do you keep it all?

just saved myself some money by not paying a plumber thanks to mumsnet tip. my shower hasnt been draining. tried sink unblocker to no avail, just tried a tub e of veet rinsed down and it has worked! it wasnt in the plug but further down the pipe network. it worked and i only spent£1 in poundland. thanks to whoever started that idea!

lizardqueenie Sun 10-Mar-13 11:11:15

Ohhelp thanks for that tip, I hadn't heard that before, seems a better than using the drain unblockers- DH has sometimes bought an industrial strength one for our shower but use over time I think it actually corroded the pipes of course not due to my masses of thick curly hair

Thanks for the pasta recipie too!

Leilandri Sun 10-Mar-13 13:41:03

Ohhelp By the time I come to do my monthly shop my cupboards are almost bare, so not alot of trouble to find room! I have a large chest freezer, so most bread and milk gets frozen. Have a tall larder style fridge too, so I get the longest dates I can on chilled goods. I try to only buy the tinned goods, packets, cleaning stuff etc that I need for the month by meal planning in advance, ie 2 tins of chopped toms not my usual 6, so less space to find!

Thanks for the veet tip, will remember that.

NSD today, havent gone far with the boys today as DS1 was sick again last night, so a quick walk in the woods with DMiL for fresh air, and back to the sofa sad Think I'll bake myself a cake ...

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sun 10-Mar-13 15:21:11

wr have also had this sick bug - in varuous combinations it has lasted 10 days. great for nsd & lsd, nit great in any other way

AdoraBell Sun 10-Mar-13 15:50:39

Spent a little yesterday on winter clothes for DDs, I already bought some before our holiday, £80 in total between the two.

ohhelp hope you're all feeling better very soon. And Veet, really? Wow, I'll give that a go as my shower is draining a bit slowly at present.

I've also done a £300 shop, OH was shocked but we'd moved back from abroad and into a new house (many years ago) and so had nothing, not even a square of loo roll.

CremeEggThief Sun 10-Mar-13 16:15:31

NSD here.

Hope everyone who's poorly gets well soon.

NSD here too, unless you call the £20 sorted out for school dinners e.c.t. for next week. Will also need to sort out for Friday - £1 per child for non uniform day and 50p per child for red nose day cake sale. So that will be £4.50 on friday.

takeaway2 Sun 10-Mar-13 18:12:59

Hello all. Hope those of you mums have had a good Mother's Day! smile

Yesterday, on behalf of work, I spent some money on lunch and dinner (feeding colleagues and myself!). And on parking.

Today, I spent some £23 on socks and underwear for my kids at m&s, and lunch at McDonald's (posh us!!) £13. Dh spent some money at sports direct to replace some very broken running trousers and jackets. Considering his current pair is from last century that's ok I think.

Hopeful for 3-4 NSDs this week. That's what motivates me to go to work really...! grin

Thingymajigs Sun 10-Mar-13 19:10:45

Hope everyone feels better soon.
And happy Mother's Day! I have been spoilt today. DP cooked roast beef and I barely lifted a finger all day so it's been lovely.
Not a NSD though. I bought some ovulation predictor kits which are £20 for 20 on Amazon if you use the subscription service but still a silly amount of money for something you pee on. blush
DP bought some new trousers, shirts, shoes and jumpers which were desperately needed and it all came to less than £70.
I did finish my eBay listings though and I made £125. I sold a bluray boxset for £10 more than I bought it for originally. Not sure why since its still that price everywhere now. And yet other items I thought would do well only got a small amount of interest. Everything sold though.
I need to buy some laundry detergent this week. What frugal options work well for you? Do the Aldi versions clean just as well as brand names?

takeaway2 Sun 10-Mar-13 19:33:53

Hi thingy
The aldi soap powder washes really well! So I'd deffo recommend it. Dh is heading there tomorrow to get a job lot so as to make use of the £5 voucher they gave us through the mail. Having said that I saw in our local sainsbo they were doing 3 for £10 for persil detergent. So that might be a good thing too if you don't want to try aldi.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sun 10-Mar-13 19:39:58

Nsd here too (except I ordered a kindle for df birthday but it was budgetted for from a different account so not from monthly expenditure). Had dinner at dm's so still have a meal in hand from my plan. Hoping to sit down tonight and work out what I have spent so far this month. I am sure its on track for being lower than normal. I am loving this project but I am getting desperate for hair cut & colour and also new bras. I have finally thrown some away today with one underwire missing. I have been wearing it about a month like that and decided enough is enough. Will make do for March but may have to invest with next months salary.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sun 10-Mar-13 19:41:32

sorry - forgot to say to thingy that lidl wash stuff has got a good housekeeping accreditation - noticed yesterday.

Thingymajigs Sun 10-Mar-13 19:50:57

Thanks takeaway and ohhelp. I did check Tesco actually and I noticed a 3 for £10 offer. Persil small and mighty 1 litre works out at 8p a wash on that offer, if I've worked it out correctly. Maths is not my strong point. I will definitely try out the Aldi versions next though and check Home Bargains and Poundstretchers on the way home tomorrow.

MavisGrind Sun 10-Mar-13 20:21:58

Hello all! Happy Mothers day to the mums on the thread and get well soon to all those struck down with lurgy.

A LSD here as I only spent 7.99 on iTunes which I could really have done without but was treating myself. A friend of a friend has recently been diagnosed as probably terminally ill so I was having a bit of a 'fuck this, life's too short' moment. It does put everything in perspective though and although it would be lovely to get my mortgage down I could get hit by a bus tomorrow so there's something to be said for making the most of it!

That said, and apologies for bringing the thread down a bit, I must have some NSDs this week. March has been a bit spendy so far so time to reign it back.

I, too, recommend Aldi washing powder (and, as with all of them, only use half the amount they say to use!)

IsThatTrue Sun 10-Mar-13 22:18:04

Right, I will buy no more supermarket shopping this month. Bar fruit and veg, milk and bread.

In the freezer I have:
2 chickens (will do 3 meals each)
5 joints of pork (2 meals each)
Approx 14 chicken breasts (2per meal)
7 packets of bacon
36 sausages (use 6 per meal)
5 portions of mince (will do 2 meals per portion bulked out)
10 portions of fish
And a rabbit

Can you tell I don't meal plan? Lol

I've also pre chopped veg so soup can be made in smaller portions quickly.

If I don't do anymore shopping I should be well within budget! smile

Paintyourbox Mon 11-Mar-13 08:35:40

Hello everyone!

Saturday was an NSD however yesterday was very spendy- decided to buy myself one of those sonic toothbrushes as they are apparently good if you have dodgy teeth like me. The good news was I got it half price in Boots sale. I am hoping that it will help prevent lots of expensive dental work in future (I have 3 lots of root canal coming up!)

My temp job pay me every 2 weeks and I have managed to save most of my wages from last week just in case I don't get anymore work at the end of the month.

Aiming for 3 or 4 NSDs this week!

Modest top up shop this week £24 so the plan of doing a big shop at the start of the month seems to be working.

timetopost Mon 11-Mar-13 17:26:11

Hi everyone

I just want to say thanks to everyone on this thread, I've been reading the threads since the new year, but so far I haven't posted. Reading the posts has made a massive difference to my spending.

At the start of 2012 I started to track what I was spending, using the ireconcile app. Tbh it made me more aware of what I was spending (grocery shop was an eye opener), but it didn't really stop me spending.

Now I'm really thinking twice about spending on the small stuff (which adds up to a lot) because I've realised what a difference it can make.

So thanks again, you've given me the kick that I needed smile

lizardqueenie Mon 11-Mar-13 18:38:19

Evening everyone

Checking in here to keep me on track. Fairly LSD today, just paid for DD to get into soft play as it was like a blizzard (well a blizzard for south London grin) outside.

Got a sainsbury's £12 off a £60 online shop voucher today so DH is going to do that tonight.

Thingymajigs Mon 11-Mar-13 18:43:02

paintyourbox we have used electric toothbrushes for years and have noticed a difference in the health of our teeth. Be careful with the cost of replacement heads though, that's where they get you financially. Only buy them when they are on offer.
Oh the Tesco Persil small and mighty 1 litre washing liquid worked out at 11p a wash so Aldi still works out cheapest and I've searched everywhere.
Also found some USB cables to charge our iPhones at the 99p shop. I used to spend £20 on new chargers!
Very spendy day though with passport replacements, drivers license renewal and £5 for photo I.D's. But without being careful with the pennies I'd never have been able to afford to renew them.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 11-Mar-13 19:11:48

I have pound shop iPhone chargers. They work, I can't ask anymore of them.

stormforce10 Mon 11-Mar-13 20:33:09

Yesterday my dad came to stay and I remembered at the last minute that he is currently on a gluten free diet - cue a visit to the local health food shop and £7.87 on biscuits, crackers, bread and some other bits. It made him happy though so in my view its a good use of the money.

Today was just £2 in the jar at baby group.

Have a feeling this is going to be a high spend week as my mum is coming to stay and she loves shopping, eating out and other expensive things as she lives in a very rural area so seems to go mad spending money every time she comes to stay and takes me along wiht her. The good news is that I have all the evening meals planned so hopefully there will be no problem with those.

paintyourbox Mon 11-Mar-13 20:47:15

Thingy thanks for the tip about the replacement heads! I might use tesco vouchers etc to buy them.

NSD today- yay! And hopefully another one tomorrow!

northender Mon 11-Mar-13 21:37:11

LSD here today, just £2 on a couple of things I needed for tea. I need lots more days like this to stay on track thoughgrin

takeaway2 Mon 11-Mar-13 22:04:05

NSD today although dh paid for DS'
School dinner £6.60 (he might have taken some money off me?!). But I brought my lunch to work so no spend there.

Hopeful for NSD again tomorrow.

Leilandri Mon 11-Mar-13 22:39:34

Spent £14 on netting for the allotment bastard caterpillars aren't getting my veggies this year!, £5.50 on a few bits in Morrisons, and £7.50 on lunch in McD's blush Treat for the DS's as they are starting to feel better.

Aldi washing powder is fab, and only need to use a small amount. Their "vanish" inwash stain remover is good too, and so are the fabric conditioners smile

AdoraBell Tue 12-Mar-13 03:43:15

Had to go to two supermarkets today, one didn't have tampons, can you believe it? Plus their fruit was covered in fruit flies, and too expensive. Anyway, 42 quids spent in total, then 3quid on a snack with DD2 as we had some time without her twin sister.

Leilandri I'll see your bastard caterpillars and raise you 2 bastard German Shepherd puppies.

OH discovered some potentially costly damage, hot water supply from solar panels in the garden, plus the electrics to pump the no longer hot water have been chewed through. Looks like the safety valve has blown too, we don't know yet if can be repaired.

Today I spent £7.63 on bread and birthday cards. But that will be it until Saturday.

JediGirl21 Tue 12-Mar-13 10:03:14


CremeEggThief Tue 12-Mar-13 18:02:27

£4.44 on bread, milk and bus fares today.

takeaway2 Tue 12-Mar-13 18:02:30

Today I had to get petrol because we were near a petrol station and we were in the last quarter of the tank. That plus two sausage rolls cost me £66. Argh! But that was my first petrol filing in a month so that's ok I guess. I reckon a tank can last me a month.

IsThatTrue Tue 12-Mar-13 18:42:17

NSD yesterday and today, should be tomorrow too. Thurs I have to go into town to open ds2s junior ISA but I don't need anything so shall hopefully manage a NSD there. Friday I'm taking my DM for lunch as her Mother's Day treat and need to fill the car up ready for a trip to family party on sat.

Leilandri Tue 12-Mar-13 19:23:57

Spent £35 in Morrisons. £20 of that was on a toaster. Ddad bought us one a few weeks ago, but it has broken and I lost the reciept. SO I've bought a new one, and will then take the other one back using my new reciept. so will only be a £15 in reality grin

Should be NSD's til the end of the week. I need new workshoes, but will have to hope that the hole in them won't grow anymore until payday next Fri ... hmm

Helenagrace Tue 12-Mar-13 19:55:42

Snowmageddon here in Sussex today so an unexpected NSD. I made bread in the breadmaker because if I'd gone to the shop within walking distance I might have been forced to buy emergency chocolate!

northender Tue 12-Mar-13 20:41:01

We've spent £5 on food and £4 on a scout trip for ds. Dh has gone to the other end of the land for a football match armed with flasks of coffee and bottles of water in true frugaleer stylee grin. His mum is providing tea when he arrives so only real spend is a fuel contribution to his friend who's driving. Hoping for NSD tomorrow, Thursday taking mum for Mothers Day lunch so a bit spendy.

MavisGrind Tue 12-Mar-13 20:43:21

Evening all. At last - another NSD (I have been so crap in March so far)

Money just seems to be disappearing this month, I'm starting to think I must be basing my bugeting on How Much Things Cost In The 1990s...it's the only explanation!

Anyway, I can at least cover my costs. It just means that my OD is not getting paid off as quickly as I'd like and I am not building savings. I suppose I should at this point be pleased I'm not running up any more debt.

Here's to some more NSDs...

AdoraBell Wed 13-Mar-13 01:55:43

Well the solar panels seem to be working, which is a relief. Took the whole day to heat the water though. Spent £30 getting hair washed - me- and washed and trimmed for DD1. She's a bit of a soap dodger and hadn't washed her hair for nearly a week before we lost hot water.

Other than that I spent £20 treating a friend to birthday lunch

Thatsinteresting Wed 13-Mar-13 10:09:39

I am writing down everything I spend without fail which is defiantly helping me keep control of my money. I did a massive shop on Friday at Aldi and Sainsburys for the next 4 weeks so I only need to top up with fruit and milk. So far that's working well too.

I've just bought a slow cooker but we vegetarian. Can anyone recommend some good recipes or recipe books?

I have another request. My mum currently has a payg phone and only spends about £3/4 a month. She needs a new handset and would like one with a decent-ish camera. Can any of you suggest one that works well but won't cost hundreds. Many thanks.


Try this website. It's by a lady who only cooked in her slowcooker/crockpot for a year.

CremeEggThief Wed 13-Mar-13 16:50:09

Thanks for the link wheredidiputit.

£3.50 on bus fares today. Too cold to walk around sad.

takeaway2 Wed 13-Mar-13 17:32:00

Proper NSD today! Yay!!! smile

Leilandri Wed 13-Mar-13 18:59:00

NSD today grin

Glad the puppies haven't ruined your solar panels Adora smile

Thingymajigs Wed 13-Mar-13 19:39:02

Today has made me realise that I still haven't managed to curb my impulse buying yet. I need to force myself into more NSD's. My cupboards and fridge/freezer are full to bursting so I shouldn't need to shop at all for 2 weeks, apart from fruit and veg. I'm going to be very strict with myself.
Glad to hear the solar panels are ok btw. I've always wondered how well they function. Would love to try them myself but I think my landlord might have something to say about that.

northender Wed 13-Mar-13 21:14:22

Another good day here. £3 on toilet rolls! £1.20 on a drink at book group. Dh did well yesterday and managed to not spend anything other than petrol money on going to the football. Petrol money was more than covered by the money waiting for him from people who have used his ticket when he hasn't been there.

Daffyboobface Wed 13-Mar-13 21:27:25

Checking in. Have tried a couple of times to post but lost it on stupid phone.

Have been pretty restrained. Returned purchases that I was lamenting in earlier message. Have been ebaying. And walking past shops with downturned eyes.

Think it was Thingy who recommended online contacts - thanks, am going to check that out!

Almost NSD today, but needed eggs, so about £1. Think that counts!

Daffyboobface Wed 13-Mar-13 23:02:39

Grr. Grr. Just checked bank account and even more overdrawn than last month. This is so disheartening as I've been really careful.

Logically, there are a few reasons - I've had a couple of big birthdays and am waiting on cash from people who are chipping in, too. And have had extra expenditure travelling to London for work, which will come back (sort of) in my first pay packet.

But there are a few lessons I can learn. No impulse purchases - it's the balance from my old, non-frugal days that I'm fighting, really. Even though I only do the odd day in the office, I need to pack a lunch for those days - all adds up. And I must never, ever set foot in Boots. I have an absolute aresenal of gunk in my bathroom. I don't need ANYTHING else.


Thingymajigs Thu 14-Mar-13 06:24:02

daffy, your optician might make you jump through hoops to cancel your direct debit but be persistent and remember you can cancel it yourself at the bank anyway. Search for the cheapest one online that is still a UK distributor and make sure you have your prescription and don't forget the solution and cases. Contact lens checks are £40 a time at my opticians which I'll have to pay for separately when I cancel my price plan but even with that I'll be saving £150 a year. I'm sure I can find a cheaper check-up than that though.

Daffyboobface Thu 14-Mar-13 16:06:35

Thanks Thingy. Can I ask which site you went to?

Feeling a bit less miserable today. Trotted up all the bits owing to me here and there and they came to nearly £300! So I am making progress, or will be when I've nudged everyone to pay me back...

Thingymajigs Thu 14-Mar-13 18:50:56

I think I found that getlenses.co.uk were the cheapest for my lenses. You're best off checking a few incase it works out differently for you. I can't vouch for them as I haven't ordered from them yet but it looks like pretty good service.

Leilandri Thu 14-Mar-13 19:25:51

NSD here again today smile

takeaway2 Thu 14-Mar-13 19:31:39

Me too! Another NSD! Think that's 5 days now for March. Aiming for 12 at least. Tomorrow DS has to bring 50p for Red Nose Day. But that's about it I think.

NSD here today too.

Tomorrow is red nose day at school tomorrow so will be spending £4.50 (non uniform & cake sale for 3dc).

northender Thu 14-Mar-13 21:20:31

daffy hope people start paying up soon.
I'm jealous of all these NSDs but still having quite a good week. Took mum for a mothers day lunch today £45 shock but was lovely to spend time with her with no interruptions from dc so worth it smile

IsThatTrue Thu 14-Mar-13 21:43:35

I spent today £12.50 on card and pressie for my cousins 40th on sat. And £30 in asda hmm but I got some jeans (13wk post pg still not quite back into pre-preg trousers) and a couple of easy bf tops that aren't stretchy primark tops. And some chopping boards, mine were falling apart!

I've been great at de cluttering and making a pile hmm but probably need to do a car boot sale as eBay listing is just not happening!

paintyourbox Thu 14-Mar-13 22:53:39

NSD here! Think tomorrow will be spendy as I am doing the weekly shop and may buy something new to wear to my interview (had to eBay most of my old workwear as it no longer fitted post pg!)

AdoraBell Fri 15-Mar-13 01:33:48

I was on course for a second NSD, had one yesterday, but in a flurry of decluttering I decided I needed kitchen towel and disinfectant, then I saw the Easter things I was looking for, and I was so busy decluttering I forgot to eat lunch so by the time I collected DDs at 4 I was starving, so had a snack and had to get them something too. Then I bought pizza for tomorrow's packed lunches. Then I had to get petrol. It's been disasterous really. Just thinking about the tally,

shopping £21,
snack £8
Petrol £60
Roads £4

Ohhelpohnoitsa Fri 15-Mar-13 09:34:28

Oh dear it seems some people are getting disheartened. Today is a new day and you can or think 3 things to do like no expensive coffees with snacks, stocktaking food and toiletries, yy to avoid boots at all costs. If all else fails pm me and I'll send you a stinking cold cough chest infection ear infection. Haven't eaten for days and couldn't shop with a prepaid credit card ( well maybe I'll consider that). Today I will defrost my freezer, stocktake my kitchen and toiletries, throw away 1 bin liners full of stuff. I will continue to administer my free but second hand penicillin that ds refused for ear infection. Terribly irresponsible free..... Apart from that I may sit on mumsnet all day and eat ds's birthday cake and drink coffee. Feel free to join me.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Fri 15-Mar-13 09:36:34

I will also attempt to make no more typos

lizardqueenie Fri 15-Mar-13 12:26:42

Ohhelp sorry to hear you are feeling rough. Hope your hijacked anti-biotics work for you.

I have a foul mooded toddler on my hands so we will be having a NSD today (about time!) Have been to the park in between the rain & have a friend & her little one over this afternoon. Let's hope DD's mood brightens up after her nap.

On the plus side a few bids & lots of watchers on my Ebay's grin

takeaway2 Fri 15-Mar-13 14:41:18

Did the weekly shop and it came up to £74! Eeks. But it included 6 lots of uht milk on top of fresh milk (that way I only need shop for milk once a week) and vitamins (3 for 2) and water filters. Hopeful that's that for today. Happy weekend everyone!

Ohhelpohnoitsa Fri 15-Mar-13 14:58:59

I had to do a fresh stuff shop today but could only face tesco express. I spent £46 but had some clubcard vouchers this morning in the post which took it down to £41. Hoping that's it until mid week for fruit, milk, yogs etc. I did succumb to some ready made pizzas just so we can shove something in the oven without any prep. Laziness cost me about £6 or £7. Not a good move, but essential today. I have downloaded an android app today called EasyMoney which looks good. I also want to approach my cousins and in laws to suggest an easter egg amnesty. We buy their kids they buy ours. We end up with about 15 or 20 eggs whuch is becomung ridiculous.

Leilandri Fri 15-Mar-13 21:54:53

Spent £13.50 on top-up. Fruit&veg, milk and choc brioche rolls. Will hopefully encourage the DS's to eat as their appetite still isn't brilliant after being poorly.

Re-arranging their bedroom tomorrow after erecting bunkbeds, and awaiting a free mattress being delivered, so that will keep me busy and out of the shops most of the day, though I do have to nip out and buy a new fitted sheet ...

Thingymajigs Sat 16-Mar-13 08:03:54

Hope your dc's feel better soon leilandri.
Wow this is a long month! I've paid for some expensive things in the last 2 months like the holiday, ds1's christmas/birthday present, new passport and driving license renewal and it has wiped me out a bit. I did want to get the big expenses out of the way so I can concentrate on saving for the rest of the year though.
To make sure that my outgoings don't exceed my incomings this month I want to limit my spending to just £99 for the rest of the month. Should be easy as the cupboards are full to bursting and everything has been paid for in advance. Everything is much less stressful when you budget for them. I just need to stop buying things! 5 NSD's each week is the plan.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sat 16-Mar-13 08:42:30

Morning all, I didn't do any of my planned things yesterday. except an audit of the kitchen stock so will roll them in to today. Going to mum's for tea so have a free & delicious meal to look forward to, plus a posh coffee or two from her fancy machine, yum! Think we will brave soft play as soon as it opens. Its rainy and awful, we have been up since 6 and I am not up for much else to be honest. dh had taken the baby with him on some errands so the other two will be happy at soft play with just a little input from me. Thingy you are right about it being a long month. I am about the same as you, want to spend no more than £150 from now until 2nd April (petrol & food). I found a local shop the other day that stocks really lovely bread etc from a renowned local bakery - because I went in at half seven in the morning, there was a whole tray of half price deliciousness so my freezer is now full. Have a great day and spend as little as possible.

northender Sat 16-Mar-13 12:23:41

We're doing well this month despite the monster car bill at the start of March. I went to get a bottle of wine last night, stuck to my budget and didn't buy any crisps or snacks smile. If any of the Kettle chip type crisps were on offer then I would've got some but they weren't so I didn't, the old me would've bought some anyway. Dh has gone off to the football again today so he went with bottles of tap water, a flask of coffee, sausage bap for breakfast and snacks for on the way home to ensure no extortionate service station spending (he set off at 0600 and won't be back until at least 2300).
Have a good weekend everyone

CremeEggThief Sat 16-Mar-13 15:29:07

NSD so far. Just tried out "Music Magpie" for the first time. 30 DVDs will earn me just over £35, so not bad going :.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

takeaway2 Sat 16-Mar-13 16:55:58

Considering its the weekend it's not been bad so far. Friday I spent £1 on biscuits for the kids after club. Today dh brought kids to a birthday party but because he took the younger one too he had to pay but I think it was about £4?

I spent £1 on onions at the local shop as was batch cooking bolognese and ran out! Didn't get anything else.

Oh and listed some stuff on eBay. Mostly decluttering but hey if we get some ££ from that that'll be a bonus!

Hope everyone doing well.

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 16-Mar-13 18:04:11

Service stations are such a rip off. I had a BK meal once, £7!.

I'm sure there's a book/website called 3 miles off the motorway that tells you where's cheaper for meals. Eg there's a service station M42 J10, or a couple of miles down the A5 there's an Asda and Sainsburys with cheap cafes and free parking.

Don't forget my waitrose loyalty cards get you one free hot drink a day.

Done my weekly shop £80.02 - with a bit extra (ds birthday on Thursday) and he wants to take a cake in. So I had to buy a bit extra for that.

But on the other hand I did get a half leg of Lamb for £8.00 so about half the price as normal. It big enough to do dinner tomorrow and put 2 lots in the freezer for another 2 days dinners.

Leilandri Sat 16-Mar-13 20:43:24

Spent £16 in Asda today - 2 fitted sheets for DS's beds, vests for DS2 that I have been intending to buy for a few weeks, and a nice top for myself for a night out next weekend, buy it was in the sale from £10 down to £4 grin

Got 14 eggs to use up again, so tomorrow will be a baking day! Going to attempt to blow some eggs and get the boys to decorate them for Easter ... wish me luck!! grin

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sat 16-Mar-13 21:46:59

14 eggs... nice. bread & butter pudding, scrambled eggs for breakfast, load of meringues & a creme brulee for Monday. That's what I would do! lidl had 2 vanilla pods for £1.50 when I went - bargain. Ebay is free listing but I just cant find time to get on with it. I need to get them all pre-done ready for a free listing weekend. I think I might list all my phil&teds stuff. ds is now 1and I don't think we will have any more babies so the benefit of the double buggy is wasted really. I am holding on to it just in case but I think 90'/, sure we are not having any more...... that could raise me a fair whack I reckon. I have loads of extras too. Yes, its a plan for Sunday.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sat 16-Mar-13 21:51:56

oh while I remember, a tip from

someone on the February thread. As the bank holiday weekend is approaching - the shops have to close over Easter so make room in your freezer now and go shopping as late as poss to benefit from the reduced items.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sun 17-Mar-13 17:20:00

just defrosted my freezer (just a normal one, bottom half of the fridgefreezer type). I have found hidden in the iced up top bit..... 2 blocks of parmesan =£8.26, some ice cream =£3.99, some lemongrass £1.65, an ice lolly & loads of baby puree which may now become pasta sauce added to some cheese sauce or something. So at least £13.90 that I didnt know I had. Very pleased with my accomplishment.

paintyourbox Sun 17-Mar-13 18:59:57

Spent £18 on follow on milk for DD yesterday then £40 of fuel in the car (my work pay mileage so will reimburse me!)

NSD today (yay!) and tomorrow all I have planned is a yoga class.

Feels like a really long month for some reason, maybe because Feb was so short?!

Leilandri Sun 17-Mar-13 19:37:45

Spent £11 today - loo roll, screwdriver (ours snapped when constructing bunks) and two handles to help DS1 climb onto top bunk.

Baked a lovely strawberry and vanilla sponge, had scrambled eggs for breakfast, DH had an omelette, but the hens laid 4 more eggs today so I'm almost back where I started!! Quiche tomorrow grin
Thanks for vanilla pod tip Ohhelp DH makes the creme bruleé here, so I'll grab some and then drop hints!

ChristmasJubilee Sun 17-Mar-13 21:16:23

We had Aldi pizza's tonight and they were really lovely. Quattro - 4 different toppings, two different types - £1.49 each. Going to get more tomorrow!

takeaway2 Sun 17-Mar-13 21:21:05

Spent money today. Good news is I got a refund on some shoes I ordered online for my daughter (ordered two and was going to return one anyway). Went for the more expensive one but had a tiny mark so they gave us a 20% discount so worked out cheaper... smile Had a total refund of£17.

Bought some clothes for summer in h&m... For the kids. £2.99 for a summer dress! Got a few. smile
Then had lunch out. £30.

Hoping for NSDs for the rest of the work week!

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sun 17-Mar-13 21:42:04

I am coveting vanilla & strawberry sponge! sounds so nice. I did bread & better pud with remnants of bread I stashed in the freezer. It was nice but had to use currants as had no sultanas, so not quite as fruity as it should have been. Just redone a menu plan for everything I have in stock. I can still manage another 26 decent meals (admittedly 3 will be surprises as I found stews/broths/goulash type things unlabelled in the freezer). unbeluwvable really as I have been running down the cupboards for 2 months now. the 26 meals doesnt even include things like jacket potatoes etc. I could perhaps manage another 30 meals with absolutely minimum shopping. I am still spending a fair bit though on grabables - bananas apples grapes yogurts etc. we get through loads here.

IsThatTrue Mon 18-Mar-13 08:07:34

I got some bargains in tesco yest. 13p for veg pack pre cut for 3 bean casserole. Cut meat for 1/5 of the price. Including some lovely roast beef so I'm going to use those to make a casserole for my weeks lunches. Got a 'posh pepper' for 10p (should have been £1) and some baguettes for 15p. Spent £16 in total but that included a book each for dcs (to use their book tokens) and some 69p porridge pots for DH for work, saves ~£4 a day on his lunch!

Topped up stuff over the weekend like bread and milk. Its interesting now that that fridge is nearly empty by the end of the week whereas before it was always packed and I used to end up throwing stuff out because it was out of date.

AdoraBell Mon 18-Mar-13 11:43:33

Did someone say strawberry and vinilla sponge ? I'm decluttering and I have a vanilla pod in the cupboard that's taking up space so clearly I need to get rid, but I don't have a recipe for strawberry and vanilla spongesad

We've spent the weekend mostly here decluttering but had to pop out on Saturday. We got the timing spectaclularly wrong, resulting in the need for snacks in a coffee shop, which was delish but cost about £15. I got most of this week's shopping on Friday so won't need to top up until about Wed/Thurs.

northender Mon 18-Mar-13 16:36:01

I've spent £24 on Easter chocolate from aldi, a cricket bat for dd, a dvd boxset (for Easter for dd instead of chocolate) and brillo pads & clear nail varnish from the pound shop!
The brillo pads and nail varnish are to try to renovate 2 chrome plated storage racks from our bathroom which have got a bit rusted. How it'll turn out I've no idea but I can't justify new ones.
Sorted dh's car insurance last night. He was fully comp and paid monthly at no extra charge. The renewal quote came to £530 shock for a car worth probably less than £1000 now. So we shopped around, changed to third party fire and theft and ended up paying £285. So £155 saved and my car insurance is due next month so I'm onto that now grin.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 18-Mar-13 17:22:31

Aviva is brilliant for car insurance, plus you get lots of cashback on them.

My car ins this year came out at £157 after cash back, fully comp and legal cover.

Thingymajigs Mon 18-Mar-13 19:30:56

We also got a few Easter bits from Aldi northender. We bought some Easter marshmallows for 99p each as well as chocolate bunnies. I may have eaten them already though. blush
During the last two months I've been equipping my kitchen and cupboards with enough to enable me to cook virtually everything from scratch without relying on ready made supermarket goods. Hopefully this will save me a lot of money in the long run and its very rewarding. Except when ds2 refuses to eat it because he "likes the processed stuff, the chemicals make it taste nice." hmm
Its my dads birthday tomorrow so he has a homemade card and a lemon drizzle cake as he requested. So that's another cheap birthday done.
I've got to be really strict from now on though.
Does anyone else struggle to decide if its important to spend more money on organic produce? I can't seem to decide if its worth being frugal in other areas to enable us to eat fresh produce organically or if its pointless when we won't eat everything organically anyway.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Mon 18-Mar-13 21:36:47

Thingy, I understand your organic quadary. A long time ago I read about people who did a two tier system - organic for the dcs, non-organic for the adults. That seemed crazy to me. I sat and decided what was important to me, in my own head ( no rationale or logic to this) and ever since : I always buy organic milk, always. I only ever buy organic or free range eggs and chicken. I will always choose outdoor reared pork if it is available. I try to buy organic veg & fruit but not religiously. I can tell a massive difference in carrots & strawberries, the rest tastes much the same to me though health benefits may be greater. That's the way I do it. I never even think to buy organic tea or choc or wine etc.

Thatsinteresting Mon 18-Mar-13 22:04:01

We used to buy nearly all organic but unless we give up having any kind of fun it's just beyond our means right now. I do still buy organic dairy and eggs as I believe that this provides the animal with a better standard of living (we're vegetarian so don't have a meat budget so can afford to spend a little extra on these). I try not to think about it if for some reason I buy something like a quiche as that won't be organic eggs but that's rare, most of our food is cooked from scratch.Our tea is organic as I once read that some tea growers use chemicals that are banned here.
Other than that it's mainly basics/value/Aldi. If you can afford to get a few organic bits then Google the top buys. Things like potatoes and lettuces retain a lot of pesticides so they are best bought organic or thoroughly washed. In terms of flavour and nutrition content it seems to make little difference.

Thingymajigs Tue 19-Mar-13 18:47:28

ohhelp, that's similar to me. I tried to find a logical answer but there really isn't one. At the moment I'm buying organic milk but then I think about the non-organic butter, cheese and yoghurt in my fridge. It's difficult to know where to stop.
I'll try to follow your method thatsinteresting. I think I've decided to buy organic milk, eggs, tea, yoghurt, potatoes and flour no matter what. Then with certain foods which are more prone to absorbing pesticides like strawberries, grapes, celery and maybe carrots I'll try to buy organically as much as I can but only if the prices aren't extortionate. Other foods I'll buy normally with the exception of organic meat whenever possible.
I'm not even going to begin with the free range/fair trade/palm oil/line caught issues right now. It all gets a bit much and is way too much for my budget to handle.

Leilandri Tue 19-Mar-13 20:11:46

Spent £13 in Asda today on compost and some top-up bits. Got some seeds planted at allotment, and plans are under way to erect a poly-tunnel bankloan from Mum&Dad so that we can grow more heat loving plants - cucumbers, toms etc smile

Adora The sponge wasn't a recipe as such, more a bung-it-all-in-and-see affair. I made a victoria sponge, my recipe is to weigh 3 eggs, then weigh the sugar, marg and flour to the same weight as the eggs. Creme together marg and sugar, add eggs and mix, sift in flour, sift in 1tsp of baking powder and beat. I added a scraped vanilla pod to the mixture and baked for 30 minutes in an 8" cake tin on 180c.

When cooled I cut the cake into two thinner cakes, smeared strawberry jam on one half, added some thinly sliced fresh strawbs, then placed top cake on. Iced with some shopbought strawberry fondent icing and decorated with more fresh strawbs ... Yum!

AdoraBell Wed 20-Mar-13 01:40:04

Sounds divine Leilandri unfortunately DDs gobbled up the strawberries, I'll have to get some more.

Not much spent today, roads on school run -£4 and a jar of coffee -£3

Noticed today the toll boths have a metal grid over the windows, they where attacked twice this morning for the cashsad. At least here the companies are quick to respond and you can get a metal grid made up in an hour or so.

IsThatTrue Wed 20-Mar-13 07:05:49

Have been a but spendthrift recently but I needed stuff to use in our new (donated) bread maker. So far I've made 2 normal loaves, a raisin loaf and 3 lots of pizza dough. The pizza dough is great as I can put it on while I work and its ready to roll when dcs get home from school so they can make the pizzas up smile they're really enjoying it and tell me it's much better than shop bought smile

This weekend I need to sort my wardrobe, I am determined to have a 'capsule' wardrobe as I hate having piles and piles of clothes that I don't wear. Also trying to thin down dcs clothes. A 6 yo does not need 20-30 t shirts. I'm not sure how they've accumulated quite so much! Then I need to organise a car boot soon to get rid of it all! My eBay patience is very low!

IsThatTrue Wed 20-Mar-13 07:06:32

Spendy not spendthrift bloody autocorrect!

takeaway2 Wed 20-Mar-13 08:01:41

A couple of NSDs which was good. Today will be scary. The car is going in for its mot!!! Argh. Wish me luck!

Good luck takeaway. Hope your car passes its MOT.

I just been to bread shop/ veg shop and spent £25. But that should last for the next week, week and half.

Thatsinteresting Wed 20-Mar-13 14:02:55

If anyone is near a Quality Save they are selling 1kg packs of Ariel stain remover, that have been discontinued, for £2.99. Tesco are doing 920g for £8.38.

lizardqueenie Wed 20-Mar-13 15:43:28

Popping my head in- I don't seem to get on here as much as I should.
I've been ill in bed the last couple of days with a stomach bug- ugh, over the worst now I think, could just s out bear to read about your cake making & food shops so that must be a good sign.

Made around £100 on eBay over the weekend but waiting for one person to pay for a pair if shoes, very annoying, lots of bids so could just offer to the next person if she doesn't want them now. Also emailed Ebay about extending the no of items I can have for sale at any one time/ per month which should help to raise a few more funds. Have sent the PayPal money straight to my bank account which now looks slightly healthier unlike me!

takeaway2 Wed 20-Mar-13 17:48:49

Hi!! So the bill for the mot was..... £194. That wasn't too bad considering it replaced tyres (front ones) as well. Sigh. Still no other spending like on food. So hopefully not too big a dent!!

IsThatTrue Wed 20-Mar-13 17:53:42

takeaway that's good. We've just found out our tyres are £150 each! <faints>

takeaway2 Wed 20-Mar-13 18:34:24

Bargain them down!!! Mine quoted me £80+ and I told dh to bargain down. We got them for £70. smile

northender Wed 20-Mar-13 18:36:57

£55 on petrol today, dh put £5 in for a leaving present, but March still going okay! Will catch up properly soon


Have you tried E TYRES they come to home and dh found them a lot cheaper for ours when they needed changing.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Wed 20-Mar-13 18:51:04

thanks to these threads and me focusing on project superscrimp, I will only have spent around £750 by the time I get paid again. That is almost half what I was spending prior to Christmas. I dont think anyone in the family has suffered in any way shape or form. Dh did get a little excited the other day when I said we might go to the (lovely award winning) butchers for Saturday tea stuff - cold cuts, scotch eggs, pork pie, olives etc. You can see how we used to spend lots.! Thank you to whoever introduced me to lidl nappies. I have found them to be brilliant this week & the wipes too, though I don't know if the wipes are cheap or not. Any more recommendations please feel free.......... I am hoping to try Aldi tomorriw. Used to go a lot but not been for ages, probably years. What's a hit and what's a miss?

Ohhelpohnoitsa Wed 20-Mar-13 18:55:59

for any pampers devotees like me, do try lidl nappies. They are good. I dont like huggies much and have only once ventured for Tesco and Sainsbos own brand (when I read about them on here) but I found they went very hard when wet. We have been getting on with the Lidl ones fine and I reckon they were about half the price of pampers.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Wed 20-Mar-13 18:58:01

Lizardqueenie, what did you sell on ebay - That £100 would come in very handy. I have loads of stuff to list but get disheartened if it doesnt sell. What is selling well in lizardqueenie's account?


That's good. At least now treats are treats again rather the norm, IYKWIM.

Can't help with Aldi as mine the other side of town and as I don't have a car during the week. So I don't go there.

I have used Approvedfood. But I only buy things which have a long shelve life. Last time I used them I got my mum 6kg of bread flour for £2.00.

Leilandri Wed 20-Mar-13 19:01:35

Ohhelp I am a 100% converted Aldi shopper, I do a big monthly shop as ours is a 30 mile round trip, otherwise I'd buy just about everything in there!
Their nappies are also fab, I've used nothing else for nearly 4 years now, cleaning/laundry products are all excellent too. I love everything they do tho ;)

Spent £6 on top-up today, as DH text me to say he'd been baking and used all the butter and sugar angry needed catfood too.

Hoping for a NSD tomorrow, I don't think there's anything we need. Then Payday on Friday grin

Ohhelpohnoitsa Wed 20-Mar-13 19:42:24

wheredidiputit. absolutely correct. We got to the point where we had whatever we liked whenever we liked. Not good for budget, health or landfill as some of it was inevitably thrown away. I have learnt so much from this thread about self restraint, how I shopped for pleasure and out of some misguided panic of always needing to have stuff in.... now I am trying to have in what we will eat and a couple of standbys. I really can survive without that weekly supermarket £100er. I have also learnt loads of practical stuff - I never realised you can freeze cooked meat for instance - like roast leftovers or ham etc. I bet I would have thrown away at least 50 sandwiches worth over a year!! Nor have I ever thought to buy cheap veg and dice & freeze. Will be doing that when I venture back to the supermarket.

IsThatTrue Wed 20-Mar-13 20:19:51

wheredidi I have a <whispers> Volvo xc90, the tyres are made specifically for that car and fit no others. From Volvo they cost £250 each shock we looked around online and found some for £185 each. But we have a friend who's a mechanic (and does our service cheap) and if he orders them through work he only has to pay cost+10%, which is £150 each. sad shouldn't have such a big car.

Just looked into the budget and we should be approx £300 better off this year. Yay!

takeaway2 Wed 20-Mar-13 20:27:39

aldi nappies and wet wipes are brilliant. We were faithful pampers users till we discovered aldi. grin

Everything in there is great... The dark choc is great for baking (or eating?!)... Half the price. We buy the crisps, soap powder, soft cheeses, cereals (weetabix and strawberry crunch). Biscuits like bouborne. All great.

That's ok, IsThatTrue. We have a Freelander, I asked DH for a Volvo xc90 and he told me he didn't love me enough to buy me one grin. Our tyres are nearly as expensive.

IsThatTrue Wed 20-Mar-13 21:29:27

Well I needed a car that fitted 3 car seats (one stage 1 on base and 2 high backed boosters. I told DH that it was either the Volvo or a people carrier and in his words 'I'm too young to drive a people carrier' so I got the nice one. Great deal though thankfully.

northender Wed 20-Mar-13 21:40:56

Agree re aldi. The quality of the food is great.The only stuff I don't buy there is fresh stuff which I get at the butchers/ farm shop. That said if I didn't have access to small local shops for fresh food I wouldn't hesitate to go to aldi for it. Can't list all the things I would recommend as it would be too longgrin

lizardqueenie Wed 20-Mar-13 21:55:08

Quite excited at the prospect of Aldi/ Lidl nappies- do they do any pull up style ones? Dd is just on the cusp of potty training & has got used to stepping into a nappy now (don't ask!) so that would be handy!

Ohhelp- things I have sold are some old clothes of DD's mini boden stuff which I'd brought 2nd hand anyway sold well, as did some perfume that DH gave me a whole ago, but wasn't my kind if thing. Had some hunter wellies if never worn (you can see where my money went can't you?!) they went, shoes that I bought & never worn. Just go through your wardrobe & think whether you really want to keep stuff/ use it & then look it up on eBay to see if anyone is selling similar to give you an idea.

I need some ideas for meal planning - we seem to buy the sand stuff week in & week out at the moment. I am following the swimming world diet & DH is on a huge health kick too & has recently lost 4st. So some healthy but hearty ideas would be most welcome.

Your talk of mot's & car servicing makes me grateful for my FIL for all of his other faults who is a mechanic & keeps our cars running.

lizardqueenie Wed 20-Mar-13 21:57:50

Isthattrue my DH says to look on a website called blackcircles.com for some mid range tyres for your car. Because of the car they are not going to be cheap but might be worth checking out the mid price ones.

lizardqueenie Wed 20-Mar-13 22:00:37

Sorry, me again, is Aldi better than Lidl?

Re tyres DH had just done a search guessing the size of your wheels & Bridgestone tyres are coming up at £120 fitted but depends where you live. Takes about a week for them to get there.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Wed 20-Mar-13 22:09:11

lizardqu.......... [http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/nigella-lawson/my-mothers-praised-chicken-recipe/index.html]
you might need to whip the skin off for slimming world.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Wed 20-Mar-13 22:10:13
Ohhelpohnoitsa Wed 20-Mar-13 22:12:40

Also lizardqu, lits of meal plans. on the credit crunch february thread and 28 meals in 28 days thread. Not sure how slimming world friendly they are. We had cauliflower cheese gratin with bacon tonight..... not sw friendly as I used cheddar & parmesan. Someone useful will be along soon I hope.

lizardqueenie Wed 20-Mar-13 23:37:36

Ohhelp- ah that's perfect, thanks so much. I can adapt done if the recipes, like you say taking the skin off & using low fat cheese. I'd order to adapt normal recipes rather than just use the diet ones as sometimes they leave you feeling a bit deprived because they use something like cottage cheese rather than cream cheese. Also works out quite expensive in some cases.

Had forgotten about the 28 day thread shock

lizardqueenie Wed 20-Mar-13 23:44:00

This is the point where I say very blush that I have never cooked a whole chicken in my life & as lovely as the nigella recipe looks I stumbled wondering whether I would be able to locate the chickens ankles.

Helenagrace Thu 21-Mar-13 07:27:45

I've been really busy with my two jobs but I'm enjoying it so I don't mind how busy I am.

Spending wise we're doing really well. I went to the butchers and bought enough meat for 14 meals for £45 at the weekend and £23 in the farmers shop for all our fruit and veg. I've been making bread in the breadmaker too. I think our spending so far is about the same as last month - so still 40% of what we were spending this time last year.

We're carrying a small CC balance from when DH was between contracts last year but we've moved that to another 0% deal and his next bonus should clear half of it. We managed to pay down quite a bit of it off over the last few months.

Things are looking good!


I would start with making a list of what you have in your freezer and cupboards and see what meals you can make from there.

Munchkin08 Thu 21-Mar-13 08:56:32

Hi lizardqueen, I am on slimming world. I did a lovely curry - look up slimming eats keema curry - they cook it with mince but I use the same recipe for chicken/lamb. I am finding I can convert most things into slimming world recipes but would also be grateful for some ideas.

Thingymajigs Thu 21-Mar-13 11:16:24

lizardqueen I hadn't cooked a whole chicken before last month. It is really easy! Much easier than I had realised although I did give it to DP and my 12 year old DS to carve tear apart. I try to be very careful with my calorie intake so I eat porridge for breakfast, vegetable soup for lunch and try to use as many low fat/cal alternatives as I can for my main meal. We love the change4life app/website for healthier family recipes.
That's great helena. It's amazing how much of a difference it makes by just planning ahead and being careful. I'm also going to the butchers tomorrow. I'm making my first ever beef pie so I've decided to stick with the local organic butchers which we can afford now we save in other areas and have cut back on meat in general.
Well, yesterday I dropped my phone in the toilet whilst messing about with ovulation predictor kits. That's my backup 3gs dead not long after losing my iphone4s which had replaced another iphone which had been dropped in tea. Instead of immediately thinking about how to replace it I started to wonder if I'd be better off without one. I'm going to go cold turkey on smart phones and mobiles completely to see how I get on which for me is pretty huge. There isn't an area of my life that isn't managed or involved in some way with my iphone. I've still got £343 left to pay on this contract so I want to make sure I don't jump in to another long term and costly contract.
Other than that act of clumsiness I'm pretty pleased with myself. I've paid off and cancelled my overdraft today. It's very odd not seeing that extra amount on my balance, its almost a little worrying but I'm happy its gone. Now I can build up my balance bit by bit so I'll never need an overdraft again.

Leilandri Thu 21-Mar-13 20:06:21

Well done Thingy re: the overdraft. Our plan is to get ours gone by the end of the year. And sad about your phone(s) I've gone cold turkey and removed my data package from my contract, saving £12 a month. My phone now only does calls and texts ... it's quite liberating!

Lizard Yes Aldi do stock pull up nappies. I used them for over a year with DS1, no problems. I would also vote for Aldi over Lidl personally.

Helena Glad you are enjoying both your jobs smile

Didn't manage a NSD here afterall as we needed milk, and I also bought coleslaw to go with dinner. so £2.50 spent.
PAYDAY tomorrow grin grin

IsThatTrue Thu 21-Mar-13 20:23:15

A LSD today as had toddler group so just £1 for that.

Made bread again so kids can have toast tomo (if I made a loaf every day they'd eat a loaf a day, so I'm trying to keep it to every other day).

I'm not planning on spending at the weekend either, mil has invited us for Sunday dinner too so I don't even have to do a roast!

Looking at my account I should have £1100 in savings by the end of the month. This is pretty amazing considering at the beginning of the year I was facing the prospect of being minus £500 a month and having no savings left! Am thinking I should put it all into my ISA before the tax year is out and my new allowance kicks in. I can build up the accessible savings over the next few months. I want 1k readily accessible and then the rest of money in an ISA.

IsThatTrue Thu 21-Mar-13 20:23:56

Oh meant to add a big thanks lizardqueen I shall look into it.

takeaway2 Thu 21-Mar-13 21:08:04

So I went into town this afternoon. Had a meeting there. Was there early so I did my eyebrows (planned £9), collected some free hotel chocolat chocolate courtesy of o2 smile. Also, bought new bras. Given that I've been wearing bf-ing bras for the last 5 years or so, I think I deserved it. It was also because the store had a but one get one half price bra event on. Hadn't bought bras in ages - omg they are expensive!!! But I have boobs now!

Then I went into boots. Primarily to get shower gel. And came out with £20 worth of stuff! Doh. But they were a god son's birthday present (£7 Lego thing), some small bottle toiletries at 3 for 2 (going abroad for work for 3 days), and some children's shampoo (was on the list too). And I had a double points coupon and basically redeemed everything I could....

I then went into Zara and got a pair of beige trousers for a tunic top I was going to wear to a wedding but looking at the weather - I'd better put some thing on the bottom as well. £30. hmm

Will be spending tomorrow but only on top up shop of fruit, veg, milk and bread.

Last month's credit card bills were lower than the previous. Am hopeful that other than the mot bill, everything is lower.

One part of me keeps wishing each week over so that we are nearer pay day (end of month) and also we are nearer to my DD's 3rd birthday which will help with nursery bills. The other half of me feels guilty about that. Argh.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Thu 21-Mar-13 21:48:42

was shown this today. Nothing to do with this thread, but it is fantastic. watch it if you get chance.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Fri 22-Mar-13 07:14:36

oh god we will all get rickets. Its snowmageddon here and forcast all day and night and tomorrow. I have been mrs miserly march and have run the stocks right down. The only veg i have is celery & peppers and fruit, one melon. Today was shopping day - no chance. On the positive side, I will relish running it down to nothing and today is definitely a NSD. Have a good day ladies.

What an amazing video. Stunning photos.

Rosvita Fri 22-Mar-13 12:18:51

Morning all well after a stupidly expensive yesterday -food shop,petrol,tax disc,holiday payment-am hoping for a NSD today!well done ladies and keep up the good work!

Leilandri Fri 22-Mar-13 20:34:35

Spent £48 today on Petrol. £22 on a snack shop for DS's so that when I do the main shop tomorrow they won't be nagging me to eat all the snacks! £16 on a new kettle - suspicious burning smell from ours this morning and godawful tasting coffee £107 on 6 months car tax ... so spendy but all needed.

Paid off the last of our debt to nursery grin so we are on target with paying things off, next is Bank of Mum and Dad, hopefully have them reimbursed by end of June.

Tomorrow will be spendy. Need to do big Aldi shop (£130 or so) Morrisons for bits Aldi don't stock (£70ish) I need new work shoes (£15) DH needs some ingredients for home brewing (£5) need wrapping paper for Dnephews Bday (£2) Night out with friends (£30) also need some new shoes for going out in as I only have my work shoes very un-glam and my holey boots ...

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 22-Mar-13 21:39:52

Shoeaholics is good, they are on the eBay fashion gallery too, cheaper postage on eBay outlet too.

lizardqueenie Fri 22-Mar-13 22:01:48

Evening all
Thanks for the chicken tips! I think I just need to give it a go- how wrong can it go blush!

Thank for the tips with Aldi. I'm on countdown to pay day too & in some ways countdown to dd getting some nursery funding (not until Jan) but it will help. Had a chat with DH tonight about our finances. The next 6-9 months might be tight financially until my pay improves/ childcare gets cheaper. I felt quite down at the start of the conversation but now I know that things will improve financially I feel better about it & more determined to cut our budget in different ways & save money.

Saw some of DH's family today & his sister made a comment about her children having different coats for the week & weekend. She can be a bit of a cow bag sometimes & I don't knew if I am just being a bit sensitive but felt it might be a comment on my DD, who wears the same coat to nursery & at the weekend but she's 2 fgs! She hardly needs to be on a fashion parade! Just made me feel a bit sad which is silly really. Felt this was the only place i could mention something like that. Though DD does need new shoes but we get a discount in clarks through a family member which helps.

Another plus a NSD today!

Thatsinteresting Fri 22-Mar-13 22:29:41

Different coats for the weekend? I'm confused. Why would a child need a different coat at the weekend? My dc usually have 2 winter coats (I'm very lucky and get a lot given to me) but that's because they both get filthy sitting in puddles and I couldn't wash and dry a coat ready for the next day. I have a tumble dryer now though so can wash and dry in an afternoon so just the one coat will be needed next winter.

Try to be positive Lizard you are doing something useful to make life better by budgeting. The next 6-9 months may be tricky but that's actually not that long. By then you'll have got into some great habits and will be able to look back with pride that you managed your finances so well.

Spent £22 on fruit, veg and milk for the week. My new system of meal planning for the month, doing a big shop for freezer and cupboard stuff and then topping up weekly for fresh seems to be working as I've still got £27 for next weeks shop.

Going to have a lsd tomorrow. Either we'll play in the snow or we may treat dd to cheap showing at the cinema. We have birthday parties to attend on Sunday but I bought the gifts a while back when they were on offer so sort of nsd then.

lizardqueenie Fri 22-Mar-13 22:40:22

Thanks TI that's definitely the way to look at it! She does have a spare coat that's second hand & perfectly warm & fine. Hand me downs rock!

Enjoy the snow!

IsThatTrue Sat 23-Mar-13 02:04:27

2 coats?! Gosh my dcs must be deprived they've never had more than 1 winter coat. They do have seperate waterproof coats, but those are bought at least a size too big so they get more wear out of them!

NSD yesterday today. Hopefully I resist the urge of the shops this week. Just remembered I forgot my repayment to my dad in my calculations this month. So factoring that in I have slightly less in savings than I thought but my debt is going down, only 10 more months and it will be paid off smile

takeaway2 Sat 23-Mar-13 06:55:05

We don't have 2 coats so don't worry! (Having said that we are all on the credit crunch thread so maybe that's why!!!). The kids have one coat each. Dd who is younger likes using DS's old coat but that doesn't count (it's destined for the bin!).

It was a LSD in the end yesterday. Went to play gym and paid £4 altogether. Of which £2 should come back to me at some point (brought friend's kid). So that's ok.

Today will be mad busy - 2 birthday parties and a shop to do. Plus packing for a work trip tomorrow .... Which hasn't been done. And I also promised my son I'd do some baking with him to bring to school... Help. No time!

Lizzard My dc have 2 coats but that only because they have older cousins and have hand me coats. I certainly would buy more then one coat myself. Well maybe for ds who is a mud magnet and have to wash his coat at least once a week.

Need to do shopping today, also buy some bit for ds birthday tomorrow. I think I do some pizza's, cold chicken/gammon new pots & salad. So if we have more snow i won't waste any food if family can't get here.

lizardqueenie Sat 23-Mar-13 08:25:12

Hi all, thanks for your replies on the "second coat issue" grin I'm probably being overly sensitive about this!

Today at some point I'll be stock taking the contents of the freezer & cupboard but we might be going to a indoor fair this afternoon which costs £5/ family & is for a good cause.

Watch out for the snow!

Helenagrace Sat 23-Mar-13 09:48:41

Mine have two coats but only because I buy a new coat a size too big each year so it lasts them two years. Each winter they then have the new too big coat and last year's coat which now fits perfectly. I buy coats when I see them on sale. DD's current winter coat was reduced from £75 to £19 in the Monsoon sale last year. It was the summer sale so no one was buying coats do it was even more reduced than usual. I bought a size up so she'll have it for next year too. Actually I must start hunting for next year's coats...

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sun 24-Mar-13 08:56:21

lidl is my new supermarket for a couple of months at least. Love the nappies and wipes and the Chocolate is definitely quite nice too! However, fell in to old bad habits there yesterday and went off list.... spent £83 and calculated at least £6 was not on my list; grabables like pain au chocolat & jaffa cakes. naughty and not frugal. Need refocusing m'netters.

I spent my usual £80. And DH paid £50 for DS birthday which didn't come out of the housekeeping.

Leilandri Sun 24-Mar-13 11:51:47

Yesterday was indeed spendy, but all needed -
£127 in Aldi (included a £6 bottle of port as a present)
£55 in Morrisons (£5 of Xmas saver stamps included)
£10 in Morrisons cafe for lunch for me and DS's - have fruit bags and freddos left over for today.
£8 on Bingo entrance, £10 on drinks all evening.

Pleased that my predicted spends were accurate, and I was under budget for Morrisons and night out. Still need to get work shoes and some bits uptown but couldn't be arsed to do more shopping yesterday!

Should be a NSD today. Need to get to allotment as the police are there all doing doing free security marking. Also need to bake a cake smile

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sun 24-Mar-13 11:58:28

am sending brew to all you aldi lidl shoppers who spend over £100 and/or do a monthly shop there. HOW do you keep up with the cashier?? I looked like some deranged cartoon character in fast forward mode and I only spent £80ish. The till lady must have had speed for breakfast, she was on fire!

northender Sun 24-Mar-13 18:26:57

We seem to have had so many big "one-off" spends in the first 3 months of the year, I hope it's going to calm down at some point. Both cars are now sorted with MOTs, tax and insurance for another 12 months which is a big chunk of it but the next big thing is paying for the summer holiday. It's 11 nights in a static caravan in Northern France so not mega bucks but not dirt cheap either.

On a positive note, we had our £30 from moneysupermarket for doing a gas and electric switch and payday is Tuesday when I should get paid for 10 hours of overtime smile

Dh is still unhappy in his job which makes our attempts to pay off our debts even more pressing to give him more of a realistic route out and into something else.

northender Sun 24-Mar-13 18:29:32

Ohhelpohnoitsa I should've said, I love the idea of the checkout person on speed for breakfast grin. When I do my other supermarket shopping I find myself tutting at the slowness at the till!

Thingymajigs Sun 24-Mar-13 18:44:55

ohhelp my DP and ds2 love Aldi checkouts. They see it as some sort of race and try to win against the cashier. Most of the assistants laugh along and try to get faster but we did have one grumpy lady last time who wanted to take her time and wasn't impressed.
I have just been thinking again about universal credits and how they will affect everyone. As a carer I know I'll be hit pretty badly and have known for a few months which kick started this financial overhaul. I'm so glad I started so it won't be too much of a shock in October but it does make me angry that they take from the most vulnerable first.

Ohhelpohnoitsa Sun 24-Mar-13 19:13:29

Well, I cunningly got myself all prepped you see. Had lots of bags all ready & open in the trolley, had an ikea blue bag to shove the lightest stuff in (see post upthread), I loaded the conveyor really well with like items together so I could have a freezer bag, a dairy bag, a packets bag etc - like I do normally at the supermarket. Hah! Not a chance, NOT A CHANCE!!! Bet the cashier has started a thread about "a ctazy women who dared to think she might keep up with me".

Leilandri Sun 24-Mar-13 20:31:12

Haha Ohhelp I do put 'like' items together on the conveyor belt, all frozen and chilled together, tins and heavy stuff, then light stuff at the end. I bung it all in the trolley, but atleast the light stuff doesnt get crushed. I then take my time utilising the 'bench' behind the cashier desk to pack it all how I want it. I took snacks for the DS's on Saturday so they muched while I sweated worked!!
I does make me chuckle though when I go through the tills at Morrisons and they ask "would you like any help with your packing?" ... if only they knew ;)

Ladyflip Mon 25-Mar-13 21:32:56

Gatecrashing your thread, ladies, but thought you might like to know Tesco has whole salmon on half price. If you have a freezer, you can chop it into fillets. It works out about 1 pound per adult portion, which isn't too bad, and it IS very healthy!


I got a whole salmon from Asda a couple of months ago and did just that I got about 10 dinners for 2 adults out of it. This week I got 1.5kg gammon joint for £10. Which I cooked and have got 15 portions of 6 slices which will save me £5 a week for the next 6/8 weeks. As dc have it for breakfast and for lunches.

I'm looking out next week to see if they have any beef or pork on offer, to cook and slice up and freeze.

AdoraBell Tue 26-Mar-13 00:29:24

<scrabbles back onto wagon> hello <waves>

Had a few NSD's followed by a movie treat yesterday, just DDs and myself, no snacks or fizzy drinks and then lunch in the supermarket cafeteria. Cinema was £15, lunch £20, which bought us 3 main meals, 1 salmon and two steaks with veg, pots and salad and drinks. DDs had pudding too. I picked up the shopping too -two birds with own stone-- that came to £90 and included new PJs for DDs. Road's were £4. Roads last week, school run, we're £25 and will be the same if not more this week. Will try to catch up tomorrow.

Leilandri Tue 26-Mar-13 19:45:19

NSD today grin

Skint now til DH gets paid on Thurs, have £1.87 in my purse, and tomorrow I need to buy squash!

AdoraBell Tue 26-Mar-13 22:29:05

Can the squash not wait a day or two? I'm inclined to take a "tough luck" approach to things like squash when I'm down to pennies.

Roads today, £5-ish , went into town but not straight from school run.
Parking £2, that's newhmm
£9 on a moisturiser, it was actualy £49 but I had £40 on a gift card so I treated myself as I don't need anything at present.
Top up shop- DD1 asked for burgers last week and I forgot, £7 on mince and a few other bits.

Tomorrow it should be just the roads

BiddyPop Wed 27-Mar-13 09:57:31

I have had a bad month - a couple of lighter supermarket shops alright, but ended up going to a different one last weekend (had a voucher to use and also needed lots of bulk things) and spent way too much. Not even any alcohol in that!! And then got a massive (like double what I was expecting) utility bill the following day (DD goes on Monday). I can cover it - but I had hoped to knock the credit card balance down to only this month's spends this month - pay off the whole of the bill outstanding at the start of this month (I got the card in 2001, and apart from probably twice where I cleared t