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RachieS1986 Mon 28-Jul-14 11:05:30

Hi just wondering if anyone can help. I am currently pregnant with dc no. 2. We already have a two year old. We have decided that after no. 2 is born I will return to work part time. I'm just wondering where is best to get advice on what benefits etc I would be entitled to. I did the questionnaire online on HMRC website during my last maternity leave and it dsaid we were entitled to nothing but would it be better speaking to someone directly. I hate the thoughts of phoning HMRC and getting some unhelpful being. Thanks.

You say 'We' so presumably you are either married or living with your DC's other parent. Therefore if your spouse earns over a certain amount - no matter what you earn - you may not be entitled to tax credits as your household income is too high.

Iamnotanugget Mon 28-Jul-14 18:23:41

As a very rough rule to get anything you need a household income of less than £26k with 1child, £32k with 2 children and £38k with 3.

impatienceisavirtue Mon 28-Jul-14 18:30:03

Entitledto is pretty accurate, or whatever it is called now. Quite quick and simple online calculator

Realitybitesyourbum Mon 28-Jul-14 18:43:13

Actually, every time I have rung hmrc they have been very very nice and explained things very clearly. Give it a go!

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