Only Halloween will be scary in October - NOT our finances :)

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Leilandri Tue 02-Oct-12 19:42:25

Oldies and Newbies welcome....
Can't believe we are approaching the end of the year so fast. 9 months of money-saving, thriftiness, waste awareness. We deserve a large wine grin

Xroads Tue 02-Oct-12 20:27:43

I've kinda been trying and our debt did come down a bit and then we went a bit crazy and now we are back on the straight and narrow, we can see the end in sight, 19mths until we are debt free (after about 10 bloody years!)

We are going to have a holiday at the end of it and I cannot wait!!

Top tips for being frugal?

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 02-Oct-12 20:54:15

Read the September thread, I linked all the previous threads so it's all there.

There is a test I lied there isn't really

Badvoc Tue 02-Oct-12 21:00:28

Hello again!
Fell off the wagon majorly in sept but on the bright side am nearly done with my Xmas shopping smile
Also have for my agreed overdraft down from £800 to £259 so do feel I have achieved something!
Dh and I also looked at our ins etc and we have saved £50 per month by changing providers.
Have been selling a few things on e bay too.
Looking forward to the tips and chat this month!

riverboat Tue 02-Oct-12 22:56:46

Xroads - things that work for me are: meal plan and when you do the weekly shop buy only the things you strictly need for your plan, invite friends round to your house rather than going out to restaurants/bars, take packed lunches to work, don't carry cash (it stops me buying little things like magazines and drinks and snacks on the go, which I am always tempted to do when I have a few coins in my purse).

Congrats on the overdraft Badvoc. Nice thread title Leilandri!

So far October has started off OK: 4 euros in the supermarket yesterday for some drinks/snacks to keep at work, and 2 euros today since I forgot part of my packed lunch so had to buy something to accompany my lonely looking sandwich...

Trying to buy a coach ticket online right now but the stupid card authentication thing can't get its head round the fact that I don't have a UK postcode ARGH. Hopefully if it works I'll end up spending another £22 today, then can aim for an NSD tomorrow.

AdoraBell Tue 02-Oct-12 23:47:07

Thanks for the shiny new thread Leiandri, love the titlegrin

This week I've spent £60 on groceries so far and about £6 on road tolls. Nothing else planned at present although DDs both need clothes and accessories in a couple of weeks for the drama group. DD1 has seen a £40 necklace that would work, natch, but I'm buying cheap tat for this! We have a White Queen and Red Queen this time around.

Well done on that overdraft Badvoc that's really good. And well done too to Xroads for getting your finances under control.

Xroads Wed 03-Oct-12 07:41:58

I work from home so never buy lunch out, dd's and dh are allowed dinners on fridays. I don't buy magazines and drinks out are rare.

I went to the cash and carry and stocked up on loads of things to try and keep the food bill down, we also went to the market on sat for fresh stuff. My aim now is to only top up what I've got with fresh stuff for no more than £50 per week (which will be no mean feat as I'm on slimming world, I have 7 dc's to feed 5 days a week and dh lives on fizzy pop)

I'm a childminder so it's tricky to have NSD because I normally have to pay for toddler groups and parking as a minimum.

DH and I have both got apps on our phones to log what we are spending though because we budget and it will say we have loads spare but when it cones down to it we are in and out of the overdraught most of the time!

I predict a spend of at least £10 today because I need bread, milk, toddler group, bus fare for dd1, dd1 is finishing school early and going to McDonalds as a treat and I'm going swimming tonight as I get weighed tomorrow and it was dd2's birthday at the weekend and I ate too much cake........

I am working a lot though,10 and a half hours 4 days a week childminding plus 4 hrs on a thu childminding and I'm also an artist so at the weekend I'm painting murals for the local soft play place and I'm doing some boards for a local nursery during the evenings and any spare minutes I can get. I'm also selling stuff on ebay as we just cleared dd2's room out.

CremeEggThief Wed 03-Oct-12 09:16:48

Yay, a shiny new thread. Thanks Leilandri smile.

Best of luck for minimal spending in October, everyone.

Id love to join you ladies. I was on the frugal Feb thread, fell off and have remained 5000 in debt since. I shouldn't be in debt, theoretically I could have paid half if that off but am out of control spending. No more.

I think I will start selling on eBay, any tips for a first timer? It's mostly baby stuff I have to sell, but hopefully I'll be able to raise some funds for the credit.

ValiumQueen Wed 03-Oct-12 11:12:03

Hi, was on August thread and was doing really well. Sinned majorly in Sept, so need to be mega frugal again in Oct. I obviously blame DH mostly grin but after being housebound for 8 weeks I did partake in a wee bit of retail therapy. Nothing big, but little things add up, and the little things were mainly food. Baby to be delivered on 25th, and now on Mat Leave, plus DH will not get paid for Pat Leave.

I think online shopping for food is key, alongside meal planning. I just hope DH can stop popping to the shop to buy unnecessary things, as I got to the point where I thought why should I bother? I was cutting costs on the meals, and he was getting all the 'love' for buying treats and sweets for the kids. He has also started drinking more frequently. Not to an unhealthy level, but cost wise it is expensive.

ValiumQueen Wed 03-Oct-12 11:19:54

Once baby is confirmed in the blue camp I plan to sell all the girls clothes up to 2 years, so I am also keen on tips as I am an experienced buyer on e bay, but a virgin seller. I also have cloth nappies to offload, as I have too many for an infant and toddler. They are my major downfall after food, so I am limiting myself to one e bay cheapie at less than £4 delivered. They come from china, so take weeks to arrive. Once it does, I allow myself to order another (addict)

economymode Wed 03-Oct-12 13:33:10

Thanks for the new thread!

Will catch up soon, but got some work to finish first. Just wanted to say hello, and thanks!

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 03-Oct-12 14:03:14

When you sell nappies on eBay you have to list as new then put used in the description or they get funny about it.

ValiumQueen Wed 03-Oct-12 14:07:18

I noticed that fluffy funny how they get arsey about used nappies and not used clothes. Kids clothes are likely to have had the odd bodily fluid on them too.

Xroads Wed 03-Oct-12 14:22:53
pookey Wed 03-Oct-12 14:32:50

thanks for thread leilandri

xroads childminding expenses shouldn't count as spending you def need the boost of being able to say NSD!

valiumqueen love it that your drip feeding your nappy habbit!

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 03-Oct-12 15:04:51

I've just ordered radiator reflector panels off Amazon, I got enough for 10 radiators which is more than enough hopefully, all the rads here are huge. They get great reviews from people saying how much warmer the house is with them. I remember my nan having foil befind the rads on the walls.

Leilandri gave me the idea on the winter thread on here, I had totally forgot people used to do this. At least I can take them with me to the next house too.

I have a hot water bottle on me, it was that or put the heating on.

AdoraBell Wed 03-Oct-12 15:38:33

Xroads with all that activity I'm surprised you have time to save money.

Today I need to get fruit juice and yoghurt but not much else. One of the puppies has just chewed my clothes pegs box, so that'll need replacing. I can get things like that dirt cheap here (one of the few things I can).

Tomorrow I'm heading into town to do errands and will look at cheap tat accessories for the drama costumes.

CremeEggThief Wed 03-Oct-12 15:58:03

£4.08 total for today, on milk, floor wipes and posting a parcel.

economymode Wed 03-Oct-12 16:42:25

Righty. Work done.

So, sold old pram on ebay (£20, shocking, but it's better than nothing), plus broken laptop (£82 - buyer still to pay but assures he will pay tomorrow) and a toddler waistcoat/shirt combo (£8).

I've never had much luck selling kids' clothes on ebay - stuff you think will go, well, doesn't. So I was pleasantly surprised.

Just finished some editing work, but no idea how much I'll be paid as their PO system is down. Still, it'll be better than nothing. It did mean I had to spend time working at the in-laws over the weekend, when I should have been relaxing.

I also need to invoice for some admin work I've done.

All this will pay (and more) for our weekend with the in-laws. £18 on admission for 2 to Westonbirt Arboretum. We took our own lunch. Plus £25 for a meal out while the in-laws babysat (would have been more, but they had no brownies for pudding) and £25 at Ikea.

Valium - good to see you back! Was wondering if you'd had the new baby yet. By the way, I think that, technically, you're not allowed to sell used, washable nappies on ebay for health reasons. But I might be wrong.

I used my £5 off at Aldi voucher and forgot to get a few things, so we'll see how we go, but hopefully a top up shop will be under £10.

Some birthday and xmas presents also to be bought this month, to spread the cost.

economymode Wed 03-Oct-12 16:43:13

Ah, I see the ebay nappy issue has already been mentioned.

ValiumQueen Wed 03-Oct-12 17:01:21

Many people do sell them on eBay. I love a challenge.

Leilandri Wed 03-Oct-12 19:58:48

I find selling baby clothes etc more successful on local Facebook buy/sell groups. Made £6 today selling some clothes on there.

NSD today - spent the day at home with DS's, and a friend with her DS too. Was a nice day of gossip and coffee smile
Have to phone Jobcentre tomorrow. I got paid my Jobseekers today even tho apparently it's been suspended, so I'd like to know what is going on. Though VERY happy to have an extra £142 in the bank today.

Nice to see some new and old faces re-appearing grin

claretandamberforever Wed 03-Oct-12 20:10:54

Hooray - New thread - newbie here

I owe shit loads on credit cards, I need to get them paid off. I need to be more frugal and also find a better paying job!

I can't remember how much I spent so far so I will start off today

£1.00 on lunch at work (budgeted spends)
£0.00 on incidental spending

Secondchance Wed 03-Oct-12 23:28:55

Another newbie here. Need to economise big time - long sad story but general gist - am widow with 6 yo girl - husband died suddenly (in his sleep - was only 29). Have just moved house so loads of initial expenses but hopefully with it being smaller it will prove less costly.

So far
Monday 1st £50 Diesel and £21.32 Aldi
Tuesday 2nd £7.62 Aldi
Today £1.18 Aldi

Need to get firelighters 2moro but don't think will need anything else. Will prob be in and out of shops daily until I get new place stocked up but pass Aldi on school run so no extra use of diesel

AdoraBell Thu 04-Oct-12 02:58:44

Hello claret and secondchance and welcome.

Secondchance so sorry to hear your sad circumstances, do you have RL support?

Claret do you pay just the minimum on your credit cards? If so adding just a bit more each month, as much as you can afford, will make a noticeable difference. They usually manage to charge interest almost equal to the minimumangry. Something I did once I cleared my cards was put them on full payment by DD, that really curtailed my spendinggrin

I got my top up shopping plus a few bits for a shared snack in school. I laughed my way through paying with the DDs pleading and begging, on bended knees, for a DVD which I had no intention of buying. And I didn'tgrin. One parent behind me was highly amused and another was surprised that I didn't cave. The lady on the till was just pleased I bought a bar of chocolate. This supermarket pushes a particular type at the till and the cashiers have to offer it to every customer. Happens to be OH's favourite choccy bar.

So my total for shopping was £16, £2 on road tolls today.

lilacclery Thu 04-Oct-12 10:01:39

A complete newbie here, first time poster, have been avidly following the September thread and have read over August also.

For past 2.5 years I have monitored our spending, started when on mat leave when finances changed and days at work were cut.
Have found recently that grocery shopping is getting out of hand again. So need to get back to meal planning and getting stricter with what I buy.
Aim used to be €140 per week but it has been creeping up.
Have extra work in December so going to put that money aside and try do a monthly shop for meat and non perishables at start of Jan and then just have the perishables to purchase in Aldi each week.

Who finds monthly or weekly shopping more cost effective?
We are two adults, 17 year old stepson and 2.5 year old dd still in nappies but hopefully not by end of this month.

ShoopShoop Thu 04-Oct-12 10:16:45

Morning All. Normal service has resumed after exam hell yesterday sad

secondchance so sorry to hear about your sad circumstances, but nice to see you here. It was my first month economising last month and posting on this board and it really made a difference. I now think through my potential spending a lot more than I used to.

NSD on Tuesday.

£40 spent on travel yesterday but I can reclaim that through work.

Today will be a NSD I think.

I've got a few baby bits to sell too - I was thinking about local Facebook page as the items are all too big to send and so definitely want to sell to local people. I doubt I'll make much but it will help with the Christmas present fund!

Hope you all have good, thrifty days smile

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 04-Oct-12 10:19:31

I find weekly shopping cheaper, I do check out the local supermarkets for marked down meat, bread and eggs.

In the summer I buy marked down pork pies etc for picnics.

Adding it all up on a calculator as you go round helps too.

BoerWarKids Thu 04-Oct-12 10:43:55

I was a newbie in Sept, was doing really well, writing down everything I was spending!

I've fallen off the wagon blush so reporting back in October with high hopes that I'll get back to being frugal!

economymode Thu 04-Oct-12 12:10:07

Hello to all newcomers.

Secondchance, I wish you all the luck in the world in your new house. I can't imagine what you've been through, but hope you are coping ok.

Not a lot to mention so far, just wanted to add my welcome.

AdoraBell Thu 04-Oct-12 12:29:20

Shoopshoop glad the exams are over, sorry it didn't feel good though. Fingers crossed for the outcome.

Lilacclery welcomegrin

I shop weekly, but with half an eye on monthly purchases, iykwim. I'll stock up on special offers when it's the things I normally buy, which means I won't need to buy loo roll for another 8 weeks or so and washing powder, shampoo etc should last another month. The most effective thing is meal planning though. Mine has slipped again recently, but I find it cuts down on waste and cost. I'm currently pouring over a What's For Dinner thread in Food to pinch some ideasblush

mum23girlys Thu 04-Oct-12 12:48:24

Hi everyone, can I join please? Been following the thread on and off all year but I'm needing to watch the pennies now as we've just moved house and it's needing work. Big plus though is dh will now save £400 a month on fuel. Mostly being spent on bigger mortgage unfortunately.

I was doing really well selling things on local facebook page over the summer and have this week started that again. Sold a dishwasher that previous owners unexpectedly left behind. Was brand new but took forever to do a cycle so plumbed my old one in and sold theirs. We weren't expecting it to be left so £60 of 'found' money. Also sold a few baby things as we are definately finished on that front grin

On a plus our new house is walking distance to Aldi and I tried it last week for the 1st time. Couldn't believe how much I got for my money. Only had Asda in our old town but here we have Aldi, Lidl, Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury and Asda. So far I've been getting what I can at Aldi then going to Asda or Sains for the bits Aldi don't stock. Everyone has liked pretty much everything except cereal.

Things are going to be pretty tight here as house needing a lot of work. It's liveable though so just doing a bit at a time. Hoping to get some more stuff sold over the next week or two. Have DH's car advertised so fingers crossed that goes. We can't justify the expense of a 2nd car now we are so close to DH's work and he can cycle and could really use the cash to get carpets instead. So off I go on my no more wasting money journey smile

ValiumQueen Thu 04-Oct-12 14:08:35

Credit card bill nearly £1500. Funny how it has almost doubled since I finally gave DH a card. Need to have words, as we had agreed any expenditures over £5 were to be discussed if not previously agreed. Most things I know nothing about. One trip to shoe shop he said he spent £20, but it is £65. Not happy.

claretandamberforever Thu 04-Oct-12 17:35:29

£1.00 on lunch again today
£1.50 on breakfast club for DS2
£4.00 lotto money

and yes, I do only pay the minimum on my credit cards each month. I keep wanting to add to it but (stupid this) I'm scared of leaving myself without any money if I make overpayments, but if I don't make overpayments and leave the money in the bank I just spend it...

CremeEggThief Thu 04-Oct-12 19:09:24

Wow, welcome all newbies. It's good to have you all on board smile.

I had a spendy day today, as I ventured into the city to get a replacement for DS's new winter coat; the zip was faulty. But I stuck to my budget and even had enough left over for a loaf, without having to take out any more cash today.

I also treated myself in Primark. But I got 2 pairs of mittens, a scarf, a purse and a diary for next year for £13 grin. I could have spent double that easily if I'd gone elsewhere, and it's all stuff I needed.

Leilandri Thu 04-Oct-12 19:19:37

Hello to claret secondchance lilac and mum23 Welcome to thrifty living - it'll change your life grin

Spent £10 in poundland today - lots of bits to finish people off for Xmas, so Dnephew, Ddad, DFiL, DSMiL all done and DH's stocking bits are finished smile
Spent £9.58 in Morrisons on milk, juice, and sandwich bits.

Lilac I find monthly shopping easier. We are 2 adults, 1 3yo and 1 1yo. I try to alternate freezer big shop one month, and cupboard big shop the next, then just have perishables/fruit&veg etc to buy every day it seems like month, and throughout the month.

Secondchance Thu 04-Oct-12 21:45:43

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. I do have good RL support Adorabell - have great family and friends.

No major spends 2day - £50 into household account for electricity and £6.08 in Aldi.

£50 for electricity is budgeted - am going to try and alternate weekly putting money aside for electricity and fuel so hopefully will have no major shocks with utility bills. Hard to judge amounts yet as only recently moved in but house seems to be warmer than old one so hopefully will be cheaper to run.

Will need to get few bits 2moro - we're having few friends over for a little housewarming/strictly party (my 6yo loves strictly and is having two of her friends for sleepover). Am actually looking forward to it - Mums are staying too and are bringing most of food so will just need to get few bits for kids

mum23girlys Thu 04-Oct-12 22:11:17

Thanks for making me welcome. Today I only spent £2.57 cash in Sainsburys. Used £5 nectar points as well. Took my list and stuck to it. DH had a nsd as he was home decorating. 2mrw will be a good day as I've sold stuff on fb totalling a whopping £170. Stuff all away 2mrw morning and I'll put the cash straight in the bank or I'll spend it over the weekend.

BoerWarKids Fri 05-Oct-12 00:09:57

£5.40 at the Post Office (posting stuff I've sold on Amazon smile)
56p pint of milk

Rest of day, bit of a disaster blush
£4.50 baguette and coffee for lunch
£10.15 Dinner at Nando's
Need to organise and get my shit together!

AdoraBell Fri 05-Oct-12 02:11:13

I have to confess to spending more in the supermarketblush £12. I'm drowning in food stuffs to the extent that I don't want to make things, or even go into the kitchen. So, to give myself a bit of time feeble excuse I bought junk snacks for DDs to take to school. They are happy, lunch box police don't exist here and I can spend tomorrow sorting cupboards instead of dreading next week's lunch & snack plan. Tolls were expensive as I was short on time so used the fast road there and back.

AdoraBell Fri 05-Oct-12 02:18:22

Doh! Posted too quickly,

secondchance I'm glad you have support from family and friends. Hope you enjoy the housewarming wine thanks

Hello mum23, and well done on selling all that stuff.

febes Fri 05-Oct-12 04:24:08

Hi I'm coming out of lurkdom. I have been following your September thread and now that its October I thought I'd post as things are really tight.
We lived in the UK (London) for 10 years but came 'home' 2 years ago to NZ (my home- DH is from South Africa) We had a decent deposit and the dream was to buy a lifestyle block (small farm) so DH got the first crappy wellish paying job and I got a years fixed term position as a teacher. We have a fabulous place with 12 acres and 6 calves, 4 pigs, 5 chickens 6 sheep and 3 lambs (so far!)
Only problem is my job finishes at the end of the year so I'm job hunting in a very difficult market (school closures due to earthquake among other things) and DH hates his job but can't move on until I'm in a for permanent position.
We have 2 preschoolers so have an au pair to look after them and have to run 3 cars and spend lots on petrol each week.
Need to have lots of NSDs as we are all out until Thursday when DH gets paid again. I don't like being this close to the bone!!!
Positive side of it all is we don't have any debt and have just rearranged our finance and are now due to pay off the mortgage in 15 years instead of 29 years it was set at. Just need to keep meeting all our current costs!
DH has just built us a glasshouse over the winter and has been busy planting loads of vege so hopefully food bills will go down. The cost of living is really high here!!!!

riverboat Fri 05-Oct-12 06:52:36

Welcome fever, good luck with the job hunt and the veg. Hoping for lots of NSDs for you.

I had a horrible day on Wednesday, arrived at a work appointment over an hour early, it was tipping it down with rain. I wandered round the area with my umbrella for ages until I admitted defeat when my ill-chosen shoes started to leak in water. Withdrew €20 so I could sit in a cafe and be dry for a bit!

NSD yesterday. But this evening is going to be spendy: restaurant for a friend's birthday and I also owe someone £10 towards the gift...

riverboat Fri 05-Oct-12 06:56:52

Febes not fever! Stupid auto correct...

Wiggy29 Fri 05-Oct-12 08:14:23

I'm a newbie/ lurker smile. We're desperately trying to save as every penny saved will be a bit longer I can afford to take off on my maternity (plus we're trying to pay back my lovely parents who lent us money to buy our (new to us) car as old one was utterly dead! There's no interest on that money and they've said they aren't in a hurry to have it back, I hate having the debt hanging over me.

So far this month has been a bit mixed but looks a bit like this:

£12- on maternity dress at Mothercare (reduced from £40)
£20- on Sylvanian (sp?) family house (Crimbo pressie- half price at Tesco)
£70- petrol (not optional as need car for work)
£45- (ish) food
£12- children's clothes (all £1/2 from Tesco sale- to be used as gifts)
£5- foam for hobbycraft to make bath toys (for crimbo) linked on crimbo thread
£3- felt from hobbycraft to make home-made baby/ xmas gifts (will post on these)
99p- same as above

£40- music magpie (got rid of remaining dvds)
£?- taking clothes to shop where they sell them on for you and give you half the money- hoping for £100 but will have to wait until it sells to see.ll
£10- claim full chicken from Nandos from their loyalty card

Nandos loyalty card tip if (for example) there are three of you in the family who normally go, each pay for your food separately (as long as over a fiver) and get the stamp on a separate loyalty card. This way, you get three times as much free chicken/ veggie option than you would with just using one card. grin

Xroads Fri 05-Oct-12 08:15:13

Hi all,

I'm doing an online shop today as I'm painting a mural this weekend so no time to go shopping (dh would spend a fortune and not get the stuff we needed plus he's got loads of other stuff to do) so my mission is to spend £50.

Also trying to put off putting the heating on, luckily our house holds the heat really well and because I am out in the mornings and then have a house full it doesn't get too cold anyway but I've found at times when I need to get a bit of warmth I can use things like the oven, tumble dryer, hairdryer, jumpers, blankets etc so I'm going to try and eeek it out to save money.

ValiumQueen Fri 05-Oct-12 09:24:46

One of the reasons I love this thread is that you get a little glimpse of other peoples lives too. I love reading about life in Chilli, and now NZ. It also makes me feel very grateful for my own lot, reading about others who clearly have more of a challenge than me. Plus those who clearly are making great strides forward. Really quite inspiring all round.

I have yet to speak to DH about the credit card. He told me it was scary before it came, and he did not know why. I will look through it today and get a good idea on how much we spent on different things, and how much he frittered. Thankfully we have always had it on a DD to pay off in full, and can this month. It just means we have nothing to fall back on.

Tax credits have been cut by £300 a month, and work have yet to tell me how much less I will get on Mat Leave, which starts Monday. Childcare will be less, hence cut in Tax Credits, but petrol and travel will still be considerable as DH does not drive, so rather than paying £100 a month for a bus pass, I will be chauffeuring him when I can. We have been doing this as I have been on leave, and no clear savings, but I try to link in a shop or other task if I am taking him somewhere. Maybe this is actually contributing to the extra spends though?

We had a lovely meal out for my Dads 79 th birthday last month, which was nearly £70. At his age I do not know how much longer he will be around, so I do not mind that at all. He was so happy and got rather riddled on wine at £5 a glass. He did not know we were paying, and has been apologising ever since for ordering so much grin

Alibabaandthe40nappies Fri 05-Oct-12 09:59:24

Hi everyone smile

second I'm so sorry to hear about your husband.

Valium - nightmare about your DH and the credit card. It would be the lying that would upset me most - indicates that he does have a problem of some kind with his spending.
I really sympathise. DH got us into a huge pickle with money this time last year, he had overspent gradually for a couple of years and not told me, and things came to a head. We are now totally open book with each other and he has altered his habits entirely.

Mixed start to the month.

£20 top up shop on Wednesday, plus £1 parking at the hospital for DS1's check up.
NSD Thursday
Today is going to be the weekly shop (£78) and we are having fish and chips from the chippy for tea which will be about £13.

DH managed to stick to his budget for work lunches/coffee/books on his Kindle etc last month.

ValiumQueen Fri 05-Oct-12 10:08:53

alibaba I knew he had a problem with spending when I met him as he had just gone through bankruptcy. It was the first thing he told me, after his name. That is why he has only just had his name on the card. We have been married 7 years, and he has been a student until the last year, so everything has been on me, and with DC3 due in 3 weeks, it has been quite a weight on my shoulders. Thankfully I have always been very good with money, and earn a fairly good wage. I had to trust him some time, but we clearly need to talk. It is the only thing we ever argue about really. I love him to bits, and there are worse things. Some people are just shit with money.

AdoraBell Fri 05-Oct-12 12:19:14

Hello febes and Wiggy and welcome aboard.

Valium shock at the CC, hope you can get it sorted quickly. We had a "CC conversation" last week. OH was actually trembling as he told me " I don't want any credit cards in the future, only debit cards as you can't get into debt with a debit card, so no credit cards, ever again, we don't need credit cards" so I asked him how much CC debt he's sitting on and he actually squirmed as he as he answered.

Today should be an NSD as there's really nothing I need to get. I'll check in again later to confirm my NSD, fingers crossed.

AdoraBell Fri 05-Oct-12 14:35:59


You don't have to leave yourself completely without money, but I know what you mean. If you pay even a couple of quids extra then you can chip away at the overall balance and each month the interest will be ever so slightly less added to the bill. Repeat each month and keep the same amount going to it and you can beat the blood sucking B'stards see a difference after a few months.


How about DH having a card which a much smaller limit, can that be done? Or a debit card to a spending account rather than the main account?

ValiumQueen Fri 05-Oct-12 15:00:26

DH did fine with a debit card. He has his own pocket money too. I do not want to treat him like a child, but if he acts like a child...

ShoopShoop Fri 05-Oct-12 16:20:01

Thanks Adora - I don't find out the results till December, so I'm going to try and forget about it till then <pushes head firmly into sand>

I've been a bit spendy today.

£5.96 on Tomy Sqeaky Egg things for DD to put away as a stocking filler for Christmas.

£22 (ish) on 2 Orla Kiely scarves from Uniqlo - to put away for Christmas presents for friends.

£5 in M&S on their roast dinner offer. I don't eat meat so the pork belly will do DH for a couple of meals. I don't buy him meat very often so it's a bit of a treat grin

Another £5 (ish) on bread, milk and fruit but I don't need to do a big shop this weekend which is good.

We're out for lunch tomorrow (but DH is paying from his personal account - whoop!) to celebrate the end of my exams, and Sunday is a house cleaning, tidying and tip run kind of day, so should be a NSD apart from a paper and milk probably. I may even find some more junk stuff to put on eBay / Facebook grin

Valium the issues you have with your DH sound like the issues my DH have had with me!! I was just coming out of some serious student debt when I met DH - he "lent" me some money to clear my debts (apart from my student loan), so mainly overdraft etc, and has never asked for it back. I clocked up some bad CC debts too that he helped me to pay off. Thankfully I'm much better with my personal money now (and have been for the last 5 years). This thread has also really focussed my mind in terms of the joint spending we do. I'm sorry you're having issues though - you sound very lovely and understanding, but practical too smile. DH "made" me have just a cash card for a while (years ago), until he thought I could be trusted with a debit card! blush

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 05-Oct-12 17:14:09

So chicken bought in Aldi and not out of date until tomorrow is off. Take it back to the store? it shouldnt go off should it? I only bought it on Tuesday.

Xroads Fri 05-Oct-12 18:38:25

Hello to all newbies, good luck!!

Take the chicken back I say.

I've worked out I'm spending about £6 per day on petrol, can't avoid it though!

Today I've brought:
curry powder to make curry for dinner (I had all the other stuff in that I needed for a veg curry) I've got enough to freeze and have it again too.


given dc's bus fare/ lunch money

I'm feeling proud though because I managed to do the weekly shop for £55 inc delivery. There is money in my account too smile all the bills have come out as well and I'm doing a mural this weekend so I'll earn some extra money too, I did turn down a babysitting job tonight though, Im shattered and my girlie mates are coming round smile

Alibabaandthe40nappies Fri 05-Oct-12 19:08:42

Fluffy - I've had that experience with Aldi whole chickens more than once, it is part of why I won't shop there. I would definitely take it back for a new chicken and/or a refund.

You are all so organised with your Christmas shopping! I have done none, not a thing blush

Leilandri Fri 05-Oct-12 20:01:34

Welcome febes and Wiggy smile

Spend today £24.99 in Sue Ryder. £7 on lovely boxed set of 18 fancy candles and £5 on gorgeous Piglet money box (original RRP of £25 from Disney Store shock) for Xmas pressies, so that's another 2 friends done grin and £12.99 on dolls house furniture as a Bday pressy for me, as DH won't have time to shop for anything.

Got a wedding to go tomorrow, so having haircut (£10) and drinks at reception tho with a doe-eyed look I might get Dparents to buy for me!

On a good note my mum works in Morrisons (where I had an interview last weekend) and one of the managers has told her that I got the job. Personnel Manager is on hols tho, so won't know for definate until she returns - but it's looking good grin

AdoraBell Fri 05-Oct-12 21:49:09

I also vote for taking the chicken back, if it says it should be okay until tomorrow then it should be okay until tomorrow. just don't tell them that I wouldn't expect it to last that long, because I'm paranoid

pookey Sat 06-Oct-12 01:17:34

Welcome again all the newbies smile offers brew biscuit

Adora and Boer I had slipped a little too. Can feel myself losing interest in Lidyl and sainsbury's basics, I guess that's why posting on here reg is useful for keeping on track, also can stop the oh what's the point feelings knowing others in same boat.

I spend weekly and shop every day or so little and often but I am trying to work out items I know I will be spending each month and additional one off spends coming up on a spreadsheet at the end of the previous month (OK I only started this in sep but still wink ) that way I can adjust the budgets for groceries etc. This month I know I have a couple of parties coming up to buy presents for, various clubs, crimbo shopping, dental hygenist (that one's rolling each month as putting it off) school dinners, budgeted cafe treat with dp, and saving to pay clubs in Jan. Next month my pay is going to be low and I will need to stock up on nappies and other bits so will need to try to really be frugal this month. The spreadsheet even sets aside a little money for school trips that may crop up and £7 in case we need a prescription or medicine!

wiggy29 I might need to go to tesco, looked online after seeing your post and no half price sylvanian house. Those toys really keep their value for selling on, esp the characters; worth looking after! I bought a sylvanian set from ebay today - was so exciting and think it was quite a good price, app a slide is broken so might have to pay for a new one, fingers crossed its good enough condition for a father christmas present for dds. Might clean it up with baby wipes and a toothbrush.

I have posted some bits on gumtree one thing has sold but other things really not even being viewed.

After tip on here planning to take my dvds to cex and post rom com type ones to music magpie.

pookey Sat 06-Oct-12 01:20:22

Leilandri that's great news smile

pookey Sat 06-Oct-12 01:28:10

Ugh been there on cc conversations once dp made me stick up A4 pages stating all the amounts we owed on our cc for all to see. Didn't work - debts still got worse and we took them down! Luckily we seem to be at a point where we can talk about it calmly and work out strategy for paying them off which is amazing - didn't use to be like that.

AdoraBell Sat 06-Oct-12 04:06:54

Fantastic news Lielandri, well done.

lilacclery Sat 06-Oct-12 07:51:34

Just lost a big post on mobile will log on to laptop later!!

Wiggy29 Sat 06-Oct-12 08:53:55

Leilandri- massive congrat's on job smile

Pookey- it was in store near a section of reduced toys, my local one is quite big. Maybe you could ring in advance to save you driving over and see if they'll save you one? hmm

Taking son to break dancing classes today (£5) with his friends and for slice of pizza (£1.50 for giant slice as great local market). That sound be my only expenditure today.

The good news:
Had mums from ds's school over for a craft night last night. Made pumpkin soup with pumkin for MIL's allotment so just had to buy yoghurt. Also made some great goodies that I'll link to later which cost coppers. A lovely night for about £2. Aslo, it was agreed to combine birthday parties for our 4 ds' who have birthday at similar time so only a quarter of the cost! Just asking parents to bring one pressie and we'll split them so good for their purses and less junk to clutter his bedroom (he already has a freaky amount of unplayed with toys).
Tomorrow should be a walk down the coast and National Trust visit (both free) PLUS (phew) Music Magpie guy coming today- whoopee!

claretandamberforever Sat 06-Oct-12 09:03:23

Hopefully should be quite a limited spend weekend.

Friday's spends were £1 for my lunch, £3 for DS1 football and £15.13 on a month's worth of snacks (cake bars etc) from the magnificent Home Bargains, and two birthday cards.

Today so far £10 in one of the aforementioned birthday cards for my baby brother who is 33 today.

I've also forgotten to invoice a Doctor who I did some private medico-legal typing for, so must remember to do that on Monday. My road tax reminder came yesterday for the end of October so it'll go towards that (BOO!!!)

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 06-Oct-12 10:34:14

Thats brilliant news Leilandri, when does the personall manager get back?

Took chicken back, got a free range one. I think putting it in the drawer at the bottom of the fridge was a bad idea, I dont think it was cold enough down there.

My foil radiator reflector panels have arrived so I can fit them today, just lining the curtains has made a massive difference to the lounge.

If you register with Twinings you get emails with links for free samples. I like free stuff coming through the door it makes a change from bills. I always choose Assam and Breakfast tea.

Finally won the row with eon as to wether my gas bill was correct, it wasnt and they have sorted it so I can pay it now.

I gave a meter reading to EDF so I know I am still in credit so far with the gas and yelling at DH is having excellent results with him closing doors behind him when he leaves a heated room for an un-heated one.

I havent done any christmas shopping at all yet, I have cards left over from last year but that's all.

I dont mind shopping for Aldi stuff and basics stuff, theres a couple in our family with Really good jobs who shop for asda basic stuff, like they say a jaffa cake is a jaffa cake.

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 06-Oct-12 11:09:28
BoerWarKids Sat 06-Oct-12 11:33:34


Food shopping £10.50
Oystercard £5.00
Candle for me £5.00 blush
Lastly, spent £28.20 on the last of my xmas shopping! So relieved that's all done grin

ValiumQueen Sat 06-Oct-12 11:51:12

I need to get my finger out for christmas. It will be frugal, but still needs sorting. I have a vast amount of polly pocket stuff for DD1, all second hand from ebay and car boots. Will just shove it in a big box and she can rummage and have fun sorting what goes with what. The barbies often nick stuff anyway so I have given up sorting stuff. DH will have a token gift, not sure what yet, but he is getting a baby boy soon so figure that will keep him happy for a while. DD2 and DS will get hand me downs of toys and clothes as they are too young to know anything else. Other random relatives are getting school photos and I may make nice sweets too. I have told them I am being tight this year as on mat leave and have another mouth to feed.

TerrorNotSoFrightened Sat 06-Oct-12 12:10:13

Well, there will be a fair bit of spending here this month as I am aiming to finish all my Christmas shopping by the end of the month.

One tip that will help me over the festive season is that I have been ordering 2 extra items/treats for Christmas and squirrelling them away in the back of the cupboard.

Usually things that are on offer. I have bought my spices for the mulled wine, bottles of appletise, stuffing mix and other wee bits and bobs. It will all add up and stop the festive food shopping getting out of control.

CremeEggThief Sat 06-Oct-12 12:15:02

I'll catch up properly later, but just wanted to wish Leilandri congratulations for now. Great news! grin

Wiggy29 Sat 06-Oct-12 17:18:35

Valium Queen grin those pesky Barbies pinching things!

The bad
Spent more than planned today as ended up paying for ds's friends to do dancing and pizza too so went from about £7 to over £20! hmm

The good
Friend gave me a (free) lesson in using a sewing machine so going to borrow MIL's to make some cheapo crimbo gifts/ things for new baby when it arrives. smile

riverboat Sat 06-Oct-12 19:08:02

Keeping my fingers crossed for you Leilandri, but glad that its hopefully good news!

Yesterday for me was spendy, as I knew it would be - withdrew 50 euros cash, most of which got spent on the combined cost of restaurant meal and present contribution (friend's birthday). But I still have a 5 euro note and a few coins knocking round my purse (usually I never carry cash) which should be useful for the upcoming week.

Today also spendy! 73 euros on the weekly shop, which I was pleased with. As I was leaving the supermarket I got collared by an old man collecting for guide dogs, and he was so sweet and passionate about his cause that I ended up giving him 2 euros.

...then I went and bought a pair of leather boots, which cost 85 euros. But that was a planned spend, I knew I needed boots for the winter and I ended up getting exactly the same ones I got last year which is great because I know they will be comfortable. If last year is anything to go by, I will wear them literally every day and they will fall apart around April time...

Hopefully tomorrow will be an NSD. All reading all this talk of Christmas reminds me I should start thinking about presents. Looks like we'll be going to in laws for the Christmas long weekend itself though, which will help massively in keeping costs down.

Leilandri Sat 06-Oct-12 22:43:42

NSD for me today grin
Went to wedding this afternoon, which was emotional and beautiful. My boys were so well behaved, I was so proud of them both. Ddad got the first round in at the reception, then when we sat down for our meal, the favours were little tophats per place which when opened contained some sweets, and drinks vouchers for the bar - so 3 glasses of red wine for free grin

Thankyou all for your congrats [flowers] Personnel Manager is back this week, so hopefully by Tuesday I will have something concrete.....

Leilandri Sat 06-Oct-12 22:44:26

ooops that should be thanks in that message!

pookey Sat 06-Oct-12 23:38:47

riverboat, which boots did you get? I need some good waterproof ones for the shool run. Planning to go to my mum's for christmas day. I want to stay christmas eve too as there will be lots of presents under the tree and I thought dc might nt notice FC has been less generous this year - dp not so keen on this idea!

Spent about £5 today but made £15 selling some items on gumtree which were collected today - brill.

That sounds like good planning terror. Lidyl have some christmas food already does anyone reccommend?

Alibabaandthe40nappies Sun 07-Oct-12 07:34:13

Leilandri fingers crossed about the job!

Spendy day yesterday, out for lunch.

Today we might go swimming, only £5 to pay for DH because I get in free with gym membership. Other than that a NSD.

ValiumQueen Sun 07-Oct-12 07:51:31

I would be miffed if a pair of boots lasted only one winter. Wellies would be cheaper and last longer grin possibly not so stylish. I have never owned nice boots due to fat calves. I live in my crocs though, so clearly do not care how I look.

riverboat Sun 07-Oct-12 08:59:33

Pookey - these ones: but I'm in France - don't think this chain exists in the UK

Valium - my job takes me across the city daily, I have to go from office to office which involves a lot of public transport and a lot of walking. I had to have boots that were both comfy and smart, so these fit the bill, and given that last year I wore them literally EVERY day in all weathers, I think six months constant wear is OK for the price!

ValiumQueen Sun 07-Oct-12 09:31:00

river ooh they are lovely!

Alibabaandthe40nappies Sun 07-Oct-12 10:00:11

River those are really nice - I can't walk in a heel like that though! I have a pair with a low heel which I bought from Duo for £120, they are on their fifth winter and still going strong.
Valium they are the place to go if you need boots to go around a wide calf like I do.

riverboat Sun 07-Oct-12 10:47:03

Even though they have the heel though, they are really comfy because the whole sole and heel is coated in a kind of springy rubbery base - I forget I'm wearing a heel most of the time!

Maybe I should have tried to find something a little more expensive that would be more durable, but I hate buying shoes, as there's always that risk that they're going to turn out not to be comfortable in the long run, and then the money is wasted. I'd rather stick to what I know!

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 07-Oct-12 11:36:25

Agree they are nice boots and not expensive either! envy. If they sold them here they'd be twice the price wouldnt they?.

I got my wellies in an outdoor shop, seriously cheap for kids wellies too. Dunlop for kids were only £5. I had a sneaky look for an adult size 3/4 but no luck. I got some very ugly boots with fleece lining for £25 in the end. So comfy. They have a drawstring at the top just to make them even uglier.

Evans do wide calf boots too but you probably know that. I have skinny calves so boots fit but some are baggy on me so you cant win either way really.

It took me about 45mins to fit my radiator panels I got after I sawLeilandri posting about foil refelcting the heat back off rads. We only had the heating on for a little bit last night and it was BOILING hot in here so I think they work. A 10 rad pack only did 5 rads though, We have big rads by the looks of it.

The chicken went back. I got a free range one in a fit of guilt over welfare standards.

CremeEggThief Sun 07-Oct-12 12:38:03

River, it might be worth you setting up a little exporting business based around those boots! They're fab smile.

Fluffy, glad you took the chicken back.

Just need some Frubes for DS's packed lunches today and that should be it.

Hope everyone has a nice Sunday.

economymode Sun 07-Oct-12 15:41:30

Yay, job! Well done Leilandri!!

A fair amount spent this weekend but all planned,:

- £17 on a wedding present
-£35 on birthday present for my mum (good food subscription,cheapest I could find)
-£10 on new jeans for MrEconomy, whose old ones were beyond repair
-£8 on new slippers for me
-£10 on sundries in Sainsbury's that I can't get in Aldi (organic milk, veggie mince (own brand, made them search through freezers our back as they had none in the store cabinet and it's cheaper than Quorn) and bananas as we are low on them.

Still need to get nephew and niece's Xmas presents this month. Then father in law's birthday present and Xmas presents for both sets of parents next month - going to do hampers, so may well start on them this month.

Still waiting for ebay buyer to pay for my broken laptop, £82. His friend is meant to be paying, but keeps putting it off. If he hasn't paid by tomorrow pm, I'm cancelling the sale and doing a second chance offer.

Leilandri Sun 07-Oct-12 16:09:47

Todays spends - £8.42 on chicken food, bought double as was on offer.
£24 in matalan - got PJ's for both DS's. DS1 chose matching twinpacks of pj's, they're going to look so cute in the morning might make up for the 5.40am wake up call also got slipper socks for DS2 as he is walking with his walker now, but goes a bit slip-slidey on our laminate floors! Will also keep his toes toasty so another reason not to put the heating on. Got another Xmas pressie ticked off my list too grin
Spent £12 in Morrisons on toddler formula, and a chicken for dinner tonight.

Secondchance Sun 07-Oct-12 21:12:38

Evening all - back after hectic few days settling into new house. Still boxes everywhere but am getting there.

Did lot of cooking yest so have started stocking freezer for week night meals - cos when there are not there I order takeaways or worse still go out shock

Spends since Wed
Thurs 4th £6.08 Aldi
Fri 5th £24.63 Aldi
Sat 6th £15.87 Aldi
Sun 7th NSD grin

So total of £76.70 shock altho a lot of that was initial stocking of bare cupboards so suppose it could have been worse - thats my story and I'm sticking to itwink

claretandamberforever Sun 07-Oct-12 21:23:33

Woohoo, a no spend day for me today

With the exception of my online grocery shop for the week which has come in at £51-sum thanks for Tesco sending me a voucher for £10 off a £50 shop because I haven't shopped with them for a while.

(wonders what the other 2 weekly shops I have done were then? Scotch mist?)

lilacclery Sun 07-Oct-12 23:49:38

wow this thread moves on fast! riverboat those boots are amazing, for boots that high to be comfortable for everyday wear.

Well I did the weekly shop on Friday, but checked my cupboards first.
Usual amount is €140
Spent €82 in Aldi, €10 in Lidl, €20 in butchers, €8 on dognuts so €20 under budget and even bought a few extras which will see us through to maybe 10 days rather than usual seven.

Helped with a planned night out last night and then used a Sunday lunch voucher today so that's today's planned roast chicken going towards making chicken fried rice, risotto and and some curried chicken and apple salad.

Found a bread recipe(on mumsnet!) for breadmaker that all the family like also, so no need to be buying bread anymore.

On hols from Wed 10th to 22nd so going to be putting more money saving and solving initiatives in place.

Saved €200 on our house insurance by shopping around, and nothing to pay for first four months.

Am a member of Shop and Scan Ireland, does anyone here do that?

AdoraBell Mon 08-Oct-12 01:13:42

Ooooooh, nice boots! I've just binned a pair that split but I did get 10 years out of themgrin, and I already have another pair (bought at half price in the sale last year) to replace them.

I've had an NSW- No Spend Weekend. I'm happy. DDs have been to a friend's to sleepover so they've had a free fun weekend, they're happy too. Can't ask for much more than that at the end of the weekend.

Wiggy29 Mon 08-Oct-12 10:42:26

Yesterday was a NSD- picnic on beach and we were with my mum who bought us some (seriously yummy) ice creams. grin Hoping today will be a NSD except milk.

mum23girlys Mon 08-Oct-12 14:01:04

Had a bit of a spendy weekend. Have made in total £185 selling on fb this last week but have had to spend it all on stuff for the new house. Today I did a Sainsbury shop as I had no cereal or fruit for lunch boxes. Spent £24 but got quite a lot as was mostly basics. Used my last tenner and the last £12.50 on Nectar card. Now have only £3.50 left till DH gets paid on Wed. Got a buyer collecting a dress later so that'll be a fiver though. Hopefully weather will stay as lovely as it is so I can walk to school as I've no fuel at all. Been running on fumes since Sat blush

Leilandri Mon 08-Oct-12 20:25:08

Spendy day today. DH off work for the week, and Dmum had my boys today. It is my Bday tomorrow AND our wedding anniversary, so we celebrated today without the boys grin
£15.79 on lunch out for us both, then we went uptown together which we NEVER do!
£7 in Poundland on packed lunch snacks, batteries and 2 stocking fillers.
£3 in Primark on 2 stocking fillers - Sudoku Loo Roll = Fab!!!
£2.85 on Xmas cards love Card Factory

Supposed to be a NSD tomorrow, as DS1 is in nursery and we're having an allotment day 70% chance of rain though apparently

Wiggy29 Mon 08-Oct-12 21:29:24

So much for my nsd. £38 in sainsburys on food & £4 on mc donalds- no excuses for the second of those blush.

riverboat Mon 08-Oct-12 21:48:36

Wow, overwhelmed by boot-love! I wore them for the first time today and felt very shiny and special. Fluffy - actually shoes and clothes are generally more expensive here than in the UK. This particular chain is pretty good for having decent quality stuff at low prices though, but you have to go out of town to find it.

Seems like lots of people have done very well re: spending in the last few days, well done all! Wiggy, don't beat yourself up over £4! You have to give yourself little treats occasionally to keep up the old morale.

I had a no spend Sunday, which was nice. Today I just spent £22 on my return coach ticket for when I visit my parents in the UK the weekend after next.

Hopefully tomorrow and Wednesday will be NSDs, then I have a friend's birthday drinks on Thursday and a friend coming to stay for the weekend on Friday who is a bad influence spending-wise. A bit worried about the weekend with him around!

Alibabaandthe40nappies Mon 08-Oct-12 23:33:01

Happy birthday and anniversary Leilandri smile
Is it tomorrow you should hear about the job?

Good day today. £2.71 in sainsbury's, used £5 of nectar points - bread and some lunch box/after school bits. £2.70 for an hour of crèche for DS2 at the gym.

Tomorrow crèche again but no other planned spending at this stage.

AdoraBell Tue 09-Oct-12 02:11:10

Leilandri Happy birthday thanks and happy anniversary to you and DH wine.

I spent £12 today (Monday) plus £6 on coffee for me post shopping and snacks for DDs, and £2.80 on road tolls. Tomorrow we're going after school to look for drama outfits, sorted the plastic tat last week now they need the actual dresses. That will entail road tolls going into town, also need to get puppy food. Tonight I mixed in adult food and in the morning it'll be purely adult food. Shhhh, don't tell my vet!

CremeEggThief Tue 09-Oct-12 08:25:40

Happy birthday and anniversary, Leilandri smile. Hope you have a wonderful day.
thanks and wine.

Xroads Tue 09-Oct-12 08:30:35

I had NSD yesterday my first in a long time! We went to a garden centre to see xmas lights and bits and the animals instead of toddler group (I also wanted to see how much they are selling wreaths for so I know what to price mine at when I do my xmas fayre stalls in November.

Leilandri Happy birthday & happy anniversary to you both smile

We are still logging everything we spend, I was trying to stay in the black too but it's looking dodgy tbh, the credit card he just paid off with a bal trans have taken a direct debit payment for almost £60 which we really needed so it looks like we will be going overdrawn by the end of the week although I am painting on Thursday so I think I'll ask for half the money so I can top the bank up a bit.

mum23girlys Tue 09-Oct-12 11:56:30

Made another sale on fb. Only £4 but it all adds up. Or in my case keeps us fed till payday. Had hoped for a nsd 2day but needed some bits at aldi and sains. £5.02 at shops and £1 for dh's milk for his cereal at work canteen. Walked everywhere 2day and dh cycled to work as still no fuel till pay day 2mrw. Weather's lovely here though so quite enjoying it. Still got lots of things advertised on fb and got a couple of bits going at the weekend so that's all good

Xroads Tue 09-Oct-12 12:16:28

it's good to feel so positive isnt it mum23girlys smile

I do find myself wishing my life away though, we are 18mths away from being debt free and I am just wishing those 18mths away and I shouldn't really because my girls are growing up so fast anyway and in 18mths they will be 14 and 8.....eeek

AdoraBell Tue 09-Oct-12 12:34:09

Xroads so do you currently have a credit on your CC? If so, could you use the CC to buy groceries, not exceeding the £60, instead of taking it from the bank? Just a thought.


How much milk does DH get for his £1? Would it be worth him eating something else, taking some thing with him from home, or does he have to use the canteen?

That's one of my little bugbears, btw, paying hugely inflated prices for food because it's in a convenient sized package. I once spent ten mins looking at lables getting DDs to grasp the fact that the pots of apple purée in the supermarket work out to £25 per kilo of apple and my local grocer was flogging them for £2 for 3 kilos.

Not sure what I'll spend today, but I'm trying to keep it as low as poss.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Tue 09-Oct-12 12:45:41

Adora - me too - although some things can be good value. For example when they have an offer on pots of cut pineapple in Sainsbury's, you get more weight for your money than buying a whole pineapple where you then chop off 50% of it.

Just paid for creche this morning, £2.70. Not planning any further spends today. I am taking the DS's to the GP later about a couple of things, but any prescriptions arising will be free.

mum23girlys Tue 09-Oct-12 13:10:33

Adora I'm the same with trying to explain about the amount you get in handy size packs. He takes £1 and that last 3 nights worth of cereal. He has a card that gets swiped at canteen but lowest you can put on card is £1 if that makes sense. He gets 2 of the little bottles for 32p. Think they are 250ml each. So not bad value. His work canteen is pretty reasonable. Usually he takes a meal from home but when he's night shift he has a big dinner then just cereal around 3am. This is progress as I've weaned him off spending a fiver on food and snacks every shift at canteen grin

Just sold another £7 of clothes on fb and they're getting collected 2nite. Yay! Have also just checked online bank and for the 1st time in months years we aren't up at our overdraft limit the day b4 payday. Only £18 off it but still an improvement grin

mum23girlys Tue 09-Oct-12 13:19:16

Xroads I know what you mean about wishing your life away. I'm always thinking that in 14 months I won't owe on my car and then it'll just be the mortgage. Which unfortunately is back to 25 years sad as we've just moved. Last house we'd got it down to 10 by overpaying. So once car loan is paid off we will overpay half of what we would've been paying to that and maybe even save for a long awaited holiday with the other half smile
You must be really looking forward to being debt free. Just don't forget to enjoy your dc's while they still want your company. I've 3 girls, no surprise given my name I suppose. I've got 6 yr old twins and my little babe will be 2 next month.

economymode Tue 09-Oct-12 14:19:52

60p spend yesterday, which is good for me.

Today 50p so far on a playgroup. I need to do the Aldi shop later, which will be ~£25.

I have written a nice, satisfying letter of complaint to Orange, who took 13 working days to get a new router out to me. Which meant 13 days when I couldn't actually use the service we are paying for. I do not intend to pay for this.

The ebayer who bought my laptop has 40 more minutes to cough up £82, otherwise I am doing a second-chance offer. I'm annoyed, as I assume that this will result in a lower sum than the original bidder made.

AdoraBell Tue 09-Oct-12 14:35:53

Yes, ali some things are better ready prepped, but the ones that aren't really aren't.

Glad you've weaned him off his fiver a shift habit mum23

claretandamberforever Tue 09-Oct-12 18:10:23

I'm doing very well with the no-spending and am hardly spending owt at all now on weekdays.

Just checked my bank balance and have £525 left with 15 days left until pay-day. I'm going to have some money left at pay-day as my road tax is due at the end of the month and it'd be nice to be able to pay it out of September's wage rather than Octobers.

claretandamberforever Tue 09-Oct-12 18:10:58

^^ that last message says I am going to TRY and have some money left at pay-day for the road tax.

CremeEggThief Tue 09-Oct-12 18:21:17

£4.80 on food and £1.70 on bus fares. Oh and another £4 on the window cleaner, who always seems to catch me out! So, £10.50 total.

ValiumQueen Tue 09-Oct-12 18:37:41

Well, we had the talk about the credit card............
He raised the subject, saying we have just about scraped through this month, but we need to be watching what we spend. I said that I do, and there were lots of things on the bill that should have come out of his pocket money, or at least been discussed first. Silence ensued. For a long time. With grumpy snappy hurt outbursts.

Anyway, that was this morning, and I have just found his credit card on his desk. Feel relieved, and a bit sad too. It is clearly very hard for him.

ValiumQueen Tue 09-Oct-12 18:40:12

£35 Aldi
£5 farm foods
£15 home bargains for household stuff, and a few wee bits for Christmas.
£50 petrol, but last time I filled up was two weeks ago.

Leilandri Tue 09-Oct-12 20:13:14

Thank you everyone. Had a lovely day hmm of doing housework while DH played on the Xbox! It has been lashing down here all day, DS2 is cutting another tooth and is grumpy, and the house was a sh*thole, so a day in was the best option. Just aswell we celebrated yesterday grin

£2.84 in Co-op on milk and bananas
£7 on second-hand Happyland toy for DS2 for Xmas
£17.99 on Domino's for tea blush but was a 'special occasion'

ValiumQueen Tue 09-Oct-12 20:19:10

What toy leilandri? I love Happy Land.

Leilandri Tue 09-Oct-12 20:28:33

Got the carousel, part of the funfair set, and 3 figures. Got the ferris wheel the otherday from a charity shop for pennies. Have amassed a rather large collection from Ebay, Facebook and charity shops - DS2 is going to have a great Xmas!! grin

ValiumQueen Tue 09-Oct-12 20:32:04

I have most of the funfair. The music will drive you insane, but your boy will love it! I have bought most of our happy land city second hand. It lasts for ever.

Leilandri Tue 09-Oct-12 21:08:45

Yep love love love Happyland!
After Xmas we will have...
Train track and station, baker shop, postoffice, Dr's, farm, 2 x castles(1 bad 1 good) space rocket + moon buggy + large robot, funfair, pirate ship, assorted vehicles people and animals.... Only bought the farm new and that was on offer.

Think I've gone a bit crazy!! confusedblush

economymode Tue 09-Oct-12 21:27:17

I seem to be in the dark about this Happyland business. Probably just as well! Glad you had a good time celebrating, Leilandr. And sometimes we all need a bit of Dominos in our lives.

Well, after cancelling the eBay transaction, the bugger finally paid up, so that's £82, hurrah! Need to post it tomorrow, although I'm very tempted to wait a good few days. But that would be childish, I guess.

AdoraBell Wed 10-Oct-12 02:23:48

Glad your purchaser decided to pay up economy

We shopped, couldn't find anything for the drama costume but got some more groceries, £20, and DDs splashed some of their own cash, £8 between the two, also I bought them two books each at school, £35. That's cheaper than a local bookshop and they don't have lending libraries here. Roads cost £4.

mum23girlys Wed 10-Oct-12 13:17:24

That's great your buyer finally paid up economy smile

Last night and this morn I had a few fb buyers collect so that was £20. Just as well as the girl's came home from school yesterday with a letter asking for £11 each for the school panto trip. Has to be paid by 2day! 1st I'd heard about it. Is that normal only to get one nights notice of these things? We've just moved to this school and it's the third time since August this has happened. Our last school gave us a good couple of weeks notice and even then it was never more than a few quid.

Anyway 2day is the long awaited payday and we got a nice surprise as all dh's overtime made the cutoff date which was unexpected as he was working abroad. So I did a meal plan and took my list to Asda. Only extra I bought were some halloween earrings as I've offered to help at the school disco in a bid to get to know some other mum's and also Dd1 didn't want to go unless I agreed to stay and help. Total spend was £104 but that's 14 nights dinner and enough cordial and cupboard bits and to be fair my fridge and cupboards were very bare as this was the 1st decent shop since we moved. Will have to go to aldi 2mrw for bread, crisps and garlic bread. No more than £5 though. Need sainsbury 2mrw too as the dds cereal is on offer there as are their dunkers. So that's another fiver. However that should be my shop done for a fortnight with a very strict top up of bread, milk and fruit at the start of nxt week. Fingers crossed my meal planning will work. Have even written the menu down and stuck it to the fridge so I get no moaning grin

Put £20 in car this morn too but hopefully that will last a while as the weather is still beautiful so I'm still walking everywhere and dh cycling to work

mum23girlys Wed 10-Oct-12 13:19:25

Apologies for long post. On phone and hadn't realised how long it was till I posted blush

mum23girlys Wed 10-Oct-12 13:21:24

Oh and Asda shop also included £11 of dry dog food which will last about 5 or 6 weeks.

economymode Wed 10-Oct-12 13:44:46

Thanks, it is a weight off my mind now that I finally have the money.

My top tip of the day - if any of you are doing xmas hampers for presents, look at Approved Foods. They actually have a fair bit of gourmet style stuff that is IN DATE! Posh choc covered nuts, honeycomb, deli-style pastes etc. I'm doing that now. They have half price delivery until midnight tonight, if you spend over £30 - enter ship30 at checkout.

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 10-Oct-12 14:30:02

Free letter from Santa!

I know what I'm getting so theres no point writing.

And I'm too old

economymode Wed 10-Oct-12 14:34:59

oh, and your basket needs to be under 25kg. They have some good stuff at the mo - lots of tinned fruit in juice, ready to use posh bean mixes, mini oat cakes (good toddler snacks)...

claretandamberforever Wed 10-Oct-12 16:48:31

Yesterday was £525 left with 15 days left until pay-day

Today is £482.12 with 14 days left until pay day

DH took £10 out yesterday for fish & chip supper
£7.99 in interest was taken out today
DH has taken £10 out for himself today

I went to Tesco this morning to buy a bottle of pepsi max, and whilst I was there I fell in love with a leopard print top at £14. Unfortunately although I did not have my debit card with me, I did have my credit card so I paid for it on that. However in my defence I have just now credited the exact amount back to my credit card from internet banking.

I also finally did myself an invoice for the private medico-legal typing work I did last month which will be £50 winging its way to me hopefully next week

Xroads Wed 10-Oct-12 17:26:30

ohhhhh I've gone overdrawn sad by £18, I will pay some money in tomorrow thankfully! How long that will last I don't know!

CremeEggThief Wed 10-Oct-12 18:21:12

Just bus fares today of £6.20, taking DS to and from an appointment. We even had our tea and cake at home afterwards, instead of in a cafe grin.

Keep going, everyone.

Leilandri Wed 10-Oct-12 18:52:54

NSD today.
Went to visit some family with DH and DS's. Left the radio on in car and emerged to a flat battery sad Luckily a friend lives around the corner, and drove round and gave us a bump start smile
Came home and helped DS1 make his first pasta bake, and it was very yummy smile

AdoraBell Wed 10-Oct-12 19:58:26

Expensive day here, puppy food and Frontline for all 4 -£125
School shoes for DD1 £30
DVDs as part of Xmas gift for OH- £20

Still need to collect DDs and get some fruit juice and butter. I have the vet bill from our holiday, kennelling for 3 weeks, surgery and associated costs x2 -£750 ish. That'll get sorted next week, hopefully.

riverboat Wed 10-Oct-12 20:26:41

Argh, I'm so behind on this thread! Have only had time to quickly scan posts...

Tuesday was an NSD. Today I had to take my car in for its controle technique (basically the same as an MOT) which cost me 60 euros. My car has been nothing but trouble in the last year, and has developed a new, expensive problem every couple of months. So I was fully expecting it to fail and had even budgeted for repair work, passed! It's a miracle! I feel really happy about it.

Secondchance Thu 11-Oct-12 07:25:58

Same as that riverboat - only got to scan over posts so apologies. Had Dd home yest with sore throat so ended up being NSD. Think key to NSDs for me is not going out. Helped that when I packed up old house I finally sorted medicine cabinet so had all 2 hand yest morn when she woke up complaining.

Spends over last few days:
Mon 8th £2.99 Sainsbos
Tues 9th £3.74 Lidl £2.17 Aldi
Wed 10th £3.48 Poundland £3.17 Aldi
So thats total of £15.55

Will need to get something for Sunday dinner but should have enough diesel until Monday - so should be no major spends - note use of should!!

Wiggy29 Thu 11-Oct-12 08:09:55

Yesterday would have been a NSD and technically was BUT had to take our dog to the vets to get checked as he has a lump. It has to be removed today sad so will have to pay for the operation- vet didn't mention how much it would cost but he's not insured so guessing it'll be scary expensive sad.

economymode Thu 11-Oct-12 08:31:48

Photobox are running an offer where you get to test selected products for free (inc photobooks, calendars, canvases, mugs...). You need to get 6 of your friends to sign up. So, once you've signed up from me, you would then need 6 of your friends to do the same and so on. I've asked a load of my RL friends, but thought I'd see if any of you are interested. If anyone would like an invite, please send me a pm with your email address smile.

mum23girlys Thu 11-Oct-12 11:22:43

£7 this morning as it started raining on walk home from school so planned trip to Aldi became quick dash into local Coop instead as Aldi is a 3 mile round trip walk. So spend that should've been £4 in Aldi became £7 instead. Should make 2mrw a NSD though!! Fingers crossed grin

CremeEggThief Thu 11-Oct-12 11:52:51

The Co-op is SO expensive! I have one right next door, but to be honest, if you say you're popping there for a few things, you're probably better off going to M&S!

TerrorNotSoFrightened Thu 11-Oct-12 12:38:42

Wiggy, I had a mass removed from my dogs neck last year, it was £90 which was a lot less than I expected.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Thu 11-Oct-12 13:07:35

Co-op is hideous!

Wiggy hope your dog is ok sad

Yesterday was a mixed day. Free songs and stories at the library with DS2, and then we had some lunch in M&S (£9.50) and I bought another pair of school trousers for DS1 (£8).
I had £30 on a gift card for Phase 8, so I have bought a lovely blouse in there to wear when DH and I go out for dinner for our anniversary at the end of the month. It was £60, reduced to £45, so I paid £15 which I am pretty pleased about.
Also spent £2.80 on parking.

Today is a NSD so far, we've been to a free toddler group this morning and now we're home. DS1 has got karate later, but we have paid the joining fee and uniform and the subs are on a DD for £28 a month. They have snacks etc for sale there, but I will take stuff from home for him, and for DS2 to keep him quiet while we watch.

Tomorrow the weekly shop is coming - £108. I have tried to include absolutely everything so that there is no need for top up shops - it is those that blow my budget. No other spending tomorrow.

Saturday my car is having a new tyre - £143. But I have just looked and I think it may need two, so that will be almost £300. We put money into a separate savings for car expenses, so the cash is there waiting rather than me having to find it from this month's budget which is good.

No other spending planned for the weekend.

CremeEggThief Thu 11-Oct-12 13:43:55

Would any of you know of any charities that might take my DS's old cot? It's in perfect condition; it just needs to be put together. I've tried the local Women's Aid, and they'll take the old travel cot, but as they have a quick turnover, it's not really worth their while to take proper cots; and the British Heart Foundation are taking an old table and chairs and a bookcase, but they don't take baby stuff. I don't drive, so ideally would need someone to collect it.
Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

I'll also try this in Chat, I think.

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 11-Oct-12 17:40:57

Any news on the dog Wiggy?

claretandamberforever Thu 11-Oct-12 18:57:16

Today is £452.12 with 13 days left until pay day thanks to DH taking a tenner out of the bank and £20 for his petrol debiting. I had an e-mail from Quidco this morning to say they'd sent £30 (wahoo) thanks to DH's car insurers paying up the cashback from a purchase in February!

economymode Thu 11-Oct-12 19:04:48

CremeEgg, there's also freecycle, but that's a bit more of a faff as you have to wait in for people and if you'd rather it went to a good cause, there's no guarantee that it'll go to.someone who really needs it.

Have you got a local children's centre? They, or your HV, might know of a family who really could do with it.

Surprised the BHF won't take it. Their loss. All the charity shops round here would, but that doesn't really help you (unless you live in/around Oxford). Or you could contact your local nct branch? Oh, and there was a thread in chat where people were offering their unwanted stuff to those who needed it. Can't link as on my phone, but it was called 'I have that I don't need...', or similar. Might be worth seeing if that's still going. Or, in fact MN has a free stuff board hidden somewhere.

Anyway, spent £9 today. All in the charity shop - £1 on a trundle wheel push-along thing and then £8 on 2 buckets of duplo, which I was very pleased with.

CremeEggThief Thu 11-Oct-12 20:13:07

Thank you, economy. I had a word with the manager of the Sure Start centre this evening, and he said he would ask his family workers to give me a ring about it in the next few days.

ShoopShoop Fri 12-Oct-12 09:33:43

I haven't been on here for a few days but it sounds like people are doing really well. I haven't read everything, but will try and catch up over the weekend.

I've still got change from the £10 I drew out at the start of the week for incidentals, which is great.

I've been doing a bit of Christmas spending online. I need to work out exactly how much I've spent this weekend and then pay cash back into our account. I've been taking bits of cash out since early summer for Christmas presents, so want to pay back any online spending if you know what I mean. There's a great Christmas bargains thread over in the Christmas topic - I haven't paid full price for anything grin.

I need to do a big shop this weekend which will be about £80 but should do us for almost 2 weeks I think - I've meal planned everything and DH and I are both on diets which helps wink.

I'm going to get the M&S £5 roast offer again today on my way home as that was a big hit last weekend.

I've got lots listed on eBay that is ending over the weekend so I'll report back on what I made!

Take care everyone thanks

mum23girlys Fri 12-Oct-12 11:02:23

Cremeegg I hope you find someone in need of your cot. We tried to advertise on freecycle when we were moving as we had stuff that we didn't feel was good enough to sell but was too good to throw away. Old tvs and the like. I kept getting msgs asking if tvs were flat screens etc and when I said they were old style but in good order they said really they were looking for flatscreens with built in freeview! I don't even own one of them grin I had thought the point of freecycle was so stuff didn't go to waste and went to people who were in need of stuff but couldn't necessarily afford it. Made me think twice when we got rid of the nursery furniture. Not saying all areas are like this but people are advertising on our local site asking for iphones etc.

Anyway 2day I did a quick topup of bread for freezer and some crisps at aldi as kids october holiday starts 2day and I am hoping to avoid shops nxt week while they are off. £3.28 but that should be all for 2day. Got a sale from fb going out later which will be £30 and another £8 one 2mrw. Got a meal out a week on Sunday for my cousin's birthday so my sales will pay for that smile

lilacclery Fri 12-Oct-12 13:28:54

Attempting a shopping list to see us through 12/13 days as I'm on holidays and will have no wages for me next week, will have dh's portion of bills coming to me though which will sort out anything we're short.

CremeEggThief Fri 12-Oct-12 17:04:59

Thanks All. I've just picked up a voicemail from the SureStart manager and they're happy to take the cot, so pleased about that.

I seem to have spent nearly £30 today, but half of it was on postage of eBay stuff, so I'll get it back through PayPal. Another tenner went on bread, cheese and bus fares. So I actually only frittered £4.60 on coffee and cake! grin

Xroads Fri 12-Oct-12 17:05:14

There is in money in the account now and I've had 2 nsd's this week!

claretandamberforever Fri 12-Oct-12 17:13:17

Today is £483.23 with 12 days left until pay day. The Quidco money went in today. I tend to be quite spendy on a weekend so that decent amount of money will doubtless evaporate by Monday.

I've got 2 job interviews on Tuesday afternoon, one for an admin job in the NHS and another in a doctor's surgery where I actually used to work. I do hope that someday next week I will be posting on here with a "DILEMMA: which job shall I choose" thread.

CremeEggThief Fri 12-Oct-12 17:17:57

Well done, xroads and best of luck with the interviews, claret smile.

Mum2Fergus Fri 12-Oct-12 17:33:30

Evenin all! Need to come back with a vengeance! Landlord selling up so need to crackdown to pull together remnants of deposit! NSD today and should only need top up of bread and milk over the weekend. Have put 6 biggish things on Gumtree for sale (fallen out with Ebay over their seller fees!). Payday on 20th but have expenses 18/19th to pay out but can claim back smile should manage to add approx £300 to my savings before payday. Really must try to put savings away when I get paid, not with my remnant spend of the month!

economymode Fri 12-Oct-12 18:42:06

Mum2Fergus, I know, I hate sellers' fees on ebay, but sometimes I can't shift stuff for love nor money on Gumtree and the like.

Sent out a few invoices for freelance work - one due on receipt £150 and two for $50 (yep, $) each, which will be paid in December, so a nice xmas bonus!

Fingers crossed for the interviews, Claret

mum23girlys Fri 12-Oct-12 20:34:36

Didn't spend any more money today but have just discovered dh has no overtime for the next 2 months which leaves us seriously strapped for cash, esp with Christmas and dd3's birthday fast approaching. So after bills we have £500 to last till mid December with 4 birthdays in there and dh has a stag do, plus the girls are off school for the next 10 days. One birthday is mine though so that can be missed grin

On a more positive note I have sold even more on fb today so that's £21 coming my way over the weekend. 1 buyer never turned up today which is a first for me so was pretty annoyed at that but I've sold tons of stuff and that's the first time it's happened. Got a few big bits to list on ebay tomorrow as I think it's a free listing weekend. Fingers crossed that stuff sells too and we might just about manage a Christmas

economymode Sat 13-Oct-12 06:36:21

Mum2. Sorry to hear about the overtime situation. I know it won't be popular, but does your husband have to go on this stag do. If money is really tight, then perhaps he would understand that family needs (like food, you know) should come first. Or is he an important part of the wedding?

Also, I'm sure we can help you come up with ideas for cheap birthday presents - who do you have to get them for? And as for you, nope, you are not ignoring your birthday! Again, I'm sure we can think up some cheap and cheerful ideas to help you celebrate smile.

I'm currently looking for a reasonably priced maternity dress that I can wear to a wedding in a couple of weeks. Someone over on the S&B board suggested a lovely, lovely one from Seraphine, but it is £59...

Alibabaandthe40nappies Sat 13-Oct-12 08:47:02

Economy - might you find something fitted in the bust and then loose? You could potentially wear it again then?
Or have you tried Asos? They have some nice maternity stuff very reasonably priced.

Ended up having to top up shop on Thursday afternoon to keep us going until the shopping came yesterday which I was annoyed about - bad planning. So £15 spent there.
Yesterday was just the weekly shop - £109.

Today is car tyre - either £143 or possibly double that if two need doing. No other spending.
Tomorrow we are visiting a local National Trust place, my parents bought us membership for my birthday so that will be free. We will take a bit of picnic and probably buy some tea and cake so perhaps a £15 spend there.

Next week DS1 is getting free school dinners as part of a trial, that runs for two weeks so that will save me quite a bit on stuff for packed lunches.
I am having my hair cut on Tuesday - £30.
Nothing else planned for next week so far, although I do need to get a few bits before we go away in a fortnight. Wellies for DS1, and gloves, and some toiletries.

riverboat Sat 13-Oct-12 12:02:38

Alibaba - that seems so expensive for a car tyre! Is it a big car?

Wiggy, any news on dog? Ours has had two benign lumps removed over the past few years, think it was about 200 euros each time when you include follow ups and meds. Once he had to wear a big collar to stop him from getting at the wound, that was an interesting 10 days...

Good luck with job claret! Mum23 sorry to hear about overtime but good luck with the stuff you are selling.

NSD on Thursday, but €70 yesterday on dinner and drinks with a friend...massive fail! I broke my own promise to myself not to drink cocktails...damn.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Sat 13-Oct-12 12:30:54

riverboat - but did you have a good time?? Sounds fab grin

Yes it is a big car! I drive our family car and DH has a small car for work, because he mostly goes back and forth to the station which is only 4 miles. We bought it when it was 18 months old so we got a very good deal and paid cash so no outstanding finance. It is lovely, and holds all our stuff for when we go visiting family or over to my parents place in France for a holiday.
Only 1 tyre needed today, and the others have got lots of tread left - yay!

Definitely no more spending today. I was thinking about popping into town and looking for some new boots for the winter but I cba!

Mum23 - that is crap, especially just before Christmas sad I know it doesn't help for this year, but starting from January could you put a little aside each month ready for Christmas next year so that you don't end up in the same position?
Good luck with the selling!

mum23girlys Sat 13-Oct-12 14:04:48

Alibaba have you tried for tyres. You order them and pay the fitting then they send them out to a local garage that is registered with them. We always find tyres to be at least 20% cheaper.

Have managed to squirrel away £300 for Christmas over the year and I'm hoping that with some fb sales I'll have enough to cover everything. It's just bad timing with the overtime since we've moved house and everything seems to be breaking round us. Boiler is 23 years old and I'm literally keeping everything crossed that we can get through a couple of winters with it. DH is currently under the floorboards in dd3's room as we've just sprung a leak. I was sitting downstairs eating lunch and dh was upstairs having a shower and water started pouring through the ceiling. He's located the cause though and thankfully is handy :-)

Economy I totally agree re the stag do but feel such a bore saying no all the time. Especially as this is a 'cheaper' version of the real stag do which is 5 days in Barcelona. Seriously why do folk do this. What happened to a few drinks in the local pub?

Spent £20 on new light and some paint this morning for dd3's room. Carpet getting fitted on Tues but thankfully already paid for that. Just had a fb sale collected which was £5. Unfortunately have had to spend that at hardware store for bit to fix pipe. Could've been a lot worse though and at least we found it before carpet went down or ceiling came down smile

mum23girlys Sat 13-Oct-12 15:00:01

Economy forgot to add birthdays are my dad and bil (dh's younger bro). Also dd3 will be 2 and we were planning on a doll and pram as she just loves babies and has so many handed down toys that it's really about the only thing she could want for. That will be her complete present though I felt we could get her the doll as she already has a crib and carrier for it (hand down) then get the pram from santa but dh thinks that's stingey. I keep trying to tell him we need to economise and he agrees in principle but in reality he just doesn't really follow the plan. He always says he wants the kids to have the best and not do without. I try to tell him they wouldn't even notice if we cut back as they've 2 sets of grandparents and a ton of aunties, uncles and great aunties that all spoil them too. I've an enormous family. Both my parents are 1 of 7 grin

Also I had my best friends wedding while I was pregnant with the twins and i just wore a top with trousers. I'd managed to get a non maternity top in debenhams sale really cheap. Just glammed it all up with lovely bag, shoes and accessories and got my hair and nails done really nice. Like you I didn't want to spend a fortune on a dress I'd never get to wear again

Fluffycloudland77 Sat 13-Oct-12 18:15:54

That Aldi razor is brilliant, really pleased with it.

DH thought it was for him. Bless.

economymode Sat 13-Oct-12 20:39:02

I haven't had the energy to think about wedding outfit today. But I don't even have any smart, maternity trousers that I could wear, so whatever I decide, it's going to involve a bit of spending. Also have no smart shoes I can wear, and all my friends have stupidly big feet so can't borrow any either. Sigh.

Just read an article in the paper about the new gender equality rules for car insurance from Dec 21. Is anyone going to shop around for a new premium before then? No idea how much mine will go up as it's due the end of January, as is the baby. So, I'm thinking I might look for a good deal now and just accept any early exit fee as it'll prob be less than the hike in premium. Problem is, that we have a multi car policy with Admiral so any changes to my insurance will affect my husband, too.

Good tip about, mum2, will remember that. Will have a think about birthday present ideas, too.

Leilandri Sat 13-Oct-12 20:43:37

Been a few days since posting so a quick catch up

Thurs - NSD. Lashing with rain all day = housework hmm
Fri - £10.03 at Mecca Bingo for a Bday night out with girlies - this included 3 drinks AND a main meal, and all the bingo for the evening... love a bargain!
Also got car MOT'ed for a fantastic £52 courtesy of Bank of Mum and Dad grin
Today - £21.34 in Morrisons on top up. £108 on six months car tax sad

Good luck with interviews claret I have an interview/group recruitment event for Asda on Monday. STILL haven't heard anything official from Morrisons, so the jobhunt continues hmm

economymode Sun 14-Oct-12 13:54:36

Bargains galore at a nearly new sale this morning. The organisers foolishly put it on the sane day and time as the massively popular nct sale, so it wasn't busy at all and loads of good stuff:

- baby bouncer for £5
- sleeping bags for 50p
- good quality clothes (boden, was organised by well-off parents!) for 50p/£1 an item
- merino wool sleeping bag for £5
- fleece sleepsuits for new (winter) baby 50p each

I think I spent around £20 and got loads. If there's stuff e don't need, I can sell it on, probably for more than I paid.

Oh, and the best bit of today so far, EconomyBoy broke his week-long hunger strike (he has survived on a bowl of cereal at breakfast and a few mouthfuls of bread and houmous during the day) and ate a good lunch, so no food was thrown away!

Very odd you still haven't heard about the job, leilandri - could you chase it up? They should let you know either way.

CremeEggThief Sun 14-Oct-12 17:50:17

Spendy weekend, as I took DS to the theatre yesterday. I'd already paid for the tickets ages ago, but with travel and lunch from Yo! Sushi, it ended up being nearly £40.

Then today, he really wanted to go to his fantasy role-playing game, so I took him and spent another £15 or so, on travel and snacks, as of course the game has to be on at the awkward time of 1-2.30 p.m. on a Sunday and I HAD to get him something to keep him going 'til we got home for Sunday dinner!

So, you won't be surprised to learn just how grateful I was to receive £9.50 for a game I sold on eBay. The buyer paid cash on delivery this afternoon! grin I now have about £14 to keep us going until Thursday.

Anyway, off to list as much as I can on eBay. Hope everyone enjoys the rest of their Sunday.

mum23girlys Sun 14-Oct-12 22:46:41

Yay finally had a NSD!! Even made £9 on a fb sale. Got £30 due 2mrw as well assuming both buyers turn up. No plans for 2mrw and don't need anything foodwise so looks like there's a possibility of a 2nd NSD. Fingers crossed.

Had a lovely day today at the inlaws. Had a really nice meal and got packed off home with the leftovers and a pile of biscuits and a tin of celebrations :-)

Xroads Mon 15-Oct-12 13:33:39

Hey everyone, still here, still plodding on, feeling full of cold.

I made an unexpected £10 yesterday as I sold an old gamecube game so that was a bonus and I finished a mural so I'll get the money from that soon.

I'm just about to chase up some payments owing. There is £100 in the bank BUT that won't be there long because we both put petrol in over the weekend and we went to town on saturday, I brought some xmas bits and some stuff to make up wreaths/ candle rings to sell at a table top sale.

Fluffycloudland77 Mon 15-Oct-12 16:26:27

If anyones got any books to trade in, Amazon are offering £5 bonus if you trade in £10 or more of books.

Mine made £1.25. sad angry

Bring on the kindle and free books.

Also, mn is looking for people to trial ecover wipes, if you click on the news and events bit at the top and onto product testing it comes up. They need 250 testers and theres a draw for JL vouchers.

CremeEggThief Mon 15-Oct-12 16:28:31

£3.65 total today, on milk, cake and youth club fee for DS.

Thanks for the info, fluffy.

claretandamberforever Mon 15-Oct-12 21:32:12

Today is £279.81 with 10 days left until pay day

Had a spendy spendy mcspendy weekend and it's all debited today
£100.00 cash withdrawal (to pay for 1 x Pink ticket, and 2 x ticket + transport to a football match)
£10.00 cash withdrawal by DH
£6.95 in Asda
£6.98 in Tesco
£11.17 in Home Bargains
£19.99 as DH's e-cig needed replacing
£7.99 in Boots
£6.95 in McDonalds
£33.00 DH petrol
£0.69 on a kindle book.

BUT DH got a cheque for £70 for fixing someones computer that needs paying in.

Leilandri Mon 15-Oct-12 21:46:18

£9.49 spent today at Mummy-meet on lunch and drinks for me and my boys.
£5 spent at Asda on a late tea after recruitment event.

Finally heard from Morrisons today and I GOT THE JOB.. IT's OFFICIAL!!! grin
Sorry to shout, but so bloody relieved!! Start with induction on 26th Oct.

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 16-Oct-12 07:44:44

Phew! I think we were all getting a bit worried about that. Do you get a staff discount too? No more signing on for you.

CremeEggThief Tue 16-Oct-12 08:24:58

Excellent news, Leilandri. Congratulations! grin

Leilandri Tue 16-Oct-12 10:15:08

Fluffy I get 10% staff discount, after qualifying 13weeks, but I use my mums discount card at the moment anyway grin Will just be so nice to have a few extra pennies in the kitty before Xmas.
The pay is 4 weekly, and as I've checked my mums paydates, I will get paid on the same day that we receive tax credits AND I'll get paid twice in November (which is when the 13th payment falls) grin

Xroads Tue 16-Oct-12 12:58:34

I'm doing a couple of xmas craft stalls in November could you ladies give me some help on what will work etc please?

I'm artistic, can paint and can do floristry so I thought I'd do artificial wreaths, xmas table decs and candle rings and maybe childrens wands.

Could you just tell me your thoughts on what's worth making, the size of wreath you might buy etc so I can get an idea of what people will want?

I could also do fresh flowers but I'm not sure how well they will sell at a craft fare and if they don't I'll lose a lot of money on dead flowers......

lilacclery Tue 16-Oct-12 13:21:01

Brilliant news leilandri, congratulations!

I had a great saving during the week sd had baby last fri and I stumbled upon 2 packs of 35 Huggies size 2 for €2 each as opposed to €7.69 a packet simply because they were in old packaging rather than new.

Have been feeding her hubby so a small bit extra on food which was counteracted by a few of us having vomiting bug.

Was depending on hubbies sw cheque to come today to do some shopping thurs but nothing has arrived so will transfer some money from my 'untouchable' self employed income and replace it whenever his cheque arrives.

Down to last washing tablet which is very unlike me.
Getting to grips with October finances slowly!

CremeEggThief Tue 16-Oct-12 17:03:43

£4.99 total for today- bread, bananas, bus fares and a coffee.

AdoraBell Tue 16-Oct-12 17:42:42

Had a bit of a spendy weekend, at least Saturday, it was a long weekend. DD1 had friends over for a proper birthday celebration. Cinema and pizza followed by a sleep over. They were not impressed with OH's arbitrary decision to take them to daddy's favourite very good but that's beside the point steak resturant for their 11th birthday. So, that set me back £20 at the cinema, £15 at Pizza Hut and another £10 on frozen yoghurt. Ladies, the mice are playing while the cat's away. grin I've been budgeting for it for a couple of months.

Rest of the weekend I didn't spend a bean, but today I needed more caffeine returning from school run, £4 for coffee & toast with mashed avocado. Then £3 on roads, peak rate at school run time. I need to get groceries and change the school shoes I bought last week. Next weekend DD2 is having her friends over to celebrate her birthday.

Lielandri congratulations on the job, well done thanks

lilacclery Tue 16-Oct-12 19:31:55

Three consecutive NSD's here partly as almost broke but mainly due to vomiting bug haven't been anywhere, tomo will be the same and then thurs will need some groceries.

Enjoying seeing things get used up in cupboards, cleaned out baking press yesterday, made list of few bits that are needed, and discovered a packet of batter so changed menu plan a bit and had bangers mash Yorkshire puddings and gravy today to use it up. Stretches meat bought for an extra day : )

Leilandri Tue 16-Oct-12 20:17:31

Spent £18 in Morrisons today on fruit, milk, toddler formula and calpol. DS2 is cutting more teeth and has reverted back into a fruit bat!! So strawbs, grapes, blueberries, satsumas and mangoes are making up his diet at the moment with a chocolate spread sarnie thrown in as a treat can't wait til next year when most of our fruit&veg needs should be met by the allotment smile

ethelb Wed 17-Oct-12 12:19:48

Joining in. Spent way too much last month (OD £200 blush) and DP may get made redundant next month sad so need to rein it in a bit.

The biggest problem is socialising so I have invited people round for stuff rather than doing anything else but have best friends bridal fitting and meal after to attend (I'm maid of honour) so that and my Dad's bday present is all excess spending this month. I have put a lock on the wallet!

economymode Wed 17-Oct-12 13:45:15

Bonjour all. And massive congrats, Leilandri, that must be such a relief!

NSD yesterday, but will be spendy today - need to fill up with petrol at Sainsbury's (have voucher for double nectar points) and get a few bits and bobs. Then have also just bought Little Mermaid DVD for £10 for niece's xmas present (triple nectar points on ebay!).

Welcome, ethel. Socialising at home (either yours or your friends') is a great money-saver smile. Hopefully this thread will help you save a few pennies.

Alibabaandthe40nappies Wed 17-Oct-12 14:12:26

Leilandri that is brilliant news - congratulations!

ethelb - fingers crossed for your DP. Is there any mileage in him starting to look for a new job - you never know something better might come along?

mum23 - we have used in the past, in this instance they weren't the cheapest though which surprised me!

Mixed few days, needed petrol, new wellies for DS1 and I had my hair cut yesterday. All necessary though, no frittering.
Today I have ordered some boots for the winter, and bought some new pants and a cardigan.

Tomorrow will be a cheap day, I am going to a friend's for lunch so just need to take cake.
Friday just gym - so £2.70 for creche. Also the weekly shop will be delivered.

CremeEggThief Wed 17-Oct-12 16:34:08

Total for today: £13.51.

I had an ENT appointment at the hospital, so had a coffee while I was waiting and a chai latte and brownie afterwards. Then, I popped into M&S for a couple of carrots, milk and some frozen pre-chopped onions! The ENT consultant gave me permission to use them from now on, as I seem to be getting worse and worse with chopping raw onions. My chest is still feeling a bit tight today from chopping up a small onion for soup on Monday lunch time! I have wanted to try them for a long time, but felt too guilty, since I was either leaving them out of recipes when I really couldn't face dealing with them, or putting up with not being able to breathe for the last year or so. Anyway, it's £1.10 for a 500g bag in M&S, if anyone else either needs or wants to try them!
I also picked up a nice Advent calendar for DS in there for £2. They have a good selection for £2-2.50.

AdoraBell Wed 17-Oct-12 17:37:57

I spent £50 on groceries yesterday after school. So far today £4 on roads, but I still have to go to the dentist. I need to book the car in for service but keep forgetting to call the garage. school shoes still need changing too.

Cremegg Dr's orders, bonuswink I also struggle with onions, they seem much stronger here in Chile, but not as badly as you. I hope the pre-chopped onions work for you.

CremeEggThief Wed 17-Oct-12 17:46:17

Thanks adora. I just thought I was extra-sensitive with them, but when it gets to the stage where you're finding it hard to breathe properly for a few hours after chopping one small one or you're making curry without any, time to reach for the ready meal version! The consultant has taken away the guilt now, and I'm wondering why I didn't give them a go when I first heard of them, only a few months ago!

Leilandri Wed 17-Oct-12 20:12:22

NSD today. Had friend over for coffee and defrosted birthday cake this morning. My Dad came round and extended the chicken run this afternoon so that they won't trash the lawn over the winter, but still have plenty of space too. Then MiL came over after work. She took DS1 out for a walk to the shops, where he informed her that "Mummy has no pennies for treats right now" so they came back with choc muffins, cookies and haribo. I was abit grin but also rather blush at his honest declaration!!
Will be spending £18 tomorrow on some FB clothes for DS2. Also have to go uptown to exchange my Bday PJ's from DH, so have to try to avoid spending then...

Fluffycloudland77 Wed 17-Oct-12 20:16:51

NSD here. Total accident, I hardly ever get them.

If I wasnt so lazy I'd like an allotment, I'd get kicked out for not maintaining it.

mum23girlys Wed 17-Oct-12 23:05:57

Leilandri congratulations on the job.

Alibaba now you mention it I remember DH complaining last time that blackcircles weren't as cheap as in the past. Maybe more people have discovered them and they've sneaked the prices up.

Well I've been doing well this week. Managed 2 consecutive NSD's on Sunday and Monday. Then on Tues I was £20 in Aldi and £10 in Sainsbury's getting fresh fruit, bread,milk etc to get through the week. Kid's on school holidays and are eating me out of house and home. 10 bananas since yesterday. Seriously! Could be worse I suppose, it could be crisps. Today I managed another NSD. Getting quite addicted to these grin

Monday I had £30 of fb sales collected and Tuesday was another £15. Had a time waster 2day angry and I've a £32 sale to be collected 2mrw hopefully.

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 18-Oct-12 07:29:42

Put carrots in the fruitbowl, way cheaper than fruit but still packed with vitamins and beta carotene.

ethelb Thu 18-Oct-12 12:30:25

NSD yesterday and today hopefully.

I'm planning to NSD until Thursday next week. Wish me luck!

I'm looking forward to my Kent Veg box though. 3 weeks of veg and eggs for £23! If you live in the SE use their 3 week half price box offer:

ethelb Thu 18-Oct-12 12:33:47

Thanks economymode. DP is too anxious and dperessed to focus on looking for a new job as well as tring to keep this one I'm afraid. Luckily I have been saving quite a lot all year but it is all a bit rubbish sad

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 18-Oct-12 15:29:55
CremeEggThief Fri 19-Oct-12 19:27:39

£41.55 on next week's food shop (£3.99 from M&S and the rest from Tesco and Lidl), until I just had to pop to the Co-op. Wine for £5.99- fair enough, but wine and green beans and sweetcorn came to almost a tenner! shock. So, £51. something on food shopping.

Also spent £34 on new school shoes and protection spray for DS, £7.10 on bus fares and £4.95 on hot chocolates in Costa for us. So, somewhere between £96 and £97 total!

I need to post 3 eBay parcels and my mum's birthday present tomorrow, but that should be all.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend smile.

Leilandri Fri 19-Oct-12 22:07:05

Spendy day today, but mostly not by me!
£50 in Sainsbos on new shoes and black trousers for job. (Bank of Mum and Dad)
£62 in Clarks on new shoes for both DS's. (Bank of Mum and Dad)

Did spend £2.04 in co-op and £2.85 at chippy. Both for my neighbour and friend who's DS has been very poorly (A&E visit last night) so she hasn't left the house and needed supplies. I will eventually get this money back - hopefully with some good Karma attached grin

Xroads Sat 20-Oct-12 09:51:58

This weekend is going to be expensive.......we have £63 in the account BUT theres a toy sale on at a ladies house this morning and she does toys so cheap I can't afford not to go and get all the xmas pressies for the kids (got about 15 to buy for) then this afternoon I'm going to the wholesalers to get stock for the craft fairs I'm having a stall at, I need to buy the stuff now so I can start making things to sell, we are away next weekend and I've got the dc's off school for 2 weeks so I'm running out of time.....
Tomorrow we are going to ikea to replace a couple of things that have broken, I estimate a spend of about £150

I will earn it all back to pay it back within the next few weeks but it will still send us overdrawn for a week or two.

claretandamberforever Sat 20-Oct-12 13:04:05

Haven't been on this thread since Monday. Surprisingly little spending!

£289.93 to last 5 days to pay-day!

£70.00 cheque paid in for DH
£25.00 mileage paid in for DH (but the petrol hasn't debited yet)
£10.00 - cash for DH
£6.59 - co op
£10.00 - cash for DH
£8.29 - Morrisons
£30.00 - cash for kids activities next week
£20.00 on having my nails done

I still need to do a full week's shop, and I will also need some petrol but I feel I've done quite well this week.

Leilandri - congratulations on the new job.

And I myself have a new job too! I got one of the jobs I was interviewed for on Tuesday with an extra income of £500 per year but sadly I have to work 3.5 hours extra per week for that so in effect my hourly rate has gone down BUT it's so much closer to home so petrol will reduce somewhat

Leilandri Sat 20-Oct-12 13:28:20

Congrats on the job claret smile

NSD today. Both boys are poorly, so they're having a PJ and movies day.
I am pureéing megaloads of apples from MiL trees, nice to have a stock in freezer through winter. Also making pizza dough, pastry, pizza sauce and crumble mix, big vat of spag bol mix, and a large amount of curry sauce too. All from store cupboard/fridge and will be handy to have in freezer when I can't be arsed to cook wink

mum23girlys Sun 21-Oct-12 00:19:46

Been doing well this week. Wed, Thurs and Fri were all NSD's. Mainly because we hardly went out grin

Today however was not so good. Spent all my fb sales money on birthday presents and halloween costumes. Quite pleased with myself though as that was extra cash and if I hadn't bought those things I'd probably just have frittered it away. Also because I've bought the gifts nice and early rather than my usual last minute effort I've actually spent less on the gift but it has a lot more thought put into it. Plus now all my birthdays are covered up until DH gets paid in December.

Got another spendy day 2mrw as I've a meal out for a friends birthday but hopefully it won't be too spendy as it's looking like we're going to need a new boiler as our 1st gas bill has arrived. 4 weeks was £200! We don't even have it on much but there is no seperate switch for hot water so we have to run heating to get water. So it is costing a fortune. Pricing up new boiler though as we can't keep paying that every month. We did know it would need done eventually when we bought this house we just hadn't anticipated it being this soon sad

AdoraBell Sun 21-Oct-12 03:24:40

This week I've managed to keep the groceries under £70, and DD2's birthday celebration has turned out cheaper than planned due to a car problem. She had planned bowling followed by food if you can call it that at McD's. Instead we had burgers and hotdogs here followed by DVDs and games. The 7 of them are currently upstairs discussing what to do next. tomorrow will be an NSD.

Fluffycloudland77 Sun 21-Oct-12 11:36:45

Try an extra jacket on the water tank, turn the stat down to 60 and turn the boiler up to max.

A tank of water should only take 20-30 mins to heat up.

Most water boards will supply tap inserts for free and shower regulators for free. Not for power showers though.

If you don't have a dishwasher get one second hand, they save a lot on your electric and gas.

2 nsd due to a virus. Yay for me. <puts another layer on> it's the best way to save on heating, become a furnace!.

CremeEggThief Sun 21-Oct-12 11:37:10

Good going, ladies. Hope you manage some sleep, Adora!

Hoping for an NSD today. Spent about £20 yesterday total on posting 3 eBay parcels and my mum's birthday present; also had to buy more parcel paper and tape and a loaf, a paper, crisps and chocolate. Honestly, this eBaying is more hassle than it's worth!

economymode Sun 21-Oct-12 19:01:17

Eek, I'm a bit scared to post...

Solved the what to wear to the wedding issue by spending £50 on a top. A TOP. ONE TOP. It is the only thing I have found that doesn't make me look like I'm wearing a tent and I can dress it up or down, so I should get lots of wear out of it.

Today we ventured to IKEA. It almost wrecked our marriage, but we did get what we went for. All in all, we spent just under £100. But that should have been £120 as I split it into several transactions (this does not go down well with cashiers at IKEA on a busy Sunday, note) so I could use multiple vouchers that were in the MSE newsletter. We got:
- chest of drawers for new baby (£55)
- storage box/coffee table (£16)
- toy play tunnel for EconomyBoy, not needed but was a treat (£10)
- toy circus play tent thing to complete said boy's Christmas present (£17)
- step for him to reach the sink (£2.50)
- a few decorative vases for Christmas hampers (65p/each)

I also sold a wardrobe that we don't have room for anymore (too big to fit in nursery along with the other baby paraphernalia. That earned me £30, which went straight back into the UK economy in the form of a hair cut (£25.50).

Tomorrow won't be a NSD, but hopefully won't be too much.

I've also listed a load of clothes I can't sell locally on ebay, so fingers crossed that nets me a few ££ next weekend.

economymode Sun 21-Oct-12 19:04:58

Oh, and £15 on a toy pram for nephew's xmas present. But that is xmas almost sorted now, as I am getting little bits and bobs for both sets of parents' hampers as I see them. MrEconomy is yet to start on getting me anything though...

Oh, and £60 on filling the car up (double nectar points) at Sainsbury's. That should do me 6 weeks or so.

Basically, our bank account has taken a bit of a battering.

CremeEggThief Sun 21-Oct-12 19:30:43

But don't you feel better for it, economy? None of it sounds as if it's frittering. smile. And the top sounds fab!

Managed a rare NSD here.

NormaStanleyFletcher Sun 21-Oct-12 19:31:33

Alert to the MN christmas appeal go on feel all warm and fuzzy

economymode Sun 21-Oct-12 19:48:58

Do you know what, I do feel like we're really on top of things, cremeegg. December is normally a manic month for us financially, but this time it should be ok.

this is the top, which I'm a little bit in love with. Hopefully I'll be able to sell it on after this pregnancy.

Thanks for the link, Norma, will see if I can get something together. It's a great appeal.

Leilandri Sun 21-Oct-12 20:07:54

Oh economy that top is gorgeous, rather envy of it tbh!
Have dragged all the Xmas pressies bought so far out of their hiding places, and I'm extremely pleased that I only have Dmum, Ddad, DMiL and DBro to buy for. All of these have gifts bookmarked in my amazon wishlist, and I get £200 of amazon vouchers through the post from Park savings soon smile Means I should be able to give the £100 of Love2Shop vouchers over to DH to treat me grin

CremeEggThief Sun 21-Oct-12 20:26:28

It's fab, economy! Well worth the money grin.

Xroads Mon 22-Oct-12 07:30:13

Hi everyone,

I have spent hundreds shock I went to a toy sale and spent £90 (did get loads of pressies sorted at really cheap prices tho)
I went to a florist wholesalers and have started making stuff to sell - but spent £260 shock

DH took dd and her friend to a soft play place and macdonalds so he spent about £20

The food shopping for this week is about £80 too.....and I had £50 of petrol put in the car and dh needs petrol too

I have £6 in the bank and none of the above has come out yet BUT I will get paid quite a bit this week so hopefully by the end of the week it will be back in the black.

economymode Mon 22-Oct-12 13:45:35

That's a lot of flowers, xroads! How much do you sell your stuff for?

I'm on a roll here today - by cheating various systems using different email addresses I have vouchers for 3 free boxes of Special K, have one free and one 1/2 price photobook for both sets of parents for xmas, should be getting free deodorant in post and have chased up nectar points for £200+ that I should have got from a purchase from ebay in August, but didn't. Oh, and chased up an invoice and have just been paid £150 for freelance work.

Also, £1.60 on soft play and £25 at Aldi for the week.

Xroads Mon 22-Oct-12 13:50:58

brilliant Economy!

I need to do a couple of invoices thanks for reminding me!

I sell at various prices from £4.50-£25 I've got 2 fairs booked for Nov, thinking about doing a 3rd one. It's all dried/ artificial so at least I won't lose money if I can't sell them which I'm hoping I will do! I've put them on facebook selling pages already......

economymode Mon 22-Oct-12 14:04:13

You should easily make it back then! People love a good wreath at xmas smile!

CremeEggThief Mon 22-Oct-12 21:42:29

Best of luck with your business venture, xroads smile.

£7.17 total today. £4.60 on bus fares and £2.57 at Lid.

CremeEggThief Mon 22-Oct-12 21:42:42

Best of luck with your business venture, xroads smile.

£7.17 total today. £4.60 on bus fares and £2.57 at Lidl.

AdoraBell Tue 23-Oct-12 01:56:33

Too tired to read through properly, sorry. Although that top does look lovely economy and good luck with your flower business xroads

I got the groceries today, £65 this week. Shold only need to top up veg and a bit of fruit through the week. Also found christmas gifts for the DDs on behalf of my sister. She's unable to work and so can't afford to buy, so I always do it for her. Spent £20 on both of them. Roads were £6 today, that includes peak price on the school run. The DDs and their fiends were still awake and giggling at 6am on Sunday mornng, then woke up at 8.30. It's taking me a while to recover.

Xroads Tue 23-Oct-12 07:42:39

Thanks smile

awwww that's a lovely thing for you to do for your sister and nieces adora!

I've gone from £6 in the bank to £567 overdrawn, I'm waiting on a few payments to come in, one for £200 (need to nag for it), another for £130 (waiting on the invoice to go through) one for £100 coming in on friday and one for £150 (waiting for invoice to go through) so if everyone paid me and I didn't spend any money I'd be £13 in the black.......

Leilandri Tue 23-Oct-12 11:29:55

Sunday was a NSD
Yesterday £2.50 on unlimited coffee at Mummy-meet took full advantage of that! and £17 in Morrisons on top up shop, £7 was toddler formula though.

Got to write a cheque for £100 for nursery today, then beg ask DMum for the money to pay into account so chq doesn't bounce blush
Other than that, will be a NSD.

mum23girlys Tue 23-Oct-12 12:01:49

Thanks fluffy. We put an extra jacket on water heater the first week we were in as the water wasn't lasting long at all. It's an ancient system though and is all outside in the shed!! Think we're just going to bite the bullet and replace it as there were sparks coming from the boiler on Sunday. Next door neighbour said it had happened before but old owner hadn't had it looked at and had told them he hoped it would last till they moved. Grr angry Thankfully we did take it into account when we agreed a price for the house and managed to get it for 17% under valuation. Unfortunately it doesn't mean we have the money now as we've done nothing but sort leaks since we moved in. DH is going to sell his car to pay for it though so fingers crossed that moves quickly.

Not had too bad a weekend after all spends wise. Only spent £15 on night out on Sunday and also £29 at Aldi. Spend £7 yesterday on some leggings for dd3 as she has put her knee through 4 pairs this last week. 2day I've spent 99p on conditioner and will be about another £1 to post a fb parcel. Got £16 through mail today for that though. Unfortunately have lost £1 of it as dd3 has taken to hiding change. One day I'm going to find it all and be rich grin

AdoraBell Tue 23-Oct-12 18:11:57

I've been extravagant, manicure, £8 including tip. Need to sort school shoes after school, I'll update later.

CremeEggThief Tue 23-Oct-12 19:15:11

£8 for a manicure?! I thought mine was a bargain at £14 for a French! envy

£6.40 total spend for today, on bus fares for me and DS, and tea and hot chocolate for me and my friend.

Tomorrow will be more, as I reckon my eBay order will come to over £20 in postage, and I think I under-charged a lot on at least two of the parcels sad.

AdoraBell Wed 24-Oct-12 02:27:06

Yes, things like that are cheaper here, but it was extravagant because I didn't need to get it done, but is was nicegrin

Couldn't exchange the school shoes for DD1, bought them last week but they didn't have anything similar, so I had to shell out for more in another shop shock. This means I'll have to find something else to change them for. That set me back another £30, £6 on roads today and £2 on a coffee.

Tomorrow I'm having an NSD.

CremeEggThief Wed 24-Oct-12 18:49:49

Postage came to just under £25. As suspected, I under-estimated two of the parcels, but I over-estimated one, so it could have been even worse!

Also spent about £10.50 on my top-up shop and £54 on a cut and colour but that's on my credit card, so we won't count it now.

AdoraBell Wed 24-Oct-12 18:54:17

That NSD I planned isn't going to happen. DD1 is leaving school at 4, DD2 at 5.15. I'll have to get a snack with DD1, she as a old and isn't up to doing much

Leilandri Wed 24-Oct-12 19:05:06

Spent £8.17 today in Morrisons on milk, bananas, ham, mushrooms, yogurts and cheese. £4 of that was just the cheese we love cheese! blush

Proud of myself though today, as I went uptown to pay cash into account, and wandered into Sainsburys (who have their upto 50% toy sale on atm) and I left with NOTHING!! Felt rather smug knowing that almost everyone is done for Xmas, and I wasn't going to buy more for anyone just because it was cheap smile

Ouroboros Wed 24-Oct-12 21:07:56

Hello, I was on here a few months ago and am back with a vengeance! We now have a 9 week old son, and my DH took a month's unpaid leave when he was born so things are a bit tight at the moment. I want to do some decluttering, and have a lot of my DD's clothes to get rid of, so I thought I'd ask for some advice...
Should I sell better quality things individually on ebay and do bundles of the rest? Or sell things on my local Facebook selling page? OR put them all in to the next local NCT sale which would hopefully get rid of a lot at once but they take 35% of your total sales? Any advice will be much appreciated.
I am having a few NSDs as spending a lot of time on the settee feeding the baby or letting him sleep on me. And we now do the bulk of our food shopping at Aldi, with a meal plan, and I've been making lots of soup with all the leftover veg. But there are lots of other areas that we need to make savings in so will be looking out for all your tips.
(And I haven't done any Xmas shopping and am a bit worried!)

claretandamberforever Thu 25-Oct-12 08:29:47


I have been left with £140.59 and my road tax is about £120 so I've managed to pay for it out of my September wage. This might sound good but it isn't because over the course of the month we've had at least £160 extra income so I'd have been overdrawn this month, and still had to pay road tax. MOT is also due on 19th November.

If I didn't have 16 days of November in my old job I would be tempted to SORN my car and just see how we managed with one car in my new job, as new job is within walking distance and we don't need two cars really.

I spoke to accounts lady at current job and she told me on 25th November I will get half a salary as I'm only working til Mid-November. I don't know when I will get paid from new job or how much, so I might have to make half a wage stretch from the end of November to the end of December! This panics me somewhat. Along with the fact I need to have a CRB check, which manager of new job hasn't even sent off yet! (tomorrow) and I only have three weeks til I finish current job so I worry that expecting it to be back in three weeks is optimistic, so I might find myself without a job if it's not back in time. (current employer have said I can't stay on after my notice period!)

DH has an extra job today which he hopes will net him £180 profit, and I've done some private typing work which will pay £240 and I can invoice her at the end of October so I'll put that away.

Anyway this was my spends since I last posted on Friday:
10.00 cash DH
4.00 - lotto
50.00 - cash (for DH)
25.00 - petrol (DH)
9.59 - Morrisons
8.52 - Asda
17.06 - petrol (me)
13.30 - takeaway
37.01 - Morrisons (ridiculous amount for what I bought)
15.30 - prescriptions x 2 (for me - need to get pre-payment certificate)
9.56 - Morrisons

I didn't get round to doing an online shop and so I've been going to the supermarket each day. An online shop would probably cost me around £50 and as you can see this week I've spent £65 plus I still have to get food in for 4 days (I usually have food delivered on a Monday) so I must try and get into the habit of shopping online again.

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 25-Oct-12 09:01:27

Try Aldi, I go early morning on a Sunday and whizz round in 20 mins.

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 25-Oct-12 14:25:54

£5 off aldi shop in the daily mirror.

Aldi have a twitter page they announce these things on, I dont usually buy a paper so I wouldnt have known if it hadnt of been in chat.

CremeEggThief Thu 25-Oct-12 19:17:41

£12 today. A tenner on the childminer and £2 on a loaf and the bus.

Thanks for the tip, fluffy.

economymode Fri 26-Oct-12 11:53:45

Damn, I snoozed and lost with the Aldi offer. Will head over to their fb page.

Violet77 Sat 27-Oct-12 07:41:25

Can i join please. I'm hoping to spend very little until the new year.

The children are kitted out for the winter now ( all second hand) christmas is almost complete.
I need to make a bunch of draught excluders ard line some curtains so will need to spend a bit there but that will pay back.

I bought a mountain of flour and yeast in tescos three for two yesterday, so will be making all our bread now that bread is so expensive. Usually shop aldi so food bills are low for what we get. (House full of hungry people.)Planning to track food bills again.

AdoraBell Sat 27-Oct-12 22:02:10

Hello Violet and welcome, come on ingrin

I've never tried making bread, I do fancy it though. I'm abroad and food prices here have rocketed too. Glad you got the DCs kitted out for winter. One of mine was given a bag of summer clothes yesterday and she's dead chuffed because our neighbour does semi-designer where we do supermarket or department store sales items.

Today I'll be spending a small amount on road tolls, going to pick OH up from the airport, and refeuling the car. Not much else though. Don't need much shopping next week, but the dogs will need more food halfway through the week, I reckon.

CremeEggThief Sun 28-Oct-12 06:34:49

I'll see you all on the November thread, as I'm just about to get on a plane to Majorca! grin

economymode Sun 28-Oct-12 10:28:44

Welcome Violet.

Bread making is great, I very rarely buy the stuff now. If I need bread in a hurry, then I'll make soda bread as it can be on the table in an hour.

Rolling home from a wedding in Devon:

-£150 for two nights at a b&b
-£45 for dinner for three adults on Friday night (we paid for my friend as I owe her birthday and Xmas presents for about the past 3 years)
-£25 on diesel
-£5.99 on a warm hat for the toddler as he needed a new one (outgrown last year's) and there was a freezing wind.

But, I have made about £30 on eBay so far today, selling some old clothes that I couldn't shift locally. I think I've charged enough for p&p this time - when I sold my old laptop, it cost more than twice what i charged to post it.

AdoraBell Mon 29-Oct-12 21:24:29

Hope you have a great time Creme

Over the weekend I spent, £60 on fuel, £2 on road tolls. Today, £5 on fuel, my car is in for service and the loan car was almost dry, £3 on roads, £55 on groceries and £3 on a snack.

Glad you got to treat your friend to dinner economy, it feels rotten when you can't buy birthdays gifts, doesn't it?

Helenagrace Tue 30-Oct-12 07:51:51

Bit late now but can I join you?

On paper we have a good income but from next month we'll be paying rent and a mortgage as we can't sell our house but DH has a job 300 miles away.

We're trying to rent our house out but our Building Society are making life very difficult so we have to remortgage first.

We have a doable budget but it's tight. You seem a nice supportive lotsmile I'm hoping you'll keep me going!

One area I think I can cut down is food. I've cut a third off our food bill but I can do better.

I'm job hunting as my job for the last 6 years has been running DH's company - which no longer exists.

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 30-Oct-12 11:50:25

Everyones welcome!

What have you done so far with the food bill? A thirds quite a good saving anyway.

Helenagrace Tue 30-Oct-12 13:46:49

I switched to Aldi for everything I can. I've stopped cooking things that need chicken breasts (they are scaryspensive) I've cooked more roasts and made them last two or more days. Cut down on peppers in cooking (also scaryspensive) bought more special offer fruit and veg and gone back to ruthless meal planning. I've cut down snacks, switched to big bags of crisps rather than multipacks and only taken the money I need for the things on my list to the supermarket. So if I need a loaf I take £2 only and no cards.

I don't have a Wikinsons near me but I will when I move. I hear they're good for household goods.

Next thing to go is the movie channels on sky. Going to replace them with Lovefilm and save £10 a month.

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 30-Oct-12 14:10:14

If you go through quidco or topcashback you'll get cash back for that Lovefilm subscription.

Helenagrace Tue 30-Oct-12 15:19:50

Ooh thank you fluffycloud. I'll look into that.

Fluffycloudland77 Tue 30-Oct-12 15:29:01

Quidco charges an admin fee, topcashback may be better.

Leilandri Tue 30-Oct-12 20:33:23

Haven't posted for a while blush
Welcome Violet and Helenagrace
Helena Peppers and chicken breasts are "scaryspensive" (I'm stealing that word, lol) but we use frozen ones. 750g of Farmfoods frozen chicken breast for £3.49 (Aldi's frozen chick breast are good too) and £1 for a 1kg bag of Farmfoods frozen peppers. Both are just as good as fresh when used in curries, casseroles etc. Well done on cutting a third off bill tho, that is good going.

Over the weekend I spent £5 something in canteen in work, and a further £15 getting bits and pieces from shopfloor before going home. This HAS to stop! I need to go back to lists. I do mealplan, but it's all the extras at the moment, juice one day, bin bags the next and so on. Need to write one big list, and stick to that.

Got to go to Poundland tommorow and pick up a few bits for Halloween. Have decorated the outside of the house, just need a few bits indoors now. hopefully it might even be reduced grin Happy Halloween Everyone

AdoraBell Tue 30-Oct-12 22:08:56

Hello and welcome Helena, hope you don't mind sharing because I think I'll be using "scaryspensive" toogrin. In return I'll share too, I use chicken thighs instead of breast, and if you do use chicken breast slicing/chopping rather than serving whole means you can halve the quantity. Ditto the thighs, of course.

Squandered £6 today on a snack because I needed sugar, nothing to do with blood sugar I was just angry and didn't want to scoff sweets/chocolate again. Add £4 on roads and £80 on dog food and chew toys, £15 on groceries and I feel I've had a disasterous day. at least I didn't have to pay for the car service as OH is a master arm twister negotiator and got it included in the purchase price.

Lielandri I remember those days of just nipping to the shop floor to buy 1 thing, it never was 1 thing. Other than that, how's the job going?

Bumblequeen Wed 31-Oct-12 22:49:43

We buy Sainsburys 'value' chicken (£3.99 for legs/thighs) which I can create five-eight meals from. We have not bought fish/beef/lamb well over a year as it is too expensive. I take advantage of eating other meats when we are invited for meals at friends/families homes or if we go out for a meal.

Our total shop is around £200-220 per month which includes lunch for work. I do not buy anything whilst at work - everything is bought from home even drinks.

After all our outgoings we have £100 spare - dh and I take £50 each. This funds an evening out (can only afford one a month), make up, clothes. Dh recently received a bonus and we spent £300 on winter clothes for us and dd. It did not go far but was a blessing.

Things are tight and we have to plan ahead for everything.

I try not to spend wherever possible. I cut the £2 Mcdonalds vouchers out of The Metro and dh and I will treat ourselves if out - dd likes the happy meal.

AdoraBell Thu 01-Nov-12 00:33:30

Had to eat lunch out today, needed painkillers after the dentist so food was essential, £4 on toasted sandwich, water & coffee. £70 on petrol, it's gone up again, and £3 on the roads.

Tomorrow is a public holiday Friday a bridging day and then we have the weekend.

economymode Thu 01-Nov-12 14:07:30

new thread for all those that want to stay on-board!

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