Please tell me what to buy from Aldi and what to buy from Lidl

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I am going to give both a try. Trouble is in my mind they are the same, so I know we have one in one town and one near where I used to work but can't remember which is which. I also see people on here saying things are good (washing powder?) but can't remember which.

So I need a definitive list, please. Two children, no babies, no pets (though I'm happy for that stuff to go on for reference smile)



ReduceRecycleRegift Wed 25-Jan-12 17:27:21

they're not the same, Lidl is more cheap bits of brands and Aldi is more own brand. Aldi's food is better IMO but Lidl is best for nappies, wipes, toilet paper etc.

Aldi's manuka honey is a bargain. I get fruit and veg from aldi and I'm fussyish about those things, wont get asda fruit and veg as it doesn't taste of food and don't get sainsburys cause its on the turn.

Aldi for cosmetics

The 2 are usually side by side so easy to go from one to the other.

ANTagony Wed 25-Jan-12 17:28:30

From Lidl I like their big whole Salami - check the date because it can last months <£4, Mozzarella 47p, Bread flour 61p, Passatta and tomato puree, frozen veg and chips (for emergencies)

From Aldi fresh fruit and veg, usually seasonal stuff. Meat, diet lemonade, dishwasher tablets, sometimes their speciality bread rolls and stuff, wraps, pasta.

RustyBear Wed 25-Jan-12 17:28:52

Sondey shortbread rings from Lidl

Never been to Aldi

SantaIsAnAnagramOfSatan Wed 25-Jan-12 17:30:34

lidl according to my sister does really good meat. i know they do nice continental pizzas.

aldi is the sort of place you go to buy multipacks of crisps and processed crap in my mind.

BettyBathroom Wed 25-Jan-12 17:31:21

Lidl (I think) sells Maple syrup at around £3 - it's around £5 in the other supermarkets - we buy it in bulk as we love the stuff!

NotMostPeople Wed 25-Jan-12 17:31:30

Little pots of fruit for packed lunches in Aldi are no different than sainsburys at half the price. Whole free range chicken £4.99 is good too.

Right thank you all, esp RRR for explaining the difference between the two. So Aldi own stuff, fruit and veg, and Lidl for beans, toilet roll, etc

Where's the good washing powder?

oh no Santa, you are contradicting RRR
I need to try it don't i? I just need some guidance.

phatcat Wed 25-Jan-12 17:45:36

I've just started trying out Lidl and plan to try Aldi (which is a bit further afield) soon - so thanks OP. I've found that Lidl Maribel raspberry Jam - 84p is excellent - as good as Bonne Maman in my book and I'm fussy. Also the premium egg spaghetti at 89p very good also - I can't usually abide cheap pasta and have stuck to De Cecco through thick and thin but really need to cut back now! I would like to hear of other products that people rate highly.

ReduceRecycleRegift Wed 25-Jan-12 17:46:58

really? I find Lidl is all processed food whereas Aldi is more basics. I get basics in Aldi but if I just do lidl I can't get the basic food stuff on my list its all brands and tins and packets

I think whatever way you see it the two compliment each other well

ReduceRecycleRegift Wed 25-Jan-12 17:48:14

Almat washing powder is good, thats Aldi, and you only need a tiny bit per wash so it lasts ages

Lacura is great for cosmetics like their touche eclat copy

ReduceRecycleRegift Wed 25-Jan-12 17:48:51

lacura is also aldi

Lidl do a bog roll which isn't as wide as others so cheaper but we don't notice the difference, comes in massive packs

queenebay Wed 25-Jan-12 17:50:54

aldis frozen 3 pack of pizzas are lovely, yogurts too and so is their cheeses. Love their fruit and veg

moonmother Wed 25-Jan-12 17:51:23

Betty its actually Aldi that do the maple syrup for £3.

I don't use lidl as the nearest one is in the next town but do most of my weekly shop at Aldi's.

Staples in our house - coffee, tea, cereal, part baked rolls, fruit and veg, cleaning products, laundry products, toiletries, their meat apart from sausages, cooked meats, cheeses, pastry, free range eggs, baking products, beans, tinned tomatoes etc.

Don't think much of their crisps or sausages , have no complaints with anything else.

ANTagony Wed 25-Jan-12 17:52:44

In tomorrows Daily Mirror (45p) there is a voucher for £5 off a £30 spend at Aldi valid for one week.

I also like the little pocket packs of tissues at both Lidl and Aldi.

BillyBollyBandy Wed 25-Jan-12 17:53:43

Not tried Lidl but Aldi good for cooked and raw meat, bread and muffins, cereal, toilet paper, washing powder/fabric conditioner, pasta, pasta sauce, rice, fruit and veg. Anything basic really.

Their smoked german ham is bloody lovely and only £1.50.

thank you everyone
I will compile a list later and may go to one of them tomrorow.
Trouble will be sticking to stuff on the list - I don't really buy jam (for example) so if I get it because it's good and I fancy trying it it's not much of a saving grin

ReduceRecycleRegift Wed 25-Jan-12 17:56:22

one of them does a really good maple syrup, think it's aldi

does anyone have any "definitely avoid"s?

ReduceRecycleRegift Wed 25-Jan-12 17:57:52

the own brand toothpaste is okay, but I've gone back to colgate total

I like the following at Aldi's:

- bread/crumpets (you can get Hovis, Warburton's; the croissants are a bit rubbish though)
- gnocchi
- Toro Loco wine
- fresh orange juice (very close in taste to Tropicana)
- fresh vegetables and fruit (avocados are particularly good; I have been disappointed with the mangoes though
- ground coffee
- washing up liquid
- conditioner (note: I think the washing liquid is better at Lidl)
- cheddar
- plain yoghurt
- smoked bacon lardons (to use in home-made quiches lorraines).


EverSoLagom Wed 25-Jan-12 18:04:49

Aldi do really good smoked mackerel. Also if you're in need of quick school night dinners they sell ready-made potato gratin which is delicious. Fruit and veg is cheap - especially grapes and berries. Salami. Beetroot. Gherkins. Yum.

All their chocolate and biscuits are cheap and good.

Also Aldi's own version of Cheerios tastes just like the real thing.

TheSecondComing Wed 25-Jan-12 18:08:38

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Ponders Wed 25-Jan-12 18:10:21

basic, value etc ranges do cost the same as Aldi (exactly the same hmm) but I reckon the quality of Aldi's stuff is equivalent to the regular supermarket brand

ReduceRecycleRegift Wed 25-Jan-12 18:13:17

yes I agree the quality is much better than Sainsbos basic and regular ranges, but the biggest saving I find is there's no impulse buys or dodgy 3 for 2 deals tempting me in aldi/lidl. I stick to my list more there than in the bigger ones

Thank you everyone this is really helpful. I'll let you know how I get on, will be interesting to see how much I save

SantaIsAnAnagramOfSatan Thu 26-Jan-12 09:25:38

seem to remember lidl doing very good 'ready' meals - as in large family size lasagnes that actually tasted like lasagne rather than water and sludge as ready made often does.

they do really nice pesto and mozarella thin pizzas.

admit i haven't been to either for a long time. i don't drive and live rurally now so am dependent on using supermarkets that deliver - easiest round here is tesco.

SantaIsAnAnagramOfSatan Thu 26-Jan-12 09:26:20

sidenote - i really want to start going to the market in town once a week to buy fruit and veg - cheaper and better quality usually.

Mandy21 Thu 26-Jan-12 13:10:21

I haven't been to Lidl but would recommend from Aldi:

1. fruit and veg - although only buy what you will use in the next 2 or 3 days. It doesn't seem to last very long (I find that with most supermarket fresh produce). Their bags of salad leaves / rocket etc are good value, as are their berries etc.

2. Cooked meats - as someone else has said, their German cooked ham is very nice and only £1.50. Similar to the Tesco Finest (i.e. not the plastic-tastic ham). I don't like any of the smoked hams though, find them too salty.

3. Chorizo sausage ring - very nice (especially the spicy one)

4. Cheese - can't remember the name of their strong cheddar, comes in a black packet (Devil's something??) - very creamy but strong. Delicious

5. They do good bakery products - little batch loaves that often have a 50% off sticker on them - very fresh and great to have in the freezer. They also do little chocolate brioche in individual packets - think they come in packs of 8 - that are fab to give the children as a treat when you pick them up from school.

6. Nuts - they do large bags of plain (i.e unsalted) nuts - cashews / nuts and raisins - which we buy lots of.

7. If you like condiments - chutneys / apple sauce / roasted pepper antipasti type things - much cheaper than the supermarkets

8. They also do a REALLY nice frozen meal - Thai Chicken Curry I think its called. Very good value at 1.69 or something like that - "proper" chicken with rice and veggies - have a couple of those in the freezer for emergencies.

9. Quite often have good offers on cheap children's books / puzzles in the non-food aisles so worth keeping an eye out for them. They also have good offers on sports gear from time to time - got a wetsuit for my husband there and a running jacket for me.

devonsmummy Thu 26-Jan-12 13:24:11

Dishwasher tablets
Washing up liquid
Individually wrapped croissants
Individually wrapped choc chip brioche
Sharing round vanilla brioche mmmmm
Titan - their version of mars bars
Their version of Jaffa cake bars
Par bake rolls/ baguettes
Tinned spagetti
Tinned sweetcorn - much nicer than supermarket own brand
Fruit and veg so much cheaper than the big supermarkets
Chicken legs , fresh x2 for 99p
Whole chicken
Beef mince
Diced bacon
Frozen paella - kids fab emergency meal
Yoghurts - own brand fruit corners
Herbs & spices
Orange juice
4paxk kitchen roll - equivalent to thirst pockets £1.99
grated cheese
Ready roll pastry
I LOVE ALdi's!!!!

Fluffycloudland77 Thu 26-Jan-12 17:57:51

I shop at aldi but I didnt like the quick frying steak, but it wasnt as bad as asdas quick frying steaks.

changeforthebetter Thu 26-Jan-12 18:09:59

Aldi hairspray (Carino Provive) is as good as Elnett and a fraction of the price. The kids like the hoops cereals (rip-off Cheerios and no Nasty-lé into the bargain wink). The bread is OK but the scotch pancakes are minging. I love their smoked salmon. I was told that it was "inferior" but that was by a dingbat postgrad student who doesn't actually pay for the stuff himself yet hmm. A lot of the veg and fruit is great value but the food miles, not always so good. Pineapples are lovely. Pantiliners and sanitary towels are cheaper. I love the random stuff they stock in the non-food bit. The wine is generally fine -there is some English stuff that is vile but it costs £2 so what I was thinking buying it.....! grin

Oh, and I bought a coat from there once - that was shit but hey, you live and learn. I really don't like Lidl that much but Aldi is way nearer so it is probably just that I am less familiar with it. smile

mrspnut Thu 26-Jan-12 18:14:00

I prefer Lidl to Aldi but that is personal taste.
From Lidl I regularly buy their bockwurst in a jar, cartons of passata, cartons of orange juice, pitta breads, mini pain au chocolat, chorizo. salami, olives, ham, frozen prawns, parmesan, mozzarella, olive oil and eggs.

I also buy some fruit and veg there.

MissGreatBritain Thu 26-Jan-12 18:14:17

Lidl - tinned tomatoes, chorizo sausage, ham, parmesan, passatta, nuts. Their own lemonade used to be made without sweetener (a rarity these days) but not sure if it still is now. Sparkling water.

RumpledTitSkin Thu 26-Jan-12 18:20:43

I've been to aldi today and am very excited about some praline chocolate squares, think they were about 69p, and some day cream which has made my skin all glittery and bright( in a non disco way) for a couple of pounds. Bargain. grin

ReduceRecycleRegift Thu 26-Jan-12 22:01:15

oh yeah I like the hair spray too!

and the shampoo and conditioner, beginning with C??

awomenscorned Thu 26-Jan-12 22:39:11

Lidl nappies/wipes/tinned toms/fruit/veg/german sausages/waffles/beans/free range whole chicken/mince/oven chips

poorbuthappy Thu 26-Jan-12 22:40:45

Aldi's £3.99 Chilean sauv blanc.
Was bloody lovely last night!

awomenscorned Thu 26-Jan-12 22:42:57

Lidls muffins are yuk.

jellybeans Thu 26-Jan-12 22:50:23

Aldi is great for fruit, veg and meat. Biscuits and cakes are great too. My favourites are the mini peach fruit pots, tinned fruit, beans, Disco bars, Bratwerst sausages, grated cheese packs (a lot cheaper than tesco) and cheese sticks, Belites crisps, all Lacura face creams (fantastic), microwave rice, 69p golden delicious, big sacks potato, bolognase with beef sauce jar, ballycastle (tastes exactly like Baileys), multigrain crackers, green beans 69p pack, stock cubes, arctic roll, frozen chicken strips (great to keep in for casseroles etc if you have spare veg), 29p gingerbread men packs, brioche rolls, kids cereals, decaff coffee, special deals of the week and loads more.

jellybeans Thu 26-Jan-12 22:53:13

Only thing I ever found to be yuk was the Egg mayonnaise sandwich filling.

Miomio Thu 26-Jan-12 22:59:50

I was in my local Lidl today (straight after Asda) so could do a good compare. The fruit and veg were looking a bit tired and no cheaper really than asda's were. Also I've been going to Aldi a bit recently and you do notice the difference. There are a few things though that I like at Lidl I ended up buying (what I stopped off for on the way home really)

Jam (which is fantastic) got strawberry but all are good
Dark chocolate with whole hazelnuts (totally gorgeous)
Bag salad leaves
Free range whole chicken (can't get this at Aldi)
small cartons apple juice
egg spaghetti

i notice Lidls prices seemed to have gone up too (4 natural yogurts were 99p) I'm sure they used to be much cheaper...

Popoozle Thu 26-Jan-12 22:59:58

Both Lidl and Aldi are great. Our Lidl has brilliant fruit & veg - much fresher & healthier looking than any of the big name supermarkets locally - although I did go into a Lidl on holiday last year & there fruit & veg was naff, so maybe it's not standard everywhere.

Lidl's jam is award winning - I like the cherry myself but DS2 loves the strawberry.

Lidl's fresh meat is better than Aldi's IMO, only they don't have much of it in my local store - so if you go in the evening or a Saturday afternoon you might not be able to get much fresh meat at all.

Aldi is great for washing powder & fabric softener - their non-bio is as good as Persil at a fraction of the price. Actually, all of Aldi's own brand goods are nice in my experience. Like the adverts claim, they really are as good as the branded products at a much lower price.

The only thing I buy regularly but can't get at Aldi or Lidl is baby milk (formula).

For a week in, week out shop for everyday things I prefer Aldi. If you're used to shopping at Sainsburys, Tesco etc. you'll be amazed at the price!

<thinks Aldi should sack Phil Vickery and use me in their next ad campaign>

Enjoy grin.

Popoozle Thu 26-Jan-12 23:05:22

Miomio - actually, yes, Lidl's prices have gone up lately. I can still get a whole trolley full of stuff from Aldi (to the point of not being able to fit more in) for under £70.00, whereas I managed to spend £108.00 in Lidl today. I'm sure it never used to be possible to spend more than £100 in Lidl shock.

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 27-Jan-12 15:44:12

You can get free range chicken in my local aldi, whole ones and breast portions.

vogonmothership Fri 27-Jan-12 15:50:31

Have a look on the Good Housekeeping website. The GH Institue only endorses products which are exceptional - and many of them come from Lidl and Aldi (washing detergent included!)

I think Aldi cereals are fabulous as are their cheeses, I do prefer Aldi over Lidl, but Lidl Crusti Croc crisps are better than MacCoys if you like that sort of thing.

Fluffycloudland77 Fri 27-Jan-12 22:21:02

Popoozle, home bargains do sma for 5.99 on their website, savers is usually pretty good to for that kind of thing.

serin Sat 28-Jan-12 15:20:23

Don't like Lidl at all! but Aldi is great. (Even if they did put butter up by 25p in a week).

The veg at our Lidl is well past its best and I personally wouldn't touch the meat or ready meals there. Sorry Santa but we tried their lasagne once on holiday and it was beyond vile. The onlythingI like istheir lunch packs of juice as they contain 250ml when mostonly have 200ml.

Aldi is wonderful and you can get free range chicken and eggs in our branch.

Churches alcoholic ginger beer is lovely.

fiodyl Sat 28-Jan-12 15:34:29

Lidl do nice magnum-like ice creams, especially the white choc/strawberry ice cream ones

Right, making a shopping list and plan tonight. Is it realistic to go in with a 5 and 2yo? Will look at that website too, thanks to whoever recommended it

awomenscorned Sat 28-Jan-12 15:39:44

Are you going to Lidl stealth - if yes, be warned the Lidl trollies don't have straps my two year old climbs out

No was going to also for reasons too dull to go into. My 2yo not a climber tho so I should be safe either way. smile so they do have trollies with child seats?
Do they have toilets? said 2yo is potty training!

Sudaname Sat 28-Jan-12 15:45:54

Didnt Aldi face cream knock Boots Perfect and Protect (the one the big fuss was about 'as seen on tv' etc) off the top spot last year.

Mind you l could have dreamt it !

Blatherskite Sat 28-Jan-12 15:54:57

I've tried Aldi a few times but the last time I went I came out to find two dodgy looking blokes staring at my car! It's really put me off.

Our Aldi is in quite a dodgy area though

Lidl's miles away though. I'd spend whatever I saved in fuel just getting there are back

Piffpaffpoff Sat 28-Jan-12 16:18:25

Just back from Aldi and I would recommend.....(for taste and/or super-cheapness compared to Tesco)

Moser Roth chocolate
All the cereals
Hovis loaf - 66p!!
Fruit and veg
Wafer thin honey roast ham
Bags of salted cashew nuts
Smoked cheese
Free range eggs
Chocolate coated butter biscuits
Dreem bars -Aldi's milky way bars
All dried pasta

Today I also bought their own brand ketchup. This may be a step too far but as its more than half the price of Heinz, I'm willing to give it a go! I am on a mission to cut down my weekly supermarket spend and I'm onto week 2 of doing my main shop at Aldi and topping up with specific branded stuff (diet coke, etc) from Tesco. I reckon I'm down about 40% so far grin.

Ponders Sat 28-Jan-12 17:14:20

fiodyl, DS2 would sell his soul for a box of those vanilla/strawberry ice cream lollies grin

serin, my Lidl does Welsh butter (red packet) which is lovely & not a bad price, & their chilled curries are v good (have a look at the ingredients list)

piffpaffpoff, the same DS2 who adores the Lidl lollies is the pickiest soul alive as far as ketchup is concerned & even he will - grudgingly - make do with Aldi so you should be OK smile

hungryallthetime Sat 28-Jan-12 20:38:56

We're not near Aldi but I got to Lidl weekly to supplement supermarket shop I buy jam, cheap mozzarella(for children!), Philadelphia substitute (strange name, blue tub, classic variety!), Parmesan, olive oil, prosciutto, the best smoked salmon, fruit and veg, big tubs of deliciously rich Greek yoghurt, non-bio washing powder (was previously buying Boots own sensitive skin powder but our skin is coping well with Lidl own powder). And any other weird and wonderful things that catch my eye! grin

awomenscorned Sat 28-Jan-12 20:40:03

Sorry stealth not sure re toilets but I don't think so. smile

awomenscorned Sat 28-Jan-12 20:42:49

Has anymore tried basics range from sainsburys, I think the quality if fabulous and very cheap.

Teabags 30p!!! and lovley
soap filled sourers
bag of mixed peppers
cheese slices
cleaning spray 70p

Ponders Sat 28-Jan-12 21:01:36


awomenscorned Sat 28-Jan-12 21:02:12

Yes bottled water.

Ponders Sat 28-Jan-12 21:05:35

If I was going to buy water I don't think I'd buy Basics! Surely it'll be bottled tap water?

awomenscorned Sat 28-Jan-12 21:06:20

You haven't tasted the water where we are then. wink

Ponders Sat 28-Jan-12 21:08:50

ah, well, I admit I am going by ours which is v nice

if you had our tap water in Basics bottles it'd be worth it smile

ILoveGreggsSausageRolls Sat 28-Jan-12 21:16:10

I shop in Aldi and love it. You'd be suprised at some the own brands are actually well known brands;

Norpack butter = Lurpack
Lacura = Nivea
Abbotts and Broome shower gel = Dove

(my friend used to be a store manager wink)

I also think the fruit and veg is excellent, as is the meat.

How did you get in OP?

lidl cereal vile - very sweet and none fortified, as far as i can remember. aldi cereals gorgeous - esp like their unsweetened mueslies. i adore aldi. very good quality at fantastic prices. like their baking section which is well stocked.
lidl cheddar and mozerella good. and like their pesto too.

Still not been! I have tried sains basics but found fresh stuff, esp those bags of peppers go bad v quicly

Dammir, just driven to 'aldi' to find its actually lidl. All my planning, wasted

ReduceRecycleRegift Sun 29-Jan-12 13:52:03

Aldi's ben and Jerrys rip off is good, and Lidl's green tea is nice and individually wrapped so handy for bringing to work

awomenscorned Sun 29-Jan-12 16:47:57

Did you buy anything stealth?

devonhorns Sun 29-Jan-12 17:01:53

Never been disappointed with any aldi items. All my lot love it.
Their fresh fruit and veg is great.
Tins of tomatoes, filter coffer (fair trade) and cereals all brill.
My Cat still only likes Felix or whisks, so no good for my fussy cat.

catsmother Sun 29-Jan-12 18:48:35

Went in an Aldi yesterday .... en route somewhere else, unfortunately, too far to travel to regularly ..... and they had 2 pts semi skimmed milk for 78p. Also, bought box of 16 non applicator tampons for 49p. Have no idea - yet - if they're any good, but compared to £2+ for Lillets that's a huge saving.

yes I ahve been....will be back later to update - sorry to keep ypu all in suspense

StellaAndFries Sun 29-Jan-12 19:11:52

I went to Aldi this week as I haven't been since the cashiers had to memorise all of the prices blush

I was shocked that I could actually do a 'big' shop (household detergents, toilets rolls, meats etc) as I assumed I'd have to go to Morrisons for the majority afterwards. We saved around £50-60 compared to if we'd have gone to Asda/Tesco/Morrisons.

I bought the Lacura day cream in the pump and the night cream and I'm vey impressed, will be going back for some of the serums and make up ASAP!

buggyRunner Sun 29-Jan-12 19:17:51

Aldi- chocolate a big bar containing 6 small bars of posh stuff 99p grin
Running gear is excellent
Meatballs yum
Free range chicken
Fruit n veg
Tinned tomatoes

duvetday Sun 29-Jan-12 19:25:31

Love Aldi !
The chocolate seashells are gorgeous just like Guylian and also the MMMM fromage frais with fruit - 27p each and the chocolate desserts with vanilla custard swirled in them -25p
I chuck a whole tray of each in my trolley when I go blush
Also Pink Lady apples- £1.69 ish for 6 .
Prefer their teabags - tried the sainsburys basics ones and they were vile!

OK well all in all I was impressed. Spent £60 but will have to top up during the week as hadn't had time to meal plan really.
However, got dishwasher tabs, cheese, cooked meat (hope DH says it's nice), milk (£1 for 4pts!!), fruit and veg which looked lovely (apples bruised but not sire if I did that). eggs which were dirt cheap, and loads and loads of chocolate.
My only concerns - the coleslaw, didn;t look very nice, and possibly the meat if DH doesn't like it. Also, wasn't sure about the fresh orange so got tropicana - can anyone recommend it?
I was also impressed by how calm and quiet it was in there, and because the store isn't huge I got round really quickly. Managed to do the shop, with a 5yo and a 2yo, in 90 mins or so (and it takes 15/20 mins to get there!)

I would like to do a full weekly shop, then I'll be convinced. But I'm definitely giving it another go. We also stocked up on chocolate which is fantatsic blush

oh and their tissues! ALso got marmite, honey and horseradish

That sounds like a horrible sandwich smile

Ponders Sun 29-Jan-12 22:34:06

oh do get their juice next time Stealth, chilled juice is one of the Which recommendations at Aldi - better than Tropicana smile

& we've had loads of meat & it's all been excellent

did you go today? ours wasn't calm & quiet, it was a zoo, & they said it had been all day! (I also went last Tuesday, that was blissful)

ljb11 Sun 29-Jan-12 22:48:38

Shame we have no Aldi nearby - some of this sounds good
I go to Lidl specifically for:
Toilet paper (recycled) the v. cheap for upstairs and the slightly more expensive for downstairs.
Kitchen roll (I get the cheapest that they sell)
'Goody' Fruit & Nut Muesli - if there's too much fruit in it for you then add a handful of plain oats.
W5 'All in 1' Dishwasher tablets - brilliant
W5 stain remover in a tub like Vanish but cheaper and better from my experience

and I can also recommend:
Mini fruit juices
The mini magnum type ice creams
The egg pasta spaghetti - tasted as good as De Cecco
Stollen at christmas (esp the mini stollen)
Lots of the chocolate (their cheap xmas and easter stuff is better than some of M&S)
Had great champagne at xmas for 12.99 - a Which best buy
Jars of fruit
Fruit and veg which in our store is always quite good (esp the growing salads)
and finally my husband had some excellent sandals for 2.99 Euros in Italy - will be looking out for similar in the summer.

It was Lidl I went to Ponders
Coincidentally, we picked up (courtesy of DS) some of the mini magnums - it started to snow on the way home grin

Oh and who mentioned berries? We bought strawberries, blueberries and grapes, all of which looked really good. Strawberries have already gone and were very popular

mmmm schogetten (the bars of choc that come already broken up)

Ponders Sun 29-Jan-12 23:49:55

oh sorry, you did say earlier it was Lidl, didn't you blush

I thought it was aldi till I pulled up ouside!

phonix Tue 31-Jan-12 12:10:24

I started using Lidl more, too. Only ever been to Aldi about 3 times, so still exploring.

These are my usual suspects from Lidl:

- Goody Special Muesli 750g (beats any luxury brand in quality and in price!) - my favourite is the blue pack
- Floralys embossed 3-ply kitchen towels (best ever)
- Crownfields Special Flakes
- Sensitive baby wipes
- Nappies
- Panty liners
- kids toothbrush
- Gerkins / roasted peppers
- Wafer thin ham pack (no added water)
- tinned butter beans / mixed salad beans / kidney beans
- tinned chopped tomato
- garlic (each garlic is one big whole clove, beautiful when roasted)
- brie

Ponders Tue 31-Jan-12 12:13:29

oh I've started getting that garlic, phonix - though it comes from China so the food miles are a bit dodgy

but it's soooo garlicky, & really easy to peel

phonix Tue 31-Jan-12 21:52:28

Those garlics used to come in boxes twice the size for the same price up until a few months agosad...

literally - just a bulb of garlic? How good can they be??

apparently the beef was lovely

Ponders Tue 31-Jan-12 23:45:31

solo garlic - it looks just like the pic & Lidl sell about 5-6 bulbs (or cloves!) in a dinky little netted basket

tastes lovely smile

Ooh, that sounds nice. I might end up near a lidl today, which will no doubt turn out to be aldi!

NotVictoriaBeckham Wed 01-Feb-12 09:48:26

I have been watching this thread with interest and getting rather overexcited about my trip to Aldi. Today was the big day, and what a day it was! £50 spent, got tons of food including whole free range chicken, 2decent looking bottles of red that seem to have won prizes (3.99 each), extra virgin olive oil, fair trade coffee, hams, pizzas, cheese, & much more. It was great, can't wait to try everything. Good thing I don't have car otherwise I would have bought waaaay too much grin

envy no aldi here

Indith Wed 01-Feb-12 11:31:43

What do you mean no Aldi? Aldi is next to Tesco at Dragonville. Lidl is at Langley Moor or the Arnison.

Indith Wed 01-Feb-12 11:33:00

Oh and Lidl at the moment have 1l bottles of extra virgin olive oil for £2.99.

Indith Wed 01-Feb-12 11:33:55

And no I am not stalking you I'm just bored and posting everywhere because dd is off nursery again and keeps screaming at me if I try to interact with her.

Oh I didn't realise that. I tend not to use that Tesco as it takes so long to get there and roads can be busy. So probably won't use that aldi. But I thought arnison was aldi until I got there, now I know it's lidl i'll probably use the langley moor one smile

What's up with her? I am meant to be off work but am working anyway sad

Indith Wed 01-Feb-12 11:42:44

How rubbish! She got the tummy bug that ds had last week. Am really hoping I can send her tomorrow!

We tend to use Langely Moor but depends on what you need, Arnison or Tesco can be good if you need to combine the shops.

Ponders Wed 01-Feb-12 12:02:08

you shop at Dragonville???

Is that at the end of Diagon Alley?

sounds much more exciting than round here grin

Indith Wed 01-Feb-12 12:25:30

Sounds great doesn't it. I won't burst your bubble grin.

It does sound excitingsmile There is an actual live dragon letting cars in and out of the tesco car park which is why it tkes so damn long to get out!

Iloveautumn Wed 01-Feb-12 12:35:06

Lidl - parmesan cheese
jar olives
CHOCOLATE - hard to find better than Lidl chocolate
fruit and veg - make sure fresh in, but quality usu v good
recycled toilet roll

MrsWalton Sat 04-Feb-12 17:35:24

I have been a Lidl shopper for a couple of years now. The nearest Aldi was a very grubby one. Recently a new Aldi has opened even closer to home and i am in the process of deciding which products are best in each store. So the shiney new Aldi is more convenient but, i am used to, and a little loyal to Lidl.

Lidl and Aldi have their own brands but Lidl also stock some more recognisable brands also. They have increased the offer of known brands, i believe in an effort to encourage a 'fuller' weekly shop from customers. Aldi's offer is only their own brands.

Aldi also pretty much leads on price. e.g. Aldi sell 1l skimmed milk for 85c Lidl reduces their one to 85c, Tesco took about 4 weeks to cop on and theirs is now also 85c. (i'm in Ireland BTW)

Both stores are good for veg, far better and fresher than Tescos. I think Lidl have a broader range of veg. Aldi's Super 6 are excellent value, and they are a moveable feast. If any other store undercuts them, they undercut again. Instantly. This led to a fantastic price war before Christmas over here. Was it the same in the UK?. Pineapples 15c, Melons 15c bags of brussels 15c. Because of this policy they have stopped printing the Super 6 prices on the leaflet because they reduce them daily depending on what the competition do.

Tesco meat is overpriced and vile. Both Aldi and Lidl are good for cold meats, parma ham, choritzo, ham etc. My butcher is always the best value for my fresh meat.

I would much prefer Lidl's offer on toilet paper and kitchen roll. Quality and quantity it is much better value than Aldi. I have tried both washing tablets and found Lidl to be much better than Aldis. (I use one to boil my kitchen cloths on the hob and you can see the difference, the lidl one froths and cleans.

I have yet to try Aldi's pasta, rice etc. But I have used and would recommend Lidls egg tagliatlle, basmati rice, cous cous. Great value and excellent quality.

Aldi's bacon (rashers) are the cheapest and the tastiest. Aldi also has a great Greek yoghurt. I have switched tin foil and firelighters to Aldi aswell.

Cheese is excellent in both stores.

Aldi's baking section is very good. Spices in both stores are good.

Because Aldi leads on price, I will do as much of my shop in Aldi's, then Lidl, using their special offer leaflets as much as possible. I will use coupons and deals and a few rare brands in Tescos or Dunnes Stores.

OK I'm begining to bore myself now. Sorry.

Ponders Sat 04-Feb-12 21:11:40

This led to a fantastic price war before Christmas over here. Was it the same in the UK?. Pineapples 15c, Melons 15c bags of brussels 15c.

no, it wasn't the same here envy grin

those huge packs of loo rolls (Cushelle?) Lidl have sometimes - 24 rolls for £6 or £7 - are fantastic - last time they were on I missed them, I will be quicker next time. I don't generally find Lidl's branded products are a particularly good price though, apart from the 4-packs of Branston beans at 99p.

VivianDarkbloom Tue 07-Feb-12 11:36:20

I am a Lidl Smoked Salmon devotee. It's genuinely the best stuff I think, it stays pink in the fridge and there aren't any grey bits hiding under the packaging. It's about £2.50 a pack and you get LOADS. I buy 3 at a time and freeze it.

VivianDarkbloom Tue 07-Feb-12 11:38:49

Oh, and Lidl antipasto jars are surprising. Tons of olives and sundried tomatoes and sliced mushrooms and stuff for real cheap. I used to spend a FORTUNE on sundried tomatoes in Tesco, they're much better from Lidl.

Also their pesto is nice, although the green one is kinda crunchy which some people don't like.

ivykaty44 Thu 09-Feb-12 19:30:10


chocolate - they do a good 70 and 80% dark chocolate, it is a good quality

weetbix - there own brand are just as good as any other own brand

jams - good but less fruit

peppermint tea - I rather like

sardines in tomato sauce - lovely

tuna - no no

olive oil - good
sunflower oil - good

pineapples/banana/apples pears - good and good price

avocado - excellent, better than any other supermarket

cucumbers/tomato/carrots/leeks/cauligflower - good produce at a good price

mandarines - ok

greek style yogurt - excellent and very good value

bread flour - decent loaf from this flour
sultanas - good

tilet roll, depends which you get soem are good value soem are not. But I find tesco own brand 9 for 1.99 the best value.

toothpaste - ok strange taste

liquid soap - good value and nice smell

washing liquid - fine

EndoJ Wed 19-Sep-12 21:39:05

I really love Aldi, and i think i prefer it to Lidl. There are a few things to avoid, but not many. You can even get free range chickens there, which is brill.
I am a student and wish i had them where i live. Lidl does nice facial wipes for only 75p... instead of £3 everywhere else.
Fruit at Aldi is good, love the instore baked rolls in Lidl.
I think it's Lidl that does tasty pizzas at just 99p, the veggie one is my faveourite. I also love Norpak butter, which is a spin on the expensive Lurpak.

toptramp Sat 29-Sep-12 22:55:15

Today Lidl has fresh salmon fillets on offer. 2 fillets for £1.25! Delcicious and exactly the same as Tescos which sell 2 fillets for £4.00. I bought 4 packets at Lidls' today. That was only £1.00 dearer than 1 packet of Tescos salmon!

denig2000 Tue 17-Jun-14 19:25:04

I praise Aldi in Ireland and the UK their fruit and veg are superior to Supermarkets. My local is excellent for all food stuffs. the only product so far I won't buy which I have tried at both Aldi and Lidl is their baked beans. They taste different to either UK shop own brand and especially to Heinz. Not the same taste at all. My local Lidl puts freshly baked store bread and rolls out every day. Aldi have a bigger selection overall. Considering I have worked in food manufacturing most of my woring life and knowing who makes what, I dont think I will be doing a full week's shop in the big UK supermarkets anymore as Aldi and Lidl are selling the exact same product at at least 1/3 cheaper. Need I say more! Well done.

catgirl80 Sun 22-Jun-14 22:20:25

Used to shop Sainsbury's and would spend £80 per week and I can get same in Aldi for £50. Tastes the same and is good quality and we are fussy about having good quality food. Certainly not just for junk food. We eat very little processed food. It is hard to navigate around, aisles are narrow and you have to pack straight into the trolley not bags which is weird at first (staff are on targets to get so many customers through tills). Cleaning and toiletries very cheap and great for things like dips and meats. Fresh veg ok but choice can be a bit limited. You won't find more unusual stuff like redbush or green tea there. Generally I would say it is very good and quality same as the big supermarkets. Their cereals and ketchup taste different to the big brands but still ok. I also like their pizzas and "specially selected" range of quiches and stir in pasta sauces

Icantcook Wed 09-Jul-14 20:01:50

I like their own brand toothpaste and mouthwash
Almat laundry liquid
Magnum washing up liquids
Turkey mince
Potatoes for jacket potatoes
Lamb chops

Refuse sacks
Orange juice in cartons

cromwell44 Wed 09-Jul-14 20:54:09

No Lidl near us so only have Aldi near us. We are the advert cliche, we keep going back because most of what we have bought has been lovely. We used to have Ocado but I can't bring myself to pay their prices now, especially on fruit and veg.
Good stuff from Aldi are bananas, cherry and vine tomatoes, lettuce, pink lady apples, all sorts of berries and sof fruit, grapes, peppers and aubergine. The price allows me to buy so much more lovely fruit.
We also buy the faux twix, Milky Way type bars for lunch boxes, biscuits good, nuts and cartons of orange and apple juice for lunchboxes - about £1 for six cartons. Bread, chicken , beef mince, pulled pork, salmon fillets and ham also like and buy regularly. Cheese, milk etc are fine but so far not found a Clover substitute.
frozen - quorn brand products, pizzas, ice cream and salmon fillets. Not tried ready meals yet.
All the wine we've had has been good the Gavin, French and Chilean Sauvignon Blanc particularly.
I love that shopping is quick, less choice and fripperies, just get the proper food you need and you don't feel ripped off.
I only Wish I didn't have to drive 10 miles to get there.

cromwell44 Wed 09-Jul-14 20:55:28

Gavi not Gavin! I don't know what he's like smile

BaconAndAvocado Thu 10-Jul-14 22:50:39

Everything that cromwell said.

AND I love the Moser Roth milk chocolate bars, pure heaven when dipped in tea!

Pimms-a-likey Austin's is also great.

My local Aldi is expanding............very very excited!

Oh, and the fresh flowers are fab! 10 roses for £2!!!

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